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COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About

Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so
monstrous he cannot believe it exists. J. Edgar Hoover on COINTELPRO
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in
the Syndicate the Syndicate
Organized Stalking Protocol
The dead only count when they leave a
Joel Filartiga, father of a son who was brutally
tortured to death
This blog is my testimony and, if I die, I want
this blog to remain open and public.Blog Author

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Confessions of a Gang Stalker
aka Life in the Syndicate
2014 & the Truth 2014 & the Truth
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Stalking & 21st Stalking & 21st
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Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 1 / 15
I was eventually offered a place in the syndicate. The
syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like
mutual profit organization with strong police- like overtones. I was told
that I was helping to build a better society. However, I have never
been given any of the advancement opportunities I was promised. The
advancement system of the syndicate is a slippery slope. They make
you give up your security priveliges, so eventually all of your
communications are watched (which is why I composed this email
offline where they cant see me, and sent it via an internet cafe) and
you have to attend meeting after meeting of mind-numbing pledges
and chants. The premise is that if you sign contracts giving up
personal liberties for the group, and you are genuinely innocent, then
you will be promoted. I have only been promoted once, to the rank of
manager, and I dont feel as if it is a rewarding experience.
Worse, you are never allowed to leave because they think you will give
away secrets. Leaving is only permissible with a special contract that
permits the syndicate to destroy your credibility (usually they make
sure that the most attention any secrets that you reveal get is from
crackpot UFO magazines, or diagnose you with schizophrenia).There
are other problems. If you have children, you have to send them to
education in syndicate owned schools. If you have a wife, you have to
report on her, allow her to be spied upon, and be prepared to target
her if they decide to turn her into a TI. The official compensation
policy is that you will get to keep the children if she lodges a divorce.
However, you wont get to keep most of her material goods. They only
want her to lose in the divorce proceedings so she gets nothing, not
so the husband gets anything, so the syndicate takes it back as a
I suppose I should introduce the syndicate in a little more detail.
Im still not sure precisely what it is trying to do. [Blog Author note: It
depends on the person selected and who initiated the campaign. In my
case, CR is a Psychopath who likes to abuse women and this is the
method he employs to do it. There are also different groups doing this
that are not necessarily connected and whose motivations are
different.] To everyday citizens, it presents itself as a group trying to
monitor terrorists (or any other kind of flavour-of-the-month
undesirables like gays/communists/witches) and drive them out. To
other people, its a rotary club/chamber of commerce type operation.
To others still, the most twisted conspiratorial minds, it is an
organization that pulls the strings behind everything. To the puritan, it
is a cleansing force. To the deviant, it is a gang of other deviants
where everything is permissible. Its the syndicate to everyone,
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Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 2 / 15
though. I dont know the extent of what it owns.
I do, however, know a great deal about the targeting process. When
we get targets, we divide them into four categories: mercenary,
practice, planning, and enemy. Mercenary targets are bought by
outside parties. We advertise under a range of guises, from ads by
individuals claiming to be able to kidnap people, to practical jokers.
Some groups, like big corporations and some governments (the
government of Xxxxxx pays us to keep some people busy, so do the
Xxxxxxs when they have too many people protesting whaling) know
fully well what sort of services we do, so we dont really hide them.
[Blog Author note: Certain unethical PI firms are actively involved. I
know of two. One has become a national firm simply because they
were rewarded by CR for participating in his campaign against me and
the other is a large multi-national firm where CR has very high level
connections. He has also spawned another firm involved in online
"identity theft protection". - Ironic (and suspicious) given his
predilection for stealing and abusing people's identities.]
We get a lot of money from them, but we can still muster up a fair bit
if worst comes to worst. Im not sure so much about the NWO theory.
Maybe the Xxxxxxx count, but youd be surprised at how much money
we can get from crime. [Blog Author note: CR agrees. He was
responsible for two major thefts netting him 1.3 million dollars each.
