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200 Richey Road
Leesburg, Florida 34748
Phone: 352-787-5696 Email:
Meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of Each Month at 7:00pm
Chartered January 15th, 1868
June 2014
Vol. VIII Issue VI

Officers for 2013
Worshipful Master WMJohn Haas (Tina) 360-9114
Senior Warden Bro. Ron Glover..874-9504
Junior Warden WJim Campbell (Becky) ......552-7996
Treasurer WLarry Duff (Brenda)..874-2164
Secretary W Hank DeBerry (Paula)..... 430-0238
Lodge ............................... . 787-5696
Senior Deacon Br. Jeff Lamb (Sherri).... .753-0277
Junior Deacon Br. Wayne Reynolds........407-484-0096
Senior Steward Br. Ed Spencer.324-2134
Junior Steward Vacant
Tyler Br. Richard Follett...406-8831
Chaplain Vacant
Marshal WJim Angelos 255-1724
Organist Vacant
Lodge Instructor WHank DeBerry (Paula)...330-7311
Lodge Historian R W Joseph T. Price ... 787-0652
Librarian W Larry Duff (Brenda).874-2164

Trestle Board WHank DeBerry (Paula).. 330-7311
Trestle Board Printing Leesburg Printing .. 787-3348
Lodge Web Mail

Committees for 2014

Board of Relief
Chairman WMJohn Haas, Ron Glover, Jeff Lamb

Lodge Property
Chairman Ron Glover, WDon McIntyre, WJim Angelos,

Finance - Investments & Budget
Chairman Ron Glover, RW Ken Graves,
WTom Russell, WLarry Duff, WMJohn Haas

Chairman WJim Campbell, WBob Browning, Jeff Lamb,

Charity & Scholarships
Chairman Wayne Reynolds, Sec. WHank DeBerry, Ed Spencer

Chairman WHank DeBerry, Ron Glover, Jeff Lamb

Lodge Mentors
Chairman WLarry Duff, WHank DeBerry, all Past Masters

Chairman WDon McIntyre, Sr., WBob Browning, Jeff Lamb

Petitions Investigation
Chairman WMHaas, WLarry Duff, W Hank DeBerry

Investigations Interviews
WM John Haas will appoint as needed

Chairman WJim Angelos, WBob Browning, Ed Spencer

Activities & Awards

Chairman WM John Haas, Ron Glover, Jeff Lamb

Officers meet at 6:00pm, first stated meeting, Committee Chairman
meet the second meeting of each month for business and planning.
Past Masters

Charles Porter 1959
G. Kiser Hardaway 1964
Jack Holloway 1968
RWRay Richardson 1969*
William Ed Davison 1974
Robert H. Smith 1977
RWColin Crews 1980^*
H. C. Connell 1985
RWTheodore Jansen 1986*
RWJoseph T. Price 1987*
Michael Dozier 1988
John H. Meier V 1989
Jay A. Frizzell, Jr. 1992
Raleigh Sorenson 1993/1994
Don Barfield 1996
Tom Russell 1997/1998/2002
Mervyn Harris 1999
RWKenneth Graves 2000*
RH Thomas E. Beach 2001
Robert H. Browning 2003/2004
RWDennis Ricker
Roland P. Gibson 2006
Bill Green 2008
Richard Ecott 2009
Donald McIntyre, Sr. 2010
Randall Jesmok 2011
Larry Duff 2012
Jim Angelos 2013
Past Masters

Carl Anzelmo
Henry DeBerry
MWJoseph Brearley
Jack Delauter
Robert C. Gleckler
Robert Kennedy
Clifford Moore
Frank Peregrin
Glenn A. Reynolds*^
Edwin Robbins
Robert L. Welch
Forest Case*
Wayne Parks
Fred Lint
Raymond D Trudeau
John R. Haas
Gary Towne
Jim Campbell
Joseph Brearley#

^ Past District Instructor
* Past DDGM
# Past Grand Master
18th Masonic District
DDGM RW Ed Lisle 352-669-8909
District Instructor RH Alan Heist 407-718-5841
Chaplins Corner
My Brothers, we recently celebrated Memorial Day and I want to take a moment to thank all our vet-
erans all over the country and the world for their service and sacrifice. We take a lot for granted now
a days but I believe we should never take a mans service to his country for granted. I am reminded
by this when I think of a slogan we had over the door of the Petty Officers Second Class mess.
Through these doors, walk men, SECOND to no man Our servicemen and women are not second class citi-
zens and they should not be treated as such by anyone. The Great Architect has created man in his own image
and equal in the eyes of God, should we think we know better? Our great Masonic Fraternity teaches us that
we should judge a man by his inner self not his outer appearance and that has been our creed since time imme-
morial. Brothers I ask you to think of our Brothers and Sisters in harms way and send them your support and
prayers. Fathers Day is coming soon and we should also remember to thank those who helped to bring life to
us in this world. May the Great Architect bless and keep you all.

