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Channeled Info - Mother/Father God - V

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When God Pinched My Toe
Part 11 ! 1""

Part 161: Learning to Be the I M That !o" re
#n recent wee$s we have varied our schedule of messages to accommodate to the travel schedule and
wor$ re%uirements of our channel. &e will now resume our previous schedule, because you li$e to
$now which days the messages will be posted. &e will give you a written message on Monday,
'hursday and (aturday, and the radio show will continue on &ednesdays. &e will as$ Kathryn to post
an announcement on her website whenever possible if there is to be a change in that schedule. &e as$
your patience in certain periods when internet service is less available and might re%uire a delay in the
)ow, Dear *nes, we wish to communicate with you about how you can find the peace and reassurance
within yourselves to carry you through this time of difficulty which you may feel as delays in the +reat
Plan. &e assure you this is not the case. ,ll is moving forward, with the enlightenment of individual
souls ta$ing precedence in this transition time.
'hose of you who have found it possible to cultivate patience at the same time you have loo$ed inside
yourselves to find greater strength and resourcefulness are obeying the re%uirements of -osmic .aw.
Your own Mighty # ,m Presence is the resource you are beginning to discover and rely upon as your
source of Power and .ight.
#t has long been the mystery hiding in plain sight that each of you has the Power of Divine Presence
within you/ you do not re%uire a priest or minister or even a mystic channeler to allow you to
e0perience the glorious and unlimited .ight which is available to you personally. You have forgotten or
you have been deliberately distracted from your own Power by the centuries of enslavement under
Dar$ ideas and Dar$ controls. #t has been lost to your conscious minds that the chains which bind all of
you to the mundane frustrations and limits of daily life are an illusion.
Yes, there are earthly prisons made of stone and mortar, and in the incarnated physical body one can be
imprisoned there, but this is the end point of a long series of deceptions and manipulations of the minds
of man$ind. &hat if the masons and carpenters had refused to build the prisons in the first place1 &hat
if the 2udges and police had refused to ac$nowledge criminality but rather had established Mystery
(chools to retrain and enlighten the offenders who had slipped from their natural path of ,scension1
&hat if there were no armed police because the population refused to allow any human cruelty or
mistreatment of even one of their members, from birth until their final completion of the Earthly
'he conflict, ill!will and destructiveness in the behavior of your fellow humans is the culmination of
centuries of accumulated feelings of hatred and selfishness. 'hese feelings, which have reached a pea$
in this civili3ation, are the impulses behind all forms of devastation and thoughtlessness on the planet.
4or instance, consider the environmental devastation which, with direct conscious connection to the
(ource of ,ll 'hat #s would be completely unthin$able.
'he abominable treatment of animals, which are then used as food, has been a powerful tool in the
spread of Dar$ness/ people have been convinced that the consumption of great amounts of animal flesh
which has previously been tortured in vile conditions and then $illed for food is actually good for them.
#t has been one of the ways that Dar$ness has been literally consumed and digested into the cells of the
human body, in direct contradiction to Divine .aw.
'he human body is designed to thrive on much smaller amounts of nutritious food than you are
accustomed to ! vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits grown naturally and with .ove are sufficient to
sustain a healthy e0istence. #t is the use of food as an indulgence for the lowest sensory e0perience
which brings with it the associated illnesses and malaise. 'he feeling of being stuffed to overflowing
with the lowest vibrational substances ! greasy fried starch, animal flesh and sugar ! all produced in the
presence of poisons and to0ins, has created a culture of disease and death in the human mind and body.
&e have often tried in these pages to illustrate as vividly as possible how far you have strayed from the
life of .ight which is available to every single one of you. You believe that your world is incapable of
rising out of its dar$ doldrums without the intervention of +od and the ,scended Masters, who will
5rescue5 you from the habits of the past. 'his is not true. #t is within your power to return to a life of
glorious -ommunion with Divine .ight even if no one else ever offered you a single moment of
assistance other than to teach you these 6niversal Principles.
&e are not suggesting that we would deprive you of assistance. &e are currently sending you help in
the form of Masters who teach the 'rue &ay and the 2oyful life of mastery, creativity and wellbeing
which is possible when you recogni3e the Power &ithin. 'his, of course, is the ,scension process in
.et us e0plain7 Many of you are under the impression that the changes which will be brought about by
Disclosure, uncloa$ing of the ships, and sharing of advanced technology will overlay or impose
conditions on Planet Earth which will recreate the Paradise in which you can then satisfy all your
earthly appetites without the inconvenience of war, evil and death. 'his is not the goal, and will never
become reality.
'he goal of the ,scension process is to establish a new environment in which each individual soul may
at last come into the responsibility and reali3ation of the Mastery and Power of their own # ,M
Presence. 8y removing the Dar$ Entities who have created the self!hatred and hatred of all that is .ove
and .ight, we intend to 5clear the dec$s5 for a new phase of elevated learning for our Earth -hildren.
'his plan does not include the e0perience of 9eaven which you have been introduced to by many of
your popular religions7 idly sitting on a cloud, surrounded by se0ually attractive virgins and massive
amounts of food while angels sing and play harps, or simply sitting idly watching the show that is life
on the planet below. *f course, this is a caricature of the popular teachings, e0aggerated to point out the
elements of sensory indulgence which again appear as a seductive allure.
Do you see how you have been misdirected from the 2oy of being *ne with +od to the seduction of
believing in the indulgence of bodily sensations1 &e are not suggesting asceticism or imposed
deprivation ! this is no different from indulgence in its incessant focus on bodily functions. &e are
trying to point you in the direction of the 4orgotten Promise which offers you all participation in
6nconditional and 6nlimited Divine .ove. &hat could be better than that1
&ould you really trade unlimited amounts of alcohol, 5recreational5 drugs, se0, cigarettes, 'win$ies
and hamburgers for the e0perience of ,scension into the glorious embrace of your -osmic family of
.ight and .ove1 &ould a megamansion really replace your soul:s hunger to reside in a -rystal Palace
of .ight where your own efforts to achieve complete consciousness lift you out of the mundane
struggle to 2oin with your own 'win 4lame in the e0perience of unfathomable .ove1
&e understand that you have not been properly introduced to the glories of life in the higher realms
which are available to all of you. #n fact, the effort has been to turn your eyes away from the ever!
present call of your 9igher (elf which awaits your simple attention and commitment to raising yourself
up to the potential that is yours. &e will wor$ with you here to offer further lessons, and we will as$
Kathryn to teach these principles and techni%ues in her wor$shops. 8egin with the following practice7
'urn your eyes upward, Dear *nes, to connect your inner $nowing with the energy and power that is
yours if you will only receive it. ,llow the warmth and acceptance of 6nconditional .ove to flow
down through your center channel from your own # ,m Presence which resides above you, li$e your
own fountain of .ife which will nourish and sustain your ;itality, Power and -reativity. You, yes you,
are forever connected to the (ource of 6nlimited Power and <oy if you only turn your efforts to
fulfilling the promise of Perfection of which you are capable.
#s the challenge we present to you easy to achieve1 #s your current life of pain and conflict easy1 &ould
you continue to choose it and perpetuate it if you truly understood the glorious alternative that life in
the +od Presence offers1 8eyond the words we offer you here in the paltry form of intellectual
communication these messages allow, we also send the energy of .ove to wash over you, to awa$en
you in peace and clarity to the e0citement that awaits you in higher vibrational realms. #t is here,
between the lines, placed here for your en2oyment and illumination.
'his month we will also send unlimited energies of nourishment and 6nconditional .ove to heal and
support you in your decision ! to be or not to be1 &e invite you to embrace the # ,m Presence which is
your birthright. You will never regret belonging to the 9igher =ealms and wor$ing to lift yourself ever
higher into the .ight of *neness which is your destiny.
&e love you perpetually and without limit, Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, May ?, ?@1A, B pm
Part 16#: Be the Change$ Be the Light
)ow, let us resume our teachings to help you all step into the glorious # ,M Presence which is your
true 8eing.
'here are bac$ground philosophies and teachings which add to the struggle and have not been %uite so
pervasive and homogeneous across cultures as they are today. ,s we have told you in the past, &e do
not use punishment as a way of shaping behavior. 'hat is a human invention, brought to your thin$ing
and actions by the 4allen *nes, whose purpose it was to stifle and suppress 2oy and independence. &e
wish to see you grow and flourish, not learn to be obedient out of fear.
(o, you see, the term 5obedience5 as it is understood today is not what we:re after, as you might say. #t
might be more helpful to address the issue of learning to abide by 6niversal .aw if we use the terms
5alignment,5 willing participation, acceptance of a higher level of energy, or recognition of one:s
highest power, which is +od. &e do not wish to threaten or manipulate anyone into submission. 'hat
would be useless, meaningless, because it is the alignment of your heart, your inner intentions which
matters. ,ny decision made out of fear is not in alignment with +od.
(ome of you have wondered why we discuss 5politics5 here in these messages. You thin$ it would be
better if we 2ust sent you loving and encouraging remar$s which will inspire you. *f course, we do that
elsewhere through dedicated channelers who bring messages of love and inspiration, and do it well.
9ere we wish to accomplish a different purpose. You have become so lulled into accepting the status
%uo, especially in the 5developed5 countries of the world, that you are unaware of the underlying
travesty of 2ustice which deliberately creates poverty, ignorance and want.
&ith this in mind, scan the activities of your culture and notice how pervasive is the -rime and
Punishment mentality. Everywhere you loo$ there are security measures, police presence, rules in place
to demand obedience to the most trivial and whimsical re%uirements which are designed to suppress
individuality and enforce loyalty to authority, regardless of the legitimacy of that authority.
Many of you have learned to believe the propaganda messages which blame the most vulnerable
among you for their 5failure5 to prosper. You have been taught the Punishment model which says that
anyone not achieving according to the societal standard is guilty of la3iness, selfishness and sloth and
should therefore be punished for their lac$ of character by being deprived of assistance from those who
have more than they do. 'his is the thinly veiled propaganda which has 2ustified the monumental greed
of the Dar$ *nes who have siphoned off the resources and wealth, leaving everyone else to compete
for the crumbs.
Yes, even those who wor$ for financially successful firms and who have been used to large salaries
Cand long hoursD have been co!opted by this propaganda. 'he race to accrue more money has made
everyone slaves to the corporate entities which hide the true identity of the thirteen families who have
succeeded in controlling "EF of the planet:s wealth. 8y 5inviting5 their loyal employees into sharing a
tiny portion of their booty, they have seduced good people into 2oining the ran$s of slavery. &ithout
these hard!wor$ing lac$eys, the ones in power could not maintain and e0pand their iron grip on the
world mar$ets and therefore the world:s great wealth.
'his is why we alert you in these messages to what needs to be done. ,round the globe, enlightened
individuals are wor$ing to e0pose these insidious power structures. 'he Disclosure 9earings in
&ashington D.-. were 2ust the most recent public effort to awa$en the masses to the secrecy which has
suppressed information which would allow citi3ens to ma$e their own decisions about how to conduct
their affairs with regard to life!changing new technologies and contact with E':s who have shown
themselves to be peaceful.
,bsolute control of the sources of information is not 5security5 ! it is tyranny. 'he light is beginning to
dawn on many that it has not been the elected government which initiated this secrecy, but that they
have played into the hands of those with the real power ! the shadow government which has never been
elected or even ac$nowledged.
)ow ! here is our proposal to you. You have the resource of the internet to inform you. Do not believe
the propaganda which would deter you from researching the truth by disparaging anything which
appears on the internet. #t is your source of freedom and individual power. 8egin by reading everything
lin$ed to the Disclosure 9earings and the people who have wor$ed so hard to bring the light of truth in
your behalf. +o to the 4reedom -lub site and read about the illegal corporation which is the 6nited
(tates, and how citi3ens have been used as 5human capital5 as collateral for loans from private ban$s.
*ur own <esus (ananda is wor$ing with attorneys and activists to open the secret files, to show that the
illegitimate structures which now e0ist need not be followed or obeyed. .aws which use human beings
as chattel are not legal under 6niversal .aw, which is the highest level of order in the 6niverse. <ust as
no state has the power to overrule federal law in the 6nited (tates, no country on the planet has the
power to rewrite or supersede 6niversal .aw. Educating yourself and those around you is part of the
important wor$ which will elevate the planet to a higher order.
#n that conte0t, we hope to convince all of you to claim your part in this magnificent (hift which will
affect every facet of every life on the planet. 4reedom is a concept which applies to every part of you !
your spiritual, intellectual and physical state of being. .iving within an oppressive political system
Cwhich is now the case everywhere on the globeD restricts the practice of freedom in every other area of
life. Yes, we begin with your spiritual development and growth. 'his is most crucial and most under
your independent control, but 5spirituality5 is not simply a state of mind. #t is a way of life.
Many of you have the e0ample of your dear (t. +ermain who has been a tireless advocate for political
freedom for centuries. 'his is his spiritual wor$, his contribution to the freedom of mind, body and soul
for all of human$ind. 9e does not wor$ alone/ he is in constant contact with the .ightwor$ers who help
to carry out the activities which guard and promote freedom. #t has been a gradual process, one which
has been carried out mostly behind the scenes in isolated situations where limited help was permitted.
'his has changed. &ith the ,scension of Planet Earth and her movement toward membership in the
+alactic 4ederation, more open participation from the +alactics Cincluding our Masters and
,rchangelsD has been possible.
-an you now see how 5political,5 5material5 and 5spiritual5 help are *ne1 ,ll of 6s, all of you, are
aligned with the same (ource, the same .ight and .ove which is the # ,m Presence. You are made of
the spar$ of +od, your breathe as &e breathe, you are the e0pression of our .ove there in your human
body, which is our precious -reation 2ust as your soul is. 'he 2oining of this body with the soul you are
is a wondrous combination of the %ualities which ma$e up the *ne. .oo$ around you. Even the most
humble, defeated being carries our (par$ of .ife within. =each out to your fellow (par$s. (how them
you recogni3e the .ight within them, 2ust as you recogni3e and celebrate your own.
,bove your head is the energy source of 6niversal Presence. #t is there for you to connect with and use.
,s you absorb the .ight of the # ,M Presence, you will be filled with .ove. 'his is the meaning and
the %uality of +od which is available to every one of you, every moment you live. &ith this source to
feed and nourish you, you will never feel alone or bereft. Even if you were to find yourself without
companion or support for a time, you will not be lonely/ &e are here with you always. -ome into our
arms ! feel our embrace. &e are aware of your every thought and your every need. &e will teach you
more about how to adapt your thin$ing and actions to 6niversal .aw so that you will always be in
alignment with the +reater +ood, and therefore with your own +ood.
8egin by breathing in the # ,M Presence which pours down through you. ,ccept it, revel in it, and
$now this is your destiny ! to be *ne with 6s.
&e are Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, May ?G, ?@1A, A pm.
Part 16%: &e' (elation)hi* With God
.et:s tal$ about the e0citing things that are happening on the planet, things that you may be only
subliminally aware of.
Yes, it is heating up, as you might say. +roups of individuals who are inclined to be of service have
caught fire. &here there used to be a few brave individuals who would dedicate themselves to creating
a non!profit organi3ation and struggle to get grants to do some good wor$ in their neighborhoods or
across the world, there are now growing numbers of volunteers who are turning their sights to righting
the wrongs around them. 8rave new non!profits are blossoming li$e dandelions in the spring.
#t has had an effect. 4or instance, towns in poor areas of the world are e0periencing the lu0ury of a
fresh water well for the community where people used to have to carry it long distances. +reater
numbers of children are learning how to read than ever before, and medical help in poor areas is
beginning to create change in the %uality of life for families. &here civil unrest has ended, people are
beginning to rebuild and feel hope for the future. &here wars continue, there is more news coverage
and global concern than there was 2ust E years ago. &ealthier countries are better organi3ed and able to
help when disasters stri$e around the world, so fewer casualties tend to occur in the aftermath.
*f course there are still problems, and that is the fodder for news, but the atmosphere of .ove you have
been feeling sweeping across the planet is lifting all boats, as you would say. &e are delighted to see
you springing into action, aligning yourselves with others of li$e mind to help the world become a
better place.
,s you perform these blessed acts of service, your hearts find a new way to open, your minds are able
to e0pand a bit to reali3e your own good fortune compared to the rest of the planet, and the
combination creates new levels of appreciation for your connection to your fellow man and to 6s. &e
feel a new level of gratitude and recognition in places where people used to be nothing but busy, busy,
&e have promised you further lessons in 'he 'rue &ay. #t is time to concentrate on wor$ing with
yourself to rewor$ your old habits and patterns, to replace them with brand new ways of managing your
feelings, your thoughts and your actions. ,s we enter higher dimensions, there will be no place for the
$ind of impatience, rudeness and intolerance you have been so accustomed to in daily life. =espect and
consideration will be the order of the day.
Employers will need to behave with appreciation and gratitude for their employees loyalty and hard
wor$, or wor$ers will begin to stage massive 5mini!stri$es5 in order to be heard. -ooperation will
become the order of the day rather than cutthroat competition between employees, who will stop vying
for the crumbs and will begin supporting each other. (mall gestures of camaraderie and bac$ing each
other up will shift the balance of power bac$ to the people, who always had great power in their
numbers but who did not understand their strength.
#t will be a better world for children when parents relin%uish the 5stress5 of having to climb the ladder
or compete with the <ones:s and can turn instead to the en2oyment of spending a %uiet afternoon
observing the insects in the grass, or arranging bird feeders to attract songbirds to your yard. -ity
children will be able to leave the television behind in favor of rainy!day board games and word games
or trips to the museums and wonders of history and architecture which surround them.
6ncles and aunts, grandparents and close neighbors are a crucial part of a child:s life. &hen both
parents wor$ and wee$ends are dedicated to shopping and cleaning instead of living, children live
lonely and empty lives. &ith even a modest distribution of resources, families could wor$ fewer hours
and spend more time in rela0ed time with children to teach them in the natural way children have
always learned7 by watching their parents and tal$ing to them about what they are doing, thin$ing and
'his brings us bac$ to the beginning7 learning about your own feelings, thin$ing and actions. You see1
, 5busy5 life is one which neglects all the important life lessons. &hat is your child really feeling1
&hat does your partner really care about, and is it at the top of your list1 or theirs1 ,re you doing
things you really want to do, or are you moving from one duty to another obligation, begrudgingly
doing things you don:t want to do or are not interested in1 9ow is this possible1
9ave you stopped to as$ yourselves why it is ta$en for granted that most of every day should be ta$en
up with doing things you don:t li$e to do1 &hy should anyone live that way1 9ave you ta$en on the
attitude of negativity so automatically that you fall into feelings of resentment or boredom even when
you are doing things you actually might en2oy if you were in a good mood1 &hy would you permit
yourself to be drawn into resentment and negativity when you could change the tone and whistle while
you wor$1
<ust reading this last paragraph ma$es you feel depressed, doesn:t it1 'his is the low!level despair most
of you became used to living with as an accepted tone for your life. )o, we did not create you for
boredom and drudgery, but you have not yet simply accepted that any life, regardless of its good
fortune or ill, is a life of boredom if there is no sense of connection with you inner +od!self and all the
2oys it brings.
You see$ happiness, you say, but you turn away from the one thing that is the foundation for all good
feeling and fulfillment7 the ac$nowledgment of your membership as one who belongs to the greatest of
the great -lubs7 humanity. ,nd humanity is engaged in one of the most thrilling and challenging
e0periments ever attempted. You are thin$ing you are 2ust slogging along trying to be more conscious,
a little more aware, but the 6niverse loo$s on with fascination. You are lifting yourselves, moment by
moment, hour by hour, from the AD dar$ness which is already well behind you, to higher and higher
Eth dimensional living.
'he changes have been incremental and steady ! so much so that you thin$ nothing has happened.
)othing indeedH 9ave you not seen the growth in yourself and in those around you1 9ave you not seen
the shift to curiosity and then even wonder when people are faced with cosmic mysteries, spiritual
e0periences, loving moments which touch everyone deeply, and the possibility that connection with
+od could be a deeply satisfying and fulfilling e0perience1 ,re there not more and more people who
are accepting the idea that life goes on after death ! since there are more and more stories about people
who have died and come bac$ ! and who even ac$nowledge that they have lived many lifetimes along
their path of development1
'wenty years ago, the idea of reincarnation was unmentionable in &estern cultures. 'oday, it is a
familiar cliche ! oh, that bit of behavior or special $nowledge must be from another life. #n the same
vein, mention of +od was used mostly by either fanatical or deeply devout religious people, and the
idea of a deep spiritual connection with ,ngels and Masters was unheard of outside an organi3ed
religion. &hat successH ,t last, spiritual devotion has bro$en out of the walls of churches to become
what was intended from your beginnings ! an e0pression of 6nconditional .ove both ways ! from you
to us, and from us to you. , relationshipH
Yes, of course you will learn the ways of integrity and honor along the way, as you e0perience the great
.ove we feel for you, as you open your hearts and minds to accept your own great # ,M Presence ! the
essence of +oodness and of Power. You need no rules to guide you ! your breathing will bring you to
&ithin your human ma$eup is the original pattern which ma$es you a .ight being. ,s the energies pass
over and through you, your D), is reactivating to process .ight in a more substantive way. You will
feel the growing recognition in your heartmind that you are *ne. #t will creep over you as you are
sleeping, so that you awa$en with a new sense of fullness and .oving companionship, even when you
are alone.
)otice it, Dear *nes, relish it, revel in it, absorb the wonder of it, and $now that you are the apple of
our Eye, the .ove of our 9earts, and the +reat 9ope for change in the 6niverse.
&e are Mother>4ather +od, and we love you beyond words.
;ia Kathryn May, May A@, ?@1A, 11 pm
Part 16+: We Wor, Together to Bring !o" -el*
Dear *nes, you have an old saying that used to be given to teach beginners to type. #t was 5)ow is the
time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.5 &e would change that to men and women.
4ew people stopped to thin$ about the meaning of those words. &e as$ you to do so now.
#t is a wonderful time and a challenging and sometimes terrifying time for some of you. You do not li$e
change, many of you. You are unsettled by the idea of letting go of everything you have used to define
yourselves and your way of life. Yes, many of you are ma$ing a sincere effort to be open to the
changes, but you often find yourselves defining the new +olden ,ge and your place in it as if it were
nothing more than the present circumstances with perhaps nicer neighbors and fewer money problems.
&e have tried to help you open your hearts by giving you a vision of life in which fairness and 2ustice
reign, and in which there is no more poverty and want, no more pre2udice and cutthroat competition in
which the dec$ is stac$ed in favor of the few, and everyone else battles for the leftovers. &hat will ta$e
its place1 , world you have never seen or e0perienced e0cept perhaps in the rare fairy tales which
described peace and beauty, but then it was always amidst the dangers from gremlins and wic$ed step!
mothers. &e are telling you now7 )o more wic$ed step!mothers, or step!fathers either.
&ic$edness will be a thing of the past, but it will re%uire some wor$ on your parts to clear yourselves
of the dar$ memories and feelings which carry you bac$ to a place in which your light does not shine as
brightly, and your capacity to love is handicapped by being swamped in anger, resentment and fear.
'here is a way out of those feelings, a way to find your way to the .ight which is the +od within you.
#t will ta$e concentration and dedication to relearning the truth about yourselves, and applying the
lessons of 'he 'rue &ay, which we have begun to offer you in these pages and will continue to teach
you in the coming wee$s and months. You will not be sorry you applied yourself to learning this new
way of life, for it brings with it the greatest 2oy you could possibly imagine, greater than you have ever
&e as$ that you apply yourself to wor$ing through the boo$, 5&ho )eeds .ight1,5 which is a gift to
you from 6s, and from our dear channel, who is the embodiment of .ady Portia, the beloved 'win
4lame of (t. +ermain. (he is here among you to be the ;oice of our 9earts, our .ove for you, and our
teachings. (he has dedicated herself to doing this wor$, regardless of the challenges or the cost it might
present to her personally. &e believe it is time for the Masters among you to reveal themselves, if they
are willing, to allow you access to their teachings and to carry the &ord of +od as our blessed
&e will be as$ing those who are incarnated now to come forward as we re%uest it of each of them. Do
not pester your teachers to reveal themselves. &e will let them $now when it is the right time for each
of them. &e are doing this at this time because of the massive shifts which are ta$ing place on the
planet and because of the great need for psychological change to $eep up with the physical>energetic
'here is an intimate connection between the psychological state of being and the level of spiritual
development one can attain. 'ogether with Kathryn, we have offered you tools to help you with the
changes you need to ma$e, to evolve %uic$ly from the memory states of childhood, which for many of
you involved a state of overwhelming fear, to the peace of mind which can only be felt in a fully!
evolved adult consciousness. &e offer you the boo$, which has written between the lines the energy of
.ove we feel for you. &e as$ Kathryn>Portia to go out across the country and the world to teach you
the wonderful ;isual -entering techni%ue which you will find miraculous in its simplicity and
'he techni%ue of ;isual -entering is based on ancient understandings which came with our great
Masters from ;enus, and has been brought to you via our beloved (anat Kumara, who incarnated to
demonstrate and teach this method, and who trained Kathryn in its practice. (he studied with him for
A@ years when he was there, and continues to be in daily contact with him to bring the teachings to the
world, now that the time has come when people understand more thoroughly how important it is to ta$e
command of their own mental, emotional and physical processes.
Do not underestimate the power of these tools we give to you. Do not allow yourself to imagine that
you cannot sha$e off your depression, or you cannot learn to con%uer an0iety. You may not have
previously had the perspective you needed to learn how directly and powerfully you can change your
own feelings and thoughts. )othing is written in stone inside your brains, Dear *nes. , feeling is a
response to a thought, and a thought can be changed. Yes, you can literally change your identity ! at
least what you thought was your identity. ,nd you can learn a new language for tal$ing with yourself
and others about the true meaning of life.
&e say that &E offer you these tools because &e include .ady Portia as 6s. (he is 6s, as You are. (he
carries valuable information which she is willing to pass on to you, and you will impart it to others as
you gain in wisdom. You are all on this path together ! teachers and students ali$e, elevating yourselves
as you give yourselves in service for the 9ighest +ood. You can step into the .ight of your own # ,M
Presence, e0perience yourself as the +odbeing you really are. &e want you to do that. &e $now you
can do that. 'o help you, we send our *wn Dear -hildren, those Masters who have wor$ed with us for
thousands of years on their own paths to Enlightenment, 2ust as we sent our <esus (ananda, to help you
and support you on your way.
8e at peace, 8eloved *nes. You have everything you need to become the brilliant .ight of .ove and
Kindness which will raise you into higher vibrational levels. &e are here with you every day, and we
send you gifts more precious than diamonds. .oo$ into your 9earts/ open your minds to see everything
anew, and do not imagine we have abandoned you. 9ow could we do that1 You are beloved beyond
words, and we want you to succeed in this difficult and challenging tas$ you have set for yourselves !
the glorious transformation of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants. 'he time is now.
&e are Mother>4ather +od
via Kathryn May, <une ?, ?@1A, 1? am.
Part 16.: Galactic Lo/e$ 0i/ine Lo/e$ !o"r Lo/e
&here shall we begin1 &e have received many %uestions, and much is happening on the Planet in the
past few days. &e will first bring you up to date on an issue we have not discussed in depth here, but
which has been circulating on the internet, so we decided to address it. #t is the matter of the
stabili3ation of Planet Earth to prevent her from flipping on her a0is. #t would have been part of the
natural process, li$e that which has occurred many times in the past. 8ut this time, the +alactics, the
population of humanity on Earth, and &e did not want to see the destruction of all on the planet in a
sudden and dramatic moment. &e wanted to help you continue your wor$, to ma$e the ,scension
process possible not 2ust for Mother Earth, but for her children as well.
,nd so it has been decided to offer the most strenuous help to stabili3e and steady the planet as she
e0pands. 'here will be earth%ua$es and storms, some very dramatic weather, but the casualties have
been minimi3ed tremendously so far. #n order to do this, massive ships have been placed in a ring
around +aia, using the power of their magnetic generators to hold her in their arms, watching moment
by moment as the shudders and fracturing continues as Mother Earth:s crust e0pands. Many variations
on the plan have been considered and some tried in recent months.
You have not been aware of any of this, and there was no need for you to be. 'here was always the
plan, put in place more than G@ years ago, that in case of sudden disaster, the ships would land and
whis$ away the inhabitants of the planet in a genuine rescue mission to avoid the mass destruction of
humanity. #t would re%uire only that all inhabitants be willing to hurry onto the ships in order to be
saved. &e would have hoped they would all be intuitive enough to board, but it is always possible that
the fear!mongering of the Dar$ *nes would have prevented the successful e0ecution of the plan.
&ith the $nowledge that Earth was e0tremely unstable, we have continued to wor$ with you to help
you raise your vibration so that you could help with your own vibration to stabili3e the Earth:s growing
pains and magnetic instability. You are electromagnetic begins of .ight, 2ust as Mohter Earth is. &ith
your combined power it would have been possible to anchor the Earth:s center, from where you stand,
as everyone else would do, and so help to delay or prevent the pole shift, which has happened on many
other planets in your solar system, by the way.
+aia was not able to hold steady by herself, and so she called for help from the +alactic 4ederation.
'hey responded with the most powerful technology available, and the most brilliant scientists and
engineers. You, dear Earth beings, are truly the center of attention and focus for the 6niverse at this
time. #t is a heroic tas$, and our dear -rew has been successful so far, but we can tell you now that it
has been a matter of great concern and massive activity for several months.
During the past month there were times when those in charge of the CliterallyD 9erculean tas$ feared it
would not be successful, and indeed the first efforts were not. 'o add power to the ring of crafts which
were holding the planet, a new tas$ force has been added. #t is the presence of e0tremely large
Chundreds of miles in diameterD ships, positioned at strategic positions around +aia, to apply some
different strategies to create stability. +aia herself is straining to maintain control, li$e a mother in
childbirth managing the birth process to protect her child from harm. (he is able to wor$ with the new
ships in a more comfortable way, even as she continues her ,scension and e0pansion.
'his was one of the reasons we were so intent on helping you to meet the December ?1 date you have
set for yourselves/ in fact we were all but convinced you would hurl yourselves across the finish line
then, but as you $now, the highest timeline leap was not accomplished at that time as we so dearly
hoped. &e saw the developing instability problems and were not certain of the success of the
stabili3ation options at the time.
,s many have been wor$ing to stabili3e the military situation, which could have set off a disastrous
destabili3ation of the planet, others wor$ed to improve the international political situation and many
more to restructure the financial systems to prevent chaos on the surface, and as you who are reading
this have been wor$ing to encourage Disclosure for the reasons you were already aware, of and many
(o you see, there is much happening behind the scenes which has affected all the other plans for the
smooth transition of Earth and her inhabitants. ,ll is being watched carefully by 6s and overseen by
Prime -reator. (uch a massive attempt at stabili3ing a planet in ,scension has never been attempted
before, although similar pro2ects of lesser magnitude have been tried. You are truly blessed among all
in the 6niverse, Dear *nes.
&hy does the entire 6niverse reach out to help their small, distant cousin Planet Earth and her human
inhabitants1 &hat do they see in you that touches their hearts and stirs their imaginations1 &hy are the
,garthans, the ,rcturians, the (irians and Pleiadians, among many others, drawn to be of service here
in this corner of the gala0y1 &hy have they left their homes to travel so far to be of service at this time
of need1
4irst, it is because they are compassionate in their natures and nurturing in their ways, but it is more
than that. 'hey are deeply moved by the long history of valiant struggle which they have watched with
$een interest over the millennia, aware that this new strain of human$ind, $nown across the 6niverse as
5'he -reator =ace,5 carries a uni%ue combination of intense emotional energies and the D), potential
for high intelligence.
'hey have watched your struggle against the Dar$ *nes, which ebbed and flowed over the centuries,
but seemed to create such heroism in certain individuals, and such bursts of Divine .ight that the
observers gasped with wonder. #t is this dramatic struggle which captured their hearts, and inspired
them to gather here to help. 'hey are also captivated by your (ponsoring ,gents ! the brilliant
Kumaras, the Elohim, the ,rchangels and our .egions of .ight who have represented Mother Earth,
ever supporting her cause and the welfare of her human$ind in the -ouncils while she ! and you ! have
struggled to ,scend to Membership in the +alactic 4ederation of .ight.
&ith the current status assuring more safety from catastrophic global changes for the time being, we
encourage you to continue your wor$ to elevate yourselves on your own paths toward the .ight. Every
day brings you closer to a time when you will be given the option to ,scend into the .ight, to be
completely *ne with 6s. #s it truly what you want to accomplish ! for it is an accomplishment, the
achievement of a goal which is far more heroic and meaningful than anything else you have ever done
in your life1
&ill you forgo your intellectuali3ations, your doomsday imaginings, and your persistent attachment to
A!dimensional thin$ing1 &ill you continue to imagine that &e do not understand your use of time
Cwhen we invented itD or your suffering Cwhen we live through every moment of it with youD1 &ill you
cling to the suffocating religious beliefs in a ;engeful +od, and point to every misfortune or pain as
proof of our cruelty and our refusal to help you1
&e have tried to help you to understand that it is 2ust those misfortunes and pains which finally bring
you closer to 6s, to receive our .ove and our sustenance. &e have e0plained the 6niversal .aw of
4low, which guarantees that what you place in the atmosphere around you, in energetic terms, creates
the life e0periences which come ne0t. Yet, you continue to complain about your life circumstances as if
you had no influence on them.
&e ac$nowledge that there may be an occasional blow from out of left field, but it does not come from
6s ! generally it is a part of your overall contract which includes challenges as well as triumphs. 8ut
you, Dear *nes, are short on the triumphs because you tend to loo$ for, plan for, and therefore create
illness, financial distress, and interpersonal discord. 9as a marriage every survived a prenuptial
agreement1 Does someone with life insurance live longer1
'oday we as$ you to believe 6s. 'ry to live your life for one entire ?I hour period in a state of
6nconditional .ove ! for yourself, for your fellow man, for your children, your family, neighbors,
mailman, gas station attendant, boss, co!wor$er and auto mechanic. .ive as if this were the day which
will decide your entrance into the high energy!calibrated ,scension portals. +ive everything you have
to everyone you see. =evel in the freedom you feel when you discard all worry, fear and any thought
for planning for the future ! for 2ust one day.
,nnounce yourself to yourself in the mirror in the morning7 # ,M the true +od Presence on Earth. # am
the gift to myself and to everyone around me when # shine my .ight and claim my place among the
,ngels. # am here to create .ight, to breathe .ight, to use and shape and spread the .ight. # am my own
