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Group members:
Raul Thomas
Kezia Lee Hamilton
Renecia Johnson

Kinovea is an open source solution for video analysis. It is mostly used for
Sports coaches

It supports specific functions to observe, analyze and describe athletic performance.Kinovea can
really help us to make improvement in our P.E department and our sports program .We have a
lot of athletes in all the discipline with technique problems,now, this is what we need to do set up
the kinovea and we go into the computer room with the coaching staff watch and analyze the
video, while watching each person can write down all the incorrect technique observed the ways
to correct them,at the end a solution can be found.The next step is to get the athletes to come one
at a time to analyze the video and write down all the things that he/she is doing wrong .The
coaching staff holds a discussion with the athlete to see how best their technique can improve.At
the end of the day both athletes and coaches are cognizant of what is right and wrong so they can
work together to correct the situation .

Uses of Kinovea Observe and Show
Starting up kinovea
How to watch a video file
Increasing image size and magnification
Using the Grids
Changing the high-speed camera recording frame rate.
How to Mirror Image in kinovea
Commenting and drawing on key images
Adjusting image quality
Using the Overview function
Playing videos backward with Reverse
How to save the document
Advantages of Kinovia
Disadvantages of kinovea

Starting up Kinovea

1.Click on start

The menu will appear

2.Select kinovea

How to watch a video file
Opening and playing a video

Click on file on the menu bar > Open video file select the folder where the file is and then press open.

Select play in order to start the video

Setting the working zone
Selecting the first working zone start button .let the video run and stop where you want it to end . Hit
the working zone end button. .

Increasing image size and magnification
Increasing image size
1. Pause Video
2. Click on image ,On tool bar

3. Click Move button
4. Look for square at corner of image then put Cursor on it
5. A Double head Arrow will appear
6. Click and Drag to make image large of small.

Using the magnifier
Click the magnifier button in the drawings tool bar .
Move your mouse on the image: the magnified zone shows up in the top left corner of the image.

Four little corners are displayed around the source zone to resize it.

Slowing down playback speed
The video can be better studied by slowing down the playback speed using the speed cursor or clicking
the _ or + icons.
NB.The normal speed is 100%

Using the Grids

Using the grids
1. Using the flat grid
Click the grid icon on the menu bar
A grid is displayed on the image.
.The grid can be moved by drag and drop and resize using the circular handles atthe corners.

Deleting a grid
To delete a grid right click on the grid
And select delete

2. Using the perspective grid

Click on Image on the menu bar go toPerspective Grid.
Grid will appear on the image
Use the circular handles at the corners to map the grid on a rectangular plane.

3. Changing grids color
Right click on the grid and select colour and size configure grid then select apply

Changing the high-speed camera recording frame rate.
High-speed capture - Slow motion playback
Go to the menu bar and clicking motion>High speen capture > configure original speed then change
the number of frames per second at capture time .This can speed up or slows down the video by
entering different valuesthen .select apply.

How to Mirror Image in kinovea
This feature allow videos to appear as if seen through a mirror,
First click on Image on the menu bar > Mirror


Before Mirroring After Mirroring

Commenting and drawing on key images
Click on the tool bar under the main video display ,use this to manipulatie the key image.

Tool bar

Adding key images
Click on the add key image button. on the menu bar.A small picture of the current image
will appear.

Images from the video can be converted into a key image.To remove a key image >click on the
close buttonat the right hand corner of the picture.

Commenting on image
Click on show comment on the tool bar
A comment box will appear,type the comment in the window

Adding drawings
Click on a drawing tool buttons,select anywhere in the image you want to draw
The color and style of the drawing can be changed by right double clicking on it.
Example click pencil
Drag pencil to draw

Right click on the drawing and select delete to delet a drawing

Line and arrows


Cross marker

1.Click angle on the tool bar
.2.Click and Hold to draw angle on image
3. To resize angle, Click and drag on circular end of angle line

How to remove a drawings
To remove a drawing, right-click it and choose Delete.

To Invert Angle
1. Right Click angle
2. Click Invert Angle

To delete an angle

1. Right Click on angle
2. Click Delete

To change color and style
Click on colour profile button on the tool bar to set a colour or style
Click Apply to use Chosen colour on drawing

Adjusting Image Quality
This include Auto level and Auto contrast. Click on the menu bar
Go to image then click on auto level or Auto contrast

Using the Overview function
In order to use the overview function, click motion in the menu bar then click overview

Over view

Playing video backward with Reverse

To Use the Reverse function, go to the menu bar select Motion > Reverse.
To return to forward playback, use the Reverse function again.

How to save the work
1.Click File on menu Bar
2.Select save

3.Select the folder where you want to save the document
4.Select save

Advantages of Kinovia
1. .It is possible to analyze all the movements of a video so as to provide details information
that can help a coach to correct faults or improve techniques.
2. With kinovea the user can complete a full study of the videos, detecting errors or details of
the procedures that could be improved.
3. Possibility to compare or synchronize two videos to observe the procedure differences.
4. Change the perspective of the images.Apply image and zoom adjustments to the movements
to capture every little detail.

Disadvantages of the kinovea
The software was not the full version therefore Some of the featurers were not available because
it was not the full version
1.The software is time consuming
2.Some features of the software are difficult to use.