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The Stony Brook

Thursday, October 25, 1979

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Vol. I, No. 1
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The University Tightens Control

By Eric Brand student selection committees on the hiring
and Melissa Spielman and firing of Resident and Managerial
There is a definite trend on the part of Assistants.
the University to increase controls and "We do not want RAs or MAs who fit the
information flow, to assure that student Administration's or the RHDs' idea of
life "runs properly," said a top ad- suitability," read the resolution, "no
ministrator, who requested anonymity. He matter what the cost to the efficiency of
claimed that the University does not wish the RHD program...The building residents
to direct every aspect of student life, but to are much more familiar with their needs
have access to all activities on campus. than Residence Life."
This trend is manifested in the in- Shannon was barred by Gershwin
stitution of the RHD program, the new residents over dissatisfaction with her job
stress on facilities use forms, the stepped- performance, but Kelly E residents had no
up patrolling of dorms by Campus quarrels with Verdino. They voted to bar
Security, the policy requiring licenses for her in protest of the Administration's
all vending and pinball machines, and temporary dosing of coffeehouses in Kelly
increased supervision of student Quad. "In view of the way the ad-
businesses. ministration is treating the building,"
Carl Hanes, Vice President for Finance explained Kelly E RA Rich Bently, "and
and Business, confirmed that the Marcus.I Dean of Undergraduate Studies, addresses the crowd. w z * * y ^ v mp* since the RHD is our only direct link with
University is seeking greater awareness of Marcus, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, addresses the crowd. the Administration, we decided to bar her
student activities. "I think that's an their salaries and are the reason for them with comprehensive responsibility for the from leg meetings until the Administration
obligation we have," he explained. "The being here, have no rights on this cam- quality of life in that residence hall." makes an effort to communicate with us."
risks of not doing it can certainly affect pus," said Polity President David Herzog. In March, 1979, the Kelly E Legislature Commenting in Statesman last year on
,the students." Sam Taube, Assistant to the Vice barred RHD Gary Hodges from its the action taken by the buildings, Vice
A major reason for these efforts is the President for Student Affairs, said, "The meetings. A week later, the Gershwin President for Student Affairs Elizabeth
Administration's responsibility for the University is misperceived as trying to Legislature voted to bar its RHD, Ellen Wadsworth said, "I think the
campus itself. Assistant Business control student life." Added Hanes, Shannon, from attending meetings. In (legislatures) have put their fingers on the
Manager John Williams, referring to the "We've tried to actively incorporate October, the Kelly E Legislature tem- wrong issue...It's a big waste of time in
Kelly coffeehouses said, "The University students into the decision-making porarily barred its new RHD, Joanne terms of having a positive effect on the
is liable-nobody wants to see us have a 10 processes. It hasn't just been the Verdino. quality of life in the residence halls. I
or $15 million suit." University Administration running things Something was wrong. assume that's what everybody wants."
In addition, SUNY Central wants to with an iron-clad hand." "It is truly unfortunate that the ob- But everybody has a different idea on
"limit the State's liability," said lianes. "I THE RHD FACTOR jections which were registered about the acquiring high quality student life. The
get calls from Albany, and I get calls from insertion of RHDs into the residential Kelly E resolution states, "Any program
legislators, saying, 'What the hell is going In 1977, the Residence Hall Director colleges were not heeded," read a which pits its functionaries (in this case,
on over there?'" Program was officially instituted. Ac- resolution passed by the Kelly E your RHD) against the will of the college
A majority of student leaders oppose cording to Stony Brook's 1978 Interim Legislature after Hodges was barred. The residents is doomed to resistance and
administrators' attempts to increase Report, the goals were to place in "each vote was a reaction to a Residence Life eventual failure."
control. "The students, who are paying dormitory a professional staff member decision allowing RHDs to overrule Continued on page 2

Racism Continues at Stony Broo k

By Chris Fairhall President for Student Affairs Racism at Stony Brook appears faculty members. You can't have Sciences Center and many
When the collective conscience Elizabeth Wadsworth, is, "The to be institutional. "You keep on a stable program unless someone departments have thei r own
of a society inbreeds, the ways it ways were invented by a racist doing things the way you always in it has tenure," he asserted. libraries. Until early O0ctober,
attains its means remain the culture." have done them" is how -Not only does Stony Brook Africana Studies had abouit 2,000
same. One of the problems "Stony Brook is part of a institutional racism perpetuates have a massive library in the books "in cartons on the floor,"
prevalent at Stony Brook which is society which has been racist, itself, Wadsworth said. "It's so academic m mall, but the Health Owens said. The problein was
caused by this, according to Vice
sexist and elitist," she continued. pervasive that individuals don't Continued on page 6
1 have to feel any racial
-..·Il--·-ic-·----sl-·~~_-c ------ -----·-^--~IP·-----·llrrarrrrrr~---.
. . V ..
to act in a
particular way."
Former Chairman of Africana rOn the Inside
Studies Leslie Owens said that
since 1970, "The department has
had a varied kind of existence." Anti-Rape conference to be held November 3.
lie explained that the program
has had a shaky history because
its "educational base is not
page 3
sound." This is due to the
following reasons:
-"The program was removed
from a provost last year," he Gay students from Stony Brook march in Washington.
said. Provosts are important in
helping programs to obtain what
they need from the page 3
Administration. Frank Meyers,
who is in charge of social
sciences, is acting in the capacity "Bedroom Farce" is reviewed.
of Provost, Owens added. page 4
-In order to teach his course,
Owens said he told the
Administration that he needed
money to invite speakers. "They
had agreed to invite people like Students learn on floating classroom.
'Andy Young. The money was page 4
Sg to be pieced together, how I
don't'know." Owens said he has
received only partial
reimbursement for speakers he Gil Noble speaks to Civil Rights class.
has had here. page 7
-Owens is the only member of
Africana Studies who has tenure.
Amidr Baraka speaking out at the demonstration to support the Africana Studies "In effect, it never had any senior
University Increasing Control
Continued from page 1 must be registered at the desk as they are money-maker for them." operating procedures."
brought into the building and no kegs are SCOOP, the Student Business Co-op, This attitude became evident during the
The Facilities to be brought in after I AM," and requires came up with its own set of licensing first week of October when students found
Use Forum signatures from four students who are
"responsible for any damage" that may
guidelines, and a deadline of October 15. that the coffeehouses in Kelly B, C, D, and
SE had been closed by the Office of Finance
"This request form does not constitute a and Business. More specifically, the
occur during the parties. The largest party
contract and is not binding upon the students found that the locks had been
allowed can have no more than 125 people
University." changed, and not even campus Security
in attendance, and no more than 4½ kegs
These words appear on the University's had the new keys.
or their equivalent can be served.
Facilities Use Request Form, which is John Williams said the coffeehouses had
Students who violate Oswego's alcohol
required for any event at Stony Brook. The policy are put on "social probation" for the not filed facilities use forms and were
form, which must be signed by the Office semester. They are "barred from having suspected of selling beer without licenses.
of the Executive President, the Director "We were really under pressure to close
or going to parties," explained Michael
of Security and RHD of the sponsoring Flores, President of the college's Student those," he stated, "because I knew they
building, is necessary for hall parties as Association, and are thrown off campus if were illegal."
well as quad fests. caught at a party. An investigation by Security detectives
"The University reserves the right to Flores said it is not unusual for a party turned up beer and price lists in the cof-
grant or deny the use of facilities, or to request to be refused. "The most frequent feehouses, and witnesses to the. sale of
rescind authorization once given." thing dorm directors turn parties down for beer. However, the keys were returned to
These words appear on the University's is not filing two days in advance," said the buildings, and Hanes said, "We will
Facilities Space Use Request Form. This Flores. permit the coffeehouses to open under new
form must be signed by the College Yet at Stony Brook, you have to file a management."
Legislature, Quad Council, Quad Director, week in advance-a minor annoyance, The whole affair left the administration
Facilities Planning, Department of considering the Administration can revoke with more control over the Kelly cof-
Security and Department of Safety (sic), it at a moment's notice. feehouses, but it also left a lot of unhappy
the University Business Manager, the Vice Press/Meissa Slpihn;,ta
students. The October 16 student rally was
President for Student Affairs, and the
Dormitory Authority in Albany. It is
Is There Security Williams, however, "did not know that born of the anger and frustration of many
until it was dropped on me several weeks Kelly residents. One complaint was that
required for any ongoing event, such as a
student-run business.
In A Dorm? ago."
Jon Kaufman, a resident of Kelly E,
the coffeehouse managers had made the
Carl Hanes said, "We must have the At any time of the day or night, you owns four pinball and foosball machines, effort to comply with the University.
might find Security officers or detectives two in the Kelly E coffeehouse and two in Rich Bentley related the history of
ability" to refuse or rescind authorization
of facilities use at any time. The patrolling the dormitories-especially if Kelly C. Under the impression that the Trotski's Deli in Kelly E. He said it was
you live in G or H Quads. founded in 1976, and "that year...there was
University can close businesses or prevent lic-.nsing deadline was the SCOOP date, he
parties, he said, even if no guidelines are Carl Hanes said, "We've increased the attempted to license his machines over the no red tape. We had it approved by the
level of patrols in dorms where there has Quad Director."
;i: -:: : : summer. But, Kaufman said, neither FSA In 1977, he said, "We tried to get a
:::~ been high vandalism." As head of Finance nor SCOOP was accepting applications at beer and wine license." Finally, he was
::: ::·j and Business, Hanes is the man to whom the time.
Security is directly answerable. told last year by the FSA Chief Operating
During the first week of October, the Officer that it would be granted. "John
At the recent student rally, many Kelly coffeehouses were closed by the
Songster said all the paperwork was done
students complained about the plain University. Kaufman discovered that his and the applications were sent in."
clothes officers in the dorms. Security machines were not only locked inside, but Apparently, Trotski's' application went
Director robert Cornute explained, "If you had also been impounded by Williams the way of all liquor license forms
have a surreptitious crime-and van- because they lacked licenses. Songster reportedly claimed to have
dalism is a surreptitious crime-it's Kaufman, who said he was losing about
mailed. "When we came back in August,"
necessary that the officer be in- $100 a week while the machines were said Bentley, "we found there was no
conspicuous." locked up, went to Williams to try to record of application in the Finance and
"They've been patrolling the halls," said recover them. He said Williams "wanted a Business office."
David Herzog, "but they should be memorandum" to that effect. But Kauf- According to Williams, the University
patrolling the campus to deter violence man "refused to go through Ad- had no intentions of approving the sale of
and theft." ministration bullshit to get my own liquor in Kelly. "Last year, Kelly E ap-
property back." He finally recovered his proached me about a beer and wine
Cornute added that he doesn't "think my machines last week when the coffeehouse
officers want to be there any more than the keys were given to the colleges.
"I was never hassled about licensing
this conflict is not imminent, as Robert before," related Kaufman, but simply had 'We've got two pubs in G and H Quads, one
Cornute affirms Security's "obligation to "contracts with individual buildings." He in Tabler arn one in Roth. ne in Stage XII
secure these dormitories." reported that when he told Williams "there
wasn't a single licensed student-run "I'm not saying we were right...but
A License To Vend machine on campus, Williams said, 'I'll some of us feel that bars in dormitories are
Last year, the Student Business Com- impound them all.' When I questioned him not conducive to learning. There is noise,
about what harm the machines were vandalism, garbage, and broken bottles.
mittee "agreed that the (pinball and
Carl Hanes doing, he said, 'No harm, but that's not the When we have that problem in one area,
vending) machines should be licensed," "
being violated. For example, he explained, said John Williams. The decision to en- point.' we don't want to see it in another.
"The University has X number of facilities The point, according to Velardi, is, "It's
force licensing, he said, came from reports "There was a moratorium" last year on
and, depending upon the priority," one that the machines were "drawing profit just another way of getting control over opening another campus bar, said
business or event might have to be moved. out of the dormitories and not returning students. Anything people can give you the Williams. As for allowing Trotski's to sell
Although the Facilities Use Request was money to the college legislatures." permission to do, they can deny you the alcohol this year, he said, "It would have
established in January of 1972 and the Faculty Student Association President permission to do." to be discussed."
Facilities-Space Use Request Form was Ann Velardi said, "I've never heard of
established in October of 1975, this is the that," adding that if it were true, "The
first year the Administration is demanding legislature could call Security to take the
they be turned in. This semester, six machine out." This conflict is indicative of
student-run businesses were temporarily the problems surrounding the University's
closed by the University because their attempt to have all pinball and vending
forms were not on file. machines licensed.
The Dormitory Authority, which is The licensing of the machines on
ultimately in charge of all residence halls campus, said Williams, was "one of my
in the SUNY system, requires facilities use assignments when I took over as chairman
forms for "something like changing the of the Student Business Committee-and
building," said Peter Schultz, Chief of we've been trying to do this for years."
Engineering Services. "As far as in- Williams said that the Committee, which
dividual things like a party, that would be includes administrators, and officials of
something the administration would SCOOP, FSA and Polity, "left it to myself
handle." and John Songster to work out" the
The University requires these forms for licensing.
parties, said Williams, because "It's a way
The remainder of the story is far less
for us to determine who's using space and SPress/Melissa
for what it is being used." He also said it is
simple. Williams related that he and
Songster, who was then FSA's Chief
It's None Of
a way to prevent conflict between "two
people wanting to use the same spot."
Operating Officer, "set a date as August 1,
and I sent out the notification to every
Your Business the
Carl Hanes said, "We have not closed
question" on allowing alcohol to be sold
"The University is assuming respon-
But some students fear these benign college legislature, RHD and Quad sibility and showing concern for areas that in Kelly, but asked, "Would it not be more
intentions might lead to the strict Director." FSA had been asked to do the it had previously overlooked," said Sam appropriate to relocate one of the pubs?"
limitations now imposed at the State licensing, but Velardi explained, "FSA Taube. Taube is the Student Affairs liason Hanes said that opening another bar
College at Oswego. Oswego's Alcohol doesn't want to get involved in licensing" to student business, and sits on the Student would draw business from those already
Registration Form dictates severe the machines. "I don't think we should Business Committee. "In the past, operating, which he believes they could not
restriction on the amount of alcohol, the afford. "Pubs operated by FSA lost $30,000
interfere with the college legislatures' businesses and certain activities operated
size and number of parties on campus, and last year," he said.
jurisdiction." So "FSA handed it over to with few regulations, and now...the
when and where the parties must take But Ann Velardi said a surfeit of bars
SCOOP-we figured that could be a good University is trying to establish sensible has not been the issue. "Over the last two
place. The form also states, "Each keg

