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1. Based on the novel you have read, write about a character that you dislike.

Support your
answer with information from the novel.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can, the character who I dislike is Granda. Although
Granda took good care of his grandson, Rory, when he was young I do not think it is fair of him
to expect Rory to take care of him now. Rory is still a boy and it is not easy taking care of an
elderly person who is forgetful and stubborn. Rory himself needs responsible, capable adults to
take care of him.
Due to some unfortunate circumstance Granda is placed at Rachnadar, a home for the
elderly, and Rory is placed at Castle Street, a childrens home. Granda is unhappy at Rachnadar.
This is turn made Rory feel bad. He then escaped from Castle Street and broke Granda out of
Rachnadar. I feel Granda should not have let Rory help him run away. He did not think of the
kind of life Rory would be leading. Rory should be in school studying, not being a fugitive.
I also felt Granda put himself and Rory in danger when he began doing criminal
activities to avoid going back to Rachnadar. He also rose recklessly in a stolen car, further
endangering their lives. Although Granda was not mean to Rory I felt he did not really think
about Rorys present and future life.

2. Which character do you like best in the novel you have read? Give reeasons why you like this
character, using information from the novel to support your answer.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can, my favourite character is Rory. Although he is only
eleven years old and he is mature beyond his years. He has the responsibility of looking after his
grandfather, or Granda as he calls him. He has a difficult time talking care of Granda as he is
forgetful and very stubborn. Still Rory hardly complains and tries to take good care of Granda
because he loves him.
When he realises Granda is not happy at Rachnadar he hatches a plan for the both of
them to escape. They succeed and go on the run. This shows that Rory is a smart and
courageous boy. Rory is also very patient with Granda and hardly ever scolds him.
Although Rory loves Granda he has no problem telling him off if he has made a mistake.
He does not like it when Granda called the travelers as tinkers. He tells his Granda not to call
them that as it might offend them. Rory is also very protective of his Granda. He is annoyed
when the nurse in the old folks home treated Granda as if he was stupid.
Despite his young age, I think Rory is more responsible and wise than many adults. He
has to look after his Granda and make sacrifices for him. Yet he remains cheerful and takes care
of Granda with love, patience and understanding. I find him admirable and like his character the
best in this story.

3. Using details from the novel you have read state whether you like or dislike the ending of the
story. Give reasons for your answer.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can, ends the story on a fairly happy note. Rory is able to
get his grandfather away from the home he disliked and Rory himself is able to escape being in a
childrens home.
Right from the beginning of the story we find that the bond of love between Rory and
his Granda to be very strong. They do not want to be separated at all. Being sent to the
respective homes was devastating to them. Thus they decide to run away.
Rory decides to look for his long lost father who lives in Liverpool but Granda is not
aware of his intention. When he does find out Rorys intention, Granda is most unhappy as he
feels that his son had abandoned him and the family in times of need.
In the end Jeff, the son, turns up and the family has a chance to be together. Rory and
Granda live in a flat not far from where Jeff lives with his family. Now the family is together.
Rory has a father and Granda has a son. Rory has a chance to get an education and live with his
ailing grandfather for as long as possible.
The ending is full of hope for a better future. It is not a fairy tale ending. It gives
opportunities for an average family to lead an ordinary but happy life.

4. Which character in the novel you have read changes for the better as the story proggresses?
Give reasons for your answer, using information form the novel.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can by Chaterine MacPhail, the character who changes for
the better is Granda. Granda has certain prejudices and fears. He is angry with his son, Jeff for
abandoning the family and is afraid of being rejected. He does not want Rory to look for his
father and does not want a reunion with him but when it happens, he is thrilled with his new
grandchildren and accepts the fact that Jeff has also changed and is more responsible now.
Granda dislikes the gypsies and thinks poorlyof them. But they help him and Rory and
go out of their way to make sure they escape from the police. They show much love and
compassion towards Granda and Rory and this makes him realise that he has misjudged them.
He vows never to say anything harsh against them.
Granda was initially suspicious of Rab, the rough garage owner but later realises that he
is a man who is capable of great concern and kindness. Granda finds many caring people
through is journey and realises that there are many compassionate people in the world.
Granda definitely changes for the better as his experiences bring him life-changing
encounters with good people.

5. Based on the novel you have read, write about a character who you feel prossesses strong
determination. Support you answer with information from the novel.
In the novel Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail, the character, the character
who possesses strong determination is Rory. Rory is an amazing eleven year old who acts with
great confidence and determination to achive what he wants.
Rory wants to keep his grandfather out of the old folks home and he does exactly that.
He plans the great escape and with great effort and pains, manages to take him to his friend,
Darrens mothers caravan. From there he has to be on the run from the police.
The escape takes them through many experiences and episodes which teach Rory and
his Granda many valuable lessons about the kindness and compassion of strangers. Rory is able
to accept the outcome of these experiences only because he is determined to save his Granda
from the miserable place, Rachnadar. If he had faltered in his aim, he would have not got the
sympathy and the support of so many people.
The public showed their support for him because they saw a determined little boy
trying to keep his Granda from the dreadeed place. Rory sacrifices his education and the
company of his friends for the sake of his grandfather. Rory looks for his long lost father to help
him to save his grandfather. Rorys determination is admirable and will no doubt lead him to
success as he grows older.

