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In this demo we will create adobe form, which displays two different table data in different

scenarios based on the given input. This functionality is achieved by using Alternative in
adobe forms.
Step1: Go to SFP transaction and create interface for the Adobe form.

Note: Maintain Interface type AA!"#ictionary ase interface. (IN ECC6.0 ersion!

Step$: In interface yo" #i$$ find import% e&port and E&ceptions.
Create import parameters by c$ic'in( on be$o# sho#n create b"tton.

Step%: Create import parameters I)*SPF+I and F+AG.
)he import parameter I)*SPF+I is "sed to inp"t data and F+AG is "sed to se$ect the tab$e that
sho"$d be disp$ayed in the ,"tp"t. -ere the detai$s of either SPF+I or SF+IG-) are disp$ayed
dependin( on the F+AG.

Step&: Create t#o ($oba$ tab$es SPF+I and SF+IG-) to ho$d the data that needs to be disp$ayed
in the o"tp"t.

Step': Code for fetchin( the data is #ritten in the code initia$i.ation part of interface.
In code initia$i.ation the /ariab$es #hose /a$"es are bein( passed to the code to fetch the detai$s
of the o"tp"t sho"$d be dec$ared in the Inp"t parameters and the /ariab$es to #hich the res"$ts
are assi(ned needs to be dec$ared in the ,"tp"t parameters.

Step(: 0rite the be$o# code in code initia$i.ation part. Chec' for errors and acti/ate the
se$ect 1
from spf$i
into tab$e (t*spf$i
for a$$ entries in it*spf$i
#here carrid e2 it*spf$i3carrid
and connid e2 it*spf$i3connid.
se$ect 1
from sf$i(ht
into tab$e (t*sf$i(ht
for a$$ entries in it*spf$i
#here carrid e2 it*spf$i3carrid
and connid e2 it*spf$i3connid.
Step): After the interface part is done% create Form by (oin( to SFP transaction.
Step*: In the creation of the Form% #e need to (i/e the name of the interface for #hich #e are
creatin( the Form. )his is the additiona$ f"nctiona$ity in Adobe forms. ,ne interface can be "sed
for many Forms if it is s"itab$e.
Step+: In the Conte&t tab of the Form #e #i$$ find t#o sections Interface and Conte&t.
In Interface #e #i$$ find the data that #as created in the interface. Content area #i$$ be b$an'
initia$$y. 0e need to dra( the e$ements that need to be disp$ayed in o"tp"t into the content area.

Step1,: 4ra( and drop e$ement F+AG into conte&t area.

Step11: Se$ect fo$der 54EM,*A+)E6NA)IE in conte&t and create an A+)E6NA)IE. 6i(ht3
c$ic'in( on the fo$der (o to create337 A$ternati/e.

Step 1$: In A$ternati/e #i$$ find t#o nodes )68E and FA+SE.
Initia$$y both are b$an'.
Step1%: 4ra( and drop tab$e G)*SPF+I from G$oba$ data to )68E node and de3acti/ate fie$ds
#hich #e don9t need.

Step1&: 4ra( and drop tab$e G)*SF+IG-) from G$oba$ data to FA+SE node and de3acti/ate
fie$ds #hich #e don9t need.

Step1': Se$ect the A$ternati/e conditions tab and create condition for a$ternati/e.
Create condition as -.A/ 0 INITIA..
Means s"bform T123 #i$$ be tri((ered #hen the flag is initia$ and s"bform -A.S3 #i$$ be
tri((ered #hen there is some /a$"e in flag /ariab$e (N,) INI)IA+!.

Step1(: Se$ect tab pa(e +A5,8) for (oin( to Adobe $ayo"t.
In +ayo"t% (o to MAS)E6 pa(e decrease the pa(e area and create the boi$er p$ate e$ements%
s"ch as te&t and ima(e e$ements. 0e can create these from dra((in( the e$ements from $ibrary.

Step1): In data /ie# #e #i$$ find s"bform A+E6NA)IE% #ith in it tab$es #i$$ be p$aced in )68E
and FA+SE s"bforms "sin( choice s"bformset.

Step1*: 4ra( and drop comp$ete A+)E6NA)IE s"bform into body pa(e from data /ie#.
Step1+: Se$ect body pa(e and (o to the ob:ect /ie# from the pa$$ets.

Step$,: Go to S8;F,6M tab< ma'e the body pa(e content F+,0E4% F$o# direction ),P ),

Step$1: Go to Pa(ination% set o/er f$o# to =Go )o Pa(e >Pa(e?>@.
)his sho"$d be done in order to f$o# the content to the ne&t pa(e #hen first pa(e is fi$$ed

Step$$: Set s"bforms A+)E6NA)IE% )68E% FA+SE content a$so to be f$o#ed.

Step$%: Se$ect the e$ements in tab$e data and set the appearance to =None@.

Step$&: Sa/e and acti/ate the form.
E&ec"te the form to see the be$o# screen.
-ere for o"tp"t #e #i$$ ha/e t#o scenarios.
SCENA6I, ?A 0hen the F+AG is INI)IA+% SPF+I data #i$$ be disp$ayed in o"tp"t.
SCENA6I, BA 0hen the F+AG is N,) INI)IA+% SF+IG-) data #i$$ be disp$ayed in o"tp"t.

Step$(: Se$ect the tab$e I)*SPF+I to (i/e the inp"t data. Gi/e inp"ts to the tab$e.

Step$): No# there are three entries in the tab$e I)*SPF+I and the F+AG is ;+ANC.

Step$*: S"bform )68E #i$$ be tri((ered #hen F+AG is INI)IA+. And SPF+I tab$e data #i$$ be
disp$ayed in o"tp"t.

Step$+: Maintain same data in I)*SPF+I and (i/e 9D9 in F+AG. Scenario B #i$$ be tri((ered.

Step%,: ,"tp"t screen disp$ays SF+IG-) tab$e data<

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