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Draft Revision

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From: Linda Flax <Iindafla)(>
Date: Jun 30, 2007 1:50 PM
Subject: Draft E-Mail
To: Norman Hart <>

Hello Brett,

First, I would like to thank you for your past guidance and expertise. I hope you know that as people go through
this incredibly difficult time, that it is really a blessing to have you there to help.

It appears that my husband and I are on a course towards the dissolution of our marriage. As a review, the
document that you and I reviewed in November 2006, he has the signed an executed document. The document
that you and I discussed and re-worded in May 2007, I did not sign, so there is no legal document in force. If you
would like, I can provide you with a copy of both documents.

Steven is on a family cruise, which I was to accompany him, and will return on Monday, July 2nd. I am very
concerned that after a week with his family, he will be very prepared to speak with his legal counsel regarding our
impending divorce.

I am gathering some important information, including bank accounts, investment accounts, insurance and
additional documentation that I believe will be important as we proceed.

I can have copies of all the information by Tuesday, July 3rd.

However, I am very concerned that Steven will be back on Monday and will have his legal counsel prepared for a
"battle." My major concerns are as follow:

1. Should I file for divorce before he does? Are there any benefits in doing so?
2. As we proceed through the divorce proceedings, can I remain in our home? He has indicated that he is the
only person on the deed and the mortgage on our home, that he can "forrce me to leave." I do not want to leave
our home. When we purchased our home, I was in the process of clearing my name/credit of identify theft - which
is the only reason that my name is not on the mortgae. I did, dowever, contribute $80, 000.00 to the down
payment for our house at 1009 Sonata Lane, Apollo Beach, FL 33572
3. As you an I discussed, we do have 2 investment properties in Apollo Beach, both of which are in my name.
4. Can Steven stop all financial support to me? He has destroyed my credit cards and debit cards. He went out of
the county leaving me with only $60 to live, fill my car with gas, etc. I did have a VISA card that he was not aware
of, and I have been putting my living expenses on that card. What do I do if he refuses to pay for that card? What
legal rights do I have to our income?

What do you suggest as we move forward? Is there any benefit to filing prior to him? Can I get him to compensate
me for my legal fees?

I am currently employed and have my paycheck designated as a direct deposit to Steven and my "joint" checking
account. Do you think I should change that?

I have a list of items that I will make copies of prior to his return. If you have any suggestion of items, please let
me know.

I am very concern that Steven will return on Monday and will have his legal strategy in place. I know that you are
very busy on Monday but am in hopes that we might speak so that I am prepared for his return.

I do appreciate your kind consideration of this late request and am very thankful for your guidance. I look forward
to speaking with you soon ..

Linda Hart

813-610-2574 cell phone

Available 24/7

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Norman Hart <> wrote:
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 19:02:45 -0700 (PDT)
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....................-.-. ------------_._ Subject: Thoughts
To: Linda Flax <>

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A couple of suggestions:

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1) Read this, print a copy
2) Delete this messgae
preview invite 3) Take the time THIS MORNING to get an e-mil address,
maybe one that is free., Yahoo etc.
4) Find the nearest Bank of America, go in TODAY (before
2PM) and open an account. I think you can open one for
5) Let me know the account number and I'll make a dposit.
That way checks to both attorney's come from YOU, not
me. They will give you a few checks until your own checks
can be printed .. You can use my P.O. Box number for the
near future (P.O. Box 18011, Tampa, FL 33679. You don't
need a phone number on the printed checks.
6) IF you have to take moeny from your "joint" checking
account, it will be easier to transfer the amount to another
Bank America account, rather than cash.
7 IF I have to call my Bank America contact, your account
number will go a long way to getting the money.

ALL a father's love.

Norman Hart o9rtoorm@Y?DOO.GOrD P.O. Box 18011

Tampa,33679 813-870-0911
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Bank Money
Swift Bank» 6/30/2007
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