Page 2 The Stony Brook Press October 25, 1979

Over Student Activities
years they have lost $30,000" she said, not think most people in Kelly don't bother to "If they take away the bars," said David than good. Administrators have
because there are too many, but because trek all the way over to Benedict. Also, Herzog, "it would just be showing us 'You repeatedly insisted that these measures
"they were very poorly run-a lot of things people like to go to more than one bar in a are insignificant. We can do whatever we have been taken for the students' benefit.
went out the door. Every bar on this night." want.' " Yet, during this semester students have
campus has the capacity to make a lot of One of the University's major fears over A chilling reflection of this is the staged two rallies, both condemning the
money." alcohol on campus, though, is liability. University's Alcohol Policy: "The Administration's actions and calling fo-
Velardi said tighter student control of Hanes stated, "What we can't permit are President of the University Center has the reparations.
the bars, such as having the managers complaints of parents in the community authority and responsibility to regulate the And it is not just students who dissent
sign out stock, is ending the losses. "Last that their children have been permitted to sale or dispensing of alcoholic beverages over this trend, as it has been intimated
year, the Benedict Saloon grossed drink in the pubs. If that becomes a formal on University property, irrespective of any thatthe Chief Operations Officer of the
$35,000," she reported. This year, during complaint we could lose the liquor licenses license issued by the State Liquor FSA was pressured out of his job over his
the first week alone, she said it grossed for all of them." Authority or the Suffolk County Alcoholic lack of cooperation in supplying the
$5,000. In addition, he said, "If something Beverage Control Board." University with information. "I have acted
happens-obviously, by our permitting more independently than they would have
Velardi also disagreed with Hanes' these businesses to operate, we have hoped I would," said John Songster. "I
statement that a bar in Kelly would take responsibility." In its efforts to assure that student think they feel I haven't kept them as
customers from bars across campus. But students are challenging the services and activities are "run properly," informed as they should have been." On
"That's totally ridiculous," she said. "I University's policy on the sale of alcohol. the University may be doing more harm June 30, 1979, Songster resigned.

Students Recount Gay Rights March

By Greg Hullender police have estimated this crowd
Gay Student Union President at over 250,000. How does it feel to
Michael Nappo said the 50 Stony have out-drawn the Pope?" one
Brook students who joined the asked.
throng at the October 14 March The only violence that marred
for Lesbian and Gay rights in the event occurred when a group
Washington, D.C. were given "a bringing up the rear (marching
sense of solidarity and ac- under the banner of "No More
complishment we didn't have Peace") was sprayed with tear
before." gas by unknown assailants. Two
Arriving in Washington at Stony Brook students were with
12:15 PM, members of the cam- the group. "It illustrates our
pus contingent said they were basic point," one said. "Straight
amazed at the size of the crowd, people will continue to abuse us
and where it came from. "I until we stand up and fight back."
couldn't believe there were so "Oh, it was fun, and I'd do it
many people from California," again, but I don't have any
one student remarked. illusions that we enlightened the
public or anything like that,"
"The Texans even had a float Anne Colonna said. "We walked
and a marching band, but then, through downtown Washington
maybe everything is bigger in on a Sunday afternoon, stood in
Texas," another student com- the mud, jumped up and down,
mented. While newspapers and were virtually ignored by the
estimated the day after the press," she added.
march that between 25,000 and Another student commented,
75,000 were in attendance, many "They can ignore us this time,
students from the Stony Brook but We've gotten an idea of the
group estimated attendance a place," said another person Pennsylvania Avenue, past the where they assembled to hear numbers we can muster. If we
closer to a quarter million. who did not want to be identified. White House, and then down to speakers from many different got 250,000 this year, we'll be
Marchers proceeded up the Washington Monument, gay organizations. "The D.C. back with a million next year."
Though the rally officially
started at 12:01, most of the
marchers, including the entire
New York section, arrived late.
"We were really worried because
Campus Committee Presents
we were 15 minutes late, but
there were so many people that
we didn't actually start marching
until almost 1," Nappo said.
Conference To Combat Rape
By Jesse Londin
Members of GSU said they were The FBI estimates that one-tenth of all so- prevention on campus, and an organizer of Enthusiastically, she organized
-elieved that everything was called "sex crimes" are unreported. Using the "Against Our Will" conference, is representatives from various concerned
starting late, because it gave figures from the Campus Security Uniform concerned with correcting certain groups on campus, who then gathered to
them plenty of time to unfurl Crime Report, it can be estimated that 40 misconceptions about rape. "I hate the term form Stony Brook's first affirmative action
their banner and assemble rapes and 110 sex offense misdemeanors sex crimes," she said. "It's like saying 'gun committee against rape.
behind it. occurred on campus from April, 1977 to crime' or 'knife crime.' Also, rape isn't a In March, the committee broke off into
March, 1978. crime of sex or passion. It is a vicious, sub-groups to continue working on projects
GSUmembers at Stony Brook In an attempt to enlighten and educate the aggressive assault aimed at physically and such as Security's Dormitory Outreach Pro-
are a small minority, and many University Community on this widely feared psychologically disabling the victim." gram; Rape Prevention week, sponsored
aid they were thrilled at being and narrowly understood problem, the The conference will focus on rape as a by the Women's Center; a campaign for
part of the majority when Campus Committee on Assault and Rape psycho-political tool, treating it as a cause better lighting on campus; a student escort
gathered at Washington, D.C. Prevention is presenting "Against Our Will: as well as a result of unequal distribution of service, which, under the auspices of Polity
"Coming down, about five bus Women, Men and the Power Paradox," a power, freedom and opportunity. The theme Hotline, began October 15; student
loads of us stopped at the same day-long program divided into a varied of the program will be to illustrate that dormitory patrol; and other action.
rest stop. Within seconds, it was presentation of lectures and workshops. The The November 3 conference is designed to
