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April 3, 2014
Re: Questions about the References received on March 27, 2014

Mr. Sjahrian Harahap
Terrasys Energy

Dear Harahap san
I am Masa Kitauchi of Obayashi Corporation, and have attended the meeting on Jan 17 this year.
Thank you for the Reference material you have sent to Takeuchi on March 27. I have reviewed them
and currently have some questions on them.

I hate to disturb you, but if you could reply to the following items, it will be highly appreciated. Mr.
Takeuchi may visit your office on this April; therefore, it would be a good idea that you could reply to
him on the questions which you feel are difficult to answer by e-mail.

We are keen on the small hydropower generation. Once again, thank you for the information. We
are looking forward to seeing and discussing with you in the near future.

Best regards,
Masa Kitauchi
General Manager
Business Innovation Department
Technical Division
Obayashi Corporation

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April 3, 2014
Obayashi Corporation
Masa Kitauchi

Batang Natal Project
1. PPA seems to have been made already. (P25)
(1) What would be our role of the project?
a. Are there any rooms for us to be an investor of the project?
b. Is our role only for the investment?
c. Could we contribute to the construction management?
d. Could we participate in the selection of the contractors?
2. How much could we take the share of the equity, if the investment is accepted?
3. Could we take part in the next projects such as Alternative 1, 2, or 3?
4. Please tell us the programme (or schedule) of the project.
(1) We could imagine the outline of the Batang Natal Projects of alternative 1 to 3 via the
attached photos; however, we would like to understand the programme.
5. Does Batang Natal River flow all year around?
6. As a structure, are you planning to make weir to stock water?
7. Are you going to destroy the upstream watershed to construct the weir for the project? If so, how
would it be?

1. How far away is Sopo Tinjak located from the project site?
2. Where is Sibokga located in which area you have taken rainfall data in 2008?

Feasibility Study
1. We would like to see the Feasibility study of Batang Natal project.
2. You have indicated 18.9% of Project-IRR after the deduction of inflation and tax. Would the
aforesaid IRR be based on the free cash flow?

Reference No.1
1. Table4-2(p15): The numbers/words are overlapped, and thus are unreadable. Please give us the
revised one, if available.
2. Occurrence difference of over 65%: How could we understand this?
3. Table4-3 Simulation of Installed Turbines:
(1) The numbers on the left side of the table have been converted to the numbers on the right side.
How were they made?
(2) The numbers on the right side have indicated as Average or Total; how could we understand
(3) Why does the percentage of Confidence of installed turbine differ each other?
4. Brick weir (p19): Is the weir not concrete-made but brick-made?
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5. FIT: We would like to know the possibility that Minister of EMR sign the new tariff proposal.
6. 7.5MW cascade: We would like to know the meaning of cascade.

Reference No.2
1. Catchment Area (p5) (+415,799m): Does the comma mean period (point) or comma? +415,799 m or
+415.799 m?
2. Gross head (p5): Which range does the number (950m) show?
3. Penstock 8.0m
/dt (p5): What does it mean?