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The Holographic 5rain

Tne Power of Three

Dimensional Visualization
Tor Tne Ancient Egyptian Order
Conferred By:
Supreme Grand Hierophant S.G.H.
720th Degree
Amunnub i Raakhptah (Atum-Re)
Mir "Pyramid" No.9
Your Holographic Brain:
The power of three - dimensional visualization
1. We shall describe what a hologram is
2. We shall describe and list step-by-step how a hologram
3. We shall describe the 3 major similarities between the
hologram and the brain.
4. Describe how memory in the brain is stored and re-
called holographically.
5. Now you will be able to logically explain why those
things which are vividly sensed eventually become a
concrete reality.
Since the beginning of time, Homo Sapiens have been in-
trigued by their ability to see with their eyes closed. By that I
mean, the same detailed images that reflect the reality he/she
sees with their eyes open. Homo Sapiens have been mystified
by the power of the mental image, which tends to affect the
Gisum "body", A'gul "mind" and Nawu' "matter" in the
outside world. For thousands of years, the Homo Sapien has
intuitively known that whatever he can vividly create in his mind
he can make it manifest. Like magic, which manifests itself into a
concrete reality. Until recently, Homo Sapiens have not had the
Right knowledge to logically and scientifically explain the power
of this phenomenon. Without Right knowledge, this power has
been able to ascribe to the superstition of the Religious Spook-
The brain is a holographic computer. Just like a computer,
your brain has a certain amount of memory or bytes that can be
used as impulses from the senses that are beamed to the brain,
converging and interfering as they overlap within the brain
cells. The electromagnetic energy serves as the Holographic
brain's laser-like light. The eyes serve as the object beam. Now
they are even putting chips or programs right into the brain and
touch screens as well as mind control of computers, etc. The
remaining senses and the emotion serves as the brain reference
One of these three sensory reference beams is needed to
trigger a mental 3-dimensional Holographic image. Once you
overload your brain, it shuts down like a computer. Although
you only use 7% of your brain, which means there is another
93% waiting to be accessed, you can overload the portion of
the brain that you do use. Human Beings tend to indulge in
certain types of recreations (wreck creation) or habits that are
simply detrimental to your brain and your mind. This in turn
becomes detrimental to your health such as drugs, tobacco,
hard alcohols, loud music, bad diet, evil friends or relatives, etc.
The word Hologram comes from two words: according
to the comprehensive etymological dictionary of the English
language "holo" or "hoi" meaning "whole, entire", and "-
gram" combining form denoting "something written", as in
anagram, cardiogram, diagram from Genitive meaning 'that
which is written; a written character, letter'. So the word
hologram simply means "a whole or entire message".
Holograms are produced by illuminating the scene
with light from a device called a laser, which works off of the
principle of vaporizing the hardest and most heat resistant ma-
terials through multiplied stimulation of atoms. It is any of sev-
eral devices that turn striking electromagnetic radiation of
mixed frequencies of highly amplified and coherent visible ra-
diation. It is also called 'optical laser'. The output of a laser is
in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
In an attempt to overstand this remarkable ability of the
human mind, Homo Sapien has modeled the brain on the lat-
est technology available. The Hologram is a three-dimensional
image projected into space re-created from interference pat-
terns of the red laser light. Some people might want to know
why red laser? I'll tell you why.
The red laser is the red ruby
stone which is symbolic of the
morning sun; Atum-Re and
evening; setting sun Amun-Re
(blue), as the opening and clos-
ing of the eyes. As Atum-Re
rises in light of day, Amun-Re
sets in darkness of night. They
are referred to as Re
"Ra" (Rays) and in their midst
is Atun-Re, high day sun, yel-
low. This knowledge is the
same as the Christian's beliefs
of the son (sun) raising. They
believe that the red is the blood,
and blue is the water, yellow is
the sun.
The sun rising and setting
And as the appearance of the setting of the sun, god walks ris-
ing on the waters. The sun goes away and comes back, return
of Christ. The Jews and Muslim have this same belief. The
Jews call him Mashiakh, the Christians Messiah. The Mus-
lims call him Masih, which is all the same, and was copied
from the Egiptian word Messeh.