One was an Art Theft and the other a Jewellery Theft (from close
friends).] I dont mean that we go out robbing people, but we can
outsource money from biker gangs/skinheads/drug dealers pretty
easily.[Blog Author note: And from Government Grants when one is
connected as well as CR.] Our syndicate gets a lot of support from
people in rough areas like Xxxxxx and Xxxxs Xxxx. Because there are
areas with a lot of people in genuine need, who would leap at the
thought of fighting back at the criminals, we can always find allies to
pressure the criminal portions of society. Of course, they are only
pressuring them into giving us money, but its a pretty cozy
arrangement. [Blog Author note: Sure it's cozy. It's called blackmail
but what are the criminals going to do? Report it to the police?]
The second type of target is the practice target. We use them to train
mobs. The targets dont actually change, because we dont want TOO
many people fighting back at us. But we do rotate trainees between
practice targets. This stops the person seeing the same people every
time theres a street show.
Then there are planning targets. These are selected by the syndicate
for some reason or rather but arent paid for by mercenaries. You can
usually tell the difference between planning and practice targets
because they send people with experience after them. Theyre still
chosen by the same people though. The practice ones are of course
chosen for their timidity. I dont know how the planning ones are
Enemy targets are people that decide theyve had enough and turn
against us. Since they protest and try to foil our plans (which,
considering that our jobs are already nervy, is a real pain in the arse),
we try to really give them hell. The best way, of course, is through
the psychs. My supervisor used to say that the Soviets had it right
with Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia. [Blog Author note: CR
figured this out in 1958 through his "friendly" (if that's even possible)
association with Dr. Ewan Cameron of MKUltra fame and his use of this
strategy against his earlier victim Greta Goede, who I believe ended up
an MKUltra victim.]
Some people up-top are proposing that we just kill them and have
them declared Natural Causes or Accidental by the coroner. It isnt
likely to happen, though. [Blog Author note: CR has killed at least
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Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 3 / 15
likely to happen, though. [Blog Author note: CR has killed at least
three people who got in his way. So some people at the top are in fact
doing this. Of course, CR doesn't hire "syndicates". He is his own
syndicate and has put together his own organization for this purpose.
His targets are innocent women associated with controversial figures.
In only one case has he violated this rule and in this case the woman
was as guilty as the man - of course he's not obsessing over the
man...he's too gutless to do that. And the people who were killed were
mostly men who got in the way of his hate campaign against a woman
he targeted. My guess is that he kills them when he loses control over
them because he's basically afraid of men.]
Anyway, I should introduce the main branches of the syndicate. Each
branch recruits its own (everybody is a member of one of the
branches) instead of people just joining a common pool. This keeps the
work separate and stops people from finding stuff out that they
My branch is the Scripting, Observation, and Execution Bureau (or
The Theatre as it is popularly known). By execution, I mean the
execution of orders, not the other kind. We do the work that the
majority of people with any knowledge of gang stalking will be familiar
with: pestering and scripting minor incidents. The Theatre is actually
divided into two sub-branches: Scripting Orchestration Officers (or
playwrights as they call themselves) and Field Officers (or
thespians as we call ourselves).
We have the most variety in our recruits. Popular sources are the
police, the fire department, the zoo, and technicians of any kind. But
we recruit from all places. Most members are neighborhood watch
types (not official Neighborhood Watch, but concerned people).
Ironically, we make sure that we do a lot of good, just to get some
credibility. [Blog Author note: CR likes to "help" vulnerable people like
abused women, women with cancer, mentally ill people, victimized
minorities, etc. then recruit them for his hate campaigns. If a person is
a key person (like a friend of the target) he will often victimize the
person himself to "soften" them up, claim that the target did it and
then use that to recruit them.]
Then there is the Bureau of Authority (The Moneybags). They dont
actually control the syndicate, but they have all the right jobs and
connections. So, a judge might have control over the judicial process,
but he will answer to a superior in the syndicate. Psychiatrists belong
here too.
The Moneybags are so-called because they raise a lot of the money.
It would be suspicious if big corporations funded groups like this, but
they can invest money into front- groups. [Blog Author note: Like
government funded "anti-hate" networks which they use to actually
incite hate. CR set one up in 2007 in my community.] And the majority
of the syndicates work is done through completely legitimate fronts.
