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Approval Date: 28 Jl! 200"
#er$%o&: 5
The Digital Water Level Recorder (DWLR) is to record readings of water level versus time
in rivers, lakes, reservoirs. Optionall, the actual level reading could !e shown on a L"D
'o&(%t%o&$ a&( re)%re*e&t$
The instrument shall !e of such a design that it operates relia!l and accuratel under
the prevailing environmental conditions.
The instrument shall !e eas to operate and maintain.
#ll materials on the instrument e$terior shall !e non%corrosive.
The recorder &ero shall !e ad'usta!le to &ero of gauge.
# pressure sensor shall measure the water level, directl (immersed).
The method of pressure measurement shall compensate for the effects of am!ient
air% pressure, ! application of a vented gauge pressure sensor or other compensation
The instrument shall have a short settling time, i.e. rated accurac shall !e reached
(uickl after (re%)installation and there shall !e no need to wait on site or even return
later for re% ad'ustment to accommodate for initial settling drift. )t should !e noted that
the instrument
regularl will !e recovered for maintenance and inspection.
The instrument shall not need a stilling well for wave and tur!ulence suppression !ut
shall have a wave suppression filter implemented in software.
#ll !atteries associated with the DWLR, i.e. the !atteries for normal operation and
the !ackup !atteries, shall !e easil replacea!le ! the local operator ideall using
!atteries readil availa!le in )ndia.
During !atter replacement, the instrument settings and data shall !e retained.
The instrument shall !e supplied with the accessories as needed for effective
The instrument shall have an e$pected technical lifetime of not less than *+ ears.
The instrument shall !e capa!le to operate at least , months without an servicing.
"ali!ration data and test certificate shall !e part of the deliver for each DWLR.
The DWLR shall support ad'usta!le specific gravit over a range of +.- to *.+..
The water level readings shall !e recorded in data logger memor.
Data retrieval and other communication shall !e possi!le through a Data
Retrieval /stem (DR/), i.e. a 0almtop "omputer or a Laptop "omputer (not included
in the scope of the DWLR suppl) loaded with dedicated software.
1or communication with the DR/, an R/2.2" serial3 a 4/5 2.+ or !etter interface shall
!e availa!le with optional additional lrD# or 5luetooth technolog.
The deliver shall include compati!le ca!les for connecting the DWLR to the 4/5 port
of the DR/.
1or some DWLR implementations, interface adapters, are needed to communicate with
the DR/. #n necessar adapters, including manuals, software, ca!les and all other
re(uired accessories shall accompan each DR/, !oth for communication !etween
DWLR and DR/ and !etween DWLR and 0".
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%*3-
The communication !etween DWLR and DR/ and 0" shall !e suita!le for the
lengths involved.
#n error monitoring communication protocol shall !e used. The protocol shall
ascertain error free data e$change !etween DWLR and DR/30". The protocol shall
function in !oth directions. "ommands, programs, water level records and all other
data are e$changed under control of the protocol and data ma onl !e accepted if the
are error free.
The communication protocol shall !e !ased on packet wise data e$change; the
packets shall !e accompanied ! a "R" code for checking at the receiving end.
Defective or not received packets shall !e retransmitted upon re(uest ! the receiving
The DWLR shall !e capa!le to measure the voltage of the internal !atter(ies).
# simple and accurate tool to assess remaining !atter lifetime shall !e made
The tool shall ena!le proper planning of !atter replacement without risk of data loss
due to une$pected !atter depletion. The tool ma !e implemented in the DWLR or
alternativel, in the DR/. The operator ma !e prompted to enter specific parameters.
Operator<s and maintenance manuals, related to the tpe and model of the
instrument, shall !e part of the deliver.
"omprehensive operators and maintenance training for respectivel field o!servers
and instrument specialists shall !e part of the deliver.
The proper functioning of each instrument shall !e demonstrated at deliver.
The purchaser ma e$ecute his 'udicious discretion in the choice of configuration
and options.
