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Augustine, On Rebuke and Grace (De correptione et gratia) 26-49

Written ca. 426-427

Translation NPNF 1, 5, . 4!2"91
#$AP. 26 --W$%T$%& A'A( &%#%)*%' T$%
+)FT ,F P%&-%*%&AN#%.
$ere arises /uestion, not reasona0l1 to 0e
slig.te2, 0ut to 0e aroac.e2 an2 sol3e2 in t.e .el o4
t.e 5or2 in 6.ose .an2 are 0ot. 6e an2 our 2iscourses.
For ) a7 as8e2, in resect o4 gi4t o4 +o2 6.ic. is to
erse3ere in goo2 to t.e en2, ) t.in8 o4 t.e 4irst
7an .i7sel4, 6.o assure2l1 6as 7a2e urig.t 6it.out
an1 4ault. An2 ) 2o not sa19 )4 .e .a2 not erse3erance,
.o6 6as .e 6it.out 4ault, seeing .e 6as in 6ant o4
so nee24ul a gi4t o4 +o2: For to interrogator1 t.e
ans6er is eas1, .e .a2 not erse3erance, 0ecause .e
2i2 not erse3ere in goo2ness in 6.ic. .e 6as
6it.out sin; 4or .e 0egan to .a3e sin 4ro7 t.e oint at
6.ic. .e 4ell; an2 i4 .e 0egan, certainl1 .e 6as 6it.out
sin 0e4ore .e .a2 0egun. For it is one not to .a3e
sin, an2 it is not to a0i2e in goo2ness in
6.ic. t.ere is no sin. <ecause in 3er1 4act, .e
is not sai2 ne3er to .a3e 0een 6it.out sin, 0ut .e is sai2
not to .a3e continue2 6it.out sin, 0e1on2 all 2ou0t it is
2e7onstrate2 .e 6as 6it.out sin, seeing .e is
0la7e2 4or not .a3ing continue2 in goo2ness. <ut it
s.oul2 0e as8e2 an2 2iscusse2 6it. greater ains
in 6a1 6e can ans6er t.ose 6.o sa1, =)4 in
urig.tness in 6.ic. .e 6as 7a2e 6it.out sin .e .a2
erse3erance, 0e1on2 all 2ou0t .e erse3ere2 in it; an2
i4 .e erse3ere2, .e certainl1 2i2 not sin, an2 2i2 not
4orsa8e .is urig.tness. <ut .e 2i2 sin, an2 6as
a 4orsa8er o4 goo2ness, t.e Trut. 2eclares. T.ere4ore .e
.a2 not erse3erance in goo2ness; an2 i4 .e .a2 it
not, .e certainl1 recei3e2 it not. For .o6 s.oul2 .e .a3e
0ot. recei3e2 erse3erance, an2 not .a3e erse3ere2:, i4 .e .a2 it not 0ecause .e 2i2 not recei3e it, sin 2i2 .e co77it 01 not erse3ering, i4 .e 2i2 not
recei3e erse3erance: For it cannot 0e sai2 .e 2i2
not recei3e it, 4or t.e reason .e 6as not searate2
01 t.e 0esto6al o4 grace 4ro7 t.e 7ass o4 er2ition.
<ecause 7ass o4 er2ition 2i2 not as 1et e>ist in t.e
.u7an race 0e4ore .e .a2 sinne2 4ro7 6.o7 t.e
corrute2 source 6as 2eri3e2.?
#$AP. 27.--T$% AN-W%&.
W.ere4ore 6e 7ost 6.oleso7el1 con4ess 6e 7ost
correctl1 0elie3e, t.e +o2 an2 5or2 o4 all t.ings,
6.o in $is strengt. create2 all t.ings goo2, an2
4ore8ne6 e3il t.ings 6oul2 arise out o4 goo2, an2
8ne6 it ertaine2 to $is 7ost o7niotent goo2ness
e3en to 2o goo2 out o4 e3il t.ings not to
allo6 e3il t.ings to 0e at all, so or2aine2 t.e li4e o4
angels an2 7en in it $e 7ig.t 4irst o4 all s.o6
t.eir 4ree 6ill 6as caa0le o4, an2 t.en t.e
8in2ness o4 $is grace an2 t.e @u2g7ent o4 $is
rig.teousness 6as caa0le o4. Finall1, certain angels, o4
6.o7 t.e c.ie4 is .e 6.o is calle2 t.e 2e3il, 0eca7e 01
4ree 6ill outcasts 4ro7 t.e 5or2 +o2. Aet alt.oug. t.e1
4le2 4ro7 $is goo2ness, 6.erein t.e1 .a2 0een 0lesse2,
t.e1 coul2 not 4lee 4ro7 $is @u2g7ent, 01 6.ic. t.e1
6ere 7a2e 7ost 6retc.e2. ,t.ers, .o6e3er, 01 t.e sa7e
4ree 6ill stoo2 4ast in t.e trut., an2 7erite2 t.e
8no6le2ge o4 7ost certain trut. t.e1 s.oul2
ne3er 4all. For i4 4ro7 t.e $ol1 -critures 6e .a3e 0een
a0le to attain t.e 8no6le2ge none o4 t.e .ol1 angels
s.all 4all e3er7ore, .o6 7uc. 7ore .a3e t.e1
t.e7sel3es attaine2 8no6le2ge 01 t.e trut. 7ore
su0li7el1 re3eale2 to t.e7B <ecause to us is ro7ise2 a
0lesse2 li4e 6it.out en2, an2 e/ualit1 6it. t.e angels,
4ro7 6.ic. ro7ise 6e are certi4ie2 6.en a4ter
@u2g7ent 6e s.all .a3e co7e to li4e, 6e s.all not
4all 4ro7 it; 0ut i4 t.e angels are ignorant o4 trut.
concerning t.e7sel3es, 6e s.all not 0e t.eir e/uals, 0ut
7ore 0lesse2 t.e1. <ut t.e Trut. .as ro7ise2 us
e/ualit1 6it. t.e7. )t is certain, t.en, t.e1 .a3e
8no6n 01 sig.t, 6.ic. 6e .a3e 8no6n 01 4ait., to
6it, t.ere s.all 0e no6 no 7ore an1 4all o4 an1 .ol1
angel. <ut t.e 2e3il an2 .is angels, alt.oug. t.e1 6ere
0lesse2 0e4ore t.e1 4ell, an2 2i2 not 8no6 t.e1
s.oul2 4all unto 7iser1,--t.ere 6as still 6.ic.
7ig.t 0e a22e2 to t.eir 0lesse2ness, i4 01 4ree 6ill t.e1
.a2 stoo2 in t.e trut., until t.e1 s.oul2 recei3e
4ullness o4 t.e .ig.est 0lessing as t.e re6ar2 o4
continuance; is, 01 t.e great a0un2ance o4 t.e
lo3e o4 +o2, gi3en 01 t.e $ol1 -irit, t.e1 s.oul2
a0solutel1 not 0e a0le to 4all an1 7ore, an2 t.e1
s.oul2 8no6 6it. co7lete certaint1 concerning
t.e7sel3es. T.e1 .a2 not lenitu2e o4 0lesse2ness;
0ut since t.e1 6ere ignorant o4 t.eir 4uture 7iser1, t.e1
en@o1e2 a 0lesse2ness 6.ic. 6as less, in2ee2, 0ut still
6it.out an1 2e4ect. For i4 t.e1 .a2 8no6n t.eir 4uture
4all an2 eternal unis.7ent, t.e1 certainl1 coul2 not
.a3e 0een 0lesse2; since t.e 4ear o4 so great an e3il as 6oul2 co7el t.e7 e3en t.en to 0e 7isera0le.
#$AP. 2!.--T$% F)&-T (AN $)(-%5F A5-,
()+$T $A*% -T,,' <A $)- F&%% W)55. also $e 7a2e 7an 6it. 4ree 6ill; an2 alt.oug.
ignorant o4 .is 4uture 4all, 1et t.ere4ore .a1, 0ecause
.e t.oug.t it 6as in .is o6n o6er 0ot. not to 2ie an2
not to 0eco7e 7isera0le. An2 i4 .e .a2 6ille2 01 .is
o6n 4ree 6ill to continue in state o4 urig.tness an2
4ree2o7 4ro7 sin, assure2l1 6it.out an1 e>erience o4
2eat. an2 o4 un.ainess .e 6oul2 .a3e recei3e2 01 t.e
7erit o4 continuance t.e 4ullness o4 0lessing 6it.
6.ic. t.e .ol1 angels also are 0lesse2; is, t.e
i7ossi0ilit1 o4 4alling an1 7ore, an2 t.e 8no6le2ge o4 6it. a0solute certaint1. For e3en .e .i7sel4 coul2
not 0e 0lesse2 alt.oug. in Para2ise, na1, .e 6oul2 not
0e t.ere, 6.ere it 6oul2 not 0eco7e .i7 to 0e
7isera0le, i4 t.e 4ore8no6le2ge o4 .is 4all .a2 7a2e .i7
6retc.e2 6it. t.e 2rea2 o4 suc. a 2isaster. <ut 0ecause
.e 4orsoo8 +o2 o4 .is 4ree 6ill, .e e>erience2 t.e @ust
@u2g7ent o4 +o2, 6it. .is 6.ole race, 6.ic. 0eing
as 1et all lace2 in .i7 .a2 sinne2 6it. .i7, .e s.oul2
0e con2e7ne2. For as 7an1 o4 race as are 2eli3ere2
01 +o2Cs grace are certainl1 2eli3ere2 4ro7 t.e
con2e7nation in 6.ic. t.e1 are alrea21 .el2 0oun2.