We can tap phone lines and access peoples records from behind
government agencies. [Blog Author note: CR has done this to me using
high level corporate, government, police and intelligence connections.]
Usually, these are the guys that go after Enemy Targets. Normally,
harrassment is organized under several action policies. If a target
isnt an enemy, a standard policy is enforced. Low level organizers (the
aforementioned playwrights) play around with the target for a while
and rotate crews. [Blog Author note: While the individuals change
certain other things do not so it's easy to identify these "crews".]
When a target is an enemy, the policy doesnt immediately change,
but orders filter down from high-level organizers (usually the Supreme
Council) which direct Thespians to provoke the target or a similar
action, and Moneybags to crack down on them once they get in the
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Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 4 / 15
way of the system. This is called Mincing, because the thespians lure
the meat (by making it complain or fight back) into the mincer.
[Blog Author note: This is what CR is doing to me right now. I receive
negligent medical care because he is paying people to tamper with my
lab results. In some cases they indicate perfect results where I
actually do have issues and in other cases where I don't have issues
I'm getting positive results. See my comments on the mammogram
issues. There is no lump in breast and a birth mark appeared where
mammogram detected something. The Doctor is aware of this and yet
continues to force the issue by insisting on ridiculously frequent
testing on this, despite the visible birth mark. I complain about this
and refuse to act on the positive results but want action on the
negative results (which I have actually proven concretely are wrong.
See my comments on my blood sugar). The Doctor is told that I'm
complaining , the complaints are exaggerated and law suits are
mentioned. This is intended to and does make the Doctor get
defensive. The Doctor is encouraged to attribute this to my medical
issues all "being in my head". The next step will be the Doctor
fabricating some reason to involve a psychiatrist.]
The Bureau also protects members of the syndicate. Normally, in a
court case/psych examination or similar situation where a syndicate
member is at the mercy of a moneybag, a special order arrives from
above telling the moneybag to take it easy on the guy and let him off
scott free. The order is always printed in blue, on fancy cherry-
blossom paper, but in a very official border/font. [Blog Author note: I
know of several cases where the person was caught doing something
illegal (the intent being to frame me) and in all cases, with the
exception of one, neither the news media reported nor was any action
taken. This one case was not done in the commission of a frame up
against me, but it involved one of CRs paid skanks. The news media
picked it up, and the person was not charged under the most bizarre
justification imaginable. He committed a hit and run killing the person.
There was suspicion that he was drunk but since he had left the scene
this couldn't be proven. His story was that road was slippery and he
couldn't stop. There was no evidence that he even tried to stop. He
was not charged on the grounds that he was a new immigrant
(Filipino) and he wasn't used to driving in the snow. Frankly I have
never heard of anything so ridiculous.]
Cherrying is the name for this secret process. The Bureau of
Authority has a very organized system of lawyers, judges, medical
officers, etc. Whenever youre committing a crime for the good of the
syndicate, you must always report your location. Then they send
Cousin Nancy (this is an affectionate term for the police in the
employment of the syndicate that they send to arrest you instead of
non- syndicate cops, so you can go straight through the appropriate
channels without anything suspicious being seen) to tail you and
arrest you the moment somebody calls 911.
They all follow a minimalist strategy though. For example, the mayor of
Xxxxx isnt a member of the syndicate. But several of his advisors and
aides are. This way we can get laws passed in a discreet manner, and
if a high-profile figure is targeted, our hold on an organization doesnt
loosen. We try to arrange elections of mayors that arent too
headstrong. Though the governement is mainly used as a minor
nuisance. We prefer the courts for most activities. [Blog Author note:
The past Mayoralty race in Toronto was an example of this in action.
Except that CR wanted a candidate he could control directly. The
media golden boy in that race was that candidate. Thank goodness,
he lost.]
The Bureau of Technology (Field), BoT(F) is the group in charge of the
electrical equipment. They work alongside us thespians and gaffer
the targets by giving them the usual fatigue/headaches/medical
41,926 hits
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 5 / 15
problems. They can also destroy equipment, screw up televisions, the
works. I think they are particuarly sadistic.
