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Rise of the Divine Human

Chakras, Karma & Kundalini

Through a deceptive Interdimensional Intervention, Humanity has
been disconnected from the Source, and downgraded, that he may
be enslaved within the matrix of society. But now the divine light
is shining in his heart again, the human soul is healing and
through the activation of Kundalini, reconnecting fully with the
Source. We're channeling that light through our being and out into
the world which is beginning to break down the old fear based
reality. It's time for humanity to get off his knees and rise up; to
peel off this limiting intervention by initiating the divine being
within. How does that work? How do we resurrect those divine
gifts that are our birth right?...
The Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression
We are multi-dimensional beings stretching into the highest levels
of consciousness. The human soul flows downwards through ever
decreasing vibrational plains of existence like a stream cascading
down the mountain from the Source.
The stream of our soul interacts with the dimensions at various
consciousness exchange points (known as chakras) where "Unity
Consciousness" as the soul flows into "Separation Consciousness"
as the bodily vehicles. The overriding purpose is to initiate divine
acts of creativity - "Right Action" - by which to experience who we
really are. In my observation, here's how that flow is supposed to
happen. By bringing conscious awareness to this information, can
direct you - through internal awareness - how to reactivate your
divine human...
7. Spirit-Light-Body (merkaba): the spirit-light-body was designed
to receive soul consciousness through the crown chakra to align
our being with the right dimensional activity inline with our
higher purpose.
Through the spirit-light-body, the soul has the capacity to act
through multiple planes of consciousness simultaneously. It
interconnects us with all other sentient life and is able to
harmonise with the co-creative intent of other souls within our
sphere of influence. Our divine purpose could be channeling in the
harmonistic light of the Fifth Dimensional Realm to which we are
ascending; it could be counteracting Opposing Consciousness in
the Fourth Dimensional Realm to prevent distortional
interference; alternatively it could be bringing absolute presence
into the Third Dimension to fulfill creative activity. Thus the
spirit-light-body shines the light of our soul interdimensionally.
6. Celestial Body: the celestial body harnesses and stores
reflections of our soul through the countless lifetimes we've
experienced. It's purpose is to help us align with our true aspects
of beingness.
The downward shining light of the soul is next received into the
third eye chakra, which looks into the outer world comparing
what it sees to the reflections of the soul in the celestial body.
When the soul notices its own brilliance, it helps us align with and
unfold those aspects of beingness that are most becoming of us;
we settle into our groove so to speak. It is that feeling of complete
self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance and contentment.
When we can notice ourselves manifested in the outer world
through our own authentic inner reflection, that is when we are
truly living. We are frequently reduced to tears at the seemingly
simplest of things because we are fulfilling our divine purpose.
5. Higher Mind: from authentic being arises authentic creation.
The purpose of higher mind is to harmonise with the divine flow
of synchronicity and initiate "Right Action" aligned with the
Through the power of the celestial body, we have noticed how to
be within the external world and now is the time to experience
this through creative action. At this stage, the creative impulse is
quite abstract and undefined; the purpose is more about creative
intent, and co-creating with other sentient life, rather than an
actual creation itself. The soul now acts through higher mind,
gathering together elementals of consciousness into a directional
flow of Right Action, like swirling clouds in the heavens.
4. Causal Body: the causal body is where our "karma" is held. It is
the cause of our incarnation, it sets the agenda for our learning
experience based on the attachments and creative experiences we
need to evolve through.
As the soul shines its beams of creative light down through the
higher vehicles, our karma casts shadows of attachment through
the lower bodies and into our outer experience. The causal body
(also known as the energy body) now attracts and manifests
exactly the right conditions to unveil the learning experiences
required for our evolution. We are invited to confront and dissolve
the obscuring clouds of karma by fulfillment of non-judgmental
Right Action. We perceive this directing influence as a pull
through the Heart Centre - "this is the way to go now".
3. Lower Mind: lower mind is designed to receive, interpret and
process higher channeled knowing through our clairvoyant,
clairaudient and clairsentient (psychic) skills.
So now we know what to do, the question is how to do it? If our
authentic, creative action does not get side-tracked, the gathering
energies are next passed into our subconscious or "lower mind".
Lower mind then helps us to connect the dots within the co-
creative weave. Through the clairvoyant, clairaudient and
clairsentient skills of lower mind, we notice rhythms and patterns
of synchronicity in our consciousness landscape and have clear
visions of the garment to be created. As Right Action clicks into
place moment by moment, it becomes abundantly clear what we
are being invited to do and how to do it.
