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Shri Anwar Calls For Judicious Use of Technologies and Resources To Achieve Food

Minister Calls For Robust Regulatory System for Evaluation of M Cro!s
M"S Agriculture Address #orld Agriculture Congress
The Minister of State for Agriculture and Food $rocessing %ndustries& Shri Tari' Anwar
today said that use of better technologies can hel! us to achieve our !rimary goal of food
security even if availability of land and water is (e!t constant) *#e +ust need to use these
resources more +udiciously&, he em!hasised)
Shri Anwar was s!ea(ing at the inauguration of #orld Agriculture Congress at
-yderabad today) The to!ic for this occasion is *Congress on Resha!ing Agriculture for
a Sustainable Future,) %nauguration of the Congress was attended by Andhra $radesh
Chief Minister& Shri .) /iran /umar Reddy& Minister for Agriculture& Andhra $radesh&
Shri /) 0a(shmi .arayana& and Chairman of the #AF Advisory 1oard& Shri James
1olger) Scientists and businessmen were also !artici!ated in the Congress)
Stating that 1io2technology is e3!ected to !lay a ma+or role in im!roving !roductivity&
the Minister said *what is needed is Robust Regulatory System which has scientifically
established mechanism for evaluation of M Cro!s so that all the issues raised on this
matter can be !ut to rest) "n this issue he reiterated the re'uest made by -on4ble
$resident wherein he had e32horted the Scientific Community and %CAR to contribute to
the !ublic discourse and !rovide clarity on this sensitive issue,)
Shri Anwar further said that *contract farming and value addition of %ndian food through
food !rocessing would !lay a ma+or role in im!roving agricultural !roductivity as well as
!roviding economic return for agricultural !roduce) Contract farming can !rovide the
close hand holding regarding seed selection& seed treatment& soil testing& fertili5ers& !est
management and income su!!ort through !rocurement which overnment !rogramme
cannot !ossibly !rovide,)
The Minister also said that %ndian agriculture faces a number of serious challenges li(e
shrin(ing land& de!leting water resources 6 inefficient water use& adverse im!act of
climate change& ineffective management of energy resources& shortage of farm labour&
!oor and inefficient mar(et infrastructure& lac( of access to a!!ro!riate technology&
increasing cost and uncertainties of domestic and international mar(ets and the biggest
challenge which the country would be facing in the coming years shall be how to ensure
food security in face of constantly growing !o!ulation)
Underlining measures to tac(le im!act of climate change on %ndian Agriculture& Minister
said that ste!s are being ta(en to mitigate the im!act of climate change) Among the
various areas in which interventions are being !lanned include im!roved cro! seeds&
livestoc( and fish culture& water efficiency& !esticides management& nutrient
management& agriculture insurance& mar(et access and livelihood diversification) Shri
Anwar further informed that %ndian Council for Agriculture Research7%CAR8 has initiated
a networ( !ro+ect *.ational %nitiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture,7.%CRA8 aiming
at enhancing resilience of %ndian agriculture through Strategic Research& Technology
9emonstration and Ca!acity 1uilding)
M$:SS: Congress 7;2<<2=><?8
7Release %9 :<>>@><8
Foreign policy should be an extension of our national policy, says President
9elegates to the fifth Annual -eads of Mission Conference called on the $resident of
%ndia& Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee today 7.ovember A& =><?8 at Rashtra!ati 1havan)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& the $resident said the theme of the Conference 2 *%ndia4s !lace in
the changing world order, is e3tremely relevant) "ur foreign !olicy must be an e3tension of
our national !olicy) There are certain basic fundamentals in our foreign !olicy that we have
inherited from our core civili5ation values and our freedom movement) They must continue to
guide us in our relations with our neighbours)
The $resident said %ndia has been always committed to global !eace but is conscious of the
fact that efforts for the same should begin from our neighbourhood) #e can change friends
but not neighbours) Change is the only constant and %ndia4s foreign !olicy must ada!t to
changing scenarios in the world)
The $resident said terrorism remains a ma+or challenge) %ndia was the first country to
recogni5e at a high !ersonal cost the threat that terrorism !osed and to warn the world about
it) Many countries in the %ndian sub2continent have been victims of terrorism) %t has witnessed
the largest number of !olitical assassinations of its leaders) This challenge of terrorism needs