W.ence, e3en i4 none s.oul2 0e 2eli3ere2, no one coul2
@ustl1 0la7e t.e @u2g7ent o4 +o2., t.ere4ore, in
co7arison o4 t.ose eris. 4e6, 0ut in t.eir
a0solute nu70er 7an1, are 2eli3ere2, is e44ecte2 01
grace, is e44ecte2 4reel19 t.an8s 7ust 0e gi3en, 0ecause
it is e44ecte2, so no one 7a1 0e li4te2 u as o4 .is
o6n 2eser3ings, 0ut e3er1 7out. 7a1 0e stoe2,
an2 .e gloriet. 7a1 glor1 in t.e 5or2.
#$AP. 29 DE).F--')-T)N#T),N <%TW%%N T$%
+&A#% +)*%N <%F,&% AN' AFT%& T$% FA55. t.en: 'i2 not A2a7 .a3e t.e grace o4 +o2: Aes,
trul1, .e .a2 it largel1, 0ut o4 a 2i44erent 8in2. $e 6as
lace2 in t.e 7i2st o4 0ene4its 6.ic. .e .a2 recei3e2
4ro7 t.e goo2ness o4 .is #reator; 4or .e .a2 not
rocure2 t.ose 0ene4its 01 .is o6n 2eser3ings; in 6.ic.
0ene4its .e su44ere2 a0solutel1 no e3il. <ut saints in
li4e, to 6.o7 ertains grace o4 2eli3erance, are in
t.e 7i2st o4 e3ils out o4 6.ic. t.e1 cr1 to +o2, ='eli3er
us 4ro7 e3il.? $e in t.ose 0ene4its nee2e2 not t.e 2eat.
o4 #.rist9 t.ese, t.e 0loo2 o4 5a70 a0sol3es 4ro7
guilt, as 6ell in.erite2 as t.eir o6n. $e .a2 no nee2 o4 assistance 6.ic. t.e1 i7lore 6.en t.e1 sa1, =) see la6 in 71 7e70ers 6arring against t.e la6 o4
71 7in2, an2 7a8ing 7e cati3e in t.e la6 o4 sin 6.ic.
is in 71 7e70ers. , 6retc.e2 7an ) a7B 6.o s.all
2eli3er 7e 4ro7 t.e 0o21 o4 2eat.: T.e grace o4
+o2 t.roug. Gesus #.rist our 5or2.? <ecause in t.e7
t.e 4les. lustet. against t.e sirit, an2 t.e sirit against
t.e 4les., an2 as t.e1 la0or an2 are i7erile2 in suc. a
contest, t.e1 as8 01 t.e grace o4 #.rist t.e strengt.
to 4ig.t an2 to con/uer 7a1 0e gi3en t.e7. $e, .o6e3er,
te7te2 an2 2istur0e2 in no suc. con4lict concerning
.i7sel4 against .i7sel4, in osition o4 0lesse2ness
en@o1e2 .is eace 6it. .i7sel4.
#$AP. HI.--T$% )N#A&NAT),N ,F T$% W,&'.
$ence, alt.oug. t.ese 2o not no6 re/uire a grace 7ore
@o1ous 4or t.e resent, t.e1 ne3ert.eless nee2 a 7ore
o6er4ul grace; an2 grace is 7ore o6er4ul
t.e onl1-0egotten -on o4 +o2, e/ual to t.e an2
co-eternal, 7a2e 7an 4or t.e7, an2, 6it.out an1 sin o4
$is o6n, original or actual, cruci4ie2 01 7en 6.o
6ere s.iners: An2 alt.oug. $e rose again on t.e t.ir2
2a1, ne3er to 2ie an1 7ore, $e 1et 0ore 2eat. 4or 7en
an2 ga3e li4e to t.e 2ea2, so re2ee7e2 01 $is 0loo2,
.a3ing recei3e2 so great an2 suc. a le2ge, t.e1 coul2
sa1, =)4 +o2 0e 4or us, 6.o is against us: $e 6.o sare2
not $is o6n -on, 0ut 2eli3ere2 $i7 u 4or us all, .o6
.as $e not 6it. $i7 also gi3en to us all t.ings:? +o2
t.ere4ore too8 uon $i7 our is, t.e rational
soul an2 4les. o4 t.e 7an #.rist--01 an un2erta8ing
singularl1 7ar3elous, or 7ar3elousl1 singular; so
6it. no rece2ing 7erits o4 $is o6n rig.teousness $e
7ig.t in suc. 6ise 0e t.e -on o4 +o2 4ro7 t.e
0eginning, in 6.ic. $e .a2 0egun to 0e 7an, $e,
an2 t.e Wor2 6.ic. is 6it.out 0eginning, 7ig.t 0e one
erson. For t.ere is no one 0lin2e2 01 suc. ignorance o4 7atter an2 t.e Fait. as to 2are to sa1, alt.oug.
0orn o4 t.e $ol1 -irit an2 t.e *irgin (ar1 t.e -on o4
7an, 1et o4 $is o6n 4ree 6ill 01 rig.teous li3ing an2 01
2oing goo2 6or8s, 6it.out sin, $e 2eser3e2 to 0e t.e
-on o4 +o2; in oosition to t.e gosel, 6.ic. sa1s,
=T.e Wor2 6as 7a2e 4les..? For 6.ere 6as 7a2e
4les. e>cet in t.e *irginal 6o70, 6.ence 6as t.e
0eginning o4 t.e 7an #.rist: An2, 7oreo3er, 6.en t.e
*irgin as8e2 .o6 s.oul2 co7e to ass 6.ic. 6as
tol2 .er 01 t.e angel, t.e angel ans6ere2 =T.e $ol1
+.ost s.all co7e o3er on to an2 t.e o6er o4 t.e
$ig.est s.all o3ers.a2o6, t.ere4ore .ol1 s.all 0e 0orn o4 s.all 0e calle2 t.e -on o4
+o2.? =T.ere4ore,? .e sai2; not 0ecause o4 6or8s o4
6.ic. certainl1 o4 a 1et un0orn in4ant t.ere are none;
0ut =t.ere4ore,? 0ecause =t.e $ol1 +.ost s.all co7e
o3er on to, an2 t.e o6er o4 t.e $ig.est s.all
o3ers.a2o6, .ol1 6.ic. s.all 0e 0orn o4 s.all 0e calle2 t.e -on o4 +o2.? nati3it1,
a0solutel1 gratuitous, con@oine2, in t.e unit1 o4 t.e
erson, 7an to +o2, 4les. to t.e Wor2B +oo2 6or8s
4ollo6e2 nati3it1; goo2 6or8s 2i2 not 7erit it. For it
6as in no 6ise to 0e 4eare2 t.e .u7an nature ta8en
u 01 +o2 t.e Wor2 in ine44a0le 7anner into a
unit1 o4 erson, 6oul2 sin 01 4ree c.oice o4 6ill, since ta8ing u itsel4 6as suc. t.e nature o4 7an so
ta8en u 01 +o2 6oul2 a27it into itsel4 no 7o3e7ent o4
an e3il 6ill. T.roug. (e2iator +o2 7a8es 8no6n $e 7a8es t.ose 6.o7 $e re2ee7e2 01 $is 0loo2
4ro7 e3il, e3erlastingl1 goo2; an2 $i7 $e in suc. 6ise
assu7e2 $e ne3er 6oul2 0e e3il, an2, not 0eing
7a2e out o4 e3il, 6oul2 al6a1s 0e goo2.
#$AP. H1.--T$% F)&-T (AN $A' &%#%)*%' T$%
+&A#% N%#%--A&A F,& $)- P%&-%*%&AN#%,
<JT )T- %E%&#)-% WA- 5%FT )N $)- F&%%
T.e 4irst 7an .a2 not grace 01 6.ic. .e s.oul2
ne3er 6ill to 0e e3il; 0ut assure2l1 .e .a2 in 6.ic.
i4 .e 6ille2 to a0i2e .e 6oul2 ne3er 0e e3il, an2 6it.out
6.ic., 7oreo3er, .e coul2 not 01 4ree 6ill 0e goo2, 0ut
6.ic., ne3ert.eless, 01 4ree 6ill .e coul2 4orsa8e. +o2,
t.ere4ore, 2i2 not 6ill e3en .i7 to 0e 6it.out $is grace,
6.ic. $e le4t in .is 4ree 6ill; 0ecause 4ree 6ill is
su44icient 4or e3il, 0ut is too little 4or goo2, unless it is
ai2e2 01 ,7niotent +oo2. An2 i4 7an .a2 not
4orsa8en assistance o4 .is 4ree 6ill, .e 6oul2
al6a1s .a3e 0een goo2; 0ut .e 4orsoo8 it, an2 .e 6as
4orsa8en. <ecause suc. 6as t.e nature o4 t.e ai2, .e
coul2 4orsa8e it 6.en .e 6oul2, an2 .e coul2
continue in it i4 .e 6oul2; 0ut not suc. it coul2 0e
0roug.t a0out .e 6oul2. 4irst is t.e grace
6.ic. 6as gi3en to t.e 4irst A2a7; 0ut 7ore o6er4ul is in t.e secon2 A2a7. For t.e 4irst is
6.ere01 it is a44ecte2 a 7an 7a1 .a3e
rig.teousness i4 .e 6ill; t.e secon2, t.ere4ore, can 2o
7ore, since 01 it is e3en e44ecte2 .e 6ill,
an2 6ill so 7uc., an2 lo3e 6it. suc. ar2or, 01 t.e
6ill o4 t.e -irit .e o3erco7es t.e 6ill o4 t.e 4les.,
lustet. in oosition to it. Nor 6as, in2ee2. a s7all
grace 01 6.ic. 6as 2e7onstrate2 e3en t.e o6er o4 4ree
6ill, 0ecause 7an 6as so assiste2 6it.out
assistance .e coul2 not continue in goo2, 0ut coul2
4orsa8e assistance i4 .e 6oul2. <ut latter grace
is 01 so 7uc. t.e greater, it is too little 4or a 7an 01
its 7eans to regain .is lost 4ree2o7; it is too little,
4inall1, not to 0e a0le 6it.out it to are.en2 t.e
goo2 or to continue in goo2 i4 .e 6ill, unless .e is also
7a2e to 6ill.
