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Semester 1 Academic Year 2014/2015

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Graphics And Multimedia

Multimedia Technologies

Lecturers Name Noor Fardela Zainal Abidin
Room No. BW-3-C48
Office Tel. No. 0389212387
Time Table CGMB113 Section 01A
Monday 1600 - 1800 BW-1-R16 (Lecture)
Tuesday 1100 - 1300 BW-4-L17 (Lab)
CGMB113 Section 01B
Monday 1600 - 1800 BW-1-R16 (Lecture)
Wednesday 1200 - 1400 BW-4-L17 (Lab)
CGMB113 Section 02A
Tuesday 1600 - 1800 BW-1-L16 (Lecture)
Thursday 900 - 1100 BW-4-L17 (Lab)
CGMB113 Section 02B
Tuesday 1600 - 1800 BW-1-L16 (Lecture)
Friday 900 - 1100 BW-4-L17 (Lab)
Consultation Hours

2.30pm till 4.00pm on Monday and Tuesday
10.00am till 12.00pm on Wednesday
11.00am till 1.00pm on Thursday

CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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Programme : Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons.) Graphics And

Subject : Multimedia Technologies

Subject Code : CGMB113

Credit Hours : 3 (2 hrs of lecture and 2 hrs of lab)

Pre-requisites : None


This course introduces the fundamentals of multimedia technologies and multimedia design.
This course will provide the students an overview in creating a multimedia application which
includes storyline, storyboarding, animation creation, image editing and multimedia team
management. An exposure on the latest development of multimedia technology and trends
would also be discussed. Issues in effectively representing, processing and retrieving multimedia
data will also be addressed.

It is intended for undergraduates to get a glimpse of their journey ahead in the degree that they
are taking.

The course aims to:
1. To provide students with the terms and concepts related to multimedia technologies and
the latest developments in multimedia systems
2. To introduce techniques and technologies required for the design, storage and delivery of a
multimedia product
3. To expose students to multimedia authoring and editing tools through practical session
in labs and coursework to develop multimedia project
4. To introduce students to latest and new technologies in multimedia such as virtual reality
and augmented reality

At the end of this course, students should be able to:
1. Identify the elements of multimedia.
2. Differentiate each role that is involved in a multimedia production team.
CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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3. Describe the various delivery methods for multimedia projects.
4. Discuss the process involve in developing a multimedia project
5. Apply suitable concept to create a multimedia application

Lecture Notes & Announcement

The Lecture Notes can be downloaded from the following website:
Announcement & important notices will be done at our website or via Class Notice (email).


Test, Quiz and Assignment 30%
Lab Assessment 10%
Class Project
(Storyboard, & Flash Animation)
Final Examination 40%
Total 100

Test, and Quizzes 20%)
Each student will be assessed by two quizzes. Quiz one will cover chapter 1 and 2 while
Quiz two will cover chapter 3 and 4
The test will be your midterm assessment that will cover chapter 1 till 5 and is usually
conducted before your midterms holiday.

Class Assignment (10%)

Your assignment will be a two-person group written assignment. The assignment is for
you to introduce, discussed, critique and review one new multimedia technology in the
Write a short report on the technology that you have chosen. Choose any from this
a) Display Technology
b) Game Technology
c) Handheld Technology (NOT including SMARTPHONEs)
d) Virtual Technology or Augmented Reality

CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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In a group of 2 to 4 students, you are required to create a 2D multimedia animation story using
Adobe Flash. You may also explore other software that would help you complete the project.
The project must include all the multimedia elements which are text, audio, graphic, animation
and video and two buttons for interactivity. However, video is optional accordance to your title.
The project must be in animation form.

The Story title & Synopsis (Submission Week Two)
You are required to submit your project title and the synopsis of your animation story. The
synopsis should emphasis on the storytelling of your animation story. The story should be 5 to
15 minutes long.
You will have to get your story approved by your lecturer before starting on storyboarding

The Storyboard (20 Marks 5%) (Submission Week Six)
Once your story has been approved, you will have to begin creating your storyboard. The
storyboard is a hand-drawn version of your animation project. All storyboard must be colored
and represent all the elements that would be included in the animation project. Each page or
scene should be carefully drawn to describe and plan what is to be displayed on the screen of
your multimedia project. To make the story clearer, each scene should have a narration
accompanying it.
Your storyboard should begin with an introduction page, a main menu and then the scenes of
your story and a credit page that introduce your team member. You MUST also include A
navigation map would describe the flow of your product.
Here, I would like to encourage all groups to be creative with the design of your storyboard. This
is your chance for you to show off your artistic skills.
When you submit your storyboard please include the following details:
Name of group, Project Manager, Group members, Section, Title
Description/ Scope of the multimedia project

Designing and Authoring
The project would take a long time to complete, authoring work and application should begin
once your storyboard has been approved. You are allowed to explore various authoring tool in
the market such as Swift, Adobe Photoshop etc. however your main software have to be
Macromedia Flash.

