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International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research, VOL 1, ISSUE 1 1

Paper Title
Authors Name/s per 1st Affiliation (Author), Authors Name/s per 2nd Affiliation (Author)
"1st #ffiliation$ %e&artment Name of Organi'ation, Name of Organi'ation, (ity, (ountry)
"*nd #ffiliation$ %e&artment Name of Organi'ation,
Name of Organi'ation, (ity, (ountry+
Email, address desired "-ithout hy&erlin. in E!mail$
This electronic document is a /li0e1 tem&late+ The 0arious com&onents of your &a&er 2title, te3t, heads, etc+4 are already defined on the style
sheet, as illustrated 5y the &ortions gi0en in this document+ "#5stract$
e!"ords : (om&onent) 6ormatting) Style) Styling) insert ".ey-ords$
7IS document is a tem&late for 8icrosoft 9ord 0ersions :+; or
later+ If you are reading a &a&er 0ersion of this document, &lease
do-nload the electronic file from the te mplate download page so
you can use it to &re&are your manuscri&t+
9hen you o&en the document, select /<age Layout1 from the
/Vie-1 menu in the menu 5ar "Vie- = <age Layout$, -hich allo-s
you to see the footnotes+ Then ty&e o0er sections of the document or
cut and &aste from another document and then use mar.u& styles+
<lease .ee& the tem&late at >+?1 3 111@do not set the tem&late for
#A &a&er+ The &ull!do-n style menu is at the left of the 6ormatting
Tool5ar at the to& of your 9ord -indo- "for e3am&le, the style at
this &oint in the document is /Te3t1$+ 7ighlight a section that you
-ant to designate -ith a certain style, then select the a&&ro&riate
name on the style menu+ The style -ill adBust your fonts and line
s&acing+ Use italics for em&hasis) do not underline+ #o not $han%e
the font si&es or line spa$in% to s'uee&e more te(t into a limited
num)er of pa%es* Please )e $ertain to follo" all su)mission
%uidelines "hen formattin% an arti$le or it "ill )e returned for
To modify the running headings, select Vie- = 7eader and 6ooter+
(lic. inside the te3t 5o3 to ty&e the name of the Bournal the article is
5eing su5mitted to and the manuscri&t identification num5er+ (lic. the
for-ard arro- in the &o&!u& tool 5ar to modify the header or footer on
su5seCuent &ages+
IJTEEE staff -ill edit and com&lete the final formatting of your
2.1 Review Stage
%etailed su5mission guidelines can 5e found on the author resources
9e5 &ages+ #uthor resource guidelines are s&ecific to each Bournal,
so &lease 5e sure to refer to the correct Bournal -hen
information+ #ll authors are res&onsi5le for understanding these
guidelines 5efore su5mitting their manuscri&t+ 6or further
information on 5oth su5mission guidelines, authors are strongly
encouraged to refer to
2.2 Final Stage
6or &a&ers acce&ted for &u5lication, it is essential that the electronic
0ersion of the manuscri&t and art-or. match the hardco&y e3actlyD
The Cuality and accuracy of the content of the electronic material
su5mitted is crucial since the content is not recreated, 5ut rather
con0erted into the final &u5lished 0ersion+
#ll &a&ers in IJTEEE Transactions are edited electronically+ #
final su5mission materials chec. list, transmission and com&ression
information, and general &u5lication materials can 5e found at,
2.3 Figures
#ll ta5les and figures -ill 5e &rocessed as images+ Eou need to
em5ed the images in the &a&er itself+ <lease donFt send the images as
se&arate files+
2.4 Copyright Form
#n IJTEEE co&yright form must accom&any your final
su5mission+ Eou can get a +&df, +html, or +doc 0ersion at #uthors are res&onsi5le for
o5taining any security clearances+
6or any Cuestions a5out initial or final su5mission reCuirements,
&lease contact one of our staff mem5ers+ (ontact information can 5e
found at,
#s demonstrated in this document, the num5ering for sections u&&er
