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A. B.

Arch Degree Course (10 semesters) From 2003 Admission Onwards

1. RU!" A#D R!$UA%&O#"
2. "C'!(!
3. (A#UA"
). D!%A&!D "*ABU"
Ru+es and Regu+ations (Effective from 2003 admission)
1 Conditions ,or admission
Candidates for admission to the B.Arch. Degree course shall be required to
have passed the Higher Secondary Examination !erala or "#
$.H.S.E C.B.S.E %.C.S.E or any other examination accepted by the
&niversity as equivalent there to 'ith (athematics )hysics and Chemistry as
optional sub*ects and obtaining not less than +, percent mar-s in (athematics
and +, percent mar-s in the (athematics )hysics and Chemistry put
togetheror a diploma in Engineering a'arded by the Board of .echnical
Education !erala or an examination recogni/ed as equivalent thereto after
undergoing an institutional course of at least three years securing a minimum
of +,0 mar-s in thefinal diploma examination sub*ect to the usual concessions
allo'ed for bac-'ard and other communities as specified from time to time.
.he candidates shall qualify in the Architectural aptitude test conducted by
!erala 1overnment.
2o lateral admission shall be permitted as per the minimum standards of
Architectural Education 3egulations "456 of Council of Architecture and
A%C.E notification 7uly "44#.
2. Duration o, the Course
#." .he course for the B.Arch Degree shall extend over a period of ", semesters
including " semester 89 months: practical training after the completion of the
semester B.Arch examination and " semester 89 months: thesis 'or- after
the completion of the 4
semester B.Arch examination.
#.# .he course shall cover the group of sub*ects as given in the curriculum and
scheme of Examination given in the annexure
#.6 Each semester other than practical training ; thesis 'or- shall ordinarily
comprise of not less than <,, 'or-ing periods each of 9, minutes duration.
3. !+igi-i+it. ,or the Degree
Candidates for a'ard of the Degree of Bachelor of Architecture shall be
required to have undergone the prescribed course of studies in an %nstitution
maintained by or affiliated to the &niversity of !erala for a period of not less
than ", semesters 8including practical training and .hesis )ro*ect: and to have
passed all the B.Arch Degree Examination specified in the annexure and
conducted by the &niversity.
). "u-/ects o, "tud.
.he sub*ects of study shall be in accordance 'ith the scheme and syllabi
prescribed in the annexures
0. !+ecti1es
All student shall choose electives in the prescribed semesters from a prescribed
set of electives offered by the institution.
2. "essiona+ wor3
All sessional 'or- shall be valued and mar-s 'ill be a'arded on the basis of
day=to=day 'or- periodic tests and assignments 8minimum of t'o each:. .he
allocation of sessional mar-s by the Colleges for the individual sub*ects for
each semester shall be on the follo'ing basis.
9." All sub*ects of the B.Arch Degree Course excluding Dissertation )ractical
training and .hesis and $iva $oice are grouped into t'o
.hey are >
1roup % > Architectural Designs % %% %%% %$ $ $% and $%% Building
(aterials and Construction ? % %% %%% %$ $ and $% @ine Arts Architectural
1raphics % Architectural 1raphics %% %nterior Design.
1roup %% > All sub*ects other than mentioned in 1roup % Dissertation )ractical
.raining .hesis ; $iva $oce
9.# Sessional mar-s shall be a'arded as per the follo'ing norms for each group.
1roup % > Assignments ? A,0
.est ? #,0
Attendance ? ",0
1roup %% > Assignments ? 6,0
.est ? +,0
Attendance ? #,0
2ote > .his split=up is applicable only for the internal mar-s.
9.6 .he sessional mar-s allotted for attendance for all sub*ects shall be a'arded
full only if the candidates has secured the 4,0 attendance in the sub*ect.
)roportionate reduction 'ill be made in the case of sub*ects in 'hich heBshe
gets belo' 4,0 of the attendance for the sub*ect
9.< .he )ractical .raining the Dissertation and the .hesis and $iva $oce 7ury for
Architectural design % to $%% .our Documentation shall be conducted as per
the manuals given along 'ith the syllabus.
4. !5aminations
A." .here shall be &niversity Examinations at the end of combined first and
second semester and at the end of every semester form %%% semester
on'ards in sub*ects as prescribed under the respective scheme of
examinations for B.Arch Degree course except practical training.
A.# A student 'ill be permitted to appear for the &niversity Examination only
if heBshe satisfies the follo'ing requirements>
A.#." HeBshe must secure not less than A+0 attendance in the total number of
'or-ing periods during all semesters and shall be physically present for a
minimum of 9,0 of the total 'or-ing periods. %n addition heBshe also shall
be physically present in at least ",0 of the total attendance for each
A.#.# HeBshe must earn a progress certificate from the Head of the %nstitution of
having satisfactorily completed the course of study in the semester as
prescribed by the regulations.
A.#.6 HisBher conduct must be satisfactory.
A.6 %t shall be open to the $ice=Chancellor to grant condonation of shortage of
attendance on the recommendation of Head of %nstitution in accordance
'ith the follo'ing norms >
A.6." .he attendance shall not be less than 9,0 of the total 'or-ing periods
A.6.# He shall be physically present for a minimum of +,0 of the total 'or-ing
A.6.6 .he shortage of attendance shall not be condoned more than t'ice during
the entire course.
A.6.< .he condonation shall be granted sub*ect to the rules and procedures
prescribed by the &niversity from time to time.
A.< A student 'ho is not eligible for condonation of shortage of attendance
shall repeat the course in the next immediate chance offered.
A.+ All examinations for all sub*ect 8.heory Dra'ing Architectural Design
7ury and .hesis $iva $oce : 'ill be conducted by the &niversity.
A.9 Examinations 'ill be held t'ice in a year ? AprilB(ay and
6. (inimum ,or a 7ass
5." A candidate shall be declared to have passed a semester examination in
full in the first appearance if heBshe secures not less than <,0 mar-s for
each sub*ect of the &niversity semester examination and not less than +.,
1)A for the semester
.he 1rade )oint Average for the semester 'ill be calculated by the
GPA = 10 credits

5.# A candidate shall be declared to have passed in an individual sub*ect of a
semester examination if he secures not less than <,0 for the sub*ect in the
&niversity Examination and not less than +,0 of the total mar-s for the
sub*ect i.e. &niversity Examination mar-s and sessional mar-s in that
sub*ect put together.
5.6 A candidate 'ho does not secure a full pass in a semester examination as
per the above clause 85.": anyone 'ill have to pass in all the sub*ects of
the semester as per the clause 85.#: above before heBshe is declared to
have passed in that semester examinations in full.
8. &m7ro1ement o, (ar3s
4." A candidate shall be allo'ed to re=appear for a maximum t'o papers of a
semester examination 8Except Architectural Design: in order to improve
the mar-s already obtained sub*ect to the follo'ing conditions >
4."." .he candidate shall be permitted to ta-e the improvement examination
only along 'ith first appearance for the next higher semester examination.
4.".# .he candidate shall not be allo'ed to appear for an improvement
examination of the sub*ects of the 4
and ",
4.".6 .he mar-s obtained by the candidate for each sub*ect in the improvement
chance he has appeared forBalready existing mar-s='hichever is better
'ill be rec-oned as the mar-s secured.
4.# A candidate shall be allo'ed to repeat the course 'or- in one or more
semesters in order to better the sessional mar-s already obtained sub*ect
to the follo'ing conditions>
4.#." HeBShe shall repeat the course 'or- in a particular semester only once and
that too at the earliest opportunity offered to himBher
4.#.# HeBShe shall not combine this course 'or- 'ith his regular course 'or-.
4.#.6 HeBShe shall repeat all the sub*ects in that semester
4.#.< HeBShe shall not be allo'ed to repeat the course 'or- of any semester if
he has already passed that semester examination in full.
4.#.+ .he sessional mar-s obtained by the repetition of course 'or- alone 'ill
be considered for all purposes and in cancellation of the previous
sessional mar-s of that semester.
4.#.9 .he candidate shall not be allo'ed to appear for the improvement of
Architectural Design 7ury. Candidate 'ho failed in the Architectural
Design shall repeat that semester in the next immediate chance.
4.6 A candidate shall be allo'ed to 'ithdra' from the 'hole examination of a
semester only in accordance 'ith the rules for cancellation of examination
of the &niversity.
4.< .he &niversity examination 'ritten by a candidate automatically gets
cancelled once heBshe repeats the course for the particular semester.
10. !+igi-i+it. ,or 7romotion to higher semester 9 7rocedure ,or com7+eting
the course
",." A student 'ho has secured A+0 attendance and +,0 mar-s in
Architectural Design 'ill be eligible for promotion to the next higher
",.# Ho'ever before being admitted to the $% semester classes a student
should have passed all the sub*ects in the combined % ; %% semester
examination in full.
",.6 Similarly before being admitted to the %D
semester classes a student
should have passed the entire sub*ect upto and including $ semester.
Examination in full and successfully completed the practical training as
per the manual.
11 C+assi,ication o, "uccess,u+ Candidates
""." A candidate 'ho qualifies for the degree passing all the sub*ects of the ",
semester 'ithin 9 academic years 8"# consecutive semesters: after the
commencement of his course of study and secures not less than A.+ C1)A
of all ten semesters shall be declared to have passed the B.Arch Degree
Examination in @%3S. CAESS F%.H D%S.%2C.%C2.
.he cumulative grade point average 'ill be calculated by the formula
8credits for semester GPA earned for the semester)
CGPA = ________________________________________________
credits for the semester
"".# A candidate 'ho qualifies for the degree passing all the sub*ects of the ten
semesters 'ithin six academic years 8"# consecutive semesters:after the
commencement of hisBher course of study and secures not less than A.+
C1)A but not less than 9., C1)A of all the ten semesters shall be
declared to have passed the B.Arch Degree Examination in @%3S. CEASS.
"".6 All other successful candidates shall be declared to have passed the B.Arch
Degree Examination in SECC2D CEASS.
"".< Successful candidates 'ho complete the examination in five academic
years after the commencement of their course of study shall be 3A2!ED
on the basis of theC1)A of all the ", semesters.
"".+ .otal mar- secured by the candidate in the &niversity examination and
sessional for each semester 'ill be carried over to the next semester. %n
case of sub*ects for 'hich heBshe has improved the improvement mar-s
8FrittenBSessional: shall be carried over. %n the case of sub*ect in 'hich
the candidate has failed the mar-s obtained at the successful attempt 'ill
be counted for carry over.
12. "tud. tour and documentation cam7
"#." Students shall underta-e study tours in S< and S5 semesters of the course
as part of architectural design and shall underta-e a documentation camp in
S9 as per the manual attached.
"#.# .he tour shall be considered as part of the 'or-ing periods of the semester.
13. A candidate sha++ com7+ete the 7rogramme and 7ass a++ e5aminations
within ten .ears since his9her ,irst admission to the B.Arch 7rogramme.
1). Re1ision o, Regu+ations
.he &niversity may from time to time revise amend or change the
regulations curriculum scheme of examinations and syllabi. .hese
changes unless specified other'ise 'ill have effect from the beginning of
the academic year follo'ing the notification by the &niversity.
D!%A&!D "C'!(!
(Anne5ure : &)
Com-ined First and "econd "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3""," Architectural Design= % G 5 5 === === #,, 6,, +,,
Building (aterials ;
Construction = %
< " # < ",, === ",, #,,
,6A3"",6 History of Architecture % < # 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"",< @ine Arts 9 === 6 < ",, === ",, #,,
.heory and (ethodology
of Architectural Design
< # === 6 ",,
+, "+,
,6A3"",9 Sociology # " === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"",A Structural (echanics % 9 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"",5 1eometrical Dra'ing 9 " 6 < ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"",4 (athematics 9 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
%ota+ )2 13 12 600 200 600 1600
* Architectural Design I Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by the
niversity as per the manual
! " !ecture # " #utorial
$ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical ( " (ritten niversity Examination
J " Jury ' " 'essional )ar*s
%hird "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"6," Architectural Design ? %% G + === ", == === #,, 6,, +,,
Building (aterials ;
Construction ? %%
6 === 6 < ",, === ",, #,,
,6A3"6,6 History of Architecture ? %% # # === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"6,< Architectural 1raphics ? % 6 === 6 < ",, === ",, #,,
,6A3"6,+ Structural (echanics ? %% 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"6,9 Surveying ; Eeveling 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"6,A Climatology ? % 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"6,5 (odel For-shop " === # === === === +, +,
%ota+ 23 11 16 200 200 400 1000
* Architectural Design""% Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by the
niversity as per the manual
! " !ecture # " #utorial
$ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical ( " (ritten niversity Examination
J " Jury ' " 'essional )ar*s
Fourth "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"<," Architectural Design= %%%G + ", == #,, 6,, +,,
Building (aterials ;
Construction ? %%%
6 6 < ",, ",, #,,
,6A3"<,6 History of Architecture %%% # # 6 ",, +, "+,
,6A3"<,< Architectural 1raphics %% 6 6 < ",, ",, #,,
,6A3"<,+ Architectural Acoustics 6 6 6 ",, +, "+,
,6A3"<,9 Climatology %% 6 6 6 ",, +, "+,
Computer Application in
Architecture %
" # === === +, +,
,6A3"<,5 Structural (echanics %% 6 6 6 ",, +, "+,
%ota+ 23 11 16 200 200 400 1000
* Architectural Design"%%% Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by the
niversity as per the manual
! " !ecture # " #utorial
$ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical ( " (ritten niversity Examination
J " Jury ' " 'essional )ar*s
Fi,th "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"+," Architectural Design= %$G + === ", === === #,, 6,, +,,
Building (aterials ;
Construction ? %$
< " 6 < ",,
",, #,,
History of Architecture
# # === 6 ",,
+, "+,
,6A3"+,< %nterior Design 6 === 6 < ",, === ",, #,,
,6A3"+,+ Structural (echanics %$ 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"+,9 Eandscape Architecture 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
Computer Application in
Architecture %%
6 " 6 6 ",,
+, "+,
%ota+ 23 10 18 200 200 400 1000
* Architectural Design=%$ Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by the
niversity as per the manual
! " !ecture # " #utorial
$ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical ( " (ritten niversity Examination
J " Jury ' " 'essional )ar*s
"i5th "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"9," Architectural Design=$G + === ", == === #,, 6,, +,,
Building (aterials ;
Construction ? $
< " 6 < ",, === ",, #,,
,6A3"9,6 History of Architecture $ # # === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"9,< .o'n )lanning 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"9,+ Design of 3CC Structures 6 6 " === 6 ",, === +, "+,
Building Services=% Fater
Supply ; Sanitary Engg.
6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
Building Services ? %% >
Electrical Services
6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
%ota+ 23 10 1 13 200 200 200 1)00
* Architectural Design=$ Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by the
niversity as per the manual
! " !ecture # " #utorial
$ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical ( " (ritten niversity Examination
J " Jury ' " 'essional )ar*s
"e1enth "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"A," )ractical .raining=G + == ",, == ",,
%ota+ 0 100 :: 100
* $ractical training as per the manual after the successful completion of 'ixth 'emester
J " Jury
!ighth "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"5," Architectural Design ?$%G + === ", === === #,, 6,, +,,
Building (aterials ;
Construction ? $%
< " 6 < ",,
",, #,,
Building Services %%% ? Air
6 6 === 6 ",,
+, "+,
,6A3"5,< Advanced Structural Systems 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"5,+ Estimation ; Specification 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"5,9 Elective % 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"5,A Elective %% 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
%ota+ 2) 12 13 200 200 200 1)00
* Architectural Design"+I Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by the
niversity as per the manual
! , !ecture- # , #utorial- $ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical- ( " (ritten niversity
Examination -J" Jury- ' " 'essional )ar*s
#inth "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
HoursBFee- Duration
of exam
E . ) F 7 S
,6A3"4," Architectural Design=$%%G + === ", === === #,, 6,, +,,
,6A3"4,# )rofessional )ractice 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"4,6 Construction (anagement 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"4,< .raditional Architecture 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"4,+ Housing 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"4,9 Elective %%% 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"4,A Elective %$ 6 6 === 6 ",, === +, "+,
,6A3"4,5 Dissertation=GG " === " === === === +, +, ",,
.otal 2) 16 1 10 200 200 200 1000
* Architectural Design"$%% Examination shall be conducted by a Jury appointed by
the niversity as per the manual
** Evaluation of dissertation shall be conducted as per the manual
! , !ecture- # , #utorial- $ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical- ( " (ritten niversity
Examination- J" Jury- ' " 'essional )ar*s
%enth (Fina+) "emester ( "
Course no. 2ame of the Sub*ect Credits
of exam
E . )
.hesis and $iva
"+ == == #4 == #+, #+, +,,
.otal 10 200 200 000
Carr. o1er ,rom 7re1ious semesters 10800
$RA#D %O%A 11)00
;%hesis 1i1a 1oce sha++ -e conducted as 7er the manua+
$ " Dra%ing&'tudio&$ractical
Electives=% ./ #ransportation $lanning
2/ 0I' and rban Development Analysis
3/ Environmental )anagement
./ Architectural 1onservation
2/ 2ural Architecture
3/ rban Design
Electives III ./ Architectural $sychology
2/ Architectural 1riticism
3/ Architectural Design $rogramming
3/ 2esearch )ethodology
Electives %$ ". Energy Efficient Architecture
2/ 1ost Effective #echnology in 4uilding 1onstruction
3/ )aintenance and 2epair of 1onstructed 5acilities
3/ Advanced 1omputer Application
1.1 (A#UA FOR CO#DUC%&#$ <UR* FOR
ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# & %O =&&
"."." Examination for the Architectural Design % to $%% shall be conducted by a t'o
member 7ury panel consisting one external examiner and one internal examiner
appointed by the &niversity.
