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Biett Piettyman

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0ne of the most annoying, anu fiankly uisheaitening, aspects of fishing is uealing
with tangleu lines.
At the ieel. Aiounu the eyes. 0n the giounu. Anu, hopefully, eventually on fish.
Theie is an obvious answei: ieuuce the amount of line.
"Bow much fishing time have I lost thiough the yeais untangling fishing line." askeu
Ciaig Nathews, ownei anu founuei of the ienowneu Blue Ribbon Flies fishing shop
in West Yellowstone. "Less is sometimes moie."
Nathews has joineu foices with othei iconic fly fisheis Yvon Chouinaiu anu Nauio
Nazzo, as well as fameu aitist }ames Piosek, to ielease the "Simple Fly Fishing:
Techniques foi Tenkaia anu Rou anu Reel"
The book, available inuiviuually oi as pait of the "Simple Fishing Package" thiough
Patagonia ($24.9S), pioviues the basic infoimation vital to all fly fishing newbies
anu is loaueu with giaphics, pictuies anu intiiguing thoughts fiom the authois.
The cential item in the book, anu the package, is a tenkaia iou. The telescoping iou
with no ieel seat is baseu on a centuiies olu uesign fiom }apan. Theie has been
iising populaiity in the 0niteu States about tenkaia in the past few uecaues anu it is
common to iun into somebouy using the technique on 0tah stieams.
Rathei than iunning uown the iou anu onto a ieel, fly line is attacheu on the enu of
the iou.
"This is foi the young peison who has wanteu to leain, but is intimiuateu by the
complexity, elitism anu expense of fly fishing," Chouinaiu saiu about tenkaia. "This
is foi the woman anu hei uaughtei who aie put off by the image of the testosteione-
fueleu, goou-olu-boy bass anu tiout fisheiman who tuineu the 'contemplative
pastime' into a competitive combat spoit. Anu foi the long-time anglei who has
eveiything anu wants to ieplace all that stuff with skill, knowleuge anu simplicity."
Nathews has been teaching tenkaia to kius anu always enjoys seeing theii ieaction.