crimes of violence against women serve to
98 percent gay. The other two conference, which takes its name from perpetuate male dominance in our society. benefit men as well as women. Topics of
percent freaked out. I guess they Susan Brownmiller's book Against Our Will, The idea for such a conference was born of concern will include pornography, sex-
hadn't realized gay couples hold will convene November 3 in the Stony Brook the Sub-Committee on Rape Education, a role stereotyping and battered women, and
hands, hug and kiss just like Union from 9 AM to 5 PM. Students may at- cooperative of staff from University many other aspects of the multi-faceted
straight couples," said another tend free; others must pay a $2 registration Relations, Student Affairs, the Learning "power paradox." Speaking will be faculty
GSU member, who did not want fee by mail (to the Office of Student Affairs) Center, and the Women's Center. This sub- members including Judith Wishnia of the
to be quoted by name because of or $3 at the door. committee is geared specifically toward Women's Studies Department and JoAnn
repercussions here. In her study of rape and its ramifications, making Stony Stony Brook's population Rosen of University Counseling, as well as
Other members complained
Brownmiller wrote, "In recent years rapes aware of the roots of the rape problem and off-campus guests from Victims In-
and other crimes of violence have been the implications of living in a violent formation Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) and the
that too many people at the
march removed their distinctive reported with increasing frequency at society. Their aim is not to eliminate fear; Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers
"March on Washington" buttons formerly protected citadels like the college the premise is simply that a problem must Union.
campus." be understood before it can be tackled. An anti-rape campaign is a step toward
whenever they left the main
Last semester, five cases of rape were The Campus Committee on Assault and improving life at Stony Brook. Detective
group. "Several of us walked into
reported to Security. Employing FBI Rape Prevention has a short history. It was Hotmer said, "The University is supposed to
a McDonald's near the Capitol,
estimates, it can be extrapolated that 50 formed this February when former Acting consist of intelligent, enlightened people
and a lot of people pulled their
rapes were committed. President T.A. Pond dumped the problem of seeking further enlightenment. If we can't
buttons out of their pockets after
Security Detective Jeanette Hotmer, an campus rape into the lap of Vice President start educating against rape here, where the
they saw us. Too many people are
early activist in rape education and for Student Affairs Elizabeth Wadsworth. hell can we start?"
afraid to be the first gay people in
October 25, 1979 The Stony Brook Press Page 3
'Farce' Draws Crowds and Laughs
By Mike Kornfeld Ayckbourr's.characterizations are what make the play. (Jan) with a head on her shoulders. A wimp in agony, he
Doctors love to talk about it. Students love to fantasize As he freely admits, "Bedroom Farce" is extremely spends all day moaning.
about it. "Rather than talking about it, let's just get on English in its tremendous understatement. "With no Centerstage, Malcolm teases Kate by hiding her
with it." she exclaims. Of course, she's getting at sex, but malice intended, the characters come close to destroying brushes in her bed. Such tomfoolery is their game.
you won't see much of it in "Bedroom Farce," the latest each other out of sheer insensitivity." Malcolm thinks he's an "A-1 Stud," and when his wife
Alan Ayckbourn comedy to grace the Broadway stage. British plays often lose something when brought to suggests that sex with him is sometimes boring, he feels
Ayckbourn is England's most popular comic playwright America, but not here. Not only can we relate to Ayck- rejected and takes off like a whimpering child-his male
(rarely will a visitor to Lond on-rY; w :t F-r miss seein hi bourn's funny and endearing characters, but we can also ego crushed.
grasp their uniquely British nature. The American cast Kate's capacity for tolerating all this stupidity may be
puts British accents on and off like costumes. Like their because she's so simple and unworldly. Yet, as placid as
acting, their accents are remarkably fine, John Lithgow's she is, she too has a breaking point, and Trevor
(Trevor) being the standout. That's not surprising, completely unnerves her and everyone else into whose life
considering he's had a great deal of experience in im- he comes. Contrary to her easygoing nature, Kate winds
ported British plays, having won a Tony for his per- up giving him a good hard punch when the clumsy oaf
formance in "The Changing Room" and having appeared completely shatters a desk her hubby had just made for
in the riotously funny "My Fat Friend." her.
Theater goers might also recognize John Horton (Nick) Trevor sees himself as a destroyer of people, and his
and Lynn Milgrim (Jan) from Somon Gray's "Otherwise vision is fairly accurate. A bumbling twit, he has no
Engaged," which had a successful Broadway run a few reservations about popping in on people, unannounced, in
seasons back. Robert Coote, who created the role of the wee hours of the morning. He's completely obsessed
Colonel Pickering in "My Fair Lady" back in 1956, is with his own disastrous and troubled marriage to a
superbly cast as Ernest; his booming, deep macho voice woman (Suzannah) almost as devil-cursed as he. Indeed,
is quite impressive. Veteran TV drama star and Emmy she is the woman scorned, as her expressions and
award-winner Mildred Natwick plays his wife Delia, and grimaces so well attest. Hypersensitive, she's constantly
proves that her talents are far from limited to dramatic trying to reassure herself and build her ego. "They are
iating. Judith Ively (Kate) and Obie Award-winner Alma two totally incompatible people," Ayckbourn says,
Cuervo (Susannah) also star. All are under the fine co- "friends I hope we will all recognize if not wish upon
direction of Sir Peter Hall (Director of Britain's National ourselves. They're the sort who think that everything has
Theatre) and Ayckbourn. happened only to them. They can't imagine that anyone
As the curtain opens, the first couple we see is Ernest else has problems."
and Delia, an elderly pair who've given up on sex and But the British sense of humor and posture prevail in
derive pleasure from eating sardines on toast while the others, who manage to cope despite the odds against
listening to the rain gushing through the roof. "I feel as if them. Triumphant over all is that spirit of the British to
rm sleeping aboard a herring trawler," exclaims Ernest. overcome even the most bizarre of events.
In another bed lies a chauvinist fellow named Nick, a "Bedroom Farce" is decidedly British and decidedly
hypochondriac who realizes how lucky he is to have a wife funny.
name on a marquee-indeed, he had three plays running r -- --
~1--I~;'-~~~'~~ .i--Y----CYI`~E9---~--ra~--l~-- - . --.1.-1---·111~···11111I~-F--C