".".# %nternal examiner shall be one member from among the faculty members of
teaching institution other than the faculty member 'ho evaluated the 'or- for
a'arding the internal mar-.
".".6 External Examiner shall be from among the faculty members of other teaching
institutions or an Architect registered 'ith the Council of Architecture
incorporated under ArchitectHs Act "4A# 'ith not less than + years experience.
".".< Students shall submit the portfolio consisting the assignments done for the
sub*ect during the course period 'ith the approval of the staff=in=charge of the
sub*ect at ", A( on the previous 'or-ing day of the commencement of the
".".+ .he staff=in=charge of the sub*ect shall submit a report consisting the details of
assignments given and its ob*ectives and 'eightage given to each 'or- to the
Head of the Department after the course period.
".".9 .he *ury members 'ill evaluate the portfolio on the basis of the report of the
staff=in=charge and a'ard mar-s.
".".A Students shall be present and explain their 'or- to the 7ury members at the
time of evaluating their portfolio.
".".5 .he 7ury members shall submit the consolidated mar-s to the Head of the
Department on the last day of 7ury.
".".4 .he 7ury shall be conducted immediately after the completion of each
semester course and before the commencement of the university examination.
1.2 (A#UA FOR >RAC%&CA %RA&#&#$
("i5 (onths a,ter "i5th "emester)
6Immediately after the completion of sixth semester 4/ Arch Degree Examination7
". %ntroduction.
#. Selection of firm for practical training.
6. .ype of 'or-s expected during training.
<. (onthly 'or- report.
+. Documents to be submitted after completion of training
9. Evaluation of )ractical training
1.2.1 &ntroduction
As per the B. Arch curriculum students shall undergo six months practical
training immediately after the completion of the sixth semester B. Arch
examinations. .he training shall be under a registered architect 'ith minimum
of five years experience and approved by the Dept of Architecture of the
teaching institution. .he duration of practical training is six calendar months
sub*ect to a minimum of "6, 'or-ing days. Cnly those 'ho have completed
the practical training successfully as directed in this manual shall be permitted
to register for the 5
semester B. Arch degree course.
1.2.2 "e+ection o, Firm ,or >ractica+ %raining.
Candidate shall select a registered architect 'ith good experience and
reputation in the field of Architectural practice for practical training. .he
students shall get approval of the trainer Architect from the Dept of
Architecture of the teaching institution in advance before the commencement
of the S9 university examination. .he trainer should have valid registration
'ith the council of Architecture and have a minimum of five years experience
in the practicing field. He should not be a faculty of the Dept of Architecture
of the teaching %nstitution or their immediate relatives or an architect
employed in the )ublic sector.
1.2.3. %.7e o, wor3s to -e carried out during training 7eriod
.he student are expected to get exposure in the follo'ing aspects>
% Site visit and Site Supervision.
ii. )reparation of dra'ing for getting building permissions 'or-ing
dra'ings service dra'ings etc.
iii. )reparation of estimates specifications contract documents and tender
iv. Discussion 'ith clients and other consultants.
1.2.). (onth+. wor3 re7ort
.he students are required to send copies of the monthly report of the 'or-
done to the Dept of Architecture of the teaching institution immediately after
the completion of each month the report shall be duly signed by the )rincipal
Architect or the authori/ed officer supervising the 'or- in the prescribed
1.2.0. Documents to -e su-mitted a,ter the com7+etion o, training
.he students are required to submit to the Department of Architecture of the
teaching institution a report including the details of their 'or- illustrated 'ith
s-etches prints and other documents connected 'ith the pro*ects on 'hich
heBshe has 'or-ed both in office and at site a 'or- diary original of monthly
report a certificate regarding their conduct and performance of 'or- done
during the training period and regarding the successful completion of six
months under the approved Architect B@irm.
1.2.2. !1a+uation o, 7ractica+ training
A t'o member *ury from the faculty of Dept. of Architecture appointed by the
Head of the Department of the teaching institution shall evaluate the
qualitative achievement of the trainee during practical training period as per
this manual and certify that the candidate has successfully completed the
practical training and a'ard mar-s.
03 Ar 1806
1.3 D&""!R%A%&O#
D&""!R%A%&O# (A#UA
1.3.1 Aim o, the dissertation
.o provide the students an opportunity to underta-e research 'or- on a topic
of their choice.
1.3.2 Area o, research
Any topic approved by the dept. of Architecture of the teaching institution
concerned related to built environment. %t shall involve a compilation of
secondary data follo'ed by a study at primary level to achieve the aim and
ob*ectives of the research 'or-.
1.3.3 "e+ection o, the to7ic
Students admitted to the 9
semester B.Arch. degree course shall submit the
choices of their topic for dissertation 'ithin one month after registration to 9
semester for 'hich the dept. of Architecture of the teaching institution
concerned 'ill approve one topic for each student.

1.3.) A++otment o, $uide
.he head of dept. of Architecture of the teaching institution 'ill allot a guide
to each student for supervising HisB Her dissertation 'or-.
1.3.0 Conduct o, wor3
.he students 'ith the approval of the guide may commence their dissertation
'or- during their training period. .he Schedule B (ode of presentation of their
'or- at )reliminary %ntermediate and @inal stage 'ith the split=up of sessional
mar-s pertaining to each stage shall be published by the Department of
Architecture of the teaching institution immediately after the commencement
of the 5
semester B Arch. Degree Classes. .he students under the guidance of
their respective guides shall independently carry out their dissertation 'or-
during the 5
and 4
semester degree course period. .here 'ill not be any
regular class hours set apart for this purpose in the 5
1.3.2 !1a+uation >
" .he dissertation 'ill be considered as an individual sub*ect of the 4
B.Arch. degree course.
# .he entire ",, mar-s allotted to the dissertation 'ill be a'arded in the
follo'ing manner.
6 Sessional mar-s to be a'arded by the allotted guide as per the schedule B
mode vide para 8$: = +, mar-s
< 8a: .he head of Dept. of the teaching institution shall constitute a *ury of
three members for evaluating the final presentation of the dissertation
8b: .he *ury panel shall be constituted from among the faculty of the Dept.
of Architecture of the .eaching institution andBor from among the
Architects registered 'ith the council of Architecture incorporated
under the architects act "4A# 'ith not less than + years experience.
8c: .he *ury members 'ill independently evaluate the final presentation as
described belo'.
+. Evaluation of the final report in the form of bound volume = ", mar-s.
9. Evaluation of the technical paper presented in a seminar organi/ed for this
purpose by the Dept. of Architecture of the teaching institution = <, mar-s.
1.3.4 Fai+ures in Dissertation
.he failed candidates for dissertation can reappear either in full or for the @inal
7ury 8pertaining to the @inal report and presentation of the technical paper:
only 'ith any regular batch. HeBshe is required to obtain 'ritten permission for
the same from the Head of the Department of the teaching institution at the
registration time of 5

1.) %'!"&" A#D =&=A =OC!
". Students of the B.Arch. Degree course are required to prepare an Architectural
Design .hesis during the last six months of the B.Arch. Degree program.
Students admitted to the %D
semester. should submit their choices of their
thesis pro*ect 'ithin a month after the commencement of the %D
#. Students shall obtain approval for the pro*ect of .hesis and $iva voce from the
department of the teaching institution.
6. .he duration of the thesis viva voce 'ill be six months from the date of
commencement of the D
semester B.Arch Degree Course
<. .he Head of the department of teaching institution 'ill allot a guide for each
+. .he pro*ect selected may be either a live architectural pro*ect or hypothetical
one so that the student gets training in tac-ling pro*ects similar to 'hat heBshe
is li-ely to face in hisBher professional career. .he pro*ect and its programming
shall be 'or-ed out by the student himselfBherself under the guidance of the
9. .he 'or- should include an intensive study of the topography climate and
problems concerned 'ith design of spaces and structures. .he solution of the
problem must be 'ith the integrated approach of the architect engineer urban
designer planner and landscape architect and this shall be reflected in the
preparation of dra'ings and 'ritten report.
A. .he progress 'ill be assessed periodically through a minimum of four stages of
revie's scheduled by the dept. Each revie' shall be graphical 8including
models: and oral presentation and students has 8to obtain a minimum pass mar-
of <,0 in a revie' to become eligible to appear for the next stage revie'. Any
candidate 'ho fails to secure <, 0 in any one of the internal revie's 'ill have
to submit and present their improved 'or- and appear for the supplementary
revie' on the date announced by the Department of Architecture. .here 'ill be
only one supplementary revie' for each stage.
5. Every thesis student 'ill be required to maintain a 'or- diary. All students
are required to schedule their thesis 'or- get it approved by the guide at the
beginning of the thesis and submit a copy of the same to the thesis coordinator.
4. .he progress of the students 'ill be evaluated through a minimum of four
stages of revie's vide para 8A: .he total #+, mar-s to be a'arded as mar-s for
internal assessment 'ill be allotted through the four revie's. .he split up of
the same shall be as follo's.
3evie' " %ntroduction of the .hesis .opic @easibility studies Basic data Case
studiesB )rimary surveys Analysis Arriving at %nferences and Design
)rogram. Site analysis and Conceptual development. %ntroduction of
Special .opic.
89 mar*s
3evie' # 3evie' of )revious stage Arriving at lay out plan S-etch design for
various building bloc-s including @loor )lans Sections Elevations
$ie's Bloc- (odels etc. Conformity to 3elevant Standards Bye la's
etc. and Achievement of Basic Cb*ectives of Architectural Design.
@urther studies on Special .opic.
89 mar*s
3evie' 6 3evie' of )revious stages @inal Eayout @inal Design for various
building bloc-s through relevant )lans Sections Elevations $ie's etc.
Details of Building and Site Services Site )lanning and Eandscape
schemes. )reparation of relevant Detailed Dra'ings. Application of
Special .opic in the design scheme. )reparation of Draft 3eport.
89 mar*s
3evie' < )revie' of @inal stage of all finali/ed dra'ings and schemes Structural
Details For-ing Details etc. 3evie' of @inal Draft of the 3eport
29 mar*s
",. Suggested Areas for Special .opic
o Structural dra'ings supported 'ith detailed calculations
o Detailed estimates and specifications.
o Building construction techniques and the details of the use of ne' materials.
o Equipment and design of any one building service li-e air conditioning
Electrification and illumination sanitation and 'ater supply or acoustics.
o @urnishings fittings and finishes.
o Climatic research and its applications.
o Cr any other topic approved by the teaching institution.
"". .'o copies of the Data Collection in the preliminary design stage 8 up to the
design and including the case studies: shall be compiled and presented along
'ith the final submission in A6 si/e format.
"#. .'o copies of the @inal 3eport shall be submitted on the date and time
announced by the Dept. of Architecture of the .eaching %nstitution.
"6. .he total number of design sheets for final submission shall not exceed 6,
"<. (odel to be submitted at 4.,, A( on the date of the $iva=$oce examination
announced by the &niversity.
"+. .he format and other instructions regarding the schedule of revie's
preparation of the bound volumes of Data Collection @inal 3eport @inal
Sheets (odel etc. 'ill be announced by the Dept. of Architecture of the
.eaching College.
"9. %nternal *ury for the revie's shall be constituted by the Head of the Dept. of
the .eaching %nstitution. .he *ury shall consist of three members either
constituted from the faculty of Architecture of the .eaching College and B or
from among the Architects registered 'ith the Council of Architecture
incorporated under the architects act "4A# 'ith not less than five years
"A. External *ury consisting one external examiner and one internal examiner
appointed by the &niversity shall conduct the .hesis and $iva $oce
1.0 (A#UA FOR "%UD* %OUR 9 DOCU(!#%A%&O# CA(>
FOR ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$#
".+." .he study tour B visiting important places of Architectural interest shall be
conducted as part of Architectural Design in S< and S5 semester and officially
accompanied by the concerned faculty members handling the sub*ect.
".+.# .he documentation camp of A days duration and shall be conducted as part of
Architectural Design course in S9 and officially accompanied by the concerned
faculty members handling the sub*ect.
".+.6 .he documentation camp consists of preparation of measured dra'ings of
selected buildings B historic places inside and around the state of !erala.
".+.< .he study tour in S< shall be important places of Architectural interest 'ithin
South %ndia and S5 shall be 'ithin the country.
".+.+ Study tour in S< shall be of A days duration and S5 shall be of "+ days
duration. Students shall submit a tour report 'ithin "+ days after the tour
".+.9 .he originals of materials produced as part of the study tour and camp shall be
submitted to the Department of the concerned college and such materials
submitted shall be the property of the Department.
".+.A .he study tourBdocumentation camp and materials produced 'ill be treated as
an assignment and mar-s 'ill be a'arded suitably as decided by the faculty in
U#&=!"&%* OF ?!RAA
B.Arch Degree Course (10 semesters) From 2003 Admission Onwards
D!%A&!D "*ABU"
"1@ "2@ "3@ ")@ "0@ "2@ "6@ "8
D!%A&!D "*ABU"
Com-ined & A && "emester ("1"2) B.Arch Degree Course
(Effecti!e from "00# Admission on$ards)
03 AR 1101 ARC'&%!C%UR! D!"&$# B &
.o understand the use of line space shapes and forms as a determining factor
to perceive ; articulate space to stimulate graphic thin-ing in terms of form=
space relation to understand the need and relevance of the principles of
composition in the organisation of space shape form colour and texture to
teach the basic design principles ; methods to 'or- out effective and
contextual design solutions.
.he syllabus is divided under < sections ? 8i: Crientation 8ii: Architectural
1raphics 8iii: Basic Design ; 8iv: Space Design.
(odu+e 1 C Orientation
%ntroduction of point line and basic shapes freehand line practice use of
pencils of different grades intensity of lines spacing etc. Basic shapes
8square circle ; triangle: and their composition Collage to express abstract ;
theme based ideas using different media.
(odu+e && : Architectura+ $ra7hics
Architectural lettering ; variations 3endering and Anthropometrics ?
3epresentation of trees animals human beings surfaces automobiles any
other natural and man made ob*ect in plan elevation and vie's to scale.
)erspective s-etching in pencil Sciography ? shades and shado's and
pro*ection on vertical hori/ontal and curvilinear planes.
(odu+e &&& B Basic Design B >art &
6D @orms and Compositions? Study of basic 6D forms li-e cubes pyramids
cylinders tetrahedron octahedron and application of these forms in design.
%ntroduction to )aper modelling ? )aper modelling of polyhedrons of different
shapes and si/es li-e tetrahedron cube octahedron icosahedrons ;
dodecahedron giving emphasis to finish ; overall neatness.
&tility models ? Design of small ob*ects li-e paper'eight pen ; pencil
holders lampshades flo'er vases plant pots etc. according to specific
requirements ; si/es.
(odu+e &= B Basic design B >art &&
%ntroduction to (easured Dra'ings > (easured dra'ing of ob*ects ;
functional spaces 8li-e stool des- door 'indo' ; class room: and thereby
'or-ing out plan elevation sections ; details based on measured dimensions.
Structural model ? For-ing models of simple structures li-e post ; lintel
cantilever truss arches corbel continuous beam space frame hyperbolic
paraboloid suspension structures etc.
(odu+e &=
Space Design ? Single room ? )lanning 'ith respect to function circulation
furniture and equipments light ; ventilation aspects application of
anthropometrics rendering etc Design of toilet 8'et and dry areas: ;
respective toilet fixtures.
Design process on multifunctional spaces bubble diagram proximity chart
activity analysis ; their application in design of simple structures li-e snac-
bar bus shelter 'atchmanHs cabin entrance gate etc. and their location and
Architectural 1raphics ? @ran- Ching
(anual of 1raphic .echniques ? % ? .om )ar-s ; Bobgreen Street
Basic Design ; Anthropometry ? Shirish $asant Bapat
3endering 'ith )en ; %n- ? .hames ; Hudson
Architectural Design ? Earnest )ic-ering
Design .hrough Discovery ? (an*ore Elliott Bevin 8Holt 3inehart and Finton
2e' Ior- "4AA:.
