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The Legal System and ADR Analysis

Susan R Green
LAW 531
May 26 2014
Denise Brown

The Legal System and ADR Analysis
TO: Law Manager of Business Disputes
FROM: Member of Court Systems
DATE: May 26 2014
SUBJECT: Review Typical State Court System
I am writing this memo in alignment with the case that I was assigned to involvement in the personal life
of clients. My case involves my client Michael who would like initiate divorce proceedings from his soon to be ex-
wife. The case issued in the court system and we have just initiated it court proceedings.
The case details are as follows, Michael works as a CPA spokesperson and legal representative whereas
her wife Veronica is also a working as a CPA. Michael and Veronica married for twenty-five years, however,
personal problems lead them to file for divorce. The objective of the issue is business related; Michael has
appointed as a business partner at his firm. He now holds five percent shares in it that equals to the total value of
$2.5 million. Also, he had to pay the debt obligation of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
The partnership according to his firm plainly specifies appropriate amount of interest that can be
repurchased for objectionable grounds In addition to this, this lawful contract has restricted the deliberate
disclosures of financial records covering returns from annual duties and remuneration of other partners.
The alternative methods of dispute resolution that the couple in this case have selected is mediation.
Mediation is a casual way of litigation where opposite parties attempt to work out a solution to settle their
disputes. Michael and Veronica are definite to continue amicably as they are experienced enough to know the

profit and loss or costs and benefits of the court proceedings. In reviewing the case, if the mediation fails and
settlement have not reached among both parties, conventional divorce will be commanded along with the related
rights of discovery and estimation Michaels partner shares. Both parties agreed to the terms and conditions and
they are ready to face risks and uncertainties.
My client has selected mediation for court proceedings because the partnership contract provides him
worth for ownership in his firm whereas Veronica would need to provide impervious of other value she would not
be able to collect for the mediation process.
The process of ADR that will be more appropriate to pursue is shadow counsel. The objective of this
process is keeping Michaels firm financial proceedings out from personal matters. If the divorce is not settled
through mediation my client will have to pay both attorney journals along with other CPA and partners. Thus, the
expenses would intensify to more than half a million.
In conclusion, it is in my client's best interest to precede with mediation in his divorce proceedings.
Mediation is the stress-free and minimum affluent process for both of the applicants. It would be applied to
inquire from Michael and Veronica about the regulatory value of resources they possess for court cases.
Please communicate with us in case of any query or if additional information required for the issue. Your
suggestions are crucial for us kindly inform us if the report needs further improvement
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