happiness, my own comfort and good company. +od .oves Me. # .ove +od. # ,M .ight.
&e promise you will finish your day with a smile and a heart that is full. 'hen try the ne0t day, and you
will feel twice as blessed. &e will be cheering you on.
&e love you 6nconditionally, &e are Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <une A, ?@1A, 1@ PM
Part 166: The Ma)ter Plan for 1arth (e/ealed2
Dear *nes, life is moving at a breath!ta$ing pace for many of you. Even when things are positive, it
can be disconcerting to be moving at lightning speed through your days. 'he feeling you are having is
real. 'ime has truly speeded up. #t is so because when you approach a portal, all is compacted on both
the entry and e0it sides of the portal. You are approaching the portal to a higher dimensional e0istence.
#t has been constructed and is being guarded by your e0traterrestrial 8rothers and (isters, in
cooperation with your Earth Masters in preparation for the transition you will all be ma$ing when you
accomplish the ,scension of all human$ind.
Kathryn has as$ed us a %uestion about the plan for how the ,scension will be handled, and what
options there will be for those who are not ready or willing to ma$e the transition when the rest of you
are ready. You, Earth -hildren, are in charge of the way this will be handled, not 6s. &e do give our
approval to your plans when we see you have thoroughly thought them through and have the intention
to create a .ight!increasing plan which is in the +reater +ood. #t has been decided recently in your
-ouncil meetings that the ,scension process will go forward as originally foreseen ! all together.
.et us describe what this means in practical terms. &e do not wish to prevent anyone from ascending
when they are ready, but it is a difficult and demanding course of personal development to reach the
place where you are completely in command of your thoughts, feelings and actions, with .ove and
.ight as the energy you breathe. 'his is the high level of vibration which has been reached by the
,scended Masters before they made the transition to higher dimensional states in body form. #t was
decided in your planning councils that you would prefer to as$ for help from your (tar 8rothers and
(isters to allow greater numbers to ascend without the e0cessively rigorous training your predecessors
have e0perienced.
&e have agreed to this proposal. #t will allow greater numbers of you, who have lived many lives in the
very difficult atmosphere of Planet Earth, to ascend on the basis of the level of difficulty you have
e0perienced here, even though you may not have %uite reached the level of elevated consciousness of
your teachers. &e now have the additional technology of the very sophisticated .ight chambers which
can help you with raising your vibrational levels. &e believe that those who have prepared themselves
by learning to maintain a high level of .ove>.ight in your daily lives will be able to adapt to the rising
energies of the chambers, and that you will be able to maintain that level once you have completed the
training we have planned for you in preparation for the .ight -hamber treatments.
4or those of you who are conscious and aware of your former lives as advanced souls, the transition
will be comfortable and pleasant. You will be 5processed5 through in the first wave, and will be able to
return to help with the ne0t phase of people who are ready, and they will do the same with those who
come after them. (o, you see, accomplishing this process together does not mean that you will all
ascend on the same day. #t does mean that it will be clear to everyone on the Planet that this is the
pro2ect they are all ta$ing part in. 'here will be intensive educational and personal development
training for everyone, as much as is needed until every last soul has achieved the necessary vibrational
level to accomplish their goal.
#t will be a global effort, 2ointly carried out by the millions of galactic cousins, in cooperation with your
own ,scended Masters, many of whom have been wor$ing among you in the recent last push toward
the glorious goal of ,scension of Planet Earth. #t will be possible for all to concentrate on the global
effort because you will have already e0perienced the e%uali3ing effect of the economic shift which will
eliminate all reason to cheat, steal or use wealth as power. 8ecause money will no longer be important
Cbecause of the abundanceD, people who previously wor$ed E@ or @ hours a wee$ will be free to wor$
on their own learning process and to 2oin in community pro2ects to help their neighbors.
+ood will and mutual sharing will be the order of the day when the only needs that are important are
met by simply cooperating with one another in the spirit of .ove. (ince there will be no competition for
resources, because you will have unlimited power, clean water and air, the only real needs will be for
food, and you will receive plenty of help creating a new agricultural system which will provide healthy
abundance in an ecologically sustainable way. 'he fun will include the cultural ban%uet of arts, theatre,
dance, music and literature which will no longer struggle for funding, but will be lavished with support
and appreciation by the deprived population.
#t is a wonderful plan, and a heroic life!affirming and hope!filled effort to create what &e have
dreamed in our fondest dreams. #t is a brilliant plan too, in that it uses the power of the group to build
e0citement, enthusiasm and shared successes. #t will create waves of e0citement and celebration as
each wave of ,scending students ma$es their glorious transition by renewing their bodies and elevating
their hearts and then returning to the group li$e celebrity achievers who inspire those who follow
closely on their heels. 4amily members will welcome their 5graduated5 loved ones in awe and genuine
respect when they e0perience the =adiant *nes on their triumphant return, who come bac$ to help their
own in the spirit of 6nconditional .ove and .ight.
You are well aware of the effect your educators call 5peer pressure.5 'his plan uses all the positive but
none of the negative influences of the group to build positive participation and 2oyful cooperation. #t
carries with it all the glamour, e0citement and crowd appeal of the *lympics, where everyone wins a
gold medal in a round robin of ongoing training, until everyone becomes a winner. #t is as if all the
world is cheering their own team, and everyone belongs to the hometown team.
+iving a friend a leg up will be as natural as breathing when there is no attraction to crime or
dominance over others, because there is nothing to win by doing so and no need for fear or suspicion of
others. -ooperation and loving service to others is celebrated and rewarded by advancing in your soul
development, which will be, for the first time, a process in full view of those 5on the ground.5 =eaping
your 59eavenly =eward5 will no longer be a mysterious and far!off invisible process which ta$es place
beyond your view or $nowledge. #t will be publicly celebrated, as it is in the higher dimensions.
'he Earth is now preparing for entry into the most watched and admired event in the history of the
6niverse. #t is an e0periment in achieving the most desirable state imaginable for the largest number of
people ! a truly wondrous underta$ing, and one which you will now see was well worth the careful
planning and timing.
Do you understand now why it was so important to round up and remove the Dar$ *nes who would be
incapable of ta$ing part in the coming effort, because they are unable or unwilling to contribute to any
positive, .ight!filled event1 Do you see why it has been so important for .ightwor$ers to clear away all
the old resentments and shadows in preparation for this coming glorious wor$1 You will all want to be
in the first wave of ,scension so that you can return 5with bells on5 to be the inspiration for your
fellow humans. ,re you as e0cited and thrilled as &e are by the prospect of seeing your friends and
lovers in the visibly glowing form of radiant ,scended Masters1
)ow, before you try to imagine what might go wrong with this plan, remember that the most brilliant
hearts and minds in the 6niverse have wor$ed thousands of years to anticipate every possible obstacle
and have found a plan to con%uer it. 'hey are so sure of the success of the program that they are
already celebrating.
&e hope that you now have a better sense of the wondrous possibilities to come for all of you. &e
cannot possibly capture in words the e0hilaration and e0citement which fills the ships and the soaring
hearts of your +alactic friends. You will be overwhelmed with 2oy when you discover how brilliant and
loving they are, and how much they care for you.
&e .ove you with all our hearts, Your Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <une , ?@1A, 11 pm.
Part 163: Lo/e i) Po'er
&hat a remar$able time it is. 'he energies we are sending have had an enormous effect, even beyond
our greatest hopes. &e are over2oyed at the outpouring of love and commitment on the part of our
energetic .ightwor$ers, and the rapid response they are getting whenever they set in motion a plan
which has .ove at its center. 4or more and more of you, .ove has become what you might call the
$nee!2er$ reaction whenever a moment of decision arises. &e appreciate you all the more for this. You
can rightfully ta$e credit for real progress in this regard.
&e will briefly address a problem which has arisen in the spiritual community which has been
troubling to some of you. 'he same energies which ma$e you feel as if you are on fire with inspiration,
hope and 6nconditional .ove can also destabili3e some. You are all sensitive, and many of you are
tired. #t is a challenging time for those reasons. ,lthough you $now how positive our intentions are, and
how hopeful the future really is, there are some frayed nerves, which sometimes leads to frayed egos,
and unfortunately it has also led to internet accusations which fly around at lightning speed. 'he
originators of these accusations will eventually find themselves feeling regretful and apologetic, since
those who are aspiring Masters are not e0pected to behave aggressively, and it is confusing to followers
who have trusted their words.
.et us 2ust say here that we stand behind these messages and those who have been closely associated
with them. , group of our Enlightened *nes is collaborating beautifully, with a seamless, loving sense
of camaraderie and mutual respect. You read in their writings and their voices the deep connection with
6s and with all of you. 'heir .ove spea$s for itself.
)ow let us address your personal issues. You are all being tested at this time, as your contracts have
provided for. #t is a time of great change and great opportunity, and you have long been aware of the
importance of being awa$e, fully conscious of your own responsibility to ta$e command of your own
emotions and actions Cincluding, may we remind you, what you say in this powerful medium of
communication, the internetD.
Pay attention to your language, your attitudes and your spea$ing habits. &e would li$e to address this
problem of your current cultures ! the tendency to be careless about what you say, using the collo%uial
e0pressions and emotional terminology which originated in the A!dimensional life e0perience you have
recently e0perienced. Many of those e0pressions are aggressive or even hostile, with sarcastic and
emotionally cutting barbs which you became so used to hearing that you barely notice them. )eed we
give e0amples1 .isten to any conversation on television and you will hear do3ens of them, especially
on those programs which promote themselves as family comedy and 5reality5 shows.
#n the transition to higher consciousness, you will need to develop an entirely new language ! one
which has been e0punged of the barbarisms of the 'wentieth -entury. #n addition to the aggressive and
insensitive style of conversation, you will also begin to notice the even more pervasive tendency to
discuss emotional states of an0iety, stress, depression and anger as if they were normal and inevitable,
even though they are distressing. 9ow tragic a state of affairs, when human$ind has accepted the idea
that emotional imbalance is a normal way of lifeH
#t is time, Dear *nes, to loo$ more closely at your emotional states and to %uestion whether any of this
is trueH You have been convinced by the Dar$ *nes that misery and suffering is inevitable, so that when
it is inflicted on you, you will simply complain to your close companions rather than try to revolt
against the cause of that misery. 9ow clever of them to come between you and your happiness, was it
not1 &hat could be more effective a tool of control than to turn everyone against their very natures,
their own identities as human beings1
,re you becoming aware of the massive manipulation of your psychology which has been imposed on
you over the centuries1 =ead on, 8eloved -hildren, we will arm you with the evidence to brea$ the
chains of your emotional prisons.
&e wish to underline an idea which Kathryn has presented in her recent teachings. 9ere is the
4undamental .ie which has enslaved human$ind with invisible psychological chains7 .ove ma$es you
vulnerable. #f you open your heart you will be hurt.
'his, Dear *nes, is a blatant .ie. 'here is not a whit of truth to this statement. 8ear with us now ! we
hear your protests.
.ove does not wea$en you, it ma$es you stronger. Many of you associate these things because when
you were children, the people you loved hurt you. )ow, loo$ more carefully. You were hurt because
you were a child, not because you loved. ,ll children are wea$, and therefore are easily hurt. ,dults are
sturdy, fully formed and independent in their choices. #f someone does something hurtful, you are free
to leave or ta$e action to defend yourself. , child cannot do that ! they are unable to move out, get a 2ob
or a room of their own. , child is vulnerable. You are not a child.
Many of you will say, 58ut # was devastated by the brea$up of my relationship.5 &e would as$ 5&hy15
#f either you or your partner wanted to leave, what are you mourning1 Do you really want to stay with
someone who abuses you or does not want you1 &hy are you not celebrating1 'he end of a painful
relationship is the beginning of a new life, not a trauma. You cannot stand to be alone1 (uch
protestations describe the reconstituted pain of childhood, not an adult state. ,dults in full command of
their feelings do not feel overwhelmed, or vulnerable, or devastated.
You have all been immersed in the .ie that these everyday painful feelings are normal. You have not
been taught as children that when you grow up, everything changes. &hen you are grown, all you need
is your own brilliant, intelligent and sturdy self and your connection to your # ,M Presence, and you
will manifest a life of .ove, deep fulfillment, and satisfying friendships. .ove will fill your heart, and
you will find peace of mind and 2oy in the strength you feel increasing every day. 'he more you love,
the more fulfillment comes bac$ to you, and the more une0pected surprises wrapped in .ove will be
dropped on your doorstep. Yes, there are bumps in the road, but because you are )*' emotionally
vulnerable Cyou are gaining in wisdom and fle0ibilityD, you would, if not for the .ie, increase your
capacity to love with every e0perience of mastery, every obstacle overcome.
Do you see how pervasive this idea is1 You have learned to mistrust your own human ma$eup, to thin$
of feelings as dangerous, and to believe the lies about chemical imbalances, neurotic syndromes,
depressive disease and uncontrollable an0iety, to such an e0tent that you believe nearly everyone alive
is in need of correction by medication. &ould we have created such a being1 *ne which is incapable of
a natural adult command of their own basic functions1
,nother tragic outcome of the .ie is that you have come to mistrust each other. ,fter all, you must be
wary of humans, since they are so unpredictable and 5sic$.5 #t has prevented you from sharing freely,
from cooperating and trusting. #t has fed racial pre2udice, war, competitiveness, the belief that strangers
are dangerous, and immigrants cause scarcity and lac$. Even more importantly, it has prevented you
from aligning with each other against those who lied to you.
,rise, Dear -hildren, it is time for a =evolutionH (ha$e off the stifling Dirty .ies and reclaim your
competence. 'urn your attention to your own considerable faculties which protect you if there should
be danger in the environment Cwhich you will not longer invite into your lifeD. You have powerful
radar, which is completely disabled by an0iety. 'his is the source of vulnerability in adults7 inattention
to your most basic self!protective abilities. Your intuition, which is connected to your soulbody and
your heart, is a powerful source of firm self!confidence and accuracy ! far more so than your brain. 'he
brain is a very nice storage facility, but it doesn:t have the intelligence of your heart.
9ere is the third area of devastation caused by the 8ig .ie ! the mistrust and disuse of the 9eart as the
source of higher level 2udgment than a brain can begin to give you. #t nearly succeeded in separating
you completely from 6s, and this was the original, most devious intent. 'he 4allen ,ngels intended to
be independent from +od, and wanted to create an entire planet of li$e!minded people. 'heir goal was
separation, dar$ness, and a destructive duality. 'hey nearly succeeded, but you have begun the
=evolution by reclaiming your hearts, and the .ove is beginning to flow, between and among
yourselves, and toward 6s. &e congratulate you on your triumph, and urge you to celebrate your
#ndependence Day with new declarations of .ove, with fearlessness born from trust in your own
strengths and competence.
.et this be the end to an0iety, depression, paranoia, racial conflict, imagined emotional vulnerability,
and closed hearts. 'urn with us toward the sun which rises on the )ew +olden ,ge of Planet Earth. &e
send you our 6nconditional .ove to intensify and restore your connection to your # ,m Presence,
which is the +od in all of you.
&e are Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <une 11, ?@1A, 1 am.
Part 164: nger and 5elf--atred are the 6**o)ite of the I M Pre)ence
)ow, Dear *nes, let us continue with yesterday:s discussion. &e told you about the 8ig .ie ! that .ove
ma$es you vulnerable. *ur response to that idea is that it:s nonsense. 'he opposite is true7 .ove ma$es
you powerful, and li$ely to 2oin with others, which ma$es you even more powerful. )ow let:s e0amine
why so many people feel helpless and vulnerable.
During the process of development throughout childhood and adolescence, the brain continues to grow.
,s it does, the optic nerve lengthens, and the distance from your eye to the operating center in your
brain becomes greater. 9owever, if you have e0perienced trauma, confusion, painful feelings, they
register along the optic nerve channel where the pain is stored, along with the sense of the insult ! the
people, places, ideas and images which caused the pain.
&hen the difficulty occurs early and fre%uently, a corollary connection occurs from the place in the
brain along the optic nerve where the pain is registered to the lower CreptilianD brain, where the fight or
flight response is generated. &ith repeated e0periences of fear or pain or both, the channel to the lower
brain becomes a ma2or pathway, a trauma superhighway which then comes to serve as the primary
response channel. #f used a great deal because of emotional conflict in the child:s environment, the fight
or flight channel will become the primary response to any strong emotion, any intense e0perience,
negative or positive.
'his e0plains why some people are afraid of commitment, for instance, or turn away from a loving
relationship as if it would cause them terror. 'heir brain and emotions are primed to respond with an
adrenaline!charged fear response to anything that arouses emotion. 'hey may even respond to the
loving partner with rage when they are actually being considerate and thoughtful. 'his is confusing to
the partner, and in some cases will ma$e them doubt their own motives and intentions, even when they
$now they were being loving.
&ith years of 5emotional training5 ! the e0perience of fear in response to the behavior of the adults
around them ! the child grows naturally into an adult with brain circuitry programmed for fear and the
resulting behavior, anger, rage, aversion and fear toward anyone who ellicits strong feelings, whether
negative or positive. #f you are one of those people, or you are in a relationship with one, $now that
there is a 5cure,5 but it is certainly not medication, which will do nothing to rewire the brain.
#f you are in a relationship with someone who matches this description, be aware that it is not a trivial
matter to correct it. 8ehavioral training approaches the problem bac$wards ! dealing only with the
response, not the cause. 'he wor$ that needs to be done is the rewiring of the brain. 'his ta$es
determination and character ! to remain mindful every minute of every day in order to rewor$ how you
use your brain in response to life:s events. 'his is the way the ;isual -entering wor$s, by changing the
original pathways to a more adult!centered and 9eart!centered response configuration.
,s you have practiced your yoga meditations, you have learned to breathe and focus on your 9eart
center. )ow you need to create a new channel in your brain to wire in your intended changes. #t is the
pathway of optimal functioning, when the information travels through the eye, all the way bac$ to the
center of the brain without interference, to register and be processed where all comes together !
breathing, seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell, and above all, intuition and body intelligence. ,t the
same time, you will activate the pineal gland, which increases your ability to connect with 6s. 9ere in
the center of your brain, you are able to process the information in a neutral state, without undue
&hen you establish this balanced center position as your standard operating procedure, as they say, you
will bypass the fight!or!flight connections which have been causing all the problems. You must then
begin a rigorous practice of refusing to use the old pathways Crefusing an0iety, rage, disgruntlement,
and all forms of fearD. #n doing so, the old channels will begin to dissolve and disappear ! if you never
use themH 'he new channels, from the center of your brain to your heart, will replace the old reptilian
bypass, and you will eventually find yourself in the fulness of .ove, e0pressing 2oy in every breath.
'his is the achievement of the # ,M Presence, the powerful connection with your 9igher (elf and 6s.
You will need to clear away all old bloc$ages along the way ! the part of the process which Kathryn
teaches ! to create a smooth pathway for the information. 'his we cannot teach you on paper. #t must be
done with the help of the ;isual -entering videos and the teacher:s feedbac$. Kathryn is now training
several people to teach the techni%ue, which will help all of you to prepare for your coming ,scension.
)ow, let us add a bit about the practical use of this clearing and centering techni%ue. You are aware that
we have been encouraging you to do your clearing wor$ now, in preparation for the new era. 'his
means that we wish for you to ta$e the stand with yourself that you will eliminate all old connections to
fear and anger. Yes, it is indeed possible to live a life without fear, and it is possible to control your
emotions to the e0tent that you never find yourself in a state of e0treme upset or rage toward another.
'he perspective you gain from operating in the center of your brain allows you to see in a new way.
You will have the palpable sense of your own destiny, as well as the destiny of others. You will see that
the current details of life are often not what they appear ! there may be long!term contracts or profound
personal lessons to be had from even the most dreadful e0periences, for you and others. 'here may be
events unfolding that are beyond the scope of your current ;ision, but if you ride it out, the 'ruth will
reveal itself eventually.
Most importantly, you will maintain your loving connection to 6s, and &e will sustain you through all
challenges and difficulties. Your 2ob is to remain steadfast in 4aith and to transmute every interaction,
every feeling into .ove. 'his is the 'rue &ay.
You will all be given opportunities every day to e0ercise your # ,M Presence, which will always reveal
itself to you with feelings of peace of mind, deep fulfillment and a sense of belonging to the *ne. You
will never be lonely, you will never need to be vengeful or 5right5 and you will have no fear of death,
of losses, or of yourself. &e have especially stressed the overcoming of anger, because it is an emotion
which causes most of the most traumatic discord in your lives, and it has a terrible boomerang effect.
You are developed enough along your path to see that you do not approve of irrational rage as part of
your repertoire. You may even have learned to disguise it from yourself and others by calling it
something else, but you $now in your hearts that when you do something vindictive or mean, you feel
terrible afterward.
9ere:s the rub, as our dear (ha$espeare said7 feeling terrible about yourself leads to wanting to correct
the problem. Your old familiar strategy is to berate yourself with more angerH 'his continues a cycle of
self!doubt, self!hatred and fear. 'he fear is now about not trusting yourself, not feeling safe in your
own s$in, feeling shame about your mista$es, and you are off and running again.
#n order to avoid the terrible unpleasantness of self!blame, you must instead convince yourself you are
=ight. Your vengeance is warranted, self!righteous, even +od!givenH C=emember the televangelists
who were disgraced by se0ual scandals and money scams1 'hey were all loudly proclaiming their own
righteousness, weren:t they1D
Do not fall into the trap of self!hatred. #t is the to0ic, destructive opposite of the # ,M Presence. )o
e0cuses. Your poor self does not deserve a beating, no matter what your past mista$es or current
difficulties. #n doing so you have usurped our position as your -reators and put yourself in our place.
Y*6 are not worthyH Y*6 are stupidH You are playing +od, Dear *nes. &e would never treat you that
way, but you insist you $now better than &e do, and you proclaim yourself worthless. &e ob2ect. Your
portrayal of 6s is a travestyH
&e want you to replace the anger and self!hatred with .ove. )otice7 =age and self!hatred always go
together. =ise instead to a higher level of vibration where you can communicate with 6s, breathe the
breath of .ove we send into your mouths, into your soul. =each for your connection to your 9igher
(elf ! your # ,M Presence ! which puts you directly into our loving arms. Do this every moment of
every day, until you $now the +od within you, and that +od is .ove.
&e wish you peace. &e are your Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, <une 11, ?@1A, 1@ pm.
Part 167: What Wo"ld !o" 0o If !o" Were Free
Dear *nes, we come to you with help for your weary psyches. #t has been a long, difficult path for
many of you. You have forged ahead against the tide of s$eptics and non!believers, continuing to
present and discuss our ideas and our place in your lives even though people may have loo$ed at you as
if you were a bit 5off.5 You have pressed for Disclosure, prayed for )E(,=, to be instituted, and
wor$ed hard to improve yourselves while still living among those who thin$ it is still AD.
)ow you are being told through many channels that the action is ta$ing place around the world. ,ny
moment things will be changing. *f course, that is not reassuring at this point. You simply want to see
the tangible evidence. ,rrests were made, but replaced by clones. 4unding will come through, but the
cabal is interfering. 'hose of you who have cultivated great patience and endurance have ridden out
this period of suspense admirably. You have maintained your 4aith as well as your .ove for 6s and
your fellow humans. Masters have risen to greatness through their everyday tireless wor$, bringing
.ove and Peace to those around you.
)ow it is time to rest, contemplate the years that led you to this wonderful place. .oo$ around you and
breathe in the glory of a sunny day ! or a sunny moment ! and notice the cleaner air. 'his is a product of
the wonderful wor$ of your 8rothers and (isters who have concentrated for many months on the
clearing of oil spills, to0ic chem trails, and radioactive pollution. Your dear planet is healing, -hildren,
'here have been many issues which disturbed you, li$e the brutal 5frac$ing5 of the Earth to draw out
the last drops of her petroleum supplies, the chemtrails, and the sonar testing which $ills whales, and
the +M* crops which ta$e over from the natural plants. Your efforts to slow or halt these travesties
which destroy your dear planet have helped, and have made the 2ob of clean!up easier than it might
have been otherwise. Even so, it was dangerously close to the brea$ing point for dear Mother +aia. (he
called for help, and the galactic .egions of .ight answered her call. You and your beautiful planet are
blessed, Dear *nes. You have many friends.
,nd now, let us tell you about the progress being made around the globe. 'he +alactics continue their
balancing act to stabili3e your planet to prevent the pole shift which had been in the cards for the
planet. (everal in your solar system have already shifted. #t has been well done, creating a safe
environment for you to continue your ,scension while remaining in contact with your home planet.
&e are so happy to see your growth, although there are some who are still struggling, and there are still
some Dar$ *nes who are attempting their last!ditch efforts at destroying the march to the .ight. 'hey
are clever and determined, but they are no longer any match for the powerful increase of .ight which is
flowing across the planet, from 6( of the -entral (un, and from all of you. 'here are .ightwor$ers
who are aligning with each other to generate so much warmth and good will that those around them are
warmed in their hearts 2ust as if they were standing in the presence of an enormous bonfire.
&e honor you all, and offer our gratitude and admiration for those of you who have risen to the
challenge to teach trust, $indness, and good will. )othing will ever ta$e the place of loving support of
one another, and the camaraderie which results from sharing your thoughts and your deep feelings on
the way to completing an honorable pro2ect together. You are truly raising the bar in your efforts to be
of service to others, and your efforts are being felt worldwide.
You are always wondering7 &hat can be done about the ones who are so stubbornly clinging to the old
ways1 )ever fear ! there will be abundant opportunities for them to change their way of life, to
reevaluate what is important, and to find new ways of e0pressing their own talents. 'his is at the heart
of the (hift ! the space and the opportunity to e0plore far and wide, to begin anew to pursue your
heartfelt dreams which may have been left behind in pursuit of a less interesting but lucrative career.
Many of you have played the game7 &hat would you do in your life if your choices never had to be
made because of money1 9ow would you spend your time1 &ho would you spend it with1 'hin$ about
this now. 9ow would your life change1 ,re you really loo$ing1 +o through your wee$ in your mind.
&hat would you have done on Monday morning if you didn:t have to wor$ for money1 &ould you go
to your 2ob anyway1 &hy would you go or not go1 &ould you sleep later, or spend more time
outdoors1 &ould you stop to tal$ intimately with your partner, or ga3e into your child:s eyes for long
moments, savoring their presence1 8y 4riday, what changes would you have made in your life1 &ould
you stic$ to a regimen similar to what you do now, or would it be entirely different1 &ould you ever be
5busy5 again1
)ow loo$ around you. #f you had a lot of time on your hands, how would you change your
environment1 &ould you choose to live in a city, or would you immediately move to a place with more
greenery and wildlife1 &here would that be1 &hat sort of living arrangement would you li$e to ta$e
part in, if no one needed money to accomplish it1 &ould you gather friends and family together in a
special community, or would you venture forth to meet new people and e0plore new places1 &hat sorts
of schools and other provisions would you ma$e for the children if no one needed money1 &ould you
alter the way you direct the young people you $now in their life choices1
9ow long do you suppose it would ta$e before frustrated musicians, artists and writers began pursuing
their artistic dreams1 9ow many would become healers, troubadours, e0plorers and inventors1 9ow
many would turn to teaching the sub2ects they love, for the 2oy of it1 &hat would your life truly be li$e
if everything you did was simply for the 2oy of it1
'hese opportunities will come to you, Dear *nes, as the great reward for having come to Planet Earth
at this time of new beginnings. 8egin now to create the life you envisioned in the last few minutes.
&hy would you settle for less if you are assured that you will never again be faced with the choice
between living comfortably and pursuing your Dream1
-an you imagine how much of the an0iety you feel during the day would vanish if you never had to
even thin$ about a bill, or a debt, or the electric bill or the rent or the mortgage1 #n the past month, have
you felt an0ious about anything else1 Ease your minds, 8eloved *nes, you will not have to fear for
anything having to do with your financial survival ever again.
)ow, you will want us to say when. &e can say, 5)ow.5 'he entire plan is of course lin$ed/ one
domino will start the whole process, and that first domino is already leaning. 'omorrow news will
come of +alactic decisions and unfolding events. #t will all begin to shift at once, from your
perspective. You may even feel your vision playing tric$s on you ! the trees may seem alive in a new
way, and the colors will seem brighter. Your partner may morph in front of you to appear for moments
li$e a )ative ,merican chief, or a -hinese woman or a laughing child. You are seeing dimensional
shifts because the ;eil is lifting. You can perceive other realities and other times.
Do you have any friends who are nature spirits1 8e prepared feel their presences in the forest, or while
you wal$ in the par$. Do you doubt that fairies e0ist1 ,re you 5s$eptical5 that dogs thin$, or that birds
have gourmet tastes1 ,re you aware that your cat sees 6s1 &hy do you suppose that most dogs remain
sweet!tempered throughout their lifetimes, even when they have been neglected or abused1 'hey are in
constant contact with 6s, and they receive our nourishing .ove and concern, even when no one else
does. You could do that too, and then when your friend or partner comes through the door, you would
2ump for 2oy as well.
'his will truly be a summer to remember. Put your gladrags on, everyone. #t is time to dance. 'hrow
bac$ your head and sing ! and do not hold bac$ because of what people might thin$. 'he time for what
people might thin$ is over. )ow you breathe and thin$ and see for yourselves. +reet the new day with a
smile, and the new day will smile bac$. &hen you wal$ over the threshold to freedom, we will be here
to greet you with open arms ! and we will be in the company of millions of others who are eager to
embrace you as well.
&e loo$ forward to your 8irthday, our dear children of Planet Earth.
&e are Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <une 1I, ?@1A, 11 pm.
Part 138: Li/ing !o"r I M Pre)ence$ Together
Dear *nes, things are moving so fast these days, &e are all out of breath. #t is an e0citing time, isn:t it1
8ut even with all the positive changes, you probably $now some fol$s who are getting cran$ier and
cran$ier because our loving energy challenges the emotional settings and philosophy of life they are
used to. You can see it is a case of being sha$en from their underpinnings, and for people who tend to
be a little rigid or controlling, this can be an enormous challenge. 'hey will struggle to hang on to their
old ways until something reaches a brea$ing point ! either they will stop fighting it and ease into the
new higher vibration, or they will begin to lash out, blaming others for their discomfort. #n this case it
may be their relationships which will brea$. Either way, they will find the hori3ons e0panding, and
everyone will be offered the opportunity to open their sites to new and different ways to live.
9ow are you handling the shifts1 Do you find yourself e0hausted one day, so energi3ed you can hardly
sleep the ne0t1 Do you find yourself falling in love with your friends and neighbors in a way you have
never felt before1 Do you see the spar$ling +od presence in the children around you as never before1
9ave you e0perienced animals coming up to you to get ac%uainted, even the wild ones1 Do you greet
them warmly and without fear1 #f you do, you will be affirming your connection with all living
creatures, and Mother )ature will smile.
&hen you open your heart, all the world feels your warmth and will beam up to meet you. Do not
minimi3e the importance of this attraction. #t is the growing evidence of *ur loving presence, which
you are feeling as .ight beaming down on and through you as your # ,M Presence. 4eel it7 the stream
of .ove flows down through your crown cha$ra, through the center of your brain, the third eye center,
your throat cha$ra and down into your heart center. ,nchor it there so that you feel the powerful
connection between the center of your brain and the center of your heart. 'hen let it flow on downward
through your lower cha$ras and into the Earth. Mother Earth will feel your loving energy and will
respond in $ind.
*nce you anchor the energy of the # ,m Presence in your mind and heart, your life will unfold in a
very different way. 'he small annoyances that used to ruin your day will become trivial, hardly worth
noticing. 'he people who used to drive you cra3y will seem a bit amusing in their e0treme attitudes.
You may find you no longer are attracted to the material belongings you used to covet/ in fact, you may
find you are so occupied with creative wor$ and social interactions that you hardly give those things a
second thought anymore. You may even feel small ripples of repulsion when you hear people bragging
about their new cars or e0pensive toys.
Do not be alarmed if you have cravings to leave everything you have spent years building ! your
business, your career, your ban$ account, all the things you thought of as success ! to give it all away
and begin over in a simpler way. #t is a normal response to the .ove 8ug. You might say you have been
bitten by the energy of .ove, and it will ma$e you itch for the deeply satisfying real e0periences you
have put on hold for 5later,5 after you have completed all the things you planned for.
&hat if nothing you planned for comes to completion1 &hat if you wal$ out your door one morning
and discover that the whole world smiles on you, and there is no more reason to compete with yourself
or anyone else because you are perfect 2ust the way you are, and you have everything you need1 'his is
the )ew +olden ,ge you are feeling being born this very year. #t will bring far more than an end to
poverty and want. #t will not create unlimited appetite for material possessions, because that was the
false satisfaction for not enough .ove. &hen .ove enters your heart ! not from the gift of love from
another but from within yourself ! nothing can be more fulfilling or complete.
&hat will people do if they have no immediate needs1 *f course, they will create a new life for
themselves based on the beliefs and feelings that remain lodged in their systems from 'he *ld Days, if
they have not prepared themselves for the real changes around them. 'his is where all of you come in.
You are the initiates, the leaders who will show the way when everyone else is trying to replace the old
structures with more old structures 2ust li$e the ones that have disintegrated. Your talents and your
training will be invaluable. Even the education you thought was irrelevant will serve you well.
Each of you has a special gift/ you are often too blinded by the criticism you grew up with to even
notice it. You have, without your reali3ing it, gathered information and s$ills which will increase the
value of those gifts. 'he difference will be that the s$ills which would have brought in more money are
going to be far less valuable than the ones which were overloo$ed in the old system. 4or instance, good
teachers will be of great value, and we do not mean those who $now how to wield a piece of chal$.
=emember the +olden ,ge of +reece ! would you not prefer to be taught by (ocrates, strolling with
you through the town s%uare, presenting you with brain pu33les and challenging moral %uestions than
to be lectured at in a class of two hundred fidgeting, bored college sophomores1
.oo$ deeply into yourself. )otice how many of the things you have become accustomed to doing are
actually escapist/ they helped you to avoid the feelings left over from a day or a year of doing
something you disli$e. &atching television, for instance, is not truly rela0ing/ it is hypnotic. #t may be
better than pacing the floor, but it does not nourish your soul. 'he same goes for many of the
entertainments which fit into the category of what you call 5hanging out.5 #f it re%uires or even includes
a mind!altering substance, it is a symptom of dis!ease, dissatisfaction with life, but you probably feel
defensive about $eeping it. *f course you do. #t helped to while away the miserable hours. )o such
activities will be re%uired when you have nothing to ma$e you feel stifled and misused.
