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Top Hundred Educational Websites

The websites listed below represent some of the best educational sites on the Internet today. based the selection on the following criteria:

Is the site educational? Is the site well organized and easy to use? Does the site make good use of the latest Internet technology? Is the site interesting and informative?


After reviewing thousands of websites, the following sites have been selected as's Top 100 Web Sites for 2004. These websites contain some of the best educational content on the Internet today. Almost all of these sites are free or have free sec- tions.

Art and Music A Lifetime of Color A.Pintura, Art Detective Children's Music Web Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art Arts Workshop ArtsEDGE Art Lessons for All Grades Inside Art Kinder Art Virtual Field Trips Xpeditions @ National Geographic

History Ancient Egypt on the Web Castles on the Web Family Search History/Social Studies for K-12 Teachers

HyperHistory Online


Justice for Kids and Youth K-12 Africa Guide AFR_GIDE.html Lewis and Clark Life in the Middle Ages The @rt-room Webmuseum, Paris Fun Cyberkids Fun Brain It's Your Turn Online Games Kids' Place Kids Space World Kids Network

Geography and Virtual Travel Amazon Interactive Colonial Williamsburg: Electronic Field Trips CyberBee Global Online Adventure Learning Site The Jason Project

New Perspectives on the West States and Capitals

The American Civil War Homepage The Canada War Museum The Civil War Homepage The Oregon Trail The World of the Vikings WestWeb White House for Kids

Homeschooling About Homeschooling Homeschool Methods Peg's Unit Study Planning Page

Math Ask Dr. Math Basket Math Interactive Exercises in Math Readiness KidsBank Math Mega-Mathematics

Purple Math Web Math

Miscellaneous Parent Soup Teach With Movies The Smart Guide to Financial Aid Unconventional Ideas

Reading Audrey Wood Club House Children's Literature Web Guide Pink Monkey Project Gutenberg

Reference Babel Fish - Language Translator Britannica Discovery School Educator's Reference Desk Internet Public Library Marco Polo Education Search New York Times Learning Network ThinkQuest HowStuffWorks Imagine the Universe! InnerBody Kids Dig Reed Life Beyond Earth Museum of Science, Boston: Online Exhibits NASA Kids Neuroscience for Kids Nine Planets Ocean Planet Home Page

Sci4Kids StarChild The Electronic Zoo The Franklin Institute: Learning Resources The MAD Scientist Network The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Try Science

Writing CRAYON - Create Your Own Newspaper MidLink Magazine Take Our The Write Site What Makes a Good Story? Word Central

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Note from NDHSA Editor: Obviously all of these sites have not been

explored by our staff. You may find some things contained herein that

are not compatible with a Biblical worldview. You’re an adult



Science BrainPOP

pick and choose what is right for your family. I would add to the Sci- ence section the following sites: