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Sachin Diliprao Chidrawar


To acquire knowledge and proficiency in case IT and

software and hardware and maintain a learning curve. To work for the
organizational growth with all my sincerity and efficiency. Where I can spend &
develop the concepts that I have learned by theory & practice. To work honestly
with an esteemed organization in which I can enjoy “My Growth with Companies
Growth.” And to obtain a challenging career that utilizes both my technical and
communication skills in Engineering.

Educational Profile::
Qualification : Diploma in Information Technology from Govt. Polytechnic
Nanded, with67.33% in June-2005.
: HSC from Latur board with 65%. In March 2001.
: SSC from Latur board with 84%. In March 1999.
: Appearing to CCNA certification.

Summery of Work Experience: 3 years 10months

Previous (19Sept05-07Apr08) : For 2 years & 6 months I

was working with ACCEL FRONTLINE LTD (br.
Nagpur), Chennai selected in campus Interview in July
2005. I have join ACCEL FRONTLINE LTD. Company
as an Associate Engineers- Customer Support.
First six
month, I was working as Junior engineer at Pwd Nagpur
Region for maintaining hardware, network, all pwd

And for 1.6 month I am continues handling Public Work

Department Nagpur Region as Project Leader, where
I was responsible for maintaining all servers,
databases & network.
For 6
months I was handling LIC, Aurangabad region.

Present (07 Apr 2008-till date) : Now I am working as Desktop engineer at

Lokmat News Group, Aurangabad.
Here I have to take care of total
hardware, LAN, Wan related problems. The key roles
1) Maintaining & configuring user & group policies.
2) Taking weekly & monthly backup
3) Maintaining e-trust redistribution antivirus server.
4) Maintaining file server, dataflow server, mail server.

Technical Computer Knowledge::

: DOS, Windows 98, Windows 2000 & 2003, Red hat Linux server, Advanced
Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP & NT.
Hardware and Networking Concept:
1 Concept of assembling and disassembling hardware and software and all
networking components.
2 Handling customer related queries.
3 Installation and configuration of software, hardware and Operating system
(win98, win2000, winnt, winxp, win 2003).
4 Installation, configuration and maintenance of Windows–NT server, Windows
5 Troubleshooting of Operating system (win98, win2k, winnt, and winxp).
6 Rectifying the problems about the printer and system and Networking
components and all necessary parts requires to the system.
7 Mail clients ( Outlook Express, Microsoft outlook)
8 Basic LAN/WAN configuration.
9 Configuring of workgroup and domain.
10 Configuration of single pc in network. Trouble shooting network connectivity
between various network devices. Having practical experience of crimping.

Job Profile:

1 Maintains the PDC server, mail server, BDC server, antivirus server & MS-SQL.
2 Installation and configuration of Windows-NT server, Windows 2003
Enterprise Edition server.
3 Maintains and monitoring 14 leased line of PWD Nagpur Region.
4 Installation and configuration of Win 98,Win 2000,win 2k3, Red Hat Linux,
Win NT/XP, and all related software for PC.
5 Looking And Maintains total hardware and Networking problem of PWD and
it’s all locations.
6 Maintain the total infrastructure of the customer site in various locations.
(Like Systems, Printers, Network etc.)
7 Managing user mail Account, backup & restore of mails (Microsoft Outlook,
outlook Express)
8 Co-ordination with subordinates for sales promotional activities collective
strategic implementation of the company.
9 Handling customer related problems.
10 Online Supports about Hardware and Networking related problem to PWD
sub-location resident engineers.

I) Installation of different flavors of Linux- Fedora, SUSE, Centos, Linux 8.0,
RHEL 5.1.
II) Samba Server, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Web Server configuration.
III) Basic troubleshooting.

I) Configuration of Cisco 2600, 2800, 1800 series router.
II) Taking backup of IOS & Config files.
III) Password recovery & troubleshooting of lines.
IV) Routing protocols RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF configuration & VLAN
V) Advance security configuration.
Personal Profile
Name : Sachin D. Chidrawar
Fathers Name : Shri. Diliprao G. Chidrawar
Address : C/O M.G.Chidrawar, Near Shankar’s floor mill, Gadipura, Old
Mondha, and Nanded 431601.
Mobile : 9324126725
E-Mail Address : &
Nationality : Indian
Domicile : Maharashtra
Marital Status : Unmarried.
Date Of Birth : 24/05/1984
Education Qualification: Dimploma in Information Technology
S.S.C Latur Board 84% 1998-1999
H.S.C Latur Board 65% 2000-2001
1st Year MSBTE 74% 2002-2003
2nd Year MSBTE 63% 2003-2004
3rd Year MSBTE 68% 2004-2005
Languages Known : English, Marathi and Hindi.
Special Strengths : Good Understanding and Reasoning
: Great Patience
: Ability Grasp Information Quickly
I hereby declare that all the above information given by me is correct to the best
of my knowledge and belief.

(Sachin D. Chidrawar)