1. Pre$$re
$e&$or t!pe vented gauge pressure sensor
*ea$r%&- ra&-e + to $$ m water column (e.g. + to *+ or + to 2+ m)
as per /chedule of Re(uirements
The /chedule of Re(uirements gives the num!ers to !e (uoted for and their associated
ranges and is attached to this document. The 5idder shall specif for the closest standard
range of the offered product with respect to the re(uired measuring range. The (uoted
range shall !e e(ual or larger than the re(uired range.
overall a++ra+! +.*= 1ull /cale
te*peratre +oe,,%+%e&t >+.+*= 1ull /cale3?" (on water level reading including :+
m suspension ca!le)
lo&- ter* $ta.%l%t! +.*= 1ull /cale3ear
repro(+%.%l%t! +.+:= 1ull /cale
/ote: Overall accurac, long term sta!ilit and reproduci!ilit include pressure sensor,
suspension ca!le and data logger. /ta!ilit shall also cover the longitudinal ca!le
properties, e.g. elongation and creep of the suspension ca!le at the ca!le length specified
in the /chedule of Re(uirements.
The temperature coefficient covers all the com!ined temperature effects on pressure
sensor, data logger (&ero and scale) and suspension ca!le.
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%23-
The vendor shall specif the temperature effects on7 sensor reading (&ero and scale
effects), ca!le length and data logger. The instrument shall maintain the specified overall
a++ra+! over a temperature fluctuation of at least *+?", i.e. whatever the actual
temperature coefficient, the overall error shall not e$ceed the accurac specifications as
given under the item @overall accurac<.
)n case of a separate sensor, the electronics unit shall !e field e$changea!le without
affecting the level reading !eond the rated sstem accurac and such without an
re(uirement for ad'ustments to the electronics, e.g. for &ero and3or span control.
#d'ustment in software settings to accommodate for a sensor replacement is accepta!le.
overloa( pre$$re 2 times 1ull /cale
Overload pressure is the ma$imum pressure the sensor can sustain without effect
on cali!ration upon return to the rated measuring range.
.r$t pre$$re A. times 1ull /cale
Loading a sensor !eond the !urst pressure most likel results in puncture or collapse of
the sensor mem!rane(s). Water ma invade into the electronics compartment, damage
the instrument severel, and destro recorded data.
over0volta-e prote+t%o& on suppl and sensor wires
#ll pressure sensors suspended on a ca!le shall have a !uilt%in protection against
over% voltage in addition to an over%voltage scheme on the associated datalogger
2. Data lo--er
re$olt%o& o, *ea$re*e&t *2 !it #3D converter or !etter
*ea$r%&- %&terval pre%set at * hour, ad'usta!le from *+ minutes to 2B hours.
The measuring interval shall !e user ad'usta!le, recordings shall !e e$ecuted at
@integer times<. 6$ample, if the measuring interval is .+ minutes, then recording should
take place at7 ++h++, ++h.+, +*h++, etc. The first record after initiation of the instrument,
should !e made at the first instant of ++ or .+ minutes in the hour.
$ettl%&- t%*e > .+ minutes after su!mersion at the time of installation.
4pon installation, after su!mersion, the DWLR including pressure sensor and electronics,
ad'usts to the changed temperature, pressure and ca!le tension; the water level readings
shall settle to the re(uired accurac within the specified settling time.
1ave atte&at%o& ,%lter
The wave attenuation filter, which is implemented in software is defined ! two controls,
$a*pl%&- %&terval %& $e+o&($, e.-. * to *+ seconds
avera-%&- &*.er, e.-. * to 2B+ samples
The instrument should at least !e capa!le to take the average of .+ or more
samples collected over a period of .+ seconds or more. Onl the average value is
(ate da, month, ear in the following format7 DD3CC38888
with leading &ero<s (+*3+.32++* for *
of Carch 2++*)
t%*e hh7mm7ss (+ to 2. hours, + to :- minutes, + to :-
seconds) with leading &ero<s (+D7+:7+E)
The specification given a!ove is onl valid for the wa date and time are presented to the
user and does not appl to the wa the data logger handles these.
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%.3-
re+or(%&- +apa+%t! minimum of 2+,+++ water level readings.
The recorded data shall also contain an instrument serial num!er and3or station
identification code and information on date and time of recorded water levels readings. The
serial num!er shall !e uni(uel attached to the data logger. The station identification
code shall !e uni(uel attached to the data logger at installation and shall not !e added
after data retrieval ! user interference. The memor shall have a ring organisation
(endless loop). The memor shall !e protected against accidental erasure ! a password
or e(uivalent.
error *ar2%&- error code, i.e. F--.---
Out of range data and errors shall !e clearl and unam!iguousl marked and !e
distinguisha!le from valid data. The error mark is an impossi!le value, which cannot !e
generated ! valid measurements.
re+or(%&- re$olt%o& +.++* m or !etter
*e*or! t!pe non volatile memor is prefera!le. 9olatile memor (R#C)
shall !e protected from data loss ! a Lithium !ackup !atter. The main !atter capacit
shall !e sufficient to retain memor contents more than one ear after main power
disconnection (removal of the suppl !atteries).