case #ra5ic numerals, then u&&er case #ra5ic numerals, se&arated 5y
&eriods+ Initial &aragra&hs after the section title are not indented+
Only the initial, introductory &aragra&h has a dro& ca&+
IJTEEE style is to not citations in indi0idual 5rac.ets, follo-ed 5y a
comma, e+g+ /214, 2?41 "as o&&osed to the more common /21, ?41
form+$ (itation ranges should 5e formatted as follo-s, 214, 2*4, 2G4,
2A4 "as o&&osed to 214!2A4, -hich is not IJTEEE style$+ 9hen citing a
section in a 5oo., &lease gi0e the rele0ant &age num5ers 2*4+ In sentences,
refer sim&ly to the reference num5er, as in 2G4+ %o not use /Ref+ 2G41 or
(o&yright H *;1G IJTEEE+
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research, VOL 1, ISSUE 1 2
/reference 2G41 #t the 5eginning of a sentence use the author names
instead of /Reference 2G4,1 e+g+, /Smith and Smith 2G4 sho- +++ +1 <lease
note that references -ill 5e formatted 5y IJTEEE &roduction staff in
the same order &ro0ided 5y the author+
If you are using 9ord, use either the 8icrosoft ECuation Editor or
the 8athTy&e add!on "$ for eCuations in
your &a&er "Insert = O5Bect = (reate Ne- = 8icrosoft ECuation or
8athTy&e ECuation$+ /6loat o0er te3t1 should not 5e selected+
Num5er eCuations consecuti0ely -ith eCuation num5ers in
&arentheses flush -ith the right margin, as in "1$+ 6irst, use the
eCuation editor to create the eCuation+ Then, select the /ECuation1
mar.u& style+ <ress the ta5 .ey and -rite the eCuation num5er in
&arentheses+ To ma.e your eCuations more com&act, you may use the
solidus " I $, the e3& function, or a&&ro&riate e3&onents+ Use
&arentheses to a0oid am5iguities in denominators+ <unctuate
eCuations -hen they are &art of a sentence, as in
+ $ " $ " $ = = " e3&
$4 * " I 2 $ , "
; * 1
; *

d r J r J z z
r d dr r F
i i j

Je sure that the sym5ols in your eCuation ha0e 5een defined
5efore the eCuation a&&ears or immediately follo-ing+ Italici'e
sym5ols "T might refer to tem&erature, 5ut T is the unit tesla$+ <er
IJTEEE, &lease refer to /"1$,1 not /EC+ "1$1 or /eCuation "1$,1 e3ce&t
at the 5eginning of a sentence, /ECuation "1$ sho-s +++ +1 #lso see
The Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences, 1KKG+
<u5lished 5y the Society for Industrial and #&&lied 8athematics,
this hand5oo. &ro0ides some hel&ful information a5out math
ty&ogra&hy and other stylistic matters+ 6or further information a5out
ty&esetting mathematical eCuations, &lease 0isit the IJTEEE styel
<lease note that math eCuations might need to 5e reformatted from
the original su5mission for &age layout reasons+ This includes the
&ossi5ility that some in!line eCuations -ill 5e made dis&lay eCuations to
create 5etter flo- in a &aragra&h+ If dis&lay eCuations do not fit in the
t-o!column format, they -ill also 5e reformatted+ #uthors are strongly
encouraged to ensure that eCuations fit in the gi0en column -idth+
6.1 Figures and Tables
Jecause IJTEEE staff -ill do the final formatting of your &a&er,
some figures may ha0e to 5e mo0ed from -here they a&&eared in the
original su5mission+ 6igures and ta5les should 5e si'ed as they are to
a&&ear in &rint+ 6igures or ta5les not correctly si'ed -ill 5e returned
to the author for reformatting+
%etailed information a5out the creation and su5mission of images
for articles can 5e found at, 9e strongly
encourage authors to carefully re0ie- the material &osted here to
a0oid &ro5lems -ith incorrect files or &oorly formatted gra&hics+
<lace figure ca&tions 5elo- the figures) &lace ta5le titles a5o0e
the ta5les+ If your figure has t-o &arts, include the la5els /"a$1 and
/"5$1 as &art of the art-or.+ <lease 0erify that the figures and ta5les
you mention in the te3t actually e3ist+ 6igures and ta5les should 5e
called out in the order they are to a&&ear in the &a&er+ 6or e3am&le,
a0oid referring to figure />1 in the first &aragra&h of the article