&hat did you love to do as a child1 Don:t discount playing in the cree$, or coloring crayon pictures in
your room, or being enraptured by the bean plant you were allowed to raise yourself. Every activity
that is self!initiated indicates inner!directed motivation, a wonderful trait of all human$ind which has
been demoted to hobby status by the current culture. #t is this inner drive which will have the chance to
flourish in the new era.
&e are giving you these images and ideas of what to thin$ about and what to e0pect so that you are not
overwhelmed or completely disoriented by the changes. .earn to flow with it in your imagination, and
you will be able to do so in reality. &e have been preparing together for this wonderful change for
years now, little by little. 'hin$ bac$ on the past E years, and you will reali3e how you have evolved.
)o single shift may be obvious as you are living it, but the cumulative learning e0periences have had a
life!changing impact, have they not1 'en years ago would you have been attracted to channeled
messages from Mother>4ather +od in the eager way you are now1 9ow many of you have said to us7
5'han$ youH # 2ust can:t get enoughH5
&e delight in your thirst for 'ruth. Many of you have left dogmatic religions but felt a bit rudderless,
without a replacement which could satisfy your soul longing for a real connection to 6s. You were
taught you needed an intermediary, someone to interpret the &ord of +od for you. &e are here to tell
you that is not true. Each of you has within you the ability to feel our presence, to listen to your
intuition and follow it, and even to hear our voices spea$ing to you as our dear channel does.
&e are teaching you what you need to become connected to 6s as a constant state of .ove and .ight. #t
is the e0ercise we gave you at the beginning of this message. 'his is the vertical ray of .ight which
runs through your whole system. ,dd to that the centering e0ercises which teach you to reach the
center of your brain Cin your .ight channelD as your standard operating procedure, and you will be well
prepared for a life of .ove and service.
You see, .ove, .ight and (ervice go together. #t is what we do, and it is what you will be discovering in
yourself when you do the e0ercises every day. <oin us in .ove, Dear -hildren. 'here simply is no
replacement or any substitute, as you will discover as you build your new society to benefit everyone,
in every conceivable way.
&e will be here to congratulate you every step of the way.
&e are Mother>4ather +od, with the .egions of .ight, who love you beyond measure.
;ia Kathryn May, <une 1", ?@1A, 1? am.
Part 131: 5"99er 5ol)tice Cele:ration) Begin
.ast night was a historic event in our ability to tal$ with all of you. *n Kathryn and ,nne De9art:s
8log'al$=adio show, Kathryn channeled 6s and four other Masters. #t was a glorious celebration of the
coming (ummer (olstice, this connection between 6s and You. 'here are also plans for a special
(ummer (olstice internet radio program on the same channel, which Kathryn and ,nne will list on
their websites, so you can call in and ma$e your contribution to the rising energies which are driving
the (hift on your beloved planet.
Your combined energies, which you will increase by meditating together as a group, will lift the whole
world. *ther groups will also be meditating this glorious day, <une ?1, ?@1A, to bring in the )ew
+olden ,ge. Your intention to create peace throughout the planet, bring in the announcements of the
release of )E(,=, funds, and inspire Disclosure of the true e0istence of your (tar 8rothers and
(isters who are waiting by the millions around your planet in their ships. 'hese things together will
create a change which will redefine how life is conducted on dear Mother Earth.
&e urge each of you to 2oin the group during the time slot of " to 1@ PM Eastern time. &e will drop in
to help lead a meditation for you, and many of you will want to call in with your own (ummer (olstice
stories or history lessons.
Kathryn will have another contributor named .ori to help manage the show, so there will be lots of
information and interaction, and fun for everyone who wants to share in the good company and the
lovely sense of community you are establishing in this diverse and far!flung group. &e loo$ forward to
the interaction with you on this historic (ummer (olstice evening.
)ow, let:s tal$ about how you are doing in your efforts to raise your level of vibration as you go
through your days. Do you find it is easier to maintain your good humor, even when someone tries to
5get under your s$in51 'hat:s a funny e0pression, isn:t it1 8ut it is e0actly the right description for the
e0perience we are going to help you learn to prevent. #t will help you to avoid the unpleasant feelings
of annoyance and impatience you might have felt in the past.
9ere is the techni%ue to protect you and your s$in from invasion by another. 4irst, be aware of the
sensation you feel when a person does something offensive, and you are the target. =egister the feeling
that comes with their comment or action. #t is instantaneous. )otice it, place meaning on what you feel,
then move %uic$ly to the ne0t step. 8reathe deeply, steady yourself by anchoring your # ,M Presence
in your brain, feel the .ove flowing down through your crown cha$ra, through your brain Cthird eye
reception area in the centerD, through your throat, and into your open heart.
#f you have all your channels open, you will feel a flow of .ove, li$e standing in a nourishing waterfall.
4eel the strong connection between the center of your brain and the center of your heart. )ow let the
.ight channel e0pand as it carries *ur .ove>.ight down through your body, filling every cell with the
feeling of acceptance, warmth and 2oy. Keep e0panding until the .ight emanates throughout your body,
e0panding to fill every noo$ and cranny of your lovely self. 'hen let it ripple outward, all the way to
the surface of your s$in.
4eel the protection that comes from being filled with .ight7 there is no room for any Dar$ness,
therefore you are not vulnerable. .et the ripples e0tend outward a little distance from your s$in. 'his is
your aura, and it will not only protect you from invasion by any energy you do not welcome ! it also
bathes others in the .ight, lifting their vibration and creating an atmosphere which will bring out the
best in those around you.
Keep breathing this sense of powerful .ove>.ight, and you will push any energies out of your body
which don:t deserve to be there. Dar$ness is simply nullified by .ight, so do not fear that the ,nnoying
*ne will get any hold on you or will be able to sin$ their claws into you and have it go unnoticed. You
will find that there is great respect for one who holds fast to the .ight. 8ecause you are not accessible
to the Dar$ness, you are in effect, invulnerable. ,gain, breathe in the .ight from above, your # ,m
Presence, and be aware that you could not be pushed over or compromised.
-ontinue to do this e0ercise as you go through your day. You will begin to find that even if someone
tries to bring you down, no matter how hard they try, you will not succumb to stooping to their level or
to engage in the petty attac$s they are waging. ,s you continue to prove unstoppable, the world will
begin to adapt to your strength by showing respect, and even the worst enemies will lose interest in
their failed attempts to bring you down. 'his has always been the most effective road to peace.
You see, this is the power behind the stance which has been called non!violence ! the ability to generate
more .ight and .ove than any Dar$ *ne. #t is not obvious to someone who is operating at a AD level,
because the effects are not revealed as instantly as, say, hitting someone over the head with a big stic$
Cor military weaponD. You ! and anyone who succeeds at this .ight!bearing approach ! will create good
will and a %uiet sense of true power everywhere you go.
,nd now, Dear *nes, we will continue our ongoing conversation with you by whispering in your ear as
the (olstice wor$s its magic across the land. &e are always here for you, always supporting and
celebrating your growth.
&e love you unconditionally, Your Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <une ?1, ?@1A, A am.
Part 13%: The Great &othing -a**ened 0ay
,nd now it is <une ?I, ?@1A, and no announcements of the sort you were e0pecting have been made.
'his is true. Yes, we did give you a date. #t is e0actly what you have both longed for and ob2ected to,
and when the result you wanted did not come through, many of you too$ it as an opportunity to send
angry and sometimes abusive and accusatory messages to the channel. (he is, of course, the messenger,
not the originator of the messages and does not deserve anything but than$s for her challenging wor$,
which occupies her ?I>G, as you call it. 'his latest has been an especially difficult assignment, because
of the response it was bound to elicit. (he continues to wor$ with 6s even when it means putting
herself in the line of fire.
)ow let us discuss the response you all had to this latest 5disappointment, miscalculation, lie.5 &e,
your -reators, desire what is most beneficial for your growth. &e $now that you each grow in a little
different way, that your tolerances are different, but there are some lessons which can afford an
illuminating moment wherever you might be on your soul path. Disappointment is one of those lessons.
#t has the effect of either bringing out the worst impatience and intolerance, or giving you the
opportunity to reach deeply into your inner strength, your # ,M Presence, which is your deep 4aith, and
$now that all is well, and that the meaning of this event will unfold in due time.
&hich side of the spiritual fence did you come down on1 Did you lash out to place blame on someone
to ma$e you feel better1 &ould it help you to e0amine this response, to help you understand your close
relationships better1 ,re you willing to breathe deeply and search your feelings, then ta$e
responsibility for transmuting every element of negativity you feel rising up in you, wor$ing with it to
understand its root, its uses, and its present flavor1 'his is 'he 'rue &ay. You can learn to be in
command of your feelings, thoughts and actions to the degree that you never lash out in an accusatory
way toward anyone, including yourself.
&e have given you the ultimate test, Dear *nes. 8y ultimate, we mean the hardest as well as the final
one. .ife is full of such tests, is it not1 'his is why you create your contracts to come here ! so that you
will be tested, sometimes to your limits of tolerance. #t is our agreement with you and your guides/ your
9igher (elves wor$ed with us on this, to give those of you who wish to call yourselves .ightwor$ers
an opportunity to rise above your familiar level of e0istence, to truly shine. 4or some it will re%uire a
tremendous leap out of old familiar patterns, for others it has given you the chance to stretch your
limits, to confirm anew that when things get difficult, you anchor ever more deeply in your # ,M
You and &e $now the nuances of your emotional states/ perhaps you have greater reason than &e to
blind yourself to your lingering connection to anger, impatience, and intolerance. &e as$ you now to
loosen that hold ! turn to the .ight and re2oice in the freedom of letting go of old Dar$ness. &e do not
blame you or belittle you for your negative feelings. You have been raised among people for whom
anger was as immediate an e0pression of life as was breathing. )ow, turn away from those old
defensive feelings which may have served you in childhood but which currently serve to give you
nothing but agita, and to separate you from those Most .oving *nes who are here to be of service to
&e can feel the outrage from those of you who have been 5caught out.5 You have put your feelings in
writing, or spewed angry diatribes at those around you, cursing 6s, or the +alactic 4ederation of .ight,
the voluntary organi3ation which has served for thousands of years as the Protectors of .ight in the
6niverse. #t is not a government as you $now it/ it is a group of angels who pledge allegiance to each
other and to +od, to uphold peace, .ight and Protection for the greater good of all. 'hey have come to
help you and your struggling planet because you called, even though Mother Earth is not yet eligible
for membership because of the continuing wars and Dar$ness which remains on her surface.
)ow here you are, the day after the big )othing 9appened Day. &e have surprised you with something
you might call a 5tric$5 or a 5manipulation5 if you did not ac$nowledge your own part in it. Yes, all of
you ! every single one reading this message ! has contracted with 6s to present you with this challenge
so that you could finally find a way to overcome the emotions you have been stuc$ in, recycling and
recycling the old resentments and fears. Please accept, with 6s, that it is not your fault/ it is your
conditioning. #t is now time to wrest yourself out of old conditioned patterns and turn toward the .ight
of -ompassion, .ove, 4riendship, <oy and 4orgiveness.
,re you angry now1 Do you feel betrayed, or outraged that you must face something you do not want
to loo$ at in yourselves1 )ow is the time for courage. #t ta$es real character to change, to forgo all
temptation to indulge in self!righteous contempt. 'urn to the .ight. 'a$e our hands, allow 6s to
embrace you, to welcome you bac$ to our 6nconditional .ove. &e have loved you enough to create the
conditions for your growth, so that you will ,scend with a free and loving heart, for the time is near,
and there is wor$ still to do to reach the level of -hrist -onsciousness you came here to achieve.
&e are giving you many tools to help you in this difficult personal renovation pro2ect. &e
commissioned Kathryn:s boo$ to be the Manual for ,scension. #t calls to you7 5&ho )eeds .ight15 &e
have sent our dear (anat Kamara to train her in the ancient ;isual -entering techni%ue, and now both
he and Kathryn are training students to carry this techni%ue to suffering people across the globe to help
them free themselves from the old conditioning. &e have come to you on the radio show where our
dear ,nne and Kathryn bring our voices to teach and to answer our %uestions so you may come to
$now 6s and our Masters even better. &e have given you these messages, day by day, to help you
acclimate to the atmosphere of pure higher dimensional vibrations of .ove and .ight you will find in
the 4ifth Dimension and above.
=ead these words with an open heart, Dear -hildren. 'hose of you who are angry and upset by pace of
change are often those who have suffered most in this life, and who sincerely desire real change, but in
your impatience you miss the deeper understandings. 'his is always true about impatience, by the way.
#t blinds you to the 'ruth ! yours, *urs and others. &e li$e to tell a story which comes from one of the
scripts of our dear +ene =oddenberrry:s (tar 're$. *n the dec$ of the Enterprise, the officers prepared
for an attac$ by an aggressor, but lamented that 5&hen your shields are up, you can:t scan, and you
can:t beam anybody up.5
Drop your shields, 8eloveds. 'he time for attac$ and defense is past. Dar$ness is being overcome by
the positive efforts of those courageous and steadfast .ightwor$ers around you, who have resolutely
hewed to the path of .ight, uplifting themselves and those around them even when they were
e0hausted, even when they too had suffered the disappointments you all are familiar with. Did they feel
the disappointment less1 *f course not, but they did not dwell on it long enough for it to become
resentment or anger. 'his is the (hift we are as$ing you to ma$e within yourselves.
=ewor$ the channels in your brain, the pathways which carry emotion to action. Do not allow even a
moment of impatience, or anger, or self!doubt. 8anish those feelings by replacing them with the peace
you will find in the center channel of .ight, which beams down upon you through your crown cha$ra,
into the center of your brain, down through your body into the center of your heart. 9old fast to that
connection, Dear *nes. #t is your connection to your 9igher (elf, your # ,m Presence, and your +od.
'hose of you who were able to maintain your balance and sustain hope and a sense of perspective in
spite of this current challenge, we congratulate you with all our hearts. You have passed one of the most
difficult obstacles without being defeated. #t was especially difficult because of the timing ! you $now
how fast things are moving/ you feel the change in the air and $now it is coming, and to find once again
that it is 5not yet5 is especially hard to bear. &e celebrate your progress, and encourage all of you to use
this e0perience to confirm your own strength and trust in yourselves and in 6s.
&e are here for you, every one of you. &e $now this challenge is a shoc$ to some of you who thought
we only send messages of reassurance, but that is not our way. (ometimes &e need to arrange what
your scientist would term an 5in situ5 e0periment so that you can reflect on your own responses, honing
and perfecting your s$ills. You are becoming more mindful, more in command every day. You are
lifting your vibration in the face of a challenge ! this is the real test of your commitment and your inner
strength together. &e lift our beacon of .ight to you, 8eloved *nes. 'a$e it, and carry it high, for you
are entering the portals of a )ew +olden ,ge, and you will all be needed, all find your fulfillment in
service to others as a way of life.
&e love you beyond words. &e are Mother>4ather +od, with all the .egions of .ight at our side, ready
to be of service to you in the coming ,ge.
;ia Kathryn May, <une ?I, ?@1A, 1 pm.
Part 13+: The 0ay fter the 0ay fter - With Lo/e
&ell, it is now the day after the day after, and some of you have simmered down a bit after the first
wave of outrage when you concluded that we were either evil manipulators or Kathryn was a charlatan.
&rong on both counts, Dear *nes. Yes, we did ma$e an announcement that there would be an
announcement tomorrow. &ell, tomorrow is here, and not yet are living in a time warp,
while you still feel the presence of your AD world. Your planet and many on it are living in ED in their
hearts, in their dreams, and in their hopes. 'hey are not disillusioned because they have already felt the
changes we spea$ of/ they cannot be discouraged or outraged because they feel our 6nconditional .ove
and they $now that whatever it is we have said, there must be a good reason for it.
Yes, there was a good reason for giving you this very brief and merciful lesson to test your patience.
Did you pass the lesson to your own satisfaction1 You are the one who is to evaluate that, of course. #t
was for your own e0perience, and for you to have a deeper glimpse into your subconscious, to see if
there is anything still there that you need to e0amine, turn over in your mind, and consider changing.
You are the ones who can change your reactions, not 6s.
&e provide the loving support, and sometimes the tough challenges which throw you bac$ on your
strengths, encourage you to reach deeply into your soul to feel your way bac$ to the .ight and to 6s. #s
there an obstacle course for each of you in this lifetime which you need to complete in order to reach
your fulfillment1 ,bsolutely. Do we participate in the creation of those labyrinths and obstacle courses,
along with your guides and your 9igher (elf1 -ertainly. Do we tell you the truth about all the things
that will happen to you as you are going through it1 )o. #f we did, you would be deprived of the
valuable opportunities to e0ceed your own previous limitations.
&e $eep the ;eil intact as you proceed through your life, and even if you go to the most clever psychic,
we do not permit you to $now beforehand what the most difficult challenges will be. 'hat would create
dread and foreboding which would color all your days and spoil all your fun. #t is not our intention to
ma$e you miserable, although certain misery can be a powerful stimulant for change.
You, Dear *nes, have as a race helped to create the challenges, shifts, surprises and delights which you
encounter day to day. 'he serendipitous friendships, the precipitous falls, the love affairs and the
children who come into your life ! all are planned as part of the primary timeline you are intending to
follow for your ma0imum learning potential.
You were aware before you came here of the pervasive Dar$ness which has held the entire human race
on +aia in servitude for thousands of years. Every single one of you reading these messages ! rich,
poor, blac$, white, East, &est, Muslim, -hristian, 9indu, 8uddhist and <ew ! all came here in whatever
form was suitable and available for you to do one thing7 to defeat the Dar$ness and restore your
beloved Mother Earth to .ove.
#n the process, your overall goal was to achieve greater enlightenment to further your own ascension
process, the ladder you all climb over hundreds, even thousands of incarnations on the way to returning
to 6s in absolute *neness. 'hese lifetimes, 8eloved *nes, are the practice which perfects you as an
individual, and as the # ,M Presence which is the +od in you. You have within you *ur presence, our
love, and the feelings of .ove which is the pure feeling of our hearts. You also have the potential for
anger, hatred, rage, defeat, despair, and profound fear. 'hose are the feelings you must learn to manage
and eliminate from your repertoire. 'hese are the greatest of the obstacle>challenges you are presented
with here.
#t is unfortunate that the teachings of the Dar$ *nes have succeeded in clouding this 'ruth7 Your
Mother>4ather +od do not e0perience these lower vibration energy>feelings, although we feel them
when you do. 'hey are a problematic part of your D),, which will be changing with the rising
energies and with the ,scension process. 'his D), is not accidental. You were created in our image,
but with some variations which were created to allow you to e0perience the widest possible range of
feeling. #n so doing, you can choose of your own free will to modify, adapt and meliorate those feelings
in such a way as to choose to be ever more li$e us, ever more loving and compassionate and forgiving.
'his learning process has gone on for millions, well, billions of years. Many have gone before you, and
many have ascended the difficult path to Enlightenment, but never in the history of the 6niverse has
there been a training ground more perfectly suited to test your mettle, and to put you into circumstances
which will cause you to choose, as this AD, free will e0perience of Planet Earth does.
You are tested day by day, to demonstrate your character, your resilience and your resolve. 'his is
indeed the fast trac$ to higher dimensions if you are able to avoid losing your connection to your heart.
9owever, it is sometimes the slow trac$ for those who spend their time here loo$ing in the mirror and
combing their hair, or pursuing fame and fortune for their own sa$e.
'he Dar$ *nes have prepared a perfect trapdoor into temptation, ego aggrandi3ement and
disconnection from the 9eart via drugs, impersonal se0 and the lure of material wealth and power. #t is
they who teach manipulation for the sa$e of gaining power over others, and a favorite ploy is to
convince people that +od is vengeful, arrogant and careless. 8y doing so, they have encouraged those
%ualities in you, rather than helping to modify or overcome them. 'hus, insensitivity and aggressive
behavior is socially acceptable, even lauded, giving children and adults license to behave dishonorably.
,nd so the cycle has continued.
'here have been dar$ times during the history of Earth:s difficult 2ourney. 'here have been eras during
which nearly all on the planet were co!opted by the Dar$ Energies to such an e0tent that all lost the
connection to their spiritual foundation and to 6s, only to return at the end of their lives to review,
renew their resolve, and return for another try.
'here were many across the Multiverse who believed the one Mother (eh$met has called 5My 8aby5
would never recover, and should be dissolved because of the predominance of Dar$ness here. #t was
because of the dedication and the undying belief in her and in this strain of humanity on the part of the
Kumaras, who came from ;enus to help restore her to her former beauty, that you now find yourselves
on the verge of ,scension. You $now them as (ananda C<esusD, .ady )ada CMary MagdaleneD, ,shtar
and ,thena, (t. +ermain and Portia, ,rchangel Michael, (anat Kumara, and others who are less $nown
to you on these pages. 'hey are the $eepers of the (even =ays. 'hey brought with them the Elohim, of
whom there were only 1II,@@@.
'hey have wor$ed for eons to help humanity overcome the hold of the Dar$ *nes, and the triumph
which history will record as the beginning of the )ew +olden ,ge has come to fruition now. 'hey have
all incarnated many times, as you have, to represent .ight and .ove in the midst of horror and misery,
and little by little they and their younger soul>students have lifted the vibration on Planet Earth. )ow is
your opportunity to 2oin wholeheartedly in the holy pro2ect of establishing harmony, tolerance and good
will across your world. #t is time, Dear *nes, to forego all an0iety, anger, impatience, intolerance,
annoyance, 2ealousy and rage, for those are the brain!generated emotions which separate you from 6s.
8anish these feelings and all e0pression of them now, forever.
&e $now you are saying7 5&hat1 'hese are human feelings. #:m entitled to feel them.5 )ot really.
'hese are Dar$!inspired feelings which have been conditioned into your nervous system and behavior
after eons of mind!control efforts on the part of the Dar$ *nes. 'hese feelings create a great rift
between us and amongst yourselves. Even worse, they create a rift between you and your heart.
'hese negative emotions were not created to be a ma2or component of your ma$eup, nor are they a
necessary re%uirement for your survival. 'hey are not so much your protection from danger as they are
the cause of it. You are designed with great intelligence, intuition, resourcefulness, creativity, passion,
and 9eart. 'hese are +od %ualities in you. 6se them, cultivate them. Do not settle for less than the
perfect balance of those positive %ualities, without the Dar$ alternatives.
#t is now the time for 6nity, the *neness you have longed for in this life. 8y eliminating the negative
feelings from yourself, you are doing your best to raise the level of vibration on the planet. &e measure
the aggregate consciousness on the planet in our decision!ma$ing process of when to allow needed
interventions which you have pleaded for, and which have been granted because you earned them by
raising the global energy level. 'his assistance is given not as a reward but as an intervention allowed
under 6niversal .aw, which forbids interference with free will. #f the planet had remained in Dar$ness,
we could not have intervened e0cept in the case of actions which endanger the rest of the 6niverse, as
in the threat of nuclear war.
&e do not ta$e liberties with 6niversal .aw, which we helped to establish, nor do we toy with your
feelings or usurp your freedom. &e do wor$ with you to help you lift yourselves out of the centuries of
training which aggrandi3ed your negative responses and belittled your positive ones.
&e understand that this conditioning runs deep and persists, even with constant effort. #t is only with a
3ero!tolerance standard for yourself that you will be able to finally rewire your brain to create pathways
upward to your spiritual connection with 6s rather than downward into your fight!or!flight response.
You do have the choice. Every time you opt for annoyance or an0iety, you groove in those channels, as
Kathryn often says. -hange your feeling reactions and your brain will follow. You will find to your
own astonishment that you no longer even feel resentment or fear. Yes, that is human.
&e are your Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, <une ?, ?@1A 1 am.
Part 13.: &e' d/ent"re)$ In)ide and 6"t
&e would li$e to encourage all who are reading this to ta$e part in the (aturday call at B am. Pacific, 1?
ED', with Jorra, hosted by ,nne De9art of the 9ollow Earth )etwor$. *ur channel Kathryn will be
ta$ing over from Jorra:s son Jarayah to channel Jorra for the large community of followers who have
been listening to Jorra:s words of wisdom, current events information and health and wellness
e0ercises for more than two years. 'here will be important announcements about the state of the world,
updates on the details of the release of the )E(,=, funds, and general information about Earth and
+alactic developments.
Kathryn has agreed to allow the world to e0perience her learning process as she develops the s$ill of
transchanneling. 'his means that she not only channels the words and emotional tone of the Entity she
is channeling, but she will actually trade bodies with Jorra in order to allow him to spea$ through her,
while she en2oys ta$ing part in the environment of 9ollow Earth or wherever Jorra might have been
when the trade too$ place. .isteners will hear of her learning process and her adventures in Jorra:s
body. #t will be unusually enlightening for all.
)ow, we will send you a short message of encouragement and praise for the wor$ you have done on the
issues you uncovered as a result of our last few messages. (ome have ob2ected to the teaching methods
we used, insisting on calling it 5manipulative,5 although we went to great lengths to e0plain the
necessity to create a scenario for you which would allow the least disruption to your lives while also
providing you with a challenge which would stretch your patience. 'he purpose was to give you the
opportunity to e0perience yourselves grappling with a disappointing, confusing se%uence of events so
that you could practice managing your emotions.
Many of you have commented that you were pleased that you were able to maintain your balance,
remain open to what might unfold, and to go on with life without undue emotion. 'hat is a triumph,
indeed. 'his is the ascension learning process at wor$. 'hese small tests we have offered you are better
than the more stressful obstacles you have encountered in your lives previously, are they not1 You did
not have to e0perience an automobile accident or a death or an argument with your partner to find
yourself grappling with your feelings.
6nfortunately, some were angered by the e0ercise, finding themselves responding to our efforts as if it
were a betrayal, of the sort they had e0perienced in their lives. 'his is 2ust the point, isn:t it, Dear *nes1
'he perfect test creates something similar to the old familiar triggers, and you learn to respond
differently with practice. 'his was the principle of transference which 4reud made famous nearly 1@@
years ago. ,nyone who has participated in a rigorous form of psychotherapy $nows the usefulness of
wor$ing through old feelings in the presence of a trusted guide. 'his is the role we play for you in this
modern e0perience of wor$ing with 6s to clear away conditioned responses from childhood. #n the
process, you can learn to feel our compassion and endless .ove for you. 'hat is the cure for a bad
childhood, 8eloved *nes ! $nowing the love of your -reators, which can heal all wounds.
'here is one condition which must e0ist as a prere%uisite for this profound healing, however. 'hat is
the ability to maintain your deep 4aith in the connection with 6s, $nowing that our .ove is constant
and unwavering. &ithout that trust, you would naturally believe that our actions were designed to
annoy or upset you. 'his is what you have e0perienced from your human family, and this is what your
religions have taught you about +od. &e wish to reassure you that we do not ever create conditions for
you in order to manipulate you or hurt you. 'hat would be unthin$able for 6s. &e are the essence of
pure .ove, nothing else.
&hy then could we have devised an e0ercise for you that would bring forth such mi0ed feelings, and
for some, rage1 8ecause the time is approaching for you to be truly tested. 'he final test of whether
you have raised your vibration enough to ascend in the first wave will be completely impersonal ! as
impersonal as measuring your height to see if you are tall enough to reach the top shelf, or measuring
the resonance of your voice to see if you can announce the beginning of the race.
9ave you raised your vibration sufficiently1 'his means that you have e0perienced difficult challenges
and have been able to $eep your 5cool,5 and you are able to maintain a high vibration even in the face
of surprises, disruptions to your familiar belief systems or controlled routine. 'his high level of
vibration is achieved not by controlling your environment to ma$e sure you are never tested/ 2ust the
opposite. #t means 2umping into the deep water to prove to yourself that you $now how to swim.
'here is a )ew ,ge idea which dictates that any true or valuable spiritual e0perience must feel good.
-an you imagine that <esus: e0perience on the cross was a 5feel good5 moment1 -ertainly he would
have preferred a pleasant hour of meditation, but that would not have provided the profound spiritual
learning e0perience which has echoed down through the ages. #t has been misinterpreted to imply that
suffering is what is noble, rather than the true lesson of .ove which con%uers all Dar$ness.
Planet Earth is $nown as the place of greatest challenges and greatest growth. 'his is why you came
here, is it not1 You were not re%uired to choose this time and place. ,re you not here to con%uer
Dar$ness1 'his is the pro2ect we are here to accomplish during this era. #t is well understood
throughout the 6niverse that the ,scension of Planet Earth will re%uire that human$ind learn, finally, to
eradicate the Dar$ness in themselves. You are aware that the Dar$ emotions are on the continuum from
annoyance to anger to rage. &hy then do you claim that you are on a spiritual path when you see
yourself responding with anger and vindictiveness under any circumstances1
9ave we not taught you that ta$ing responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions is the
paramount goal1 &hy then do you ma$e e0ceptions for yourself when you behave angrily, regardless
of the circumstances1 You have made a rule that there are 2ustifications for your reactions, providing
the other person was annoying, or out to get you, or their opinion was wrong, or you were having a bad
day, or it was +od who annoyed you. )o, Dearest *nes, we are telling you that all anger must be
transmuted, translated into positive action by filtering it through your # ,M Presence, which is .ove.
'he time for Dar$ emotions is past. Planet Earth is moving into the higher fifth dimension and above,
where there is no anger, 2ealousy, greed, competitiveness, vindictiveness or revenge. 'hese are the A
dimensional e0pressions which must be left behind, through rigorous practice and the e0panded
perspective which allows you to feel the truth of your *neness with all things. 'he historic opportunity
is upon you. Do not flag in your efforts to e0amine every comment, every reaction, every thought. 8e
courageous in your resolve to leave behind these ancient emotions, normali3ed by generations of
=eptilian teachings and conditioning.
8oldly step into the +olden ,ge, 8eloveds, with your banner of .ight and .ove raised high. Do not
slide bac$ into the old/ celebrate every foray into the new. +et to $now the mantra7 'ransmogrifyH
Modify, evolve, transmute old patterns in order to completely replace them with resilience, creativity,
resourcefulness and compassion. You will discover new levels of patience, peace of mind and
happiness beyond anything you have imagined. #t is your birthright, the glory you were born to
e0perience. Do not stop until you have reached your full potential ! the # ,M Presence in which you
say, # ,M .ove, # ,M .ight, # ,M <oy, # ,M +od.
&e love you endlessly, Your Mother>4ather +od
via Kathryn May, <une ?B, ?@1A, 1 ,M
Part 136: Lifting ll Boat)
You are feeling the heat, as they say, are you not1 'he energies on the planet have reached an all!time
high, as our high!vibe blast of .ove washes over you, and so many of you are rising along with it, you
have set a new pace for yourselves which is feeling a bit di33ying. 'his is the process of ,scension
which we have been trying to prepare you for these many months, even years. #t is not something that
can be put into words, really. 'he symptoms vary for individuals, and the timing of those symptoms
also varies, but you are feeling the woo3y, underwater feeling, and the light!headedness, and the losing!
trac$!of!time feeling, and perhaps the headaches too. 'iredness beyond what you generally feel is also
normal these days.
Even as you are trying to $eep your eyes open, you may feel the tiredness alternating with moments of
high energy, resolve, and resourcefulness. You are accomplishing things you never thought you were
capable of, while also doubting yourselves7 &as that really as good as you thin$ it was1 ,re you really
learning these lessons as well as you hope you are1 Yes, Dear *nes, your constant self!e0amination,
your mindfulness, concern for others, and deep moments of intimacy at the most une0pected times ! all
these are the indications that you are growing in awareness and in .ove.
You are e0panding your 9earts. 'his is the path which raises your consciousness to ever higher levels.
'his is also the path of lifting your world along with you, for ,scension is a 6niversal shift. ,ll the
6niverse is e0periencing the rising tide with you. Everywhere the wor$ and the celebration is reaching
what you call 5a new high.5 *f course, you still read stories of a few bombers and an occasional
murder story, but have you noticed that the rash of individual violence has rather suddenly decreased1
'hose who were completely unbalanced by the rising energies have mostly done their irrational and
uncontrolled deeds. 'here will be fewer and fewer of these rash and disastrous stories in coming wee$s.
,round the globe, the people:s demonstrations which are occurring are mostly peaceful, are being
widely publici3ed, and are gaining in power. Egypt will not be silenced, and will not be satisfied until it
has freedom and a return to the glorious civili3ation of old. 'he Middle East is moving toward peace,
as is )orth Korea. 'he (yrian dictator is growing pale and thin ! have you noticed1 9is power and
resolve are draining away. 9e will soon fade into a well!earned oblivion.
You are aware by now that #ra% has been freed from -hapter G ban$ruptcy and is now a free country.
'his wee$ -hina and #ndia began buying massive amounts of gold ! their combined purchases e%ualed
about ?EF of the total year:s gold production. 'here has never in history been such an event. You will
soon be hearing news of the shift to the gold standard and revaluing currencies globally. Yes, Dear
*nes, these escalating events are all part of the plan put in place by our (t. +ermain and his legions of
helpers over hundreds of years.
Meanwhile, the world is also rallying to ob2ect to the invasion of privacy in the 6.( with their clever
5Yes &e (can5 placards and marches. #t is a positive thing, overall, that people are wa$ing up to the
need to defend their own rights rather than submitting to any new usurpation of freedom their
government wishes to inflict. 'his is an action which will have a doubling effect, because this gathering
of information is actually in preparation for the announcements to come.
#t was necessary to gather massive amounts of information in order to create the global networ$ to
contact everyone on the planet simultaneously. 6nfortunately, because some of the Dar$ ways were
still in place, it had to be done using the old, secretive agencies and procedures which have been the
plague of the planet ! the secret use of information to subdue and control all the people.
'his time it will be different. *nce the announcements are made, a new transparency will become the
order of the day. 'here will be revelations that will awa$en the entire populace, even those who have
energetically refused to see the long downward slide toward voluntary servitude. 'he propaganda
machine has soured the people on their government, even to the degree that they laud the propagandists
and vilify those who are truly fighting for freedom. #nstead, they honor the very moguls who are
stealing from them and who control the government from behind the scenes by buying the legislators
who will do their dirty wor$. 'hese 5elected officials5 then curry the favor and votes of citi3ens who
would oppress chosen groups ! women, unions, gays, immigrants, college students ! rather than uplift
their constituents. 'hese same 5voters5 whoop whenever a war is suggested, and rush to give their lives
for the honor of filling the poc$ets of those who supply weaponry and financing to both sides of every
'his has been the state of you planet for centuries. &ar, pollution, to0ic chemical spills, bad food,
anti%uated health care, oppressive educational practices ! all the ills we have tal$ed with you about here
! all have $ept you asleep to the truth by enslaving your minds, your bodies and your hearts. You have
lived in a culture in which bad is good, evil is power, material wealth is e%uated with honor, and
selfishness is King.
#t is not your fault that you have been stewing in this to0ic mind bending soup all your lives. You came
here to try to fi0 it, but of course in order to that, you have to first fi0 yourselves. Kuite a challenge,
this. #s it any wonder it has ta$en thousands of years and many incarnations to prepare you for this1
&e have woven the story together for you here over the past months, .ight and Dar$, old and new. #t is
our way of helping you to e0pand your vision, breathe .ight to clear away the old to0ic ideas, and find
your way to a brighter, clearer way of life. #t is what we call 'he 'rue &ay to teach you how to be
