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Circle the answer that describes you the best.

1. Do you think English is fun?

Not fun at all 1 Quite fun 4 Fun 10 ery fun 4
!. "re you good at English?
Not good at all Quite good # $ood 10 ery good
%. &hat do you think is the 'ost i'(ortant skill of English? )ank with 1* ! and % )eading* +(eaking* &riting and
&riting 01 student
+(eaking 11 0 2t co'bines all the other skills and ( your knowledge best.
0 2t is the 'ost i'(ortant because we need to co''unicate e.erywhere
0 2t is i'(ortant to answer if so'eone asks so'ething.
0 2 don3t know why to be honest* that3s 4ust the way 2 think it is.
0 2f you know how to s(eak is easier to read and write.
0 2 think it is the 'ost i'(ortant way to co''unicate* to e5(ress your o(inion.
)eading ranking the second 4 students
,istening ! students.
&riting 6 students.
7 students ha.e no clear o(inion.
&riting 4
)eading 4
,istening %
2ndecisi.e 7 ++.
&riting 1
,istening %
)eading !
1% No clear answer
4.&hat do you think about s(eaking English in the lessons?
Do not like it at all Do not like it ,ike it 14 ,ike it a lot %
-oti.ate/ 2t3s a good way to learn English.
2f you s(eak in English in the lessons you will learn a lot of English.
2 like s(eaking English in the lessons e.en if so'eti'es 2 a' ner.ous.
! unkown
6.8ow acti.e are you orally when you co''unicate orally in9
a: 9your class? Not so acti.e ; Quite acti.e ; "cti.e 1 ery acti.e
b:9 s'all grou(s ? Not so acti.e Quite acti.e 10 "cti.e 7 ery 1
c:9 (airs? Not so acti.e 1 Quite acti.e 6 "cti.e 11 ery !
;. &hat factors affect how acti.e you are when you (ractice oral co''unication in English?
a: &hat (u(ils are in 'y grou( Does not affect 'e at all ; "ffects 'e 1! "ffects 'e a lot 1
b: 2f the to(ic is interesting Does not affect 'e at all 4 "ffects 'e 1 "ffects 'e a lot 7
c: 2f the teacher is (resent Does not affect 'e at all 11 "ffects 'e 4 "ffects 'e a lot 4
d: 2f 2 feel confident in the classroo' Does not affect 'e at all 6 "ffects 'e # "ffects 'e a lot 6
e: 2f the teacher assesses 'e Does not affect 'e at all ; "ffects 'e # "ffects 'e a lot 4
f: 2f 2 do not know all the words in English Does not affect 'e at all 7 "ffects 'e 7 "ffects 'e a lot %
g: <he si=e of the grou( >whole class* half the class* grou(: Does not affect 'e at all 7 "ffects 'e ; "ffects 'e a lot 6
1. &hat should the teacher do for you to s(eak 'ore English in the lessons?
,et us talk in s'all grou(s. 8ow s'all? ! 1 % 4 4 7
?se to(ics which are interesting to 'e. $i.e e5a'(les/
"ll kind of hu'an relationshi(s
)eal life (roble's
)eal life
"sk 'e 'ore @uestions. +uch as9.8ow do you feel about9
&hat are your hobbies?
Ather answers9999
7. 2n which for' do you co''unicate in English?
a. Aral/ B b. &ritten/ B
00!0 00!0 1++
!1040 7++ !1040 ;++
410;0 ; ++ 410;0 1!++
;1070 6++ ;1070
710100 710100
#. &hat ele'ents are re@uired to e5(ress yourself effecti.ely in oral for'?
a. fluency / 10
b. gra''ar structures/ #
c. s(ecific (hrases / 6
10. &hat are so'e (roble's or difficulties that you face in oral co''unication?
a. an5iety and ner.ousness/ 1
b. lack of s(ecific English (hrases/ 10
c. gra''ar 'istakes/ #
d. creati.ity/ 1
e. 2 don3t think 2 ha.e (roble's in oral co''unication !
11. &hat are the (ossible solutions to the abo.e (roble's?
a. ?sing audio and .ideo 'aterials in the classroo' 16
b. ?sing grou( work and (air work 1
c. Doing 'ore ho'ework ;
d. using (ictures !
e. writing te5ts 1