Access by Design ? 1eorge A. Covington ; Bruce Hannah 8$an 2ostrand and
3einhold "449:.
$isual .hin-ing for Architects and Designers ? 3on !asprisin ; 7ames
)ettinari 8$an 2ostrand and 3einhold "44+:.
03 AR 1102 BU&D&#$ (A%!R&A" A#D CO#"%RUC%&O#
(odu+e &
%ntroduction to $ernacular and conventional Building (aterials
Stone> Classification ? )roperties ? Suitability for Construction ? $arious
Stones used for Construction ? Dressing and various finishes in stone masonry
? Stone decay and preservation
Bric-> 3a' materials for manufacture ? )roperties ? &ses = Classification ? B%S
Specification = .ests ? Energy and environmental aspects = Suitability for construction
? (ud Bric-s ? Stabili/ing.
Clay )roducts and Ceramics> .iles ? terra cotta ? stone'are ceramic materials
properties ? ra' material for manufacture = uses.
.imber > $arious -inds of .imber ? properties ? suitability for construction ?
defects in timber ? seasoning of timber ? decay and preservation of timber ?
B%S specification
$ernacular materials li-e lime laterite sur-hi mud bamboo thatch hay coir
coconut leaves and trun- = their study and uses ? energy and environmental
(odu+e &&
%ntroduction to all types of foundations 8Shallo' and deep: 'all footing ?
column footing 'ell pile etc.
@unctions of foundation ? (aterials used for construction of foundations.
Fater proofing and pest control methods.
Dra'ings > Fall footing
(odu+e &&&
%ntroduction to masonry ? Superstructure ? bric- masonry ? general principles
? construction bonds ? type of bonds ? relative merits and demerits of different
English and @lemish bond in detail " "J # #J bric- 'alls ? corners
*unctions and cross *unctions ? special bonds li-e rat trap herring=borne
bonds decorative bric- 'or- ? bric- *allies.
Drawings B measured drawings
English bond " " J # # J bric- 'alls
@lemish bond " " J # # J bric- 'alls
Bond in column
7allies J ; " bric- *allies.
(odu+e &=
7oinery details in 'ood ? doors ? panelled battened gla/ed ; sliding.
Findo's ? panelled battened gla/ed top hung pivoted = gable 'indo'
dormer 'indo' bay 'indo' @rench 'indo'.
.erms for various members fasteners and fixtures used in *oinery.
Dra'ingsBmeasured dra'ings
Fooden *oinery details
)anelled doors sliding doors
)anelled 'indo's gla/ed 'indo's
(odu+e =
Case studyBsite study of bric- bonding bric- masonry and simple foundations.
". (aterials and (ethods of Architectural Construction ? Harry )ar-er
#. Building Construction = (ac-ey
6. .he Construction of Buildings 8$ol. %=$: ? Barry 3.
<. Building Construction ? )rinciples (aterial ; (ethods ? Clin Harold ;
+. Building Construction ; %llustrated ? @rancis Ching
9. 3elevant B%S Codes
03AR1103 '&"%OR* OF ARC'%&!C%UR! B &
(odu+e 1
$edic civili/ations ? $edic village
%ndus valley civili/ation ? City planning of (ohen*o=daro Harappa building
materials and techniques.
(odu+e &&
Buddhist Architecture
.he great Stupa at Sanchi Chaithya hall at !arli type of early Capitals
development of Chaitya Arch Ellora temples and monasteries $ihara at
(odu+e &&&
Hindu Architecture
Evolution of the form eg. 1upta temple at Sanchi ladh-han temple ; Durga
temple ? Aihole .emple at Deograh near 7hansi.
(odu+e &&&
Dravidian temples ? 3athas ? (amallapuram 8the seven )agodes:
Shore temple = (amallapuram
!ailasanatha .emple = !anchipuram
Brihades'ara .emple = .han*avur
Brihadishvara .emple ? 1angai-onda Cholapruam
2atara*a .emple = Chidambaram
(enna-shi .emple = (adurai
(odu+e &=
%ndo Aryan temples
Bhuvanes'ar ? )arasrames'ar temple $aital Deul (u-tes'ara. Eingara*a
)uri ? 7agannath
!onar- ? Sun .emple
(odu+e =
!ha*uraho 1roup
Development of Si-hara of !ha*uraho temples
Adinatha temple Bis'anatha temples )aras'anatha temple !andariya
(ahadeo temple
". Bro'n )ercy %ndian Architecture KBuddhist and Hindu periodH ? .arapore'ala
and Sons "445.
#. History of 'orld Architecture Series CrientalB@aber and @aber Etd. Eondon
6. Christopher .adgell ? .he History of Architecture in %ndia )haidon )ress Etd.

Com-ined & A && "emester ("1"2) B.Arch Degree Course
03AR110) F&#! AR%"
(odu+e : & C O-/ect "tud.
Study of lines texture and tones in various media li-e pencil in- and crayons.
(odu+e B && CCom7osition
.'o dimensional composition of various shapes and patterns related to
(odu+e B &&& C Outdoor "tud.
Cutdoor @reehand S-etching of 2ature monuments Automobiles and Animals
(odu+e B &= C &ndian Art
%ntroduction to %ndian Art ? (aurya (atura 1andara )allava Sculptures
(odu+e B = C Destern Art
Century movements ? %mpressionism to Dadarism
History of Art ? H.F. 7anson
%ndian Art ? 3oy C. Craven
Colour ? @aber Biren
03AR1100 %'!OR* A#D (!%'ODOO$* OF ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$#
(odu+e &
Elements of $isual Composition
)oint Eine Shape @orm Balance 3hythm Contrast )roportion Scale &nity
Harmony Character (eaning of @orm Colour and .exture.
(odu+e &&
)rinciples of $isual )erception
Human eye Binocular vision )erception of space and si/e overlay aerial
affect colour vision optical illusions and their inference in visual perception.
(odu+e &&&
Elements of Architecture
Structural )rotective circulatory Decorative.
(odu+e &=
)hilosophies and For-s of %mportant Architects
Forld (asters ? Ee Corbusier @ran- Eloyd Freight (iesd $ander 3ohe
Falter 1ropins Antonio 1audi Eaurie Ba-er Charles Correa.
(odu+e =
(ethodology of Architectural Design
Data Site Study Analysis ; Synthesis Design Brief Concept and Design
Architectural Design ? Earnest )ic-ering
Architecture @orm Space and Crder ? @rancis D.!. Ching
)rinciples of Design in Architecture ? !.F. SmithyHs
03AR1102 "OC&OO$*
.o introduce the scientific study of man and man in groups and their relation to
the environment to establish the need and relevance of the study of society and
it significance in all fields of study.
(odu+e &
%ntroduction to Sociology and its primary concepts li-e society family
introduction groups association community etc.
(odu+e &&
Social change ? @actors of social change social stratification 8rural and urban
class and caste: Sociali/ation Social process 8cooperation conflict
competition accommodation assimilation etc.: social structure etc.
(odu+e &&&
Culture ; Society Culture ; Civili/ation (an Society and Environment
Social Change and Socio=economic transformation in !erala StructuralL
Cccupational 3ural 3eligions Housing and urbani/ation etc.
(odu+e &=
&rban sociology ? &rbanism and &rbanisation @eatures of urban society
%ndustriali/ation and moderni/ation Social and environmental problems in
urban areas li-e congestion deterioration of environment proliferation of
slums etc.
3ural sociology ? .he features of the village community Changes in the
village community in %ndia and in !erala.
(odu+e =
%ntroduction to visual perception 8perception of form si/e movement colour
etc.: and the rural lands 8attention illusion etc.:
". $idya Bhushan ? An %ntroduction to Sociology
#. !. Singh ? )rinciples of Sociology
6. Dr. $alsyayan ? &rban Sociology
<. 7ames $. (c Cannel ? &nderstanding Human Behaviour
+. Dr. !. !umar ? 3ural Sociology
9. Harold (. 3oshans-ey ? Environmental )sychology
03AR1104 "%RUC%URA (!C'A#&C" B &
(odu+e &
@orces> @orce and (oment Concepts ? @orce system acting on a body and their
resultant ? equilibrium concept and free body diagram frictional force ?
simple practical problems related to the above cases.
(odu+e &&
Center of gravity of planes and solid bodies ? moment of inertia concept ?
theorem of parallel axis and perpendicular axis ? moment of inertia of
composite section = principal axis and principal moment of inertia ? simple
plane trusses ? different types of trusses ? analysis by method of *oints
method of section and graphical methods
(odu+e &&&
Stresses and strains ? 1eneral concepts ? Stress ? Strain relation ? discussion
on elastic constants = principle of super position ? stresses in composite bars ?
stresses due to change in temperature Concepts of strain energy.
Discussion on the load causing shear stress ? simple problems on shear stresses
(odu+e &=
Beams ? Different types of Beams ? Support conditions = Different types of
loads ? analysis of simply supported cantilever and over hanging beams ?
shear force and bending moment diagrams ? analytical and graphical
(odu+e =
Definition of a structure ? @unction ?types of loads acting in a structure 'ith
introduction to %ndian Standards ? %ntroduction to design principles ? factor of
safety and related terms.
". Engineering (echanics = (r..ayal
#. Engineering (echanics = Dr.3 ! Bansal
6. (echanics of structures ? (r. $a/arani
<. (echanics of Solids ? (r. Abdul (ubeen 8)arson )ublications:
03AR1106 $O!(!%R&CA DRAD&#$
(odu+e &
Scales > construction of plan and diagonal scales for any given representative
Conic sections> Construction of conic sections given the distance of focus from
the directrix and eccentricity. Construction of ellipse by concentric circles
method and by rectangular method and by intersecting arc method.
Construction of parabola given the base and axis by rectangular method and by
tangent method construction of hyperbola given the asymptotes and a point on
the curve.
Spirals> Construction of Archimedean spiral and logarithmic spiral.
Helix> Construction of cylindrical helix and conical helix. Square helical
(odu+e &&
@irst angle pro*ection only
)oints and lines> Crthographic pro*ections of lines for any given conditions
determination of true length traces and inclinations to the planes of pro*ection
of any given line.
)lanes> .races of planes plane figure 8square polygon circle: inclined to one
or both the reference planes.
Solids> Simple solids in simple position prisms regular pyramids
tetrahedron octahedron cone spheres and their combinations placed in
different positions.
Auxiliary pro*ections of simple solids and their combinations to satisfy given
condition. Change of position and auxiliary plane method.
(odu+e &&&
%ntersection of surfaces > Eine of intersection of t'o prisms t'o cylinders and
Section of solids> Section of simple solids by planes inclined. .rue shape of
section H.) or $.) alone ; perpendicular to the other plane.
(odu+e &=
%sometric pro*ection > %sometric scale isometric vie' of planes simple solids
truncated solids combination of ob*ects.
Development of surfaces > Development of surfaces of simple solids prisms
cylinders pyramids cones spheres and truncated solids.
(odu+e =
)erspectives> )erspective pro*ection of simple solids and their combinations by
visual ray method and vanishing point method.
Shades and Shado's> Shado's of points lines and simple solids on the plane
of pro*ection by parallel and divergent rays of light and plotting of shade line.
)erspective of shado's of by a simple structure on the ground and on a vertical
plane 'hen light is behind the observer.
Re,erences C
". Elementary Engineering 8 )lane and Solid 1eometry: 2. D. Bhatt.
#. Engineering graphics ? Carl Eara Svensan and Filliams E/ara Street.
6. Engineering Dra'ing 8)lanet Solid 1eometry ; Engineering 1raphics in
first angle pro*ection: = !. $enugopal.
<. )ractical solid geometry = S. 3a*araman
03AR1108 (A%'!(A%&C"
(odu+e &. Ca+cu+us
Successive differentiation nth derivative Eeibnit/e rule Curvature Circle
of curvature evolute.
%ntegration. 3evision of standard results. %ntegration of rational algebraic
functions irrational algebraic functions. %ntegration by parts. %ntegration by
successive reduction. Definite integrals. Applications of integration ?
Muadrature rectification.
(odu+e &&
Analytic geometry > Conics )arabola Ellipse Hyperbola derivation
properties. .angents=normals substagent subnormal chord
(odu+e &&&
Statistics . Basic statistics @requency distribution measures of central
tendency. (ean (edian (ode.
(easures of dispersion. Standard deviation $ariance Correlation Coefficient
3an- correlation coefficient.
(odu+e &=
)robability distribution. )robability density functions distribution function
properties mathematical expectation mean variance. Binomial )oisson
2ormal distribution. (ean and variance of the above distributions.
(odu+e =
Einear programming formulation of E.).). Solution by graphical method
simplex method 8Single )hase only:
". Higher Engineering (athematics > Dr. B.S. 1re'al
#. Higher (athematics for Engg. and Science > (.!. $en-ataraman
6. )robability and Statistics for Engineers > (iller and @rieund
<. Cperations 3esearch > !ampo.
AR031301 ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# : &&
.o introduce the students the application of principles of Architectural design
in singleBmulti space built environments.
Short pro*ect ? " > Drafting Exercise
(a*or )ro*ect ? (ulti spaces Single storey buildings li-e day=care centre nursery
school clinic etc.
Design of buildings upto # storeys involving vertical and hori/ontal
interconnection bet'een spaces.
Design of residence assembly spaces school health centre etc.
Short pro*ect ? #> Fee-end cottage !ios-s 'aiting sheds entrance gates etc.
". .reat of colour and design ? (aitland 1raves
#. )lanning the architectsH handboo- ? Ed'ard.D. (ills
6. .ime saver standards or building types ? De. Chiora and Callender
<. Handboo- of specialty elements in Architecture ? Andre' Alpern
+. Human dimensions and %nterior space ? 7ulius )anero ; Nelni-
9. 2eufertsH Architects data
A. Analy/ing architecture ? &n'in Simon
03AR1302 BU&D&#$ (A%!R&A" A#D CO#"%RUC%&O# : &&
(odu+e &
Soils ? .heir classification physical properties and behaviour ? Bearing
capacity safe bearing capacity Determination of SBC Standard )enetration
test ? Sand ? fineness bul-ing qualities = (ethods of improving bearing
(odu+e &&
@oundations ? Detail study of different types of foundation ? (aterials for
Construction ? Details of Column footing raft foundation 'ell pile
foundation etc. ? Execution problems in loose and clayey soil Shoring
Dra%ing = Column footing 3aft )ile )ile cap.
(odu+e &&&
Study of materials ? Cement Steel ? Composition ? )roperties ? .ests ?
&sesB%S Specifications.
(odu+e &=
Steel doors and 'indo's ? Standard sections ? Channel box extruded etc. ?
Connections ? Specifications
Dra%ings ? Steel 'indo's and doors
(odu+e =
Details of builders hard'are ; fasteners li-e cut hinge butt hinge auto=
closing hinges slides door closers caster 'heels floor springs pivots etc.
Engineering (aterials ? 3.!. 3a*put
Building (aterials ? 3ang'ala
A text Boo- of Building Construction ? Arora S.). and Bindra S.).
3elevant B%S Code )ertaining to (aterials of Construction.
03AR1303 '&"%OR* OF ARC'&%!C%UR! B &&
(odu+e &
%ntroduction to Ancient 'orld architecture > A brief outline of the 2eolithic
revolution and its impact on built forms ?brief study of a fe' ancient
settlements ? 7ericho Hussuna etc.
Egyptian Architecture
Evolution of pyramids and temples eg.
.emple ? 1reat .emple of Ammon !arna-L
)yramid ? 1reat pyramid of Cheops 1i/eh
(odu+e &&
Early (esopotamian Architecture E.g. Niggurat of &rnamma 8ur:
(ayan Architecture E.g. Step pyramid complex .i-al
Assyrian Architecture E.g. )alace of Sargon !horsabad
)ersian Architecture E.g. )lace at )ersepolis
(odu+e &&&
1ree- Architecture
%mportant construction techniques $isual refinement 8optical correction: .he
1ree- orders Brief description of the urban spaces temple and other public
buildings 1ree- houses etc e.g. Agora Acropolis )arthenon.
(odu+e &=
3oman Architecture
A brief account of materials structural systems adopted and construction
techniques ? .he 3oman orders ? a short description of 3oman urban space
temple thermae basilicas theatres amphitheatres e.g. @orum 3omanum
)arthenon .hermae of caracalla Basilica of Constantine .heatre (arcellus
all in 3ome.
(odu+e =
Early Christian Architecture
Evolution of Church form surface treatment and materials of construction
e.g. St. )eters 3ome 8earlier one:
By/antine Architecture
.echnique adopted to construct domes over rooms 'hich are square is plan
1eneral structural systems surface treatment and material of construction.
Sir Banister @letcherHs OA history of ArchitectureP Butter'orth Heinmann
edition "45A.