unless figure > -ill again 5e referred to after the reference to
figure L+ Please do not in$lude fi%ure $aptions as part of the
fi%ure* #o not put $aptions in +te(t )o(es, lin-ed to the fi%ures*
#o not put )orders around the outside of !our fi%ures* <er
IJTEEE, &lease use the a55re0iation /6ig+1 e0en at the 5eginning of
a sentence+ %o not a55re0iate /Ta5le+1 Ta5les are num5ered
6igures may only a&&ear in color for certain Bournals+ <lease
0erify -ith IJTEEE that the Bournal you are su5mitting to does
indeed acce&t color 5efore su5mitting final materials+ #o not use
$olor unless it is ne$essar! for the proper interpretation of !our
6igures "gra&hs, charts, dra-ing or ta5les$ should 5e named
fig1+e&s, fig*+&s, etc+ If your figure has multi&le &arts, &lease su5mit as
a single figure+ <lease do not gi0e them descri&ti0e names+ #uthor
&hotogra&h files should 5e named after the authorFs L#ST name+
<lease a0oid naming files -ith the authorFs first name or an
a55re0iated 0ersion of either name to a0oid confusion+ If a gra&hic is
to a&&ear in &rint as 5lac. and -hite, it should 5e sa0ed and su5mitted
as a 5lac. and -hite file "grayscale or 5itma&+$ If a gra&hic is to a&&ear
in color, it should 5e su5mitted as an RMJ color file+
6igure a3is la5els are often a source of confusion+ Use -ords
rather than sym5ols+ #s an e3am&le, -rite the Cuantity
/8agneti'ation,1 or /8agneti'ation M,1 not Bust /M+1 <ut units in
&arentheses+ %o not la5el a3es only -ith units+ #s in 6ig+ 1, for
e3am&le, -rite /8agneti'ation "#Im$1 or /8agneti'ation "#

not Bust /#Im+1 %o not la5el a3es -ith a ratio of Cuantities and units+
6or e3am&le, -rite /Tem&erature "N$,1 not /Tem&eratureIN+1 Ta5le
1 sho-s some e3am&les of units of measure+
8ulti&liers can 5e es&ecially confusing+ 9rite /8agneti'ation
".#Im$1 or /8agneti'ation "1;G #Im$+1 %o not -rite /8agneti'ation
"#Im$ 1,;;;1 5ecause the reader -ould not .no- -hether the to&
a3is la5el in 6ig+ 1 meant 1:,;;; #Im or ;+;1: #Im+ 6igure la5els
should 5e legi5le, a&&ro3imately > to 1* &oint ty&e+ 9hen creating
your gra&hics, es&ecially in com&le3 gra&hs and charts, &lease ensure
that line -eights are thic. enough that -hen re&roduced at &rint si'e,
(o&yright H *;1G IJTEEE+
Fig. 1. Magnetization as a function of applied field. Note that
Fig. is abbreviated. There is a period after the figure number,
followed by one space. It is good practice to briefly explain the
significance of the figure in the caption.
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research, VOL 1, ISSUE 1 3
they -ill still 5e legi5le+ 9e suggest at least 1 &oint+
6.3 Footnotes
Num5er footnotes se&arately in su&erscri&ts "Insert = 6ootnote$
+ <lace
the actual footnote at the 5ottom of the column in -hich it is cited) do
not &ut footnotes in the reference list "endnotes$+ Use letters for ta5le
footnotes "see Ta5le 1$+ <lease do not include footnotes in the a5stract
and a0oid using a footnote in the first column of the article+ This -ill
cause it to a&&ear of the affiliation 5o3, the layout loo.
6.4 Lists
The IJTEEE style is to create dis&layed lists if the num5er of items
in the list is longer than three+ 6or e3am&le, -ithin the te3t lists
-ould a&&ear 1$ using a num5er, *$ follo-ed 5y a close &arenthesis+
7o-e0er, longer lists -ill 5e formatted so that,
1+ Items -ill 5e set outside of the &aragra&hs+
*+ Items -ill 5e &unctuated as sentences -here it is a&&ro&riate+
G+ Items -ill 5e num5ered, follo-ed 5y a &eriod+
6.5 Theorems and Proofs
Theorems and related structures, such as a3ioms corollaries, and
lemmas, are formatted using a hanging indent &aragra&h+ They 5egin
-ith a title and are follo-ed 5y the te3t, in italics+
Theorem 1* Theorems, corollaries, lemmas, and related structures
follow this format. The do not need to be numbered, but are
generall numbered se!uentiall.