concurrently during the summer of 1975), and is fast

becoming popular on this side of the Atlantic. He first
captivated audiences here in 1975 with "Absurd Person
Singular," his comic saga of family disaster, drew critical
acclaims on PBS TV a couple of seasons back. And "
"Bedroom Farce" is now drawing crowds at the Brooks
Atkinson Theatre.
Ayckbourn's comedies dwell on British upper-middle
class manners. In "Bedroom Farce," the focus is on the
foibles of marriage and the insensitivity we all can exhibit
to friends in times of need. Like "Absurd Person
Singular," "Bedioom Farce" is a trilogy of playlets in-
tertwined into one.
Three beds are on stage at all times. One is used in place
of a dining room for crackers and sardines, another as a
coat receptacle, and the third as a hospital for a
hypochondriac. Only one bedroom is seen at a time, as
lighting alternates with each scene change. This variation
on the split-stage formula works very well and enhances
our appreciation of the manner and mood of each in-
dividual character.

Students Take Education to the Sea

By Erik L. Keller
It's a spectacular morning. The built specifically for research Woodhead and hosed with water
orange sun is peeking through a and educational use. Captain by Jacobson. "Shake it baby.
streaked sky and the gulls cry in Stuebe says the Center sent him Shake it! Whoooooo! Look at him
the day Calm. Clear. Warm. The up and down the east coast go!" shouts one of the plunket
right time to be on the Univer- looking for a suitable research operators.
sity s Marine Science research ship. He found potential in a Muck, sand and water are
vessel, the R-V Onrust. Rhode Island lobster boat. flying everywhere and everyone
Docked at Captree Boat Basin Completed in 1974 at a cost of is having a good time. Even the
on Great South Bay, the Onrust $90,000, the total cost of the boat sea sick ones. However, the
fits in with the other ships, after it was outfitted came to Captain sounds upset. "Boy, oh
flounder charter boats and their $250,000, said Captain Stuebe. boy, oh boy. You're getting my
captains, who are waiting for The name Onrust, which is ship all dirty," he admonishes the
their fares. Captain Kris Steube Dutch for restless, was taken crew.
and Mate Steve Leffert prepare from a distinguished 1614 Dutch All agree that the most im-
the Onrust for sea while their explorer ship. The Onrust is portant thing on a cruise is a
passengers, University students, essential for studying Marine sense of team work and
wipe the post-dawn sleep from Science, says Captain Stuebe. friendliness. Captain Stuebe
their eyes and load the ship. PressW nk L, Kellcr "I'm convinced there is more to says, "I get a positive response
The students* work is fun but hard on Marine Science's research vessel.
At 7:10AM, the Onrust leaves learn there (on the Onrust) than (to the cruises). I never hear a
its companions and chugs plunket. A plunket is a scooping The morning mist is vanishing in a classroom," says Woodhead. complaint except for the weather
towards the ocean. Out in Great device that is lowered from the along with the Captree bridge as One large difference between and I can't control that." He adds
South Bay, the crew is happy with boat with its scoops open. When it the boat begins to roll through the this classroom and more con- that swells of six or more feet will
coffee to drink and fresh bagels hits bottom the scoops close, channel by Robert Moses Park. ventional ones is its movement. cancel a trip.
and rolls to munch on. grabbing a sample. We have entered the ocean. Woodhead says, "Some students
Marine Science technician The Onrust is out at sea 160 to
"Here, have something," says Students and their advisors get are more seaworthy than 190 days a year, says the Captain.
Marine Science Professor Peter Myrna Jacobson says the sam- into boots and rubber pants, others...but they wouldn't want to According to MSRC Director
Woodhead. Opening the ples are being taken to determine preparing to take the samples. be oceanographers unless they
Jerry Schubel, the daily
refrigerator door, Woodhead this area's sediment life, known Now that the boat is past the wanted to go to sea."
operating cost for the Onrust is
displays a miniature as in-fauna. Jacobson and channel, it rolls so that water The seaworthy part becomes $600 for a 12-hour day.
delicatessen. "After a long hard Project Director Jeff Parker occasionally splashes through the obvious as a few lean over the Most trips last only a day.
day of work, especially when we organize the Onrust cruises. side port holes onto the deck. side of the boat. The captain and However, extended voyages
dive, we really feel like munching After the plunket is brought up, "Hah! This isn't bad at all. This his mate offer cigars to the ones
out," he says. two sieves are used to filter out is calm. But yesterday it was who don't yet have their sea legs. lasting a week are sometimes
taken. Captain Stuebe doesn't
Today's journey, five miles sand and other unwanted even calmer. It was like a sheet All decline.
want this one to last that long.
from shore, will not involve material, explains Jacobson. of glass," says Captain Steube, Even with sea sickness, you "All I want to see are asses and
diving. Bottom samples will be Specimens are collected and using his hand to emphasize its have to work. As two students elbows," he yells. The crew
taken around the Marine stained. They will be brought former flatness. He has been with bring up sediment from the ocean
laughs and goes back sifting out
Sciences Research Center's back to the MSRC for study. the Onrust since its beginning. floor, it is dropped in a strainer
sand, muck and an occasional
coal waste reef using a The day is beginning to break. The 55 foot R-V Onrust was that is being twisted by
Page 4 The Stony Brook Press October 25, 1979
Throw off University Controls
Several years ago, each dormitory had a requiring that all machi nes be licensed through
Program Coordinator. Like RHDs, Program sold beer, and the administration's recent reminder
SCOOP. Machines which are not licensed will be that temporary liquor licenses are necessary for
Coordinators provided a direct link between impounded.
students and the administration, and helped to keep parties are two examples. But, with no limits on the
Security patrols in the dormitories were
the administration informed about the residence type and amount of alcohol allowed on campus, the
increased after a bomb was found on campus.
halls. But, unlike the RHDs, Program Coordinators policy is still loose. Perhaps the next step might be
Patrols were also stepped up in the residence halls to impose an alcohol limit along the lines of that at
did not live in the buildings, and could not supervise with high vandalism rates . Though the officers and
them 24 hours a day. So in 1975, Residence Life SUC at Cortland, where no more than ten cases of
detectives are attemptinrg to deter crime in the beer are allowed in a dormitory room. That is a
assigned a Residence Hall Director to each buildings, their presenceSis a serious threat to
dormitory. restriction with which it's easy to comply, but it's
privacy. Unequivocably, t he Security officers have still a restriction. And once there's a limit, the
According to the Office of Finance and Business, always been and will alwaiys be a direct arm of the
facilities use forms have been required from University can lower it at will, until it reaches the
administration, and thei r current omnipresence 4/2 kegs-per-125 people maximum enforced at SUC
businesses for years. But there was no one portends a great curtailr nent of student mobility at Oswego.
specifically in charge of student businesses, and the and freedom. And the University has the legal right to do all of
forms were not really demanded. Last year, These issues are c ontrolled by different this. As stated in its alcohol policy, the University
Assistant Business Manager John Williams was University department :s and directly affect can stop the sale or dispensation of alcohol on
placed in charge of student-run enterprises. Now different segments of the student body. Each is an
businesses are closed by the University unless their campus at any time.
example of how the Uni versity is tightening its Only students can work against increasing
facilities use forms are on file. control over students' ac tivities. administrative control. Unfortunately, most
The forms don't ask for a very large amount of The method is simpleý. First, the University students refuse to join the few who are fighting.
information, and so far have not been too difficult to establishes a policy whict h is not too restrictive. It Some may not be opposed to the control. Some may
get authorized. But each states clearly that the waits for the students to ge:t used to it. Then tightens not see that it is going on.
University may rescind its authorization at any up the policy. The next few years will be crucial to the future of
time. This trend is also in pprogress at other SUNY student life at Stony Brook. If the studeints fail to
Until this year, pinball machines could be placed schools. In the area of alco hol policy, Stony Brook is make it clear, right now, that they will not let the
in residence halls and operated through a contract more restrictive than iit was last year. The University continue to act in loco parentis, they will
with the College Legislature. Now, the University is crackdown on Kelly coffcaehouses which allegedly lose what was won in the 60s.

Social Inbreeding Creates Racism

In its purest form, racism appears standardized testing procedures comfortable about joining a club at Because society is no more of an
to be a disease which has been discriminate against blacks and other Stony Brook. entity than those who compose it, the
fos t ered in the American nation, and minorities. Many people were Vice President for Student Affairs way to attack racism starts not with
is passed down from one generation to sickened over the cross that was Elizabeth Wadsworth
said that when large numbers of people at rallies, but
the next. The foundations of this burned at a local NACP leader's within a single mind. One suggestion
society were based upon racist problems are discussed, they should
home. How do you explain a cross- be in concrete for helping individuals open up their
principles, and because no active terms and include
burning to a young child, or even a minds is having self-awareness
effort is needed to keep these inbred specifics. This seems to be one of the
scholar, without stating that the sessions of sorts.
key elements in identifying racism. It
attitudes, it will be an uphill battle to foundations upholding this society are is the logical first Offering courses which will educate
rid society of them; if an attack is step in a
weak or crumbling? progression to end the subtle disease. the public about minorities and help
launched. minorities learn about their heritage
The more subtle forms of racism at Perhaps the biggest problem in But, of course, it is not a one-step is also important. Blacks learn in
Stony Brook include blacks who are combating racism is its subtle nature. problem. history that their ancestors were
leary of joining white-oriented clubs Military experts and street corner Another important step is that
wisemen concur that an enemy people open up their minds to change. brought here as slaves. How would
for fear of being kicked out and the the white majority act if they were
sad state of affairs in the Africana which can not be seen is almost It will take a strong, concerted effort
taught that George Washington
Studies department. Perhaps a more impossible to fight. Job to open up the white, male dominated exploited minorities?
blatant example is that out of 11,000 discrimination can be fought because society to others. Leslie Owens said Racism is an indictment of a
full time students, only about 500 there are concrete facts that can be that rallies were good for getting disturbed society; a society of which
listed themselves as blacks. dealt with. It is not so easy, however, across views to other people; but we are all a part.
Some pecple have said that to know how to make minorities feel much more has to be done.