St. John the Baptist, Patron Saint
By history, custom, tradition and ritualistic requirements, the Craft holds in veneration the Festival Days of St.
John the Baptist on June 24th, and St. John the Evangelist on December 27th. Any Blue Lodge that forgets either of
these important Festival Days forfeits a precious link with the past and loses an opportunity for the renewal of alle-
giance to everything in Freemasonry symbolized by these Patron Saints. No satisfactory explanation has yet been
advanced to explain why operative Masons adopted these two particular Christian saints, when, for example, St.
Thomas, the patron of architecture and building, was already in wide use. Regardless, Freemasons agree that the
choice of these two ancient Brethren was, indeed, wise. No other two great teachers, wise men, or saints could have
been found who better exemplified through their lives and works the sublime doctrine and ageless teachings of Free-
masonry. Since on June 24
we celebrate St John the Baptist, this article will mainly focus on him.

It was a common custom in the Middle Ages for craftsmen to place themselves under the protection of some
saint of the church. All the London trades appear to have arranged themselves under the banner of some saint and if
possible they chose one who bore fancied relation to their trades. Thus, the fishmongers adopted St. Peter; glove
makers chose St. Crispin; guards chose St. Matthew; tilers chose St. Barbara; tailors often chose Eve; lawyers se-
lected St. Mark; lead workers chose St. Sebastian; stone cutters chose the Four Crowned Martyrs; doctors chose St.
Luke; astronomers chose St. Dominic; and so on. Eleven or more medieval trade guilds chose John the Baptist as
their Patron Saint. Even after exhaustive research by some of the best Masonic scholars, no one can say with any
certainty why Freemasons adopted the two Saints John, or why they continue to celebrate feast days when they once
held a far different significance. However, the appropriateness of the two Johns is obvious in our system of Great
Moral Teachings, if we consider the spiritual suggestion of their lives.

St. John the Baptist was a stern and just man, intolerant of sham, of pretense, of weakness. He was a man of
strength and fire, uncompromising with evil or expediency, and, yet, courageous, humble, sincere, and magnani-
mous. A character at once heroic and of rugged nobility, the Greatest of Teachers said of the Baptist: "Among them
that are born of woman, there hath not arisen a greater than John the Baptist." (Cont. page 4)

WM John Haas
What do we know about John the Baptist? John had a popular ministry. It is generally thought that his ministry
started when he was about the age of 27, spreading a message of repentance to the people of Jerusalem. John's minis-
try became so popular that many wondered if he was the Messiah prophesized in the ancient Hebrew teachings.

We are also told that John the Baptist baptized Jesus after which he stepped away and told his disciples to follow
Jesus. It would seem logical that these two would combine their ministries. Oddly enough, however, they apparently
never met again. Descriptions from various historical sources seem to indicate that John was a strong, handsome,
well-formed man, and there is every indication that he was attractive to the opposite sex. However, we know that he
never married, and chose to devote his life to his ministry. In addition to being concerned with the spiritual reforma-
tion of the people of the Hebrew nation, John was also interested in the affairs of state.

John's ministry and life ended when he admonished Herod and his wife, Herodias, for their sinful behavior. John
was imprisoned and was eventually beheaded. Saint Jerome wrote that Herod kept the head for a long time after,
stabbing the tongue with his dagger in a demented attempt to continuously inflict punishment upon John. After he
was murdered, John's disciples came and buried his body, and then went and told the Great Teacher all that had hap-
pened. The Carpenter responded to the news of John's death by saying, "John was a lamp that burned and gave
Light, and you chose for a time to enjoy his Light."

St. John's Day, June 24, symbolically marks the summer solstice, when nature attains the zenith of light and life
and joy. St. John's day in winter, December 27, symbolizes the turn of the sun's farthest journey - the attainment of
wisdom, the rewards of a well-spent life, and love toward one's fellow man. The Festivals of the Saints John bear
the names of Christian Saints, but ages ago, long before the Christian era, they bore other names. Freemasonry
adopted these festivals and the Christian names, but has taken away Christian dogma, and made their observance
universal for all men of all beliefs. The Catholic Church observes the birth of the Baptist as a hallowed event. Inter-
estingly, they have no such commemoration for the birth of any of the other Saints.

