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Write the sports and exercise verbs.

Read the definitions and write the words.
1. When you do this action you jump into the water with your arms and head first.
2. You do this when you hit a ball with a racket to start playing a game of tennis.
3. When you do this action you make something long. You need to do this to your
muscles before you do sport. _____________________
4. You do this action when you touch your toes. ome people are !ery fle"ible and
can do this !ery well. ______________________
#. When you play a team sport you need to do this action. You throw or kick the
ball to another player in your team. _____________________
$. When you play tennis you do this action with a racket% but when you play
baseball you do this action with a bat. __________________________
Reeber and write must, mustnt, need to or dont need to.
You ________________________ shoot an arrow in the air.
You________________________ shoot the arrow at a target.
You________________________ stand in front of someone who is shooting.
You clothes _________________ be comfortable.
You _______________________ buy special e*uipment.
!op"ete the stor# s$ar#.

+llie and ,oe went to farfield sports -ay. +llie decided to try __________________first.
.nfortunately% __________________she was playing% a ball hit her ankle. /fter that%
she tried baseball% but she couldn0t hit the _____________. +llie felt sad and
disappointed because she wasn0t !ery____________ at sport% but ,oe had a good
__________. 1e took +llie to the skateboard class. +llie enjoyed the class and was
!ery good at skateboarding. /ll the children _________skateboarding so they decided
to buy skateboards with the _____________ money from the museum. 2hat night% +llie
and ,oe chatted on the _____________________ with ,ames. ,ames said that it was
dangerous to skateboard in the _________________. 2he three children decided to
talk to 2anya and 2im about a skate 3one in the _______________.
Use $st or $stn%t. Use $stn%t or don%t
need to.
!op"ete the sentences.
&a'e the adverbs. !op"ete the sentences.
4dea 5 computer 5 street 5 while 5 hockey 5 lo!ed 5 park 5
ball 5 reward 5 good.
use your hands 5 play football
wear a riding hat 5 ride a horse
kick the ball 5 play football
catch the ball 5 play golf
warm up 5 before you do sport
You ________________shout in the library.
You ________________pay. 4t0s free.
You________________skateboard on the street.
You________________swim there. 4t0s !ery
You________________wear a coat. 4t0s warm
You________________be 1' to ride a bike.
You________________be late for school.
2he football team didn0t win because they played
1e doesn0t like dri!ing fast. 1e always dri!es
1e can run 1)) metres in 1) seconds. 1e runs !ery
2he tennis player is !ery strong. 1e hit the ball
1e always shouts. 1e plays tennis
:almly 5 badly 5 fast 5 noisily 5 hard 5 slowly