The Presentation and Multimedia Animation Project Submission (100 Marks - 15%)
For the presentation, your animation will be assessed accordance to the following elements:
1) A MENU page, this page should have at least have 2 buttons. 1st button to PLAY you
animation. The 2nd button named CREDIT is to introduce the group members.
2) The storyline = should be completed and make sense.
3) The Sound and Text included in the project.
4) The animation and movement in the story.

You are also accessed on how you work in a group and the professionalism of your presentation.
CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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Please also submit a CD that contained the EXE file of the animation and all the FLASH sourced
file. The CD should be in its casing with a professional cover that include your names, ID and the
title of the animation.
Your Presentation and Submission dates are usually on Week 13 and 14.

Lab Assessment (10%)

Flash Assigment (5%)
This is a two-person group, to create a Flash application that consists of at least 3
Main Menu
o Should consist of at least 2 buttons to link to your name page and your picture
Animated Name page and Animated object
- Should consist of animated text of your name.
- The animated object and background should include 1) motion tween, 2) shape
tween, and 3) masking technique.
You can refer to tutorial 3 and 4 for ideas. Marks will be given based on functionality, creativity,
and attractiveness of the assignment.

Adobe Assignment (5%)
This is a two-person group to create a creative masterpiece that explores image editing.
Your creation has to be a poster in A4 size.
Your creation will be assessed by its:
o Use of Photoshop techniques such as MASKING, CLONE, STAMPING, PATCH or any
other effects that would make your poster your own.

o Creativity

o Originality

o It should also include:-
You are also required to include YOUR FACE in your creation. The picture could be only a
logo at the bottom of your poster or is an actual character in your poster.
You cannot leave the images rectangular; that is, I want you to use the selection tools to cut
out some of the background of your images.
Please explore Adobe Photoshop in creating your product and make it your own. Marks will be
deducted if I feel it lacks originality. Please submit the hardcopy of your poster (printed in color)
CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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as well as a written explanation on a separate report that would explain which technique is used
in which section.
Final Examination (40%)
The final examination is a summarize assessment of your study throughout the semester. The
final paper usually covers ALL of the chapters learned in your study.

Main References
T. Vaughan, "Multimedia: Making It Work ", McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 8th Edition, 2010
Other References
Vic Costello , Susan Youngblood, and Norman E. Youngblood Multimedia Foundations: Core
Concepts for Digital Design Focal Press, 2012

T.M. Savage, K.E. Vogel An Introduction to Digital Multimedia Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2 edition

Attendance will be taken for every lecture. It is a UNITENs rule, that you must attend more than
80% of the lectures to be admitted to the Final Examination. Your lecturer reserves the right to
apply this rule.

CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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Planned Schedule of Lectures, Discussions and Presentations

Week Topic Lab /Quiz/Test /Assignment

Chapter 1: Introduction to Multimedia
History of Multimedia Types of
Multimedia Multimedia Project
Delivering and Using Multimedia
Application of Multimedia
Multimedia System Characteristics


Chapter 2: The Making of Multimedia
An Introduction
Primary Stages of a Multimedia
Hardware Platforms and
Software Tools for Multimedia
Production and Delivery
Chapter 3: The Making of Multimedia
The Production Team
Multimedia Skill Set
Multimedia Skill Categories
Submit Synopsis and group details


Chapter 4 (1): Multimedia Production
Issues in Developing Multimedia
Scope of a Multimedia Project
Process and Elements of a Multimedia
Project Tools and Techniques to
Overcome Project Management

Quiz One

Chapter 4 (2): Storyboarding and


Chapter 5: Multimedia Building Block
History and Development of Text
Terms and Concept Related to Text
Application of Text
Quiz Two

Chapter 6: Multimedia Building Block
Terms and Concept Related To Sound
How Sound is Being Represented
Digitally Application of Sound in
Multimedia Systems MIDI File Format
Submit Storyboard
CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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Chapter 7: Multimedia Building
Block Image
Why Use Images In Multimedia
Capabilities of Bitmap and Vector
Aspects Of 3D Modelling
File Types Used in Multimedia
Submit Flash Assignment

Chapter 8 : Multimedia Building Block -
Terms and Concept Related to
Common Animation Techniques
Midterm Test
Basic Photoshop Workshop



Chapter 9 : Multimedia Building Block -
Terms and Concept Related to
Video Advantages and
Disadvantages of Analog and
Digital Video
Color Models Used in Video
How Video can be used in Multimedia
Photoshop Masking

Chapter 10: Newest Technology in
Display Technology, Storage Technology,
(Subject to change according to recent

Submit Photoshop Assignment

Chapter 11: Introducing Virtual Reality
Terms and Concept related to Virtual
Approaches In Virtual Reality
The different types Of Virtual Reality
How Virtual Reality Can Be Applied In
Everyday Life
Submit Class Assignment on
Multimedia Technologies

Chapter 12: Introducing Augmented
Project Presentation
14 Revision and Project Presentation
CGMB 113 SemI20142015 Multimedia Technologies

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Final Exam

*Replacement and Additional Classes (to be determined once add-drop have been confirmed)