In addition to being the initial Patron Saint of Freemasons, the Baptist was also considered to be the Patron Saint
of the following: Bird dealers, convulsions, cutters, epilepsy, furriers, hailstorms, Knights Hospitaller, Knights of
Malta, lambs, Maltese Knights, monastic life, motorways, printers, spasms, and oars.

The first Grand Lodge organized in England in 1717, on the Festival Day of the Baptist. The United Grand
Lodge of England was created in 1813 on the Festival Day of the Evangelist. The day of St. John the Baptist is truly
symbolic of a day of beginnings, while the day of the Evangelist is symbolic of endings.

The Volume of Sacred Law tells us that when the multitudes asked of the Baptist, "What shall we do", John re-
sponded, thusly: "He that hath two coats, let him give to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do in like
manner." To the tax collectors, he enjoined then not to exact more than the rate of taxes fixed by law. To the sol-
diers, who served as the police of those times, he recommended not to do violence to any man, nor falsely to de-
nounce anyone.

St. John the Baptist was a man of character and integrity, and someone we would all do well to emulate. John
was a humble man, in the best sense of the word. John preached a message of repentance. Repentance means more
than just saying that, "you are sorry." The Greek word "metanoia," from which the word "repentance" comes literally
means, "to turn around." In other words, John urged his followers to literally turn around and move in a new direc-
tion, i.e., to move toward God instead of away from God - mere lip service was not enough because actions speak
louder than words. John wanted his followers to live lives that demonstrated their orientation toward God. Moreover,
he preached this message not only with his words, but through his actions as well.

John the Baptist was simply a man who lived in one particular historical moment. Yet, his message of repen-
tance, humility, devotion and love of God transcends time and culture. It is a message that is just as urgent and just
as true today as it was 2,000 years ago. It is a message that was illustrated by John's daily life. Moreover, it is a mes-
sage that underscores so many of the values that Freemasons today exalt as ideals for the living of a moral life.

Our ritual speaks of a Lodge of the Holy Saints John at Jerusalem. Many Brethren take this to refer to a Lodge at
Jerusalem when it actually only refers to the Holy Saints John as being at Jerusalem. Hundreds of years ago, Scottish
(Continued page 5)
Lodges were referred to as Saint Johns' Lodges. Therefore, when a Brother referred to himself as coming from a
Lodge of the Holy Saints John at Jerusalem, he meant only that he came from a Scottish Lodge. When were the
Holy Saints John selected as patrons of our Order? We do not have exact dates, but our ancient manuscripts indicate
that St. John the Baptist was selected by Scottish, and later British, Lodges long before the Evangelist who appears
for the first time in any Masonic documents in the 17th century.

We may never know the truth about John's historical relationship with Freemasonry. We may never find out if
he was a member of our Fraternity, although it is highly unlikely that he was. The truth is that it really does not mat-
ter if he was a member of our Ancient Craft. Freemasonry honors the humble man who came to be known as St.
John the Baptist because his entire life exemplified duty to God through his faith, his religious practices, and through
the very living of his life. It is regrettable that we note an apparent increasing disinterest on the part of Lodges and
our Brethren to honor the two Patron Saints of our Order. It is not that these two Saints need to be honored based on
any ancient rituals and tradition. Rather, by holding an annual celebration in their honor, we recall to ourselves the
great moral lessons each taught, and the example of piety and devotion to Deity they exhibited throughout their