The Press: A Step Forward

The Stony Brook Press is Members of the University government know what it is. The Stony Brook Press has editorial strength and
not a puppet of Polity, though Community have periodically We ask that you let the received enough funding financial support that come
the student government has mentioned that Stony Brook Campus Community know from Polity to cover the costs with time, it is intended that
funded this first edition..The might benefit from another what it is through Statesman of its first issue. It will be The Stony Brook Press will be
Stony Brook Press is not a publication. Some people felt or The Press. We ask you to published bi-weekly, every a weekly.
leftist newspaper, even that there is a need for let us know your opinion. other Thursday. With the
though the Red Balloon in an another news medium to fill
off-handed sort of way helped the holes between Statesman,
it get started. The Stony Fortnight, Black World, other
Brook Press, however, is campus publications and
biased because it is geared to
the students at the State
University at Stony Brook.
WUSB. A need was felt for a
publication that would go
beyond the surface of
The Stony Brook Press
Following an occupation of important issues and dig into
the Statesman offices by a their true measures.
Some people feel the Executive Editor ........ Chris Fairhall
coalition of members from
different campus groups, and campus needs another
the subsequent publication of publication; others do not. We Editor ........ Eric Brand Editor ........ Melissa Spielman
the newsletter Statesperson, hope that we do not
the announcement was made disappoint any group with Staff
that the campus would have a high expectations, and we
new paper-independent of also hope that those who News and Feature: Lindsey Biel, Andy Cohen, Fred Friedman, Greg Hullender, Erik L. Keller, Rachel
Statesman and Statesperson. thought the University Kerdman, Jesse Londin, Robin Schreier, Angela Tenga, Sharon Welch, Phil Zack
While Statesman seems to be Community did not need Arts: Mike Jankowitz, Mike Kornfeld
an event-oriented paper, it another publication find Photo: Dana Brussel, Terrence (Spunky) Cullen, Steve Daly. Steve DiPaola, Jay Fader, Vincent McNeece
was decided that The Stony something a appealing in The Production: Kathy Barrett, Laurie Brussel, Holly Cherwinsky. Meg Dougherty
Brook Press would gear its Stony Brook Press. Business: Perry Kivolowitz
editorial content towards If you have an opinion
investigations and high about this first issue, we ask
quality feature writing. that you let the student
October 25, 1979 The Stony Brook Press Page 5
Stony Brook Can't Escape
Continued from page 1
"I got involved in the University
that the program did not have when I met a black student, who
adequate office space. "They in his second or third year
know you can't do legitimate decided he didn't like dormitory
things if" you don't have a life. He went to the housing office
library," he said. and got a printout of rooms and
After teaching several years at apartments that were available.
the University of Michigan at They were available for white
Ann Arbor, Owens came to Stony students but not available for
Brook in 1978. He recalled black students. If he had a list of
meeting with administrators who 20, he had the door slammed in
told him that the University his face on 19, and got a flim flam
wanted a "national program."
on the other one," he said.
Owens recruited poet Amiri Anderson has lived in the area
Baraka last year. "I recruited
since the 1960s. "I think this is a
him because he's of international
very attractive community. I
importance," said Owens of the
have a number of people I call
man who used to be known as
friends in the community...But it
LeRoi Jones.
idoesn't detract from the
For Les Owens, Baraka is a
criticisms that I have," he told a
shining success in the midst of
reporter from The Stony Brook
broken promises. Owens ~nures. -t Hiackworki. Winstw m S&cutl)
About 200 students protested the conditoin of Africana Studies at a rally earlier this month. Press.
resigned as head of Africana
Studies earlier this month to gathering structure to meet," he Many students at Stony Brook
said there are not even 2,500 blacks in attendance and will also may not be familiar with the
protest the condition of the blacks on campus, said. note that some local residents
While the Stony Brook Union immediate area, but even
department. His resignation According to figures from Long denounce the University. probably less know what is
apparently resulted in Africana Range Planning, as of March, serves as a meeting center for "As I watched through the 60s,
many groups, Hilton pointed out happening in New York,
Studies receiving more office 1979, there were 438 black full one of the things that the according to Owens. "Sadly,
space and room for library in the time students registered at Stony that BSU has its major meetings community was constantly there are more things that
Social and Behavioral Sciences Brook. While this was out of in Old Biology because of space asking was, 'what was (the happen in New York City, but you
building. "They will say it was 11,000 students, there were 3,000 limitations. University) going to do in terms never gather it in Stony Brook,"
not triggered by the resignation, students who did not put down "There is not enough put in of changing the character of the
here for the minority programs," he said. On October 13, Owens
but clearly it was," he their race on the questionnaire. community?" Kenneth Anderson had Gil Noble of the American
explained. Though Owens has Over 6,000 people listed said Hilton. He added that most President of the Brookhaven
resigned, he said he will continue themselves as white. events going on at Stony Brook Broadcasting Corporation ad-
Town branch of the NAACP, ress his civil rights class on
to run the program, "What's left Junior Donna Franklin, who is are geared to whites and that, told a Fortnight (the campus
"Blacks don't feel this is their issues from the city and the
of it." a member of the SAINTS, said feature magazine) reporter in a nation.
At a rally held two weeks ago, that the academic plight of school." recent interview. Anderson
"All the means of Noble is producer and host of
about 300 students gathered to blacks at Stony Brook started for answered his own quesiton,
communication is white the Sunday afternoon news show
show support for the Africana many in high school. "Most of the saying "The Three Villages' "Like It Is," and is also
Studies department. Owens said teachers are all white and didn't oriented," Hilton added. "I think leaders would never tolerate
Statesman is unfair in its anchorman for the ABC late night
that the rally "left people have the same motivation multi-family housing north of
coverage of the populous of this weekend news. He discussed the
knowing that something was teaching black students. . . Nesconset Highway (where the
school, especially for minority civil rights movement of the 1960s
going on," but that it changed Guidance counselors did not University is situated), because and how it evolved to the Me
very little. "Change or lack of encourage you to take the folks," said Brown. of what it would do to change the Decade of the 1970s. "There was
change always produces rallies. (college preparatory) courses," Former President of ,the quality of life, lower property a plan set about by the powerful
You get all sorts of agreement she said. Asian Students Association values, et cetera..."
Wally Lum said, "Asians don't people in this country to undo"
that there should be change," Franklin added that teachers In terms of politicians,
perceive themselves as a part of what was done during the 60s, he
said Owens, adding, "But it's at Stony Brook are not willing to Anderson said, "They're elected
the social system here. . .but as asserted.
always hard." spend extra time with black to office on the platform (of)
As Owens fights for a legitimate elements which are only The nation's power brokers,
students. The one tutorial group fighting against anyting that
incorporated into it." He said this according to Noble, put people