Lithium batteries
po1er $ppl! !uilt%in standard Lithium !atteries, like ##, " or D si&e ideall
readil availa!le in )ndia.
Alkaline batteries
po1er $ppl! !uilt%in standard #lkaline !atteries, like ##, " or D si&e ideall
readil availa!le in )ndia
0refera!l, the !atteries are kept inside a separate enclosure, a!ove the ma$imum water
level. #lternativel, !atteries ma !e kept inside the data logger enclosure. Gowever,
wherever the !atteries are kept, the shall !e easil replacea!le, in the local workshop !
the local technicians, ideall using !atteries readil availa!le in )ndia.
The deliver shall include sufficient !atteries for at least one ear of operation under
the following conditions7
a recording interval of .+ minutes
the DWLRs will have the wave suppression filter ena!led taking the average of
.+ samples at an interval of * second.
)f the sampling interval can onl !e set to less than * second, than the average over
.+ seconds shall !e calculated.
)f the sampling interval can onl !e set to more than * second, then the average over
.+ samples shall !e calculated.
regular access of the DWLRs for data retrieval and monitoring purposes which
ma affect the power autonom
re*a%&%&- .atter! l%,et%*e indication on DR/ and3or calculation scheme
(ata o,,loa( po1er $e capacit for , full data offloads per annum of rated
!atter capacit, e.g. if rated !atter capacit is : ears than
.+ full offloads shall !e supported in that : ears.
+o**&%+at%o& %&ter,a+e 4/5 2.+ or !etter at DDR/30" end with optional additional
lrD# or 5luetooth technolog.
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%B3-
The communication hardware !etween DWLR and DR/ and 0" shall !e suita!le for the
ca!le lengths involved. )n case of online monitoring is re(uired, it should support at
H0R/ interface.
operat%&- te*peratre + to ,+".
The operating temperature range specification applies to all components of the DWLR,
like7 sensor, ca!le, data logger, !atteries, etc.
.%lt0%& +lo+2 time keeping !etter than * minute per month
(%$pla!e( t%*e re$olt%o& * second
over0volta-e prote+t%o& on all i3o lines, regardless mode of connection
during deploment
5uilt%in over%voltage protection is re(uired on the electronics unit, in particular on all
e$ternal connections, e.g. sensor suppl and signal (also on optional sensors, e.g. for
water (ualit), e$ternal power suppl and data communication interface.
1ater level %&(%+ator L"D displa with * mm resolution (optional)
4. E&+lo$re ,or pre$$re $e&$or a&( (ata lo--er
The sensor electronics, data logger, electronics, !atteries and all other
electrical components shall !e contained in one or more protective enclosures. The
enclosure(s) shall compl with the following specifications.
#ll DWLR materials and com!inations thereof shall !e corrosion proof.
Submerged enclosure
)ntegrated pressure sensor and data logger The pressure sensor and data logger shall !e
contained in a single enclosure which will !e su!merged.
(%*e&$%o&$ outer diameter shall !e less than E: mm, length >+., m
*ater%al Delrin or stainless steel (#)/) .*,) or e(uivalent
*a$$ sufficient to keep suspension ca!le taut, *.2: kg on
fle$i!le ca!le and 2.: kg on stiff ca!le
operat%&- te*peratre + to :+"
%&-re$$ prote+t%o& enclosure and ca!le assem!l shall have )0,D protection to
a minimum of *++ m water column or 2 times the rated
measuring range, whichever is larger
In-well enclosure
/u!merged pressure sensor and data logger for mounting in a protection pipe, !ut a!ove
(%*e&$%o&$ outer diameter shall !e less than E: mm, length >+., m
*ater%al Delrin or stainless steel (#)/) .*,) or e(uivalent
*a$$ (pre$$re $e&$or) sufficient to keep suspension ca!le taut, *.2: kg on
fle$i!le ca!le and 2.: kg on stiff ca!le
%&-re$$ prote+t%o& enclosure and ca!le assem!l shall have )0,: protection
operat%&- te*peratre + to ,+"
5*%(%t! *++=
$.*er-e( part$ )0,D protection for permanent suspension at a ma$imum
depth of 2 times the rated measuring range
6. 'a.le
The design of the support for the water level recorder depends on the site%specific
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%:3-
conditions. The engineer in charge shall provide details on support and housing in
colla!oration with the !idder. 0refera!le, the ca!le is of a detacha!le tpe for increased
operational fle$i!ilit. The vent tu!e inlet at the a!ove water section of the ca!le shall !e
fitted with a moisture !lockage sstem.