The imminent Masonic scholar, Joseph Fort Newton, wrote, "Righteousness and Love -- those two words do not
fall short of telling the whole duty of a man and a Freemason." And Freemasons around the world could do no better
in their choice of a Patron Saint and a model for living than they have in John the Baptist - a man whose life contin-
ues to shine as an example to us all - Mason and non-Mason alike!
My Brothers, I am truly sorry to have to
begin this column like this but I am totally disgusted
and disappointed! Our line officers worked for
weeks getting ready for the Initiation of a new Ma-
son. They had their lines down and the floorwork
was right on the money and THERE WAS NO ONE
THERE TO SEE IT! What does this tell our candi-
date when he opens his eyes to the Light and sees
nobody but the officers there to greet him? How do
you think that makes him feel? We had one Past
Master there (Thank You W. Don McIntyre), the
Senior Wardens father and a Brother from Clermont
Lodge both of whom were friends of the candidate! I
know this Brothers because I sat there in the Secre-
taries chair and can see every seat in this Lodge!
How many were at your Initiation and how good did
it make you feel that you were being welcomed by
the Brothers into this great Fraternity? I remember
my Initiation like it was yesterday and I still remem-
ber the first person I saw and I remember the warm
feeling I got when all the Brothers crowded around
and greeted me shaking my hand and welcoming me
to the Lodge. This is a feeling that will never go
away and an impression you only get one chance to
make. I sincerely hope that this new Brothers feel-
ings for this Fraternity and this Lodge do not wither
and die! Brothers we are losing Brothers every day
and our great Fraternity will be dead and gone if we
do not get new members in our ranks. Florida has
approximately 35,800 Master Masons right now and
this figure was upwards of 63,700 just twenty years
ago! Where are we going to get our Brothers? We
have to show the ones we do get, that we care and
they, in turn, will tell their friends and family of the
great works and friends they have made by joining.
Otherwise we might as well roll up the carpets and
close the doors because we will be gone! We have
two Brothers in the pipeline right now working on
their EA catechism. Are YOU going to be there to
see them get their Fellow Craft?
At the last count, 28 Brothers had bought
tickets to the Masters BBQ on June 21. This is one
of the biggest fundraisers of the year for us and we
need it to keep the doors open and the lights on. We
still have 21 Brothers who havent paid their 2014
dues. Men, we all knelt at the altar and took an Ob-
ligation, are we going to keep that Obligation? I
doubt I have made any friends today and for that I
am truly sorry. I feel that you all deserve the
truth from me as your Secretary and I hope I
can give it every time.
From the West
Bro. Ron Glover
Hello Brothers,

I hope this month is finding everybody well.

I hope everybody had a great Mother's Day and for
those that couldn't make it on the 11
for our Sunday
dinner, you missed some outstanding food and fellow-
ship. I would like to take a moment to remind every-
body that there will not be a Saturday breakfast in the
month of June due to the first Saturday falling directly
before the second Sunday, the day of our dinners.

For the Brothers that missed it, we had an Entered Ap-
prentice Degree on Friday May 9
where we initiated
George Dallas Pruitt into our Masonic brotherhood. I
must admit that it was disappointing that we only had
two brothers show up to welcome him into our brother-
hood, nevertheless he was excited about this new chap-
ter in his life and can't wait to continue his Masonic

The last week in May are the Grand Lodge meetings in
Orlando. WM John Haas, myself, and PM Larry Duff,
going as proxy for JW Jim Campbell, are looking for-
ward to representing the Lodge in our votes for the
Grand Line Officers for next year.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer and re-
member to wear your hats and use sunscreen.

From the Secretary
WHank DeBerry
My Brothers this will be short and
sweet this month as I and my wife Becky
are again on the road. I have left the
kitchen crew in charge and I have every
confidence that they will do well. This
coming dinner will be Chicken Marinara
with spaghetti or Veal Oscar with Bar-
naise sauce. We will be having mashed
potatoes and asparagus or Brussell
sprouts. There will be the usual tossed
salad, drinks and deserts (either sugared
or sugar free) . This meal is only one of
several we have planned out for the year
and I sincerely hope that all the Brothers
and their families will come out and enjoy
the good food an fellowship of our Lodge.

These meals are a major fund raiser
for the Lodge and our biggest one is com-
ing up at the Masters BBQ which will be
on June 21st 11:00 - 2:00 PM I hope you
have bought your tickets for this event be-
cause the BBQ is going to be delicious!
We will have all the sides and cold drinks
and deserts and all for just $9.00. I look
forward to seeing you there Brothers and
in the Lodge on meeting nights.

Dont forget we have a meal planned
for the second meeting of the month,
June 17th, so come out and visit before
the Communication.
June 2014

June 2 - Boy Scout Troop 1 Meeting - 7:00 PM
June 3 - Stated Communication - 7:30 PM
June 4 - York Rite - Leesburg - 7:30 PM
June 5 - OES meeting - Leesburg - 7:30 PM
June 7 - First Saturday Breakfast Cancelled
June 8 - Second Sunday Dinner - 11:30-1:00 PM
June 9 - Rainbow Assembly 79 - Mt Dora- 7:00 PM
June 11 - Open Books/ School of Instruction
Tavares - 6:00 PM
June 16 - DeMolay @ Eustis Lodge - 7:00 PM
June 17 - Stated Communication - 7:00PM
June 18 - Masters and Wardens-Eustis No 85 - 7:30
June 21 - First Day of Summer!
June 21 - Masters BBQ - 11:00-2:00PM

June 2014
From the South
W Jim Campbell
Once again Brothers and Sis-
ters we ask that you please
DO NOT drive on the grass
next to the Lodge parking lot.
It is leaving ruts in the
ground and they are hard to
mow over. Thank You!
-Yard Maintenance Guy-

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"You get out of Masonry only what you put in it."