History of Forld Architecture 8Series: $ols. .itled OAncient Architecture
)rimitive Architecture 1ree- Architecture 3oman Architecture and By/antine
ArchitectureP "45,.
O$anished Civili/ationsP A 3eaders Digest )ublication "456.
OBuilders of Ancient ForldP A 2ational 1eographic Society )ublication
3eaburn (icheal OArchitecture if the Festern ForldP )opular )ress
England "455.
03AR130) ARC'&%!C%URA $RA>'&C" : &
(odu+e &
Colour Chart ? )rimary Secondary and .ertiary Colours 8Experimental study
of colours 'ith reference to colour theory:
(odu+e &&
Colour combinations 8)racticing various colour combinations: Chromatic
'heel ? value hue and chroma 8(unsellHs and Cs'aldHs colour scheme:
(odu+e &&&
Still life ? Dra'ing ; Colour rendering 8Composition of natural and artificial
(odu+e &=
Cut door study ? Dra'ing and colour rendering 8)erspective Balance and
study if picture plane:
(odu+e =
%llustration 8Different styles:
Colour ? @aber
)rinciples of Colour and Colour mixing ? 7.H. Bustanoby
History of Art ? H.F. 7anson
Sculpture ? .ool (aterials and .echniques ? Filbert $erhelst
Sculpture ? )rinciples ; )ractice ? Eouis Slobod-in
A History of %ndian )ainting ? .he (ural .radition ? !rishna Chaitanya
(urals for 1oddesses and 1ods ? Eberhard Discher and Dinanath )athy
Corporate Design Systems ? Case Studies %nternational Applications ? (otoo
03AR1300 "%RUC%URA (!C'A#&C" : &&
(odu+e &
.heory of simple bending bending stresses in symmetrical beams section
modulus bending of composite beams
(odu+e &&
Shear stresses in beams concept of shear stresses in beams distribution of
shear stresses on simple cross sections.
(odu+e &&&
.orsion ? Concept of t'isting of beams torsion equation torsional stresses in
simple sections discussion on combined effect of direct and bending stresses.
(odu+e &=
Slope and deflection of statically determinate beams simple problems using
double integration (acaulayHs (ethod (oment area method.
(odu+e =
Columns different types discussion on radius of gyration elastic stability of
slender column ? EulerHs formula for )anel end columns and columns 'ith
other end conditions 3an-ineHs formula and %S code @ormula
". (echanics of Structures> $ol ? " = S B 7&22A3!A3
#. Strength of (aterials ; .heory of Structures> $ol ? " = B C )&2(%A and 7A%2
6. Strength of (aterials = 3A(A(3&.HA(
AR031302 "UR=!*&#$ A#D !=!&#$
(odu+e &
Chain Surveying > )rinciples of chain surveyingL Study of instruments used in
chain surveying = bass line tie lineL Cffsets = perpendicular offset oblique
offsetL @ield boo-L Errors in setting out offsetsL Cbstacles in chain surveying
Errors in chainingL )reparation of plansL Computation of areas by division into
triangles = .rape/oidal rule and SimpsonHs rule )lanimeter and )entagraph.
(odu+e &&
Compass surveying> Study of prismatic compassL Compass traversing ? open
and closed traversesL Bearing and its designationL (agnetic variationsL Eocal
attractions and correction of traverse for local attractionL Errors in Compass
SurveyingL )lotting ad*ustment of closing error in compass traverse.
(odu+e &&&
)lane table surveying > Study of instruments and accessoriesL Advantages and
disadvantages of plane table surveying .emporary ad*ustments of plane tableL
(ethods of plane table surveying = radiation method intersection methodL
.raversing by plane table surveyL .'o point and three point problemsL Errors
in plane tabling.
(odu+e &=
Eeveling ? )rinciples of levelingL Study of instruments = Dumpy level and
leveling staffL .emporary ad*ustments of levelL Boo-ing and reduction of
levels ? Kline of collimation methodH and Krise fall methodHL Difficulties in
levelingL 3eciprocal levelingL Sources of error in levelingL Basic ideas on
plotting of longitudinal and cross sections.
(odu+e =
.heodolite survey ? Study of instrumentL .emporary ad*ustment of theodoliteL
(easurement of hori/ontal angle by repetition and reiteration methodsL
(easurement of vertical angleL @ield Boo-. %ntroduction to modern surveying
equipments li-e K.otal StationH.
" Surveying and Eeveling ? !ant-ar and !ul-arni $ol %
# Surveying and Eeveling ? B.C.)unmia $ol % and $ol %%
6 Surveying and Eeveling ? Dr. ).B.Shahani $ol % and $ol %%
< Surveying = 3. Agor
+ Surveying = David Cler-.
03AR1304 C&(A%OO$* : &
(odu+e &
%ntroduction to Climate > 2eed to study climate = 'eather climate and tropical
climate = Solar radiation quantities ? tilt o earth axis ? 3adiation of earthHs
surface ? .he earthHs thermal balance ? 1lobal 'ind pattern ? .hermal forces
trade 'inds 'esterly and polar 'inds.
Elements of Climate ? Air temperature humidity vapour pressure
precipitation solar radiation and air movement ? Special characteristics and
vegetation of a region ? 1raphical representation ; climatic information ?
(icro and macro climate ? &rban and rural climate ? Site climate.
(odu+e &&
Classification of .ropical climates and its characteristics ? 'arm=humid
'arm=humid island hot dry desert hot dry maritime desert composite or
monsoon and tropical upland climates.
(odu+e &&&
Design considerations for shelter in the tropical 'et and tropical dry region ?
form planning layout specification for 'alls and roofs effect of special
characteristics of site li-e 'ater body vegetation etc. ? Crientation openings
and ventilation ? $ernacular architecture and climate ? Social pattern and
(odu+e &=
(an and Climate> BodyHs heat production heat loss and balance =
Acclimati/ation metabolism physiological response sensory response and
sensory brain scale 8Bed @ord Scale:.
(odu+e =
.hermal Comfort> @actors affecting thermal comfort ? Effective temperature
and corrected effective temperature = .hermal comfort indices ? Application of
psychometric chart ? Bioclimatic chart and effective temperature homogram
(anual of tropical Housing and Building ? C.H.!oenigsberger ..1. %nger
Soll Alan (athe' S.$. S/o-olay.
(an Climate and Architecture ? B. 1ivoni
.ropical Architecture ? (ax'ell @ry and 7ane Dre'
Building Climate and Energy ? ..A. (ar-ers ; E.2. (orris
03AR1306 (OD! DOR?"'O>
Car7entr. > Study of tools and *oints=plaining chiseling cutting mar-ing and sa'ing
practice ? 7oints ? cross and tee *oints ? dovetail *oint mortise and tendon *oint.
FittingC Study of tools ? )ractice in chipping filling cutting drilling tapping and
dyeing ? male and female *oints ? stepped *oints.
"mith.C Study of tools ? @orging of square prism hexagonal bolt ? . bolt and
Foundr.C Study of tools ?preparation of sand ? moulding practice 86 models: ?
casting demonstration.
"heet meta+ wor3C 2ame and use of sheet metal tools ? selection of different gauge ?
1% sheets for *obs ? .ypes of *oints riveted and soldered *oints ? preparing tube
*oints frustums trays and containers.
>+um-ing > )lumberHs tools ? &se and Care ? Details of plumbing 'or- in houses ?
Cutting threading and laying of pipes 'ith bends *unctions etc. ? &se of special tools
in plumbing 'or-.
%ntroduction to building models and site models 'ith different materials li-e mount
board plastic boards etc
03AR1)01 ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# : &&&
.o introduce the students the application of principles of architectural design in
multi space B multi functional spaces up to t'o storeys involving vertical and
hori/ontal inter=connection bet'een spaces.
"hort >ro/ect ? 3endering exercise perspectives application of sciography colour etc
(a/or >ro/ects ? 3esidence B Hotels B Shopping complex etc.
Study tour of A days on selected buildingsBhistoric buildingsBgroup of buildings
'ithin the state or neighbouring state. )reparation of .our 3eport including
necessary s-etchesBdra'ing etc.
". )lanning the architects handboo- ? Ed'ad d. (ills
#. .ime saver standards for building types ? D. Chiara ; Callender
6. 2eufertHs Architects Data
<. Architectural graphic standards ? 3amseyBSleeper
+. B%S various codes of practice and 2ational Building code of %ndia
03AR1)02 BU&D&#$ (A%!R&A" A#D CO#"%RUC%&O# : &&&
(odu+e &
Study of paints ; varnishes ? types ? constituents ? composition ? properties =
application ? tests ? &ses ?B %S specifications.
(odu+e &&
Study of 1lass and glass products ? composition types of glass ? 'ired glass
fiber glass laminated glass glass building bloc-s their properties and uses in
buildings ? Application of glass in construction ? Structural gla/ing curtain
'all gla/ing=toughening=%nsulation.
(odu+e &&&
Aluminium doors and 'indo's ? Standard sections ? Connections and
Detail dra'ing ? Aluminium doors and hand rails
(odu+e &=
3einforcements used in 3CC ? Suitability ; performance = 3einforcement
details of 3CC elements li-e column beam lintel slab 'aist slab etc. B%S
Details of construction *oints expansion *oints in buildings ? (ethod of
construction ? @illing of *oints ? Fater proofing.
Dra%ings ?
8": 3einforcement details of column beam lintel slab ; 'aist slab.
8#: Construction and expansion *oint details
(odu+e =
%ntroduction to vertical transportation system ? Design of staircases ? details
of 3CC 'ood steel staircases ? fixing details and specifications ? details of
balustrades ? materials and fixing details.
Detailed dra%ing ? 'ooden steel and 3CC staircases.
Engineering (aterials ? 3.!. 3a*put
Building Construction ? $olume % to %$ ? 7.!. (c !ay
Construction .echnology ? $ol " to %$ by 3. Chudler
A .ext boo- of Building Construction ? Arora S.). and Bindra S.).
Building (aterials ? 3ang'ala
%S% Code to be follo'ed 'herever relevant
03AR1)03 '&"%OR* OF ARC'&%!C%UR! B &&&
(odu+e &
Evolution of %slamic Architecture.
Slave dynasty> Mu'at=ul=%slam mosque Mutb (inar (osque at A*mer Sultan
1hari ? Cave of Sultan .omb of %ltumish .omb of Balban.
!hil*i Dynasty> Alai Dar'a/a.
7amat !hana mas*id
(odu+e &&
.ughlaq dynasty> .omb of 1hias=&d=din City of .ughlaqabad City of @iro/
shah !otla !hir-i (a/*id Cctagonal tomb of .elengani
Sayyid and Eodi dynasty> .omb of (ubara- shah tomb of (ohamed Sayyid
1arden tomb of Si-ander Eodi Bara !han !a 1umbad Chota !han !a
1umbad Shish 1umbad Bara 1umbad.
(odu+e &&&
)rovincial style
)un*ab> = .omb of Shah 3u-hn=%=Alam.
7aunpur> = Atala (as*id Eal Dar'a/a (as*id and 7ami (as*id
Bengal> = Da-hil Dar'a/a City of 1aur @iro/e (inar and Adina (as*id.
1u*arat> = 7ami (as*id at Ahmedabad .een Dar'a/a Fell retreats of
(odu+e &=
(al'a> = Hindola mahal or KS'inging (ahalH 7ami (as*id at (andu 7aha/
(ahal or KShip )alaceH at (andu Ha'a (ahal or K)alace of FindsH.
Deccan> = Charminar at Hyderabad .omb of 1olconda.
Bi*apur> = 7ami (as*id 1olgumba/.
(odu+e =
(ughal style
Evolution of (ughal style and the different eras of rule.
Babar Humayun Shershah
A-bar> = .omb of Humayun 7ahangir (ahal Agra
@atehpur Si-ri> = Di'an=%=Am Di'ani=!has )achisi Court Charchemam
court !ha'ab 1ah 8House of Dreams: 7odhbaiHs palace BirbalHs house
Salim ChistiHs tomb (iriamHs house .ur-ish SultanHs house 7ami (as*id
Buland Dar'a/a 7ahangir> = A-barHs tomb.
Shah 7ahan> = 3ed fort at Agra .a* (ahal City of Shah*ahanabad 8Delhi fort:
and 7ami (as*id at Delhi.
Auranga/eb> = .omb of 3abi Durrani at Aurangabad (oti (as*id at Delhi fort.
". %ndian Architecture ? %slamic )eriod ? )ercy Bro'n.
#. %ndian Architecture ? %slamic )eriod ? Satish 1rover.
6. History of Architecture ? Bannister @letcher.
<. .he History of Architecture in %ndia ? Christopher .adgell
03AR1)0) ARC'&%!C%URA $RA>'&C" : &&
(odu+e &
3elief Sculpture ? Basic .echniques
(odu+e &&
.hree dimensional sculptures ? .extural and spatial relationship of form
(odu+e &&&
(ould (a-ing ? Clay and )laster of )aris
(odu+e &=
%ntroduction to Applied Arts ? Calligraphy poster product design.
(odu+e =
(ural ? .raditional )atterns and .echniques
Colour ? @aber
)rinciples of Colour and Colour mixing ? 7.H. Bustanoby
History of Art ? H.F. 7anson
Sculpture ? .ool (aterials and .echniques ? Filbert $erhelst
Sculpture ? )rinciples ; )ractice ? Eouis Slobod-in
A History of %ndian )ainting ? .he (ural .radition ? !rishna Chaitanya
(urals for 1oddesses and 1ods ? Eberhard Discher and Dinanath )athy
Corporate Design Systems ? Case Studies %nternational Applications ? (otoo
03AR1)00 ARC'&%!C%URA ACOU"%&C"
(odu+e &
.he nature of sound ? propagation of sound ? velocity frequency and
'avelength of sound. Sound pressure ? sound intensity and loudness ? Decibel
and )hons ? .he human ear and hearing characteristics.
(odu+e &&
3oom acoustics ? Behaviour of sound in enclosures ? sound reflection
diffusion and diffraction ? room resource ? Sound absorption coefficient ?
3everberation ? 3everberation time ? Calculation of reverberation time ?
SabineHs formula ? EryingHs formula ? Acoustical defects in the enclosed
(odu+e &&&
Sound absorptive materials and construction ? )orous material ? membrane
absorbers ? cavity resonators ? space absorbers ? variable absorbers ? their
absorptive characteristics ? mounting and distribution of absorptive materials ?
measurement of sound absorption.
(odu+e &=
Acoustical design of auditoriums ? 3ooms for music multipurpose rooms ?
3ecording and Broad casting studios
)ro*ect> )reparation of acoustical design of an auditorium or Acoustical
correction of an existing auditorium.
(odu+e =
Effect of noise in human being ? 2oise sources ? air borne and structure borne
sound transmission ? 2oise criteria ? .ransmission loss ? permissible noise
levels for different types of buildings. 2oise control in specific type of
buildings ? auditorium ? Hotels ? Schools ? Hospitals ? 3esidences ? Cffice
and %ndustrial buildings.
Study of .ransmission loss of different types of construction.
2oise control in specific buildings =Auditoriums Schools Hospitals
residences Cffices.
". !insler and @ry ? @undamentals of Acoustics
#. !nudson and Harris ? Acoustical Designing to Architecture
6. Ducan .emplaton ? Acoustics in the built environment
<. Acentech ? Architectural acoustics ? building guide
+. Cavanaugh ? Architectural acoustics.
03AR1)02 C&(A%OO$* B &&
(odu+e &
.hermo physical )roperties of Building (aterials = Conductivity Absorptivity
and thermal capacity ? .hermal properties of 'alls ; roofs ? .ransmittance
solar heat flo' factor time lag and admittance ? solar gain factor.
Heat exchange process in building ? conduction ? convection = radiation ?
%nternal heat gain ? Heating and cooling ? Evaporative cooling ? Calculation
of gain ; loss.
)eriodic heat flo' ? steady state assumption = effect of insulation ? effect of
(odu+e &&
(eans of thermal control in buildings ? Cb*ectives of thermal control ? Degree
of control = (echanical controls ? (echanical ventilation systems = cooling by
ventilation ? Evaporative cooling ? Air conditioning = Structural controls ?
.hermal insulation ? .hermal capacity of materials ? Colour control by
planning ? form and surface area = Crientation internal blinds special glasses
? Design of shading devices ? .he SunHs position Angle of incidence shado'
angle ? Eandscaping and material selection.
Day lighting = Sources of light ? Day light factor ? day lighting requirements ?
use of day light protractor.
(odu+e &&&
$entilation and air movement ? @unctions of ventilation ? (echanism of
ventilation ? Air movement in and around the buildings ? Building elements
that effect ventilation ? Control by orientation ? Area and si/e = Si/e and
position of 'indo's for control of ventilation ? Humidity control and
(odu+e &=
Design process ? (ahoney tables ? )lan development stage ? Element design
stage ? (odels and analogues ? Design tools and chec-ing tools dra'ing
'ind tunnel solar scope sun dial heliodor solar scope and artificial s-y.
