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A. Main Switchboard - Furnish and install the Service Entrance switchboards as herein specified
and shown on the associated electrical drawings.


A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions
and Division 1 Specifications, apply to this and the other Sections of Division 16.

B. Section 03300 - Cast-in-Place Concrete: Concrete pads.

C. Section 09900 - Painting.


The switchboard and overcurrent protection devices referenced herein are designed and
manufactured according to latest revision of the following specifications:

A. ANSI/NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code (NEC).

B. ANSI/IEEE C12.1 - Code for Electricity Metering.

C. ANSI C39.1 - Electrical Analog Indicating Instruments.

D. ANSI C57.13 - Instrument Transformers.

E. NEMA KS 1 - Enclosed Switches.

F. NEMA PB 2 – Deadfront Distribution Switchboards.

G. NEMA PB 2.1 - Proper Handling, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Deadfront

Switchboards Rated 600 Volts or Less.

H. NEMA PB 2.2 - Application Guide for Ground Fault Protective Devices for Equipment.

I. UL 50 - Cabinets and Boxes.

J. UL 98 - Enclosed and Dead Front Switches.

K. UL 891 - Dead-Front Switchboards.

L. UL 977 - Fused Power Circuit Devices.

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A. Shop Drawings shall indicate front and side enclosure elevations with overall dimensions shown;
conduit entrance locations and requirements; nameplate legends; size and number of horizontal
bus bars per phase, neutral, and ground; one-line diagrams; equipment schedule; and
switchboard instrument details.


A. Furnish products listed and classified by Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated and in

accordance with standards listed in Section 1.03.


A. Deliver, store, protect, and handle products in conformance with manufacturer's recommended
practices as outlined in applicable Installation and Maintenance Manuals.

B. Each switchboard section shall be delivered in individual shipping splits for ease of handling.
They shall be individually wrapped for protection and mounted on shipping skids.

C. Inspect and report concealed damage to carrier within their required time period.

D. Store in a clean, dry space. Maintain factory protection and/or provide an additional heavy
canvas or heavy plastic cover to protect structure from dirt, water, construction debris, and traffic.
Where applicable, provide adequate heating within enclosures to prevent condensation.

E. Handle in accordance with NEMA PB 2.1 and manufacturer's written instructions. Lift only by
lifting means provided for this express purpose. Handle carefully to avoid damage to
switchboard internal components, enclosure, and finish.


A. Conform to NEMA PB 2 service conditions during and after installation of switchboards.


A. Provide one (1) set of installation and maintenance instructions with each switchboard.
Instructions are to be easily identified and affixed within the incoming or main section of the



A. General: Furnish and install the service entrance 120/208 volt, 3 ph - 4w and 460/265 volt, 3ph -
4w switchboards as herein specified and shown on the associated electrical drawings. The
switchboard shall meet Underwriters Laboratories enclosure requirements, and be furnished with
an Underwriters Laboratories label. The entire switchboard is to be as fabricated by Square D.
Similar switchboards by General Electric, Siemens or Cutler Hammer/Westinghouse are

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B. Enclosure Construction: The switchboard shall be dead-front with front accessibility required.
The switchboard framework shall consist of steel channels bolted to the frame to rigidly support
the entire shipping section for moving on rollers and floor mounting. The framework is to be
formed of code gauge steel, rigidly welded and bolted together to support all cover plates,
bussing and component devices. Each switchboard section shall have an open bottom and an
individual removable top plate for installation and termination of conduit. Top and bottom conduit
areas are to be clearly shown and dimensioned on the shop drawings. The wireway front covers
shall be hinged to permit easy access to the branch circuit breaker load side terminals. The
paint finish shall be medium light gray, ANSI #49, applied by the electrodeposition process over
an iron phosphate pre-treatment.

C. Bussing: The switchboard bussing shall be of sufficient cross-sectional area to meet UL

Standard 891 on temperature rise. Through bus shall be tinplated copper. The through bus
shall have an ampacity as indicated on the drawings and shall be braced to have a short circuit
rating of 100,000 RMS symmetrical amperes. The through bus supports, connections and joints
are to be bolted with grade 5 hex head bolts and Belleville washers to minimize maintenance
requirements. No aluminum will be accepted.