No. 79 at Mt. Dora

Lets not forget the young Ladies of our local
Rainbow Chapter. They need our support.
We should also remember they are the future
of our Ladies organizations and future leaders in our
communities. Meetings are at 7:00pm on the 2nd
and 4th Mondays of each month at Mt. Dora Lodge.
Know a young Lady who might want to join,
you can contact Chapter Mom Debbie Dyer at 407-
908-6973 or Chapter Dad Warren Shippee at 321-
Attend a meeting and be impressed.

At Eustis

Lets also not forget the young Men of our
local DeMolay Chapter.
They also need our support. We should also
remember they are the future of Masonry and future
leaders in our communities. Meetings are at 7:00pm
on the 1 and 3rd Mondays of each month at Eustis
Lodge. Know a Man who might want to join, you
can contact Granddaddy Philip Paul at 407-832-
8771. Attend a meeting and be impressed.

Stated Communication Meetings

Leesburg No. 58 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Umatilla No. 65 1st and 3rd Monday
Clermont No. 226 1st and 3rd Monday
Eustis No. 85 2nd and 4th Monday
Villages No. 394 2nd Monday
Tavares No. 234 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Wildwood No. 92 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Groveland No. 190 2nd and 4th Thursday
Mt. Dora No. 238 1st and 3rd Thursday

Have YOU Traveled Lately?
Meeting Times & Locations
Hawthorne Masonic High Twelve No. 547 -
Meets at 11:00 a.m. on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday
of each month at Golden Corral, 1720 Citrus
Blvd. (Hwy 27/441) Leesburg, FL. Tel: 352-

Tri-County Masonic High Twelve meets
10:30 a.m. 1st Wednesday of each month at La
Hacienda Recreation Center, The Villages.
Reservations for lunch due by the Thursday be-
fore the meeting, call Rita at 750-5561.
Obstacles cannot crush me.
Every obstacle yields to stern
resolve. He who is fixed to a
star does not change his
- Leonardo Davinci -
Make no little plans; they have
no magic to stir mens blood.
Make big plans aim high in
hope and work.

- Daniel H Burnham -

Scottish Rite or
Ocala Scottish Rite meets the first Monday of each month,
at Ocala Scottish Rite Center, 3632 NE 7th Street, Ocala,

Orlando Scottish Rite meets at 1485 Grand Road, Winter
Park, Fla. on the 4th Friday of each month, except, November,
which is on the third Friday and dark in December, meetings at

York Rite Bodies
A Continuation of the Blue Lodge

Ocala York Rite Bodies Meetings at Belleview Lodge No. 95
Ocala Chapter No. 13 - Meets Second Wednesday of January,
March, May, September and November beginning at 7:30 PM.
Ocala Council No. 22 - R&S Masters - Meets Second Wednes-
day of February, April, June, October and December beginning at
7:30 PM.
Ocala Commandry No. 19 - Knights Templar - Meets on the
fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM.
Lake/Sumter York Rite Bodies - Meetings at Leesburg Lodge 58
Eustis Chapter No. 33, Meets on the first Wednesday at 7:30
Golden Triangle Council No. 28Royal & Select Masters -
Meets first Wednesday at 7:30 PM.
Chapter and Council will alternate on who begins first.

Triangle Commandery No. 38 Knights TemplarMeets on the
second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM, except in July and
Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter No. 84
Lady Theresa Fox PM Worthy Matron
W Hank DeBerry PPWorthy Patron
Lady Paula DeBerry PMSecretary
W Robert Welch PGP Treasurer

Meetings 1
Thursday of the Month at 7:30 p.m. with the excep-
tion of July, August and September. Meets at Leesburg Lodge No.
58. Brothers and Sisters there will be an honor night on June
14th for our Grand Conductress, Linda Every so get you tick-
ets soon. Tickets can be purchased from any of Lindas High
June 4 - Harvey Chase
June 4 - Forrest Case
June 5 - Ed Sowden Jr
June 6 - Gregory Connell
June 8 - Bascom Tucker
June 9 - Richard Follett Jr.
June 13 - Blair Gingrich
June 14 - Ted Jansen
June 20 - Jerry Stegall
June 21 - John Schneider
June 22 - Wayne Longo
June 22 - Gerry Dallas Douma Jr.
June 24 - Theodore Patton Jr.
June 26 - David Raber
June 27 - Ronald Colletti
June 29 - Ken Graves