awa$e and discerning, while also $eeping compassion, love and forgiveness paramount in your hearts.
#t is a difficult challenge, being fully aware of the Dar$ness, wor$ing to bring .ight where it is needed,
and not be affected by the Dar$ness you see.
'his path to the higher dimensions does not allow for denial. *nly by seeing the evil do you learn to
appreciate goodness with all your heart and soul. ,nd only if you see it clearly can you change it. You
are mobili3ing, 8eloved -hildren. You are wor$ing together in new ways, finding your gifts,
developing your dormant talents, and 2oining the rising tide of .ight and .ove. &e are delighted by
your steady progress, by your strength, and you growing sense of integrity and self!worth. Yes, they go
together, don:t they1 You must first value your own +od!given self, your heart>mind>body>soul in its
glorious wholeness before you can e0press integrity ! for this is the structure from which integrity
Your humanity, your entire self, including your history, your actions, your struggles and your mista$es
have gone into learning to appreciate and use all of what you are. &e have often told you we love you,
warts and all, as you are fond of saying. &e created you with some of those 5defects5 because we $now
you will wor$ hard to e0ercise your integrity, and when you do, those defects become precious gifts
which lead to greater growth. You are indeed shining stars, Dear *nes. You are 2ust beginning to come
into your maturity as a planet, and what a coming!out party this is going to beH
'here are now among you, incarnated, many of the great Masters. &e have as$ed them to begin
revealing their true identities. &e have told you that our dear Kathryn is the one who calls herself
Portia, the beloved twin flame of (t. +ermain. .ady Portia:s name describes the path she has wal$ed
for thousands of years. 'he root 5port!5 means to carry, and also doorway or portal. 9er wor$ is to help
to carry others toward the portal into .ight. #t is the wor$ for all of us now, is it not, to carry yourself
and others forward in .ove and .ight, to the glorious destiny that is now being played out on the great
stage of the 6niverse1
Each one will do their part in this great adventure. Even the ones who are still half asleep encourage
their peers to strive for greater clarity, better ways to reach out, for all souls must be included, finally,
before this great endeavor is fulfilled. &e send you more and ever more .ove to encourage and support
you on your path to ,scension.
&e are your Mother>4ather +od, in the company of millions of your (tar 8rothers and (isters, who are
already celebrating your triumph.
;ia Kathryn May, <uly ?, ?@1A, 1 am.
Part 133: (e9o/ing ll 0ar,ne))$ In)ide and 6"t
&e would li$e to tell you about some of the goings!on behind the scenes as the cleanup of Planet Earth
proceeds. 'here are issues of which many of you are completely unaware, and they are areas of great
concern if the civili3ation is to move forward in .ove and .ight. 'he issue we spea$ of is the secret
government ! the covert operations which have been conducted by the group you have called the
#lluminati. &e prefer to call them the Dar$ 9ats because there is nothing of .ight about them. (ome of
you $now their origins and history, but we will give you a brief description here.
'he ones you $now as the 4allen ,ngels, led by .ucifer, were not evil, but were rebellious against the
idea that all beings should be connected with +od. 'hey wished to try complete independence, to live
without having to rely on the # ,M Presence in their lives. 'hey were what you might call the original
atheists, but they were well aware of the +od they were rebelling against, since they were our own dear
children. 'hey came to Earth during a period of upheaval, and taught their beliefs to others.
,mong those others were the =eptilians, a race of beings also created by us, who were e0ceptional for
their intense passion and creativity. 'hey were a part of the racial mi0ing which was to become you, the
humans of Planet Earth, $nown as 'he -reator =ace. 'he strengths of the =eptilians was in their high
levels of intuition, perceptiveness and psychic powers. 'hey were intensely loving, fiercely loyal, and
gifted intellectually. 'hey were also fiercely independent, and their encounters with .ucifer led to
disastrous ends.
(ome of the =eptilians, though not all, decided that they would free themselves from their connection
to +od and to the intensity of their passionate feelings by e0perimenting with their own D),.
'ragically, they used their scientific abilities to rema$e themselves into a race without the connection to
their hearts which allows all beings to feel .ove for one another and for their +od. #ncidentally, their
philosophy ! that love is to be avoided because it will lead to pain, and that sensitivity is wea$ness ! has
become a mantra in your own cultures to this day.
*nce freed from the re%uirement of .ove and its corollary feelings of compassion, forgiveness,
empathy, nurturance and reverence for life, they became the source of evil which went far beyond the
intention or control of .ucifer and his followers. #t was the =eptilians who too$ the idea of
independence from +od to its opposite e0treme, and as we have described in Kathryn:s boo$, the
behavior which results is what is now called psychopathic or sociopathic. 'hey became intelligent
beings without 9eart ! an e0tremely dangerous combination.
#t would not have been possible for them to maintain their practice of evil in every area of life on Earth
if they had ta$en part in the after!life process which everyone else e0periences. ,s we have described
to you earlier, at the end of every life, all +od:s children ascend to the Eth dimension to be welcomed
bac$ to the dimensions of 6nending .ove, and to review, with the help of your +uides and mentors, the
entire e0perience of your life. ,s you re!e0perience your actions which caused others pain from their
point of view, you are taught in the most profound way to feel empathy for others and forgiveness for
yourself, as you e0perience *ur forgiveness and compassion.
#n order to avoid any learning or contact with 6s, the =eptilians devised a plan to remain in the Ith
dimension, close to the Earth plane, where they could recycle %uic$ly into the same families,
maintaining the human bloodline true to its =eptilian ideal of heartless intelligence. 'his way, they
were able to gain great power and control, and their influence has been felt in every area of life.
'heirs was the idea of maintaining the use of fossil fuels rather than permitting free energy discoveries
to be given to the people. 'heirs also are the manufacturing processes which pollute rivers and steams,
$illing wildlife in the name of profit, as well as the use of spraying chemicals in the s$ies to control the
population. ,ny e0cuses which encourage the misuse or overuse of the precious resources which
Mother Earth has so abundantly provided, and every idea which promotes 5the economy5 over the
wellbeing of the population as a whole has its roots in the =eptilian pro2ect. 'he idea that 5the
economy5 based on money must be fueled by consumers was a clever ruse for funneling ever more of it
into their own secret pro2ects and private purses.
#t is now coming to and end because the Ith dimension has been collapsed to eliminate any refuge from
the afterlife review process in +od:s higher realms of .ove. #t cannot continue beyond the lifetime of
the beings which are alive today on the planet. 'he top tier of =eptilian leaders have already been
removed and ta$en for trial and>or restoration to wholeness in *ur image, and their lieutenants are now
being removed as well, however, some smaller parts of their high level secret programs have been
maintained by moving them fre%uently and by playing a clever cat!and!mouse game with those whose
wor$ it is to capture and e0pose them.
'he wor$ of rounding up the remaining minions is now in the hands of those brave investigators in
organi3ations such as your own -#,, which has been fre%uently infiltrated and shadowed by a parallel
organi3ation of 58lac$ ops5 Dar$ 9at operatives. During periods in which Dar$ 9ats were in charge of
the highest levels of the 6.(. +overnment, such as the )i0on, =eagan and 8ush years and the later
-linton administration, there was little separation between the official government organi3ation and the
Dar$ 9at underworld. 'hat is now being dismantled day by day, and more arrests will be made around
the world as the truth is revealed.
You are aware of the current upsurge of the ,rab (pring which has brought A@ million people into the
streets in Egypt to demand genuinely democratic government. )ever before in the history of the world
has such massive participation by the people been so organi3ed and effective in presenting its message
to the world. 'his is the beginning of a worldwide uplifting of consciousness/ no nation will be able to
remain secretly oppressive of its people behind barriers of silence. #ndependent media sources ! private
citi3ens with cell phone cameras ! have made secrecy a thing of the past, and the effects are being felt
in every country of the world at once.
&e have given you this overview to help you understand the political and practical implications as
well. &hile things are moving fast, and change is inevitable, there are still some dangers to our
.ightwor$ers. 'he 3ealous underlings we mentioned still have possession of some technological tools
which can be used to disable or handicap those who are dedicated to service in the name of +od. 'hey
are targets of various forms of etheric and material implants which can be used to interfere with brain
and heart connections.
'hose .ightwor$ers who are involved with Dar$ Entity removals or who have had contact with 58lac$
ops5 individuals are especially at ris$ because of their high visibility and their effectiveness in reducing
the power of the Dar$ *nes. *f course, this is not a new phenomenon/ it has always been the case in
the struggle between good and evil.
&e are wor$ing with the ,rcturians, with (ananda, ,rchangels Michael, +abrielle and others to restore
our 8eloved *nes to full health, but it is a challenge for the .ightwor$ers themselves, who must do the
internal wor$ of trac$ing down and dismantling the foreign ob2ects, with our help. 'he intricate
structure of these 5implants5 re%uires that the victim themselves ta$e the lead in the removal of it. #t
also re%uires a high level of self!awareness to identify immediately the presence of feelings and
attitudes which are 5not me5 so that the invading ob2ect can be dealt with.
'his is yet another reason to develop your self!awareness and not be swayed by the traditional belief
systems which encourage illness and an attitude of submission to medical e0perts, who of course have
no $nowledge of etheric implants, but who would be happy to medicate you so that you will be less
aware of e0ternal interference with your normal functioning. 'urn to 6s as your first line of defense.
&e do not wish to create fear of Dar$ Energy or implants by giving you this information. Please read
carefully ! we are encouraging self!awareness, not fear. 4ear is always an invitation for Dar$ness of all
$inds, within and without, so do not permit an0iety or any feelings of victimi3ation. 'urn instead to
consult with your ,ngels, and to get help from 6s if it is needed for any reason. &e are here for your
support, comfort and healing.
'hings are indeed shifting %uic$ly. #t is a time of great celebration and hope. -ontinue to communicate
with 6s in your # ,M meditations, in your prayers and in every moment of your daily lives. &e love
you more than words can ever describe/ turn instead to the feelings of your heart, where we spea$ to
you of .ove.
&ith 9ealing Masters and ,ngels standing by in willing service to you, &e are your Mother>4ather
;ia Kathryn May, <uly E, ?@1A, 1 am.
Part 134: Being the Change$ Creating the 0rea9
You $now of course that this is Mother>4ather +od spea$ing. (ince Kathryn has received %uestions
about this process ! how we do it ! we will tell you a little bit about it. (he is sitting at her computer as
we spea$ into her ear. (he types what she hears, correcting during and after for spelling and
punctuation. (he is very careful to write e0actly what we say, and even to revise it if we decide to add
something or change it. (he has developed this s$ill ! having one part of her brain tuned to the higher
dimensions where &e are, and also $eeping an awareness of the physical world so that she can write or
spea$ it.
'his process, thin$ing double, as you might call it, is something channelers must learn if they are to be
reliable and reasonably fast in their translations. Kathryn is able to do it in such a way that she does not
thin$, as you might $now it, while she is ta$ing the message. 'his way, she does not impose her own
opinions or beliefs Calthough there is very little disagreement from her in that regard, e0cept when she
reads things we have said about herD. (he does sometimes ob2ect to our ma$ing her the sub2ect, but she
writes it down nevertheless, because that is our agreement with her.
&e have not told you about this before, although Kathryn did tal$ about it in her first message about
editing with 9emingway7 &e are also able to control Kathryn:s computer in some small ways. 'here
was an incident several wee$s ago when we were wor$ing late into the night, and she nodded off for a
moment. &e used that opportunity to bac$space over the message to remove what we had said, to add
something better. You can imagine her surprise when she opened her eyes to see the words
disappearingH (he thought at first she had leaned on the wrong $ey, but saw it stop at 2ust the right spot.
&e en2oyed that, and she laughed too when she reali3ed what we had done. (o, you see, we do have
some fun at this.
&e are telling you about this because we have as$ed Kathryn to tal$ about a difficulty she has had
during the past few wee$s. #t seems to have begun immediately after she agreed to channel Jorra, of
the 9ollow Earth )etwor$, and Jorra suggested that she do it a different way ! that she learn to trans!
channel, which means that Kathryn would leave her body entirely so that Jorra could inhabit it and
spea$ through her in his own inflection and style, which is very distinctive.
, few days later she began practicing, but much to her dismay, she was unable to leave her body, as she
has done many times before, and she was not fully able to ta$e on Jorra:s body either. 4ierce headaches
prevented her from focusing for very long. (he tried letting go, she tried bearing down, she tried
commanding it, but to no avail. Eventually she called on <esus, ,rchangel Michael, her 9igher (elf,
6s, and any others who might be able to help. (he described the location and the feeling of the pain,
and what ensued was a E!day long marathon of removing a Dar$ Entity Cmostly advanced technology
implantsD, then trying to channel again. Each time, a new pain would become evident at a deeper level
or a different area of the brain.
'he implants appeared to be activated by the close connection with Jorra. 'he more she insisted on
$eeping her channels open, the more obvious it would become that there was a foreign body in her
system. Each time, we stopped, removed the ob2ect, and she went on to try again. ,gain, a new
interference would become evident. 'his process continued until we had removed " different
technological implants from her body. (he is now recovering, and will begin to try again to
transchannel, but we suspect another form of interference will need to be removed before she is free to
begin mastering her new s$ill. 'hese implants are most li$ely the wor$ of those Dar$ Entities who are
left to carry on after their leaders have been arrested. 'hey are most eager to prove that they can be as
destructive as their bosses have been. &e are trac$ing them down, and they will be stopped.
Kathryn is now safely protected by the golden white light ! she will not be interfered with again. #t is
probable that the implants were all installed about a month ago, when the suggestion was first made
that she learn to do the transchanneling for Jorra, and for the other ,scended Masters she has been
channeling all along. 'hey will be able to bring even more of who they are, and to send their feelings
directly to you. 'his will happen as soon as she is able to continue her efforts to trade bodies with
#t is apparent that the Dar$ *nes see 6s as a great threat to their continuing power. 'hey are right. &e
will not allow this mischief to continue. &e have been successful in removing Dar$ *nes from many
people in recent wee$s, and the effect has been dramatic and permanent for those who have suffered
long months and years and are now relieved of the entities that had made their lives miserable.
Kathryn:s case was the first time we had seen so many technological ob2ects ! they are a combination of
organic and mechanical forms ! some more advanced than we have seen previously. #t does give us
more information about the advances they have made recently.
*nce the lavish funding and support for their secret operations has completely ended, this dar$ research
will be terminated. 'hey have been able to remain in hiding because of enormous resources and
manpower, but this cannot be sustained while arrests are being made and the sources of their massive
support disappears. &e are trac$ing them down with the evidence of these new devices, and will $eep
you informed of our progress.
&e are telling you all this because many of you are .ightwor$ers, and are also vulnerable to being
interfered with as well. &e described the symptoms7 inability to meditate and reach high levels of
vibration as you have done before/ sharp or burning headaches which are brought on by positive
actions or high brain wave vibration/ any change in your generally happy mood to feelings of
discouragement or frustration. *f course, there would be a combination of these feelings. #f you suspect
you have been targeted, you can contact Kathryn and she will refer you to healers who speciali3e in
helping with these removals.
)ow, let us also let you $now about a few of the hopeful changes in the world. You as a group have
forged new ground. (ince the cooperative venture between Kathryn and ,nne of 9ollow Earth
)etwor$, the family has grown and tightened its bonds. You see your beloved Masters as accessible,
helpful and a real part of your lives. &e love to hear you call in to the radio shows and as$ your
profound and helpful %uestions, and we always wish there was more time on the calls for each of you to
spea$ with 6s personally. *f course we always listen when you tal$ with 6s, but isn:t it fun to share
our conversation with all the others1 #t has replicated the conversations we have when you are here
with all of us between lives, when we can spea$ and plan and share the deep feelings of being a loving
'he feelings you generate when you listen together, aware of the others on the call, have sent waves of
light and love which encircles the globe, sending awa$ening energy to others, and of course the healing
pulses of Jorra also resonate far and wide. 'he combination of forces 2oining together is phenomenal,
and it can be seen across your solar system.
Each time you have planned an event li$e the group meditation you did for the (olstice there has been
an uptic$ in the energies, and that effect has lasted beyond the event itself. You came away with
feelings of warmth and sharing, gratitude and fulfillment which are the energy of ,scension in action.
&e would li$e to suggest another such meditation, perhaps this time over a longer period, and perhaps
made more emphatic by adding the element of a fast to it. You might call it a Disclosure 4ast. You
$now, countries have been reformed and revolutions won by large numbers of people going on stri$e
together, and showing their determination by fasting. &hat better way to show the 6niverse ! above
and below ! that you mean businessH
*f course, the most effective fasts for creating change on the ground are those which earn attention in
the media. Perhaps you could 2oin with the people who are wor$ing on the 9earings for Disclosure
film. 'hey have a very large audience, and would probably be more than willing to 2oin with you to
promote a dramatic event li$e a three!day protest fast demanding Disclosure. 'hose who want to ma$e
their emphatic protest felt even further could ma$e it a whole wee$ of fasting. ,nyone whose health is
compromised should of course use 2udgment about the length of their participation.
'his method would be especially effective in places li$e the 6.(., where leaders are aware of their
well!fed population:s tendency to indulge its appetites. &hen such people ma$e a real sacrifice, it
creates notice. , signature page, or perhaps even a print!out insignia for people to wear would get more
attention. You readers who have sent us plans for distributing the Prosperity funds and for getting our
teaching out to all will have good ideas about how to promote this.
&e are aware of the great need many of you have for economic relief. Many of you have given your
time and energies in service to others without pay, while giving away what you had to those whose
needs were greater than your own. ,nne has started an emergency fund for members of the family at
her hollowearthnetwor$.com website. #f each of you who can were to give LE or L1@ or more, many
could be helped with modest grants which will provide transportation to medical care, food money until
their ne0t paychec$ comes, or a car repair which will allow them to wor$. 'here is great abundance in
the world, and many of you will find yourselves better off than the average family on the planet, even
though it might be less than you are used to.
&e $now you are eager to participate in meaningful actions which will help to bring the changes you
are hoping for. 'hese are two ways you can ma$e a difference.
&e love you without end, our 8eloved *nes, and we want to see your dreams fulfilled in the most
creative and productive way, for the +reater +ood of ,ll,
Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <uly B, ?@1A, 11 pm.
Part 137: Fa)ting$ Meditating and -ealing !o"r Way to 0i)clo)"re
Dear *nes, there are ideas and creative pro2ects blossoming all around you. Your dear Masters ,nne
and Kathryn are planning a meditation and fast to bring Disclosure to the planet ! to be conducted as a
group effort, with a 8log'al$=adio connection each day to help the process along and to give support
for all. #t will begin on <uly 1G. &e will give you more details in the ne0t message, and it will also be
posted on the 9ollow Earth )etwor$ site.
'he first three days of the event will be designated as a fast for those who can do it, with an
accompanying group meditation every morning and>or evening. .i$e the (ummer (olstice show, which
was a glorious success, there will be call!in time for members who wish to offer a meditation for the
group. 'he offerings last time were varied, deeply moving and heartfelt. #t added such a sense of
warmth and companionship that the energy lifted with each passing minute. &hat a wonder it was to
see the light increasing all around the world as a result of the efforts of your group and many others li$e
'his time, the meditation will begin on the 1Gth, and the A!day fast will last through the 1Bth, but we
as$ that everyone who can should continue the fast for the ne0t I days through the pea$ of the full
moon. #magine the power of such an event, when the numbers are counted and the brilliant .ight of
your own group is felt everywhere. 'he meditation, of course, is a powerful component, so even if you
cannot continue the fast, you should continue the meditation while focusing intently on the Disclosure
and its aftermath.
You $now the .aw of *ne. &hen all of you envision the Disclosure and the peaceful landing of the
ships, focusing your feelings and thoughts together, it is created. 'he flow of intense energy which
continues will carry it to completion in %uic$ succession. You, Dear -hildren, will be ma$ing it happen.
'he reason to include the fast with your meditation is that the act of fasting is a definitive statement of
your dedication to ma$ing it happen, and is a very powerful reminder of the cause you are supporting
with all your concentration and will. #t is so unusual for most of you to eliminate the ceremony and the
activity of eating from your daily routine, it will create a tremendous focal point which will $eep you
5in the game5 for many hours of the day, even if you have to go to wor$. Your mind will never be far
from the fervent prayer in your heart ! the wish to see your world leaders stand up before their people
and announce that yes, there are e0traterrestrials here waiting to help us, and yes, we are in contact with
them and have been for many years.
Picture a flood of documents being printed in your newspapers, non!stop announcements and
informative television programs to reveal the e0tent of the $nowledge which has been gathered over the
years. (ee in your mind:s eye the ama3ement of the people sharing the information, calling in to tal$
shows to tell of their positive e0periences with e0traterrestrials, and at last, the admission by your
governments that the abductions and testing done on its citi3ens were in fact an in!house secret
program, not conducted or condoned by the +alactic 4ederation of .ight.
4or days, people will tal$ of nothing else, until the enormous weight of the information will finally tip
the scales to convince everyone but the most paranoid recluse that our (tar 8rothers and (isters are far
advanced in their technology and their level of civili3ation, and that they come in peace. #magine how
their pictures will be everywhere on the internet and news, with our beloved ,shtar starring as the
respected and admired -ommander whose leadership efforts have made the protection of your planet a
priority in the 6niverse.
'he global conversation will e0pand, day by day, to include the e0posure of the dar$ activities of the
cabal. )ames will be revealed/ heroes and villains will at last be shown by their true actions, and the
citi3enry will begin to reali3e how distasteful the pursuit of material wealth really is. +enerosity, which
is always spar$ed when people are freed of the constant sto$ing of irrational fears, will carry the day,
and the celebrating population will fill the streets with music and dancing.
,s the news of the friendly fleet reaches the consciousness of all humanity, so too will the news of our
beloved (ananda, the ,dmiral of the )ew <erusalem, come alive in the imaginations of the people. &ill
any government anywhere be able to deny a landing spot with a heroes welcome when the news of the
precious cargo aboard ! the ,scended Masters, 'win 4lames, and the beloved .ord <esus ! are here to
wal$ among the people1
#t will be then that the full appreciation will come for the information and 4aith that has been revealed
by this dedicated group, which will be appreciated for its forward!loo$ing vision and its clarity of
purpose. &hen the time comes, you will all be in a position to e0plain, reassure and lead people to an
understanding of 'he 'rue &ay. #t will then be important that you have carefully read and listened to
the calls and radio shows. You thought when you began reading these blogs that you were simply
satisfying your curiosity, or deepening your own spiritual search. 'hat was only the beginning. You will
soon have the opportunity to be leaders in the new +olden ,ge of spiritual teachings.
&hen these events unfold, please be aware that the lessons presented here have been given to the world
for free, but that does not mean they are of less value than the LE@@ wee$ends with a spiritual teacher,
or a slic$ -D set of recordings. 'housands of hours over many years have gone into the creation of
these writings and live presentations, which together ma$e up a comprehensive guide for ,scension.
&e do not intend to diminish the wor$ of our other hard!wor$ing channels/ all have contributed to the
uplifting of the global consciousness.
&e have chosen to present a particular course of study here which is different from others because we
had the availability of a channel whose life:s wor$ it was to heal psychological wounds in order to help
people reach the highest possible levels of human achievement. (he also has a $een sense of ,merican
history and &orld religions. #n fact, she was trained for e0actly this purpose by (anat Kumara, whom
many have called the .ord of the &orld. (o you see, this pro2ect was hundreds of years in the ma$ing.
&hen Kathryn 2oined forces with our beloved .ady )ada of the 9ollow Earth )etwor$, a powerful
networ$ of global reach was formed. ,s you are aware, .ady )ada is the 'win 4lame of (ananda ! a
woman of great personal power, wisdom and boundless .ove.
'his partnership is no coincidence, as you may have discerned. 'he 'win 4lames of (ananda and (t.
+ermain share the temperament, broad $nowledge and leadership %ualities of their male counterparts,
and this is the beginning of the +olden ,ge of 4eminine Power. 'hey have established close contacts
with many other .ady Masters who will be revealed as the talented and courageous e0perts in every
area of the cultural, political and healing arts. &ho better to represent our teachings as we enter this
glorious period in history1
,nother pro2ect is in the wor$s which will bring a powerful healing techni%ue to those who are
suffering with severe disease and pain, but who are hanging on to reach their dream of ,scension.
Kathryn>.ady Portia will organi3e a volunteer 9ealing 'as$ 4orce drawn from the thousands of
.ightwor$ers who read these pages. (essions will be planned to send powerful healing energy to
individuals who have been identified as severe medical cases. =ecord of these healing sessions will be
$ept, and evidence collected to show the profound effect of directed .ight energy on various forms of
disease, so the healers themselves will $now of their effect on the patient.
Most of those involved will do the healing at a distance, but volunteers on the ground may lead the
healing session should there be ones who may be located near the person receiving the healing.
;olunteers may send an email headed 5;olunteer5 to Kathryn via her website,
, special email list will be created to inform all of the time and date of what will be a one!half to one
hour session in which all will focus their energy with ma0imum power to restore the patient to perfect
'his procedure is especially effective with diseases such as cancer. Patients or family and friends of
patients should send an email, with some detailed medical description and history to Kathryn, titled
5=e%uest 9ealing.5 ,nd so will begin an historic Etheric 9ealing -enter which can reach everyone, no
matter where they are, and which will document 5'he Power of Prayer5 in a way it has never been done
before. 'he level of e0pertise of the pool of healers reading these words is magnificent, but
professional training is not re%uired. ,ll may add their intention, and each one will add dramatically to
the power generated by all wor$ing together.
&e now apologi3e to .ady Portia and .ady )ada for publishing their credentials here, but they will
forgive us once their embarrassment passes, and they will continue their gracious lives of service to all
of you. You are now aware of the intentional networ$ you are participating in, and can be comfortable
in the value of putting your shoulder to the wheel of these 9eavenly pro2ects. &ith endless gratitude,
we welcome your participation and energies as we move together toward the completion of the first
immense (hift into higher dimensions, one day, one meditation, one healing at a time.
&e love you beyond anything that words can tell, Your Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <uly 1?, ?@1A, 1 am.
Part 148: Meditation and Fa)ting for Tr"th
&ell, let:s start with the Meditation and 4ast you are planning. Many read these messages, so we feel it
is important that all our readers $now how they can 2oin with their fellow .ightwor$ers in this historic
effort. &e are delighted at the response to the suggestion last (aturday. You have rolled out a plan,
created a press release ! with a lovely logo, no less ! and are ready to lead the parade which will march
from &ednesday into the ne0t wee$, gloriously proclaiming your .ove for your (tar 8rothers and
(isters and your wish to roll out the red carpet for them. *f course, they are doing the same for you.
9ere is the plan as Kathryn and ,nne ! with enthusiastic help from several very talented volunteers !
have agreed to organi3e and shepherd it. 'he fast will begin on &ednesday. &hen you awa$en that day,
begin your day with a large glass of lemon water, which you may sweeten with a bit of honey or maple
syrup for balance. #nstead of spending time on preparing and eating your meals that day, spend it in
deep and intense visuali3ation ! combining heart and mind always.
(ee your government leaders, one after another, standing behind their podiums, announcing that there
will be a complete opening up of documents, files and minds, to allow the people Ceach of you imagine
your own leadersD to $now the 'ruth about the myriad contacts and programs which have been carried
out over the past years without the $nowledge of the citi3ens.
Picture the smiles on the faces of those who have $nown, as you do, that we were only awaiting the
green light for these Disclosures to be made. #magine the si3e of *bama:s grin when he can finally
reveal the 'ruth. (ee the faces of the children who will be in wonder and e0citement about meeting
their cousins from the s$ies. &hat stories will be told about the past, about their $nowledge of our long
path to victoryH
#magine the dec$ of the )ew <erusalem as the first Disclosure announcements are made. (ee you and
your friends pouring out into the streets, cheering and loo$ing s$yward to send your .ove to the
galactics who are waiting to embrace you. <ohn .ennon:s song, 5#magine5 will play across the land,
bringing tears of 2oy to all who have $nown in their hearts that one day this would come to pass.
,s you go through your day, people will notice that you are not in the lunch line, not going to the pub
after wor$, and they will as$ you why. 'ell them you are ma$ing a small sacrifice of 4asting for
Disclosure. 'ell them that the 6niversal .aw of *ne means that when many people focus intently on a
positive effect, it happens. (tudies about the power of prayer, and historical successes li$e +andhi:s
#ndia demonstrate that when the will of the people is focused with intention, the thing they have created
in their minds does come to pass.
Encourage others to 2oin you, to listen to the 8log'al$=adio shows7 &ednesday on Kathryn:s
-hannelPanel with us, and 'hursday, 4riday and (aturday on ,nne:s 9ollow Earth -hannel Calso
8log'al$=adio.comD. You will have the opportunity to call in with your own contribution to the
meditation e0ercises and your own personal feelings about the process you are all e0periencing. #t will
be a great morale boost for you to share these feelings and intentions. 'he synergy will build as you
continue through the wee$end toward the full moon on Monday, the ??nd of <uly.
'hose who are dedicated and willing can continue their fast for a full wee$, through 'uesday. ,s the
moon travels through the three days of its pea$ ! Monday, 'uesday and &ednesday, increase your
meditation to allow for an hour or more of moon!glow. You will feel the warmth of the moon:s light,
which also carries the reflected +od!energy from the -entral (un. Know the feeling of connection and
peace which your ancestors celebrated as a regular part of their lives in days of old.
(pend time every day in nature, even if it is a city par$ or a tiny patch of lawn. 'a$e off your shoes and
stand on the Earth. (end your love downward into the center of your dear Mother Earth, whom some of
you call +aia. 4eel the .ove we are pouring down on you, and let that .ove wash through you,
cleansing and purifying your mental, physical and emotional bodies.
.et that pure .ove flow down through every cell, strengthening and balancing you. &hen you send it
downward to Mother Earth, listen %uietly for her response. You will be nearly lifted off your feet with
her enthusiastic energy blastH Your Mother has great power, and when she smiles, all )ature brea$s
loose in bloom, the waters spar$le with 2oy, and the birds sing with hearts filled with .ove. #n those
moments of ecstasy you will begin to understand the .ove we feel for you, for this is our .ove you are
feeling in and around you. Yes, Dear *nes, &e are truly *ne.
Do you $now what that means, really1 ,s you do your meditations to call for the 'ruth, to permit your
family to reunite, you will begin to understand what the )orth and (outh Koreans and the )orth and
(outh ;ietnamese felt for so many years. #t is the longing of =omeo and <uliet, of blood brothers
separated by irrational social norms and racial hatreds, and of long!lost Prodigal sons longing to come
home. #t is the deep loneliness you have felt in your bones these many lifetimes.
You have been parted by those in power who wished to control all the people of Earth. =acial pre2udice
is not a feeling which originates in an innocent child. -hildren are color!blind. Patriotism is only
important to war!mongers who need recruits. &ithout greed and fear to control your actions you would
be traveling freely, sharing the wealth of the planet ! cultural, agricultural, material and spiritual wealth
! and there would be no want. 'hose conditions will come again, to restore the beauty and abundance
which once e0isted on your beautiful 8lue Planet.
'here are many writings circulating ! dug up from past years or what is now an ancient time ! months
ago. 'he timeline in which Earth would have tipped on her a0is, flooding all your cities and causing
great loss of life has been transcended. You will not go bac$ to a former, lower level of vibration now.
'here will be upheavals, yes. You are seeing them now. Droughts and floods, fires and some
earth%ua$es will continue. You will have the opportunity to see and feel the pain Mother Earth has
suffered as a result of human insensitivity and callousness. 'hose who have argued that 2obs are more
important than environmental protections will be revealed as the propaganda e0perts they really are.
'here never was such a choice. Environmental health brings abundance to all/ environmental
degradation brings profits to the elite.
#n the early days of Planet Earth, when Paradise was new, there were no 52obs.5 People contributed
their s$ills 2oyfully, fulfilling their destiny by bringing creative e0pression to all they did. 'here was no
want, no war, no competition. 'here was 2ust .ife, fully and happily lived. 4ood was abundant and
nutritious because it came from a healthy planet. 'he humans then were at a higher vibrational level
and therefore needed much less nutrition. ,ll life was more comfortable, more cooperative, and more
peaceful. ,ll felt the power of belonging, of *ne.
You will return to that Paradise, Dear *nes. 'a$e part in this coming wee$ of dedication and
cooperation as if your lives depended on it. 'hey do. You must turn this giant ship around, by the sheer
force of your will to ,scend. #t is a normal part of your will to live, this desire to elevate yourselves. #t
has been a drive which was stifled by cultures everywhere, and yet you still yearn. You have loo$ed to
the s$ies since childhood, in wonder and hope, feeling the longing to $now, to learn the 'ruth.
Do you still as$, 5&hat is the meaning of life15 You will find out in the coming wee$ what you are
made of, what you are capable of, and what you can achieve when you put your heart and mind to it.
You define yourselves day by day by your actions. You, only you, $now who you are, where you have
been, and whether you have put your full energies into something you believe in. #f you have, you are a
person fulfilled, without sorrow or regret. Ma$e this true for yourself now. -reate a wee$ in your life in
which you have no regrets, no apathy, no 5s$epticism5 and no fear. 8e bold in your choices and
dedicated in your actions. Do not cut corners or ma$e e0cuses. 8e scrupulously honest with yourself,
and you will step into the .ight of 9eavenly .ove. You will feel nourished in a way you have never felt
before, and you will $now peace.
&e are here with you, around you, inside and out. &e love you one and all.
Your Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, <uly 1E, ?@1A, 1@ PM
Part 141: Call to Create Paradi)e on 1arth$ Together
Dear *nes, you are doing so well with your fast and meditation, we see thousands of you ta$ing partH
&hat a successful event this is. 'he +alactic -ouncil has been following the readings which show the
increase in light on the planet, and they are impressed with your effectiveness.
'he measure went up last night during your call. &e are loo$ing forward to another wonderful lift
when we spea$ with you tonight. &e as$ed Kathryn to begin our message before the call so that she
will have time to finish it later. &e will have the e0perience of tal$ing with you in between in person.
#sn:t this fun1
Did you ever thin$ that fasting could be so e0hilarating1 #t can be a wonderful cleansing process. &hile
you have the opportunity, you may ta$e it further than meditating for Disclosure. You can also ta$e a
little time in your meditations ! try it over the wee$end, perhaps ! to do a complete scan of your body.
4ocus on any old in2uries, disease, or discomfort. #ntensify you beam of intention to address one area at
a time, and send a stream of .ove>.ight to the area which has been affected. Ma$e your beam as
powerful as a laser/ use the ;iolet 4lame to burn away disease, in2ury, and the wear and tear of your
lifetime so far.
,s you send your laser .ight of .ove to the each area in se%uence, call on 6s, the .egions of .ight, to
