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Title of the Course:

Workshop on Industrial Automation (WIA)

Duration (Hours / Weeks):
PLC: 30 hours
HMI: 10 hours

PLCs are similar to computers except, computers are optimized for
calculation and display. PLCs are optimized for control talks and the
industrial environment. Thus PLCs are rugged and designed to
withstand vibrations, temperature, humidity and noise.

PLC training brings an opportunity for Scientists, Engineers, and
Students in the field of Robotics, Mechatronics, Electronics, Telecom,
Industrial, Instrumentation, Controls, Automation and Systems to
develop their skills in microcontroller programming through hands-
on experience. The contents are designed to cover the fundamental
operations and interfacing techniques for PLCs so that you will be
able to design your own projects.

Module #1 Introductions to PLCs Hardware & Software

1. Background to the PLC. (Lecture)

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

2. Hardware.

PLC Architecture
Address Data & Control Bus
Hardware configuration
PLC Communications

3. Programming (Practical)

Software Introduction
Project Workspace
Diagram Workspace
Writing a Ladder Program
Entering a Contact/Coil
Compiling the Program
Downloading the Program to a PLC
Uploading the Program from a PLC

4. Programming Techniques (Practical)
1-Cycle differential Circuit
Push-on/ Push-off Circuit
Single Shot Pulse
Timers and creating delays
ON/OFF Delay Circuit
Flicker Circuit
Long-time Timer Circuit
Shift Register
Data Moment.

Module #2 Advance PLC Programming

PLC Programming fundamentals
Implementing Timers and counters.
Basic instructions introduction
i.e. Logic, Arithmetic, Data moment,
Set, Reset, Keep etc.
Advance Instructions i.e. Compare, Shift register,
Data conversion, Special Math Instructions, etc.
Monitoring and Online Edit.
Analog input/output channel setting and scaling
One to One PC Link Communication
Program structuring
How the scan time affects programs

Module #3 Application PLC Programming Examples

1. Hardware Topics: (Lecture)

Hardware configuration
Backplane and Modular PLCs
Control/Address/Data Bus
IO Card Writing
Addressing & Special IO

2. Standard Procedures (Lecture)

Project Description
I/O Table
Flow Chart
Ladder Program
Wiring Diagram

3. Application Examples(Assignments) (Practical)

Priority determination
Packing control
Car parking
Filling and draining control
Warehouse control
Conveyer belt sequence control etc.
Priority determination
Packing control
Car parking
Filling and draining control

Module #4 Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Software Introduction
Project Workspace
Creating graphics
Adding new screens
Download n connect with PLC