Editors Note: All articles and informa-
tion must be received by the editor
prior to the 23rd of the publishing
month for inclusion in the next issue.
Articles can be e-mailed to:
June Birthdays

by R. W. Alfonso
The Masonic Fraternity exists in today
world as the oldest existing fraternity in the world.
It shares the fraternal stage with many other differ-
ent and similar organizations such as the Loyal Or-
der of The Moose, The Elks, The Knights of Co-
lumbus, The International Order of Odd Fellows,
The Fraternal Order of The Eagles, The Mechanics,
and the Fraternal Order of Foresters to name a few.
The one thing that sets us apart from most if not all
of these organizations is our Ritual and our tradition
both written and spoken. One of the most important
aspects of our traditional history is our Masonic Eti-
Masonic Etiquette belongs to the empire of
good manners, together with certain concepts pecu-
liar to Freemasonry. We all should practice eti-
quette because of its power to help maintain har-
mony. It is a form of courtesy to the individual
members and a manifestation of respect to the
Craft. Harmony is the first law of the Lodge and the
Worshipful Master of his Brethren demands it when
he declares the Lodge open. " I now declare the
Lodge duly opened and in order for business, at the
same time forbidding any idle, immoral or other un-
Masonic conduct where by the Harmony of the
same may be disturbed".
The dictionary defines Etiquette as follows:
"The forms and practices prescribed by social con-
vention or by authority, or, the established rule of
procedure and ceremony in a court or in any official
or other body". I am a believer in our standard
works and lectures, our constitution and our eti-
quette. This sets us apart from other organizations.
Though there are Masons today who would look to
doing away with certain parts of the ritual, such as
the Middle chamber Lecture, or how we enter a
Lodge room. "I recently read a suggestion by a Ma-
son who is an AGL that we should do away with
approaching the altar when coming into or leaving a
Lodge after it has been opened and saluting the Sr.
Warden when one need to leave the Lodge room
during degree work". This is the kind of thinking
that cheapens the Fraternity and I expect that the
Brothers of this Lodge would strive to execute the
proper Masonic Etiquette due not only to the Lodge
itself but also to his Lodge Brothers. I know that
Jeffs Comedy Corner
One day an English mason, a Scottish mason, and an
Irish mason were in the bar after the meeting.
They each proceeded to buy a pint of Guinness.
Just as they were about to enjoy their creamy
beverage, a fly landed in each of their pints and
became stuck in the thick head.
The Englishman pushed his beer from him in dis-
The Irishman fished the offending fly out of his
beer and continued drinking it as if nothing had
The Scotsman picked the fly out of his drink, held
it out over the beer and yelled
An 80-year-old Past Master of his Lodge becomes en-
gaged to a beautiful 22-year-old model. He goes to his
doctor for a checkup a couple of weeks before the
wedding date.
The doctor looks him over and says, "Arnold, you seem
completely healthy but I must tell you one thing."
"What's that, Doc?" asks the Past Master.
"At your age, sex can be dangerous, and you need to
watch it, take care it could be really deadly," the doctor
Arnold thinks for a minute and then says, "Oh, what the
hell - If she dies, she
many of us have seen members act un-Masonically toward another Brother. That is because we are human and
as humans we will constantly make mistakes. Still we must strive to build our temples and seek perfection.
One avenue that can be used to achieve this goal is through respect or etiquette. Remember to subdue your
passions and improve yourself in Masonry is probably the most difficult tasks as Masons we are obligated to
perform. I particularly direct this essay to my newly raised Brethren, the most un-nerving thing for me to see is
a Past Master or Past Grand Lodge Officer address the Worshipful Master while he remains seated and not on
the sign of fidelity. How can we fault our newly raised Masons who see this un-courteous behavior and repeat
the same thinking that it is the norm. To the newly raised Brother should you make this mistake and are cor-
rected by another Brother do not be distracted by his zeal for this Brother practices Masonic Etiquette. Brother
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, " if good manners were lost, it would be necessary for the next gentleman to
rediscover them". This applies in full force to Masonic Etiquette; without it our Fraternity would be impossi-
Where a group of Masons act as a unit, as in a Lodge Communication, etiquette takes the form of
proper decorum. Loud talk, restless moving about, laughter, smoking, flippancy, irreverence toward the Wor-
shipful Master and other constituted officers of the Lodge, passing between the Altar and the East, omission of
the sign of fidelity, giving no heed to the business at hand, improper entering and leaving. No man needs to
consult a book of etiquette in order to accept the fact that such indecorous behavior is dangerous to the har-
mony of the Lodge. It is in such an atmosphere that ill will and hard feelings, not to mention the more serious
menace of splits and feuds, are most likely to take root to the great danger of the Craft. A worshipful Master
who permits the intrusion of such indecorum is not faithful to the duties of his office.
The following are what I consider some of the important rule of etiquette, which you should commit to
memory Addressing the Chair or Worshipful Master: The rules of order in Freemasonry do not permit discus-
sion, during a communication, among the Brethren. The Brother who has anything to say to the Lodge,
whether it be to enter discussion or to make or second a motion, must rise to his feet, give the sign, wait to be
recognized by the Master, speak directly to the Master. He must also remain on the sign of Fidelity until
Altar: No Brother shall pass between the Altar and the East while the Lodge is at Labor, except when
required to do so by ritualistic performance. The Great Lights are the particular responsibility of the Worship-
ful Master; no Brother should ever obscure his view of them.
Anteroom: As soon as a Brother enters a Masonic hall to attend a Communication he comes under the