(odule $
)rotection of buildings against 'etness ? Eighting ? Hurricane ? Earthqua-e ?
.ermites ?@ungi.
Re,erence Boo3s
(anual of .ropical Housing and Building ? !oenisberger
Housing Climate and Comfort
Design 'ith Climate ? Clgyay and Clgyay
Building Environment ? A*itha D.
Sun Find and Eight ? 1.N. Bro'n
(an Climate and Architecture ? B. 1ivoni
03AR1)04 CO(>U%!R A>>&CA%&O#" &# ARC'&%!C%UR! : &
(odu+e & : &ntroduction
%ntroduction to personal computers ? hard'are B soft'are ? operating system ?
important DCS commands ? Findo's basic introduction to CAD pac-ages li-e
AutoCAD ArchiCAD etc.
(odu+e && B Drawing Construction %echniEues
Setting up and controlling AutoCADBArchiCAD dra'ing environment ?
creating and editing commands
(odu+e &&& B %echniEues ,or enhancing 7roducti1it.
Crgani/ing a dra'ing 'ith layers ? Advanced geometry editing ; using bloc-s
inquiry tools ?CAD design center.
(odu+e &= B Drawing esta-+ishments
.ext annotation ? Creating ; customi/ing hatch patterns = )roductive
dimensioning ? Defining text ; dimension styles.
(odu+e = B Drawing out7ut
)rinting ; )lotting ? Creating a slide presentation ? Dra'ing utilities ?
%mporting B exporting files.
Cmura 1eorge O(astering AutoCAD 83elease "<:P B)B )ublications 2e'
Delhi "44A.
Cmura 1eorge OAutoCAD #,,,P B)B )ublications 2e' Delhi "44A.
!olareric Bran-o OArchitectural 3endering and (odelling 'ith Auto CAD
3"<P 7ohn Filey 2e' Ior- "445.
Synder 7ames OArchitectural Construction Dra'ing 'ith AutoCAD 3"<P
7ohn Filey 2e' Ior- "445.
03AR1)06 "%RUC%URA (!C'A#&C" : &&&
(odu+e &
Analysis of statically indeterminate beams 8propped cantilever and fixed
beams: consistent deformation method
(odu+e &&
Analysis of continuous beam by theorem of three moments and slope deflection
(odu+e &&&
Analysis of continuous beam by moment distribution method. Shear @orce and
bending moment diagram and discussion of elastic curves for various loading
(odu+e &=
Analysis of simple portal frames by moment distribution method Shear force
diagram bending moment diagram
(odu+e =
Analysis of portal frame 'ith s'ay by moment distribution method.
Re,erences C
". (echanics of Structures $ol ? # = S ) 7&22A3!A3
#. Strength of materials $ol ? # = B C )&2(%A ; 7A%2
6. .heory of Structures = 3A(A(3&.HA(
Fi,th "emester ("0) B.Arch Degree Course
(Effecti!e from "00# Admission on$ards)
03A2.90. ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# : &=
.o introduce the students the design of multi functional spaces giving emphasis to
barrier free architecture.
Short )ro*ect ? )reparation of (unicipal Dra'ings
(a*or )ro*ects ? Shopping Complexes Fal-up apartments Cffice buildings
Auditoriums Cinema .heaters etc.
9. )lanning the architects handboo- ? Ed'ad d. (ills
A. .ime saver standards for building types ? D. Chiara ; Callender
5. 2eufertHs Architects Data
4. Architectural graphic standards ? 3amseyBSleeper
",. B%S various codes of practice and 2ational Building code of %ndia
Fi,th "emester ("0) B.Arch Degree Course
(Effecti!e from "00# Admission on$ards)
03AR1002 BU&D&#$ (A%!R&A" A#D CO#"%RUC%&O# : &=
(odu+e &
Study of plastics ?thermosetting and thermoplastics resins fabrication of
plastics polymeri/ation and condensation = Application of plastic in building
(odu+e &&
Study of 3oof structure ? .erminology = Food steel ? trusses ? !ing post
truss queen post truss = roof terminology fixing ? north light details girders
space frames.
Detail dra%ing ? Steel ? angular and tubular truss details of covering and
gutter details.
(odu+e &&&
Eifts ? Calculation of requirements and number of lifts considering quality and
quantity of services ? details of construction of lift shaft lift pit lift car ?
machine room etc. Standard si/es ? (odern development in the field of
vertical transportation ? Capsule lift. Escalator ? Different types ? provision to
be made during construction ? installation of escalator.
Dra%ing ? .ypical lift shaft lift pit and machine room details escalator
capsule lift.
(odu+e &=
(aterials for finishes ? for 'alls ; floor ? properties ? application =
maintenance ? @inishes in plasters cement timber etc. ? study of advances in
the field of materials used for the 'all ; floor finish ? epoxy polyurethane
products ceramic tiles vitrified tiles etc.
(odule $
(aterials and finishes for operation theatres ? pharmaceutical production areas
? (aterials and finishes for industrial buildings rail'ay platforms bus
stations etc. ? 3elevant Specifications.
Building (aterials ? 3ang'ala
.ext boo- of Building Construction ? Sharma S.!. ; !aul B.!.
A text boo- of Building Construction ? Arora S.). ; Bindra
Building Construction ? $a/rani $.2. ; Chandola S.).
3elevant B%S Code )ertaining to Construction of (aterials
03AR1003 '&"%OR* OF ARC'&%!C%UR! : &=
(odu+e & C RomanesEue Architecture
%talian 3omanesque architecture ? Architectural characteristics of the churches
of northern %taly Central %taly and South %taly eg. )isa Cathedral
@rench 3omanesque ? Abbey=Aux=Hommes at Cane.
British 3omanesque ? DurhamHs Cathedral
(odu+e && C $othic Architecture
Evolution of structural systems in 1othic Architecture ? Arches vaults and
cross vault ? decoration ? characteristics of @rench Architecture ? 2otre Dame
British and %talian 1othic Architecture ? Characteristics of British 1othic
Architecture ? Fest (inister Abbey ? Characteristics of %talian 1othic
Architecture ? (ilan Cathedral.
(odu+e &&& C Renaissance Architecture
%taly ? For-s of (ichael Angelo St. )eters 3ome.
@rench > )alace of Eoucers )aris de $ersailles.
British > St. )aulHs Cathedral Eondon ? Fhite Hall )alace Eondon.
(odu+e &=C Co+onia+ Architecture ion &ndia
.he styles and trends of architecture brought by British to %ndia and their
evolution ? .he impact of %ndo=Sarcenic style on the British Architecture in
%ndia ? .he characteristics of British Colonial Architecture 'ith examples from
'or- of Ed'in Eutyen.
(odu+e = C (odern Architecture
)ost 3enaissance Architecture in Europe ? %ndustrial revolution ? Causes
consequence and impact in Architecture ? %ts influences in building
technology and modern building materials ? Steel glass 3CC etc.
Sir Banister @letcherHs ? OA History of ArchitectureP
Eouis 1rodec-i ? O1othic ArchitectureP.
03AR100) &#%!R&OR D!"&$#
(odu+e &
Space > Space as ra' material ? Mualitative and quantitative study ?
Crganisation of space ? Crder gro'th division sequence and scale.
Surfaces > @unctions of surfaces ? 3atio proportion colour material texture
dimensions of # D surfaces li-e 'alls ceiling floors dividers etc.
$ro:ect > Design of murals B floor pattern B ceiling patterns for reception areas B
Eounges for hotels ? apartments sho'room etc.
(odu+e &&
)rinciples of visual composition ? Colour in interiors.
$ro:ect > Detailed case study of specific room in residences B hotels B offices
(odu+e B &&&
Human perception of interiors ? vie's > one point # point birds eye and
'orms eye of interiors = Building elements in interiors.
$ro:ect > )reparation of interior vie'.
(odu+e &=
@urniture ? furnishings ? Styles materials functions.
Design of interior spaces ? Bedrooms -itchen living rooms dining rooms
toilets sho' 'indo's sales counters toilets reception des-s lobbies 8Hotels
offices hospitals: ? (odels sho'ing interior spaces 'ith colour scheme ?
furniture accessories of any one space mentioned above.
$ro:ect > Design of interior spaces of hotels offices hospitals sho' rooms
(odu+e =
%nterior plantscaping ? )lant materials gro'th condition maintenance
importance of plantscaping ? Aesthetics functional etc.
Exhibits in interiors ? private and public interiors.
Eatest trends in the choice of materials finishes etc in interiors ? (ar-et
surveys field visits etc.
$ro:ect > )lantscaping of private and public interior spaces
Re,erence Boo3s
Basic Design ; Anthropometry = Shrish $asant Bapat
Eiving Areas ? %nternal Spaces ? Shirish $asat Bapat
&se of Colours in %nteriors ? Halse
%nterior Design %llustrated ? Ching
Exterior Design ? Ioshino-u Ashihara
Architectural Design ? Earnest )ic-ering
@orm Space ; order ? Ching
Eogic in Design ? !rome Barnet
03AR1000 "%RUC%URA (!C'A#&C" : &=
(odu+e &
Analysis of beams and frames using !aniHs (ethod. ? S@ ; B.(.D
(odu+e &&
Analysis of t'o hinged and three hinged arches.
(odu+e &&&
Analysis of frames using portal method and cantilever method
(odu+e &=
Analysis of cables carrying concentrated loads and uniformly distributed loads
(odu+e =
Concrete .echnology = (aterials used and its properties ? (ix proportion ?
$olume and 'eight batching ? Fater cement ratio ? (ixing and placing of
concrete ? Curing ? Development of strength ? 1rade of concrete ? %nfluence
of 'aterBcement ratio on strength ? For-ability ? Segregation and bleeding of
concrete ? %ntroduction to reinforced cement concrete ? %mportance of mix
". .heory of Structures = 3A(A(3&.HA(
#. Strength of materials $ol ? # = B C )&2(%A ; 7A%2
6. Analysis of Structures = Aslam !asimal
<. Analysis of Structures = Harry Fest
+. )roperties of Concrete = A.(. 2eville
03AR1002 A#D"CA>! ARC'&%C%UR!
(odu+e &
(an and landscape development in Historical )erspective ? 1arden of ancient
'orld ? Babylon Egypt )ersia 1reece 3ome.
%slamic tradition and (ughal in %ndia ?7apanese ? 3enaissance in Europe ?
English styles
(odu+e B &&
%ntroduction to ecology ? Ecosystems ? Environmental issues in architecture
and planning ? Air 'ater ; land pollution ? .op soil erosion and vegetation ?
Studies on the impact on earth.
(odu+e &&&
Elements of landscape ? ma*or and minor elements natural and man made
elements and tangible and intangible elements ? Fater ? Eand forms ?
vegetation ? space ? sculpture ? @urniture ? Eamp posts dust bins and display
boards etc. Aesthetics principles ? scale ? proportion ? unity ? rhythm ? angle
of vision and approach ? vie's ? avenue planting ? Scientific and local names
of plants ? Classification of plants according to si/e types form colour and
(odu+e &=
Site planning considerations ? Selection of site ? Eocation of structures ?
Ecological value of site ? %dentification of site features ? Site climate ?
@unctional suitability of site ? (ovement of pedestrian and vehicles ? )ar-ing.
Eandscape engineering ? Cutting and filling ? 1rading ? retaining 'alls ?
Drainage ? Constructions of verticals 'alls fencing pools etc ? pavements ?
ponds ? fountains ? sculpture ? steps ? ramps ? under'ater construction ?
precautions to riverban- and coastal constructions ? Eighting in garden and
ponds ? Avenue lighting ? terrace gardens ? .errace pool ? 3oc- garden.
(odu+e =
Horticulture aspects ? planting and transplanting ? planting techniques ?
techniques of propagation ? cutting pruning grafting training etc ? Ea'n ?
)reparations mo'ing maintenance etc. ? Hydroponics ? Bonsai.
Eandscape indoors ? @unctions and behavior of plants on interiors light air
and 'ater requirements ? Drainage ? %ndoor plant materials ? )otting and
repotting ? Eighting ? raising of interior plants.
Site )lanning = !evin Eynch and 1ary hach
Eandscape of man = 7ellicoe ; 7ellicoe
%ntroduction to landscape = (otloch 7.C.
7apanese 1ardens = Bring (.
Eandscape architecture = Simonds
)lanting design = Hac-ett
(odern 1ardens and the Eandscape = !assler
03AR1004 CO(>U%!R A>>&CA%&O#" &# ARC'%&!C%UR! &&
(odu+e & B De1e+o7ment o, com7uter and its a77+ication
Evolution of Computers Crgani/ation of computer systems Developments in
hard'are and soft'are technology. %nternet and on=line resources. Cvervie' of
current applications CAD concepts. Computer as a design medium applications
and limitations of computer in Architecture.
(odu+e && B Com7uter Aided Dra,ting
Concept of Computer aided drafting ? Conventional drafting and CAD. Brief
overvie' of related soft'are. &nits of a CAD 'or-station their operation and
critical parameters. Description of building geometry and topology 1eneral
(odu+e &&& B Com7uter $ra7hics
&nderstanding 6D co=ordinate system ? &sing vie' ports. 6D dra'ing ; editing
commands solid modeling ? Advanced solid modeling commands ? Editing
(odu+e &= B Com7uter $ra7hics
%ntroduction to rendering in 6D ? 3endering process animation and virtual
reality. Enhancing digital images from CAD applications using other pac-ages.
(odu+e = B Com7uter Aided Data Ana+.sis
Database management systems Basics of data analysis Soft'are for data
analysis. 3equirements of EngineeringBArchitectural databases Cffice
management systems. Analysis of structural problems cost estimation and
analysis. Analysis of pro*ect net'or- Analysis of environmental aspects such as
lighting and sound. Distribution using simplified models.
Cmura 1eorge O(astering AutoCAD 83elease "<:P B)B )ublications 2e'
Delhi "44A.
DH Sanders Computers .oday (c 1ra' Hill
(itchell Computer Aided Architectural Design $an 2ostrand
Broad bent Design in Architecture Filey %nternational
"i5th "emester ( "2 ) B.Arch Degree Course
(Effecti!e from "00# Admission on$ards)
03AR1201 ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# : =
.o introduce the students the design of multi storeyed buildings.
Short )ro*ect ? )reparation of For-ing Dra'ing
(a*or )ro*ect ? Apartments Hotels High 3ise Cffice Buildings etc.
Documentation Camp ? Documentation camp consists of preparation of
measured dra'ings of selected buildings B historic places inside and around the
state of !erala.
)lanning the architects handboo- ? Ed'ad d. (ills
.ime saver standards for building types ? D. Chiara ; Callender
2eufertHs Architects Data
Architectural graphic standards ? 3amseyBSleeper
B%S various codes of practice and 2ational Building code of %ndia
03AR1202 BU&D&#$ (A%!R&A" A#D CO#"%RUC%&O# : =
(odu+e &
Study of cost effective environment friendly construction = 3esearch and
development in the field of alternative building materials and cement ? role of
agencies li-e CB3% SE3C 33E H&DCC etc.
(odu+e &&
(ud construction ? Classification and engineering properties ? stabili/ation ?
details of mud 'all construction adobe construction ? Structural aspects ?
construction details of mud structure.
(odu+e &&&
@alse ceiling ? Suspended ceiling and false ceiling using aluminium sections
Construction details ? 'all paneling ? using different materials ? construction
details > Dra%ing ? @alse ceiling details 'all paneling details.
(odu+e &=
@ire design of buildings ? fire resistance of building elements fire rating and
assessment means of escape and their design building byela's regulating the
height and spread of buildings ? fire fighting equipment ? Automatic
Study of sound thermal insulation of buildings ? study of insulation materials.
(odu+e =
Details of 'ater supply and plumbing ? B%S specification ? layout ? ducts ?
hori/ontal and vertical.
Dra%ings ? 'ater supply and plumbing layout at the building level.
Construction .echnology ? $ol % to %$ ? 3. Chudler
Building Constrcution $ol % to %$ ? 7.!. (c !ay
Building (aterials ? 3ang'ala
A .ext boo- of Building construction ? Arora S) and Bindu S).
03AR1203 '&"%OR* OF ARC'&%!C%UR! : =
(odu+e &
Art ? 2ouveau and Art and crafts movement ? Advances in Engineering ?
7oseph )axton ? Eiffel to'er )aris ? Antonio 1audi Chicago School of
Architecture Bauhaus School ? 1reat masters li-e Eouis Sullivan @ran- Eloyd
Fright ? Ee Courbusier ? Falter 1roupius ? (ies ? $ander 3ohe.
(odu+e &&
%mpressionism ?Expressionism ? Cubism ? 2eoclassicism ? 2eoplasticism ?