All of this was taken from
the Egiptian deities Atum-Re
(the rising sun, color red) and
Amun-Re (the setting sun con-
cept, blue). The red ruby is a
deep red variety of corundum,
valued as a precious stone: it is
also called Oriental Ruby and
true Ruby. The pigment in the
red ruby is chrome for various
brown hues and has iron. It is the
hardest mineral after the dia-
mond. It is brittle and special
care must be taken when cutting
and setting this stone.
The Tau, The Rising Sun
This Is Where The Christians
Get Their Cross Symbol From
Firstly lets identity what laser really means: "any of several
devices that convert incident electromagnetic radiation of
mixed frequencies to one or more radiation."
Laser stands for:
L: light
A: amplification
S: stimulated
E: emission
R iradiation
Laser provides the long sought after model of how visual
and sensory information is received, stored and recalled by the
brain. The Ancient Egiptians knew all this about the brain.
The Ancient Egiptians knew that the brain is a three-
dimensional holographic image or a triad image of three. Do
you notice how everything in Ancient Egipt summed up to 9
from 3. For instance, (1) Aset, Asaru and Haru (a triad), (2)
The father, son and holy ghost, 1. Judaism, 2. Christism, 3.
Islamism, (your triad), and (3) another triad of names from
the triad of monotheism, Jesus, Yashu'a and Isa.
Pa Netert Aset "Auset,Isis"
Pa Neter Asaru "Usir,
This is where you get your triad concept from. The number
3 always compounds into 1, or one being, to become 1 from 3
images, 3 gods in 1 creating a new image, representing an ob-
ject that cannot be visually distinguished from the real object.
Pa Neter Haru "Horus, Heru
That is 3 beings becoming one being as water, sugar, tea be-
comes one cup of tea. A holographic image is a by-product of
an electrical and chemical process, visual images and sensory
impressions generated by the brain are holographic in nature.
Every image and impression is composed of electromagnetic
energy that consists of matter. Vividness and sensory detail in-
crease the energy and power of the visualized image. In es-
sence, what one visualizes is real. The Gisum "body" and
A'gul "mind" interpret visual images and sensory impressions
as reality and react to them accordingly. Charged visual images
produce a magnetic field that attracts to the images, those
things that he vividly senses and visualizes. This attraction
force is what gives one the power to control his or her life and
environment for either success or failure.
Now the only real reality is change and that's age. Say: Pm Ag-
ing and you see the word Image (IM-AGE).
1. Before beginning the practice exercises, first look up as
much as you can about holograms, "Your Holographic
Brain: The Power of three-dimensional Visualization."
2. When instructed, refer to the following information: you
shape your own mind world, you can make things hap-
pen for or against yourself. Create an image and it will
come true. To stop evil use your mind, bury it or them
in the ground and they will disappear. Etc.
3. You have to use the true power of your mind.

4. You have this power just waiting to be released. Use

5. Your grand and great grand parents are waiting to
hear from you. They will DC your guide.
6. Therefore, you link your mind power into theirs.
7. You have the power to do it.
8. It is real and they will help you.
9. Just tap into it and they will respond.
To produce a hologram, the following 9 steps are
1) A beam of laser light emanating from a laser
2) Is divided by a beams litter
3) Into two separate beams. One of the beams, the ob :
ject beam
4) Travel in a straight line to the object
5) In this case a Tetrahedron.
Many people can't figure out the difference between a tetra-
hedron and a pyramid or Mir as it was called in Tama-Re
"Egipt". But the difference is that a Tetrahedron is three
. sided, giving it a dimensional look. It is a four sided polygon, 3
sides of it is a triangular in the shape of a 4 because the 4th
side is a base. The Tetrahedron also pulsates in and out. The
pyramid is where all the secrets of the universes are kept. In A.
E.O., or The Ancient Egyptian Order you belong to the true
pyramid school.
Pyramids are triangu-
lar structures built of
stone or brick on a
square base. The inside
of these pyramids contain
a network of passages
and tunnels that connect
numerous rooms and
compartments and where
great ceremonies such as
the opening of the mouth
ceremony was per-
formed. To be explained in a later degree.
Pa Mir "The Pyramid" has a geometric solid figure which is
formed by connecting every point on or interior to a plane
polygon. A pyramid is thus a special case of a cone or of a
polyhedron, a solid, bounded by planes. Most pyramids that
you see today have 5 sides, 4 sided by being triangular and the
The Black Mir "pyramid" at Tama-re, Egipt Of The
West built in the U.S.A. today. This pyramid is an elec-
trical capacitor to draw energy from the sun.
base being a square, you can find a 5 sided pyramid on the
planet Mars also, the tetrahedron and the pyramid basically fol-
low the same principle, as above so is below. The object beam
illuminates the object, bounces off it and travels in wave
form toward the undeveloped film plate (5). (6) The second
beam, the reference beam is aimed at a mirror (7) angled to-
ward the plate deflected off the mirror, the reference beam
travels toward the film plate, before reaching the film plate.