sway of Masonic Etiquette. If he is late, he should not indulge in loud talking that may be heard in the Lodge.
His demeanor toward other Brethren, whom he may meet there, should be courteous and respectfulthere as
well as elsewhere, Masonry does not give any man, license to take personal liberties with another! This is es-
pecially true if any candidates are present are present waiting their call to the preparation room; to give the im-
pression that vulgar conduct, levity, practical joking, or other forms of disrespect are countenanced by the
Craft as a misrepresentation of the Lodge.
Apron: When wearing clothing that would conceal the apron, always wear the apron on the outside of
the garment, except when wearing a formal cut-away (tails). A Grand Lodge Officer should always wear the
apron of his office. Not only to pay proper respect to the Lodge or Grand Lodge, but also as a means to iden-
tify the office he holds or the highest office held, except when filling an office in the advancing line of Lodge
Officers. At Masonic memorial Services, all Lodge Officers and Brethren, regardless of station shall be
clothed in white aprons.
Ballot: The Grand Lodge Constitutions make discussion of the ballot a Masonic Offense. Except for
the Holy Bible, the ballot is the most sacred thing in the Lodge. Every Mason owes to his Lodge the duty of
protecting it against poor material, and every Mason owes to every petitioner a fair ballot, which is the only
protection a petitioner has against unfair discrimination and unreasonable prejudice.
"Brother" is a title: In the usage's of Freemasonry, "Brother" is neither a sentimental nor familiar form
of address but is a titleas much so as Worshipful, Very Worshipful, Right Worshipful and Most Worshipful,
and must always be used as such. A man does not attend a Lodge Communication in his capacity as a private
individual; he is not Joe, or Bill, or John. He is there in his capacity as Master Mason, and for this reason, one
should refer to "John Doe" as "Brother Doe" in the same literal sense as any other officer in Lodge or Grand
Discussion in Lodge: Many Lodge proposals are decided by ballot because the business of Masonry is
so democratically managed. The discussion of such proposals and business in Lodge has a large importance
and must be safeguarded lest it be corrupted into argument or degenerate into a conflict of personalities; in
other word, discussion also has its etiquette. Etiquette for the Fraternity is set forth with great weight and feel-
ing in the old charges found in our constitutions. Regulations governing discussion in Grand Lodge are pre-
scribed in the Rules of Order, printed with the Constitutions; regulations for discussion in Lodge are imbedded
here and there in the Constitutions, are stated in Lodge By-laws, and elsewhere. They all belong to a pre-
scribed mode of conduct defined as Masonic Etiquette, especially in our discussions. There are three great pro-
hibitions in all Masonic discussions: All sectarian discussion, all argument or statement pro or con as to the
merits of politics, of any given religion or theological creed, of racial questions, of private business, or of any
other non-Masonic subject by which men are divided into classes, feuds, schisms, or are opposed on sectarian
issues, is at all times forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to discuss a petitioner (other than to read his petition and
indicate whether the report of the investigating Committee is favorable or un-favorable), and for a Mason to
reveal how he has voted, or in any way to seek to persuade members to vote one way or another. All offensive
personal remarks, all expressions of bitterness or ill will and all or any slurs upon the Lodge or its Officers,
Grand Lodge or its Officers, and the Fraternity itself, and all flippant, unseemly, or discourteous remarks ad-
dressed to the Lodge or to its officers, are condemned alike by the principals of common courtesy and etiquette
and by the disciplinary laws of the Craft.
Dress (Attire): The matter of attire depends entirely upon circumstances and is a point Grand Lodge
leaves to each constituent Lodge to decide, though much may be said in favor of formal attire, since it is a
mark of respect to the Fraternity. One thing is certain: if any of the officers are required to wear formal attire,
all of the officers should wear it without exception; and if he and his colleagues wear it, the Worshipful master
should use a hat to correspondnot a soft hat, a straw hat, or cap. The members will dress according to private
tastenormally a jacket with tieand it is proper that they enter the Lodge room with apron properly ar-
ranged beforehand, and any other regalia, jewels etc., in due order. There is a philosophy in dress, as in so
many other things, and the dress proper to Masonic occasion is no exception. Its principle is good taste; its
practice is to wear such attire as a show of respect to the Brotherhood and expresses the dignity of Masonry.
In closing I want to pass on a story I heard while attending one of the Deputy Grand Master's Task
Force Committee meetings, on the subject of pride one of the members recalled an incident that happened one
Sunday while attending Mass. The priest announced that right after the Mass the local Knights of Columbus
where going to have their public installation of officers. His curiosity was flamed and he stayed behind to ob-
serve the installation and compare it to a Masonic Installation of Officers. To his surprise he was the only one
who stayed behind to observe the installation. To his greater shock he witnessed Council officers turning out
for a public installation in tee shirts, shorts and sneakers. They had no idea of what the floor work was sup-
posed to be and the actual installation itself seemed to be ad-lib. After the presentation the parish priest who
knew him to be a Freemason asked him "I hope you Masons have it more together than the K. of. C." of which
he assured him that we most certainly did. This is a serious example of pride. Would you turn out as an officer
for a public installation in a tee shirt, shorts and sneakers? Could the reason that no one stayed behind to see
the installation be that they have previously seen it and saw no pride in this organization? Masonic Etiquette
instills pride, yet pride is something that you have to have within, because if you have pride in this Fraternity it
shows without.