<roofs are formatted using the same hanging indent format+
7o-e0er, they are not italici'ed+
Proof* The same format should 5e used for structures such as remar.s,
It is recommended that footnotes 5e a0oided "e3ce&t for the unnum5ered footnote
-ith the recei&t date on the first &age$+ Instead, try to integrate the footnote information
into the te3t+
e3am&les, and solutions "though these -ould not ha0e a O+E+%+ 5o3
at the end as a &roof does$+
7.1 Appendices
#&&endi3es, if needed, a&&ear 5efore the In the e0ent
multi&le a&&endices are reCuired, they -ill 5e la5eled /#&&endi3 #,1
/#&&endi3 J, / etc+ If an article does not meet su5mission length
reCuirements, authors are strongly encouraged to ma.e their a&&endices
su&&lemental material+
IJTEEE Transactions acce&ts su&&lemental materials for re0ie- -ith
regular &a&er su5missions+ These materials may 5e &u5lished on our
%igital Li5rary -ith the electronic 0ersion of the &a&er and are a0aila5le
for free to %igital Li5rary 0isitors+ <lease see our guidelines 5elo- for
file s&ecifications and information+ #ny su5mitted materials that do not
follo- these s&ecifications -ill not 5e acce&ted+ #ll materials must
follo- US co&yright guidelines and may not include material &re0iously
co&yrighted 5y another author, organi'ation or com&any+ 8ore
information can 5e found at htt&,II---+iBteee+org+
7.2 Acknowledgments
The &referred s&elling of the -ord / in #merican
English is -ithout an /e1 after the /g+1 Use the singular heading
e0en if you ha0e many #0oid e3&ressions such as
/One of us "S+J+#+$ -ould li.e to than. +++ +1 Instead, -rite /6+ #+
#uthor than.s +++ +1 S&onsor and financial su&&ort
are included in the section+ 6or e3am&le, This -or.
-as su&&orted in &art 5y the US %e&artment of (ommerce under
Mrant JS1*GA?: "s&onsor and financial su&&ort
goes here$+ Researchers that contri5uted information or assistance to
(o&yright H *;1G IJTEEE+
Statements that ser"e as ca#tions for the entire table do not need footnote letters.
$aussian units are the same as cgs emu for magnetostatics% M& ' ma&well,
$ ' gauss, (e ' oersted% Wb ' weber, ) ' "olt, s ' second, T ' tesla, m '
meter, * ' am#ere, J ' joule, kg ' kilogram, H ' henr.
International Journal of Technology Enhancements and Emerging Engineering Research, VOL 1, ISSUE 1 4
the article should also 5e in this section+
7.3 References
Unfortunately, the (om&uter Society document translator cannot
handle automatic endnotes in 9ord) therefore, ty&e the reference list
at the end of the &a&er using the /References1 style+ See the
IJTEEEFs style for reference formatting at,
transref.htm+ The order in -hich the references are su5mitted in the
manuscri&t is the order they -ill a&&ear in the final &a&er, i+e+,
references su5mitted nonal&ha5eti'ed -ill remain that -ay+
<lease note that the references at the end of this document are in
the &referred referencing style+ 9ithin the te3t, use /et al+1 -hen
referencing a source -ith more than three authors+ In the reference
section, gi0e all authorsF names) do not use /et al+1 %o not &lace a
s&ace 5et-een an authorsP initials+ <a&ers that ha0e not 5een
&u5lished should 5e cited as /un&u5lished1 2A4+ <a&ers that ha0e
5een su5mitted or acce&ted for &u5lication should 5e cited as
/su5mitted for &u5lication1 2?4+ <lease gi0e affiliations and addresses
for &ersonal communications 2:4+
(a&itali'e all the -ords in a &a&er title+ 6or &a&ers &u5lished in
translation Bournals, &lease gi0e the English citation first, follo-ed 5y the
original foreign!language citation 2L4+
7.3 Additional Formatting and Style Resources
#dditional information on formatting and style issues can 5e o5tained in
the IJTEEE Style Muide, -hich is &osted online at, (lic. on the a&&ro&riate to&ic under the S&ecial