Suprematicism ? Constructivism ? @uturism ? )ost modernism ?
For- and philosophy of follo'ing architects ? Eric (endalson Earo Saarinen
Cscar 2imeyar Alvar Alto Eouis !han (arcel Breur !en/o .ange !unio
(aye-a'a )hilip 7ohnson )E 2ervi Christopher Alexander .rotto*a
@re*otto )aul 3udolf 7affery Bava Hasan @athy S-idmore C'ingson and
(odu+e &&&
%nnovation and ideas of Archigram ? post modern architects li-e )eter Coo-
)aolo Soleri 3obert $entura 2orman @oster 3ichard 3ogers (ichael
1rover and 7ames Sterling.
(odu+e &=
For-s of @oreign Architects in %ndia and their influence ? Ed'in Eutyens Ee
Corbusier Eouis !han )hilip 7ohnson.
(odu+e =
For-s of %ndian Architects ? Eaurie Ba-er Charles Correa B.$. Doshi
!anvinde 3a* 3a'al Hafee/ Contractor )ithavadian 7oseph Stein.
A History of Architecture ? Sir Banister @letcher
History of Forld Architecture series
Encyclopaedia of (odern Architecture= 1erd Hat*e
03AR120) %OD# >A##&#$
(odu+e &
Crigin ; evolution of human settlements ? 3elevance of study of evolution of
human settlements ? Human settlements as an expression of civili/ation ?
.o'n planning in ancient medieval renaissance industrial and post industrial
(odu+e &&
Contribution of Ebene/er Ho'ard Ee Corbusier Clarance Stein )atric
1eddes Ee'is (umford C.A. Doxiadis and others to .o'n )lanning.
(odu+e &&&
%mpact of urbani/ation and industriali/ation on cities ? &rban environmental
problems ? Activity pattern and land use traffic and road net'or- ? Density
of population and population distribution ? &rban land use ? CBD urban
nodes rest of the city fringe area and suburbs ?%nternal special structure of
cities ? Concentric ring theory sector theory and multiple nuclei theory.
(odu+e &=
(aster plans ? Development plans ? .o'n planning schemes ? 2eighbourhood
planning ? Area planning ? 3egional planning ? .he planning components B
elements li-e land use /oning densities ? built areas floor area ratio )lot
reconstruction sub division regulations ? open versus built spaces ? &rban
form and life ? $arious planning surveys ? (apping planning process
(odu+e =
Eegal aspects of planning ? .o'n )lanning Act ? &rban Development
Authorities its setup and functions = Eand Acquisition Act ? A<
&rban Eand Ceiling Act ? Coastal 3egulation None Act.
". &rban )attern = Anthir 7. 1alion
#. History of &rban @orm from )re=history to 3enaissance = AE7 (orris
6. &rban ; 3egional )lanning = )eter Hall
<. &rbanisation ad Environmental )roblem = S.D. (aurya
+. An %ntroduction to Science of Human Settlements ? C.A. Doxiadis
03AR1200 D!"&$# OF RCC "%RUC%UR!"
(odu+e &
Basic design philosophy of Eimit state method ? %ntroduction to 'or-ing stress
method ? Comparison bet'een limit state method and 'or-ing state method.
(odu+e &&
Behaviour and Design of singly and doubly reinforced beams under flexure and
shear by limit state method.
(odu+e &&&
Design of one 'ay and t'o 'ay slabs. Design for torsion by limit state
(odu+e &=
Design of flanged beams 8. beam and E beam: = design of lintels sunshades
and staircase ? different types ? by limit state method.
(odu+e =
Design of short columns sub*ected to axial loads design of members sub*ected
to combined axial load and uniaxial and biaxial bending by limit state method.
Eimit state Design = Asho- ! 7ain
Design of concrete structures = &nni-shnan )illai ; Devdas (enon
Eimit state Design = 3amaChandran
03AR1202 DA%!R "U>>* A#D "A#&%AR* !#$&#!!R&#$
(odu+e 1
Sources of 'ater supply > Characteristics and comparative merits and defects ?
Estimating the requirements of 'ater ? factors affecting the consumption of
'ater ? rate consumption of different purposes ? Storage reservoirs.
Muantity of 'ater > %mpurities in 'ater Analysis of 'ater ? )hysical chemical
and bacteriological tests 'aterborne diseases.
(odu+e &&
.reatment of 'ater > Sedimentation ? coagulation ? filtration and disinfection
'ater softening ? Design of treatment unit ? Sedimentation tan- ? filter.
(odu+e &&&
Distribution system of 'ater> methods of distribution service reservoirs ?
capacity of service reservoir system of supply of 'ater method of layout of
distribution pipes design of distribution system. Hardy cross method. Fater
supply for multi=storeyed buildings special points regarding plumbing for hot
'ater supply in buildings. )ipe appurtenances ? Air valves reflux valves
relief valves scour valves s-ive valves stop coc-s use of pumps in 'ater
supply systems.
(odu+e &=
Collection of 'aste from buildings ? sources ? system of se'erage ? Drains =
Se'age ?catch basins ? aero manhole ? flushing tan-s ? se'er=materials ?
details of construction
%nspection chamber ? traps = House drainage ? principles of house drainage ?
sanitary fittings= system of plumbing ? storm 'ater disposal system= rainfall
and quantity of storm 'ater.
(odu+e =
Classification of 'astes ? Sullage and solid 'aste ? Characteristics of 'astes. =
Faste'ater treatment ? )rinciples and techniques ? disposal of treated 'ater=
Design of septic tan-s and oxidation ponds ? solid 'aste treatment ? )rinciples
and techniques ? @ood disposal.
". Fater supply and Sanitary Engineering ? Santhsoh-umar coarg.
#. Elements of )ublic Health Engineering ? !.2. Duggal
6. Fater supply and Sanitary Engineering ? S.!. Hussain
<. Fater supply and Sanitary Engineering = Chatter*ee
03AR1204 BU&D&#$ "!R=&C!" C !!C%R&F&CA%&O# A &$'%&#$
(odu+e &
@undamentals of Electrical Engineering > @aradayHs Ea' Een/Hs Ea'
Statically and dynamically induced emf self and mutual induction.
Alternating current > 1eneration of sinusoidal voltage and current 3(S and
average values form factor pea- factor phasor representation phase and
phase differences series and parallel 3EC circuit.
.hree phase system > 3epresentation ? star and delta connections phase
sequence phasor representation concept of balanced and unbalanced loads in
three phase system measurements of active po'er in single phase and three
phase systems.
(odu+e &&
Classification of voltages > Electrical services in buildings distribution of
electrical energy in domestic installation load survey segregation of loads
po'er and light loads main distribution board sub=distribution board and
distribution board. Firing systems ? conduit 8surface and concealed: and
casing and capping systems (CB (CCB S@& EECB.
(odu+e &&&
Electrical installation in commercial and high rise buildings concept of rising
mains indoor substation 8concept only: laying of cables principles of lighting
in buildings definitions and units types of luminaries and fittings design of
illumination scheme in halls and auditoriums calculation using point by point
method different types of lighting arrangements.
(odu+e &=
DC motors and AC motors > )rinciples and application methods of starting in
AC motors AC generators ? principle and E(@ equation. .ransformer ?
)rinciple types and E(@ equation.
(odu+e =
Electrical safety > Earthing ? pipe and plate earthing lightning protection in
buildings safety regulation in domestic commercial and high rise buildings
!erala Cinema 3egulation Act relating to electrical systems in cinema theater.
Discussion on lifts escalators.
". Electrical Design ? Estimating ; Costing ? !.B. 3aina S.!.
#. Electrical Firing ? Estimating ; Costing ? &ppal
6. ABC of Electrical Engineering ? 7ain ; 7ain
<. 2ational Electric Code 82EC:
+. !erala Cinema 3egulation Act ? "4+5
9. Bureau of %ndian Standards ? %S A6# %S A<# %S 6,<6.

!ighth "emester ( "6 ) B.Arch Degree Course
(Effecti!e from "00# Admission on$ards)
03AR1601 ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# : =&&
.o study the impact on existing landscape and urban environment ?
)reparation of pro*ect report.
Short )ro*ect > Cost effective housing for EFS
(a*or )ro*ect > Campus planning Housing %nstitutional Buildings Hospitals
Convention Centres Cld Age Homes 3esorts etc.
Study tour of "+ days to visit important places of architectural interest 'ithin
the country.
B%S Codes
2ational Building Code
!erala (unicipal Building 3ules
Callendar et al O.ime Saver StandardsP (c 1ra' Hill
)aul D. Spreinegar O&rban Design the Architecture of .o'ns and CitiesP (c
1ra' Hill.
1orden Culen O.o'nscapeP.
Edurand Bacon ODesign of CitiesP.
Ed'ard D. (ills O)lanning the Architects Handboo-P.
7ulius )anero ; Nelui- OHuman Decision and %nterior SpaceP Fhitney
Eibrary of Design )ublication "454.
03AR1602 BU&D&#$ (A%!R&A" A#D CO#"%RUC%&O#
(odu+e &
Study of advanced building materials for construction.
(odu+e &&
Study of air conditioning and electrification in buildings ? advancement in the
field ? Application of different systems ? )ositioning in buildings ? layout ?
Dra%ings ? Air=conditioning and electrical layouts in buildings.
(odu+e &&&
Constructional details of various structures in steel pre stressed concrete.
)ortal frame folded plates domes etc. )rinciples and cellular structures
Space frames tensile structure pneumatic structure. )roperties and application
of materials and method of construction.
Detail dra%ing ? folded plates portal frames space frames.
(odu+e &=
(odular coordination = module ? basic module ? multi modules= hori/ontal and
vertical modules and sub modules. (odular dimensioning and modular
)rinciples of pre=fabrication in construction ? application in %ndian context.
Dra'ings > 7ointing details of prefabricated members
(odu+e =
%ntroduction to earthqua-e resistant structures ? Concepts of stability
prevention of collapse ? Study of shear 'all and diagonal framing ?
Architectural details of earthqua-e resistant buildings.
Hand boo- of .imber Engineering ? B%S
Elementary Space Structure ? Subraminilal 2
Advanced Building Construction ? $.S. @aster
Shells membranes and spaceframes= Hi-i. !
03AR1603 BU&D&#$ "!R=&C!" &&& B A&R CO#D&%&O#&#$
(odu+e &
1eneral introduction ? Cb*ectives ? )rinciples of heat transfer ? Conduction ?
Convection ? 3adiation ? @ourier Ea' of heat conduction ? .hermal
conductivity ? Heat transfer coefficient ? Conduction through plane 'all ?
Cverall heat transfer coefficient ? Simple problems ? %nsulation ? )roperties of
%nsulation ? Critical thic-ness of insulation.
(odu+e &&
)rinciples of vapour compression system ? Simple cycle ? 3epresentation of
.S and )H diagrams ? CC) ? 3efrigerants and their properties ? (ixture
refrigerants ? 3efrigeration systems components ? Compressors ? Condensers
? Evaporators ? Expansion devices ? Cooling to'ers ? Air conditioning ?
Definition ? Comfort and industrial air conditioning.
(odu+e &&&
)sychrometry ? )sychrometric properties ? )sychrometric chart ?
)sychrometric process ? adiabatic mixing ? sensible heating and cooling ?
humidifying and dehumidifying = bypass factor ? Sensible heat factor ? 3oom
sensible hat factor ? 3SH@ and 1SH@ line ? Design condition ? Apparatus de'
point temperature ? air infiltration.
(odu+e &=
Summer air conditioning system ? 'inter air conditioning system ? heating
systems ? year round air conditioning ? Comfort air conditioning ? factors
effecting human body comfort ? Comfort chart ? Air distribution systems ?
duct systems ? si/es Eayout and mountings ? Effects of bends of ducts.
(odu+e =
Air conditioning systems ? 3oom air conditioners ? Split system ? )ac-aged
system ? all air system ? chilled 'ater system ? /oning ? (ar-et survey ?
2oise and noise control ? Study of approximate space requirements for various
components of air conditioning systems 8.humb rules:
)ro*ect 'or- ? Dra'ing should be prepared sho'ing all details of the system
of a building B part of building 8to be combined 'ith design pro*ect:.
3efrigeration ; Air conditioning ? (anohar )rasad
3efrigeration ; Air conditioning = C.). Arora
3efrigeration ; Air conditioning = F.@. Stoc-er
3efrigeration ; Air conditioning = ).E. Ballaney
3efrigeration ; Air conditioning = S.C. Arora and Dom-undu'aranes
03AR160) AD=A#C!D "%RUC%URA "*"%!(" &# ARC'&%!C%UR!
(odu+e &
Structures in Architecture Eoads on structures ? Different types ? Eoad
characteristics ? use of occupancy loads= Earth and 'ater loads Dynamic
loads earth qua-e loads etc. Structural requirements ? basic requirements li-e
strength equilibrium stability functionality economy and aesthetic.
(odu+e &&
Structural materials ? 3evie' of traditional materials ? properties ; uses of modern
materials li-e Steel Aluminum 3einforced Cement Concrete )re=stressed Concrete
)ly'ood 8different types: Structural plastics 1lasses Composites such as ferrocement
fibre reinforced concrete.
(odu+e &&&
Structural elements = Behaviour and application of tension compression flexural and
torsional elements and trusses frames plates arches cables and grid construction.
Structural systems different types ? Behavior of different structural system under loads.
(odu+e &=
Design design process and conceptual design of structural elements and systems.
Discussion on optimi/ation of structural elements and systems.
3einforcement detailing of structural elements li-e beams columns slabs footing
continuous beamsBslabs and structural system li-e framed structures arches grids flat
slabs as part of the structures.
(odu+e =
Structural safety Muality control aspects of structural elements and structural systems.
Durability criteria and fire safety as per %S code provisions.
Re,erence C
". Structures in Architecture By Saluadori ; Heller
#. Structural design in Architecture By. Saluadori ; Eeany
6. Concepts of structures By Nu-
<. Architectural structures by Co'an
+. Structural systems by Engil and Heinrinch
9. Structural system design By. 3obert A Coliman
A. Structural concepts and systems for Architects ; engineers By . I Ein and S D
5. % S <+9 #,,,
03AR1600 !"%&(A%&O# A#D ">!C&F&CA%&O#
(odu+e &
Specifications ? %mportance ob*ectives types ? )rinciples of specification
'riting C)FD and B%S specifications !erala standard specifications.
(odu+e &&
Specifications for materials ? Coarse aggregates bric-s cement sand paints
pipes and fittings ply'ood steel tiles timber.
(odu+e &&&
Specifications for clearing dismantling and demolition excavation and earth
'or- mortars concrete 'or- masonry 'or- stone 'or- 'ood 'or- iron and
steel 'or- flooring roofing and finishing 'or-.
(odu+e &=
Estimating units of measurement or various items of 'or- ? (ode of
measurement = (ethods of estimating = Exercise to 'rite do'n the detailed
estimate to find out the quantity of various items of 'or- of different types of
structures ? tiled roof 3.C.C. roof load bearing and framed structures.
(odu+e =
Schedule of rates for labour and materials and rate analysis standard data for
items bills of quantities and estimated cost. %ntroduction to computer
applications in estimation
Central )FD Specifications
!erala Standard Specifications
Standard Data Boo-
Estimating and costing by Cha-roborthi
Estimating and costing by 3oshan 2amavathi
%S "#,, ? and relevant %S codes
!+ecti1e &
03AR1602 %RA#">OR%A%&O# >A##&#$
(odu+e &
Scope of the sub*ect = 2ature of traffic problems in cities and measures to meet
the problems = Eand use and city planning controls ? %nterdependence of land
use and traffic system = Approach to transport planning
(odu+e &&
.raffic and the environment = Detrimental effects of traffic on the environment
? 2oise air pollution vibration visual intrusion and degrading the aesthetics
severance and land consumption ? situation in %ndia.
(odu+e &&&
.ransportation survey = .ype of surveys ? origin destination survey need and
uses of CD surveys survey methods. C.D matrix.
(odu+e &=
.raffic signs ? importance ? 2eed for international standardi/ation = 1eneral
principles and type of traffic sign = .raffic signals = )roducing ? )ar-ing
problems and ill effects ? )ar-ing space requirement standards.
(odu+e =
.raffic control aids and street furniture = Avenue planting and landscape ?
Mualities of trees in avenue planting
E.3. !adiyali ? .raffic Engineering and transport )lanning
)ual. H. Fright 2orman 7. Ashfod ? .ransportation Engineering = )lanning
and designL $u-an 3. $uchic ? &rban public transportation
Donald @ Food = Contemporary .ransportation.
!+ecti1e : &
03AR1602 $&" A URBA# D!=!O>(!#% A#A*"&"
(odu+e &
1eographic %nformation Science History Domains for 1%S Definitions of
1%S Components of 1%S Comparisons of various soft'are hard'are
requirements Digital cartography and conventional CAD.
