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AndrewAndrewAndrewAndrew BrownBrownBrownBrown

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FormalFormalFormalFormal QualificationsQualificationsQualificationsQualifications andandandand ProfessionalProfessionalProfessionalProfessional RecognitionRecognitionRecognitionRecognition

1994 – 2001 - Bachelor Agricultural Science: University of Adelaide

VocationalVocationalVocationalVocational QualificationsQualificationsQualificationsQualifications (relevant)(relevant)(relevant)(relevant)

Food Safety Auditor, registered with RABQSA

- Intensive Horticulture Operations

- 10A: Fruit and Vegetable Processing (Whole & Fresh)

- RABQSA Certificate Number 105872: Expires April 2011

Lead Auditor Food Safety Training – Food Operations: 5 days

- Unit Code FDFPHGMP3A

- Unit Title: Monitor the Implementation of quality and food safety systems


- Unit Title: Monitor the Implementation of the GMP Procedures

- From Certificate 3 in Food Processing AQF Level 3

Lead Auditor Quality Systems Training – NCS International: 5 days

- Quality Auditor Training

- QSA: AU Management System Auditing

- QSA: TL Leading Management System Auditing

- QSA: QM Auditing Quality Management Systems

Organic Auditor Training – Biological Farmers of Australia: 5 days

Chemcert Chemical User Accreditation

- RTC3704A: Prepare and Apply Chemicals

- RTC3705A: Transport, Handle and Store Chemicals

- These competencies form part of DACSC00014: Agricultural Chemical Accreditation

Freshcare Training

- RTE4915A: Rural Production Training Package

- This competency forms part of RTE03: Rural Production Training Package

Internal Auditing Course – Food Operations: 2 days

BRC Auditor Training – NCS International: 1 day

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SQF Implementation – NCS International: 2 days

SQF Auditor Training – NCS International: 1 day

GlobalGAP version 3.0 implementation training: 2 days

Environmental Management Systems - NCS International: 2 days

Allergen Management for Food Manufacturers Training course: 1 day

Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labeling (VITAL) Training: 1 day

Woolworths Quality Assurance and HACCP Training Course (distinction): 2 days

- Unit Code FDFCORFSY2A Unit Title: Implement the food safety program and procedures

- Unit Code FDFOPTHCP3A Unit Title: Participate in the HACCP team From Certificate 3 in Food Processing AQF Level 3

Coles Auditor Workshop: 1 day

Coles Auditor Training Course (CO947) Coles Competency Module: 2 days

Salad GAP Auditor Training: 1 day

Certificate IV in Work Place Assessment: 10 days

PresentPresentPresentPresent PositionPositionPositionPosition

Ayebee Quality – Owner/ Manager

Ayebee Quality – Owner/ Manager IndustryIndustryIndustryIndustry

IndustryIndustryIndustryIndustry ExpExperienceExpExperienceerienceerience


Nine years professional experience in the horticultural and certification industries

Four years and four months with AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd (Certification Body)

AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd (

May 05 – March 07: Auditor and Technical Officer

March 07 – September 09: AUS-QUAL Pty Ltd: Program Coordinator (Organic and AWPCS) and Scheme Manager (GLOBALGAP)

Industry Qualifications and Experience: Andrew Brown

Current as of November 2009

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Implementation and management of the AUS-QUAL Organic Program Accredited to the National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Produce with the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and the National Organic Program with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Management of the Australian Wood Packaging and Certification Scheme Program (AWPCS) Accredited by JAS-ANZ.

Scheme Manager for the AUS-QUAL GLOBALGAP Program Accredited by JAS-ANZ.

Development and implementation of a Horticultural Food Safety Program Training Package (Freshcare).

Development and implementation of auditor training packages for the AUS-QUAL Organic and GLOBALGAP Programs.

Auditor training, witnessing and sign off for the AUS-QUAL Organic, GLOBALGAP and AWPCS Programs.

Internal auditing of AUS-QUAL Programs and Management Systems.

Auditing for the following programs;

- Freshcare Program


- AWPCS Program

- Organic Program (National Standard and NOP Standard): Primary Production

- Organic Program (National Standard and NOP Standard): Processing

- B-Qual Program

- Retailer Approved Supplier Requirements

Growcom (Peak Horticultural Industry Body) (

March 05 – March 07: Project Officer, for the Farm Management Systems (FMS) Project

An FMS System is a voluntary, structured step by step approach to managing agricultural


The system can be used to identify and manage the risks presented by their


Andrew was responsible for development of resources and information for the FMS Project. Andrew was involved with training and discussion sessions with fresh produce growers and grower groups.

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Gayndah Packers Co-Operative (

March 03 – March 05: Quality Manager

Gayndah Packers is a Citrus Packing Cooperative located in Gayndah, Qld. As the Quality Manager, Andrew managed the Food Safety and Quality Management Systems (HACCP and ISO 9001:2000) and the Interstate Certification Assurance. Andrew implemented and managed an option 2 producer group certification to the EurepGAP (now GLOBALGAP) Standard.

With close consultation with the General Manager and Marketing Manager, Andrew played a key role in market development by adapting and implementing Quality systems to comply with importing country requirements. Day to day operational activities included management of QA Personnel, sorting lines and systems to ensure consistency of product against product specifications.

Australian Certified Organic (

July 02 – Dec 02: Certification Officer

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australias largest Organic Certification Body. Andrew's role included working with the Certification Review Committee (CRC) and being the primary contact to clients in relation to technical information and the Organic Standard.

Yandilla Park Services Pty Ltd (

Oct 2001 - May 2002: Soil Laboratory Technician

Yandilla Park Services Pty Ltd (now AgriExchange Pty Ltd), as well as large scale production, management and marketing of horticultural crops, offers agronomy services to the Primary Production sector. As the Soil Laboratory Technician, Andrew developed and maintained the laboratory and worked closely with the Soil Survey team. Services offered by the laboratory included soil pH measurements (1:5 CaCl method), soil dispersion measurement (Emerson) and soil salinity measurement.

PracticalPracticalPracticalPractical experienceexperienceexperienceexperience

1990 – 2001

Andrew grew up, and worked on a 3rd generation family owned and operated Organic Citrus Orchard and Packing Shed in Loxton SA (Katarapko Citrus). Andrew worked at National Foods (milk packing and processing) for two years in 1996 - 1997. Andrew also worked summer periods for Loxton Fruit Processors (dried fruit processing) and worked at Visy (cardboard packaging manufacture).