The ca!le shall have the following features7
strength mem!ers for good longitudinal sta!ilit of the ca!le
incorporated vent tu!e for !arometric air%pressure compensation of the vented
gauge pressure sensor
a moisture !locking sstem on the vent tu!e !ased on a hdropho!ic filter and
desiccators, to prevent accumulation of moisture and condensation of water in the vent
tu!e and in the sensor
desiccant capacit shall !e ade(uate for at least , months of unattended operation
under worst case environmental conditions. 1or each instrument, two desiccant
replacements shall !e part of the deliver. The desiccant shall !e field replacea!le.
optionall, as an e$tra protection, a fle$i!le !ag moisture !locking ma !e added.
good fle$i!ilit
the electrical wires shall have sufficient conductivit to allow for e$tension of the ca!le
upto *:+m without degrading accurac, sta!ilit and data communication
ca!le screen, to !e connected to the data logger ground terminal to minimise
electrical interference
a ca!le suspension !racket allowing the DWLR to !e ad'usted to the re(uired depth, in
a sta!le and reproduci!le manner
the ca!le shall !e of such a design that the suspension forces on the suspension
!racket are passed to the integrated strength mem!er to !enefit from the strength
mem!erIs longitudinal sta!ilit.
# perforation of the ca!le 'acket shall not result in ingress of water into the sensor
and3or electronics compartment. 1or that, the ca!le shall !e moulded to the
sensor and3or electronics compartment. )n case a detacha!le connector is used, then
the connector shall act as a water !lockage.
7a&t%tat%ve $pe+%,%+at%o&$
+o&(+tor tinned copper wires with insulation like nlon or 0T16
(Teflon), insulation thickness +.: mm
ve&t t.e Jlon, 0T16 or e(uivalent, inner diameter * mm and 2
mm, thickness minimum +.B mm
$tre&-t5 *e*.er$ stainless steel, Kevlar or e(uivalent to keep the sensor at
the correct suspension depth, while using a depth ad'usta!le
suspension clamp on the ca!le at the top of the well.
te*peratre +oe,,%+%e&t >*: $ *+
3" (longitudinal)
+a.le $+ree& !raid of ., #WH tinned copper or similar effective material
oter 8a+2et /urln, 0olurethene, 0T16 (Teflon) or similar
8a+2et t5%+2&e$$ * mm or more
+a.le $%9e outer diameter E to *2 mm
+a.le le&-t5 to !e specified in m as per /chedule of Re(uirements
5. DRS $o,t1are
The DR/ software shall support functions for conversion of the collected data into
#/")) (te$t) ta!les, and for efficient visualisation of the time series in ta!ular and graphical
Hraphical a$es shall !e generated automaticall and !e manuall ad'usta!le.
4nits along the a$es shall not !e awkward !ut intuitive and easil understanda!le.
#ll a$es shall have sufficient graduation.
The la!els along the time a$is shall !e in sensi!le time intervals, i.e. hh7mm for
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%,3-
relativel short periods and dates, e.g.7 DD3CC38888, for long periods. The same
applies for the level a$is.
The unit%la!els shall not cover each other.
To enhance reada!ilit, ade(uate gridlines, !oth along time and level a$es, shall
!e generated automaticall ! the graphics functions, appro$imatel : gridlines per
The gridlines shall also !e user ad'usta!le.
The user interface shall support efficient functions to select and visualise su!sets of
the time series, e.g. a single da or several das somewhere out of man weeks of
6fficient window functions shall !e availa!le to visualise the data in the
re(uired resolution, i.e. the level scale shall !e user ad'usta!le.
/oftware that can onl displa sample counts or total duration or does not support
a$is and grid ad'ustment is not permitted.
The DR/ software shall support error free transfer of the retrieved data to a 0".
