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Important Transactions


AL08 :: list logged in users AL11 :: SAP Direcories PFCG :: Roles SCC4 :: Client Administration SU01 :: User Maintenance SU10 :: User Maintenance - Mass Changes SXMB_ADM :: Integration Engine - Administration SXMS_MONI_DB :: Persistence Layer Analysis SXMB_ADMIN :: Integration Engine Administration and Monitoring, & Integration Engine parameters, Archiving and Deletion SWELS :: BPM trace


SXMB_IFR :: Start Integration Builder SXI_CACHE :: XI Runtime (from IB) cache SXI_SUPPORT :: Test all the Repository and Directory Objects SXDA_TOOLS :: Post files to AL11 folders


SMICM :: ICM Monitor SXMB_MONI :: Integration Engine - Monitoring SXI_MONITOR :: XI: Message Monitoring SXMB_MONI_BPE :: Process Engine - Monitoring SMGW :: Gateway Monitor ST06 :: Operating System Monitor. cpu memory filesystem machine status SM37 :: Job Monitoring ST03 :: Workload SM21 :: System logs SXMS_SAMON :: Monitor for Sync/Async Communication messages SMMS :: Message Server Monitor


SMQ1 :: qRFC monitor - outbound message queue SMQ2 :: qRFC monitor - inbound message queue SMQ3 :: qRFC monitor (save queue entry) SMQS :: To register the destination in QOUT scheduler SMQR :: To register the queue

Message Packaging

SXMS_BCM :: Define configuration types SXMS_BCONF :: Global Package Configuration XMSPKSTATCNF :: Package Statistics Configuration XMSPKSTATMON :: Package Statistics Monitoring

Archiving and Deletion

SXMS_MONI_JOB :: Job Overview


ALRTCATDEF :: Alerts Configuration ALRTDISP :: Display of Alerts Created ALRTINBOX :: BSP alert inbox ALRTPROC :: Process Alerts


RZ21 :: Monitoring : Properties & Methods RZ20 :: CCMS Monitor Sets GRMG :: Generic Request and Message Generator


SLDAPICUST :: SLD API Customizing RZ10 :: Edit system profile

IDoc Configuration

WE20 :: Partner Profiles WE21 :: Port definition BD82 :: Maintain partner profile automatically BD54 :: Logical System Creation BD64 :: Maintain distribution model BD71 :: Distribute customer model SALE :: Create Logical System WE31 :: Segment Creation at Transaction WE30 :: Create IDOC (Basic IDoc Creation)

IDoc Adapter

IDX1 :: IDoc adapter IDX2 :: IDoc metadata IDX5 :: Monitor IDoc adapter


WE02 :: IDoc display WE05 :: IDoc list WE07 :: IDoc statistics WE09 :: Search for IDocs by Content SM58 :: tRFC/qRFC monitor SM50 :: Processes (are there enough in case of mass load) SMQ2 :: Inbound Queues SMQ1 :: Outbound Queues

ALE Administration

SALE :: Define ALE logical system WE20 :: Partner Profile WE21 :: IDoc port WEDI :: Maintain menu for EDI related activities BALE :: Main menu for ALE related activities

IDoc Definition

WE31 :: Segment editor WE30 :: IDoc editor to create and extend IDoc type BD53 :: Reduce IDoc types for master data WE60 :: IDoc documenataion (structure and segment definition) WE61 :: IDoc documenataion (control, data and status records)

IDoc Testing

WE19 :: Test tool for IDOC WE12 :: Create an inbound into an outbound WE16 :: Process an incoming IDoc file WE17 :: Process an incoming status file

Reprocessing IDocs

BD87 :: Outbound BD88 :: Inbound


IDXPW :: To activate the IDoc message package IDXP :: To monitor the message packages


SM58 :: Asynchronous RFC Error Log SM59 :: RFC Destinations


SLDCHECK :: Test SLD Connection ST22 :: ABAP dump analysis SM21 :: Online System Log Analysis SM50 :: Work process overview ST11 :: Error Log Files SM20 :: Analysis of Security Audit Log


SE09/SE10 :: Change Request(Transport Organizer) SE11 :: Data dictionary SE37 :: Maintain function modules SICF :: HTTP server configuration table TSTC :: SAP transactions codes table TSTCT :: Transaction descriptions STMS :: Transports management SPAM :: Apply ABAP support packages SPAU :: Manage objects after apply support packages SE01 :: Manage change requests SM12 :: Table locks SE38 :: ABAP Editor SPROXY :: ABAP Proxy Generation SE80 :: Object Navigator ABAPDOCU :: ABAP Documentation and Examples SE24 :: Class Builder RZ70 :: SLD Data Supplier SE16 :: Data Browser SE93 :: Maintain Transaction Codes SM30 :: Call View Maintenance SM02 :: System Messages SWF_XI_PBUILDER :: For Detail BPM Process SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING :: Transaction to check prerequisites for integration processes. WEOUTQUEUE :: To start the queue processing SWF_XI_ADM_BPE :: Start or Stop BPE SWF_XI_ADM_BPE_DISP :: Display BPE Status SXI_MAPPING_Test :: Test ABAP Mapping