#$AP. H2.--T$% +)FT- ,F +&A#% #,NF%&&%'
,N A'A( )N #&%AT),N.
At ti7e, t.ere4ore, +o2 .a2 gi3en to 7an a goo2
6ill, 0ecause in 6ill $e .a2 7a2e .i7, since $e
.a2 7a2e .i7 urig.t. $e .a2 gi3en .el 6it.out 6.ic.
.e coul2 not continue t.erein i4 .e 6oul2; 0ut .e
s.oul2 6ill, $e le4t in .is 4ree 6ill. $e coul2 t.ere4ore
continue i4 .e 6oul2, 0ecause t.e .el 6as not 6anting
6.ere01 .e coul2, an2 6it.out 6.ic. .e coul2 not,
erse3eringl1 .ol2 4ast t.e goo2 6.ic. .e 6oul2. <ut .e 6ille2 not to continue is a0solutel1 t.e 4ault o4
.i7 6.ose 7erit it 6oul2 .a3e 0een i4 .e .a2 6ille2 to
continue; as t.e .ol1 angels 2i2, 6.o, 6.ile ot.ers 4ell
01 4ree 6ill, t.e7sel3es 01 t.e sa7e 4ree 6ill stoo2, an2
2eser3e2 to recei3e t.e 2ue re6ar2 o4 continuance--
to 6it, suc. a 4ullness o4 0lessing 01 it t.e1 7ig.t
.a3e t.e 4ullest certaint1 o4 al6a1s a0i2ing in it. )4,
.o6e3er, .el .a2 0een 6anting, to angel or
to 7an 6.en t.e1 6ere 4irst 7a2e, since t.eir nature
6as not 7a2e suc. 6it.out t.e 2i3ine .el it coul2
a0i2e i4 it 6oul2, t.e1 certainl1 6oul2 not .a3e 4allen 01
t.eir o6n 4ault, 0ecause t.e .el 6oul2 .a3e 0een
6anting 6it.out 6.ic. t.e1 coul2 not continue. At t.e
resent ti7e, .o6e3er, to t.ose to 6.o7 suc. assistance
is 6anting, it is t.e enalt1 o4 sin; 0ut to t.ose to 6.o7
it is gi3en, it is gi3en o4 grace, not o4 2e0t; an2 01 so
7uc. t.e 7ore is gi3en t.roug. Gesus #.rist our 5or2 to
t.ose to 6.o7 it .as lease2 +o2 to gi3e it, not
onl1 6e .a3e .el 6it.out 6.ic. 6e cannot
continue e3en i4 6e 6ill, 0ut, 7oreo3er, 6e .a3e so
great an2 suc. a .el as to 6ill. <ecause 01 grace o4
+o2 t.ere is cause2 in us, in t.e recetion o4 goo2 an2
in t.e erse3ering .ol2 o4 it, not onl1 to 0e a0le to 2o 6e 6ill, 0ut e3en to 6ill to 2o 6e are a0le.
<ut 6as not t.e case in t.e 4irst 7an; 4or t.e one o4
t.ese t.ings 6as in .i7, 0ut t.e 6as not. For .e
2i2 not nee2 grace to recei3e goo2, 0ecause .e .a2 not
1et lost it; 0ut .e nee2e2 t.e ai2 o4 grace to continue in
it, an2 6it.out ai2 .e coul2 not 2o at all; an2 .e
.a2 recei3e2 t.e a0ilit1 i4 .e 6oul2, 0ut .e .a2 not t.e
6ill 4or .e coul2; 4or i4 .e .a2 ossesse2 it, .e
6oul2 .a3e erse3ere2. For .e coul2 erse3ere i4 .e
6oul2; 0ut .e 6oul2 not 6as t.e result o4 4ree 6ill,
6.ic. at ti7e 6as in suc. 6ise 4ree .e 6as
caa0le o4 6illing 6ell an2 ill. For s.all 0e 7ore
4ree 4ree 6ill, 6.en it s.all not 0e a0le to ser3e sin:
an2 s.oul2 0e to 7an also as it 6as 7a2e to t.e .ol1
angels, t.e re6ar2 o4 2eser3ing. <ut no6 goo2
2eser3ing .as 0een lost 01 sin, in t.ose 6.o are
2eli3ere2 .as 0eco7e t.e gi4t o4 grace 6.ic. 6oul2
.a3e 0een t.e re6ar2 o4 2eser3ing.
#$AP. HH DE)).F--W$AT )- T$% ')FF%&%N#%
<%TW%%N T$% A<)5)TA N,T T, -)N, T, ')%,
AN' F,&-AK% +,,', AN' T$% )NA<)5)TA T,
-)N, T, ')%, AN' T, F,&-AK% +,,':
,n 6.ic. account 6e 7ust consi2er 6it. 2iligence an2
attention in resect t.ose airs 2i44er 4ro7 one,--to 0e a0le not to sin, an2 not to 0e a0le to sin;
to 0e a0le not to 2ie, an2 not to 0e a0le to 2ie; to 0e a0le
not to 4orsa8e goo2, an2 not to 0e a0le to 4orsa8e goo2.
For t.e 4irst 7an 6as a0le not to sin, 6as a0le not to 2ie,
6as a0le not to 4orsa8e goo2. Are 6e to sa1 .e 6.o
.a2 suc. a 4ree 6ill coul2 not sin: ,r .e to 6.o7 it
6as sai2, =)4 t.ou s.alt sin t.ou s.alt 2ie 01 2eat.,?
coul2 not 2ie: ,r .e coul2 not 4orsa8e goo2, 6.en
.e 6oul2 4orsa8e 01 sinning, an2 so 2ie: T.ere4ore
t.e 4irst li0ert1 o4 t.e 6ill 6as to 0e a0le not to sin, t.e
last 6ill 0e 7uc. greater, not to 0e a0le to sin; t.e 4irst
i77ortalit1 6as to 0e a0le not to 2ie, t.e last 6ill 0e
7uc. greater, not to 0e a0le to 2ie; t.e 4irst 6as t.e
o6er o4 erse3erance, to 0e a0le not to 4orsa8e goo2--
t.e last 6ill 0e t.e 4elicit1 o4 erse3erance, not to 0e
a0le to 4orsa8e goo2. <ut 0ecause t.e last 0lessings 6ill
0e re4era0le an2 0etter, 6ere t.ose 4irst ones, t.ere4ore, no 0lessings at all, or tri4ling ones:
#$AP. H4.--T$% A)' W)T$,JT W$)#$ A T$)N+
',%- N,T #,(% T, PA--, AN' T$% A)' W)T$
W$)#$ A T$)N+ #,(%- T, PA--.
(oreo3er, t.e ai2s t.e7sel3es are to 0e 2istinguis.e2.
T.e ai2 6it.out 6.ic. a 2oes not co7e to ass is
one, an2 t.e ai2 01 6.ic. a co7es to ass is For 6it.out 4oo2 6e cannot li3e; an2 1et
alt.oug. 4oo2 s.oul2 0e at .an2, it 6oul2 not cause a
7an to li3e 6.o s.oul2 6ill to 2ie. T.ere4ore t.e ai2 o4
4oo2 is 6it.out 6.ic. it 2oes not co7e to ass
6e li3e, not 01 6.ic. it co7es to ass 6e li3e.
<ut, in2ee2, 6.en t.e 0lesse2ness 6.ic. a 7an .as not
is gi3en .i7, .e 0eco7es at once 0lesse2. For t.e ai2 is
not onl1 6it.out 6.ic. 2oes not .aen, 0ut
also 6it. 6.ic. 2oes .aen 4or t.e sa8e o4 6.ic.
it is gi3en. W.ere4ore is an assistance 0ot. 01 6.ic.