Different crews use different Techs, but theyre all unpleasant. The
incapacitators come in a lot of different forms. There are ones that
come as a lightbulb that slowly gives people eye-strain and makes
them tired. You can fit some in computer/TV monitors and the glare
irritates people. Ive heard theyre even building fridge magnets with
electronic devices in them. That isnt the extent of the BoT(F)s
They manufacture pills that can cause deformities in the womb, as well
as miscarriage and give them to women in their food. They can fake
HIV/AIDS so the test shows up positive the first time, but subsequent
tests show that it was a false positive. This faux-HIV can be put in
the targets food. They usually give the target a few health scares,
but they dont like to physically hurt anyone. [Blog author note: Not
true in the case of CR but then we know he's more extreme than your
average since he's a sexually sadistic Psychopath. His intent is to
create real health problems and ensure they aren't looked after. or
misdiagnose health problems where the treatment itself will damage
the health of a healthy person. See my comments on my mammogram
fiasco and recent rumors that my other health problems "are in my
head" (an excuse to justify involving a shrink). CR has recently funded
an Alzheimer's clinic and has made a new contact, a well known
psychiatrist, who specialized in the mental health of older adults. (I'm
in my 50s).
He's also been spreading ugly rumors about me to dentists (and I
suspect offering bribes and favors). As a result every dentist I've gone
to has done serious damage to my teeth to the point where my face is
changing and my bite is so messed up now that I can't eat without
biting my lips or the inside of my mouth. In some cases (most) these
dentists have engaged in deliberate fraud which has been covered up
by the Dental Insurance company which has another paid skank of
CR's on the BOD, Lorna M. The last dentist deliberately drilled too deep
to force a root canal which I would have had to pay for. Previously my
co-workers were setting the stage that the coverage only covered
"certain types of root canals". Of course this is a fabrication which
would have been backed by the Insurance Company simply to ensure
that I had to pay out of pocket. Since CR has wiped me out financially
and uses his connections to violate my privacy by accessing my bank
and other financial records through various illegal means, he's well
aware that I can't afford this and as a result the work won't get done
and my teeth will deteriorate further.]
One Field Tech I knew had a penchant for giving people Syphillis. They
could treat it easily enough with pennicillin (and the syndicate always
made sure that it would be diagnosed on time), but it showed up on
the targets permanent records for medical treatment. They also
conduct extensive testing without the targets knowledge. [Blog
Author note: I believe this was done to me when I contracted
Trichomoniasis a couple of years ago, which I also believe was
improperly treated by the Doctor I was seeing at the time. I believe
she is one of CRs paid skanks and related to a Sikh terrorist who
claimed to be a CSIS informant but conveniently never gave CSIS any
useful information that would have resulted in the conviction of the Air
India terrorists. (another of CRs paid skanks). I also believe the person
who transmitted it to me did so unknowingly and was deliberately
infected by someone else. The Doctor felt it necessary to report this
(not normally done because it's so common) and improper treatment
can result in the Protozoa going into one's organs (liver and kidney)
and damaging them permanently. Since I'm a kidney donor and only
have one kidney this is particularly pernicious assault on me by CR
amongst many other assaults intended to do damage to and weaken
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 6 / 15
my single remaining kidney. Something in the drug treatment I was
provided also resulted in my face swelling and hooded eyelids.]
One TI we were monitoring was found to have a malignant tumor in his
head (not our doing). He wasnt experiencing any of the symptoms, so
we gave him some through the incapacitators and had a few of his
friends warn him about cancer. He had a test done, and just for fun,
we had the doctor tell him how dangerous it could be and how he
could die soon. We gave him a six month waiting period and told him
that by then the tumor could progress so far that it could never be
removed. Thats a lie, of course. Our BoT(F) had it out in a jiffy by
sending one of their brain surgeons to do the job, but its the fear that
counts. [Blog Author note: CR would have gone further and had the
Brain Surgeon do deliberate damage. Enough to cause problems but
not enough to put the person out of commission. This is the difference
between how a Psychopath and a non-Psychopath function.]