D. Short Circuit Current Rating: Each switchboard, as a complete unit, shall be given a single short
circuit current rating by the manufacturer. Such rating shall be established by actual tests by the
manufacturer, in accordance with UL specifications, on equipment constructed similarly to the
subject switchboard.

E. Main Circuit Breaker shall be Type RL, thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker type, shall
be fixed, and individually mounted. Power terminals to accommodate either cable or bolted bus
connections. Brach circuit breakers shall be as herein indicated. Ampere ratings shall be as
shown on the drawings.

1. Circuit breakers shall be constructed in accordance with the following standards:

- UL 489
- IEC 157-1
- BS4752

2. Circuit Breakers shall be constructed using glass reinforced insulating material providing
superior dielectric strength. Current carrying components shall be completely isolated from
the handle and the accessory mounting area.

3. Each circuit breaker shall have common tripping of all poles and shall be trip-free.

4. The circuit breakers shall be quick-make, quick-break with an overcenter toggle operating
mechanism. Shall not be able to be teased into a neutral position.

5. Breaker handle and faceplate shall indicate rated ampacity. Breaker faceplate shall indicate
UL and IEC certification standards with applicable voltage systems and corresponding AIC

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6. Circuit breakers shall be factory sealed and shall have a date code on the face of the circuit
breaker. Poles shall be labeled with respective phase designations.

7. Handle position shall provide local trip indication.

8. Circuit breaker escutcheon shall have International I/O markings, in addition to standard
ON/OFF markings. Circuit breaker handle accessories shall provide provisions for locking
handle in the "ON" or "OFF" position.

9. Each circuit breaker shall be equipped with a push-to-trip button to mechanically operate the
circuit breaker tripping mechanism.

10. All circuit breakers shall be applied on systems where the available short circuit current on
the line side of the device is less than or equal to the interrupting rating of the circuit

11. Circuit breakers shall be UL listed for use with the following accessories: Shunt Trip, Under
Voltage Trip, Auxiliary Switch, Alarm Switch, Ground Fault Shunt Trip, Electrical Operators,
Cylinder Locks, Mechanical Lugs Kits, Compression Lugs Kits, and Handle Accessories.

12. Trip System

a. All main circuit breakers shall have a permanent trip unit containing individual thermal
and magnetic trip elements in each pole.
b. All circuit breakers shall have factory sealed thermal trip elements. The thermal trip
system shall be true RMS sensing and thermally responsive to protect circuit
conductors in a 40°C ambient temperature. Thermal elements shall be ambient
compensating above 40°C to provide consistent protection to circuit conductors.
c. Circuit breakers with frame sizes greater than 100 amperes shall have variable
magnetic trip elements, which are set by a single adjustment to simultaneously, adjust
the instantaneous trip point in all poles.
d. All main circuit breakers with the exception of the circuit breakers serving the
emergency system and fire pump shall be provided with shunt-trip mechanism to be
controlled by an emergency “off” switch to be located in the Fire Control Room. Final
location of the emergency “off” switch shall be field coordinated with the fire marshal to
ensure proper location.

F. The revenue current transformer compartment shall be located in the service entrance section of
the switchboard, connected for hot sequence metering. Provisions for current transformers
meeting PEPCO specifications shall be supplied. The compartment shall be barriered and
covered with a double-hinged door with sealing provisions. A voltmeter, ammeter and
power-factor meter shall be mounted in the door and supplied with potential and current
transformers and instrument transfer switches where required. All front plates used for mounting
meters, instrument transfer switches or other front mounted devices shall be hinged with all
wiring installed and laced with flexibility at the hinged side.



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A. Manufacturer shall provide a product warranty for a period of not less than five (5) years from
date of installation. Warranty shall cover unlimited replacement of system protection modules
during the warranty period.


A. Those firms responding to this specification shall provide proof that they have been regularly
engaged in the design, manufacturing and testing of Switchboards for not less than two (2)


A. Manufacturer's representative shall visit site, verify installation, and submit to Owner a letter
stating equipment and installation meets intent of Contract Documents, and manufacturer's
warranties and guarantees are in effect.


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