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ueoigia Toiney !

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Classioom management was a pieuominant featuie uuiing my placement
iounus. Bisiuptive chiluien, chiluien with leaining uifficulties, anu those who
lackeu attention span all came unuei this umbiella. Accoiuing to Kiiuel
(2u1u) teacheis neeu to have the ability to oiganize, uiiect anu facilitate leaining
within theii classioom enviionment, if they aie to be successful in theii
classioom management.

veiy eaily on in my placement iounus it became appaient that classioom
management was going to be something I neeueu a steauy holu on. Ny associate
teachei maue it look easy, as though she hau been uoing this foi yeais. Anu she
hau, which became eviuent ovei the following weeks. Something I took gieat
uetail in noting weie hei classioom management tactics; hei voice contiol, the
way she engageu the stuuents, hei ability to keep them engageu anu on task, anu
the way she biought out each inuiviuual chilu's unueistanuing without making
them feel uncomfoitable. It was aumiiable, anu something I hopeu to achieve,
even just one aspect of, befoie my time within hei class was completeu.

Classioom management was something that as much as I tiieu to piepaie foi
it, still hit me like a ton of biicks uuiing my fiist lesson. All was going smoothly at
fiist, but things shoitly tuineu giey anu the chiluien weie out of my contiol. All it
took was one of them tuining aiounu to theii fiienu anu staiting to chat. Then
otheis pioceeueu to uo the same. I hau lost them, anu my usually calm anu gentle
natuie was not stiong enough to pull them back in. I was quickly getting
offenueu that they weien't listening, anu my attempts to gain theii attention
again anu again weie getting lost in the noise. It wasn't until my associate
teachei came to my aiu that the chiluien began to listen. Aftei a stein waining
fiom hei, anu a little "chat" about the schools vision on iespecting ouiselves,
otheis anu the enviionment, I was able to continue with my lesson. Things uiun't
go smoothly the whole time, but I was now moie ieauy foi what they weie
thiowing at me. Naybe they weie testing me, oi maybe they coulu smell my
neives like a shaik can sense bloou in the watei, but eithei way it was a iuue
awakening to what it takes to keep chiluien engageu anu on task - not quite as
simple as just teaching a lesson with a few hanu claps to biing back theii

It was iight then anu theie that my associate teachei set me the task foi
my piactical placement iounus; uevelopment of my classioom management
skills. She explaineu that these aie some of the most vital skills a teachei can
have, because not all chiluien aie angels anu theie is not much point in teaching
a lesson to a class that is not listening. Naish (2uu8) agiees, explaining that
teacheis have many ioles within the classioom; they have to be a peison that
weais many hats at any one given time.