(odu+e &&
Data models and data structure conceptual models of real 'orld entities or
field vector data models .essellation of continuous fields raster data models
use of models ? cadastre utility net'or-s land cover soil maps introduction
to data structure vector data structures and raster data structures. Hierarchical
data ? base structure 2et'or- data structure 3elational data structure Cb*ect
oriented database structure.
(odu+e &&&
%ntroduction to data input data capture methods digiti/ation rasterisation
attribute or feature code inputting verification and editing methods.
(odu+e &=
Creation of continuous surfaces and simple analysis of environmental problems
? (ountainous environmental land use studies ? %ntroduction to remote sensing
and environmental mapping ? gro'th and change in land use ? comparison of
land uses of different periods.
(odu+e =
Exercises in data base quarry distance and context operators cost?distance
and least cost path'ays Boolean operations on maps remote sensed data
explorations supervised and unsupervised classification and principal
component analysis.
)rinciples of 1eographic %nformation System ? )eter A. Burrough
%drissi (anual
AutoCAD (ap (anual
An introduction .o 1%S= %an Hey'ood Surah Cornelus Steve Carner
!+ecti1e &
03AR1602 !#=&RO#(!#%A (A#A$!(!#%
(odu+e &
(an and his physical environment = %mpact of population gro'th urbani/ation
industriali/ation on ? atmosphere 8climate and pollution: = 2ature 8forest and
land forms: = Fater 8ground 'ater and surface 'ater:
(odu+e &&
Critical urban environmental issues = )edestrians vehicular conflict city centre
environment housing areas environmental upgradation programmes =
Environmental approaches to design and planning rural settlements = &se of
alternate technology in planning and design of human settlements
(odu+e &&&
%ntroduction to Environmental %mpact Assessment 8E%A: Definition need
significance in various sectors ob*ectives ? 3ole of E%A in planning and
decision ma-ing process in planning level.
(odu+e &=
Site analysis = 2eed for site analysis inventory of site factors and their
mapping ? 2atural factors cultural factors and aesthetic factors = .opographic
surveys = Slope analysis ? Drainage pattern vegetation climate pattern
lin-ages density and /oning.
(odu+e =
Environmental policies and legislation = Stoc-holm conference "4A# &2E)
and its role Agenda #" = Agencies involved in protecting environment in %ndia
Harvey (. 3ubenstem ? A guide to site and environmental planning
3amachandra 1oha ? Environmentation ? A global history
1ilbert (. (asters ? %ntroduction to Environmental Engineering and Science
(undanthra Bala-rishanan ? Environmental problems and proposals in %ndia
Eldon.D. Enges Bradley @. Smith> Environmental Science ? a study of
An %ntroduction to 1%S ? %an Hey'ood Surah Cornelus
!+ecti1e &1
03AR1604 ARC%&!C%URA CO#"!R=A%&O#
(odu+e & C &ntroduction to Conser1ation
Definition and need for conservation = Criteria for conservation = (orphology
of historic to'ns = %ntroduction to the concept of heritage /ones ? Delineation
of heritage /ones
(odu+e && C Causes o, Deterioration
Study on deterioration and factors causing deterioration = Study of causes of
decay ? 1ravity gun rain sno' ice ground 'ater moisture dust 'ind =
Biological and botanical cases ? Animals birds insects fungi moulds lichens
= 2atural disasters ? @ire earthqua-es flood slum = (anmade causes ? Fars
pollution vibration vandalism and neglect
(odu+e &&& C %echniEue o, Conser1ation
Elements materials and techniques for conservation and documentation =
Historic building materials and construction techniques 'ith special reference
to %ndia 8Southern region: = 3epairs restoration and consolidation of historical
structures = Study of historical forms> ancient old modern spanning elements
arches )ortland vaults and domes pyramids flying buttresses.
(odu+e &= C Ur-an Conser1ation
Concept of integrated conservation. 3elated problems ? %ssues and solutions =
Appreciation of architectural vocabulary of traditional to'ns= spatial planning
qualitative and quantitative analysis of traditional built forms and elements
built form open space relationship
(odu+e = C $uide+ines@ >o+ic. Formu+ation And >+anning
Conservation of building environment and cultures of ne' development in
Kconservation areasH= Agencies invaded in conservation %CC3C( %CC(CS
$enice charter 8"449: Burra Characer 1etty conservation %nstitute = Heritage
commission and various other national and regional agencies.
". Conservation Engineering ? Erhalten historisch Bedetsamor Bav'eor-s
#. Character of .o'ns ? 3oy 'ors-ett
6. )lanning for conservation ? 3oger !ain
<. (arval for conservation ? Bernand @ieldon
+. Conservation and planning ? Alan Doby
9. Architectural conservation in Europe ? Sheoban Canta Cu/ino
A. Architectural conservation ? Ceral Erder
5. History of Building (aterials ? 2orman Davey
4. %nspection survey reports ; measuring %ndian building ? Bernard
!+ecti1e &1
03AR1604 RURA ARC'&%!C%UR!
(odu+e &
%ntroduction of rural architecture = 3ural environment rural forms rural
construction ancillary to forming operation
(odu+e &&
$illage planning = (orphology of %ndian villages rural settlement forms =
Crgani/ational structure ? Survey ? analy/ers and planning of villages
physical plans land use pattern amenity setups li-e schools mar-et place
village centres and facilities li-e drin-ing 'ater cooling fuels and
(odu+e &&&
3ural technology and crafts = A survey of rural crafts in different parts of the
country = Structural systems of vernacular architecture materials
improvements of materials tools of the trade construcion resource personnel
general structure and functional performance of vernacular architecture = Study
of vernacular architectural forms = Design of techniques based on thumb rules.
(odu+e &=
Building forms. 3ole of climate culture values tradition and living habits in
determining the housing form and layout = Eand use pattern gro'th and
change pattern in the typical !erala village = 3esource mapping of villages
methods and techniques
(odu+e =
Appropriate technology ? Agencies involved in developing appropriate
technology = 3ole of 2irmithi !endra ? Critical evaluation of ne' materials
and construction methods in comparison 'ith vernacular technologies = .ools
and techniques to determine its suitability.
". Ammos 3appoport ? House form and culture
#. &2ESCC (anual ? $illage planning
6. (ax'el @ry and 7ane Dra' ? .ropical Architecture
<. (ohan 3a* and 7ai Singh ? Advances in Building and Construction
!+ecti1e &1
03AR1604 URBA# D!"&$#
(odu+e & C Ur-an Design And &ts !1o+ution
2eed for urban design = .he scope and ob*ectives of urban design = .he
relation bet'een Architecture &rban design and &rban planning
(odu+e && C Ur-an "7aces and Ur-an &mage
Behavioral issues in urban design = )rinciples of urban spatial organi/ation
urban scale urban spaces urban massing quality of urban enclosure =
$isuali/ation of image of the city and its elements = )erceptions of urban
environment> !evin EynchHs principles
(odu+e &&& C %echniEues or Ur-an Design
&rban design policies ? @ormulation of policies for various components li-e
landscape infrastructure and built forms = &rban rene'al scope need and
procedure = &rban conservation and economic considerations ? 3oad form and
hierarchy = 3oad pattern pedestrian areas malls urban elements open spaces
and 'aterfront development.
(odu+e &= C Ur-an Design >ro/ect Formu+ation
&rban design pro*ects in various sales > 2ational metropolitan city and pro*ect
levels case studies = Surveying methods and techniques space lin-age = &rban
design principles ? sales and mass s-yline studies = &rban spaces and their
(odu+e 0 C !5ecution o, Ur-an Design >roducts
)ro*ects preparation = Agencies involved in the execution ?co=ordination role
of planning authorities = 3ole or urban arts commission &rban pro*ect
financing agencies.
". Community design and culture of cities ? Edudo.E. Eo/am
#. Concepts of urban design ? David 1oshng and Burry(aitland
6. Exterior Design in Architecture ? Ioshinra Ashihara
<. Architecture of to'ns and cities ? )aul.D.Sperigen
+. .he social logic of space ? Hiller.B.7.Hudson
9. .he ne' theory of urban design ? Alexander Christopher
A. .he image of the city ? !evin Eynch
5. .he ne' landscape ? Charles correa
4. .he architecture of cities ? 3ossi Aldo
",. .o'nscapes ? Collen 1arden
"". @inding lost spaces ? .oge .rani-
"#. .he art of building cities ? Sitte canmitto
#inth "emester ( "8 ) B.Arch Degree Course
(Effecti!e from "00# Admission on$ards)
03AR1801 ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# : =&&
Emphasis shall be on socio=economic and environmental aspects behavioural
studies> Survey techniques conservation and architectural design.
Short )ro*ect> Architectural detailing
(a*or )ro*ect> Design of commercial pla/as B mar-ets B urban developments
%S Codes = 2ational Building Code
!erala (unicipal Building 3ules
Callendar et al O.ime Saver StandardsP (c 1ra' Hill
)aul D. Spreinegar O&rban Design the Architecture of .o'ns and CitiesP (c
1ra' Hill.
1orden Culen O.o'nscapeP.
Ed'ard D. (ills O)lanning the Architects Handboo-P.
7ulius )anero ; Nelui- OHuman Decision and %nterior SpaceP Fhitney
Eibrary of Design )ublication "454.
03AR1802 >ROF!""&O#A >RAC%&C!
(odu+e &
Architects Act "4A# ? Council of Architecture ? @unctions and po'ers of
Council of Architecture ? Architects 8)rofessional conduct: 3egulations ?
Standard terms for comprehensive architectural services and for urban design
'or-s ? 1uidelines for architectural competition rules and regulations of
%ndian %nstitute of Architects ? @unction of %ndian %nstitute of Architects ?
Election of members students and subscribers privilege to members .
(odu+e &&
.enders ? %nviting opening and acceptance of .enders ? .ender notice ? For-
order letter ? .ender document ? Special notice and .ender acceptance letter ?
)ublic private and negotiated tenders ? .ypes of tenders ? %tem rate schedule
of rates 'ith percentage up or do'n Eumpsun Eumpsum percentage cost plus
percentage cost plus fixed fee cost plus fixed fee 'ith bonus and penalty ?
Eabour tender ? .ender for demolition 'or- ? Day 'or- ? )iece 'or- ? Daily
labour ? Earnest money deposit ? security deposit ? 3etention amount.
(odu+e &&&
Contract ? Definition and general principles ? .ypes of contract ? 'here
quantities form part of the contract and quantities do not form part of the
contract ? Discharge if contract ? Contract document ? Schedule of quantities
? Contract dra'ings ? Contract Sum ? Contract bills ? Architects instructions.
Duties and liabilities of contractor ? architect and employer under the contract
? Cler- of 'or-s ? Engineer in charge ? 3esident engineer ? 2ominated sub
contractor ? consultants ? liquidated damages ? $ariation and extras prime
cost and provisional sum ? Determination of contract. ? Certificates of
Arbitration ? Advantages of arbitration ? Appointment of Arbitrators and
&mpire ? )o'ers and duties of arbitrators ? role of umpire ? Arbitration
agreement ? Conduct of arbitration proceedings ? )ublications of the a'ard =
@iling of a'ard ? !inds of arbitration ?Arbitration and building contract.
(odu+e &=
$aluation ? Definition ? )urpose of valuation ? $alue price and cost = (ar-et
value ? @actors affecting value ? $alue classification ? Classification of
o'nership ? @reehold and leasehold ? $aluation reports ? .ypes of reports and
ingredients and valuation report= Different methods of valuation ? 3ental
method ? Eand and building basis method development method profit basis
method ? %llustrated examples and problems ? $aluation for easements.
(odu+e =
(anagement ? )rinciples of management ? )ractice of management ? Eevels
of management ? Scientific management ? )ersonal (anagement ? 3ole of
(anagement ? Eeadership motivation and co=ordination.
Cffice management ? System approach for pre=construction stage ? Dra'ing
si/es and sheet title ? @or'arding letters ? )ayment bills = 3egisters for
dispatch and documents ? For- output charts Stampings ? )reparation of
minutes ? Accounting ? Double entry single entry and boo- -eeping.
Supervision ? Muality control daily report system visual recording site
records and appurtenances ? Bench mar- ? Supervision of large pro*ects.
)rofession ? Cptions on centering the profession ? short comings 'hile
running o'n office ? Duties and responsibilities of the principal architect ?
Secure clientage ? Disciplines environment of the office.
)rofessional )ractice ? Estimation ; $aluation ? 3oshan H. 2amavathy
.heory and )ractice of $aluation ? 3oshan H. 2amavathy
)rofessional $aluation )ractice ? Aso- 2air
Construction (anagement ; Accounts ? $.2. $a/irani ; S.). Chandala.
Hand boo- of )rofessional Documents ? Council of Architecture
Architects 3eference (anual ? For-shops professional practice for Architects
by %%A !erala Chapter and .rivandrum Centre 2ovember "449.
03AR1803 CO#"%RUC%&O# (A#A$!(!#%
(odu+e &
%ntroduction to pro*ect management ? Cb*ective of construction management ?
.ypes of construction pro*ects ? )ro*ect management cycle ? )lanning
scheduling monitoring ; control.
(odu+e &&
%ntroduction to scheduling techniques ? Bar chart ? 1antt chart ? )rinciples
and application of C)( ; )E3..
(odu+e &&&
)ro*ect brea-do'n and net'or- graphics ? Allocation of resources ? 3esource
(odu+e &=
Expediting the pro*ect ? .ime cost tradeoff ? Cptimi/ation ?)ro*ect
management soft'are pac-ages.
(odu+e =
%ntroduction to construction economics and finance ? .ime value of money ?
Cash flo' ? Depreciation cost benefit analysis.
)E3. and C)( )rinciples and Application ? Srinath E.S.
)recedence and Arro' 2et'or-ing .echniques for Construction ? 3obert B.
.echniques or Construction 2et'or- Scheduling ? Stevens 7ames D.
@undamentals of )E3.BC)( and )ro*ect (anagement ? Bhattacha*ee S.!.
03AR180) %RAD&%&O#A ARC'&%!C%UR!

(odu+e & C &ntroduction
(eaning of the 'ord O$astuP ? Definition of the term O$astuP as given in
various K$astuH texts=origin and development of $astu Sastra through centuries
? categori/ation of silpins. .heir responsibility. (eaning of the term .achan
)erumthachan and .hachusasthram ? Categori/ation of land by name and by
various characteristics li-e climate use and location. Characteristics of
habitable land ? Selection of land for habitation Experiments to find the
suitability and the scientific explanations of the same. @ixing cardinal
directions as per the vastu texts. Selection of materials stone and timber.
(odu+e &&
&nderlying philosophy of $astusastra Brahmanda and )inhadna or system and
subsystem ? Concept of universe ? %ts practial version as used by Sthapathis ?
%ts significance in modern context ? Concepts of )ra-rithi and )urusha ?
Conepts of (andala ? )adam and )adavinyasam. Designation of Devas ?
(armams and sutras ? Scientific explanation of these 'ith respect of modern
technology ? Scale and proportion used in $astusastra ? .raditional scale ?
Angulam as the basic unit of measurement ? (atrangulam and (anangulam
their relationship 'ith human dimensions ? (easuring units relate to human
body. Eo'er units and higher units in the scale. Existence of a number of
measuring rods and their use. 3egional changes in actual measurement of the
measuring rod ? Standardi/ation of measurements '.r. to @)S system and (!S
(odu+e &&&
)lanning principles as explained in $astu Sastras ? )adavinyasam and
$eethinimaylam and their use in the planning of to'ns and cities ? %ts
significance in modern context ? Context of system and subsystem as applied
in to'n planning. )roportions used in the layout of roads 8(u/ha--ol: ?
Different category of roads ? (ain road secondary road and tertiary roads
their 'idth and characteristics etc. Different types of cities based on road
layout ? Sectors as envisage in scriptures and their characteristics provision
'ater supply drainage etc ? Study of traditional cities li-e (adura
.hiruvananthapuram 7aipur ? Different types of plots !shudra-shetram
Alpa-shethram and very large plots ? (inimum 'idth of each type ? Division
of large and very large plots. @ixing the si/e of the plot '.r. to the si/e of the
(odu+e &= C Residentia+ Bui+ding
Basic unit of residence ? E-asala ? %ts definition and characteristics ?
)roprotions of 'idth and length ? (inimum si/e of habitable room ? (inimum
measurement of the perimeter for habitable room ? )lanning of the core of
E-asala ? )ositioning of E-asala ' the plot in large and small plots ?
Di-sales and their preferential actuarities ? .here positions '
Brahmasthalam ? Development of E-salas 8hori/ontal and vertical: ? 3egional
changes in the development ? Combinations of E-salas to develop into higher
foms as the optimal solution for a residence ? Characteristics and planning of
2alu-ettu '.r. to -shetra-andam ? Definition of 2alu-ettu as err regional texts
? )lanning of 2alu-ettu '.r. to social requirement ? .ypes of 2alu-ettu 'ith
respect to planning of spaces provision of corridors and structural systems
Development of 2alu-ettu 8hori/ontal and vertical: to higher forms ? (aterial
used in the construction.