assist in your complete change process. ,s$ for any and all Masters with whom you feel a personal
connection. ,s$ 6s, Mother and 4ather +od, to bring our .ove to you as you use it to become new
again. &e encourage every one of you to ta$e part in this personal healing process, and to continue it if
necessary, through the full moon phase that is coming.
You see, this is a healing time for everyone ! Mother Earth and all her precious inhabitants. &e want to
see all of you elevated and healed. 'he more you do of this wor$ now, the more fluid and comfortable
will be your ,scension process. 'his Disclosure is about more than revealing government secrets. #t is
the doorway to a )ew +olden ,ge on your dear planet. #t means change, healing and a return to the
beauty and .ove which was and continues to be your birthright. 8eauty includes perfect health. .ove
means no more suffering. ,ll these things are combined in the preparation for ,scension.
'his is why we have as$ed Kathryn to organi3e the healing group. ,lthough she was not aware of our
re%uest, she simply acted on her impulse to do this, and began organi3ing it immediately. &e are
showing you this to encourage you to do the same7 become so tuned to our communication and our
.ove for you that you feel it and act on it all the time, wa$ing and sleeping.
4or those who may not have heard the radio shows about the 4asting and Meditation for Disclosure, we
wish to encourage you to 2oin in, by 2oining with the family of .ightwor$ers who are putting their
efforts behind this marvelous pro2ect. #t is not too late to begin. You may 2oin the fast or not, as your
health re%uirements dictate, but we encourage you to do the meditations to envision the peace,
friendship and .ove of your (tar 8rothers and (isters which will ma$e the landings possible. 'hey
have marvelous gifts for you, but they cannot proceed without your enthusiastic support. , 5wait and
see5 attitude will not bring about change. #n fact, it will lower the vibration and act to prevent
movement forward. (o, Dear *nes, sha$e the doubt and fear out of your hearts and minds and 2oin in
the +reat Pro2ect which is the ,scension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants.
'al$ with friends and neighbors about this ama3ing pro2ect which many of the .ightwor$ers who read
these messages believe in and wor$ toward with all their hearts. &hat do they gain from their
participation in this +reat Pro2ect1 ,n opportunity to be of service to all of human$ind/ the chance to
elevate themselves to a higher consciousness/ the fulfillment of their distant memory of times long ago
when this entire Pro2ect, with all its ups and downs, was envisioned and planned. #t is a community of
inspired volunteers who give of themselves to create, 2ust as &e have taught you all to do. 'hey are
creating a better world for everyone.
.est any newcomers be tempted into 5s$eptical5 thin$ing, or imaginings about how this must be some
sort of cult, loo$ at this again. , cult is designed to aggrandi3e and enrich a leader or group and to
enslave its members. &e wor$ behind the scenes, using prayer and .ight, not limousines and enormous
churches. 'here is no financial contribution re%uired or any reward other than your own growth and the
salvation of the planet. )o television appearances or glamour or mar$eting are connected with this
group. ,s much as possible, they wor$ behind the scenes, offering their wor$ for as little as they can
possibly do and still remain housed and fed and able to travel in order to wor$ more.
.ady Portia and .ady )ada offer you tools for your growth, in many forms. 6se them, Dear *nes, so
that you may grow and thrive now. *ur boo$, 5&ho )eeds .ight15 is ine0pensive and thoroughly
planned to aid in your ,scension. #t contains information that is completely different from these
messages ! tailored to your own personal growth. 'he supplement .aminine is designed to support your
entire brain and body to aid in the transition to higher vibrations. )one of this is accidental or trivial.
'a$e part in all these efforts to help you help yourselves. 'hey are our gifts, given through our willing
Masters, who wor$ tirelessly to ma$e this wor$ possible.
'his is the wor$ of *ur 9earts, and we love each and every one of you for ta$ing part in it. 8y 2oining
with 6s to ma$e it come into being, you will gain your own freedom from oppression and want. ,s we
have told you so many times, you create your own world. #f you feel and thin$ about fear and hatred,
you will create a world filled with fear and hatred/ if you feel .ove in your heart and your mind, you
will create a world of .ove for yourself and those around you.
(o, 8eloved *nes, 2oin us in meditation ! that is all that is as$ed of you. <oin us in .ove, Peace, <oy,
9appiness and 9armony, without 2udgment, without fear, and you will indeed find Paradise on Earth.
&e love you beyond measure, beyond words, and beyond time or space.
&e are your Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, <uly 1B, ?@1A
Part 14#: The La)t Cha*ter
Dear *nes, have you all been listening to the 8log'al$=adio shows in addition to reading these
messages1 #f so, you are now aware of the wonderful news we have given to you about the immense
changes on the planet.
9ere is the announcement7 ,ll contracts are finished, ended. ,ll soul contracts are now cancelled. ,ll
those who came here to Planet Earth to manage difficult illnesses, complicated relationships, and
challenging handicaps are now freed of all pain, all suffering. You now are completely free to e0ercise
your free will without $armic strings, as you might thin$ of it.
#n addition, all financial contracts such as mortgages, car loans, student loans and other commitments
which have been arranged through ban$ing institutions of all $inds are hereby cancelled. Personal
commitments between friends will of course still be important to uphold, but corporations and ban$s
will no longer be recogni3ed as viable creditors because of the criminal and lawless system on which
they are based.
#t is time for all of you to reclaim your freedom, ta$e command of your own lives, and find your
voices, as you see others around the world doing by ta$ing to the streets to proclaim their passionate
desire for a better life ! one of dignity and the self!e0pression which democracy allows.
Your Planet has declared her desire to ascend, and it has been done. You are now all in the historic
position of being invited to elevate your consciousness to ta$e part in the most ambitious plan ever
e0ecuted in the history of the gala0y. )ow, in the span of one Earth lifetime, you can move from a A!
dimensional life to the coming +olden ,ge in the higher Eth dimension. 'his is the Paradise on Earth
that was promised in your ancient te0ts.
Every soul is given the opportunity to 2oin in this magnificent adventure, because of course you have
all $nown since before you came here that you would be ta$ing part in this ,scension. #t was a very
prestigious opportunity, this lifetime 2ourney. 'here are Masters and ,ngels, aspiring beginning souls
and ancient (aints who have come to e0perience a last lifetime here on Earth, in the somewhat
infamous heavy, dense and difficult atmosphere.
9ere, the challenges abound for learning charity, patience, compassion and empathy. , triumphant life
is one in which the person can live through the temptations, pain, disappointments and dangers and still
come out at the end of their lives with a connection to their hearts intact.
'his was the last opportunity for all souls to e0perience this Ard dimensional, free will planet, because
Mother Earth decided some time ago that it was her desire to leave this dimension, and she has
accomplished it by fulfilling her long commitment to human$ind. (he has fulfilled her contract with
6s, Mother>4ather +od, to care for our beloved children, and she was granted her wish to ascend into a
higher dimension, which she has done.
Many on Planet Earth are not aware at this moment that everything has changed. #t is for them that we
send this message through Kathryn. &e hope to reach all the people, all ages, all cultures, and all the
corners of the globe, to tell them of our great .ove for them, and our great hope that each one will
awa$en and 2oin in the glorious (hift into a higher plane of e0istence.
#t has been a long and difficult road, this transition from Dar$ness to .ight. Many have suffered/ many
have had to repeat lifetime after lifetime to advance in their learning process, but lessons learned on
Planet Earth are indelibly etched in consciousness. 'his is why it is a most popular place to incarnate,
by virtue of its having been in the throes of a revolutionary battle between .ight and Dar$ for eons.
,nd now, Dear -hildren, you are within moments of completing your lifetime here. You have the
choice this time to ascend with the body you occupy now. You will be ta$en off the planet to be
renewed, restored to perfect health in a body in which you will be able to live forever. #n the meantime,
Mother Earth will do the same. &hen she does, she will be restored to the pristine loveliness and purity
of her original beauty.
You will not have to worry about ,rmageddon/ there will be no terrifying pole shift or world war. ,ll
nuclear weapons have been neutrali3ed/ those Dar$ *nes who have secretly controlled the resources of
the planet have been removed from power. Many will be tried for crimes against humanity and will be
prevented from ever returning to positions of influence.
You have been seeing the 564*s5 in your s$ies for generations now. -rop circles containing messages
to human$ind have been created so fre%uently as to have become a common occurrence. Your scientists
and governments around the world have long been aware that your e0traterrestrial brothers and (isters
are trying to ma$e contact with you in a peaceful way, but the wall of secrecy and lies has grown with
every encounter. 'hose who control the wealth on the planet did not want to give up their power by
allowing the people to have free energy, new ways of communicating, and the other great advantages
which these visitors possess.
)ow, the final chapter of this saga of Planet Earth has begun. Everything is changing at a very rapid
pace. You will finally begin to see evidence in your mainstream media of the profound shift which will
allow those who have lived lives of service to others to be revealed as your ,scended Masters, and they
will be standing by to help with the dramatic changes you will be feeling. 'here will be announcements
to inform you of the true history and progress of the evolution toward .ight. )othing will remain the
same, so there will be no possibility that you can remain detached from what is going on. Every being
on the planet will be re%uired to choose their path ! to ascend to a higher level of consciousness or to
end this life in the usual way ! through death and the return to +od in the usual way.
'hose who choose to ascend now to higher levels of consciousness will be freed of the process of
reincarnation in life after life, and will be given the ability to live eternally in the higher e0pression of
life in a lighter, more highly evolved body in higher dimensions. 'hose who choose not to 2oin the
,scension will continue their lessons at lower levels in other places.
Earth will no longer be available as the A!dimensional proving ground. (he has been recogni3ed for her
millions of years of service, and has at last been granted ,scension. (he has selflessly slowed her
process to allow as many as possible to awa$en and 2oin her in this glorious graduation to higher
'he (hift has occurred because of the great numbers of human$ind who have awa$ened once more !
after thousands of years of being separated from their connection to +od. =eligion as you have $nown
it will drop away, as everyone discovers that they can communicate directly with 6s, Mother>4ather
+od, &e are here with you always, whispering in your ear, and for those who have listened to the radio
shows with Kathryn and ,nne, you have tal$ed with 6s in person.
'his wee$, we have announced definitively that the one you have $nown as Jorra is in fact 4ather +od.
#t was easier for many to tal$ freely and to as$ %uestions when the voice they heard was given a more
familiar identity which everyone could relate to, but now it is time for you to be given the 'ruth in its
whole form. You have felt our .ove in your lives at times when you were most open. 6nfortunately,
those were most often times of suffering, confusion and pain. You have not felt the great pleasures of
living in the constant stream of Endless .ove we have been sending to you since the moment you were
'his is what we offer you now7 a life of 9eavenly +race, immersed in the .ove, .ight, -ompassion,
4orgiveness, <oy, Peace and 9armony which has been the dream of your dear <esus, the one who has
dedicated his life in body and in spirit, to this +rand Plan. 'he ,scension of Planet Earth and of all
9uman$ind will mar$ the end of all suffering, all want, all poverty and degradation of Mother Earth
herself. 'he )ew +olden ,ge begins now, and you are all invited to attend the coming!out party, which
will be held when the ships containing your (tar 8rothers and (isters, including <esus (ananda, (t.
+ermain, ,shtar, ,rchangel Michael and all the ,scended Masters who have helped to ma$e this
transition possible.
Yes, <esus will return, very soon. 9e is waiting now, in his role as ,dmiral of his ship, 'he )ew
<erusalem. &ith him are the 'win 4lames ! the mirror souls ! of many who are incarnated here now.
You will all meet as soon as the Disclosure of their presence has been made official in every corner of
the Earth. 'he announcements will be simultaneous and undeniable. Every radio, television, cell phone
and iPad will carry the message that Planet Earth and her people are at last free, by their own efforts,
with help from their galactic 8rothers and (isters.
&e are offering this message today, <uly ?I, ?@1A, so that you can share it with every single person you
$now. 8egin by printing out do3ens of copies of this message, which will be posted on and www.hollowearthnetwor$.com and many other websites across the world.
&e as$ you to give a copy to everyone you wor$ with and every neighbor you spea$ with. 9and them
out on street corners. You will be doing a great service by giving your friends and family advanced
preparation for the stunning events which will unfold so rapidly before your eyes that the uninformed
will be overwhelmed by the wonder and apparent impossibility of it.
Don:t miss out on the 2oy because you are afraid or suspicious or wary of any news that does not align
with the half!truths you have been familiar with. Do not be concerned that people will thin$ you are a
raving crac$!pot. ;ery shortly they will than$ you with such overwhelming gratitude and relief that any
fears you might have had will melt away. You who are awa$e and aware must be the leaders in this
time of ad2ustment. People will be confused, disoriented and therefore afraid if they cannot be assured
of their loving connection with +od, which will anchor them and reassure them that this (hift is for the
better. )othing will be lost/ everything will go on, but in a different form, as you have been taught in
the 4irst .aw of 'hermodynamics.
=elationships will continue, in more loving and accepting form, and all will discover their true spiritual
identity as participants in the glorious Earth pro2ect. ,ll children, animals and other spirit beings will
ascend effortlessly. #t is the adults we are concerned with. 'ime is short. =aise your consciousness and
your vibrational level by ta$ing complete command of your thoughts, feelings and actions. *pen your
hearts to love without 2udgment. Practice forgiveness in all your relationships, and do not permit
yourself to fall into condemnation or 2udgment of anyone, even those who have hurt you or those who
practice a different religion or ideology than your own. ,ll will melt away in the elevation to *neness
which comes with ,scension into higher dimensions.
Your bodies, your present identities and all you thought of as 5reality5 will be revealed as the brief
moment in eternity it really is. You will soon learn to feel and use your +od powers, for you are indeed
created in our image. You are +ods, each and every one. You only need accept the close connection to
6s which flows through you. &e are your -reators and your biggest fans. 6nli$e human parents, we
never lose patience or hope or trust in your ultimate triumph as individual souls and as precious
members of the great legion of intelligent, conscious beings. #t is time for you to ta$e your place among
the +alactic 4ederation of .ight as full member representatives of your Planet Earth.
You will soon see the thousands of ships and the millions of (tar 8rothers and (isters who are here to
embrace you and bring you gifts. &elcome them with open hearts and minds. .eave behind the old
concepts about warli$e con%uerers. 'hese are beings ! human and otherwise, whose civili3ations have
evolved far beyond yours, emotionally, philosophically and technologically. 'heir technology is far
advanced of yours, created with .ove and used only for the +reater +ood.
=ead our many messages to you, which have all been posted free for all the world to read on Kathryn:s
website, 'a$e this message to the world, as a current events introduction to
what is happening now in your world. (how it to everyone you $now. 'al$ about what you have
learned here, and supplement it with further information from the web site. Do not 2ump to conclusions
on the basis of this one message. #f you have %uestions, read further, as$ %uestions on the
8log'al$=adio shows which are offered every &ednesday at "7A@ pm ED' and every other (aturday at
1? ED'. C(ee schedules on both websites.D Kathryn channels our messages live, along with information
from <esus and other ,scended Masters. <oin 6s to help you understand what we have told you here,
and what is to come.
&e love you more than words can ever describe,
Your Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <uly ?I, ?@1A
Part 14%: 0e)tiny$ Co9*letion and Tran)cendence
'he following is a note from Kathryn upon ending the wee$!long retreat into healing of A!dimensional
lifetimes and e0ploration of higher dimensional purposes, with a group of seven &omen of .ight, who
had all become effective channelers by the end of the wee$, and who discovered and claimed their
,rchangel identities during this magical 2ourney. #t is followed by a channeled message from
Mother>4ather +od through Kathryn.
4rom Kathryn7
'he song, 5# 8elieve...for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows...5 plays in my mind. 'he line,
5for everyone who goes astray, someone will come to show the way5 especially rings out, as a mantra
for the group of healers who e0pressed great .ove, 4riendship and -ompassion toward each other.
&ith each other:s help, they have restored their wholeness, their unsha$able 4aith, and their $nowing.
'he $nowing runs deep, enveloping all the pain and triumphs from this and past lives. ,s the e0ploring
and uncovering evolved into understanding, we have woven 'ruth into every event, every moment,
every memory. 'he 'ruth brings with it .ight and .ove, 4orgiveness, -larity and 9ope.
&e will never again doubt that we are 2oined as *ne, and we $now that our place and our wor$ will be
that of -reators ! -reators of 6nity, .ove and -onnection. #t is a blessed tas$, and we will embrace it
with all our hearts when we are called to service to help all the human family accomplish their
,scension. 4or now, there will be a time of rest, and the fulfillment of .ove as we 2oin with our
beloved 'win 4lames, at last and for eternity.
'his morning after the last of the group drove away, # went bac$ into the house to find my little dog
-he, who is a gentle healer in his own right, burrowed into one of the chairs in the circle, sha$ing, with
a misty, faraway loo$ of pain in his eyes. 9e did not come out to say goodbye because he couldn:t bear
to see his beloved friends leave. # e0plained to him that he would see everyone again soon, and he
finally allowed me to tuc$ him into my shirt. &e have spent hours snuggled in our favorite recliner, in
and out of sleep, listening to the voices and feelings from higher dimensions.
&e have been accompanied on this wee$:s 2ourney by ,ma, Mother (hahtoose, Cwhom we mista$enly
call M(as%uatch:D, a special incarnation of Mother +od from Eth dimensional Earth, by Mother and
4ather +od themselves, Jorra, the beloved friend and e0pression of 4ather +od, and by all our 9igher
(elves and 'win 4lames.
#n my mind:s eye # saw the entire group, standing in a semi!circle, with Mother and 4ather +od front
and center, and over all their heads was a banner, held high by .ucifer and (t. +ermain, with (ananda
and all the others cheering, their hands raised in victory. 'he banner showed bright words, in fade!away
se%uence7 -elebrate....ove...'riumphant.
Mother ,ma CKueen Mother of the (hahtoose KingdomD wishes to 2oin with me to send individual
messages for each of the women, because she heard my thoughts and wants me to $now that we thin$
as one, and that she loves you all, in her heart as in mine. Your attainment of deep healing has
unleashed powerful energies of transition and change which will now provide an uplifting force for the
,scension of all others. 'hese are our thoughts for each dear one around the circle of bright, newly
ac$nowledged ,rchangels Cthe name of 'win 4lames, mirror souls, are in parenthesesD7
+abrielle C.uciferD7 Message 8earer for +od, your arduous 2ourney is finished, done. Your 8eloved
*ne, .ucifer, has returned to your heart, and there he will stay for eternity. You will never be parted
again. 'he commitment to +od:s wor$ which you have fulfilled will be recorded forever as an e0ample
of sacrifice and great .ove for human$ind. #t will finally be understood as a brilliantly courageous
2ourney into Dar$ness, for the purpose of helping all human$ind to achieve individual identity on the
path bac$ to *neness with +od. You will heal over the coming days, and will complete your own
2ourney bac$ to Peace and 6nending <oy.
-hristine><ophiel7 8right (tar, <oyful -reator, Keeper of the 4lame of ,rtistic E0pression, your
memories will return, and with them the deep understanding of your #nnocence and +oodness. You
have nothing to fear, nothing to regret. You have been our 8lessed .ight, the <oy of our 9earts, now
and always.
,urora C6rielD7 8eloved Peace!-reator, 'eacher of 6niversal .aws of 'ruth and <ustice, -hampion and
;oice for those without power, we are with you always. -ontinue your rise to full conscious awareness
of your place in the hierarchy of the 4eminine 8earers of &isdom. 4ear nothing/ do not hesitate to call
on 6s to remind you of your greatness and your bountiful .ove for all human$ind.
=achel C<osiahD7 9ealer, tender nurturer of children, the rightful respect for your *ffice will be restored
in the )ew ,ge of 4eminine Power. (tand tall, proclaim your .ove for all the -hildren of +od, and
accept the mantle of 4eminine Energy with which you can lead others toward an understanding of the
true temperament of +od, which is tenderness.
-eleste CMichaelD7 Protector, Defender against Dar$ness, powerful force for +od:s 6nending .ove, you
wield great Power as the 6niversal 4orce for +ood. You are now ready to step into your ascending
4eminine Power. =aise your own silver sword as the symbol of your passion for protecting the
followers of 'he 'rue &ay.
,urial C=aphaelD7 Mother Mary, Mother to all, 9ealer and -omforter, your 2oys and sorrows have
served as a reflection of the 9eart of 9uman$ind. *verseeing the 8irth, Death and
=esurrection>,scension of all has been your service to +od. Your responsibility is done/ breathe deeply
and revel in the 2oy and freedom of a mother whose children are safely on the Path bac$ 9ome to +od.
+loria CEmmanuelD7 ,nchor for +od:s presence in the community circle, Keeper of the 4ire and the
9earth, 'eacher and +uide, your star will rise with the tide of appreciation of the 4eminine ,spect of
community leadership. =elease your pain and self!doubt/ your heart will e0pand to ma$e room for all
whose search leads them 9ome.
4rom Mother>4ather +od to .ady Portia C(t. +ermain>,damosD7
'his incarnation has been an arduous 2ourney for you, but you have carried it through with courage and
determination to its culmination ! to the reali3ation that you are 6s, with no separation, no difference.
Your heart has grown to completely encompass the feelings and thoughts of the 9eart>Mind of +od.
You are *ne with 6s, Dear -hild. Your transition is now complete, from the human child and woman
you $new yourself to be, to the glorious instrument through which we spea$. Your mind, heart and soul
are so aligned with 6s that &e are now *ne.
'he meaning of this completion is comple0. #t means that your growth is *ur growth, that together we
will transcend our former understandings to soar to greater heights ! toward *ur fulfillment of the
2ourney bac$ to Prime -reator. Your growth, combined with the elevation of those you have raised up
with you, is the beginning of a new era for 6s as well. You and your 'win 4lame, the one who
modestly refers to himself by his Earth name, (t. +ermain, stand shoulder to shoulder with 6s, as the
-hildren of Prime -reator. *ur destiny has been always entwined/ our paths have 2oined in fulfilling
this magnificent e0periment which has been the -reation and ,scension of Planet Earth.
You, .ady Portia, are the representation of the soul of Mary Magdalene>.ady )ada, the 'win 4lame of
(ananda><esus, as Jorra is the representation of 4ather +od, and Mother ,ma is the essence of Mother
+od. Your 'win is of course the representation of (ananda, -hild of Prime -reator. Your dear friend
,nne is indeed your (oul (ister, as (t. +ermain and (ananda are (oul 8rothers.
You will understand these interrelationships, and the ripples which flow outward from this process of
-reation to encompass all man$ind, when you ascend to higher dimensions. #n the meantime, en2oy this
brief interlude, the final days of your last incarnation on A!D Planet Earth as you have $nown it.
&e than$ you and those you have helped to e0perience their greatness. Your service to the *ne has
been un%uestioning. &e love you beyond words, beyond time and space. 'ogether we have fulfilled the
+reat Dream. 'he people of Planet Earth have 2oined with 6s to e0perience the glory of ,scension, and
no soul will be left behind. 'his is truly the End of the 8eginning, and the long!anticipated 8eginning
of an entirely )ew +olden ,ge.
&e are your Mother>4ather +od
;ia Kathryn May, <uly ?", ?@1A, 1@ pm.
+o to www.8log'al$>9ollowEarth)etwor$ to hear the <uly ?G story of .ucifer:s return, and
his description in his own words of the eons he spent on Earth to teach individuation and independence,
a necessary step in soul evolution toward ,scension and ultimate 6nity with +od.
Part 14+: L"cifer;) 5tory in -i) 6'n Word)
9ere is .ucifer:s story, as told by him7
'oday # begin a new life. # have recently returned from the long 2ourney to the A! dimensional Earth
plane, and have been welcomed bac$ with open arms by my Mother and 4ather +od. My feelings of
relief and e0haustion can hardly be put into words. # have been restored by their .ove and -ompassion,
but the residue of thousands of years of regret, self!blame and sadness has been difficult to resolve.
Perhaps if # tell you my story, you can begin to understand, and you will find yourselves in it as well.
#n the past three days, # have made contact with my beloved 'win 4lame, ,rchangel +abriella,
incarnated here on Earth. 'he memory of her love sustained me through the eons, but # feared that she
might not $now me because of the stories which painted me as (atan, the Devil. # need not have feared/
she recogni3ed me immediately, embraced me with limitless .ove, and # feel # am 9ome at last.
# will begin with the early days, the time when Mother>4ather +od and their trusted group of Masters,
,dvisors and eldest children were wor$ing to conceive the blueprint ! the Destiny of Planet Earth.
'heir wish was to create a planet of great beauty, a Paradise of lush bounty, clear waters and abundant
greenery which would sustain their finest creation7 the species of human$ind which would most fully
reflect their own %ualities, and by e0tension the %ualities of their own -reator, the one we call Prime
*ur Mother and 4ather +od were among the eldest children of Prime -reator, along with those you
$now as (ananda!<esus and the others Kumaras, ,rchangel Michael, ,shtar and their 'win 4lames. *f
course, for every great male 8eing of .ight there are e%ually powerful female 8eings who have
remained largely uncelebrated and un$nown during this past era. Your dear channel, Kathryn and friend
,nne were in that group of souls as the original representation of the feminine (ananda>)ada.
Mother>4ather +od were the -reators of the Mil$y &ay +ala0y, the first of the billions of gala0ies
birthed under the supervision of Prime -reator. #t remains the most densely populated gala0y and is
now the identified birthing ground of the race you call human, or humanoid. #n all the Multiverse,
Planet Earth was to be the most effective proving ground for soul development ! the ideally challenging
environment which would allow for the evolution, education and maturation of souls.
'he goal was to create an endless number of Enlightened (ouls who could then become the 'eachers
and Masters, the mentors of those who would come after. 'he .ight energy which would be created by
this great number of Enlightened 8eings would raise all the gala0y, and ultimately the entire 6niverse,
to the level where we could at last return to glorious 6nity with Prime -reator. 'his was our +reat
,nd so Mother gave birth to Planet Earth, the ;ision of 'heir 9earts. (he was created as a 8eing of
great strength, with a 9eart and (oul of limitless .ove, -ompassion and 4orgiveness. #t would be her
great purpose and fulfillment to nurture and sustain the race of beings who were developed over the
eons, with D), contributions from the Pleiadians, the (irians, and yes, the =eptilians, all of whom had
been birthed earlier and had reached rather high levels of civili3ation in their own right.
*ver millions of years, as measured in your Earth time, these (tar 8rothers and (isters had gone
through their own soul development under the loving supervision of Mother>4ather +od, and they had
developed advanced technologies and peaceful civili3ations based in .ove. ,ll but the =eptilians had
advanced to the Eth dimension and higher before they were allowed to contribute their D), to the
ma$eup of the human Earth -hildren. 'he =eptilians were given special allowance because of heir high
levels of creativity and passionate connection to one another and to +od. 'his allowance gave way to
later disastrous conse%uences, as you will soon see.
Mother Earth herself was nurtured with great care, and the early times were a delight. (he was $nown
as the playground for angels to incarnate in the Eth dimension in bodies of light substance, denser than
our usual .ight bodies, but much lighter than those you have $nown in the Ard dimension. #t was the
Eden you have heard described in your 8ible, but the story of ,dam and Eve contains some very
inaccurate elements. # will tell you the bac$ground for what came ne0t.
'he -ouncil of -reators of Planet Earth, the group described above of which # was a part, decided to
5up the ante,5 as you would call it. &e envisioned an Earth in which humans could e0perience free will,
a concept which had never been tried in lower than Eth dimension. ,nd so the +reat Dream evolved. #t
was decided that Mother Earth would lower herself into the third dimension so that the human beings
birthed there would simultaneously e0perience free will and the dense, heavy sensory e0perience of life
in the Ard Dimension. 8y this time, their D), configuration had been developed sufficiently to begin
the +reat E0periment.
'he process of soul growth and evolution begins when a soul is born, when a spar$ is given out from
Mother>4ather +od. ,t birth, the soul divides into its male and female halves, and the process begins.
8oth must e0perience separation and individuation, incarnating many times in their own right,
e0periencing both male and female e0istences over a period of hundreds or even thousands of
incarnations before they have reached the level of understanding in which they can be in complete
command of their thoughts, feelings and emotions, and they are completely in harmony with their
-reator. ,t that time, they may re2oin with their counterpart, the mirror of themselves who has also
evolved along a similar path.
During the process of reincarnating through many lifetimes, the 'win 4lames usually ta$e turns, one in
a body, one overlighting the partner with .ove and constant support. 'he one in spirit $nows and feels
e0actly what their 8eloved has e0perienced, and what has been learned, and will help with the process
of healing when the embodied one finishes their life and returns to +od. 'his support is especially
important during incarnations on Earth in recent centuries, when the Dar$ness became so intense and
overpowering. # will e0plain how that came to be, and what part # played.
#t was during the early -ouncil meetings, when options for creating an environment that would
encourage ma0imum individuation were presented, that # hatched what # thought was the perfect plan.
9ere is what # suggested7
During their incarnation on Earth, humans would be given complete free will, while operating behind a
;eil of 4orgetfulness. #n this way, they would e0perience a separation from 9ome, creating in them the
longing for a return to the immediate presence of +od, which they would feel and remember only by
the effort of $eeping their hearts open, and by creating 6nconditional .ove in their own lives. # was so
sure that this would speed the learning process that # vowed to go myself, to teach individuation and
self!reliance to the human community.
, special plan was devised for my incarnations. ,s an e0ample of my own concept, # would be
completely separated from Mother and 4ather, although # would have the memory of my mission and
purpose. # offered to go without the safety net of a connection to my 9igher (elf or my +uides, because
this is how many e0perience life here on Earth. #nstead, # went whole, alone, with only a small thread
of my connection to my 'win 4lame, which could not be bro$en as long as we live. +abriella, as she
li$es to be called, continued the wor$ of Messenger for both of us, appearing as both male and female
until my return.
# determined to incarnate over and over, with only a brief transition in the Ith dimension between lives.
# would not come bac$ to the loving arms of my family until my mission was complete, when # could
be sure the plan was wor$ing well, with human$ind assured of their transition bac$ to the Eth
dimension. ,lthough # $new it would re%uire sacrifice, it seemed a perfectly reasonable plan, one
which # assumed could be completed without undue suffering on anyone:s part. # was willing to give
my best to bring .ight to the planet.
'he plan was hardly begun when things began to go wrong. During the .emurian civili3ation, which
had reached a very high level of development, and where the essence of +od was celebrated as an
everyday part of life, there were those who began to understand my teachings as a way of rebelling
against +od. 'hey saw free will as the ultimate freedom from any control by any power outside
themselves. 'hey began to %uestion the adherence to 6niversal .aw, which had been the basis of my
teachings. Even while # did not mention +od, # taught that human$ind had within us the ability to $now
right from wrong, without needing to rely on an e0ternal force to guide us. You see, # was the original
atheist. # believed what # taught, because # $new that force within us was +od, and when people fully
embraced it they would embrace +od.
'he people of the .emurian civili3ation had maintained a high vibration, and Earth was still in the
lower Eth dimension when Mother Earth:s cleansing reorgani3ed the face of the planet, and few
remained to begin again. (ome too$ refuge in #nner Earth, beneath the surface where they built cities
and continued to evolve. *thers too$ refuge in the 9ollow -enter of Earth, where they remain today,
and a few survived in what is now $nown as 9awaii. ,s Earth:s e0treme weather subsided, a new
civili3ation developed ! the one you $now as ,tlantis.
My hope returned, and # wor$ed hard with the scientists, priests and other citi3ens of ,tlantis to teach
the love of one:s potentially perfect (elf ! the inner reflection of perfection which led many to discover
the ecstatic e0perience of complete connection with the essence of +od. # was convinced that my
approach was indeed wor$ing, that # could teach the principles of Endless .ove and .ight without
as$ing people to believe in something they could not see. Many e0perienced their 9igher (elves and
heard the voice of +od within them. # was over2oyed with their $nowing, but large numbers of people
began to be distracted by material pursuits and technological tin$ering.
'rouble was brewing, meanwhile. , segment of the people of *rion had bro$en away from their Ith
dimensional civili3ation, and under the influence of beings from other gala0ies, were developing
weapons of war, and were threatening others in our gala0y. 'hey brought these Dar$ ideas to Earth, and
began teaching a group of ,tlanteans their philosophy. 'his faction forgot that the constant connection
with our +od9ead would have offered protection from invading Dar$ 4orces. ,gainst the vehement
protests of myself and others, they adopted the idea that weapons would protect them.
'he energy system that provided power to all the planet ! the giant crystal technology which had been
given to us by our (tar 8rothers and (isters of the Pleiades ! was in the end converted to purposes of
war by those who understood little of the danger of their war!inspired lust for power. 'heir tin$erings
spar$ed a complete meltdown of the energy system, in a massive e0plosion greater than the power of a
hundred hydrogen bombs. Mother Earth was mortally in2ured, and in her convulsive response to the
wounds, the civili3ation of ,tlantis san$ beneath the waves and Earth descended suddenly and
completely into the Ard dimension.
, few of the higher priests escaped before the disaster to the highest mountains, but nothing was left of
the ,tlantean civili3ation. 'he survivors ! ancestors to the Egyptians, Mayans and 'ibetans, turned to
lives of simple subsistence, and were wise enough to $eep secret the technology, until such time as the
people of Earth could learn to use their powers wisely. # 2oined them, and tried again to teach my
message of self!revelation and self!love, but our efforts were immediately challenged by the invasion
of =eptilian Dar$ 4orces who were attracted by the in2ured and vulnerable planet. 'hey seduced the
people into believing their war!mongering by using threats, violence and sophisticated psychological
My teachings were ignored and moc$ed by those who were swept away in the sensations of greed, lust
and pride which had been previously un$nown on the planet. # was heart!bro$en, desperate to try to
restore peace, but my efforts proved impotent. 'he population grew, and with it grew se0ual violence,
physical brutality, and a complete disregard for .ife. 'he =eptilians gained in power and influence,
ta$ing over all the institutions and any governments the people might try to establish outside their
control. 'heir final coup was the invention of money, and their devious inventiveness produced a world
in which they could siphon off a huge stream of the money for themselves, thereby enslaving the entire
'he Dar$est period of life on Planet Earth had begun, and the degradation was so complete that humans
everywhere had sun$ to the lower levels of the Ard dimension, a possibility that had never been
anticipated in our +reat Plan. # felt such remorse # could barely go on, but # $new # could not give up. #
could not leave my dear planet and her lost children, no matter how difficult the climb bac$ to the
.ight. # continued my reincarnations, through tremendous opposition which led many times to
persecution, violence and death. Meanwhile the =eptilians had discovered and used my secret of
reincarnating through the Ith dimension without returning to +od, and the Dar$est of the Dar$ reveled
in their ability to avoid any repercussions for their evil deeds, at least for the time being.
'he coming of (ananda created an enormous wave of .ight, and the promise of a new beginning. # was
drawn to his side, and he embraced me as a long!lost brother. 9e told me of the -ouncil:s wish to
relieve me of the burden of being alone, and encouraged me to 2oin with him in teaching the part of his
message that was completely consistent with his own ! the need to loo$ inside for the essence of
goodness in us all. # was to continue my pro2ect, but # was not alone. # wal$ed by his side in great
humility and .ove.
&hen the =omans made the final decision to prosecute him, they were supported by powerful and
wealthy forces in the <ewish community and many others who resented his message of absolute .ove
and service to others. 8ecause of our deep bond, and because he $new of my own sacrifice, he chose
me to be the one who would reveal where he was to the authorities. 'he pain # felt cannot ever be put
into words. &hen my brother suffered on the cross, # suffered with him.
'he others $new of my great love, and did not blame me, but # could not bear to remain with them. #n
my despair, # too$ my own life, in the overwhelming desire to return with him, to our 9ome. 8ut as #
faced the moment when # could at last follow the .ight bac$ 9ome, # $new # could not leave my
mission in this way, and # returned again to Mother Earth to carry on, but the $nowledge that # had