Jote that in particular, the graphics capa!ilities are a ma'or reason to appl a
palmtop or Laptop computer as DR/.
:. P' So,t1are
0" software shall !e part of the deliver and will !e used in the office, e.g. on a
desktop 0".
The 0" software shall efficientl and relia!l transfer the collected data from the DR/
to a 0" environment.
The 0" software shall have functions for conversion of the collected data into
#/")) (te$t) ta!les.
The 0" software shall have functions for conversion of the collected data into
#/")) (te$t) files. The ta!ular data will !e imported ! other software packages,
e.g. for analsis and presentation in a spreadsheet and for storage in a data!ase.
The e$port file format is specified in "hapter E.
The 0" software shall support the same and more ta!ular and graphical
presentation functions as specified under DR/ software.
;. Sta&(ar( DWLR te<t ,%le ,or*at
The te$t file is the intermediate data representation that is used for loading of the data
into the hdrological data !ase sstem.
The 0" !ased software shall have a facilit to generate a te$t file with waterlevel data
in the standardised format.
The te$t file formatting function ma !e part of the standard proprietar 0"
#lternativel, the function ma !e implemented in a separate, C/%Windows L039ista
!ased program.
The te$t file facilit shall !e eas to use.
Onl /)%units shall !e presented, i.e. m and " for levels and temperature respectivel.
Jon%/) units like feet, inches, 1 are not permitted.
The te$t file shall have a section with header lines.
The header lines shall precede the data lines.
The header lines shall contain instrument serial num!er, reference level that was
used to convert from pressure head in to water level, applied specific gravit.
)n case a software wave attenuation filter is implemented, the averaging num!er and
the sampling interval shall !e presented in the header.
The header ma contain other data such as measuring range, station )D,
installation depth, top of casing reference relative to C/L, station co%ordinates and
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%E3-
similar data.
1or each specific instrument make and model, the num!er of the header lines must
!e fi$ed, i.e. all instruments of that make and model shall alwas generate the
same num!er of header lines, in the same format.
The contents of the header lines is for use ! the operator !ut will not !e
automaticall assessed ! the Data 6ntr /oftware (/W3HW D6/).
#ll header lines shall !e terminated ! a >"RA>L1A se(uence.
The data shall !e organised in columns
column *7 date in dd3mm3
Leading &eroIs shall !e included, i.e. +, 1e!ruar 2++* will !e e$pressed as
+,3+232++*. The >3A character ma !e omitted, then the format !ecomes ddmm.
column 27 time in hh7mm7ss
Time shall !e e$pressed in 2B hours. The #C30C representation is not permitted.
Leading &eroIs shall !e included, i.e. , oIclock in the morning shall !e represented
! +,7++7++.
The >7A character ma !e omitted, then the format !ecomes hhmmss.
column .7 water level in metres with millimetre resolution, e.g. B-.,B+ m.
column B7 in case temperature is measured then temperature shall !e e$pressed in
" with +.*" resolution, e.g. .2.D ".
#lternative data se(uences are not permitted.
)f a parameter can !e negative, then a character position for the minus sign shall
!e reserved.
The column separator shall !e one of the following7 >spaceA, >ta!A, >commaA,
or >semicolonA.
Onl one tpe of separator ma !e applied.
6nd%of%line is indicated ! >"RA>L1A se(uence.
#ll data lines shall compl with this column format, empt lines or intermediate
partl filled lines, e.g. with date and3or time onl, are not permitted.
#ll columns shall !e complete, i.e. each field in a column shall alwas contain data. )f
no temperature data are measured, then column B ma !e omitted.
6rroneous or missing water level data shall !e indicated ! %--.---.
6rroneous or missing temperature data shall !e indicated ! %--.-.
6$amples of data
E .+3+:3*--
--. .+3+:3*--
.+3+:3*-- *:7++7+ *+.D+ 2D.
The four columns contain date, time, water level and temperature data respectivel.
tools and spares
signal, power and communication ca!les as re(uired for all normal user operations
22+ 9#" M2:=, BE to :. G&, charger for Ji"d, JiCG or Li%ion !atter pack
desiccator for the hdropho!ic filter and electronics
replacement hdropho!ic filters
replacements for the (optional e$tra) moisture !lockage !ag
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%D3-
6(uipment /pecification7 DWLR, 0R6//4R6 T806 (/W) 9ersion : *+.++:%-3-