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Paper Cup Making Machine
Can I avail financing option from reputed banks for Paper Cup Making Project/Proposal?
Yes, you may approach national and private Indian Banks and discuss your financing options for setting up paper cup making
project. You may also approach aCertified Charted Accountantto aid you in preparing the documents required to be submitted to
the banks.
What is your guarantee period?
One year
What is your terms and conditions on machinery installation?
Once the machine is unloaded in the site and the required electrical work is completed at your end we will begin the installation
work. Customer will have to provide the machine mounts and will have to arrange for travel and accommodation charges for our
engineers visiting your site for installation work. We do not charge for installation and training.
Do you offer training to operate the machine?
Yes, we offer one week training and guidance for beginners. This is a free service on machines supplied by us. However, customers
will have to pay the cost of our engineers travel and accommodation - visiting your site
What is the delivery time to supply machine?
We require a minimum of 30 to 45 days to supply a machine. However, we can supply the machines from our stock available
How much space/real estate is required for one machine?
A minimum of 400 sq.ft is required for one machine including area for packing and raw material stock.
What is the electrical requirement and consumption?
The machine requires a minimum of 380 V, 3 Phase. The machine requires 5HP / 5Kva power.
What is the dimension and weight of the machine?
Cup Forming Machine 2700 x 1240 x 1700mm (L x W x H) Control Panel Box 750 x 570x 1070 mm Weight 1500 kilograms
What is the production rate of paper cups?
This machine can produce 40 to 50 pieces per minute.
Which GSM paper can be used in this machine?
This machine can manufacture paper cups with Paper GSM ranging from 135 to 320.
What are the different paper cup sizes a machine can produce?
By changing the mould in the machine you can manufacture 90 ml, 100 ml, 110ml, 150ml, 210ml, 250ml, 300 ml and 330 ml. Four
custom sizes like 170ml etc., special mould could be made as well as any size in-between 90ml to 330ml cups can be produced in
this machine JBZ-A12.
Do I need to invest in all the three machines?
To reduce your initial investment you can purchase a Paper Cup Making Machine and outsource printing and die cutting to an
experienced printing factory.
What kind of equipment do I needed to manufacture paper cups?
To manufacture paper cups from PE coated paper, there are three different machines and process. They are (1) Printing Machine
(2) Die Cutting and Creasing Machine, and (3) Paper Cup Forming Machine or Paper Cup Making Machine. Printing machine is used
to reproduce the desired image or graphics on the cup paper; die cutting machine is used to cut paper sheets as per the size
required for cup wall; Paper cup making machine is used to produce paper cup.

Cup Stock Paper
Do you supply paper boards without die cutting and punching?
Yes, we do supply single side PE coated boards without die cutting and punching as per your needs.
How much bottom real is required for a particular size?
Cup Size ml 90 ml 100 ml 110 ml 150 ml 210 ml 250 ml
Bottom per ton kgs 375 kgs 351 kgs 321 kgs 217 kgs 212 kgs 165 kgs
What is the paper size and quantity per ton?
Below are the workings:
Paper Size and Quantity per ton
Cup Size ml 90 ml 100 ml 110 ml 150 ml 210 ml 250 ml
Paper Size cms 78 x 56 78 x 59 79 x 58 80 x 58 83 x 61 86 x 61
Board Weight gms 80 gms 85 gms 85 gms 86 gms 94 gms 101 gms
Cups per board nos 36 nos 36 nos 32 nos 28 nos 24 nos 20 nos
Board per ton nos 12500 11700 11700 11627 10638 9900
Cups per ton nos 4,50,000 4,21,000 3,74,000 3,25,000 2,55,000 1,98,000
Bottom per ton kgs 375 kgs 351 kgs 321 kgs 271 kgs 212 kgs 165 kgs
What is your delivery time to supply ready to use paper cup blanks?
7 to 10 working days for both plain and printed paper cup blanks.
What is the paper GSM available?
185 GSM = 170 GSM paper + 15 GSM PE. Single side PE coated paper suitable for hot drinks and cold beverages.
What are the paper cup blank sizes available?
Our blanks are available in popular sizes, ranging from 90 ml to 250 ml.

Paper Cups
How much probably will I have to pay for a minimum order?
You will have to discuss your requirements with our sales team as prices can vary depending on the quantity and re-order cycle.
Call us at +91-4254-224002 or
What is your quality process and how do you check for leakage?
We stop leakage at our factory and dont let the cups reach our customers. Our quality control team performs varioustests to check
for leakage such as vacuumed check, air pressure test, tearing resistance test, sealing strength test, knurling strength test, bottom
strength. We also perform tests by filling hot and cold liquids in our cups and check for leakage the test duration is based on the
cup size.
What is your delivery time to supply paper cups?
For plain paper cups we can deliver within 3 working days. We also have express delivery service with short turnaround time. For
customized printed paper cups the initial order with printing and approval from your end is usually 3 weeks. For repeat orders the
delivery time is usually 7 to 10 working days.
What GSM paper do you use for different paper cup sizes?
We follow industry standards as below: 90 ml, 100 ml, 110ml and 150 ml 185 GSM 210 ml 195 GSM and 215 GSM We can also
customize the paper as per your requirements.
What is your minimum order quantity for export orders?
We need minimum 1 to 2, 40ft HQ containers that is about 68 CBM per container.
How do you package the cups? Do you offer customized packing?
We pack the cups in plastic sleeves in stacks of 100 pieces and finally pack in 5 ply carton boxes with 70 sleeves and a total of
7,000 pieces per box. We also offer customized packing with custom printing on the sleeves and carton boxes as per your
What is the price difference between printed and plain paper cups?
On an average the cost of printing one colour is 0.02 paise in addition to the base paper cup size. This many vary and also depend
on the MOQ.
Do you provide support in branding and having our own brand names in paper cups?
Yes, we do support and offer assistance in designing the cups with the information you would like your customers to receive to
promote your product and brand. We can also print your brand name on cups. For customized printed cups MOQ is applicable.
What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) required for printed paper cups?
We require a MOQ of 1,00,000 pieces per size and design. There will be one time cost of designing, plate and film making which will
be done by the customer. The cost may vary depending upon the number of colours, size and order quantity.
Do you manufacture multicolour printed paper cups?
Yes, we manufacture multicolour printed paper cups. Our offset press can process up to four colours prints and we can create real
life pictures and images on the cups. All the inks used in our press are of food grade and LED free and we can assure our cups are
hygienic and odour free.
What is your production capacity?
Our current production capacity is 60,00,000 cups per month.
What sizes of paper cups do you manufacture?
We manufacture single side PE coated paper cups suitable for hot drinks and cold beverages ranging from 90 ml /3.03 oz. to 210
ml / 7.10 oz. Our cups are available in plain, single and multicolour prints.