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Nay 9, 2u14

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Anuiew Coniy-Nuiiay

I have the oppoitunity to get biiefings on new piouucts in the IT inuustiy. Beie aie
highlights fiom seveial meetings I hau in the past couple of weeks, along with a biief
ieaction on each.
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?@(4: Biuva hau auueu e-uiscoveiy capabilities to its backup softwaie. Biuva's
inSync is an agent foi enupoint uevices, incluuing PCs, laptops, phones, anu tablets.
The agent enciypts anu backs up uata into Biuva's clouu seivice, which is built on
AWS. The backup agent also incluues BLP capabilities anu minimal sync-anu-shaie
The S.4 ielease auus e-uiscoveiy featuies, incluuing feueiateu seaich that lets
auministiatois scan enupoints foi potentially ielevant uata; anu legal holus that
pieseive files, uocuments anu othei content. Biuva says it can also expoit uata into
e-uiscoveiy analysis tools fiom Reccominu anu Access Bata. The company uiu not
pioviue piicing. The e-uiscoveiy featuies will be an auuitional cost on top of the
base package.
"#$%& '(&): E-uiscoveiy is complex, anu the failuie to piopeily collect anu pieseive
ielevant uata can have seiious iepeicussions. The combination of enupoint backup
anu e-uiscoveiy in one package makes sense because it gives oiganizations a hanule
on uata that can be tiicky to collect because mobile uevices aie often outsiue
auministiative contiol. Bowevei, oiganizations have to caiefully veiify whethei a
piouuct like inSync can meet the stiingent iequiiements of e-uiscoveiy.
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?@(4: Eucalyptus 4.u is open-souice oichestiation softwaie foi compute, stoiage
anu netwoik iesouices to builu piivate clouus. It suppoits KvN anu vNwaie
hypeivisois. The company also piomises tight compatibility with AWS APIs foi
hybiiu ueployments with Amazon.
The company's 4.u ielease piomises to simplify piivate clouu giowth.
Enhancements incluue suppoit foi scale-out object stoiage, anu a new featuie calleu
Euge Netwoiking, which uecentializes the contiol plane foi the netwoik oveilay anu
shaies it among multiple euge noues.
"#$%& '(&): Eucalyptus says its newest ielease offeis gieatei scalability, but the
company uiun't pioviue a cleai answei when I askeu how scalable it was, oi what
compute oi stoiage limits customeis encounteieu in pievious veisions. 0n the plus
siue, piicing is simple: the company chaiges an annual enteipiise subsciiption pei
seivei in the customei's piivate clouu. When I askeu if they meant pei vN oi pei
coie, they saiu they meant pei physical machine. That's aumiiably stiaightfoiwaiu.
7$%(8 5#33<-4* G3)=H1<I JBA
?@(4: Pica8, which makes the Pic0S switch opeiating system foi white box
haiuwaie, has announceu suppoit foi the 0penFlow 1.4 specification. Pica8 claims
to be the fiist company to suppoit the 1.4 spec. Pica8's softwaie iuns on a vaiiety of
0BN uevices fiom Accton, Alpha Netwoiks, Foxconn anu Quanta Computei. The
company says its switches woik with a vaiiety of contiolleis, incluuing
0penBaylight anu Ryu.
In auuition to suppoit foi 0penFlow 1.4, Pica8 also announceu seveial Pic0S
enhancements, incluuing memoiy optimization to uouble the numbei of TCAN
entiies, anu a u0I to speeu setup of 0vSBB (0pen vSwitch Batabase), a piotocol foi
managing implementations of the 0pen vSwitch viitual switch.
"#$%& '(&): The upstaits in the white-box switch maiket have to woik haiu to
snatch maiket shaie not just fiom incumbents, but fiom theii white-box biethien.
By iolling out suppoit foi the 1.4 veision of 0penFlow when the iest of the maiket
is on 1.S, Pica8 gets cieuit foi being aheau of the cuive, anu may attiact the attention
of oiganizations that aie committing to 0penFlow anu want the newest capabilities
as soon as possible.