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Price Weight
Price per
100 gram
Rank (y)
d=X-Y d
Hamam 3 35 150 gm 24 4 -1 1
Lux 6 40 125 gm 23 5 1 1
Lifebouy 1 21 125 gm 21 6 -5 25
Cinthol 4 32 92 gm 34 2 2 4
Dettol 2 23 75 gm 31 3 -1 1
Dove 5 37 75 gm 52 1 4 16
Total 48

Spearman's Rho formula P=1-{(6d)/(n(n-1))}


It has a moderate -negative correlation. The price and the quality of the soaps have a negative
relationship. As one factor goes up , the other factor goes down.

MODEL Price in Rs. US(locked)
Price in Rs in
Price in Rs in India
16 GB 13,134.00 42,834.00 45,500.00
32 GB 19,734.00 49,434.00 49,999.00
64 GB 26,334.00 56,034.00 59,500.00

Based on current dollar-rupee rate 66 Rs

Its a tough question to be answered. Iphone has been one of the premium smartphone in the market
and its consumer base is huge both in US and India. I would like to point out the current good and bad
situation which can help in analyzing if Iphone will maintain its customer base with this rate

Iphone is one of the best quality and reliable smartphone
The next Iphone is going to be cheaper than the current Iphone 5 to counter attack the
other smartphones at a challenging price.
The new upgrade of IOS 7 has become a rage and most awaiting software this year.
Iphone provides a status symbol to the owners and people prefer that than carrying
other smartphone. People tend to have a unique product than have similar product.
80% of US citizen says that they are satisfied with apple but it stands 3
in customer
satisfaction level in India.
After the lawsuit win against Samsung, it has got a vice versa affect in the market.
Customer now has preferred in S3 as it has being cheaper with same features as Iphone.
Android has much open interface with software development and there are plenty of
useful apps in android OS than IOS. Thus customers prefer smartphone which is helpful in
fulfilling their needs.
Local manufacturers Micromax, karbonn have become a hit as they are cheaper and
give better satisfaction at that rate. So the local competition along with Samsung, Nokia,
HTC and Sony has brought a variety of options to customers.
Market value has reduced after the death of Steve jobs. Customer has lost its confidence
in buying Iphone as after jobs it can difficult for the company to understand customers
Iphone may lose its customer base if it doesnt make it an open source and offer better
features than other competitors. Even if price is high, people will buy if it offers features
than before.