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Elizabeths Portfolio

What Ive learned in Intro to

Adult Education!
A Little About Me
Ive felt God calling me to
missions overseas since
the 10
The past 2 summers Ive
been to an orphanage in
Zambia and the people
there stole my heart.
During my second trip, I
felt God calling me to
teach in order to give the
children and adults a
chance to be all that they
could be.
Intro Statement
I think I will be learning how to
effectively teach people in
order to help them reach their
full potential. I want to learn
how people learn best so I
know how to give them their
best shot in life.
My strongest area would be
either building relationships
with the students or being
flexible enough to cater to all
of the individuals needs that
will be in my classroom.

My preferred learning style
would be humanistic or
progressive because I really
focus on the learners and how
to help them reach their
highest potential in life.
I have completed numerous
readings and reading
questions, 2 exams, 2
presentations on an adult
educator and an educational
institution, an intro statement,
and a reflective analysis.
TAL Questions
I really feel like one of the
most important things I am
going to take away from this
book and class are the 6
principles of andragogy
The learners need to know
The learners self-concept
The learners experience
The learners readiness to
The learners orientation to
The learners motivation
I did my adult educator
presentation on Malcolm
Knowles, the Father of
I really enjoyed the way
Paulo Friere and Myles
Horton approached adult
education as a way to help
people reach their full
potential and allowed them
to not be confined to living
a lower class life
I did my educational
institution presentation on
the YMCA.
I really enjoyed the
Highlander Folk School
because it really was
striving to make a difference
in society.
I also really liked the
Lyceum and Chautauqua
Movement because it gave
adults a chance to come
together and help each
other learn
Reflection Analysis
This class has really made
me realize that I have a
huge responsibility as an
adult learner to be self-
directed and apply myself to
work that isnt necessarily
I should thirst for
knowledge and be driven by
pure desire to learn things.
I also need to be intentional
about how I study and
prepare for assignments by
incorporating my learning
style and playing off of my
Being properly prepared for
my future educating
overseas should be my
motivation and help me
push myself to do my very
best for the rest of my
learning career.
THE END!!!!!!!