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1.What are master data types?
a. Attributes ,Texts and Ext Hierarchies
b. Attributes and dimensions
c. Attributes, and Text only
2. In case of Line item dimension the SID table of line item is not directly connected to
the fact table .
a. True
b. False
. When !DS data is acti"ated the data #ill $o from Acti"e data table to Acti"ation
%&e&e and 'han$e lo$ table.
a. True
b. False
(. Info!b)ects are refer to
a. Key Figures
b. Characteristics
c. Time Characteristics
d. Units
e. Technical Characteristics
+. Which of the follo#in$ ob)ects is not pro"idin$ in b&siness content?
a.Info Cube
b. Info ource
c. !ueries
d. Extractor "rogram
e. #one of the abo$e
,. Standard info c&be can read-#rite more than one &ser ./es-No0?
1. 2he ob)ect "ersions in 3# are
a. %&%eli$ery'
b. A&Act$e'
c. #&#e('
d. )&modified'
4. Direct Access dataso&rces #ill ha"e Deamon 5SA and Deamon D25. .2r&e-6alse0
7. Which table of the !DS is &sed to load delta to an info'&be?
a. Change log
b. Acti$ation *ueue
c. Acti$e table
18.2he types of 9irt&al '&bes in SA5 3W are
a. A+ ,emoteCube, -eneral .irtual Cube, ,e$erse Infocubes
b. .irtual ,emote Cubes (ith er$ices, tandard InfoCubes
c. .irtual cubes are handled by the system automatically and not /no(n to the de$elo"er.
d. .irtual +ro$ider based on %T+, .irtual +ro$ider based on 0A+Is, .irtual +ro$ider
based on Function )odule
11. Imp str&ct&re aspects of info c&be str&ct&re.
a. 12 Fact tables
b. +rimary Fact table and max of 12 %im tables.
c. A dim table consist of Char and /ey figure
d. A dim table contains lin/ to attributes.
12. :&lti dimension data so&rces can be loaded into sap b# &sin$
a. %0 connect
b. U% connect
c. U#I!UE connector
d. )%) connector
e. A+ 03 connector
1.Diff types of So&rce systems
a. A+ system
b. %0 connect
c. File system (ith 45 extension
d. U% connect
1(. We can send the data from info pac;a$e to the follo#in$ tar$ets
a. selected targets
b. all data targets
c. +A only
1+. Select correct ans#er re$ardin$ 3W accelerator
a. 0I accelerator is another ser$er (hich (ill ha$e all aggregated data exclusi$ely used
for re"orting
b. 0I accelerator is another ser$er (hich (ill ha$e %0 statistics data exclusi$ely used
for re"orting
c. 0I accelerator is another ser$er (hich (ill ha$e indexed data exclusi$ely used for
1,.What is tr&e re$ardin$ D25 transfers.
a. %T+ transfers data from +A to Cube
b. %T+ transfers data from %ata targets to +A
c. %T+ transfers data from +A to multi"ro$ider
d. %T+ transfers data from Cube to %6 al(ays
11.:eta data repository $i"es follo#in$ Information.
1. Technical name, ob7ect ,.ersion, content release and descri"tion
8. %ata Flo(
9. tar schema
:. %ata )art details
14. 6ollo#in$ settin$ are related #ith 3&siness'ontent ob)ects
1. -rou"ing
8. Collection
9. Coding
:. Transfer
17. /o& can not delete <&ery if*
1. It is used in (or/boo/
8. ;ou ha$e defined exce"tion and condition
9. used in (eb tem"late
:. ;ou ha$e defined condition
28. %&ery area is di"ided into
1 ,estrictions
8 Columns
9 Free Characteristics
: +re$ie(
< %efaults
2 %irectory of Info"ro$ider
= Cube area
21. Determine the correct ans#ers in respect of Infopro"ider
1. %6
8. Info Cube
9. +A
:. Info sets
22. Data tar$ets are
1. %6
8. Info cube
9. Info sets
:. )ulti "ro$iders
2.What Infopro"ider doesn=t can contain $enerated characteristic or ;ey fi$&re.
1 Info Cubes
8 %6
9 Info "ro$ider for Char info ob7ects
: Info sets
< )ulti "ro$ider
2(.Which infopro"ider combination can be &sed in m&ltipro"ider
1 Infocube (ith infocube
8 Infocube (ith characteristic infob7ects
9 Info cube (ith infosets
: 6nly %6 ob7ects and characteristic info ob7ect
< ;ou can use max of 8 info"ro$iders
2+.What infopro"iders can I combine in infosets
1 Info Cube
8 %6
9 Characteristic info ob7ects (ith master data
: Info sets
< )ulti"ro$ider
2,.>o# many dimension are displayed for an infosets in the <&ery desi$ner if the
infosets consist of DS! and a characteristic info ob)ects
1 8
8 :
9 2
: 6nly characteristic (ithout dimension dis"layed
21.'alc&lated ;ey fi$&res can be created based on
1 Characteristic
8 0asic Key figures
9 ,estricted /ey figures
: 6ther Calculated Keyfigures
24. If str&ct&re is chan$ed at $lobal le"el it #ill
1 Affect all *ueries (here this structure is used
8 Affect only at for that *uery
27. 5ersistent ?ey fi$&res are the ;ey fi$&res e@istin$ in the Data tar$ets .2r&e-6alse0
8./o& can &se cell editor at <&ery definition for
1 6ne tructure
8 T(o structure
9 )ore than 8 structures
1.2he "ariables defined for a <&ery can it be &sed only for that <&ery not all <&eries .