would disturb or alter the quality in militant, progressive minority
results in a lack of "active of life. organizations to cause internal
"Some kids looked at me like they participation (on the part of
Asians) in determining their own
."We're not going to do anything dissention. Then with the use of
that would offer students or
have never seen blacks before. " fate as a minority." And as of
March, 1979, less than 500
workers or especially minority
mass media and drugs, Noble
said the power brokers subdued
people the opportunity to live the activists, and in turn were
students were registered here as here unless they've got the
-Patrick Hilton Asians. resources to come in here and
"putting out the fires that were
- _IH
I I· I lb I L IIM Owens said he thinks that the burning so brightly."
buy a 50-60-70 thousand dollar Songs that are played today are
Africana Studies program, black that has been established is the racism at Stony Brook is worse house,' " he quotes them as
than at other schools. "In some doing a "psychological number"
students at Stony Brook have SAINTS, which has study groups stating.
ways, it's worse because there is on young people, he said. "From
been engaged in a battle for and social functions. Anderson on more than one
no student life. .There is no singing songs like "Ain't Going
academic and social survival, There are no other groups or occasion has told the story of how
basic concern for students-you To Let Nobody Turn Us Around"
according to Patrick Hilton, programs that concentrate on he got involved with Stony Brook:
Special Projects Coordinator for
Black Students United.
tutoring blacks, said David
Brown, chairperson of the
just feel it,"he said.
"People on campus have not r
I'- I
When Hilton first came to Stony been exposed to issues that have
SAINTS. "If they wanted to bring
Brook, he found that the students from dominated campus life in past
community surrounding campus disadvantaged neighborhoods, years," said Lum. He added that
is predominantly white. "Some they should set up the programs the lack of political issues at
kids looked at me like they have to keep us here. As many should Stony Brook, which in the past
never seen blacks before," he graduate as come in," he gave students something to rally
said. Many students at Stony asserted. around, has caused a situation
Brook have complained that the where students' "self control is so
Brown said he was happy that high and self esteem is so low that
community does not offer them
the Administration provided they are in danger of being
anything, and that their social Africana Studies with a library
lives are restricted to campus. extinct."
and more office space, but that it Though the University offers
Though there are scores of should do more. "I think that the
Polity clubs, Hilton contends programs in Africana Studies,
Administration is just now Women's, Asian and Hispanic
there is little offered for black
starting to deal with the studies and interdisciplinary
students. "There is no other thing
minorities on this campus. . .but programs, the Vice President for
besides BSU and the SAINTS (the it should have been started a long
Scholastic Achievement for Student Affairs does not think it
time ago," he said offers enough. "Of course not,
Improvement of Non-Traditional
Students)," he said. There is also "There's less racism at Stony how could I?" Wadsworth
Brook than in the real world," asserted. "No one could argue
a reason why blacks do not try to
said Sue Mankita. "But minority that there are enough programs
get involved in other clubs.
groups are disadvantaged from for a diversified community. I
"Blacks aren't trying because
the word go. . .There is overt and could not say that we are
they think they will be kicked out.
covert prejudice in scholastics," comfortably diversified," she
And the groups don't try to bring
she said. "Look at standardized said, adding, "In part, that
them in," Hilton said.
Hilton said the BSU budget is
testing." mirrors the nearby community."
While the SAINTS is a group "The village of Stony Brook
hardly enough to cover the cost of
geared to both academic and must have incredible power
activities for the group for a year.
social activities for blacks, because you don't find the kinds
"To get Andrew Young up here,
Brown said it can not bridge the of things around the school that
it's $4,000-all we have is $8,000,"
gap between the two areas. you should," said Owens. The
he said. In order to get a
"There is no cultural center at local area does offer very little
referendum on the ballot to
this University. Most for s students. At meetings of the
increase allocation, Polity
Universities have a central Civic Association of the
requires 2,500 signatures. Hilton
Setaukets, one will see very few Courtesy of Blackworld/Winsron Sculls
Kenneth Anderson
Page 6 The Stony Brook Press October 25, 1979
From Institutional Racism
to "Push, Push in the Bush" is rights. He asked if anyone had The problem of racism appears made an effort to get a general. Asians must be
indicative of today," he told the heard black soldiers in Rhodesia to be a social disease as old as diversified staff," said recognized as a contributing
class. "Television has a way of referred to as anything else but humanity. "Society in its full Wadsworth. She added that she force in American society."
making some people look like guerrillas. He apparently got his sense is never an entity separate agreed with the minority rights In order to teach Asians about
what they're not," said Noble, point across by class end, and he from those who compose it," rally because, "It's important to their heritage, Lum said that
adding, "Criminals look like was given a standing ovation. Ruth Benedict said at the turn of put things in words, because it's they should do analytical work in
heroes and vice versa ... Richard "I am convinced that racist the century. In terms of dealing the first step of putting them into history courses. "We need
Nixon." attitudes are born out of a lack of with and changing the attitudes action." analysis of the historic past,
"All of a sudden," he awareness," Noble asserted. of at least one segment of that In terms of particular issues, teaching of methodology to
continued, "at the same time of While most persons said they society, "The University ought to Wadsworth said, "The more discover this and encouraging
this civil rights movement, drugs think racism is perpetuated look seriously at doing intergroup specific and concrete the ethnic studies programs. Racism
became available. .. The most today by peoples' unwillingness conscience exercises within requests are, the better. I think comes from ignorance, and
potent drugs at the lowest to change their attitudes, as itself," said Wadsworth. people need to call the issues in Asians have not analyzed their
prices." Noble added that Wadsworth said, its origins were In order to help the University specific terms, resource terms," part," he said.
between the media and drugs, only touched upon. become diversified, it must draw referring to costs. "In-depth talks The key to change appears to
young people were being "People oppress other people," in minorities, according to are not what will change things, be getting people to challenge old
programmed. is one of the basic tenets or Wadsworth. "There was a though," she added. "Results values. But Leslie Owens said
He asked the students there if racism, according to Wadsworth. workshop last spring for count, no amount of rhetoric is this is tough. "The tendency is to
anyone had ever heard of the Noble said that the United States counselors of minorities in worth results." have more and more students
fight for freedom in Zimbabwe, has had racist attitudes from its secondary schools. This was a Lum said, "The Asians must be who don't challenge anything. It
Rhodesia. He asked them if inception, citing the way whites focused effort and it's a small aware of their historic past and doesn't help the world any."
anyone had ever heard that Ian treated the American Indians, step in the effort," she explained. this knowledge has to be
Smith was an oppressor of civil and the African slave trade. "In Student Affairs, we have transmitted to the population in

