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Lori Thompson

Domestic violence is a vastly growing crime that El Paso has taken a stand by putting together a
nonprofit organization called the CAFV to help victims seek help. This article will be presenting the
ethos, pathos, and logos of both the visual analyze and the tone of the text and format which the article
produces. This analysis describes how many cases occur in our community, and what the public can do to
raise awareness. The picture portrays how victims of domestic violence can be afraid to speak out.
The tone of this article (ethos) is a formal tone that informs the public that there is a way to
prevent domestic violence. Domestic violence involves brutally harming ones body with a weapon or
striking the victims. Another form of abuse is sexually assaulting a person. That could be having contact
without permission, or the person (victim) could be under age. Another form of domestic violence is
verbal abuse that means putting someone down till he or she feels bad about themselves to the point of
committing suicide. CAFV is a local group that raises awareness to the community by stating statistics
and providing precautionary guidelines to victims so they can protect themselves, and prevent this
situation from happening again. Article by Ruben R. Remeriez of El Paso Times Talks with Gloria Terry
and she provided statistics that the state researched. Stating that domestic violence has reached a peak in
the state of Texas Luis Carlos Lopez of El Paso Times states, A study released Friday showed a number
of women killed in domestic violence cases doubled in El Paso County2012 while officials reported, the
number of cases that were filed and prosecuted jumped 87% to more than 3,000 last year.
Some of these victims were pronounced dead after a domestic dispute occurred. Analyzing this
article really gets the public to realize how much violence there is in our community. This part of the
article releases information on campaigning ideas (logos) to raise awareness through a nonprofit agency
that produced A National Violence Awareness month to get the public involved and to raise awareness.
News reporter Luis Carlos Lopez states, the findings of a state wide comprehensive report, Honoring
Texas Victims of family violence fatalities 2012 in memory of 114 women murdered by family violence.
That was also bought to the community by gathering a group of individuals that want to raise awareness.
Within the CAFV there are also other group organizations that protect victims such as the Battered
Womens Shelter, which provides emergency shelter for women and children. This short stay residency is
for victims that feel threatened by the offender, and feels the urgency to escape emedatley. That usually
happens has no place to go and the offender has been released from prison and has made a threat to the
victim. This organization was provided by the state gathering normal people to advocate on this violent
situation that reoccurs so often. The official of El Paso brought forth another solution to help prevent
domestic violence. Esparzas 24contact program is yet another resolutions advocated by the people of El
Paso. Terry the CEO of the Texas Council on Family Violence states, That this program takes place after
a 911 call has been made. Then within 24 hours after the offender has been arrested a victims advocate
and investigator will assist the victim and offer them information and recourses that will lead to their
recovery. After that takes place they follow up with the victim. As we can see without the public creating
awareness to the officials this academic abuse would not be noticed.
The emotional part of the article (pathos) is worded throughout the article because it is serious
crime that happens to the people that are dearest to us. Although the article expresses an urgency to get
the public involved, so hopefully statistics will lower, and the victims can stop the abuse from happening
again. It is up to the community and victims to be aware of the signs of an abuser. The worst thing that
could happen to someone we love is they get hurt by their spouse, and we as a society did not do anything
to stop the violence from happening. By contacting the authorities or the CAFV about any suspicions
there could be a life saved. This article proves that violence happens every day, and gives us enough
Information and statistics to show the people of El Paso they can make a difference.
Moving on to the visual aspect of the analyses, this picture will express the ethos, logos, and
pathos of the advertisement it is also congruent with the article. In the visual analyses a women that is
afraid to speak out because she is afraid of getting hurt.
Starting with ethos this picture sets an urgency tone to alert the general public that someone that
is a friend or family member could be a victim of domestic violence and to speak out. Not to keep it a
secret. This advertisement explains the importunacy of why the community should voice their concerns
about domestic violence in their community. This advertisement provides the necessary links that the
victim or general public can get the information needed to contact the right recourses. Also provided are
specific dates and times for the community to get together and address the importance of not keeping
domestic violence a silent issue.
On the other hand the photograph gets the community involved which leads to (logos) .By
campaigning events for the public to raise awareness on domestic violence, and for the community to
speak out of suspicion of any abuse happening in their neighbor hood. Advertised in this ad is a group
Datz they focus on citizenry to be knowledgeable of the facts of the offense that take place in society, and
what can be done to prevent the situation. Datz has organized the community to become alert of the
In addition this promotional ad sends emotional to the audience (pathos) regarding domestic
violence. This advertisement represents a feeling of helplessness coming from the victim. Communities
will get the feeling of compassion, and want to reach out to the victim. As a society it will help raise
In conclusion both article and website portrays ethos, logos and pathos. There is defiantly an
emotional appeal when confronting this subject. On the same note domestic violence awareness agencies
and the authorities can raise awareness by voicing their opinion and not holding back on any suspicions
throughout the communities. As a community we can make a difference.
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