The Bureau of Technology (Communications) monitors the targets
phone calls, emails, and absolutely everything else. They tend to
recruit from the national archives, census takers office, records office,
credit card companies, medicare, insurance, etc. They are the logistics
branch. As I said, most of the syndicates work is done from within
legitimate areas.
What the BoT(C) does (very often) is send a receptionist applicant
over to a credit card company or government agency pretending she
knows nothing about hacking computers or accessing records. We pull
a few strings and shes in. She then steals information while nobody is
looking. A few old-timers like to have 100% control over the records
farm but most prefer the minimalist approach. This is the bureau that
gives out information and orders to everybody else, and also acts as a
communications post for the whole syndicate.
The Supreme Council delivers orders through them. Outside orders are
also taken in through the BoT(C), which advertises as a mercenary
group through certain channels.
The Bureau of Alliances, or trading partners handles our allies. As far
as I know, the syndicate is Xxxxxxan only. The only other gang
stalking group in this country is a West Xxxxxxxxan organization called
the confederacy. Very often they try to move into the xxxxx xxxxx so
we have to hold them back, diplomatically or otherwise. However, we
have contracts with Xxxxxxan groups whereby we handle their targets
when they move into Xxxxxx. The same with the Xxxxan groups and
the confederacy. The other groups pay for their targets to be
handled while they travel here. We make millions of dollars this way.
Finally, the Supreme Council controls the entire operation. I have no
idea who they are, except that they have a fancy name instead of
being a Bureau. They do not recruit their own men. They promote from
the other departments.
Most of them seem to be wealthy individuals with inheritances that
manage to maintain their fortunes from investments. Not one is a CEO,
Judge, or Politician. They are all just old money family types that live
in the Xxxxxx Xxxxx and seem unusually lucky with their money (no
doubt through insider trading).
Despite this, they have a lot of spiffy technology. They have a kind of
reverse incapacitator that improves their health and increases their
performance. Most of them look incredibly young for their age. We
dont see them much, though. Often, an audience with one of them is
a kind of reward for good service.
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 7 / 15
There are also ranks in our syndicate. The lowest members are pawns.
Theyre not technically members, because theres no permanent
service contract and they dont know theyre working for us. They
take orders from us but theyre not expected to attend meetings. We
call our pawns concerned citizens, the Authority bureau has office
boys or secretaries, the BoT(F) has lab rats (who very often are
paid volunteers for experiments, or people who dont know what
theyre testing), the BoT(C) has spelunkers, the BoA has travel
Unfortunately, were not obligated to give protection to any of these
people. So, we can give a vet an order to put down a dog, without
telling him that it isnt consented to by the owner, and he will do the
job and get sued without us giving him legal protection. A lot of our
street theater is done by people that dont even know theyre part of
a syndicate. They think theyre a grass roots movement and dont
know that there are other people harrassing the target.
The BoT(C) recruits people that think theyre joining l33t hacker
groups on the internet, or people that think that theyre just following
orders from the archives. The BoT(F) does 80% of its research at
legitimate agencies like Xxxxxxs XXXXX and its drug companies. The
task of pawns is to think that what theyre doing is either normal and
routine, or criminal in an individual isolated manner.
Recruits, however, are aware of a conspiracy. However, they still
remain at a misinformed level. We simultaneously maintain teams of
religious actors and punk actors. A person might join us thinking
hes going to clean up the community. Another person might join us
thinking hes going to cause trouble and anarchy. And they can go
about their merry ways. We even deliver information to them in
different ways. To the religious ones, its wrapped up in prophecy and
revelation. To the punks, its given a communist candy coating.
However, theyre all aware that the group is large. Theyre also aware
of a mutual benefit aspect to the operation. Only greedy un-idealistic
people get beyond the recruit rank.
All the Bureaus wrap themselves up in different colours. The
Moneybags pretend to be a secret club for the elite (and many of
them are indeed quite powerful and wealthy, second only to the
Supreme Council). The BoT(F) claims to be a humane research
agency, or a means by which scientists can resist corporate greed,
though it still attracts deviants. The BoT(C) is conspiratorially minded,
and pretends to be a group searching for the secrets of the illuminati
or the illuminati themselves. The BoA claims to be a contract agency,
travellers club, or accounting firm.
Recruits perform tasks that they know are illegal, or immoral, but they
still generally believe that theyre doing it for a reason.
Managers like me come above the recruits and do some actual
organization, whether leading a crew to a street theater match or
planning an attack. Generally, managers know everything about the
syndicate except what its goal is. Most are greedy enough to accept
that it isnt a morally motivated group. We also engage in
communication with other Bureaus to co-ordinate our activites.
Different terms are used for different MOs.
The Theater has Playwrights and Leading Roles. The
moneybags have Success Stories. The BoT(F) has Research
Directors. The BoT(C) has Information Awareness Officers.
The BoA has Arrangers.
Finally, a rare few are promoted to the Supreme Council.
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 8 / 15
GLOSSARY OF TERMS (both coloquial and
CONTRACT- T.I. OR TARGET: This is the official term. Used as Enemy
Contract or Planning Contract. Enemy contract is often referred to
as hostile contract.
CHERRYING: Getting out of a legal tangle through the syndicates
NIPPLE-KISSER: a deviant recruit, recruited because of a desire for
HOLY POLY: a religious puritan recruit.
THE EFFECT: the fact that greedy and sadistic recruits are selected
for managing jobs more readily than anybody with integrity.
FBG (fertile breeding ground): a crew of nipple-kissers, based on
the idea that they are a fertile breeding ground for future managers.
MINCING: Luring a target into the legal system.
DEFACING: making faces at a contract, or otherwise intimidating
XXXXXX XXXXX SYNDROME: having a target so socially
unpredictable and badly-off that you cant really think of many ways
to make their life much worse.
RAINBOW SHOCK: the fact that you have to act nice to the rest of
the public immediately after youve stopped defacing a contract.
BREAK-A-LEG JOB: a particuarly hostile attack against a contract, or
a plan which involves appoaching the target and talking to them.
SAKURAKAI: a crew that is particuarly overt in its stalking and gets
caught too often. In other words, it has to be cherried all the time.
CREW: A unit of recruits and pawns under a single MO. In other
words, a group of gang stalkers.
ZAPPERATING: using electronic devices to affect the health of a
XXXXXXX XXXXX: rhyming slang. for big mistake, roughly means we
shouldnt have used this method.
UNCHAINED, UNCOVERED: authorities that are not pawns or
COVERED: A member of the public that is under the control of the
syndicate (as a pawn).
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 9 / 15
PUBLIC FACE: A recruit or managers official life outside of the
PRIVATE LIFE: a syndicate members activities with the syndicate.
INCAPACITATOR: a device that affects the sleeping
patterns/stress/fatigue/headaches of a contract.
VOODOO: the means of acting hostile to a target (pointing, staring,
LOMOSEXUAL: a syndicate member with a knack for photography.
(Theres a lomo in every crew!)
NYUNKIA: (Not Your Usual Nipple-Kissing Incapacitator Asshole), the
yu is pronounced as the oo in moon. refers to a particuarly
sadistic or deviant BoT(F) member.
BONER: another word for an enemy target.
YELLOW MEAT: criminals, as opposed to concerned citizens. refers
to criminals recruited into the syndicate.
XXXXXXXX (verb): to Xxxxxx somebody is to run them over or chase
them with a car.
GIGOLO-BOP: to make sexual advances to an unattractive target,
term mainly used by nipple kisser deviants.
CANCELLING: causing a miscarriage.
CRASH TEST DUMMY: a practice target.
HANG-JOB: the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed
tormenting suddenly commit suicide. Term used mainly by nipple
COUSIN NANCY: a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them
before an unchained police unit can do it.
XXXXXX NECKTIE: a death threat made with no intention of it being
carried out.
GENERAL LEEING: randomly chasing after a target and threatning to
rape them before immediately running away.
XXXXS LAW: a police department that is thoroughly under the
syndicates control.
DEJA VOOOO: doing the same skit over and over again.
