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Rapid Energy Advancement Plan (REAP)

Freedom from foreign energy equates directly to security for America. Energy self-
sufficiency will produce greater security in many ways, most notably through the
reduction of Middle Eastern entanglements that place America squarely in the crosshairs
of terrorists.
Billions of dollars that have been spent on the war on terror and any good citien should
as! whether this is the most effective e"penditure of our country#s resources. $he answer
is clear from even a cursory e"amination of potential energy program. %ar is an
e"traordinarily inefficient use of capital when pitted against almost any investment
alternative, and it quic!ly becomes clear our that precious resources have been
squandered&not in bettering our country and its citiens, but in the futile hope that
somehow a war will get us bac! to pre '-(( security levels. )et us commit ourselves now
to invest not in further destruction, but instead in building a better future for everyone by
rapid advancement in our energy technologies.
$his then is the simplified form of an energy policy which will immediately benefit the
nation, its security, and its citiens through the wise investment of the hard earned ta"
dollars of our citiens.
REAP *presented in outline form for easy e"pansion+
(. ,ntroduction-Enumeration of energy sources to be considered
a. Fossil Fuels
b. .ydro electric
c. %ind
d. /olar .eat
e. /olar 0ells
1. Fossil Fuels
a. $o be phased down by using a (2 Federal energy ta" revenue to fund
alternative fuels# research and capitaliation of pro3ects for alternative
4. .ydro Electric
a. 5olicies will be revamped to increase investment into new .ydro pro3ects.
b. 5olicies will be revamped to so that e"isting generators will pay a (2
6EA5 ta" to subsidie new non-fossil fuel power sources. *wind
generators will not be ta"ed, while other non-fossil generators will be
ta"ed at half rate+
7. %ind
a. 8ew wind generation stations will be built using subsidies from fossil fuel
generators and from hydro electric subsidies.
9. /olar .eat
a. /ame as %ind
:. /olar 0ell
a. ;irect conversion of photonic energy into electrical energy is by far the
most attractive alternative and potentially the most reliable. $he current
state of the technology is not competitive with cheap oil. $herefore
governmental policies will provide ta" e"emption for all /olar 0ell power
generation. 6evenues from fossil and hydro generators will be used to
subsidie all solar cells certified as installed and maintained as part of the
commercial power generation grid. By giving the free mar!et an incentive
to produce better solar cells, advances in efficiency and reduced
manufacturing costs will be rapid. /imilar incentives for use of solar celss
in transportation.
<. 0onservation through brea!through efficiency gains
a. 6ather than e"horting our citiens to =do without> it is high time we use a
common sense approach to conservation. ,nvestment incentives must be
given to encourage the e"tra capital needed for high efficiency devices.
b. ,ncentives in the form of corporate and individual ta" deductions will be
given for added purchase and installation costs of any device which is
4?2 more efficient that the current installed base. ;@E will publish
annual averages for such device groups which will includeA
i. Automobiles
ii. 6efrigeration
iii. 0omfort Air 0onditioning
iv. )ighting
v. 5ower Beneration equipment
By following this outline, America will be free of its energy dependency within (? years.
Ces, these policies are new and different. But the e"ecutives of big oil cannot continue to
dictate D/ policies because the burden these e"ecutives have placed on the American $a"
5ayer is unconscionable. $hese policies will not support fat, cash rich companies who
would continue to have the D/ ta"payer line their poc!ets. $hese policies %,)) support
the children of America in a richer, more secure and environmentally safe future.
Eames 6 Fierling
Mechanical Engineer, B/ME
4? years ,ndustrial E"perience