it co7es to ass, an2 6it.out 6.ic. it 2oes not co7e to
ass; 0ecause, on t.e one .an2, i4 0lesse2ness s.oul2 0e
gi3en to a 7an, .e 0eco7es at once 0lesse2; an2, on t.e, i4 it s.oul2 ne3er 0e gi3en .e 6ill ne3er 0e so. <ut
4oo2 2oes not o4 necessit1 cause a 7an to li3e, an2 1et
6it.out it .e cannot li3e. T.ere4ore to t.e 4irst 7an,
6.o, in goo2 in 6.ic. .e .a2 0een 7a2e urig.t,
.a2 recei3e2 t.e a0ilit1 not to sin, t.e a0ilit1 not to 2ie,
t.e a0ilit1 not to 4orsa8e goo2 itsel4, 6as gi3en t.e
ai2 o4 erse3erance,--not 01 6.ic. it s.oul2 0e
0roug.t a0out .e s.oul2 erse3ere, 0ut 6it.out
6.ic. .e coul2 not o4 4ree 6ill erse3ere. <ut no6 to
t.e saints re2estinate2 to t.e 8ing2o7 o4 +o2 01 +o2Cs
grace, t.e ai2 o4 erse3erance is gi3en is not suc. as
t.e 4or7er, 0ut suc. to t.e7 erse3erance itsel4 is
0esto6e2; not onl1 so 6it.out gi4t t.e1 cannot
erse3ere, 0ut, 7oreo3er, so 01 7eans o4 gi4t
t.e1 cannot .el erse3ering. For not onl1 2i2 $e sa1,
=Wit.out 7e 1e can 2o,? 0ut $e also sai2, =Ae
.a3e not c.osen 7e, 0ut ) .a3e c.osen 1ou, an2
or2aine2 1ou 1e s.oul2 go an2 0ring 4ort. 4ruit, an2 1our 4ruit s.oul2 re7ain.? <1 6.ic. 6or2s $e
s.o6e2 $e .a2 gi3en t.e7 not onl1 rig.teousness,
0ut erse3erance t.erein. For 6.en #.rist or2aine2
t.e7 t.e1 s.oul2 go an2 0ring 4ort. 4ruit, an2
t.eir 4ruit s.oul2 re7ain, 6.o 6oul2 2are to sa1, )t s.all
not re7ain: W.o 6oul2 2are to sa1, Perc.ance it 6ill
not re7ain: =For t.e gi4ts an2 calling o4 +o2 are
6it.out reentance;? 0ut t.e calling is o4 t.ose 6.o are
calle2 accor2ing to t.e urose. W.en #.rist interce2es,
t.ere4ore, on 0e.al4 o4 t.ese, t.eir 4ait. s.oul2 not
4ail, 2ou0tless it 6ill not 4ail unto t.e en2. An2 it
s.all erse3ere e3en unto t.e en2; nor s.all t.e en2 o4 li4e 4in2 it 0ut continuing.
#$AP. H5.--T$%&% )- A +&%AT%& F&%%',(
N,W )N T$% -A)NT- T$AN T$%&% WA- <%F,&%
)N A'A(.
#ertainl1 a greater li0ert1 is necessar1 in t.e 4ace o4 so
7an1 an2 so great te7tations, 6.ic. .a2 no e>istence
in Para2ise,--a li0ert1 4orti4ie2 an2 con4ir7e2 01 t.e gi4t
o4 erse3erance, so 6orl2, 6it. all its lo3es, its
4ears, its errors, 7a1 0e o3erco7e9 t.e 7art1r2o7s o4
t.e saints .a3e taug.t )n 4ine, .e DA2a7F, not onl1
6it. no0o21 to 7a8e .i7 a4rai2, 0ut, 7oreo3er, in site
o4 t.e aut.orit1 o4 +o2Cs 4ear, using 4ree 6ill, 2i2 not
stan2 in suc. a state o4 .ainess, in suc. a 4acilit1 o4
DnotF sinning. <ut t.ese Dt.e saintsF, ) sa1, not tra2er t.e
4ear o4 t.e 6orl2, 0ut in site o4 t.e rage o4 t.e 6orl2
lest t.e1 s.oul2 stan2, stoo2 4ir7 in t.e 4ait.; 6.ile .e
coul2 see t.e goo2 t.ings resent 6.ic. .e 6as going to
4orsa8e, t.e1 coul2 not see t.e goo2 t.ings 4uture 6.ic.
t.e1 6ere going to recei3e. W.ence is, sa3e 01 t.e
gi4t o4 $i7 4ro7 6.o7 t.e1 o0taine2 7erc1 to 0e
4ait.4ul; 4ro7 6.o7 t.e1 recei3e2 t.e sirit, not o4 4ear,
6.ere01 t.e1 6oul2 1iel2 to t.e ersecutors, 0ut o4
o6er, an2 o4 lo3e, an2 o4 continence, in 6.ic. t.e1
coul2 o3erco7e all t.reatenings, all se2uctions, all
tor7ents: To .i7, t.ere4ore, 6it.out an1 sin, 6as gi3en
t.e 4ree 6ill 6it. 6.ic. .e 6as create2; an2 .e 7a2e it
to ser3e sin. <ut alt.oug. t.e 6ill o4 t.ese .a2 0een t.e
ser3ant o4 sin, it 6as 2eli3ere2 01 $i7 6.o sai2, =)4 t.e
-on s.all 7a8e 1ou 4ree, t.en s.all 1e 0e 4ree in2ee2.?
An2 01 grace t.e1 recei3e so great a 4ree2o7,
alt.oug. as long as t.e1 li3e .ere t.e1 are 4ig.ting
against sin4ul lusts, an2 so7e sins cree uon t.e7
una6ares, on account o4 6.ic. t.e1 2ail1 sa1, =Forgi3e
us our 2e0ts,? 1et t.e1 2o not an1 7ore o0e1 t.e sin
6.ic. is unto 2eat., o4 6.ic. t.e Aostle Go.n sa1s,
=T.ere is a sin unto 2eat.9 ) 2o not sa1 .e s.all ra1
4or it.? #oncerning 6.ic. sin (since it is not e>resse2)
7an1 an2 2i44erent notions 7a1 0e entertaine2. ),
.o6e3er, sa1, sin is to 4orsa8e e3en unto 2eat. t.e
4ait. 6.ic. 6or8et. 01 lo3e. sin t.e1 no longer
ser3e 6.o are not in t.e 4irst con2ition, as A2a7, 4ree;
0ut are 4ree2 01 t.e grace o4 +o2 t.roug. t.e secon2
A2a7, an2 01 2eli3erance .a3e 4ree 6ill 6.ic.
ena0les t.e7 to ser3e +o2, not 01 6.ic. t.e1 7a1
0e 7a2e cati3e 01 t.e 2e3il. Fro7 0eing 7a2e 4ree
4ro7 sin t.e1 .a3e 0eco7e t.e ser3ants o4
rig.teousness, in 6.ic. t.e1 6ill stan2 till t.e en2, 01
t.e gi4t to t.e7 o4 erse3erance 4ro7 $i7 6.o
4ore8ne6 t.e7, an2 re2estinate2 t.e7, an2 calle2 t.e7
accor2ing to $is urose, an2 @usti4ie2 t.e7, an2
glori4ie2 t.e7, since $e .as e3en alrea21 4or7e2 t.ose
t.ings are to co7e 6.ic. $e ro7ise2 concerning
t.e7. An2 6.en $e ro7ise2, =A0ra.a7 0elie3e2 $i7,
an2 it 6as counte2 unto .i7 4or rig.teousness.? For =.e
ga3e glor1 to +o2, 7ost 4ull1 0elie3ing,? as it is 6ritten, $e .as ro7ise2 $e is a0le also to er4or7.?
#$AP. H6.--+,' N,T ,N5A F,&%KN,W- T$AT
(%N W)55 <% +,,', <JT $)(-%5F (AK%-
T$%( -,.
)t is $e $i7sel4, t.ere4ore, 7a8es t.ose 7en goo2,
to 2o goo2 6or8s. For $e 2i2 not ro7ise t.e7 to
A0ra.a7 0ecause $e 4ore8ne6 o4 t.e7sel3es t.e1
6oul2 0e goo2. For i4 6ere t.e case, $e
ro7ise2 6as not $is, 0ut t.eirs. <ut it 6as not
A0ra.a7 0elie3e2, 0ut =.e 6as not 6ea8 in 4ait., gi3ing
glor1 to +o2;? an2 =7ost 4ull1 0elie3ing $e
.as ro7ise2 $e is a0le also to er4or7.? $e 2oes not
sa1, $e 4ore8ne6, $e is a0le to ro7ise;? nor $e 4ore tol2, $e is a0le to 7ani4est;? nor
$e ro7ise2, $e is a0le to 4ore8no69? 0ut $e
ro7ise2, $e is a0le also to 2o.? )t is $e, t.ere4ore, 6.o
7a8es t.e7 to erse3ere in goo2, 6.o 7a8es t.e7
goo2. <ut t.e1 6.o 4all an2 eris. .a3e ne3er 0een in
t.e nu70er o4 t.e re2estinate2. Alt.oug., t.en, t.e
aostle 7ig.t 0e sea8ing o4 all ersons regenerate2 an2
li3ing iousl1 6.en .e sai2, =W.o art t.ou @u2gest 7anCs ser3ant: To .is o6n 7aster .e stan2et. or
4allet.;? 1et .e at once .a2 regar2 to t.e re2estinate2,
an2 sai2, =<ut .e s.all stan2;? an2 t.e1 7ig.t not
arrogate to t.e7sel3es, .e sa1s, =For +o2 is a0le to
7a8e .i7 stan2.? )t is $e $i7sel4, t.ere4ore, gi3es
erse3erance, 6.o is a0le to esta0lis. t.ose 6.o stan2,
so t.e1 7a1 stan2 4ast 6it. t.e greatest
erse3erance; or to restore t.ose 6.o .a3e 4allen, 4or
=t.e 5or2 settet. u t.ose 6.o are 0ro8en 2o6n.?