%mportance of perimeter in the design of buildings . minimum unit of perimeter
? Concept of Aroodham ? Ayadishadvaragam and their characteristics ? Ioni
as an architectural formula its measurements its compliance 'ith human scale
? scientific explanations.
(odu+e =
Ancient 'orship in !erala ? Development of temple cult in !erala. $aidi-
influence in the development ? %ts influence in planning of villages and
residences ? Development of .emples ? Earliest roc- cut temples at $i/hin*am
; !aviyur ? )lanning of temple as given in .antrasamuchayam ? Dandu as the
basic unit ? %ts definition ? )roporitoning of various spaces li-e Antharhara
8inner space : (adhyahara 8middle space: and Bahyahara 8outer space:
schematic diagram as per .antrasamuchaya )lanning of Santum ? %ts vertical
proportions ? Construction details of the roof of sanctum ? Different types of
sanctums = )lanning and designing of ancillary structures in Bahyahara ?
-oothambalam oottupura and gouram ? )roportioning of various spaces ?
Similarly 'ith residential Complex Construction details of !oothambalam and
Architecture (anasara 8tr: ? Dr.).!. Acharya ? A volumes
(ayamata 8tr: Bruno Dagens
(anushyalaya Chandri-a Bhastyam ? 8tr: ? Dr. Achuthan ; Dr. Balagopalan ..S.
$astuvidya )ravisi-a ? Dr. Achuthan ; Dr. Balagopalan ..S. )rabhu
.raditional 3esidential forms of (alabar Coast ? Dr. Ashalath .hampruan
$astuvidhanadipi-a ? Dr. Achuthan ; Dr. Balagopalan ..S. )rabhu
.emples of !erala ? HC Sircar
.emples of !erala ? Soudaa 3a*an
.emples of !erala ? Sri. 7aya-umar
03AR1800 'OU"&#$
(odu+e &
%ntroduction to housing in early settlements ? Evolution of settlement pattern
in !erala.
2ature and magnitude of housing problems in %ndia. )opulation Explosion
&rbani/ation trends Housing shortage etc. 3ole of housing in the 2ational
level ? Housing policies and programs in the various five year plans.
(odu+e &&
Study of &rban ; 3ural Housing Housing design and standards for &rban and
3ural areas conforming to the local climatic ; socio economic conditions.
Slums as a consequence of urbani/ation and industriali/ation Anatomy of
slums ? Crigin and gro'th Slum %mprovement and Slum Clearance.
(odu+e &&&
%mportant Housing schemes in %ndia for various categories li-e H.%.1 (.%.1
E.%.1 EFS etc. Housing agencies at the Central State ; Eocal levels.
Co=operative housing in %ndia.
(odu+e &=
Housing the poor through 2on 1overnmental agencies and through mass
involvement ? Concept of aided self help Study of relevant housing schemes B
2ational housing policy ? 2eed ; Cb*ectives critical appraisal of the same.
(odu+e =
Housing @inance ? %nstitutional finance for housing ? Sources of housing
finance and essential characteristics (a*or housing finance agencies at the
2ational level and State level li-e 2HB HD@C E%CH@ 1%C etc.
Study of high rise housing = )roblems ; )rospects.
&rban pattern = Arthur 1allion
Architecture of .o'n and cities = )aul Spriegregn
(ayamata = 7r. Bruna Dagins
Habitat %ndia = Dr. (isra and B. S Bhooshan
Habitat Asia = Dr. (isra and B. S Bhooshan
Slum improvement Act @ive Iear )lans
%nnovative Approaches .o Housing for the )oor = ! .homas )oulose
3eading (aterial on Housing= Eectures Compiled by %.)%
!+ecti1e &&1
03AR1802 ARC'&%!C%RUA >"*C'OO$*
(odu+e & C &ntroduction to Architectura+ >s.cho+og.
%ntroduction to the discipline its importance in the field of Architecture
understanding the principle of psychology ? @orm perception attention
concepts types of concepts physical settings and varied emotions.
(odu+e && C Creati1e %hin3ing
)rocess of creativity visual and creative thin-ing types of thin-ing directed
thin-ing convergent thin-ing divergent thin-ing articulation of masses and
spaces sense and sensation modalities ? language of architecture and its role
in creativity li-e rhythm harmony balance and other visual traits.
(odu+e &&& C !n1ironment and 'uman Res7onse
Environmental variables ? @ixed feature variable semi=permanent feature
variable ambient feature variable and human comfortment human adaptation
to the given environment collective behaviour and spatial order effects of
colour and behaviour in built environment.
(odu+e &= C Conce7t o, Beaut. And 'uman Attitude
)hilosophies of beauty aesthetics and physio=psycholocial association to it and
the human mind simulated by KpullH and KpushH factors of the environment
physical manifestation and emotional impact. Attitudes to'ards typical
physical settings form space and attitude relations.
(odu+e = C A77+ication o, >s.cho+og. in Architecture Design
Evaluation of the satisfactory levels of a residential building. )arameters to
provo-e desired emotions in the built environment Application of the
-no'ledge in the design of a residence community neighbourhood in all
stages of design.
(organ .. of Clifford O%ntroduction to )sychologyP .ata (c1ro' ? Hill
publications 2e' Ior- "456.
!ayem S.(. Opsychology in relation to designP Do'den Hutchinson and
3oss "4A6.
Hall E... O.he Hidden DimensionP 2e' Ior- Doubleday "499.
Canter D.$ ; Eee. .. )sychology and the Built EnvironmentP Architectural
)ress Eondon "4A<.
)roshans-y. H. %H leson. F.H. OEnvironmental )sychology ? )eople and their
physical settingsP 2e'yor- holt 3inchat and Finston "4A9.
!+ecti1e &&1
03AR1802 ARC'&%!C%UR! CR&%&C&"(
(odu+e & C &ntroduction to Architecture Criticism
%ntroduction and need for architecture criticism in the academy of architects.
Criticism in day=to=day transaction. Architecture criticism ? a societal
(odu+e && C C+assi,ication o, Architecture Criticism
.ypes and characteristics of Architectural criticism crux of normative
criticism interpretive criticism description criticism peer criticism
(odu+e &&& C #ature o, "u-:Di1ision o, Criticism
Sub=divisions of normative criticism interpretive criticism descriptive
criticism. &nderstanding the essence and purpose of each type and its
contemporary usage status=quo of Architectural criticism.
(odu+e &= C Rhetoric o, Architecture Criticism
.heory and grammar and practice of Architecture criticism its positive and
negative impact on the society. Survey of literature design maga/ines and
*ournals search for architecture criticism etc. collection.
(odu+e = C "etting ,or Architecture Criticism
%dentifying parameters or positive development in the society educating
people through criticism understanding the peopleHs need and catering to it
facilitating the people -no' their future and choices ends of criticism.
)evsner 2i-olaus OCanons of CriticismP )enguin Harmonds 'orth "4A".
Schuly=2orberg ; Chiristian O%ntentions in ArchitectureP (%. press
Cambridge "49+.
Huxtable Adaloci O!ic-ed a Building latelyP Muadrangle 2e' Ior- "4A9.
Charles 7enc-s O(odern movements in ArchitectureP Anchor garden city
Atoe Fayne OArchitecture and critical imaginationP 7ohn Filey ; sons Etd.
03AR1802 ARC'&%!C%URA D!"&$# >RO$RA((&#$
(odu+e &
%ntroduction bac-ground information data goal and ob*ectives difference bet'een
primary data and secondary data various stages involved in planning. Surveys and
studies analysis findings and recommendations monitoring evaluation and feedbac-.
Difference bet'een goal and ob*ective. Statement of goal and ob*ectives for an
architectural programme. $arious sources of information.
(odu+e &&
Architect as a designer team leader. Creativity 'or- psychology personalities 'ays
of generating three dimensional forms ne' attitudes to design different models.
Computer aided design aesthetic dimensions and process of design. Study of site site
analysis preparation of base maps graphical and verbal presentation.
Study of design sources=site site analysis ob*ectives and goals. 1eneral features and
conflicting factors affecting and influencing the site process of site analysis. Surveys
and preparation of base maps contour maps etc. graphical and verbal presentation.
(odu+e &&&
Difference bet'een net usable space gross usable space services and circulative space.
(ethod of analy/ing efficiency factor and index figure. Study of building rules and its
(odu+e &=
3eal estate value feasibility studies sale price fixed budget inflation time
management off site utilities land value and material cost. %tems of 'or- Bitems of
development budget land cost on site and offsite development building cost
predevelopment cost.
(odu+e =
)replanning and proposal phase programming phase schematic design phase design
development phase. Detailed development and chec-ing.
". EDFA3D...FH%.E> O%ntroduction to architectural programming
architectural mediaP .uscon> O Ac"4A#
#. !E$%2 EI2CH > OSite planning (%.P Cambridge (.A "49A
6. A%@%ED ( !E()EE3 > OArchitectural handboo-P
<. 1EC@@E3I B3CADBE2.> ODesign in architectureP
+. 7.(.N&A2DE> ODesign processP
9. @3A2! S(%.H> O.o thin-P
!+ecti1e B &&1
03AR1802 R!"!ARC' (!%'ODOO$*
(odu+e & C Research Aims A iterature "earch
3esearch Aims and )hilosophy research paradigms. Eiterature search and
revie' the use of libraries and data bases aim and structure of a literature
(odu+e && C "tatistics ,or Research
Statistics for research ? statistical concepts probability the hypothesis and
testing it descriptive statistics central tendency and dispersion. %nferential
statistics. %ntroduction to parametric and non=parametric methods.
(odu+e &&& C "cienti,ic Driting
)resentation %ntroduction to scholarly 'riting and publishing a paper 'riting
and presenting a conference paper presentation of scientific research.
(odu+e &= C &ntroduction to !57erimenta+ Design.
Analysis of a ne' problem )rinciples of experimental design @ield surveys
theoretical models and laboratory experiments.
(odu+e = C >h.sica+ and Beha1ioura+ research
%ntroduction to behavioural research and physical research. Behavioural
research obtain data questionnaires intervie's un=obstructive and
obstructive measures scales such as a semantic differentials physical research
laboratory resources available equipment for laboratory and site
1iere 3.2. O&nderstanding Scientific 3easoningP Holt 3inehart ; Finston
&.!. "44".
(oroney (.7. O@acts from @iguresP )enguin "44,.
Day 3.A. OHo' to Frite and )ublish a Scientific )aperP Cambridge
&niversity )ress 3.!. "44".
!+ecti1e &=
03AR1804 !#!R$* !FF&C&!#% ARC'&%!C%UR!
(odu+e &
.he energy crisis and the need for energy efficiency = )assive heating concepts
> direct gain induced gain and isolated gain = )assive cooling concepts >
(inimi/ation of direct beam radiation minimi/ation of conducted heat through
'alls and roof = Evaporative cooling radiative cooling = Exploitation of 'ind
'ater and earth for cooling in hot and arid /ones = )assive heating and cooling
concepts L 3oof pond roof radiations trap system earth sheltered structures
and earth air tunnels.
(odu+e &&
.heory of solar energy tapping = Systems of solar collectors = .ransport of heat
energy in air based solar system = Advantages and limitations = Active systems
for cooling and heating = %nter lin-ing of active and passive systems
(odu+e &&&
(odern energy conservation techniques = $arious methodsBtechniques of
energy conservation in building design = %mpact of conventional planning
considerations on solar architecture
(odu+e &=
@actors that affect energy use in building = @unctional factors environmental
factors envelope factors air conditioning system factors energy source factors
and electrical system factors = @rustration design for optimal day lighting
(odu+e =
(odification of microclimate through landscape elements for energy
conservation = Energy conservation through site selection siting and
orientation = Energy conservation through integration of building and site site
planning and site design
Bansal 2.! Havser 1.1. (in-e 1 = )assive Building Design
Sudha &.S Bansal &.! ).!. !umar A.!. (ali- (.A.S ? Solar )assive
Clgyaa ? Design 'ith climate
3obinette ? Eandscape planning for energy conservation
Bro'n 3D A gillespie ..7 microclimatic landscape design
(oss !erth ? Heat and (ass transfer in building services design
2icol f. Humphreys. ( Su-es. C 3oa* S. ? Standards or thermal comfort
!reider 7.). !eith @ ? Solar Heating and Cooling
Sch'c--ey 3 Filliams 7.E. ? Solar construction
!+ecti1e &=
03AR1804 CO"% !FF!C%&=! %!C'#OO$* &# BU&D&#$ CO#"%RUC%&O#
(odu+e &
Cost effective techniques> )lanning aspects construction aspects maintenance
and longevity aspects
(odu+e &&
Significance of building materials > percentage brea- up of materials and
labour = )ercentage brea- up of cost of different elements in a building =
)ercentage brea- up of various items of materials = )ercentage brea- up of
various types of labour = Analysis of these brea-ups for bringing in cost
(odu+e &&&
Choice of materials in %ndianB!erala conditions indigenous building materials
organic and inorganic building materials alternative building materials use of
industrial and agricultural 'astes = Survey of such materials development by
research industries li-e CB3% SE3C etc.
(odu+e &=
Significance of construction technology > 3elevance of improving of
traditional technology relevance of innovative technologyBalternate
technology survey of such technologies by various research institutes.
(odu+e =
Critical analysis 8in terms of initial investment maintenance cost and
longevity of buildings: of the local adaptation of the innovative technologies
by various agencies li-e 2BC 2%3(%.H% !E2D3A CCS.@C3D and others.
". Hand boo- of lo' cost housing
#. Eo' cost housing in development countries ? 1.C. (athe'
6. )ublication of CB3% SE3C 33E 2BC CCS.@C3D etc
!+ecti1e : &=
03AR1804 (A&#%!#A#C! A#D R!>A&R OF CO#"%RUC%!D FAC&&%&!"
(odu+e &
2eed for maintenance ? .ypes of maintenance ? %ntroduction to .ero
(odu+e &&
)erformance of Construction materials and components in service. Causes of
deterioration. )reventive measures and maintenance.
(odu+e &&&
)rinciples of assessment of 'eathering and durability characteristics of
(odu+e &=
Diagnosis of construction failures ? Dealing 'ith crac-s ? methods of repair in
concrete steel and timber structural components.
(odu+e =
Surface deterioration efflorescence causes prevention and protection ?
surface coatings and painting 'ater proofing grouting methods for
strengthening the existing structures.
Advances in Building (aterials and Construction ? (ohan 3ai (.). 7aisingh
)roperties of Concrete ? A.(. 2eville
)roceedings of %nternational Conference on (aintenance ; Durability of
Concrete Structures ? Edited by ). Dayaratnam 2$ 3amana 3ao.
!+ecti1e : &=
03AR1804 AD=A#C!D CO(>U%!R A>>&CA%&O#"
(odu+e &
Cvervie' of @undamentals ? %ntroduction to 2et'or-ing using Findo's
efficiently ? %nstalling soft'are and hard'are using scanners digital cameras.
(odu+e && (2D >resentations)
%ntroduction to 1raphic Soft'are ? )ainting dra'ing and image editing using
Adobe )hotoshop )aint shop )ro and Corel Dra'.
(odu+e &&& (3D A77+ications)
6D (odelling ? 3endering ; animation 'ith 6D studio ? Architectural
Des-top and (acromedia Applications.
(odu+e &= ((u+timedia)
%ntroduction to multimedia as a tool for design presentation using (S )o'er
)oint and %llustrator ? )reparation of multimedia report from 'eb.
(odu+e = (De- 7age Design)
FFF as a tool for the presentations of design information ? %ntroduction to
%nternet H.(E Cvervie' of Feb editors ? creating Feb 1raphics using
Adobe )rograms.
Fhite 3on ? Ho' Computers For-
Eppley (ar- ; Haleda David ? Hot Ein-s ; .he 1uide to Ein-ing Computers
Fyatt Allen ? Findo's 2. ? .he Complete 3eference
Cmusa 1eorge ? Advanced techniques n AutoCAD
Head 1eorge ? A&.CE%S) in )lain English
Elliot Steven (iller )hilip ; )yros 1regory ? %nside 6D Studio
$aughan .ay ? (ultimedia ? (odeling it 'or-
@ry Andre' ; David )aul ? Ho' to )ublish on the %nternet
1vadec-i 7oe ? .he $irtual 3elaity Construction !it
Coruich .im ? Computer %ntegrated Building Design
Food'ard Christorpher ; Ho'er 7ali ? Computing in Architectural )ractice
Bell ? 6D Studio Special Effects
Bain ? &sing Corel Dra'
Adele and Seth 1reen Berg ? @undamental )hotoshop +.+.