6. Describe an interesting event in the novel you have read. Give reasons why you find the event
interesting. Support your answer with information from the novel.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail, an event that is interesting is
the great escape that Rory and Granda undertake. Rory decides to run away from the home
after talking his Granda out of the old peoples home.
No doubt the escape is not a single event as it goes over many days but the escape
takes them to many places and they meet many different people who help them on their
journey. Meeting all these people teaches Rory some lessons too. From the travellers he learns
about compassion and kindness. From Rab, Annie and Norma he learns about people who offer
their help without question and treat them very well. Even when Norma reports about them,
she is doing it out of kindness, not malice. So Rory is touched by all these peoples kindness and
is deeply grateful.
This escape is more than just an interesting event as it changes Rorys life. His father
turns up to help him and Granda. Now he has a father, a stepmother and two adorable
stepsisters. He has a family and that is a life-changing moment for him.
I find this event thought-provoking as Rory and Granda trigger off much speculation
and concern about what happens to senior citizens and young carers. Certain services provided
for the elderly make life better for him and Granda. Rory can go back to school and lead the
normal life of a young, growing boy. All these changes would not have taken place if not for the
great escape.

7. Describe a character that you sympathise with in the novel you have read. Give reasons why
you feel sympathy for the character. Support your answer with information from the novel.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail, I sympathise strongly with Rory.
Rory is only eleven years old but has a huge responsibility as he has to look after an ageing
grandparent. This is no easy job for such a young boy who should be having fun and enjoying his
Rory has to see to the meals and medication of his beloved Granda. He has to see that
his senile grandfather does not endanger himself as he does when he tries to cook and when he
smokes his pipe. He tires to make sure see that his Granda behaves himself at the clinic and at
school. Granda with his frank comments can be an embarrassment such as when he tells the
teacher that she has a moustache! Rory does have a difficult job on his hands.
Rory finds his homework in the rubbish chute because his Granda puts it there by
mistake. He has to think of all kinds of excuses to tell his teacher for this mishap. Rory cannot
stay back longer in school to do his homework because he has to get his Grandas meals. Thus
Rory has to be on his toes to make sure he can cope with everything.
When Granda and Rory are separated, it breaks their hearts. Rory undertakes to rescue
his Granda and goes on a long journey which puts them both in many awkward situations. Yet
Rory holds on to his determination and courage and comes through. I sympathise with this
young boy who is willing to go through a lot all because he loves his grandfather and believes it
is his duty to do his best for him.

8. What is the most important lesson you have learnt from the novel you have read? Give
reasons to support your answer.
In the story, Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail, the most important lesson I
learned is about family responsibility. Family members have a role to play in caring for each
other just like Granda and Rory do. Granda cared for Rory when his father abandoned him. He
looked after him and took him for games and saw to his emotional and physical needs. Now he
is old and is unable to look after himself.
Rory understands his Granda well and looks after him now. He remembers how well he
was looked after and feels that it is now his turn to look after Granda, a job which he does most
devotedly. He sees to his meals, make sure that he takes his medicines and that he does not
harm himself.
Granda hates the idea of being in and folks home and Rory does his best to keep him
away from it. Rorys act of love and compassion tells me that family members should show that
they care for each other and do the right thing for them.
When Rorys father, Jeff, abandoned his family, Granda looked after Rory and his
mother. Granda was very hurt by his sons irresponsible action. He showered Rory with love and
brought up his grandson well. Therefore, Rory feels it is now his turn to look after Granda.
Jeff comes back into their lives later and does his part by making sure that Granda and
Rory are comfortably set up in a flat nearby and can enjoy amebities that they need. Family
members must care for each other and be there to lend a helping hand.

9. Using details from the novel you have studied, describe one main character in the novel.
Support your answer with close reference to the text.
In the novel, Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail, one main character in the
novel that I have choose is Rory. Rory is a loving and good-natured young boy who loves his
grandfather very much. Rory gives up his childhood joys to look after his Granda. He buys his
meals so that Granda will not endanger himself by cooking and sees to his medicines. Rorys
caring ways decide his course of action for he goes on the grand escape because he cannot bear
to see Granda in an old folks home.
Rory rescues Granda from the old peoples home so that Granda will not be miserable.
He assures Granda that they will never be parted from each other and sticks to it.
Rory has a good sense of humour as he jokes about Mrs. Foleys eyebrows as a place to
go on a safari and thinks she has a whiskery smile! His prayers are light-hearted and humane. He
is very protective of his Granda and will not tolerate anyone saying anything hurtful.
Rory is compassionate and he cries when he finds his Granda crying in Rachnadar. The
thought of his Granda being in a place where people nobody wants are put is too much for
Rory. Rory does not like Granda to call the travelers as tinkers and tells Granda not to call them
so. He tells himself not to be judgmental about people too. Rory has a good sense of fairness
and kindness. When he finally gets a home with Granda in a flat near his father and step-family,
there is a sense of gladness that his well-balanced good boy is finaly getting his dues.

10. From the novel you have read, write about one of the themes in the story.
One of the themes in Catch Us If You Can by Catherine MacPhail is love and compassion
and family relationships. Granda loves Rory and Rory loves Granda, their love for each other is
constant and unconditional. Granda did love his son, Jeff, but feels disappointed that his son
abandoned the family. Granda had looked after Rory when he was a baby and now Rory wants
to look after his Granda. He is willing to sacrifice much so that he can save his Granda from the
old peoples home.
Rorys friends are good boys who love him and care for him. They look upon Granda
with great affection. Mrs. Foley, the teacher shows sincere love and care for Rory. Val Jessup,
the social worker shows compassion for what Rory and his Granda are going through. The
children at Castle Street show much affection for Rory. They realise that Tess behaves like that
only because nobody wants her. Kindness and compassion are necessary in a civil society. The
people who help Rory and Granda prove that they are caring and willing to help. The great
escape is possible only because there are many willing and compassionate people on the road.
Family relationships matter and Rory and Granda prove it. Sammy, his wife, Ruby and
son, Tyrone are a warm and loving family. They may not have much money but they have much
love and enough to spare. Bernie, his wife and daughter are equally warm-hearted and helpful.
Rab and Annie are loving and caring. Families are held together by love and compassion.