2. Emotional Body: the emotional body builds energy, passion and
conviction around our behaviours to bring our creative Right
Action into fruition.
The creative process has now gathered together the right fabric
for our creation, but it now has to be woven into form. The soul
now utilises the emotional body to garner more consciousness
'elementals' and weaves emotion around the creative act. It
provides a multi-coloured palette of experience that brings the
garment to life. It makes the illusionary reality feel very real,
yielding meaning and sense of purpose to life. However, once the
creative action has come to fruition, the weave of the garment is
meant to quickly unwind again, so that something else may be
created. It is not a part of the human design that we hang onto
emotions and build identities around them as is so often the case.
1. Physical Body: the physical body provides the ultimate vehicle
to bring the creative, downward flowing process into full
expression; it provides the experience of separation - of one thing
relative to another.
Finally, the souls gathering weave of elementals takes form
around our ultimate vehicle of creative expression - the physical
body. As the master weaver, our brain reads the pattern that has
been crafted through our higher bodily vehicles and then
orchestrates a magical symphony of activity throughout our
billions of material cells. The physical body finally brings life to
the creative action experienced in the myriad of human, physical
possibility. The physical body is a multifaceted mirror of higher
creative intent. It is the jewel in the crown; when functioning as
designed, it makes the illusion of reality real.
Why is it then that most people don't experience natural human
beingness in this way?
The Matrix - a system of control
We live in a system of control. Our lower minds, emotional and
physical bodies are over-stimulated with constant dis-harmonious
distraction. Corporate marketeers, governments and the powerful,
build unnatural life-styles propagated constantly through TV,
newspapers, radio and other media. The surrounding energy field
is bombarded with electromagnetic interference through mobile
phones, satellite, microwave and WiFi. Our food is purposefully
infused with addictive substances; processed sugar, caffeine,
artificial colourings, persticides, hormones and GMO. Our water is
contaminated with nitrates from the industrial foodchain and so-
called 'medicinal' drugs that end up being constantly recirculated
in our water system.
It would seem our society has been perfectly configured to
desensitise and condition souls to conform to lower patterns of
behaviour. The average home has constant, residual electric fields
due to over-use of electronic gadgetry. Most houses are awash
with toxic chemicals used to clean and disinfect which in actual
fact damages and lowers our energetic sensitivity. The same can
be said for the unnatural polyesters and other oil based
compounds used to make our clothes.
The overall effect if to create addictive, conditioned behaviours in
the lower mind and physical body which then trap, fragment and
dissipate the flow of the soul into continual, repetitive 'eddy
currents'. So the downward flowing soul is truncated at the solar
plexus - our lower mind - and just like software on a computer,
neural webs of behaviour form in the brain locking the soul into a
'false self ' persona. This false self then creates a lower based life-
style which can be readily controlled by the Intervention Agenda.
So perfect is this system of control, many awakening people are
left with the inescapable conclusion that it was designed and
perpetuated that way to enslave people.
So how do we liberate ourselves and return to authenticity once
Our Journey of Ascension
After centuries of incarnation and losing ourselves in this artificial
drama, we're being gifted an opportunity. A powerful wave of
higher consciousness is beginning to activate within people's
hearts. This "Christ Consciousness" as some call it (although not
of a religious nature), has been dispatched to liberate those who
are ready to step out of the maze.
This energy works by sounding a note - a vibration which
resonates with and therefore amplifies the sound of our soul that
it may be heard once more above the outer noise of society. The
Christ Consciousness helps reconnect with the unity of all life and
the cosmic library of all knowing. It helps reactivate the natural
flow within.
So what can we do in our day-to-day lives to facilitate the
maximum inflow of this evolutionary consciousness? How may we
provide the most fertile inner ground for the seeds to germinate
and grow? Our book "Five Gateways" has plenty of insight,
guidance and tools that awakening souls can benefit from (find
out more...Five Gateways). Here below are seven
recommendations from the book...
Surrender: be absolutely clear that the ONLY game going on in the
universe is self-realisation and that we might as well finally
surrender and take an active part in that game rather than trying
to conveniently ignore it while it plays with us! So accept that ALL
events, happenings and circumstances have but one
discover our absolute completeness - our "absoluteness" - beyond
all circumstances. Realise the aim of the game is to be completely
free inside WHATEVER happens.
