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Association des étudiants

de l'école de géologie option eau

Study trip in Morocco

Inventory of sustainable solutions in the domain of

Water and Ecology in a semi-arid environment
Inventory of sustainable solutions for water
Who are we ? management and polutions remediation

AEGE is a student association, created in 2009, managed by 15 engineering With the aim of completing and achieving our curriculum while discovering
students of the Water and Groundwater Department of the National the realities of our future jobs, A.E.G.E is planning a student trip in Morocco
School of Geology of Nancy (E.N.S.G). The association objective is to link from the 15th to the 21th of February 2010.
universities and the industrial sector with the aim of communicating on
technologies, challenges and jobs of the water sector. Water as a resource is world heritage. Its use has been in constant
evolution and has always been vital to humans for: water supply, energy
We are 15 Master’s students in the Water and Groundwater Department production, irrigation, industrial processes… To satisfy these needs in
graduating in 2010. We are specialized in the various fields of the quality and quantity, an integrated management and preservation strategy
Geosciences, especially in water, environmental and groundwater–linked has emerged.
challenges in natural and athropogenic environments. More specifically,
our curriculum allows us to gain global view of the water challenges and to The case of Morocco is particularly interesting. Due to its climate, modern
develop advanced skills in characterization, management, and protection techniques and methods have to be developed to allow water production
of groundwater and shallow water resources; as well as in water treatment as required by the economic and social development while preserving the
and geothermal exploitation. quality and quantity of the resource. This integrated strategy is an example
of sustainable management. Thus we have chosen to prepare a trip in
Since its creation, 3000 junior engineers have graduated from the school, Morocco to discover sustainable solutions in the domain of water and
26% of them work in the water and environment industry. environment in a developing country. Also, we would like to visit several
sites where this strategy is routinely used or could be developed.
• We have plotted several locations of interest on this map of Morocco. The
map represents companies, water agencies or research centers with which
we would like to create a partnership on groundwater and/or environmental

Map of Morocco Main areas of interest

Rural hydraulics
Desalination of sea water
Radioactive wastes impact FES
Water management
Sanitation technologies
Water management and treatment
• Water treatment for drinking purposes and processes
• Reverse Osmosis and Desalinization of Seawater
• Urban Hydrology
Water treatment Water management • Artificial Storage and Recovery and Coastal hydrology
technologies strategies
Water distribution
Water and Energy
Industrial contaminated • Dams and hydroelectricty
sites rehabilitation • Geothermal resources
• Solar energy applied to water heating and desalination
Desalination unit Contaminated Land Management
using solar energy
Geothermal field
• Impact of radioactive wastes storage
• Acid Mine Drainage
• Industrial contaminated sites remediation

• Preliminary budget of the project (15 students, 1 week)

Plane Bus Accomodation Meals Communication and activity report

per student 300,00€ 140,00€ 80,00€ TOTAL 10830,00€

total 5100,00€ 1190,00€ 2380,00€ 1360,00€ 800,00€ total / student 722,00€
Support us !!

Your participation Letter from the Dean of the E.N.S.G

- Proposal of a site of water, environmental and/or groundwater interest Students of the Water and Groundwater Department of the E.N.S.G
that we could visit ; are showing a real motivation in preparing their project “Inventory of
- Advices and suggestions regarding our project ; sustainable solutions in the domain of Water and Ecology in a semi-arid
- A financial and logistical partnership to allow the success of the project. environment”. This project will be a great achievement at the end of the
students’ curriculum and will allow them to have more insight of the water
and environment domain by making contact with its actors. The students
Our commitment are independent from the School on this project and manage all the
aspects of the project: content, communication, fund raising and planning.
The association was created to be a link between universities and the
I am glad to express my full support to this initiative and hope you will find
industry, therefore we guarantee that we are willing to act as ambassadors of
a real interest in providing a significant help to allow its success.
your organization. We are currently contacting public partners, universities
Best Regards,
and schools that could help us in communicating on this project and water
challenges in general. In addition, since the school is part of the I.N.P.L we
Jean-Marc Montel
can have an impact over a large audience.
We guarantee that we will present our sponsors during the trip and in
every project presentation. Our communication strategy is based on the
use of 3 different medias:
- Oral and visual presentation of the project before and after the trip to the Find out more about this project on our blog :
various audiences described previously ;
- redaction of a report at the end of the trip ;
- creation of a blog with advertisement of each of our sponsors, providing
links to the websites of our partners, directly accessible from the E.N.S.G
School website. Contact us :
• by phone : contact Martin Pujol (Vice-president), +33 6 42 34 83 66
• by mail : aege 2010 , 15 avenue Anatole France 54000 Nancy FRANCE
• by email :