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Anthropology Test #3

1.Which of the following is an example of syncretic religion?

.Which of the following is the most complicated !inship system?
3.Asmat means?
b.tree people people
d.thunderbird people
".Which of the following demonstrates a mar!et economy as seen in #$ng!a%s &ig 'o!a(?
a.growing coffee and selling it
b.ha)ing ban! accounts
c.paying to transport a pig or not paying and wal!ing it home
d. all of the abo)e
*.As seen in the #Asmat +ilm(, the people rely on what as their main food?
a. sweet potatoes
b.human flesh
c.sago palm
-.Which of the following Asante descent?
a. they are patrilineal
b.they are matrilineal
c.they practice bilateral descent
d.they practice double descent
/.Which of the following is the simplest !inship system?
0.Which of the following is !nown for the 1ula 2ing?
a.trobriand islanders
b.tiwi guinea highlanders
13.The potlatch is an example of which of the following?
b.balanced reciprocity
c.negati)e reciprocity
d.mar!et economy
11.Which of the following does 4$T describe the &ugis of 5ndonesia?
a.they ha)e * genders
b.They ha)e only genders
1.'argraet 'ead studied adolescence in which of the following countries?
a.sri lan!a
b.the galapogas islands
e.none of the abo)e
13.'ethods of preser)ing culture include which of the following?
d.only a and c
e.all of the abo)e
1".Which of the following would be classified as a band?
1*.$ptimal foraging theory assumes
a.that people need no special !nowledge of their en)ironment
b.that people will spend the least to get the most
c.that people will spend the most to get the least
d.that people are without domesticated animals
e.none of the abo)e
16.&and le)el societies are characteri.ed by all of the following 7897:T?
a.small scale population
b.informal leadership; acephaly
c.egalitarian social system
d.formal ran!ing
1/.Which of the following are 4$T related to the 'althus%s < marginal en)ironments and trying
not restrict population si.e?
a.abortion and infanticide
c.postpartum and menstrual taboos
d.incest taboos
10.Which anthropologist de)elop the 3 stages in rites of passage and reincorporation?
a.=ictor Turner
b.Arnold =an >ennep
3.Which of the following are examples of trans genders?
9529?7 A?? T@AT A::?A
a.@ijras of 5ndia
b.8anith of $man
c.'ahu of Tahiti
d.TwoBCpirit D4ati)e AmericanE
TrueF+alse D points eachE
1. Washoe learned sign language from her mother ?oulis?
True +alse
. &.+. C!inner belie)es that children need to be taught language.
True +alse
3.A !inship chart based one%s alliances will extend )ertically.
True +alse
".4oam 9homs!y belie)es in a language acGuisition de)ice and<in humans.
True +alse
*.The anthropological term for inBlaws is consanguineal.
True +alse
6. 7conomy of effort is one of the theories behind di)ision of labor.
True +alse
-.The Capir Whorf @ypothesis states we can%t thin! about what we don%t ha)e words for.
True +alse
/.?a >algada is the site !nown for its wall of dan.ante; an art that depicts pottery.
True +alse
0.:romiscuity is common in patrilineal societies.
True +alse
33.>ender identity is how society belie)es one%s gender should be constructed based on one%s
biological sex.
True +alse
31.@umans ha)e a closed )ocal system.
True +alse
3.An example of balanced reciprocity is parents caring for their children.
True +alse
33.The uni)ersal incest taboo states one does not ha)e sexual relations with one%s parallel
True +alse
3".'agic is a male)olent force used to coerce the supernatural; worldFspirits to wor! harm
against someone or something.
True +alse
3*.All societies ha)e some form of di)ision of labor.
True +alse
36.An egalitarian society H$7C 4$T ha)e differential access to resources, wealth, power.
True +alse
'atching D points eachE
3-.assimilationB forcing your culture on them Dyou%re more powerfulE
3/. acculturationB blending culturesFta!ing on new one
30. dowryB wealth a woman brings into her marriage
"3. &ride priceB wealth man gi)es to bride%s family for marriage
"1. 9hinchorroB mummies from :eruF9hile
". ?indow 'anB bog body, )iolent death
"3. IuipuB strand of !notted strings used by 5ncons to record transactions
"". Windeby >irlB adultery
"*. $t.iB ice man from Alps
"6. Tollund 'anB bog body peaceful death
"-. endogamyB marriage within group
"/. exogamyB marriage outside group
"0. polygynyB marriage to more than one woman
*3. polyandryB marriage to more than one man
'atching ?etters and HefinitionsB
a. The mummies from peru and chile
b. The bog body that experienced an intentional and )iolent death
c. The bog body that displayed punishment for adultery
d. The ice body from the Alps
e. The bog body that died peacefully and is on museum display
f. 'arriage outside the group
g. 'arriage within the group
h. 'arriage to more than one woman
i. 'arriage to more than one man
j. The ta!ing on or blending of new cultural characteristics after con<
!. The forcing of one culture to ta!e on the attributes of the more powerful culture
l. Wealth or resources a man gi)es to his brides family
m. Wealth or resources a woman brings with her into a marriage
n. A strand of !notted strings used by 5ncans to record transactions
o. An object used in @arrapan fertility ritual
7xtra 9reditB
1. What are the " fields of anthropology? :hysical, cultural, linguistics, archaeology
. What are " components of a good ethnography? Haily life, research Guestions,
sampling, rituals
3. The main deities of &ono peopleJ The Tano, Witch 9atching
". 4ame the chimp on the )ideoJ 4imchimps!y