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CS/B.TECH/CE(NEW) /SEM-6 /CE-604B/2014

Time Allotted : 3 Hours Full Marks : 70

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words
as far as practicable.

Q1.Choose the correct alternat!es "or an# ten o" the "ollo$n%:
i) The minimum 28-day compressive strength prescribed in ! : 1"#"-1$80 %or post tensioned member
is &
a) #0 '(mm2 b) )0 '(mm2
c) "0 '(mm2 d) none o% the above.
ii) *or ca+cu+ating modu+us o% e+asticity %or concrete in prestressed concrete code has speci%ied the
re+ationship given by &
a) ,
= )000 '(mm
b) ,
= )-00 '(mm

c) ,
= )000%
d) ,
= )0)0 '(mm

iii) *or %abricating +ong span bridge des.s the type pre-stressing system pre%erred is &
a) /ost-tensioning system b) /re-tensioning system
c) 0oth /ost-tensioning 1 /re-tensioning system
d) none o% the above
iv) The up2ard de%+ection o% the beam 2ith parabo+ic tendons having eccentricity e 3 at the centre
and 4ero at the support is given by &
a) a= -5)/e6
)(2#, b) a=&52)/e6
c) a= -5)/e6
)(#8, d) a= -5/e6
v) n composite construction prestressed e+ements are use advantageous+y in the-
a) 7ompression 4one b) !hear 4one c) Tension 4one. d) none o% these
vi) *ai+ure o% /.!7 beams due to %racture o% stee+ is prevented by using stee+ o% &
a) 0.") 8 b) 0.1)8 c) 0.28 d) 0.228
vii) The idea+ cross-section %or perstressed concrete po+e to resist various type o% +atera+ %orces is &
a) !9uare b) :ectangu+ar c) 7ircu+ar d) octagona+
viii) 7urved cab+e can be used in &
a) /re-tensioned member. b)e;terna++y perstressed member
c)/ost- tensioned member. d) a++ o% these
i;)The spacings o% stirrups in a prestressed beam shou+d
a) 'ot e;ceed the overa++ depth
b) 'ot be greater than e%%ective depth
c) 'ot e;ceed 0.-) times the e%%ective depth
d) 'one o% these.
<)Torsiona+ shear stresses deve+oped in prestressed members is inverse+y proportiona+ to the
a) =agnitude o% torsion
b) >rade o% concrete
c) ?epth o% the member
d) 'one o% these.
;i)The partia+ sa%ety %actor %or combined dead3 +ive and 2ind +oads at the +imit state o%
serviceabi+ity is
a) 1.2 b) 1.@ c) 1.) d) 1.$
;ii)n prestressed concrete beams3 prestressing resu+ts in secondary moments due to
a) !tatic reactions b) redundant reaction c) de%ormation d) none o% these
;iii)The anchorage 4one in the post-tensioned /!7 beam e;tends over a +ength o%
a) Aa+% the depth o% the beam
b) T2ice the depth o% the beam
c) ?epth o% the beam
d) Bne-%orth the depth o% the beam
;iv)The simp+est method o% ana+ysis o% bursting tension in anchorage 4one is due to
a) =agne+ b) guyon c) yengar d) a++ o% these
(Short ans$er t#)e Q*estons +
Ans$er an# three o" the "ollo$n% , ")=1)
2. Chat are the advantages and disadvantages prestressed concrete members in comparison to
rein%orced concrete membersD
". ?iscuss the *reyssinet anchorage system o% post-tensioningD
#. E post tensioned bridge girder 2ith unbonded tendon is o% rectangu+ar section o% #00 mm 2ide 2ith
an e%%ective depth o% 800 mm.the cross sectiona+ area o% the pre- stressing stee+ is 28#0 mm2 .the
e%%ective pre-stress in the stee+ a%ter +osses is $00 '(mm2.The e%%ective span o% the beam is 1@ m.% %