The two beams collide with each other, creating wave like in-
terference patterns. (8) These swirling patterns are recorded on
film plate. The film plate is then developed using normal pho-
tographic chemicals (9).
A View From Directly Overhead Towards The
West, The Five Sided Pyramids On The Planet
(9) Interference from
Object and Reference
Beam Collision
(5) Interference
Wave Forms
(3) Object Beam
(2) Beam Splitter
Looking at the
developed film
plate to the right,
the naked eye
barely perceives
the unintelligible
swirling gray and
white interfer-
ence patterns cre-
ated by the colli-
sion of the object
and reference
beams of red
To reconstruct the holographic image of the Tetrahedron,
all that is necessary is to direct a second reference beam (1) to-
ward the developed film plate (2) at the same angle of the origi-
nal reference beam.
Once illuminated with the reference beam, the once silvery
gray film blossoms forth an image into space (3) a three di-
mensional image of the Tetrahedron that cannot be distin-
guished from the real and material three-dimensional object.
(3) 3-D IMAGE.
(2) Developed Rim Plate
(1) Reference Beam
Impulses from the senses are beamed to the brain converg-
ing and interfering as they overlap within the brain cells. The
sum total of all of the incoming interference patterns is distrib-
uted and stored throughout the brain the film plate for our
organic hologram.
Electromagnetic energy serves as the holographic brain's
laser like light. The eye serves as the object beam. The senses
of sound, touch, taste, and smell plus emotion serve as the
brain's reference beams. As in the physical hologram, to recon-
struct the original experience a sensory reference beam will trig-
ger a mental three-dimensional holographic image.
Visual Impulses AuditoryImpulses
Optic Nerve AuditoryNerve
A hologram is a three-dimensional image projected into
space that cannot be visually distinguished from a real-life ob-
ject. The holographic image is not seen on the film plate but is
projected into space, where it appears to be suspended.
One cubic centimeter of holographic film can store over 9
billion images. The only known system capable of storing more
information than the hologram is the human brain. The vis-
ual and sensory impressions formed by the mind are composed
of the same substance of concrete matter and, as such, are real.
The more sensory-detailed and emotionally-charged the image,
the greater impact it will have upon matter. The visual and sen-
sory impressions created by the brain produce a magnetic force
field that attracts to us, those things that we sense.
Answer each question by filling in the blank with the correct
1. Describe in one sentence what or why a hologram is created
by a ruby stone.
2. Draw a schematic that details the 9 steps of how a hologram
is produced. Note it's a red light.
3. List the 3 steps involved in reconstructing a holographic im-
age from a developed film plate.
4. The hologram and the brain share these three major simi-
larities: First, their memory is throughout the film plate
and brain. Second, both have tremendous storage capabili-
ties; and third, both produce three-dimensional
that are by-products of electrical and
chemical reactions. The triad-qual image into one trinity.
5. The eye serves as the holographic brain' s
beam. The other senses
plus emotion serve as beams.
6. A mental image is generated by the brain by the activation
of a sensory beam that was
originally associated with the memory event.
7. From quantum physics we learn that the most basic build-
ing blocks of matter and the universe are electromagnetic
forms, the root colors are 3, 1.
Red, 2. Blue and 3. Yellow.
8. M e n t a 1
i m a g e s a r e c o m p o s e d
wave forms, and as such
are interpreted by the pod, mind, and environment as
. The Law of Electromagnetic
Energy states that whenever an electrical field is generated, a
field or attraction force is cre-
9. Whatever we image with sensory, clarity, and emotion gener-
ates energy. This energy
creates a force field that attracts
the things we image to us.
10. Explain What a Tetrahedron is and its meaning?
11. We learned that there are three 3 suns. Which one is sym-
bolic of the morning sun?
12. Every image and impression is composed of electromag-
netic energy that consists of what?
13. The senses of sound, touch, taste, and smell plus emotion
serve as the brain's . .
Pa Mir
Ta ma-re
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