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Comparison between application and system software.

The application software is known as an app, the computer software designed to help the
user to perform the pacific tasks. The system software also known as computer software
which is a general term primarily used for digitally stored data like computer programs and
other kind if information.
Eample !
"pplication software ! accounting software, office suites, and media players.
Computer software ! #perating $ystems %#$&, utilities and 'indows.
(es we need both to runs the )icrosoft *ower point because the )icrosoft *ower*oint is the
application software and it need the computer operating system like windows to run the app.
)ain component of $ystem software
,e-ice ,ri-er!
This is a computer program that allows higher le-el computer programs in interacting with
the computer hardware. " de-ice dri-er simplifies programming as it acts as a translator
between a hardware de-ice and the applications that use it.
#perating $ystem!
"n operating system manages computer hardware, pro-ides ser-ices for eecution of
application software. .t consists of programs and data. Eamples of operating systems for
computers are /inu, )icrosoft 'indows, #$ 0, 1ni.
" ser-er is a program that operates as a socket listener in computer networking. " ser-er
computer is a computer, or series of computers, that link other computers and they often
pro-ide essential ser-ices across a network, either to pri-ate users inside a large
organi2ation or to public users -ia the internet.
1tility $oftware!
1tility software is used to manage the computer hardware and application software and
performs small tasks. $ome of the eamples of utility software are systems utilities, -irus
scanners and disk defragmenters.
'indowing $ystem!
" windowing system supports the implementation of window managers and pro-ides basic
support for graphics hardware and pointing de-ices such as mice, and keyboards. .t is a
component of graphical user interface.
Eplain types of software licence
Individual! /icense type for single installation
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)! /icense type for software that is
already installed in the hardware.
Concurrent License! /icense Type for software that can be accessed by a specific
number of users at a time.
Free License! /icense Type for freeware software.
Compare and contrast spreadsheet and database
$preadsheet 55 one spreadsheet is actually 6ust one big table with columns and rows. .n
Ecel you can ha-e se-eral spreadsheets that may be linked to another -ia formulas and
,atabase 55 " database is composed of two or more tables whose data are organi2ed in a
way that the data are related and7or linked to one another -ia a 8primary key8. " primary key
is a field in each of the tables that is common to them.
'hat happen when you type http!
'hen . type the link abo-e on web browser, the page of new straight time are appear and
some of the latest news are showed on the page. :rom there, . can choose the news titles
and to read the article.