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Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 10 / 15
lORGANISATION | lezarceleurs
[] sappelle en anglais the syndicate Elle a t prsente sur un
stalker-aka-life-in-the-syndicate/, par une harceleuse, directrice de section
qui avait voulu cesser son activit []
March 8, 2014 at 8:18 am
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you for reading and sharing information. God bless you!
March 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm
Censure | lezarceleurs says:
stalker-aka-life-in-the-syndicate/ []
March 8, 2014 at 8:03 am
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you for visiting!
March 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm
prayerwarriorpsychicnot says:
Of interest. How covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate,
deceive and destroy reputations. Glenn
Greenwald. I think I spotted a false flag in the conversation on stalking
February 26, 2014 at 2:54 am
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you for this comment. Great find in the above Greenwald
post! I will most likely blog that info because it is area where
many of us are lacking knowledge.
This Confessions of a Gang Stalker post probably contains a
little disinfo but helps those of us who walk the moral path in
life to understand the sick gang bangerisms that we all
experience. It seems that nearly every real target can relate to
it and thats why I posted it. That and, at the time, this was
February 26, 2014 at 3:20 pm
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 11 / 15
being removed from the Internet and suddenly became hard to
find. That made me think that these miscreants didnt want the
info getting out and so I made sure to include an appropriate
gif and introduction in the posting. Lately, this has been
getting many hits and re-blogs and so it seems to resonate
more than ever.
Thanks again prayerwarriorpsychicnot.
prayerwarriorpsychicnot says:
Yes, I thought the Greenwald post was excellent there were
several versions of it buy I think I got the most complete one in
the intercept.
I was REALLY pleased to see the confessions of a gangstalker. I
had discovered that in another blog, where there later seemed
to have been an attempt to conceal it.But it wasnt wordpress,
so I didnt know how to copy. (Im a computer dunce).
Disinformation? Perhaps, but looks highly plausible.
February 26, 2014 at 5:44 pm
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you! as I just copies it to mine and posted a link to
your blog. People need to learn about online psyops and
surreptitious programs that are utilized by agents to
subvert or discredit an individual and/or group.
I think that the Confessions of a Gangstalker is real
enough to have blogged it. But, some aspects of his story
dont ring true for me or are suspicious. After all that he
reveals, its seems stupid that he would think that they
arent surveilling his computer no matter where he logs
online. So, I look at it in a little more general way.
Because in essence, its what I experienced and saw as an
athlete and surfer in terms of my own targeting.
February 26, 2014 at 9:56 pm
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life
in the Syndicate | Gangstalked and
slandered says:
[] "Confessions of a Gang Stalker" AKA Life in the Syndicate. []
February 24, 2014 at 10:04 am
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you for your blog and for re-blogging. Thank you for
putting your story and truth out in the world. God bless you!
February 26, 2014 at 3:12 pm
prayerwarriorpsychicnot says:
Uncontrolled opposition is a good site.
Sometime TIs underestimate how prayer can help. I use the Prayonit site
February 24, 2014 at 10:02 am
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 12 / 15
to pray for protection and the defeat of evil in my vicinity but there are
lots of good prayer sites. Daily Guideposts is good too.
Good blog from the stalkers point of view. I will try to copy this/reblog to
my own site. Thank you.
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you for reading and commenting. Prayer and aligning
with Gods will has been critical to my overcoming. May God
bless and protect you for sharing your experiences and faith.