#$AP. H7.--T, A -,JN' W)55 )- #,(()TT%'
T$% P,W%& ,F P%&-%*%&)N+ ,& ,F N,T
As, t.ere4ore, t.e 4irst 7an 2i2 not recei3e gi4t o4
+o2, is, erse3erance in goo2, 0ut it 6as le4t in .is
c.oice to erse3ere or not to erse3ere, .is 6ill .a2 suc.
strengt.,--inas7uc. as it .a2 0een create2 6it.out an1
sin, an2 t.ere 6as in t.e 6a1 o4 concuiscence
o4 .i7sel4 6it.stoo2 it, t.e c.oice o4
erse3ering coul2 6ort.il1 0e entruste2 to suc.
goo2ness an2 to suc. 4acilit1 in li3ing 6ell. <ut +o2 at
t.e sa7e ti7e 4ore8ne6 .e 6oul2 2o in
unrig.teousness; 4ore8ne6, .o6e3er, 0ut 2i2 not co7el
.i7 to; 0ut at t.e sa7e ti7e $e 8ne6 $e
$i7sel4 6oul2 2o in rig.teousness concerning .i7. <ut
no6, since great 4ree2o7 .as 0een lost 01 t.e 2esert
o4 sin, our 6ea8ness .as re7aine2 to 0e ai2e2 01 still
greater gi4ts. For it lease2 +o2, in or2er 7ost
e44ectuall1 to /uenc. t.e ri2e o4 .u7an resu7tion, no 4les. s.oul2 glor1 in $is resence? is, =no
7an.? <ut 6.ence s.oul2 4les. not glor1 in $is
resence, sa3e concerning its 7erits: W.ic., in2ee2, it
7ig.t .a3e .a2, 0ut lost; an2 lost 01 3er1 7eans
6.ere01 it 7ig.t .a3e .a2 t.e7, is, 01 its 4ree 6ill;
on account o4 6.ic. t.ere re7ains to t.ose 6.o
are to 0e 2eli3ere2, sa3e t.e grace o4 t.e 'eli3erer., t.ere4ore, no 4les. glories in $is resence. For t.e
unrig.teous 2o not glor1, since t.e1 .a3e no groun2 o4
glor1; nor t.e rig.teous, 0ecause t.e1 .a3e a groun2
4ro7 $i7, an2 .a3e no glor1 o4 t.eirs, 0ut $i7sel4, to
6.o7 t.e1 sa1, =(1 glor1, an2 t.e li4ter u o4 71
An2 it is is 6ritten ertains to e3er1 7an, no 4les. s.oul2 glor1 in $is resence.? To t.e
rig.teous, .o6e3er, ertains -criture9 =$e
gloriet., let .i7 glor1 in t.e 5or2.? For t.e aostle
7ost 7ani4estl1 s.o6e2, 6.en, a4ter sa1ing no
4les. s.oul2 glor1 in $is resence,? lest t.e saints
s.oul2 suose t.e1 .a2 0een le4t 6it.out an1
glor1, .e resentl1 a22e2, =<ut o4 $i7 are 1e in #.rist
Gesus, 6.o o4 +o2 is 7a2e unto us 6is2o7, an2
rig.teousness, an2 sancti4ication, an2 re2e7tion9,
accor2ing as it is 6ritten, $e gloriet., let .i7 glor1
in t.e 5or2.? $ence it is in a0o2e o4 7iseries,
6.ere trial is t.e li4e o4 7an uon t.e eart., =strengt. is
7a2e er4ect in 6ea8ness.? strengt., sa3e .e gloriet. s.oul2 glor1 in t.e 5or2?:
#$AP. H!.--W$AT )- T$% NATJ&% ,F T$% +)FT
,F P%&-%*%&AN#% T$AT )- N,W +)*%N T,
T$% -A)NT-.
An2 +o2 6ille2 $is saints s.oul2 not--e3en
concerning erse3erance in goo2ness itsel4--glor1 in
t.eir o6n strengt., 0ut in $i7sel4, 6.o not onl1 gi3es
t.e7 ai2 suc. as $e ga3e to t.e 4irst 7an, 6it.out 6.ic.
t.e1 cannot erse3ere i4 t.e1 6ill, 0ut causes in t.e7
also t.e 6ill; since t.e1 6ill not erse3ere unless
t.e1 0ot. can an2 6ill, 0ot. t.e caa0ilit1 an2 t.e 6ill
to erse3ere s.oul2 0e 0esto6e2 on t.e7 01 t.e
li0eralit1 o4 2i3ine grace. <ecause 01 t.e $ol1 -irit
t.eir 6ill is so 7uc. en8in2le2 t.e1 t.ere4ore can,
0ecause t.e1 so 6ill; an2 t.e1 t.ere4ore so 6ill 0ecause
+o2 6or8s in t.e7 to 6ill. For i4 in so 7uc. 6ea8ness
o4 li4e (in 6.ic. 6ea8ness, .o6e3er, 4or t.e sa8e o4
c.ec8ing ri2e, strengt. 0e.o3e2 to 0e er4ecte2) t.eir
o6n 6ill s.oul2 0e le4t to t.e7sel3es, t.e1 7ig.t, i4
t.e1 6ille2, continue in t.e .el o4 +o2, 6it.out 6.ic.
t.e1 coul2 not erse3ere, an2 +o2 s.oul2 not 6or8 in
t.e7 to 6ill, in t.e 7i2st o4 so 7an1 an2 so great
6ea8nesses t.eir 6ill itsel4 6oul2 gi3e 6a1, an2 t.e1
6oul2 not 0e a0le to erse3ere, 4or t.e reason
4ailing 4ro7 in4ir7it1 t.e1 6oul2 not 6ill, or in t.e
6ea8ness o4 6ill t.e1 6oul2 not so 6ill t.e1 6oul2
0e a0le. T.ere4ore ai2 is 0roug.t to t.e in4ir7it1 o4
.u7an 6ill, so it 7ig.t 0e unc.angea0l1 an2
in3inci0l1 in4luence2 01 2i3ine grace; an2,
alt.oug. 6ea8, it still 7ig.t not 4ail, nor 0e o3erco7e 01
an1 a23ersit1. it .aens 7anCs 6ill, 6ea8 an2
incaa0le, in goo2 as 1et s7all, 7a1 erse3ere 01 +o2Cs
strengt.; 6.ile t.e 6ill o4 t.e 4irst 7an, strong an2
.ealt.4ul, .a3ing t.e o6er o4 4ree c.oice, 2i2 not
erse3ere in a greater goo2; 0ecause alt.oug. +o2Cs .el
6as not 6anting, 6it.out 6.ic. it coul2 not erse3ere i4
it 6oul2, 1et it 6as not suc. a .el as 01 6.ic. +o2
6oul2 6or8 in 7an to 6ill. #ertainl1 to t.e strongest $e
1iel2e2 an2 er7itte2 to 2o $e 6ille2; to t.ose 6ere 6ea8 $e .as reser3e2 01 $is o6n gi4t
t.e1 s.oul2 7ost in3inci0l1 6ill is goo2, an2 7ost
in3inci0l1 re4use to 4orsa8e T.ere4ore 6.en #.rist
sa1s, =) .a3e ra1e2 4or t.1 4ait. 4ail not,? 6e
7a1 un2erstan2 it 6as sai2 to .i7 6.o is 0uilt uon
t.e roc8. An2 t.e 7an o4 +o2, not onl1 0ecause .e
.as o0taine2 7erc1 to 0e 4ait.4ul, 0ut also 0ecause 4ait.
itsel4 2oes not 4ail, i4 .e glories, 7ust glor1 in t.e 5or2.
#$AP. H9 DE))).F--T$% NJ(<%& ,F T$%
P&%'%-T)NAT%' )- #%&TA)N AN' '%F)N%'.
) sea8 o4 t.ose 6.o are re2estinate2 to t.e
8ing2o7 o4 +o2, 6.ose nu70er is so certain one
can 0e a22e2 to t.e7 nor ta8en 4ro7 t.e7; not
o4 t.ose 6.o, 6.en $e .a2 announce2 an2 so8en, 6ere
7ultilie2 0e1on2 nu70er. For t.e1 7a1 0e sai2 to 0e
calle2 0ut not c.osen, 0ecause t.e1 are not calle2
accor2ing to t.e urose. <ut t.e nu70er o4 t.e
elect is certain, an2 to 0e increase2 nor
2i7inis.e2,--alt.oug. it is signi4ie2 01 Go.n t.e <atist
6.en .e sa1s, =<ring 4ort., t.ere4ore, 4ruits 7eet 4or
reentance9 an2 t.in8 not to sa1 1oursel3es, We
.a3e A0ra.a7 to our 4at.er9 4or +o2 is a0le o4 t.ese
stones to raise u c.il2ren to A0ra.a7,? to s.o6
t.e1 6ere in suc. 6ise to 0e cut o44 i4 t.e1 2i2 not
ro2uce 4ruit, t.e nu70er 6.ic. 6as ro7ise2 to
A0ra.a7 6oul2 not 0e 6anting, is 1et 7ore lainl1
2eclare2 in t.e Aocal1se9 =$ol2 4ast 6.ic. t.ou
.ast, lest ta8e t.1 cro6n.? For i4 6oul2
not recei3e unless one s.oul2 .a3e lost, t.e nu70er is
#$AP. 4I.--N, ,N% )- #%&TA)N AN' -%#J&% ,F
$)- ,WN P&%'%-T)NAT),N AN' -A5*AT),N.
