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Evaluation from Thom Cochrane

When applying for salary progression from the ASM to SASM salary scale, you must be able to provide a portfolio of evidence to
demonstrate that you meet the characteristics identified in Schedule C to the collective agreement. The portfolio of evidence
provided by you should be sufficient to enable another non-involved person, on the basis of the information you provide in the
portfolio alone, to consider that you meet the required characteristics.
Your portfolio of evidence may include your curriculum vitae, and written feedback from, Programme Director, your peer lecturers,
students and/or copies of your SEQUALS. Please attach any supporting documents.

Characteristics Required Supporting Evidence as supplied

in portfolio
1 Be able to demonstrate advanced standing in their discipline/subject area. Dan keeps himself fully up to date
with the latest advances within his
1a. Demonstrates up to date knowledge through course materials field of expertise and teaching, and
1b. Demonstrates up to date knowledge through teaching has also been very active in keeping
1c. Has appropriate qualifications current with new pedagogical
1d. Contributes to the body of specialist knowledge in their area approaches.
1e. Assist other staff to maintain up to date knowledge
2 Design, implement, develop and evaluate new and existing programmes of Dan has created some very
learning (through application of defensible models). engaging assessments for students,
and actively modified the curriculum
2a. Produces evidence of feedback from students or by moderation to reflect new and appropriate trends.
2b. Produces evidence of constructive response to feedback
2c. Actively contributes to curriculum design and evaluation
2d. Curriculum development meets the quality standards of the organisation
6 Plan, implement and evaluate programmes for the assessment of student learning, Dan actively seeks peer feedback on
including the assessment of prior experiential learning. his assessment designs, and is very
good at providing students with both
6a. Assessment criteria clearly communicated in advance throughout the course/programme formative feedback and detailed
6b. Formative assessment feedback is provided to students summative feedback on their
6c. Assessments undertaken are fair, valid and consistent progress and results. His
6d. Actively participates in developing assessment criteria assessments are innovative and
6e. Audits, monitors and updates student assessments interesting for the students. Dan has
6f. Contributes to assessment moderation processes been at the forefront of integrating
the use of elearning within the school
of performing & screen arts, and
taken on the role of first point of call
for other lecturers assistance. He has
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Evaluation from Thom Cochrane

become a real educational

technology ‘evangelist’ within the
8 Design and implement small scale research into effective teaching and/or learning within Dan has been involved in a
own discipline. collaborative research project
involving Te Puna AKO regarding the
8a. Completion of such research requirements use of innovative technologies in
learning (mlearning and web 2.0).
This project will lead to several
formal research outputs in the near

10 Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional development both within their Dan has consistently sought
discipline and as an educator: feedback and advice from Te Puna
• initiate and respond to feedback from students and/or peers Ako on his teaching practice, and
• plan and implement programmes for professional development. responded very well to any
suggestions and feedback given.
10a. Engages positively with peers and students in relation to feedback given
10b. Produces and undergoes professional development in accordance with annual
development plan
12 Demonstrate that their practice is informed by the current body of knowledge about Dan has consistently sought
effective teaching and learning. feedback and advice both from Te
Puna Ako on his teaching practice,
12a. Contributes to programme/school/institutional or such other as related to teaching and and from relevant literature in the
learning field of educational technology. Dan
is also an inaugural member of the
Unitec elearning community
coordinators for 2010 and will be a
valuable member of this important

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Evaluation from Thom Cochrane

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