succumbed to my own wea$ness and had ta$en my own life weighed on me unbearably. My incarnated
name, <udas, was slandered to represent the symbol of betrayal, and the ability to trust one:s fellow man
was further undermined by the Dar$ *nes.
,s a final coup, they created the image of the Devil and attributed it to me, .ucifer. 'hus, fear was
spread across the entire world in the form of a hideous 8eing whose evil threatened the survival and
afterlife of everyone on Earth, in my name. 'hey had sensed my power and my .ight and had to find a
way to defeat me, and to suppress the message of the -hrist consciousness at the same time.
, new religion was born in my name ! the worship of all things which opposed the .ight and .ove of
+od. (tories were told of 4allen ,ngels, rebellion against +od, and the cult of (atan spread across the
planet. #t was taught that any temptation, any error in 2udgment was the wor$ of (atan, the cause of all
evil, and my teachings about integrity, self!reliance and inner strength were swamped by the wave of
fear which tore people from their connection to themselves and to +od. #t was the most clever rouse of
all, deflecting the blame for all evil on the planet away from themselves and onto a grotes%ue caricature
of my teachings and my .ove, and by association, diminishing the message of -hrist:s power which is
of the .ight.
,gain # was alone, and in despair. # could not leave, but staying to see the destruction which my ideas
had wrought was beyond any pain that can be described.
# became aware of increasing numbers of Masters and +uides coming to help raise the vibration, at
great cost. Many were assassinated, beheaded or hanged for their teachings, but still they came. #n their
4orgetfulness as incarnated humans, they did not recogni3e me, but # $new them, found solace in their
ministrations, and supported their wor$ with my own teachings, which emphasi3ed personal growth
and the development of the #nner (elf. # was what you might call the originator of the self!help and
self!development movement, but my efforts were systematically perverted by the Dar$ *nes, who used
my message to glorify absolute separation from +od ! as they lived it ! in selfishness and greed.
(till, there were some who too$ our teachings to heart, and a new movement began of those who stood
outside the dogma of organi3ed religion. 'hese courageous ones raised their eyes to the 9eavens in
humility and gratitude, and they began to recogni3e that .ife itself was precious. 'hey formed groups
to protect the animals, to stop the degradation of the planet, to protect and nurture children, and as their
ability to love themselves grew, sometimes as a result of my own teachings, they began to love one
another. Divisiveness and pre2udice began to be seen as destructive to human life, and little by little the
.ight began to return.
'hroughout the ?@th -entury, awareness grew. 'he development of psychology as a science grew out
of my teachings, and gradually children began to be seen as a precious gift to be carefully nurtured. 'he
&orld &ars spurred the awareness that hatred between +od:s children, no matter what their race,
religion or s$in color, was an un+odly emotion. -ivil rights as a fundamental concept began to replace
national pride and religious affiliation as the highest good. #n my sore heart, # began to hope again.
&ith the harmonic -onvergence in 1B"G, the energies of the planet began to steadily rise. # saw the
evidence of subtle communication by the +alactic 4ederation of .ight in crop circles and 64*
sightings. #t was the sign to me that at last, we were on the path to ,scending out of the Dar$ness, into
the .ight of higher dimensions.
# wept with relief as the spiritual community prepared with such fervor for the coming of the opening
(tar +ate. # was aware of the Dec. ?1, ?@1? date which had been adopted by human$ind as a deadline
for ,scension, but the Dar$ *nes continued to cling to their power and their ability to spread fear
whenever hope began to grow. # saw the struggling .ightwor$ers trying to ma$e their message of .ove
and .ight $nown to others who were still asleep, sated by the indulgences which had been cleverly
provided by the Dar$ 4orces. More and more channelers brought messages from my beloved 8rothers
and (isters, and # could only pray that they, with their message of connection to +od, the 6niverse and
beyond, could succeed where # had failed.
,t last, in the aftermath of December ?1, ?@1?, # felt that although the elevation of all to the Eth
dimension had not been accomplished, Mother Earth was completing her ,scension, and human$ind
could not be far behind. # read these messages and others as the evidence from the Enlightened *nes
that your wor$ was indeed succeeding. &hen it was announced that the Earth people had reached the
middle levels of the Eth dimension, # put down my banner and resolved to return 9ome, although # felt
humiliation and dread about returning to my dear family in the state which felt to me li$e empty!
handedness. #n all the lifetimes lived in Dar$ness, # had breathed the air of shame, and it came to define
me as it did so many others.
,s the grip of winter ended in the )orthern 9emisphere, and fall lingered in the (outh, # let go of my
last moment of life in a human body and returned 9ome with a heavy heart. ,lthough # $new my
Mother and 4ather +od loved me still, and they would forgive me my failures, # still felt shame. 6pon
my arrival # was met with the sound of my +abrielle:s trumpet, and the .egions of .ight cheered and
sang my name. 'he celebration and outpouring of .ove was overwhelming, unbelievable to one who
had spent eons in the throes of Dar$ness without relief.
9ere, among my beloved family, # have been healing, releasing the pain of a million years in Dar$ness.
#t has ta$en me some time to recover, to restore my own self!love, the message # had tried to teach to so
many. #t is a vivid reminder of how separation from +od can ta$e a terrible toll on even the strongest
ones. # was named for .ight, # carried the .ove of my Mother and 4ather in my heart, and yet # could
not sustain the full measure of 6nconditional .ove for myself when # had no lifeline to the -hrist
consciousness, which is .ove.
#n full awareness of that failure, # now understand what Mother and 4ather mean when they say my
+reat Pro2ect was a success. 'he unbearable separation from +od, when it was finally felt by the large
ma2ority of Earth:s people, did drive them bac$, out of desperation and longing. # felt that longing, and
the profound despair of having lost my own ability to accept and love myself without %uestion. # have
suffered your pain, and # am awa$ening as you are. # have learned my own lesson7 9uman$ind cannot
survive without the +od!given ability to feel the 6nconditional .ove and ,cceptance of their -reator.
*nly then can we learn to fully love ourselves, and to forgive.
,s # feel the deepest .ove and 6nity with my 'win 4lame, # am able to at last forgive myself, and to
see that my efforts were not in vain. 'he destruction and suffering which touched so many human
hearts was not my fault, nor was it wasted. &e are here now, in .ove and .ight, and the +reat Pro2ect
we planned eons ago will finally come to fruition with the ,scension of billions of human souls. &ith
it, we will raise the vibration of the entire 6niverse, and the ripples will be felt throughout the
Multiverse, in every heart, in every dimension. )ever before has such an endeavor been attempted, and
with its success, all 8eings will $now that +od is great, and .ove does indeed con%uer all.
# love you all, dear human children of +od, and # pledge my heartfelt loyalty to your +reat Pro2ect
which will continue in the Eth dimension, as you leap across the now dissolved Ith dimension to your
destiny in Paradise on Earth and beyond. )o longer will the Dar$ *nes find a hiding place to avoid
seeing and feeling the pain of their actions. )o longer will human$ind be sub2ected to their Dar$
teachings. You are now free, Dear *nes. ,ll debts have been released, and all $arma forgiven. You will
begin again, and we will be together in .ove and .ight for eternity.
Your brother in .#ght, .ucifer
;ia Kathryn May, <uly ?B, ?@1A.
Please go to www.blogtal$>9ollowEarth)etwor$ to listen to .ucifer as he told his story in his
own words on (aturday, <uly ?G. You will feel the emotion which written words cannot capture.
Part 14.: Pri9e Creator Ma,e) an nno"nce9ent
Prime -reator (pea$s7
My Dear *nes, # do not often spea$ with you directly, but it is such an e0traordinary time that # am
ta$ing this opportunity to tell you more about your world, and how important it is that you now
concentrate very hard on raising your vibrations, especially those of you who have been so busy
wor$ing, earning money to pay your bills and care for your families.
'his time is over, done. 'here will be no more bills to pay, no more worries about how you will feed
your families, educate them, or survive during your retirement. Your retirement will be glorious beyond
your wildest dreams, it will cost you nothing, and it begins now, no matter what your chronological age
on Earth. 'his will not be a retirement from .ife, nor will it be a death. You are now on the threshold of
a magnificent 2ourney to the stars.
Your 8rothers and (isters are awaiting, 2ust above you. .oo$ up at the s$ies on a clear night. (end your
greetings to them, and they will flash the colored lights on their ships to show their happiness, that you
see them, and that they will soon be here with you, wal$ing among you, embracing you, singing songs
of celebration with you. 'here are thousands now along the grid lines which carry the energy of the
cosmos to uplift and teach you of Endless .ove and .ight.
#t is # who am sending the powerful energies to you now. #t has been said that the waves of love you
feel washing over you come from the -entral (un ! the (un which radiates outward from the center of
the 6niverse. 'hat is true. 'he -entral (un is another name for me, your Prime -reator. # am the one
who has created the beginning, the middle and the eternity which is now your reality.
Your Mother and 4ather +od were my first children, and their group of Enlightened *nes who wor$
with them here in your gala0y were their original 8rothers and (isters, and their eldest children. (o you
see, you are being overseen by your parents and your cosmic ,unts and 6ncles, who have $now each
of you, and have nourished and cared for every one of you as you have traveled through your many
During the time that Mother>4ather +od were in training with me to learn to create planets, stars and
living beings, their brothers and sisters were also learning to do the same. 'hey then went out across
the 6niverse, which was waiting, empty of life, and they helped to teach the younger +ods, their
younger brothers and sisters, to establish gala0ies, to populate them with beings of various shapes and
si3es, according to their creative imaginations.
Each one in training was first taught the 6niversal .aws which re%uire that every created being be
e%uipped first with the ability to communicate telepathically with their -reator, who is always in
contact with me. 'hus, a grid of telepathic energy transmission was built as each 6niverse came into
being. #t is this grid which ma$es it possible for me to spea$ directly with your channel, and for you to
spea$ directly with Mother>4ather +od. *thers who are channeling now have tapped into that
6niversal communication system at various points, which gives them the ability to spea$ telepathically
with the dolphins, the birds, the ,rcturians, the Pleiadians, and so on.
(o, you see, there is nothing weird or unusual about telepathic ability. #n fact, you are the only ones in
all the 6niverses who seem to thin$ so. 'his is because you have been behind the ;eil of 4orgetfulness,
of course. You are the only ones who have e0perienced this absence of connection to me and to the
+ods who created you.
,cross the Multiverse, all are curious about how this e0periment will end. &ill the humans who have
been made blind and deaf be able to regain their senses1 &ill they awa$en from their nightmares to
recogni3e their 4amily of .ight1 &hat if they are permanently handicapped by the deafness they have
e0perienced1 #t has been millions of years now, in Earth time, since humans had all their senses intact.
&hen your scientists studied your D), se%uencing, they found many strands in your ma$eup which
seemed to be inactive, useless. 'hey were pu33led, but they were far enough along in their own
e0plorations to understand that nothing in creation is useless, and they suspected it was not a flu$e of
nature, although few of them were spiritually open enough to assume the truth.
'he truth is that # have given my approval to Mother>4ather +od to begin activating those 5unused5
strands, which will change you in dramatic ways. Your intelligence, your memory and your creativity
will escalate rapidly. 'he final goal is to allow you to be the magnificent +ods you are capable of
being. You will all eventually have the power to create, to $now the 'ruth of your history and that of
your gala0y, but it was necessary first that you each e0perience the challenges and obstacles of life in
A!dimensional bodies, with free will, and with little guidance from your Mother and 4ather.
You have suffered pain, physical and emotional trauma, loneliness and want, and the ma2ority of you
have survived with your hearts still intact. You are still capable of .ove, and when you are in pain, you
loo$ to the .ight for your salvation. 'his was the ultimate test, and you have come through it brilliantly.
Yes, many of you are still doubting, still insisting you do not believe in any of this, but the small open
window in your hearts will allow the 'ruth to flow in as soon as your preoccupation with day to day
5achievements5 is removed from your lives.
You have been tested so strenuously because the +reat Plan calls for your eventual leadership of all the
gala0ies. You have e0perienced various forms of government on your planet, and have intuitively
understood, across the globe, that democracy with full participation of all the people is indeed the most
effective and fair system. #t has been co!opted by the Dar$ *nes as every new attempt to establish
freedom has been tried. Even in the 6nited (tates, the +rand E0periment was twisted into a despotic
economic system which too$ the place of genuine freedom, and yet the people yearned for 'ruth.
'he agitation across your planet is a glorious triumph of imagination. Everywhere, human$ind is rising
to demand freedom, e%uality and dignity. 'hey say to themselves, 5)ever again.5 Many do not yet
completely understand what it is they are agitating for. (ome believe it is religious freedom, others fear
the chaos that complete change will bring, but the march toward new ways of cooperating, and new
means of communication have sealed their hopes for the future into 'ruth.
Your wars have very %uic$ly been reduced to the last!ditch actions of a few Dar$ *nes on rooftops,
declaring their preference for murder and mayhem, while thousands rush to help, to rescue and to heal
their wounded fellows. # have heard your pleas for help to end the mass violence, and now you are
seeing the effects in your everyday lives of the end to personal violence as well. 'he process is nearing
completion, and completion means that each and every member of your planetary society is being
re%uired to ma$e a choice, now. (ome will act on their inner rage and disillusionment, but others whose
contract for violence has been ended will awa$en and lay down their arms, in spite of brainwashing,
mind control, and dedication to life as slaves to the Dar$ *nes.
,s all of you were told before you began this incarnation, this is your last one. )ever again will Planet
Earth offer the A!dimensional, free!will environment in which to test yourselves to the limit. )o more
suffering, no more starvation, no more poverty, no more wars. #t is done.
.oo$ around you at the beauty of your dear planet. +o out of the cities to see what she was intended to
loo$ li$e, and what she did loo$ li$e before the industries and massive population growth encroached
on her dense forests, clear la$es and mighty oceans. +o bac$ to the forests, in silence and reverence for
the Mother who has nurtured and loved you over these eons. +ive than$s to her, and when you send
your .ove down into the center of her being, she will be soothed and healed, and you will feel her
gratitude and enormous .ove.
You will see the weather, which is a response to your own feelings, calm. ,s your hearts warm toward
your Mother Earth and your fellow humans, so your climate will balance and level out, easing the cold
and soothing the heat. +entle rain will replace hurricanes and tornadoes. ,s the violence of human
passion wanes, the weather on your planet will respond accordingly. You have an e0pression, 5(mile
and the world smiles with you.5 E0tend this understanding to your relationship with Mother Earth and
all her conscious beings, which includes every insect, every roc$, every plant and every animal under
her care.
8e at peace, 8eloved *nes. 'he time of your personal testing is done. You are now being given a time
to rest, to contemplate and to restore your Peace of Mind. Your trial is at an end, and you have all been
found innocent, pure and gloriously *ne with your -reator. #t does not matter what stumbles you may
have e0perienced in this life. #t is the accumulation of all your lives, all the times you have triumphed
over despair, e0pressed .ove for another or for yourselves that &e see as the measure of your strength.
8e that .oving being now. .oo$ around you at those who would welcome your .ove, and e0press it
freely. #t matters not whether they $now your name, or live in your household. ,ll will welcome your
higher vibration of .ove and .ight.
'ogether you have wor$ed, prayed and pleaded with me to allow your glorious ,scension now, in this
lifetime, in this hour. # am here to tell you now, it is granted.
,ll the necessary steps have been ta$en to allow this to happen. 'he Prosperity 4unds have been
distributed and are ready to be dispersed. .ucifer has returned to the arms of his family, and the Ith
dimension has been collapsed, allowing no secrecy or separation from your Mother>4ather +od:s love/
the ,rchangels have assumed their mantles of .ight, and the Masters have declared themselves as
servants of the .ight on Earth. 'he ships are aligned and ready to bring their gifts and the great love of
the 'win 4lames who await their partners, many of whom are now aware of them, and familiar with
their loving energy.
Mother Earth has been stabili3ed on her a0is by the +alactic 4orces, and will remain so until all her
children have ascended in waves to higher dimensions. ,ll mass weaponry which would threaten the
ships or the safety of those on the ground has been neutrali3ed/ the smaller weapons will be gradually
disabled as the time draws near for the landings. ,nnouncements have been prepared and will be
broadcast to everyone on the planet to reassure and inform all of you of the events as they unfold.
You see, no detail has been overloo$ed, no matter for concern has been left unaddressed, no %uestion
unanswered. #t will be a triumphant time for all/ no unhappiness will be caused for any being on Earth
unless they choose to turn their bac$s on .ove. =elationships both old and new will be blessed with
.ove, 4orgiveness and .ight, and all will transcend old conflicts, old pain, to ascend to higher
vibrations of .ove and -ompanionship.
&e now as$ you, our dear &or$ers of .ight, to be ready to lead the triumphant celebration, and the
coming glorious procession to the ships, where you will all be renewed, with bodies in perfect health,
and minds restored with memory and $nowledge of all you have $nown before, and much more.
You who have wor$ed so hard to transcend the doubts and criticisms of your fellows will feel the
reward of finally being recogni3ed and ac$nowledged for your wisdom and the strength of your hearts.
8e at peace, Dearly 8eloved *nes. You are the Pied Pipers of the +lorious Kingdom. You have
persevered, and you have triumphed. Your time has come. #t matters not that you have suffered illness,
poverty and pain. )ow, use these last days to rest and prepare. *pen your hearts to my Endless .ove
which heals all. Kuietly pray for all the others who will need your reassurance and your strength to
complete their transitions.
# cannot describe to you the 2oy # feel as # watch these final accomplishments come to fruition. #t is
truly the 8eginning of the End, as 4ather +od has said. Prepare yourselves for the )ew 8eginning in
2oy and in 4aith.
# am your -reator, the -reator of all -reators, and # send you the most powerful waves of .ove you
have ever felt before. # gather you to me, the children of my heart, and # send you .ove without
measure. 6ntil we meet again,
Prime -reator
;ia Kathryn May, <uly A@, ?@1A, 1? pm.
Part 146: God;) (e/elation of 6"r 0e)tiny$ 6"r Plan
#t is a time of monumental change, is it not1 You will all be tested in the coming days, whether you
wish to believe the messages we are giving you or not. )o one will be left out, because this is the
triumph you all came here to e0perience, even if you do not remember the contract you made with us
and with your 9igher (elf.
'he test you will all e0perience is, as you might e0pect, the opportunity to leave behind all an0iety, all
fear, all anger and all self!doubt and self!loathing, to raise your energy to a higher vibration. 'his does
not mean you will feel more 5wired.5 #n fact, the higher vibrations of .ove are based in a calm state
which many of you have called, 5grace.5
Mother Earth has already made her transition to a higher vibrational level. Many of you are lagging
behind because of your nostalgic connection to the A!D lives you have e0perienced here over eons. You
will be as$ed to change. 'his idea brings horror to many of you. You hate change, you resist it with all
your might. 'hose of you who prefer to be in charge, in control, the 5master of your own fate5 will
have a difficult time relin%uishing the fantasy that you have done it all on your own. )o one has, of
course. You have always had the benevolent force of our .ove and the great .ove of your 9igher (elf,
your 'win 4lame and your +uides to create opportunities for you, to ease your way along your path.
You may as$, 5&ell, if they were helping me so much, then why did they let me suffer so many times15
'he answer is simple, Dear *nes. &e had a contract with you that we would not intervene when you
are learning the lessons you came here to learn of your own free will. You came here to be tested, not to
have a vacation, for what great lessons have you ever learned while sipping margueritas on a beach1 #t
is only through the interaction with your fellows, testing your integrity and your capacity to feel .ove
for even the most unloveable among you, that many of you have risen to the level of ,scended Master.
#t is now time for the rest of you to move into that higher realm of e0perience.
You are going to the Eth dimension. You have two pathways open to you. *ne is to triumph over all old
fears and doubts, raise you vibration now and ascend in the first waves of ,scended Masters and their
apprentices. 'he second option is to resist, cling to the AD world you have $nown, and go through the
death process now, without finishing out your present life. You will return to 6s for your respite
between lives as you have always done, and continue the repeating incarnation process elsewhere in the
6niverse of planets which will provide further challenges and training, until you are ready to ascend as
a soul to the Eth dimension and beyond.
'here is one caveat, however. 8y choosing Plan 8, you will be brea$ing your sacred vow to yourself
and your fellow humans, who have planned for thousands of years for this to be a group ascension in
which no soul will be left behind. E0cept for rare e0ceptions for advanced souls whose contracts called
for sacrificing their lives in the last wee$s as part of the lesson to their loved ones to care, to .ove, and
to embrace each other, all 8eings who are here now in these final wee$s have been volunteers in the
+reat Plan of ,scension of 9uman$ind on Planet Earth. 'his plan has been overseen by your +reat
(ananda!<esus, and will be ultimate triumph of the -hrist -onsciousness. #t will lift the vibration of the
entire Multiverse as you lift yourselves.
Yes, all of you are destined for greatness. 4rom the most humble beggar to the wealthiest -E*, you are
all in this together. 'he roles you have chosen for this life are 2ust the final chapter in your learning
process ! the opportunity you chose to learn your own most important lessons in humility, leadership,
compassion, and most importantly, 4aith.
Your contracts for this incarnation are now finished/ you have all been freed of the illnesses, handicaps
and burdensome responsibilities you have borne throughout this lifetime. #t is now your final wor$ to
reclaim the channels in your brain which allow you to thin$ of yourself as worthy, blessed with perfect
health and endless happiness.
.oo$ around you now. Embrace those you have loved imperfectly. 4orgive those you have resented,
loo$ed down upon and disrespected, and as$ for their forgiveness of you. ,ll have played their roles in
your learning process/ all are owed great than$s and .ove. Even those who have appeared to embrace
evil, who have committed heinous acts, and those who suffered at their hands, have been part of the
impetus for you to turn away from those acts, to re2ect evil, and to grow.
Even the ones you called 9itler, +enghis Kahn, Pol Pot, the proponents of 5ethnic cleansing,5 murder
and racial divisiveness were played by your highest ,scended Masters, who sacrificed all to create
conditions so horrific, so abhorrent, that it would change the world for the better, as a powerful
bac$lash against them and all they stood for. #t was their way of revealing to all the glaringly hideous
results of divisiveness and pre2udice, and to counteract the creeping, secretive forms of evil which had
seeped into your cultures as the Dar$ *nes gained in power.
'he Dar$ness which descended on Earth in recent centuries, in the form of invading Dar$ *nes from
other low!vibration planets, was permitted to continue, to play out its power, to be ultimately defeated
by those who were the .ight!8earers throughout the dar$est years. 'heirs was the greatest power, held
strong by the greatest 4aith. 'hey have been your role models, your heroes and saints. 'hey are your
great ,scended Masters who are with you now, who are here to lead you through the open portals into
the Eth dimension, where you will be celebrated as heroes and saints yourselves.
Do not turn away from these words. Do not scoff and doubt their 'ruth because it may not agree with
things you have been taught in this life, or the things you hear on your popular media. <esus himself
was not a media celebrity in his own time. 9is message spread from person to person, with testimony
from those whose lives he personally touched, 2ust as you have done with these messages. Kathryn and
,nne have purposely not sought fame or fortune, but have built the family of their readers and listeners
through personal contact and attention to individual needs, insofar as their time and energy permitted.
#n this way, they have demonstrated the integrity of their hearts and by association, the validity of their
message. #f you consider yourself a religious person, hear the most basic 'ruth in our words7 .ove is
all, con%uers all, heals all. #f you are an atheist, hold fast to your belief in your own power, and 2oin
with your fellows to ascend to higher dimensions. You will find 6s to be not the +od you ob2ected to,
and you will find that in essence, you were right to follow our dear .ucifer:s teachings of self!reliance,
responsibility and independence. &e honor your uni%ueness and your independence.
&e spea$ as the +od many of you have worshipped by whatever name your teachings applied to 6s.
)ames do not matter/ our message is one of .ove, -ompassion, <oy, 4orgiveness and *neness. 'his is
the theme you have been taught to listen for in order to avoid false teachings and false prophets. &e do
not preach divisiveness or hatred ! it is against 6niversal .aw, which is our final +uide ! the unending
belief in the E%uality of all souls. &e are all the blessed children of Prime -reator, the -reator of all
-reators, for whom there is no beginning and no end, who is eternal .ove.
#, Mother +od, am here with you now, embodied as artist, friend and compatriot of your .ady Portia,
who calls herself (ila ;ale3. 4ather +od has been embodied as the one you $new as Jorra, and your
beloved (ananda, the one you $new as <esus, will indeed return within days, to lead you once more.
'his time there will be no suffering, no death. #t will be as he showed you long ago7 You will ascend
with him, in triumph and in 2oy. You will return to the Eth dimension, where we will welcome you,
surrounded by your ancestors, you friends who passed before you, and your ,rchangels and +uides
who have faithfully watched over you.
4ind your path 9ome, Dear *nes. Envision it now, as you envisioned it long ago in the -ouncil of
Planet Earth:s enthusiastic supporters. You are one of those supporters, and it is now time to reap the
rewards for your thousands of years of hard wor$ and hope. &e have achieved our goal at last. Mother
Earth has ascended, and now all that is left is for you to 2oin hands and wal$ triumphantly over the
finish line, into a new +olden Era and a new life for every one of you.
Do not hesitate/ do not falter. &e are here for you as you ma$e the final leap into the destiny of your
souls, so long foreseen and prophesied. .eap and we will catch you/ fly and our hearts fly with you.
&e love you, now and forever,
Your Mother>4ather +od.
;ia Kathryn May, ,ug. 1, ?@1A
Part 143: Pri9e Creator on Learning to <)e and Control o"r =Magic Po'er)=
'his is Prime -reator. # wish to $eep in close contact with you during these crucial days leading up to
your final ,scension. Kathryn has agreed to be available at all times to transcribe these messages for
you, and we are grateful for her un%uestioning service.
'hose of you who have practiced your meditations, healings and clearings, and have reached the level
of .oving energy in all your dealings, will be in the first wave of those who will be ta$en to the ships.
You will e0perience the e0hilaration and overwhelming celebration as you meet at last with your
adoring 8rothers and (isters who are standing by in anticipation of this great event. Many of you have
agreed that once you are restored and acclimated to the Eth dimension, you will go through the intricate
process of descending once more into the lower dimensions to wor$ with those who have been
reluctant to leave their old habits and trappings behind.
*ur (ananda will be there, teaching and reassuring the people as only he can. #t will be a very e0citing
time for all the .ightwor$ers, because they will have the opportunity to wor$ closely with (ananda, and
this time, although you may all face some psychological and emotional reluctance in those who have
not yet ascended, there will be no violent end to this triumphant story. 'he group of beloved apostles
and family who were with (ananda during his life as <esus will be able to live the wonderful e0perience
of teaching and healing at his side, without the fear of persecution. 'his time, no one will be beheaded/
no one will be crucified.
'he teaching and mentoring, with help from the +alactics this time, will continue until all souls who
have been 5signed on5 with (ananda to accomplish this glorious ascension have moved into the upper
Eth dimension. #magine the triumph which will be shared by all when the last soul 5crosses the finish
line.5 ,ll curmudgeons, s$eptics and doubters will eventually be swept along in the wonder of seeing
so many of their friends, family and ac%uaintances returning to help them with the .ight of .ove
surrounding them, gloriously happy and ecstatically in .ove. &ho would not be willing to let go of
their favorite negative belief systems when they see what the payoff has been for others.
)ow, # will answer a %uestion. You wondered about the strange weather. You suspected it had
something to do with cleansing. You were right. 'he almost hourly showers are part of Mother Earth:s
way of cleaning the air, especially the air that comes over the land from the &est. ,ll pollution from
cars, manufacturing, farming, and so on, is cleaned by depositing all residue in the dense -anadian
forests, where it can be processed and returned to the Earth as harmless dust. 4ortunately, there are still
large tracts of forest lands across the 6.( and -anada, and the trees and other plants are becoming more
efficient in their cleansing abilities, 2ust as you are becoming more powerful -reators.
Kathryn7 ,t this point # too$ a brea$ in order to ta$e advantage of a sunny interlude, after a day of
mostly rain. #t was an eventful hour. # went for a canoe ride down the la$e with my little dog -he to
visit my neighbors. -he wanted to visit with their dog while # tal$ed with them from the canoe, so # let
him out of the boat. 9e has been there before, but instead of swimming around the doc$ to get out on
land, he swam 6)DE= the doc$, which is only about a foot over the water, and deadends at the shore.
9e disappeared under the doc$, and all # could see were his little feet, which appeared to stop moving
from where # was in the canoe, trying to see under the doc$. 9e did not come when # called to him to
come bac$. # 2umped into the water and went under the doc$ as far as # could go ! # saw his head, to my
relief. 9e had gone as far as he could go, but he wasn:t coming out. # finally got far enough under to get
ahold of his bac$ end and drag him out. )eedless to say, my heart was pounding. &e went home
drenched and sha$ing, but unhurt.
Prime -reator said7 Yes, the incident with your little dog was indeed a mirror of things you were
thin$ing when you wo$e up this morning. #t is now less than 1? hours later, and the events you
pictured, with your little pup having to be rescued by you did indeed develop 2ust as you pictured them.
Different doc$, same events. You see how powerful your thoughts are. You must not thin$ of fearful
events at this point, because your powers have developed so %uic$ly. 'his is part of the training.
CK7 'he thoughts # wo$e up with, about -he falling off the doc$ into the water, at ris$...those were put
into my mind, weren:t they.D
'hat is true. #t was necessary for you to grasp the urgency of not dwelling on fear under circumstances
that would not ultimately be life!threatening for you or your dog or others.
You have already seen it happen with people you have wor$ed with. 'hey are healed, restored to
complete health, physically and mentally, but as soon as their thoughts turn to fear and illness, bad
things happen/ they get sic$. You create with your thoughts.
'he energies are so intense now, it is a nearly 1 to 1 correlation. 'his also wor$s the same way with
positive thoughts, which are even more powerful. 'he results are not always as clear!cut or obvious as
with negative thoughts because positive feelings and thoughts are often less specific, but you can wor$
on creating specific, positive events 2ust as you can envision an illness, an accident, or even a weather
9umans have always been interested in their abilities to create with their thoughts, $nowing intuitively
that there was a direct connection between thin$ing and causality. 6nfortunately, it has been given a
bad name by Dar$ *nes whose intention was to hurt others through 5blac$ magic5 Cwhich of course is
not magic at allD or other methods of causing trouble for others. You need no longer fear these lower
vibrational thought forms. ,s long as you are at a higher dimension than the ones who try to ma$e
trouble for others, you will be unaffected. You see, it is not even necessary to rid the world of these
low!level troublema$ers, since you are leaving the world of their influence behind.
#t is really very simple when you have learned the simple laws behind manifesting through
thought>feelings. #t is a crucial part of your training now, since your powers are increasing rapidly.
4irst, the caveat, which you have often heard in 2est7 8eware what you thin$ about/ it is li$ely to come
true. )ow, fortunately, at the dimensional level where you are, a simple, fleeting thought is not
powerful enough to create havoc. #t re%uires concentration combined with genuine desire. 'he
thought>feeling is the spar$ which creates.
You have heard that prayers can bring healing. 'his is the simple, direct result of the power of positive
manifestation. &hen the person who is ill receives the healing energy, their 9igher (elf assists with
focusing and directing it for ma0imum good. ,s we have said earlier, if the patient insists, they may
defeat the healing by continuing to thin$ of themselves as sic$, diseased, handicapped, and so on, but
numerous scientific studies have confirmed the power of prayer, even when the person was not aware
of the prayers.
'his is the reason we have as$ed Kathryn to conduct the healing sessions, to help those who are still
stuc$ in the illness feedbac$ loop to be freed from their illnesses by the powerful effect of many healers
wor$ing together. You will begin this process in the ne0t few days, and many will benefit from the
generous offering from a very large group of strangers who wish them well. You see, the intention to
heal another as a gift of .ove carries a doubly powerful reverberation because it is a selfless act of
'he ability to assist in the healing pro2ect does not re%uire professional training. You will be instructed
simply on the ability to focus and direct your thoughts for ma0imum power. ,s you $now, the larger
the group, the more intense the effect, increasing incrementally by a scale you $now as a 4ibonacci
series, in which each number is added to the one before it7 1,1, ?, A, E, ",1A, ?1, AI, EE, "B, 1II. 'hus,
if you have 1? people wor$ing together, they are 1II times more powerful than one person alone.
#magine the power of I@, or 1@@H 'his is why it has been said that a group of 1,@@@ people meditating
together can change the world. #t is true.
'his is a good learning pro2ect for all of you. You will be practicing your ability to focus, to concentrate
on an outcome, and you will receive feedbac$ from the patient concerning the effects of the healing.
You will feel yourself gaining in confidence as you wor$ with others, including professional healers
from widely varied training modalities.
,ll are welcome, all are appreciated, and you will be able to e0perience it together via the internet radio
show for this purpose which Kathryn will be monitoring on www.8log'al$=adio>-hannelPanel, her
usual station. 'here is a chat room function for those who cannot call from great distances. &e are
as$ing Kathryn to learn to use it to present the information on each patient you are to heal to help you
focus together.
#t is a beginning for all of you to ac$nowledge and begin training yourselves in the use of your 5magic
powers.5 During this period of the .ion:s +ate energies, through ,ugust 1? and beyond, your efforts
will be multiplied by the rising tide of high vibrational energy. 6se it to heal each other, the planet and
yourselves. #t will ta$e you another step higher in your ,scension preparations, and will help you to
acclimate to the power you will have when you fully enter the Eth dimension/ you will be 5old hands5
at handling one aspect of the astonishingly different way of life you are soon to e0perience. You will be
glad for the preparation, and for the e0perience of wor$ing with a s$illed and inspired group of
Your planet has risen, 8eloved *nes, and your individual stars are rising. ,s you are learning, your
,scension does not 2ust happen suddenly one day. #t re%uires preparation and focus to ma$e the
transition ahead. 'a$e advantage of every opportunity to learn new s$ills, new ways to free yourself of
old patterns of thin$ing and acting. 'a$ing part in a pro2ect li$e this will be new for most of you. 'hat
is a great bonus. 6se it well, and everyone will benefit enormously.
4or those who are not familiar with the procedure, you can sign up to be on the healing team by going
to and clic$ the button 5Email me>(ign 6p5 which will ta$e you to Kathryn:s
email program which will help her to contact you about scheduling the sessions. 'here will be many
hours available during the wee$ for volunteers from around the globe. (essions will be A@ minutes
each, so you can 2oin several without it crowding your schedule too much. <oin as many as you
possibly can.
-onsider yourselves 5in ,scension,5 my Dearest *nes. You are truly growing day by day. # am
monitoring your progress carefully, as you see from these messages. , planet in ascension is a cosmic
event ! one which is felt throughout the entire cosmos. You may have thought of yourselves as small
and insignificant in cosmic terms, but this is not so. Your efforts yesterday, today and tomorrow are
having an uplifting effect throughout the 6niverses beyond any your scientists have discovered. ,ll
planets, all gala0ies, all beings throughout the cosmos will rise with you as you elevate yourselves
degree by degree, moment by moment.
You are coming out of the Dar$ness into the brilliant .ight of the )ew +olden ,ge. #t is happening
now. 8reathe the nourishing waves of uplifting energy/ revel in your new strengths/ celebrate the dawn
of a truly new day in the history of Planet Earth, and you and # are here to e0perience it together, as
# am the one you $now as Prime -reator, -reator of all.
;ia Kathryn May, ,ug. A, 11 pm.
Part 144: Mother God Tell) of the (e*tilian) 'ho Li/ed 9ong and Within <)
#t is very difficult for us to spea$ of the dissolution of the =eptilians who did not agree to come to the
.ight, to come bac$ 9ome to us.