Sections lin.+
#lthough a conclusion may re0ie- the main &oints of the &a&er, do
not re&licate the a5stract as the conclusion+ # conclusion might
ela5orate on the im&ortance of the -or. or suggest a&&lications and
e3tensions+ #uthors are strongly encouraged not to call out multi&le
figures or ta5les in the conclusion@these should 5e referenced in the
5ody of the &a&er+
The authors -ish to than. #, J, (+ This -or. -as su&&orted in &art
5y a grant from EQ+
214 J+S+ Jridle, /<ro5a5ilistic Inter&retation of 6eedfor-ard (lassification Net-or.
Out&uts, -ith Relationshi&s to Statistical <attern Recognition,1 +eurocom#uting,
*lgorithms, *rchitectures and *##lications, 6+ 6ogelman!Soulie and J+ 7erault, eds+,
N#TO #SI Series 6:>, Jerlin, S&ringer!Verlag, &&+ **L!*G:, 1K>K+ "Joo. style -ith
&a&er title and editor$
2*4 9+!N+ (hen, -inear +etworks and Sstems. Jelmont, (alif+, 9ads-orth, &&+
1*G!1G?, 1KKG+ "Joo. style$
2G4 7+ <oor, /# 7y&erte3t 7istory of 8ultiuser %imensions,1 M./ Histor,
htt&,II---+ccs+neu+eduIhomeI&5Imud!history+html+ 1K>:+ "URL lin.
Rinclude year$
2A4 N+ Elissa, /#n O0er0ie- of %ecision Theory,S un&u5lished+ "Un&lu5lished
2?4 R+ Nicole, SThe Last 9ord on %ecision Theory,S J. 0om#uter )ision,
su5mitted for &u5lication+ "<ending &u5lication$
2:4 (+ J+ Naufman, Roc.y 8ountain Research La5oratories, Joulder, (olo+,
&ersonal communication, 1KK*+ "<ersonal communication$
2L4 %+S+ (oming and O+M+ Staadt, SVelocity!#ligned %iscrete Oriented
<olyto&es for %ynamic (ollision %etection,S 1222 Trans. )isualization and
0om#uter $ra#hics, 0ol+ 1A, no+ 1, &&+ 1!1*, JanI6e5 *;;>,
doi,1;+11;KITV(M+*;;L+L;A;?+ "IEEE Transactions $
2>4 S+<+ Jingulac, /On the (om&ati5ility of #da&ti0e (ontrollers,1 3roc. Fourth
*nn. *llerton 0onf. 0ircuits and Sstems Theor, &&+ >!1:, 1KKA+
"(onference &roceedings$
2K4 7+ Moto, E+ 7asega-a, and 8+ Tana.a, /Efficient Scheduling 6ocusing on
the %uality of 8<L Re&resentation,1 3roc. 1222 Sm#. 0om#utational
1ntelligence in Scheduling 4S01S 5678, &&+ ?L!:A, #&r+ *;;L,
doi,1;+11;KIS(IS+*;;L+G:L:L;+ "(onference &roceedings$
21;4 J+ 9illiams, /Narro-!Jand #naly'er,1 <h% dissertation, %e&t+ of Electrical
Eng+, 7ar0ard Uni0+, (am5ridge, 8ass+, 1KKG+ "Thesis or dissertation$
2114 E+E+ Re5er, R+L+ 8ichell, and (+J+ (arter, /O3ygen #5sor&tion in the
EarthFs #tmos&here,1 Technical Re&ort TR!;*;; "A*;!A:$!G, #eros&ace
(or&+, Los #ngeles, (alif+, No0+ 1K>>+ "Technical re&ort -ith re&ort
21*4 L+ 7u5ert and <+ #ra5ie, /(om&aring <artitions,1 J. 0lassification, 0ol+ *,
no+ A, &&+ 1KG!*1>, #&r+ 1K>?+ "Journal or maga'ine citation$
21G4 R+J+ Vidmar, /On the Use of #tmos&heric <lasmas as Electromagnetic Reflectors,1
1222 Trans. 3lasma Science, 0ol+ *1, no+ G, &&+ >L:!>>;, a0aila5le at
htt&,II---+halcyon+comI&u5IBournalsI*1&s;G!0idmar, #ug+ 1KK*+ "URL for
Transaction, Bournal, or mag'ine$
21A4 J+8+<+ 8artine', R+J+ Lla0ori, 8+J+#+ (a5o, and T+J+ <edersen, SIntegrating
%ata 9arehouses -ith 9e5 %ata, # Sur0ey,S 1222 Trans. 9nowledge and
/ata 2ng., &re&rint, *1 %ec+ *;;L, doi,1;+11;KITN%E+*;;L+1K;LA:+
(o&yright H *;1G IJTEEE+