<ut, 7oreo3er, suc. t.ings as t.ese are so so8en to
saints 6.o 6ill erse3ere, as i4 it 6ere rec8one2
uncertain t.e1 6ill erse3ere, is a reason
t.e1 oug.t not ot.er6ise to .ear t.ese t.ings, since it is
6ell 4or t.e7 =not to 0e .ig.-7in2e2, 0ut to 4ear.? For
6.o o4 t.e 7ultitu2e o4 0elie3ers can resu7e, so long
as .e is li3ing in 7ortal state, .e is in t.e
nu70er o4 t.e re2estinate2: <ecause it is necessar1 in con2ition s.oul2 0e 8et .i22en; since
.ere 6e .a3e to 0e6are so 7uc. o4 ri2e, e3en so
great an aostle 6as 0u44ete2 01 a 7essenger o4 -atan,
lest .e s.oul2 0e li4te2 u. $ence it 6as sai2 to t.e
aostles, =)4 1e a0i2e in 7e;? an2 $e sai2 6.o 8ne6
4or a certaint1 t.e1 6oul2 a0i2e; an2 t.roug. t.e, =)4 1e s.all 0e 6illing, an2 6ill .ear 7e,?
alt.oug. $e 8ne6 in 6.o7 $e 6oul2 6or8 to 6ill also.
An2 7an1 si7ilar t.ings are sai2. For on account o4 t.e
use4ulness o4 secrec1, lest, erc.ance, an1 one
s.oul2 0e li4te2 u, 0ut all, e3en alt.oug. t.e1 are
running 6ell, s.oul2 4ear, in it is not 8no6n 6.o
7a1 attain,--on account o4 t.e use4ulness o4 secrec1,
it 7ust 0e 0elie3e2 so7e o4 t.e c.il2ren o4
er2ition, 6.o .a3e not recei3e2 t.e gi4t o4
erse3erance to t.e en2, 0egin to li3e in t.e 4ait. 6.ic.
6or8et. 01 lo3e, an2 li3e 4or so7e ti7e 4ait.4ull1 an2
rig.teousl1, an2 a4ter6ar2s 4all a6a1, an2 are not ta8en
a6a1 4ro7 li4e 0e4ore .aens to t.e7. )4
.a2 .aene2 to none o4 t.ese, 7en 6oul2 .a3e
3er1 6.oleso7e 4ear, 01 6.ic. t.e sin o4 resu7tion is
8et 2o6n, onl1 so long as until t.e1 s.oul2 attain to t.e
grace o4 #.rist 01 6.ic. to li3e iousl1, an2 a4ter6ar2s
6oul2 4or ti7e to co7e 0e secure t.e1 6oul2 ne3er
4all a6a1 4ro7 $i7. An2 suc. resu7tion in
con2ition o4 trials is not 4itting, 6.ere t.ere is so great
6ea8ness, securit1 7a1 engen2er ri2e. Finall1,
also s.all 0e t.e case; 0ut it s.all 0e at ti7e, in 7en
also as it alrea21 is in t.e angels, 6.en t.ere cannot 0e
an1 ri2e. T.ere4ore t.e nu70er o4 t.e saints, 01 +o2Cs
grace re2estinate2 to +o2Cs 8ing2o7, 6it. t.e gi4t o4
erse3erance to t.e en2 0esto6e2 on t.e7, s.all 0e
gui2e2 in its co7leteness, an2 t.ere s.all 0e at
lengt. 6it.out en2 reser3e2 in its 4ullest co7leteness,
7ost 0lesse2, t.e 7erc1 o4 t.eir -a3ior still clea3ing to
t.e7, in t.eir con3ersion, in t.eir con4lict, or in
t.eir cro6nB
#$AP. 41.--%*%N )N GJ'+(%NT +,'C- (%&#A
W)55 <% N%#%--A&A T, J-.
For t.e $ol1 -criture testi4ies +o2Cs 7erc1 is t.en
also necessar1 4or t.e7, 6.en t.e -aint sa1s to .is soul
concerning t.e 5or2 its +o2, =W.o cro6net. in
7erc1 an2 co7assion.? T.e Aostle Ga7es also sa1s9
=$e s.all .a3e @u2g7ent 6it.out 7erc1 6.o .at.
s.o6e2 no 7erc1;? 6.ere .e sets 4ort. e3en in
@u2g7ent in 6.ic. t.e rig.teous are cro6ne2 an2 t.e
unrig.teous are con2e7ne2, so7e 6ill 0e @u2ge2 6it.
7erc1, ot.ers 6it.out 7erc1. ,n 6.ic. account also t.e o4 t.e (acca0ees sa1s to .er son, in
7erc1 ) 7a1 recei3e 6it. t.1 =For 6.en
a rig.teous 8ing,? as it is 6ritten, =s.all sit on t.e
t.rone, no e3il s.all oose itsel4 to .i7. W.o 6ill
0oast .e .as a ure .eart: or 6.o 6ill 0oast .e
is ure 4ro7 sin: An2 +o2Cs 7erc1 is e3en t.en
necessar1, 01 6.ic. .e is 7a2e =0lesse2 to 6.o7 t.e
5or2 .as not i7ute2 sin.? <ut at ti7e e3en 7erc1
itsel4 s.all 0e allotte2 in rig.teous @u2g7ent in
accor2ance 6it. t.e 7erits o4 goo2 6or8s. For 6.en it is
sai2, =Gu2g7ent 6it.out 7erc1 to .i7 .at. s.o6e2
no 7erc1,? it is lainl1 s.o6n in t.ose in 6.o7 are
4oun2 t.e goo2 6or8s o4 7erc1, @u2g7ent s.all 0e
e>ecute2 6it. 7erc1; an2 e3en 7erc1 itsel4
s.all 0e returne2 to t.e 7erits o4 goo2 6or8s. )t is not so
no6; 6.en not onl1 no goo2 6or8s, 0ut 7an1 0a2 6or8s
rece2e, $is 7erc1 anticiates a 7an so .e is
2eli3ere2 4ro7 e3ils,--as 6ell 4ro7 e3ils 6.ic. .e .as
2one, as 4ro7 t.ose 6.ic. .e 6oul2 .a3e 2one i4 .e
6ere not controlle2 01 t.e grace o4 +o2; an2 4ro7 t.ose,
too, 6.ic. .e 6oul2 .a3e su44ere2 4or e3er i4 .e 6ere
not luc8e2 4ro7 t.e o6er o4 2ar8ness, an2 trans4erre2
into t.e 8ing2o7 o4 t.e -on o4 +o2Cs lo3e. Ne3ert.eless,
since e3en li4e eternal itsel4, 6.ic., it is certain, is
gi3en as 2ue to goo2 6or8s, is calle2 01 so great an
aostle t.e grace o4 +o2, alt.oug. grace is not ren2ere2
to 6or8s, 0ut is gi3en 4reel1, it 7ust 0e con4esse2
6it.out an1 2ou0t, eternal li4e is calle2 grace 4or t.e
reason it is ren2ere2 to t.ose 7erits 6.ic. grace .as
con4erre2 uon 7an. <ecause sa1ing is rig.tl1
un2erstoo2 6.ic. in t.e gosel is rea2, =grace 4or
grace,? is, 4or t.ose 7erits 6.ic. grace .as
#$AP. 42.--T$% &%P&,<AT% A&% T, <%
PJN)-$%' F,& (%&)T- ,F A ')FF%&%NT K)N'.
<ut t.ose 6.o 2o not 0elong to nu70er o4 t.e
re2estinate2, t.e1 .a3e not 1et an1
4ree c.oice o4 t.eir 6ill, or 6it. a c.oice o4 6ill trul1
4ree, 0ecause 4ree2 01 grace itsel4--t.e grace o4 +o2
0rings to $is 8ing2o7,--t.ose, t.en, 6.o 2o not 0elong
to 7ost certain an2 0lesse2 nu70er, are 7ost
rig.teousl1 @u2ge2 accor2ing to t.eir 2eser3ings. For t.e1 lie un2er t.e sin 6.ic. t.e1 .a3e in.erite2 01
original generation, an2 2eart .ence 6it. in.erite2
2e0t 6.ic. is not ut a6a1 01 regeneration, or 01 t.eir
4ree 6ill .a3e a22e2 sins 0esi2es; t.eir 6ill, ) sa1,
4ree, 0ut not 4ree2,-- 4ree 4ro7 rig.teousness, 0ut
ensla3e2 to sin, 01 6.ic. t.e1 are tosse2 a0out 01 2i3ers
7isc.ie3ous lusts, so7e 7ore e3il, so7e less, 0ut all
e3il; an2 t.e1 7ust 0e a2@u2ge2 to 2i3erse unis.7ents,
accor2ing to 3er1 2i3ersit1. ,r t.e1 recei3e t.e
grace o4 +o2, 0ut t.e1 are onl1 4or a season, an2 2o not
erse3ere; t.e1 4orsa8e an2 are 4orsa8en. For 01 t.eir
4ree 6ill, as t.e1 .a3e not recei3e2 t.e gi4t o4
erse3erance, t.e1 are sent a6a1 01 t.e rig.teous an2
.i22en @u2g7ent o4 +o2.
#$AP. 4H DE)*.F--&%<JK% AN' +&A#% ', N,T
-%T A-)'% ,N% AN,T$%&.