Become the "Observer": the next step is to become the Observer of
ourselves in all activities, events and circumstances. We notice
where we lose our temper; where we become tight inside because
of other people's behaviour; where we might blame another for
the reality we are creating ourselves; where our addictions to
something in particular cause us to act in predictable ways. When
we notice this, firstly it is important just to watch it, accept
responsibility for it, but not judge ourselves. In this way, we are
already beginning to break free. It's also important to contemplate
and utilise techniques for regaining the place of the Observer
when we lose it, which inevitably happens in the beginning. It
could be a deep breathing exercise for example, a visualisation
meditation, or a mantra of some kind. Some people find it of
particular benefit to put up strategically placed 'post-it' notes
around the house; "let go" for instance.
Open the heart: next we need to open the heart further by
attuning to those experiences that generate the sublime taste of
divine oneness; the feelings such as lightness, expansiveness,
timelessness and infinite peace. So the key is to follow those
experiences that give us joy as much as possible - "what makes
our Hearts sing" - until we are tuning in consistently throughout
the day. Whilst we are in the experience, it is still paramount that
we're observing ourselves in it. So it could be a few moments of
deep breathing at our desk, walking in the lunch break admiring
natural beauty or doing the gardening after work; whatever
'crumbles our cookie', the key is to be watching ourselves in our
Follow the inner pull: as the heart opens, we begin to notice the
natural synchronistic order of things and an inner pull to "Right
Action". Sometimes this pull can be felt as an energy through the
heart chakra, sometimes it is a simple inner knowing "this is what
to do now". In which case it will benefit us to always respond to
that pull. Where does the pull lead? It will guide us to events,
circumstances and experiences that provide an opportunity to
express a "divine gift of beingness" and to expose conditioned
behaviour patterns formed from an attachment to a desired
outcome. These are "distortions" of authentic beingness, often
created by society and causing us to get tight, worried, angry or
Deal with distortions and addictive behaviour: the key to dealing
with distortions is to realise each conceals a divine gift of
beingness and to ultimately unveil that instead. So for example
someone might smoke because it gives them the feeling of relaxed
completeness; we might drink because it makes us feel more
sociable and confident; we might comfort eat because it gives us
the feeling of contentment. Alternatively we might get worried,
stressed or tight around particular issues because we think we
need a particular outcome. The key to overcoming such
conditioning is to go within, breathe deeply, settle into the
pregnant pause before the moment is born, find our sense of inner
completeness and then make space for an authentic act of
beingness to arise naturally. This is by no means an easy thing to
do, but the more we practice it, the more we'll realise every
moment offers a black and white choice: give in to conditioning or
surrender into the soul. In this way, we become the masters of our
own destiny.
Raise our energetic vibration: this can be achieved by regulating
the denseness of vibrations we bring into the body thereby
limiting the stimuli that raise our internal metabolic rate. So for
example, if we eat dense, processed foods polluted with toxins
then the body has to work harder to process them and the extra
effort swallows up consciousness. Or if we pollute our minds with
too much clutter, or the negativity caused by the judgmentalism
frequently expressed through the media, then we tend to tighten
inside. Internal tightness is also heightened by too much
computer time, over use of electrical gadgets and chemical toxins
used in household cleaning materials. The key is to organise our
immediate living environment to raise our energetic vibration.
Conduct regular spiritual practice: we live in a world that de-
sensitises us and it is therefore of paramount importance that we
redress the balance by conducting regular spiritual practice such
as daily meditation. Traditionally meditation is considered as
sitting quietly in stillness, but it could also happen during
movement or breathing. What is essential, is that we begin to
open, cleanse and harmonise the chakra system. This infuses the
light of the soul through our being, thus reactivating the Seven
Bodily Vehicles of Expression. Also such practice liberates
powerful endorphins into the body which counteract the
intervention energy. They redress the internal balance helping us
find greater harmony and peace that we may reactivate the divine,
downward creative flow.
The "Resurrection"
When we're truly connecting to the soul and experiencing it
through the Seven Bodily Vehicles, it feels like coming home.
Whatever is happening in the external drama, we feel like we're
'in the groove'. We sense our at-one-ment with the whole of life.
Sitting on a park bench watching the light flickering through the
leaves suddenly takes on a much deeper meaning. You find
yourself soaring on the thermals of life. A yearning takes hold to
return to our true nature; we're ready to turn away from society's
conditioning and find the truth - to activate the divine human
When you start fully infusing soul through meditation, you'll be
taken on a magical journey of remembrance, of detoxification,
healing and rejuvenation. The Seven Bodily Vehicles are purified,
reactivated and re-energised - in short they are "resurrected". You
re-acquire those skills so tragically taken from you. You once more
take on multi-dimensional form; a much greater expanded reality
becomes your truth. You are reacquainted with your birth-right.
Rise Divine Human!