'hey were our children, all, and we loved them with all our hearts. #t is a very sad time for us. &e are
in deep mourning as a result of their decision to be returned to (ource rather than being restored to the
loving, creative beings they were born to be.

'he =eptilian race was an ancient creation, born in the *rion star system long ago. 'hey are powerful
beings in their ability to feel deeply, as we do. 'heir %ualities are indeed an important part of your
human ma$e!up/ there has been some combining of your genetic %ualities.

Many of those who refused to be restored to wholeness, to have their D), reactivated and restored to
the state they were intended to be when they were first created, were the original children of *rion.
'hey were ancient souls, by your standards, the children of our hearts.

# am Mother +od, and # gave birth to these *nes, 2ust as # gave birth to all of you, my precious
children. #t was our greatest hope that you, our powerful -reator =ace, would be able to not only
defeat the =eptilians in your midst, but to also show them the way to the .ight. You did succeed in
preserving many of those who tried to ta$e you over, to inhabit your bodies.

Many of you who came to this life with the burden of carrying a =eptilian entity within your bodies did
so as a great sacrifice. #t was you who were able to provide the atmosphere of .ove and .ight which
wor$ed on them, little by little. ,s you were able to sustain yourselves in spite of their dar$ and
destructive actions, your influence on them was felt. +radually, as the energies rose on the planet and
you became stronger and more able to withstand their interference in your thin$ing and actions, they
began to change. Your strength literally flowed through their beings, because they were attached to you
in a symbiotic way that caused them to feel what you felt, and it wor$ed to begin the process of
reactivating their original D),.

