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By Prabhjot kaur
The author Patricia Hornby describes the organisational processes , structures and
participants involved in the decision to introduce and design the implementation of new
technology into the international department of a bank. He has also described the problems
which were faced by the bank and what were the appropriate they took in order to change
their current working system. Here this international system was divided into two sub sytems
as Business system and Personal system.
Now the first international bank consisted of FIVE major activities that were
Operations,Administration, Personnel, Computing and Informational technonlogy. also the
work of the international department was divided between sections which is a part of
administrative directorates. So the various sections under it were:
The business and the personal processing sections: These two sections deal with the
processing of all transactions
Accounting and Fund Management- This section monitered the monies available in the
foreign accounts and decides whether the accounts need funds or not.This information was
derived from the other sections via Reconciliation.
Reconciliation- This section collected and collated data from the processing sections,carried
out the appropriate book keeping and passes the information to accounting and funds
Business liason- It deals with the business customer enquiries as the business account holders
would gave special attention as the loss of single account would have relatively serious
consequences on the business of the branch.
Also there was a Project Steering Committee and Project Control Group who looked for the
spending and time scale and also the developement of the projects.
Firslty, they were facing many losses which lead to such a change.
They were more focussed on profit generation and wanted to increase their efficiency.
Line maangers were not flexible to alternatives. They never wanted to shift from the
current techinques and policies
disconnected with the functioning of his Process Control Group(PCG)
Also there was lack of communication gap between the various hierarical levels

There was restructing of the whole oraganisation and change was made in every
In business Laison International system(IS) was divided into two sections i.e.
Business system(BS) and personal system(PS) which worked for in payements and
out payements.
IS system was designed in two phases as IS1which was responsible for the processing
of customer day to day transaction and IS2 whose function was mangaing of funds
and accounting system of department.
Also they started doing follow up interviews
External consultants were alsso hired as they lack internal experties
Also various teams were ccreated in order to bring the chang which were Process
Steering Commitee and Process Control Group

Firstly, a new department manager(DM) was assigned to the international department in
order to improve the efficiency and productivity of the department and to overcome the
losses. Moreover a new assistant to the DM was appointed.
Also DM in may 1995, instigates an extensive marketing campaign and an examination and
developement of the departmentss product with an emphasis on corporate business.
Secondly, the UPM and his assistant adopted open door policy so that the users can fully
Thirdly. IS was designed in two phases i.e.ISI was implemented in the department and follow
up interviews were conducted by the organisational researcher.
Also a new clerical post had been created to deal solely with errors arising from processing in
the system.
In my point of view the major drawbacks were in the leader and the employees itself i.e. all
departments had some or the other flaws . So in order to overcome this, following steps
should be taken.
Firstly, they should have proper channels of communication or communication system so
that the DM do not feel disconnected.
Moreover proper technical knowledge should also be provided to the employees and the other
people working there so that they can also become technically equipped .
Secondly, the UPM users should be motivated, rewards and incentives should be given to
them so that they get completely connected to their work and give their hundered percent to
the work alloted to them.
Thirdly, the line managers should understand why there is a need to change and how they can
do it succesfully. They should be made to understand that what benefits will they get or how
change in their working styles can actually help them and their organisation.
Also the managers should have proper leadership skills and traits so that they can make users/
employees complete their work efficiently.A feeling of dedication towards work should be
imbibed in people.