1 True
8 False
2. Which is tr&e re$ardin$ restrictions area of a <&ery?
1. for the na$igation in *uery
8. restrict data
9. allo( $ariables
. If Aestricted ?ey 6i$&res defined at the info pro"ider le"el than it #ill be a"ailable
in e"ery <&ery definition of the info pro"ider.
1. True
8. False
(. We can ha"e the follo#in$ tar$ets for AAI.
1. 3eb A""lication
8. Exce"tions
9. Infoset !uery
:. 03 0ex !uery
+. We can ha"e the follo#in$ process types for te@t
1. ,e"lacement "ath
8. Authori>ations
9. )anual entry
,. We can ha"e the follo#in$ "ariable types
1. Text
8. Authori>ations
9. Characteristic
:. Formula
<. ingle $alue
1.Defa&lt "al&es defined in the 3e@ report are $lobal restrictions on all the
characteristics in the report
a. true
b. false
4.Information broadcaster is &sed to distrib&te the report data to the so&rce systems
1. true
8. false
7.3I accelerator is to increase the performance of <&ery reportin$ based on the
inde@es in a same 3W ser"er
a. true
b. false
(8.2he &pdate types a"ailable for 3asic'&bes are:
a. Addition
b. Overwrite
c. No Update
d. All of the above
(1. Beneric DataSo&rce can be e@tracted from.
a. A Database View
b. A Database table
c. A query (InfoSet
d. !unction application
e. !unction "odule
(2. When yo& e@tract transaction data #ith the L! method* the follo#in$ &pdate
method re<&ires sched&lin$.
a. Direct Delta
b. #ueued Delta
c. Unserialised #ueued update
d. Unserialised V$ update
(.6ollo#in$ are the &pdate modes possible in Sched&lin$ Info5ac;a$e for a
Dataso&rce #hich s&pports Delta process.
a.Full U"date
b. %elta U"date
d. +seudo delta
e.All of the abo$e
((. Difference bet#een :&lti 5ro"ider and Infoset are
a. )ulti +ro$ider is the union of the ob7ects ? Infoset is the 7oin of the ob7ects
b. )ulti +ro$ider can contain a cube ? Infoset can@t contain a cube
c. )ulti +ro$ider can ha$e an aggregation le$el ? Infoset cant ha$e an aggregate le$el.
(+. Direct Access is s&pported by the follo#in$ system
a. %0 Connect
b. U% Connect
c. A+I
d. File Interface
(,. Aealtime Data access is s&pported by the follo#in$ systems.
i. %ebservices
ii. U% Connect
iii. A+I
i$. File Interface
ANS: i*iii
(1. 6lat 6ile Dataso&rces ha"e the follo#in$ Delta type
A. !ull load
&. New I"a'e
(. Additive
(4. What are the read modes of a <&ery
a. )ead All data
b. )ead Durin' Navi'ation
c. )eadin' Durin' navi'ation and e*pand hierarchy
(7. What are the !LA5 'ache modes
a. No O+A, cache
b. O+A, (ache without swappin'
c. O+A, (ache with swappin'
d. (luster-blob-flat file (ache per application server
e. (ross App server cache cluster-blob-flat file cache
ANS: a*b*c*d*e
+8.What are the basis on #hich #e can define 'haracteristic Aelations
a. Exit
b. %6
c. Attributes
d. Hierarchy
e. Cube
+1. What are the basis on #hich #e create data slicin$
a. Exit
b. %6
c. elections
+2. 5lan <&ery #ill be created on Aeal time '&be as Info pro"ider .2r&e- 6alse0
+. If #e create 6ilters in <&ery these are a"ailable in plannin$ modeler. .2r&e-6alse0.
+(. 5lannin$ f&nctions are the follo#in$ types.
a. tandard Functions
b. Fox Formula
c. Exit Functions
d. )iscellaneous Functions
e. All of the Abo$e
++. 5lannin$ <&ery #ill be inp&t enabled in the follo#in$ cases.
a. The *uery is on Aggregate le$el
b. .alid Characteristic Combinations
c. #o %ata slices
d. !uery "ro"erties should be in Changeable mode
e. Each Characteristic in the Aggregate le$el should ha$e single .alue only
f. #one of the abo$e
<2. Loc;in$ #ill happen for all the characteristics "al&es ie C in the c&be #hich are not
there in the A$$re$ation le"
<=. A$$re$ation le"el can be created based on a m&lti pro"ider #hich has another
a$$re$ation le"el .2r&e-6alse0
ANS: 6alse
+4. 5lannin$ data loc;s #ill be seen in the follo#in$ transactions
b. ,+5E
ANS: b
+7. We can inte$rate D@cel f&nctionality in the 5lannin$ .2r&e-6alse0
ANS: tr&e
,8. What are the 'ommand types in WAD?
a. +lanning Commands
b. 3eb Tem"late Commands
c. 3eb Item Commands
d. %ata +ro$ider Commands
ANS: a*b*c*d