5et 7en t.en su44er t.e7sel3es to 0e re0u8e2 6.en t.e1
sin, an2 not conclu2e against grace 4ro7 t.e re0u8e
itsel4, nor 4ro7 grace against re0u8e; 0ecause 0ot. t.e
rig.teous enalt1 o4 sin is 2ue, an2 rig.teous re0u8e
0elongs to it, i4 it is 7e2icinall1 alie2, e3en alt.oug.
t.e sal3ation o4 t.e ailing 7an is uncertain; so i4 .e
6.o is re0u8e2 0elongs to t.e nu70er o4 t.e
re2estinate2, re0u8e 7a1 0e to .i7 a 6.oleso7e
7e2icine; an2 i4 .e 2oes not 0elong to nu70er,
re0u8e 7a1 0e to .i7 a enal in4liction. Jn2er 3er1
uncertaint1, t.ere4ore, it 7ust o4 lo3e 0e alie2,
alt.oug. its result is un8no6n; an2 ra1er 7ust 0e 7a2e
on .is 0e.al4 to 6.o7 it is alie2, .e 7a1 0e
.eale2. <ut 6.en 7en co7e or return into t.e 6a1
o4 rig.teousness 01 7eans o4 re0u8e, 6.o is it
6or8et. sal3ation in t.eir .earts 0ut +o2 6.o
gi3et. t.e increase, 6.oe3er lants an2 6aters, an2
6.oe3er la0ors on t.e 4iel2s or s.ru0s, +o2 6.o7
no 7anCs 6ill resists 6.en $e 6ills to gi3e sal3ation:
For so to 6ill or not to 6ill is in t.e o6er o4 $i7 6.o
6illet. or 6illet. not, as not to .in2er t.e 2i3ine 6ill nor
o3erco7e t.e 2i3ine o6er. For e3en concerning t.ose
6.o 2o $e 6ills not, $e $i7sel4 2oes $e
#$AP. 44.--)N W$AT WAA +,' W)55- A55 (%N
T, <% -A*%'.
An2 is 6ritten, =$e 6ills all 7en to 0e sa3e2,?
6.ile 1et all 7en are not sa3e2, 7a1 0e un2erstoo2 in
7an1 6a1s, so7e o4 6.ic. ) .a3e 7entione2 in
6ritings o4 7ine; 0ut .ere ) 6ill sa1 one t.ing9 =$e 6ills
all 7en to 0e sa3e2,? is so sai2 all t.e re2estinate2
7a1 0e un2erstoo2 01 it, 0ecause e3er1 8in2 o4 7en is
a7ong t.e7. Gust as it 6as sai2 to t.e P.arisees, =Ae
tit.e e3er1 .er0;? 6.ere t.e e>ression is onl1 to 0e
un2erstoo2 o4 e3er1 .er0 t.e1 .a2, 4or t.e1 2i2 not
tit.e e3er1 .er0 6.ic. 6as 4oun2 t.roug.out t.e 6.ole
eart.. Accor2ing to t.e sa7e 7anner o4 sea8ing, it 6as
sai2, =%3en as ) also lease all 7en in all t.ings.? For
2i2 .e 6.o sai2 lease also t.e 7ultitu2e o4 .is
ersecutors: <ut .e lease2 e3er1 8in2 o4 7en
asse70le2 in t.e #.urc. o4 #.rist, t.e1 6ere
alrea21 esta0lis.e2 t.erein, or 6ere to 0e intro2uce2 into
#$AP. 45.---#&)PTJ&A5 )N-TAN#%- W$%&%)N
)T )- P&,*%' T$AT +,' $A- (%NC- W)55-
(,&% )N $)- P,W%& T$AN T$%A T$%(-%5*%-
)t is not, t.en, to 0e 2ou0te2 7enCs 6ills cannot, so
as to re3ent $is 2oing .e 6ills, 6it.stan2 t.e 6ill
o4 +o2, =6.o .at. 2one all t.ings 6.atsoe3er $e
lease2 in .ea3en an2 in eart.,? an2 6.o also 2one
t.ose t.ings are to co7e;? since $e 2oes e3en
concerning t.e 6ills t.e7sel3es o4 7en $e 6ill,
6.en $e 6ill. Jnless, erc.ance (to 7ention so7e
t.ings a7ong 7an1), 6.en +o2 6ille2 to gi3e t.e
8ing2o7 to -aul, it 6as so in t.e o6er o4 t.e )sraelites,
as it certainl1 6as lace2 in t.eir 6ill, to su0@ect
t.e7sel3es or not to t.e 7an in /uestion, t.e1 coul2
e3en re3ail to 6it.stan2 +o2. +o2, .o6e3er, 2i2 not 2o, sa3e 01 t.e 6ill o4 t.e 7en t.e7sel3es, 0ecause .e
0e1on2 2ou0t .a2 t.e 7ost o7niotent o6er o4
inclining 7enCs .earts it lease2 $i7. For it
is 6ritten9 =An2 -a7uel sent t.e eole a6a1, an2 e3er1
one 6ent a6a1 unto .is o6n lace. An2 -aul 6ent a6a1
to .is .ouse in +i0ea.9 an2 t.ere 6ent a6a1 6it. -aul
7ig.t1 7en, 6.ose .earts t.e 5or2 touc.e2. An2
estilent c.il2ren sai2, W.o s.all sa3e us: 7an:
An2 t.e1 2esise2 .i7, an2 0roug.t .i7 no resents.?
Will an1 one sa1 an1 o4 t.ose 6.ose .earts t.e 5or2
touc.e2 to go 6it. -aul 6oul2 not .a3e gone 6it. .i7,
or an1 o4 t.ose estilent 4ello6s, 6.ose .earts $e
2i2 not touc. to 2o, 6oul2 .a3e gone: ,4 'a3i2
also, 6.o7 t.e 5or2 or2aine2 to t.e 8ing2o7 in a 7ore
roserous succession, 6e rea2 t.us9 =An2 'a3i2
continue2 to increase, an2 6as 7agni4ie2, an2 t.e 5or2
6as 6it. .i7.? .a3ing 0een re7ise2, it is sai2 a
little a4ter6ar2s, =An2 t.e -irit clot.e2 A7asai, c.ie4
o4 t.e t.irt1, an2 .e sai2, We are t.ine, I 'a3i2, an2 6e
6ill 0e 6it., , son o4 Gesse9 Peace, eace 0e unto, an2 eace 0e to t.1 .elers; 0ecause t.e 5or2 .as
.ele2 #oul2 .e 6it.stan2 t.e 6ill o4 +o2, an2
not 2o t.e 6ill o4 $i7 6.o 6roug.t in .is .eart
01 $is -irit, 6it. 6.ic. .e 6as clot.e2, to 6ill, sea8,
an2 2o (oreo3er, a little a4ter6ar2s t.e sa7e
-criture sa1s, =All t.ese 6arli8e 7en, setting t.e 0attle
in arra1, ca7e 6it. a eace4ul .eart to $e0ron to
esta0lis. 'a3i2 o3er all )srael.? <1 t.eir o6n 6ill,
certainl1, t.e1 aointe2 'a3i2 8ing. W.o cannot see W.o can 2en1 it: For t.e1 2i2 not 2o it un2er
constraint or 6it.out goo2-6ill, since t.e1 2i2 it; 6it. a
eace4ul .eart. An2 1et $e 6roug.t in t.e7 6.o
6or8et. $e 6ill in t.e .earts o4 7en. For 6.ic.
reason t.e -criture re7ise2, =An2 'a3i2 continue2 to
increase, an2 6as 7agni4ie2, an2 t.e 5or2 ,7niotent
6as 6it. .i7.? An2 t.e 5or2 ,7niotent, 6.o 6as
6it. .i7, in2uce2 t.ese 7en to aoint .i7 8ing. An2
.o6 2i2 $e in2uce t.e7: 'i2 $e constrain t.ereto 01
an1 0o2il1 4etters: $e 6roug.t; $e .el2 t.eir
.earts; $e stirre2 t.eir .earts, an2 2re6 t.e7 01 t.eir
o6n 6ills, 6.ic. $e $i7sel4 6roug.t in t.e7. )4, t.en,
6.en +o2 6ills to set u 8ings in t.e eart., $e .as t.e
6ills o4 7en 7ore in $is o6er t.e1 t.e7sel3es
.a3e, 6.o else causes re0u8e to 0e 6.oleso7e an2
correction to result in t.e .eart o4 .i7 is re0u8e2, .e 7a1 0e esta0lis.e2 in t.e 8ing2o7 o4 .ea3en:
#$AP. 46 DE*.F--&%<JK% (J-T <% *A&)%'
A##,&')N+ T, T$% *A&)%TA ,F FAJ5T-.
T$%&% )- N, PJN)-$(%NT )N T$% #$J&#$
+&%AT%& T$AN %E#,((JN)#AT),N.