,nd so, many of the =eptilian children who had been lost to us were returned in the historic ceremony
in which BBB,@@@ passed through the gateway which +abriella and .ucifer created to receive them. #t
was a moment of great 2oy and great pain for us. *f course we had hoped to save them all. Your great
wor$ during this lifetime made this possible. &e will e0plain to you what your part was, and how you
became the rescuers for these ones, your brothers and sisters who had gone to the Dar$.

'his last effort to rescue as many as possible was agreed to in our -ouncils with you and with Prime
-reator long ago. #t was a comple0 plan, because it involved a two!fold effort. 'he =eptilians had to
be convinced that their most powerful intervention would be to directly inhabit the bodies of
human$ind, rather than use their influence to bribe, threaten, manipulate and generally gain influence
over you by violent means, e0ternally applied. You are familiar with their assassinations and torture
s$ills. 'hey had been able to infiltrate governments around the world with their mind!control
techni%ues and what you call blac$!ops systems to an enormous degree.

,s you $now, the systems of ban$ing and finance had been completely corrupted by their philosophy
of greed and self!interest, which was promoted as 5freedom of the individual5 and defined as honorable
self!reliance and independence. #t was in fact, the evil agenda in fancy dress. 'heir power had spread
through secret societies and closely!controlled interbreeding within the powerful families who
maintained their hold on their power by any means available to them/ their preferred methods were
torture and assassination.

*ur dear (t. +ermain incarnated over a long period to try to dilute their influence and to lay the
groundwor$ for the events which are evolving now. 9e established the society which began as the
4reemasons. #t was a powerful force for good in its early years, including many of the 4ounding
4athers who wor$ed to establish democracy in ,merica. 6nfortunately, it was eventually co!opted by
the ones you call #lluminati. &e do not use this term because it implies .ight/ we prefer to refer to
them as the Dar$ 9ats. You are also familiar with another of their Dar$ organi3ations called the Mafia,
or -osa )ostra, which infiltrated businesses and political organi3ations across the globe from the
ground up.

'heir power had spread to such a degree that it loo$ed as if the entire political system in the 6.(. and
across the &estern &orld was at the point of entirely succumbing to their influence, and the East was
falling into their grasp through financial maneuvering and the influence of multinational corporations.
(omething had to be done to not only rescue the planet from their grip, but to also ma$e one last
attempt to rescue those of the =eptilians who would agree to leave the evil power structure and come to
the .ight. ,nd so our plan was agreed to, to ma$e one last effort as Mother Earth fulfilled her own
destiny to ascend to higher dimensions.

#t was then determined that the only way to stop the march of the =eptilians to ta$e over the world
would be to convince them that there was a brilliant means of con%uering those .ightwor$ers who had
directly opposed them for generations. 'hat would be to infiltrate their ran$s by inhabiting their bodies
in large numbers and thereby wea$en the ones who were their greatest threat. #t was a techni%ue they
had used in the past, but never enmass. #t remained to convince the =eptilian leaders that this was the
reason they had not yet completely succeeded.

,nd so it was decided that the idea would be implanted in the minds of the most powerful =eptilians,
and representatives of the .ight would be sent in disguise to promote the plan. 'his was a comple0
operation in itself, which will all be revealed to you when you raise your consciousness to higher
dimensions where you can study the historical records of all the history of your planet and the -osmos
as well. 4or now, you can compare it to the cloa$ and dagger action movies you are so fond of, and
$now it was even more comple0 and intricate than 'he Matri0.

Eventually it was successful, and the =eptilian leaders began assigning their minions to inhabit the
bodies of incarnating humans. 'he great wave of =eptilian inhabitation began after the turn of the ?@th
-entury, and steadily increased until ,ugust ??, ?@1A, at which time every last one of the =eptilians
were removed from the planet.

'he =eptilian invasion of human bodies was a success, but not for the =eptilians. #t caused an
awa$ening in those who were e0periencing the emotions and thought processes of the human they
inhabited. You see, it did have the effect we predicted. *ur Earth -hildren were far stronger, far more
resolute and solid than the ones who had redesigned their genetic program. 'hey thought that by
removing their capacity to love and to care, they would be stronger. 'hey were completely wrong. #t is
the wondrous ability to love which is the great strength of human$ind.

#t was astonishing to the =eptilians who were trying to 5possess5 their human hosts that they could not
defeat you. 'hey certainly tried. #t was a battle for the souls, the hearts and minds of both the host and
the invader. 'he wondrous thing was that neither was aware of this. 4rom the human point of view, it
was a struggle to maintain balance, to $eep going in spite of illness, fatigue, deep feelings of malaise,
an0iety, and even despair. 4or the =eptilian, it was a battle they had never e0pected ! the gradual
awa$ening of feelings they had great disdain for.

'he great irony of this process was that the =eptilians found themselves in a place in their own culture
which is similar to the discomfort many of you feel because of your greater sensitivity, your greater
awareness of the feelings of those around you and your dedication to doing good wor$ in service to
others. You are e0ceptional in your hard!nosed, competitive and e0tremely superficial culture ! that
culture which has been founded predominantly on =eptilian attitudes and beliefs. ,nd so, li$e you,
they found themselves unable to tell their friends and family about the stirrings of their hearts.

)ow it is time for the unfolding of a new way of thin$ing, a new way of organi3ing your lives. 'hose
among you who are the planners, the organi3ers and the designers will flourish. Your s$ills will be
needed in so many ways, as you wor$ together to establish your new structures to care and guide your
more evolved ways of living. 'eachers will be able to teach what they love, and testing and grading
will be a thing of the past. -hildren will learn the (ocratic method from birth on, and the free e0change
of information will e0cite and elevate all curious minds.

'he gardeners and farmers will find new ways to en2oy the creation of glorious landscapes, without the
arduous toil you are used to. #nventors and scientists will have a field day wor$ing on new
technologies to ma$e life gloriously comfortable and fulfilling. Mathematicians, physicists and
astronomers will find their minds e0panding to ta$e in astonishing new concepts, where even the s$y is
not the limit.

#t is possible, 8eloved *nes, to live at peace with each other and with your dear Mother Earth. You
will return to the Eden of old, and you will find yourselves wiser, more loving and stronger than ever
before. Most of the troublesome feelings and conflicts you e0perienced in the past will fade, as greater
and greater numbers of you begin to discover your true nature as the -reator =ace. #t will be a great
relief and pleasure to you to learn how easy it is to be light!hearted, once the grinding Dar$ness is
removed from your daily lives.

You are approaching your +raduation Day. &e have called it ,scension, but it is truly a graduation
from the old A!dimensional life you have $nown to a wondrously .ight and .oving e0perience unli$e
anything you have $nown in this incarnation. 'here is a lovely (eptember (ong with the words, 5*h,
the days dwindle down to a precious few, (eptember, )ovember...,nd these few precious days #:ll
spend with you, these precious days #:ll spend with you...5

En2oy your days, Dear *nes. #t is your preparation for what is ahead,
Your Mother +od

;ia Kathryn E. May, ,ugust ?B, ?@1A, 1? PM. ED'

.isten to the recording of Mother +od and Prince =eginald, leader of the =eptilian forces, as they tell
the story in their own words, at 8log'al$>-hannelPanel, ,ugust ?", ?@1A