=#0'(mm23estimate the u+timate moment o% resistence o% the section using !:1"#" code
). Detail the various types of losses in prestressed concrete both for pre-tensioned and post-tensioned
cases. Explain the pressure line concept of stress analysis in prestressed concrete structures
@. A concrete beam 150 mm 300 mm is pre-tensioned by 7 wires of 7 mm at initial stress of 1000
N/mm2 with their centroid located at an eccentricity of 50 mm. Find the loss of pre-stress due to elastic
shortening, creep and shrinkage of concrete if there is a relaxation of 4% of steel stress. Use creep
coefficient = 16 and M40 grade of concrete.
( Lon% ans$er t#)e Q*estons +
Ans$er an# three o" the "ollo$n%, 1)"=#)
-. E prestress concrete beam spanning over 8 m is o% rectangu+ar section 31)0 mm 2ide and "00 mm
deep . The beam is prestressed by t2o parabo+ic cab+e 3 one having an eccentricity o% -) mm be+o2 the
centroida+ a;is at the centre o% span and eccentricity o% 2)mm above the centroida+ a;is at support
section and another straight cab+e at an eccentricity o% -)mm throughout the span. The initia+ %orce in
the cab+e is ")0F'. The beam supports " concentrated +oad o% 10F' each at interva+ o% 2m
a) 'eg+ecting +osses o% prestress estimate short term de%+ection due to 5prestressGse+%2eight) and
b) E++o2ing %or 208 +oss in prestress3 estimate +ong term de%+ection under 5prestressGse+% 2eightG +ive
+oad)3 assuming creep co-e%%icient as 1.80
8.a) The end b+oc. o% a post tension beam is 80mm 2ide and 1@0mm deep. E prestressing 2ire3 -mm in
diameter3 stressed to 1200'(mm2 has to be anchored against the end b+oc. at the centre. The
anchorage is )0mm by )0mm. The 2ire bears on the p+ate through a %ema+e core o% 20mm diameter.
>iven the permissib+e stress in concrete at trans%er3 %
3 as 20'(mm2 and the permissib+e share in stee+
as $#.)'(mm23 determine the thic.ness o% anchorage p+ate.
b) The end b+oc. o% a post tension prestressed concrete beam "00mm 2ide and "00mm deep3 is
subHected to a concentric anchorage %orce o% 8"2800' by *reyssinet anchorage o% area 11-20'(mm2.
?esign and detai+ the anchorage rein%orcement %or the end b+oc..
$. A beam of symmetrical I-section spanning 8 m has a flange width of 250 mm and a flange thickness of
80 mm respectively. The overall depth of the beam is 450 mm. Thickness of web is 80 mm. The beam
is pre-stressed by a parabolic cable with an eccentricity of 150 mm at the centre of the span and zero
at supports. The live load on the beam is 25 kN/m.
a) Determine the effective force in the cable for balancing the dead and live loads on the deam.
b) Sketch the distribution of resultant stress at the centre-of-span section for the above case.
c) Calculate the shift of the pressure line from tendon-centre-line.
10. A post-tensioned prestressed concrete beam of 30 m span is subjected to a prestressing force of 2500
kN at 28 days strength. The profile of the cable is parabolic with maximum eccentricity of 200 mm at
midspan. Determine losses of prestress and the jacking force required if jacking is done from both ends
of the beam. The beam has a cross-section of 500 mm 800 mm and is prestressed with 9 cables, each
cable consisting of 12 wires of 5 mm diameter. Take E
= 2.1 10
and E
= 3.510

Assume one cable is tensioned at a time.

11. A pre-stressed concrete beam of I section is used for a simply supported beam of 12 m span. The
section of the beam is shown in fig. Calculate the maximum uniformly distributer = d load that the beam
can safely carry. Also calculate the pre-stressing force and eccentricity of the pre-stressing load. Assume
losses of pre-stress is 20%. Allowable compressive stress in concrete at transfer and during service
condition are 18 N / mm2 and 14 N / mm2 respectively and that is tension bending zero at each case.

12. a) ,;p+ain 2ith s.etches the various methods o% achieving continuity in prestressed concrete
b) Chat are the di%%erent types o% prestressed concrete s+eepersD =ention their design consideration.
c) The end b+oc. o% a prestressed beam 3 200mm 2ide and "00mm deep3 has t2o *reyssinet
anchorages 5 100mm diameter ) 2ith their centres at -)mm %rom the top and bottom o% the beam. The
%orce transmitted by each anchorage being 200F'3 estimate the ma;imum tensi+e stress and the
brusting tension deve+oped.