Noble: 'My Enemy Is Racism'

By Chris Fairhall went on to say that he loves the women in his family
Gil Noble touches the lives of millions of people in "and I love black women, but what sort of men are
the tri-state area every weekend. But on October 13, you that you let someone talk about your women
a Thursday, he mesmerized 300 students in Leslie
that way..?"
Owen's Civil Rights class, as he delivered a "You've been programmed to take it," he
poignant speech about one of the most turbulent declared. "From singing songs like "Ain't Going To
periods in the nation's history. Let Nobody Turn Us Around" to "Push, Push in the
From working uptown in Harlem at WLIB to Bush" is indicative of today...And, then of course,
emerging as a prominent black newscaster for the the drugs...All of a sudden at the same time as this
American Broadcasting Corporation, Noble told the civil rights movement, drugs became
students in Lecture Hall 102 tha tthe activists in the available...The most potent drugs at the lowest
1960s enabled him to get where he is today. "I came prices," Noble said. Everyone could afford drugs,
out of that civil rights struggle," he declared. he added, even people living in insect-infested
Noble is producer and host of ABC's Sunday af- tenaments.
ternoon news show, "Like It Is," and is also an- "Now the only roach you know is the one that will
chorman for the late night weekend news. He ex- make you crawl up the wall...While once you were
plained that it took a lot to put him at his position. "I active and militant, now you just get high...It gives
wouldn't be at channel 7 if black people didn't come the illusion that you're doing something, but I
out of the streets and raise hell." contend it doesn't," he asserted.
"They were militant, and they were committed," Noble also contends that youths who use drugs are
he continued. And while the "ranks began to swell," extinguishing the fires of the civil rights movement.
as the blacks were joined by other minority groups, "When you're under the influence of these things,
Noble said the White House took action. the only person you're a danger to is yourself...They
In the mid 1960s, the Kerner Commission reported spent a lot of money and a lot of time analyzing what
to President Johnson that there was a need to have we were doing, when they were sober...Many of our
blacks in a number of industries. This made the students were involved pressuring this country to
gears of the Great Society turn, which opened the, today, students are different..."
doors of downtown Manhattan to blacks. "We had He then went on to give a special message to the
been trying for years to get jobs downtown, but we students in the class. "One of the worst things you
couldn't even get our feet in the door," he explained. can do, my dear brothers and sisters, is call
Through his own story and observations, Noble yourself 'nigger'...not even in jest...because
told the story of how blacks and other minorities remember what is being done to your forerunners
climbed up the social and economic ladders, the and your ancestors...And I'm saying to you that the
story of how the forerunners of students in that class world will judge you by how you judge yourself."
struggled and died to improve the world for Courtesy to' Black world/WinMion Scull "I am mad," he declared. "I am mad at racists
minorities, and the egregious end to those stories Gil Noble ... I want you black and white to listen to someone
which has led to the Me Generation. who is angry at what America has done to my
Noble told of his first assignment at ABC, destroyed their own childrens' lives, to subdue the people," said Noble, adding, "So if you love
covering the race riots in Newark. This was militant and progressive attitude that swept the everybody, you better check yourself out...It's also
unusual, he said, because new reporters usually get nation. Though he was interrupted several times by good to let white people know you're angry...I
the least important assignments, and that was the students applauding, Noble held everyone's at- suggest to you black students here that you organize
top story of the day. Noble concluded that he got the tention while discussing a plot that was just crazy and look out for your butts...Barbara Waiters is
dangerous assignment because he was "unusually enough to create the narcissistic attitudes prevalent sitting up there because white women
gifted as a journalist," which got a laugh andd some today. organized...You have to sober up and become much
applause from the audience. He started off by saying that the music industry more political."
Though many people recall race riots as horrible played an important part. "They're all turned up "To all of you I say, question your moral and
and the late 1960s as a strife-filled period, Noble max, the volume, the drivel...The lyrics now are sexual values," pressed Noble, as students from the
asserted that it "was a magnificent era." Students doing a psychological number on young people," next class started a clamor in the hall. "The real
challenged the judicial, corporate and penal said Noble, adding that he is not a prude, but that mark of a man and a woman is not found between
systems, he said. But Noble added that while "Push, Push in the Bush" is "not the kind of music the legs, but between the ears...Purify your body
students were attacking the establishment, the (that) your generation should listen to." and purify your mind...My enemy to my death is
power brokers who run the country were mounting "There was a record that came out against racism and I invite you to join me," he told the
a counter-offensive. women," he continued. "By Mick Goddamn class, which arose to give him a standing ovation.
"There was a plan set about by the powerful Jagger...It says that all black women want to do is f
people in this country to undo that movement," he all night," said Noble with anger in his voice. He
"The first thing was to get rid of the leaders ...
They spent millions of dollars of taxpayers'
money to put people in these organizations to start
dissention...They were so involved in fighting each
other that they had no time to fight a central "They spent millions of dollars to putpeople in these
enemy...These people used government agencies to
control mass media...It is a documented fact that organizations to start dissention... They were putting
the FBI placed agents in the media...(They were)
putting out the fires that were burning so brightly," out the fires that were burning so brightly.
Noble lamented. -Gil Noble
Noble told the class that he is working on a
documentary which proves that the nation's power
brokers used everything they could, even if it
October 25, 1979 The Stony Brook Press Page 7
The Stony Brook PRESSSpor
Easy Going Attitude is Key to Winning
By Chris Fairhall
The scene is typical: Soccer coach -
Chris Tyson is pacing back and forth in
front of the bench. He sporadically yells
out instructions to players on the field.
He's both pensive and calm. His attitude
is relaxed. "Sometimes he's a little too
easy going," said Co-captain Ron Beale,
"But that's an attitude of the whole
As the Pats have not lost once in their
last eight games, giving the team a 6-2-4
record with three games left this season,
it appears that the laid back attitude is
working. "Our win-loss record indicates
we should be in the playoffs," said Beale,
but, "The next three games are still
After playing Brooklyn at home
Saturday and away at Pratt Tuesday,
Beale said the team will play its toughest
opponent at home November 6. "It's a
division 1 powerhouse soccer school," he
said of Adelphi. "I'm really looking
forward to playing against them. We're
out to avenge a 5-0 loss from last season."
Adelphi crushed the Patriots last year,
in what Beale said was not even a good Beale said that the Pats came off a are on the field, they have to trust him, From a slow start to an impressive
game. "A lot of Adelphi's foreign players slow start. "We really didn't come to- listen to him, and let him be their eyes. record with a lot of ties, the soccer team
are 25, 26. They play all year round. Last gether until the New Tech game October "He's good in the sense that I have a lot appears to be in good shape for playoffs.
year we had 17 year old kids on the team of respect for him," Beale said. "He can But in order to go all the way, the Pats
6." He said that a few players missed
playing against them." games because of injuries. Though the act like one of us at times, yet everyone will have to play consistently good of
The difference between this year's does what he says, and I follow up on his fense and play up to potential. "We have
statistics show that the Pats have gotten
squad and last year's, he continued, is suggestions." the play potential to go as far as we
tihir act together, there is still much
that the players have had additional While the Pats appear to joke around a win the whole thing in our
room for improvement. "We could be
playing time together. "The nucleus of lot, the team's playing ability shows that division...But the team hasn't played up
doing a lot better," said Beale. "We need to its potential," said Beale.
the team has been playing together - a stronger offense. Something more they take the game seriously. "I might
several years," said Beale, adding that consistent...With a more consistent of- fool around a lot and not seem serious at "The team has been playing good," he
last year the Pats came up on the short fense, the play is a lot more relaxing." times, but everything I take to heart," said, "But not great."
side of a lot of 1-goal decisions and this The man responsible for making the said Beale. "That's why when the coach
year, we're coming up on top." offense move is the coach. While the Pats says something, I really listen to him."

Seven Teams Left Undefeated r

There are still teams that are undefeated in men's intramural football. In B League,
both Kelly C and Cardozo A are undefeated. Tuna and Zoo from the independent league
have had ties, but are still undefeated. Every team in C and E leagues has been
defeated at least once.

A League B League
Ammann C-3 Kelly C & Cardozo A

D League F League
Langmuir D-1 Benedict E-2

Tuna and Zoo

The pass rush is on In an intramural game. Press/Chris Fairhall

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