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Music Concepts Checklist

Place a tick in the relevant box when you have been taught and understand the concept.
Write the number of your composed piece in the boxes next to the relevant concepts.
Styles Melody/Harmony Rhythm/Tempo
Structure/Form Timbre/Dynamics
Blues Ascending Accent/accented Unison/Octave Striking (hitting)
Jazz Descending Beat/Pulse Harmony/Chord Blowing
Rock Step (stepwise) Bar; 2, 3, 4 beats Solo Bowing
Pop Leap (Leaping) On the beat Accompanied Strumming
Rock 'n' Roll Repetition Off the beat Unaccompanied Plucking
Musical Sequence Repetition Repetition
Orchestra; Strings, Woodwind, Brass,
Scottish Question & Answer Slower Ostinato/Riff Accordion
Latin American Improvisation Faster Round Fiddle
Chord Pause Bagpipes
Discord March Acoustic Guitar
Chord Change Reel Electric Guitar
Waltz Piano
Drum Fill Organ
Adagio Drum Kit
Allegro Steel Band
Scottish Dance Band
Folk Group
Music Literacy
Treble clef - Crotchet f - forte
- Lines Minim p - piano
- Spaces Dotted Minim < cresc - crescendo
Steps Semibreve > dim - diminuendo
Repetition Bar lines
Double Bar lines

Music Concepts Checklist

Styles Melody/Harmony Rhythm/Tempo
Structure/Form Timbre/Dynamics
Baroque Major/Minor Syncopation Canon Brass Band
Ragtime Drone Scotch Snap Ternary - ABA Wind Band
Romantic Broken Chord/Arpeggio Strathspey Verse & Chorus Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Harp
Swing Chord progression - Jig Middle 8
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, pan
pipes, recorder
Concerto - chords I, IV, V Simple time - Theme & Variation Trumpet, Trombone
Opera Change of Key 2 3 4 Cadenza
Timpani, snare/bass drum,
cymbals, triangle, guiro, xylophone,
Scots Ballad Pedal 4 4 4 Imitation Harpsichord
Mouth Music Scale Compound Time Bass Guitar
Reggae Pentatonic Scale Anacrusis Distortion
African music Octave Andante Muted
Rapping Vamp Accelerando Soprano, Alto, Tenor Bass
Scat Singing Rallentando Backing Vocals
Ornament A Tempo
Dotted Rhythms
Music Literacy
Treble clef stave C - A' Semi Quavers mf - mezzo forte
Sequences Grouped Semi Quavers mp - mezzo piano
Paired Quavers
Repeat Signs

Music Concepts Checklist
Styles Melody/Harmony Rhythm/Tempo
Structure/Form Timbre/Dynamics
Symphony Atonal Rubato Strophic Piccolo, Oboe, Bassoon
Gospel Cluster Ritardando Binary - AB French horn, Tuba
Classical Chord progression - Moderato Rondo Viola
Pibroch - chords I, IV, V, vi Cross Rhythms Episode Castanets, hi-hat, bongo drums
Celtic Rock Perfect/Imperfect Cadence Compound time - Alberti Bass Clarsach, bodhran
Bothy Ballad Inverted Pedal 6 9 12 Walking Bass Sitar, tabla
Waulking Song Chromatic 8 8 8 Ground Bass Arco, Pizzicato
Gaelic Psalm Whole Tone Scale Homophonic Con Sordino
Aria Grade Note Polyphonic Flutter Tonguing
Chorus Glissando Contrapuntal Rolls
Minimalist Modulation Coda Reverb
Indian Contrary Motion Mezzo Soprano
Trill Baritone
Syllabic A Capella
Descant (Voice)
Pitch Bend
Music Literacy

Accidentals; Flats, Sharps,
Naturals Dotted Rhythms ff- fortissimo
Scales & Key signatures - Dotted Crotchet pp - pianissimo
- C Major Dotted Quaver sfz - sforzando
- G Major Scotch Snap
- F Major 1st & 2nd Time bars
- A Minor

Chords; C Major, G Major, F
Major, A Minor

Music Concepts Checklist
Styles Melody/Harmony Rhythm/Tempo
Structure/Form Timbre/Dynamics
Sonata Mode/modal 3 against 2 Through Composed Tremolando
Oratorio Relative major/minor Time changes Da Capo Aria Harmonics
Impressionist Interval Irregular time signatures Lied Coloratura
Concrete Obbligato(Instrumental) Augmentation Passacaglia Ripieno
Plainchant Acciaccatura Diminution Concerto Grosso - Concertino
Mass Mordent - ritornello String Quartet
String Quartet Plagal Candece Sonata Form -
Recitative Interrupted Cadence - Exposition
Chamber Music Tierce de Picardie Subject
Jazz Funk Dominant 7th Basso Continuo
Soul Dininished 7th Ritornello
Added 6th
Harmonic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor Scale
Music Literacy
Bass Clef: E - C 6 8 time Slurs
Note Naming Quavers Accents
Transposing into Bass Clef Crotchets Staccato marks
Chords: I, IV, V, vi in Dotted crotchets Phrase marks
major and minor keys Dotted minims
Diminished Triplets
Dominant Rests -
- Quaver
- Crotchet
- Dotted Crotchet
- Minim
- Semibreve
Da Capo dc

Music Concepts Checklist
Styles Melody/Harmony Rhythm/Tempo
Structure/Form Timbre/Dynamics
Renaissance Appogiatura Hemiola Fugue Consort
Pavan & Galliard Turn Subject Counter Tenor
Motet Countersubject Sprechgesang
Madrigal Answer
Anthem Stretto

Music Literacy
Putting chords into Ties
Cadence points and
melodies Time Signatures
Diminished 7th 4
Dominant 7th Dal Segno ds
Added 6th Fine

Major/Minor triad inversions

Augmented triad