February 26, 2014 at 3:10 pm
prayerwarriorpsychicnot says:
Thank you. stay safe. Clair
February 26, 2014 at 5:50 pm
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you Clair! Safety is a matter of definition when you
are fried, pokes and prodded surreptitiously 24/7. But,
Ive done the work and no longer rely on Webster for my
Stay strong and be well. Lynn
February 26, 2014 at 10:01 pm
Sipho says:
I am astoneshed it came to me as a suprise I have read diffirent website
joined diffirent suport groups they do help,but this one is diffirent. The
illustration is so clear God Bless You I going through this since 2001 till
today because real my enemies are plent but I never provoked anyone of
them I can say every where after reading this again and again they will be
a change because now I know how these Law breakers oparate from
Govervment Minister to a toilet cleaner @ the mall security guys
Supermarket till packers 6year olds who are my neighbours from Police
officers to Nurses and Doctors @ public private hospitals,petrol
attendants,family members,certain church sects(ZCC)in South Africa where
I reside taxi drivers even the Mother of my Children the list goes on and
my neighbours are in the forefront I can write many books on what did
transpired in my Life what I have gone through I am in Johannesburg
South Africa .Best Regards Stay Blessed being Sipho
February 23, 2014 at 2:46 pm
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to
comment. My story and experiences are totally inline with all
that you stated. I was curious as to how you found outor to
be more accuratehow they told you or lead you to the info
that this is a well-organized, global program. Thank you for
your kind words and support. Please keep your faith as God
allows evil to refine our character and to bring us into His
perfect will. May God bless, protect and comfort youyou are
February 26, 2014 at 2:58 pm
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 13 / 15
NOT alone.
Anonymous says:
Targeted Individual and victim of organized stalking / gang stalking in
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
February 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
Thank you for reading and sharing the video of the
impassioned woman speaking out about this happening to a
friend. Little by little the truth is gaining steam and more
people are facing their fears and discomforts by courageously
informing the public. God bless you and your friend who is
extremely fortunate to have such a demonstrative and caring
individual as you in their life.
February 26, 2014 at 2:50 pm
zarbi says:
le pouvoir des rois fainants de notre bas monde aux mains dhommes
ordures par nature ! ou comment se servir des autres -partager leur vie
quotidienne violer leur vie aussi sur internet organiser les escroqueries
et surveillances avoir les voisins dans la poche des lus des minables
dans tout ces ordures pas matres de leur connerie se croient tout
permis le pouvoir des truies nazies !
au courant de tout de la vie de leurs victimes ! ceux qui tolrent cela sont
aussi des truies nazies sans me !
December 27, 2013 at 2:45 am
GANG STALKING Harclement en
rseau Harclement lectronique |
lezarceleurs says:
[] Il y aurait donc de nouveau malveillance intentionnelle par pulsion
dELF , vers mon lieu de vie local, par ce qui est sans doute un
gnrateur dondes bta tel quutilis par la mafia pour privation de repos
et de sommeil .
a-gang-stalker-aka-life-in-the-syndicate/ []
December 26, 2013 at 8:41 am
Tuer par les ondes | lezarceleurs
stalker-aka-life-in-the-syndicate/ []
December 26, 2013 at 5:05 am
Confessions of a Gang Stalker AKA Life in the Syndicate | COINTELPRO 2014 & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture 21.05.2014 14 / 15
Confessions of a Gangstalker | Random
Candidate says:
stalker-aka-life-in-the-syndicate/ []
October 1, 2013 at 7:10 am
Une organisation ( de harclement) (2) |
etouffoirs says:
[] sappelle en anglais the syndicate Elle a t prsente sur un
stalker-aka-life-in-the-syndicate/, par une harceleuse, directrice de section
qui avait voulu cesser son activit . Cette []
August 23, 2013 at 7:20 am
fay says:
I am a targeted individual. I am tired of being targeted, however, I have
no control over these perps and what they decide to do to me others. I
cant sleep nor do I feel like going outside of my house because I am so
tired lately. Everybody I tried to have a relationship with turns againist me
and I have no family or friends. Its hard to find other targets going
through the same due to they fear being targeted worse than they are. I
need help dealing with these people so I am crying out for help. Thank
February 21, 2013 at 2:50 pm
gangstalkingsurferstarget says:
This is a spiritual war that was planned long ago. What you
fear will control you and so drawing to God and developing a
personal relationship with him is a must because he will show
you what you need to do. Only he can give us peace despite
the evil agenda that we are all part of. The fact that your
relationships are sabotaged and set-ups with perpetrators is
all part of the plan. With God you are never really alone and
some of us have little other than that left to support and
assure us. God bless youI pray for numerous targets and I
will most certainly be praying for you. You are not alone!
February 21, 2013 at 6:22 pm
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