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Petition published by freedomfchs on Jan 02, 2010 2554 Signatures
A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies' Use
of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture
Target: United States Congress
Region: United States of America
Web site:
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Petition Background (Preamble):
Since at least the early 1950's, the US government has been secretly researching mind control
technologies. And although there were a few volunteers, the vast majority of experiments were conducted
without the subjects' knowledge or consent, many of which were brutal and even fatal.
After Congress was alerted to these abuses, such as the CIA's MKULTRA Project, and hearings were held
in the late '70's, these programs were officially dismantled. However, in reality, they continued unabated
according to government whistleblower accounts and the experiences of targeted individuals(TI's). And
now, nearly 60 years later, the technology has evolved to a point where most people would find
unimaginable. Because of the secrecy surrounding these programs, government agencies will not
acknowledge the existence or use of their invasive practices and technologies, which are designed to
avoid detection or blame for the offending parties. The elements of power, control, and money have come
together to make these instruments some of the most diabolical that man has ever created and have
destroyed the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of law-abiding American citizens. And its victims so
far have had nowhere to turn for help.
We believe that Congress must face its responsibilities to its constituents whose rights to privacy are being
violated and once again commence an investigation and hearings into the covert activities and abusive
practices of the US intelligence agencies.
To: United States Congressional Members
We, the following petition signers, and United States citizens, believe that we have become victims
of covert harassment in a variety of forms, including: electronic and electromagnetic (EM) device
assaults by the use of exotic EM weapons of the military(1) and intelligence agencies, organized
stalking, computer tampering, mail tampering, vehicle tampering, workplace mobbing, and
surreptitious home entry and break-ins.
Some of this may be unauthorized human subject experimentation. Directed Energy Weapons
exposure occur in a manner, which leads us to believe is unauthorized human testing by the
military/intelligence agencies. This is specifically prohibited in U.S. law and by the Nuremberg
Code, internationally.
Subjection to this harassment has many unpleasant and negative results. Some victims have found
themselves isolated from friends and family, experiencing the loss of familial comforts and affection.
Many have experienced economic deprivation, and more severe deprivations.
We believe that these invasive intrusions into our personal lives may well be caused or related to,
acts of government intelligence agencies, corporations, contractors as 3rd parties acting under the
authority of government intelligence agencies, and/or individuals, with malicious intent.
We, the signers and organized groups, through various means have found each other and realize
that we have many commonalities of experience, the most pertinent being, the awareness of these
activities, perpetrated by covert harassment groups. They seem to be networked nationwide, and
perhaps, worldwide. Many may represent a rogue group, in our own government.
These groups seem to have targeted victims for physical, emotional, and psychological trauma.
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Many citizens have experienced very negative impacts as a result of this harassment.
We have come together and formed working groups, to investigate these acts, seek legislation, to
foster awareness, and an end to these described abuses, which occur using secret, highly-
advanced surveillance and exotic military technologies. (1)
We call upon Congress and local governments to listen to our complaints, support our very real
concerns, and convene hearings, on this unlawful harassment. We are also asking our legislators
to draft legislation, and if necessary, educate themselves and the public about the ever-increasing
threats to our personal freedoms, by these covert groups, possibly acting under color of law, but
actually in legal violation of it, using technologies which may be yet unknown to the public.
The Fourth Amendment of our Constitution guarantees us freedom from unnecessary search and
seizure. Harassment by these electromagnetic devices, and these individuals, is an unnecessary
search and denies us this right.
We are therefore petitioning the United States Congress to commence an immediate investigation,
hearings, and legislation regarding the military and intelligence agencies' use of electronic torture
and organized stalking on law-abiding American citizens.
Thank you for your attention and concern to this urgent and distressing matter.
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1. EM Devices/ weaponry such as those found in these U.S. Patented Devices:
4858612 Hearing device A condensed summary states that This invention provides for sound
perception by individuals who have impaired hearing resulting from ear damage, auditory nerve
damage, and damage to the auditory cortex. This invention provides for simulation of microwave
radiation which is normally produced by the auditory cortex. Stocklin, August 22, 1989
4877027 Hearing system A condensed abstract states that Sound is induced in the head of a
person by radiating the head with microwaves... Brunkan, October 31, 1989
5159703 - A silent communication system [which] relates in general to electronic audio signal
processing and, in particular, to subliminal presentation techniques. Lowery, October 27, 1992.
6587729 Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect.
O'Loughlin, et al. July 1, 2003
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The A Petition Against the Military and Intelligence Agencies' Use of Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture petition to
United States Congress was written by freedomfchs and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition. Contact author
here. Petition tags: targeted individuals, organized stalking, electronic harassment, electronic torture, gangstalking,
group stalking
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