Editors Note: I recently attended the 185th Grand Communication and I was shocked at how
many times the Grand Master had to bang the gavel for attention! Brothers, we put him in this
position of authority and I believe he deserves the respect of his position! That means when he
is talking you sit down and keep your mouth closed! This also allows others around you to
hear what he had to say. Show your respect Brothers if not for the man, then at least for the
office he holds! That is proper etiquette and shows you are a Brother tried and true!
Pictures from around the Lodge
All ready for Mothers Day
All the ladies got a beautiful rose with their dinner
Pictures from around the Lodge
The beginnings of a nice crowd for dinner!
Always nice to see W. Ecott and his Mom Janet at our dinners.
Pictures from around the Lodge
Brother Follett brought his Mom and Dad to dinner.
A very tired but happy Junior Warden after Sunday Dinner.
Pictures from around the Lodge
Boy Scout Troop #1 Court of Honor night May 19, 2014
Boy Scout Troop 1 sponsored by your Lodge
Which ones did you get? Brothers attending the Court of Honor
Opening with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Scoutmaster Jaime Velez and Asst. Scoutmaster
Pictures from around the Lodge
Ivan receiving Star scout badge and pin Giving his Mom the Star pin.
Daniel receiving his Life badge and pin. Giving his Mom the Life pin.
Nick will be receiving his Eagle award this
Summer at a special Eagle Banquet
Kyler has received his third and last award as an
Eagle, his Silver Palm
Pictures from around the Lodge
Newest member of Troop one, Jess received 17
merit badges tonight! Good Work!
Meetings over Snack Time!
Leesburg Lodge No. 58 would like to Congratulate all these young men on their achievements and receiv-
ing their awards tonight and a special thanks to their Scoutmasters who volunteer to work very hard for
these young men. Well Done!
Leesburg Lodge No. 58
May 11, 2014


Chicken Marinara w/Spaghetti or
Veal Oscar w/ Bernaise
Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus or
Brussel sprouts, Tossed Salad,
Dinner Rolls, Drinks, Desserts
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11:30 AM until 1:00 PM
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Menu items: May 11, 2014
Chicken Marinara w/Spaghetti or Veal Oscar w/Bernaise
Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus or Brussel sprouts
Tossed Salad, Dinner rolls, Drinks
Desserts (sugared or no sugar added)
$8.37 + .63 tax per person, Children under 14 years of age $3.72 + .28 tax

PLEASE call the Lodge at 787-5696, or sign the guest list in the foyer, provide
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1st Saturday Monthly Coffee Klatch & Breakfast
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Biscuits, Toast, Breakfast Pastries,
Coffee, Orange Juice
$5.58 +.42 sales tax per person