T.ere4ore, let 6.o are su0@ect 0e re0u8e2 01
t.ose 6.o are set o3er t.e7, 6it. re0u8es sring
4ro7 lo3e, 3arie2 accor2ing to t.e 2i3ersit1 o4 4aults, s7aller or greater. <ecause 3er1 enalt1 is calle2 con2e7nation, 6.ic. eiscoal @u2g7ent
in4licts, 6.ic. t.ere is no greater unis.7ent in t.e
#.urc., 7a1, i4 +o2 6ill, result an2 0e o4 a23antage 4or
7ost 6.oleso7e re0u8e. For 6e 8no6 not 7a1
.aen on t.e co7ing 2a1; nor 7ust an1 one 0e
2esaire2 o4 0e4ore t.e en2 o4 li4e; nor can +o2 0e
contra2icte2, $e 7a1 not loo8 2o6n an2 gi3e
reentance, an2 recei3e t.e sacri4ice o4 a trou0le2 sirit
an2 a contrite .eart, an2 a0sol3e 4ro7 t.e guilt o4
con2e7nation, .o6e3er @ust, an2 so $i7sel4 not
con2e7n t.e con2e7ne2 erson. Aet t.e necessit1 o4 t.e
astoral o44ice re/uires, in or2er t.e terri0le
contagion 7a1 not cree t.roug. t.e 7an1, t.e
2isease2 s.oul2 0e searate2 4ro7 t.e soun2 ones;
erc.ance, 01 3er1 searation, to 0e .eale2 01 $i7
to 6.o7 is i7ossi0le. For as 6e 8no6 not 6.o
0elongs to t.e nu70er o4 t.e re2estinate2, 6e oug.t in
suc. 6ise to 0e in4luence2 01 t.e a44ection o4 lo3e as to
6ill all 7en to 0e sa3e2. For is t.e case 6.en 6e
en2ea3or to lea2 e3er1 in2i3i2ual to oint 6.ere
t.e1 7a1 7eet 6it. t.ose agencies 01 6.ic. 6e 7a1
re3ail, to t.e acco7lis.7ent o4 t.e result, 0eing
@usti4ie2 01 4ait. t.e1 7a1 .a3e eace 6it. +o2, --
6.ic. eace, 7oreo3er, t.e aostle announce2 6.en .e
sai2, =T.ere4ore, 6e 2isc.arge an e70assage 4or #.rist,
as t.oug. +o2 6ere e>.orting 01 us, 6e ra1 1ou in
#.ristCs stea2 to 0e reconcile2 to +o2.? For is =to
0e reconcile2? to $i7 0ut to .a3e eace 6it. $i7: For
t.e sa8e o4 6.ic. eace, 7oreo3er, t.e 5or2 Gesus
#.rist $i7sel4 sai2 to $is 2isciles, =)nto 6.atsoe3er
.ouse 1e enter 4irst, sa1, Peace 0e to .ouse; an2 i4
t.e son o4 eace 0e t.ere, 1our eace s.all rest uon it;
0ut i4 not, it s.all return to 1ou again.? W.en t.e1
reac. t.e gosel o4 eace o4 6.o7 it is re2icte2,
=$o6 0eauti4ul are t.e 4eet o4 t.ose u0lis. eace, announce goo2 t.ingsB? to us, in2ee2, e3er1 one
t.en 0egins to 0e a son o4 eace 6.o o0e1s an2 0elie3es gosel, an2 6.o, 0eing @usti4ie2 01 4ait., .as 0egun
to .a3e eace to6ar2s +o2; 0ut, accor2ing to +o2Cs
re2estination, .e 6as alrea21 a son o4 eace. For it 6as
not sai2, Jon 6.o7soe3er 1our eace s.all rest, .e
s.all 0eco7e a son o4 eace; 0ut #.rist sa1s, =)4 t.e son
o4 eace 0e t.ere, 1our eace s.all rest uon
.ouse.? Alrea21, t.ere4ore, an2 0e4ore t.e
announce7ent o4 eace to .i7, t.e son o4 eace 6as
t.ere, as .e .a2 0een 8no6n an2 4ore8no6n, 01--not t.e
e3angelist, 0ut--+o2. For 6e nee2 not 4ear lest 6e
s.oul2 lose it, i4 in our ignorance .e to 6.o7 6e reac.
is not a son o4 eace, 4or it 6ill return to us
is, 6ill ro4it us, an2 not .i7; 0ut i4 t.e
eace roclai7e2 s.all rest uon .i7, it 6ill ro4it 0ot.
us an2 .i7.
#$AP. 47.--AN,T$%& )NT%&P&%TAT),N ,F T$%
AP,-T,5)# PA--A+%, =W$, W)55 $A*% A55
(%N T, <% -A*%'.?, t.ere4ore, in our ignorance o4 6.o s.all 0e sa3e2,
+o2 co77an2s us to 6ill all to 6.o7 6e reac. eace 7a1 0e sa3e2, an2 $i7sel4 6or8s in us
01 2i44using lo3e in our .earts 01 t.e $ol1 -irit
6.o is gi3en to us,--7a1 also 0e un2erstoo2,
+o2 6ills all 7en to 0e sa3e2, 0ecause $e 7a8es us to
6ill; @ust as =$e sent t.e -irit o4 $is -on, cr1ing,
A00a,;? is, 7a8ing us to cr1, A00a,
<ecause, concerning sa7e -irit, $e sa1s in
lace, =We .a3e recei3e2 t.e -irit o4 a2otion, in
6.o7 6e cr1, A00a, Fat.erB = We t.ere4ore cr1, 0ut $e
is sai2 to cr1 6.o 7a8es us to cr1. )4, t.en, -criture
tig.tl1 sai2 t.e -irit 6as cr1ing 01 6.o7 6e are
7a2e to cr1, it rig.tl1 also sa1s +o2 6ills, 6.en 01
$i7 6e are 7a2e to 6ill. An2, 0ecause 01 re0u8e
6e oug.t to 2o sa3e to a3oi2 2earture 4ro7
eace 6.ic. is to6ar2s +o2, or to in2uce return to it o4
.i7 6.o .a2 2earte2, let us 2o in .oe 6e 2o. )4
.e 6.o7 6e re0u8e is a son o4 eace, our eace s.all
rest uon .i7; 0ut i4 not, it s.all return to us again.
#$AP. 4!.--T$% PJ&P,-% ,F &%<JK%.
Alt.oug., t.ere4ore, e3en 6.ile t.e 4ait. o4 so7e is
su03erte2, t.e 4oun2ation o4 +o2 stan2et. sure, since
t.e 5or2 8no6et. t.e7 are $is, still, 6e oug.t not
on account to 0e in2olent an2 negligent in re0u8ing
t.ose 6.o s.oul2 0e re0u8e2. For not 4or 6as it
sai2, =%3il co77unications corrut goo2 7anners;? an2,
=T.e 6ea8 s.all eris. in t.1 8no6le2ge, on
account o4 6.o7 #.rist 2ie2.? 5et us not, in oosition
to t.ese recets, an2 to a 6.oleso7e 4ear, reten2 to
argue, sa1ing, =Well, let e3il co77unications corrut
goo2 7anners, an2 let t.e 6ea8 eris.. is to us: T.e 4oun2ation o4 +o2 stan2et. sure, an2 no
one 0ut t.e son o4 er2ition.? DE*).F <e it 4ar
4ro7 us to 0a00le in 6ise, an2 t.in8 6e oug.t
to 0e secure in negligence. For it is true no one e>cet t.e son o4 er2ition, 0ut +o2 sa1s 01 t.e
7out. o4 t.e %Le8iel9 =$e s.all surel1 2ie in .is
sin, 0ut .is 0loo2 6ill ) re/uire at t.e .an2 o4 t.e
#$AP. 49.--#,N#5J-),N.
$ence, as 4ar as concerns us, 6.o are not a0le to
2istinguis. t.ose 6.o are re2estinate2 4ro7 t.ose 6.o
are not, 6e oug.t on 3er1 account to 6ill all 7en to
0e sa3e2. -e3ere re0u8e s.oul2 0e 7e2icinall1 alie2
to all 01 us t.e1 eris. not t.e7sel3es, or t.e1
7a1 not 0e t.e 7eans o4 2estro1ing ot.ers. )t 0elongs to
+o2, .o6e3er, to 7a8e re0u8e use4ul to t.e7 6.o7
$e $i7sel4 .as 4ore8no6n an2 re2estinate2 to 0e
con4or7e2 to t.e i7age o4 $is -on. For, i4 at an1 ti7e
6e a0stain 4ro7 re0u8ing, 4or 4ear lest 01 re0u8e a 7an
s.oul2 eris., 6.1 2o 6e not also re0u8e, 4or 4ear lest a
7an s.oul2 eris. 01 our 6it..ol2ing it: For 6e
.a3e no greater 0o6els o4 lo3e t.e 0lesse2 aostle
6.o sa1s, =&e0u8e t.ose are unrul1; co74ort t.e
4ee0le-7in2e2; suort t.e 6ea8; 0e atient to6ar2s all
7en. -ee none ren2er to an1 7an e3il 4or e3il?
W.ere it is to 0e un2erstoo2 e3il is t.en
ren2ere2 4or e3il 6.en one 6.o oug.t to 0e re0u8e2 is
not re0u8e2, 0ut 01 a 6ic8e2 2issi7ulation is neglecte2.
$e sa1s, 7oreo3er, =T.e7 sin re0u8e 0e4ore all, ot.ers also 7a1 4ear;? 6.ic. 7ust 0e recei3e2
concerning t.ose sins 6.ic. are not conceale2, lest .e
0e t.oug.t to .a3e so8en in oosition to t.e 6or2 o4
t.e 5or2. For $e sa1s, =)4 t.1 s.all sin against, re0u8e .i7 0et6een an2 .i7.?
Not6it.stan2ing, $e $i7sel4 carries out t.e se3erit1 o4
re0u8e to t.e e>tent o4 sa1ing, =)4 .e 6ill not .ear t.e
#.urc., let .i7 0e unto as a .eat.en 7an an2 a
u0lican.? An2 6.o .as 7ore lo3e2 t.e 6ea8 $e
6.o 0eca7e 6ea8 4or us all, an2 o4 3er1 6ea8ness
6as cruci4ie2 4or us all: An2 since t.ese t.ings are so,
grace restrains re0u8e, nor 2oes re0u8e restrain
grace; an2 on account rig.teousness is so to 0e
rescri0e2 6e 7a1 as8 in 4ait.4ul ra1er,, 01
+o2Cs grace, is rescri0e2 7a1 0e 2one; an2 0ot.
o4 t.ese t.ings are in suc. 6ise to 0e 2one rig.teous
re0u8e 7a1 not 0e neglecte2. <ut let all t.ese t.ings 0e
2one 6it. lo3e, since lo3e 0ot. 2oes not sin, an2 2oes
co3er t.e 7ultitu2e o4 sins.