to be addressed through greater collective efforts) .o country can insulate itself from this
The $resident said %ndia deserves to have her rightful !lace in the comity of nations and called
on the -eads of Missions to wor( towards this goal)
TERC Gives Clear Mandate For FTA egotiations
A meeting of the Trade 6 Economic Relations Committee was held on @th .ovember&
=><?) 9etailed discussions were held on %ndia4s trade engagements s!ecifically %ndia2EU
1T%A& SAFTA& RCE$ and Africa) A number of issues were discussed including im!act of
FTAs that have been entered into by %ndia with its trading !artners es!ecially on %ndia4s
manufacturing sectors)
Some concerns were e3!ressed on the adverse im!act of FTAs on the manufacturing sector as
well as the trade balance and that im!orts from such countries had increased much faster
com!ared to e3!orts subse'uent to signing such FTAs which had further worsened %ndia4s
trade balance)
Commerce and %ndustry Minister clarified that most of the regionalBbilateral FTAs signed by
%ndia either related to SAARC countries or to South East Asia and .orth East Asia) As far as
SAFTA was concerned& %ndia has huge trade sur!lus of about C<= billion) #ith ASEA.&
e3!orts have more than doubled after signing of the %ndo2ASEA. Trade in oods Agreement
in =>>D& though im!orts have also grown as is natural in any trade agreement) %t was further
mentioned that a significant !art of %ndia4s im!orts from this region related to essential
im!orts li(e edible oils from Malaysia and %ndonesia and !etroleum !roducts and co(e from
%ndonesia) %n case these essential im!orts of more than C<A billion are discounted& %ndia
en+oys a trade sur!lus with ASEA.) Even globally if we were to rationali5e our im!orts by
deducting im!orts of essential !roducts li(e mineral oil& edible oil& coal and some other raw
materials the e3!ort of manufactured raw materials was doing well) Though there is
significant !ossibility of im!roving our !osition& e3!orts have done reasonably well in the last
three months and trend is e3!ected to continue) #ith China& there is a huge trade deficit
amounting to C?E billion which is a matter of concern) This is an issue that has been
re!eatedly ta(en u! with China bilaterally at the highest level and all efforts are being made to
!romote e3!orts from %ndia li(e !harmaceuticals and %T services) Further& continuous efforts
have been made within the constraint of resources !rovided to the Ministry to boost e3!orts in
general as well as s!ecific sectors and mar(ets which need assistance)
%t was highlighted that there is an inbuilt mechanism of review in all FTAs which !rovides an
o!!ortunity for mid2course correction& if re'uired) A com!rehensive study has been
conducted by the 9e!artment of Commerce to assess the im!act of FTAs in the %ndian
conte3t) %t was outlined that %ndian e3!orts to different regions are crucially de!endent on
com!etitiveness which is guided by other factors such as ushering in the second generation
reforms on ta3ation& rolling out of ST& reform in labour laws& U!gradation of infrastructure
relating to !ower& !orts and roads) -igh transaction costs and cumbersome !rocedure on the
border at times ham!ers the ease of doing business in %ndia which need to be addressed
simultaneously to retain %ndia4s com!etitiveness in global mar(ets)
!epart"ent Related Parlia"etnary #tanding Co""ittee on Co""erce $nvites
#uggesstions of Public on Credit and Mar%et Access Facilities for Foreign Trade
The Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce,
headed by Shri Shanta Kumar, M.P., Rajya Sabha has taken up the subject ofCredit
and Market Access Facilities for Forein !rade" for examination and report.
. The Committee has decided to in!ite !ie"s#suggestions#comments from
indi!iduals# experts# institutions# organi$ations# stake%holders interested in the subject
matter. The !ie"s# suggestions# comments may, inter alia, focus on issues like
assistance# support# facilities a!ailable to the &ndian exporters# importers, policy
inter!entions re'uired for strengthening the inherent capacity of (S() sector and
facilitating bank and market access to the sector for foreign trade* structural reforms
re'uired in the foreign trade mechanism to make it risk%free and enable it to become
priority sector for loan and finances* "ays and means to infuse competiti!eness to our
production process and promote export of finished goods rater than ra" material*
infrastructural bottlenecks hampering efficient foreign trade* banking reforms desirable to
facilitate lo" interest loans for the purpose of foreign trade, regulatory frame"ork
re'uired to o!ersee the gro"th of foreign trade and check unfair practices* streamlining of
!arious scheme# incenti!es being offered by the +o!ernment, coordination bet"een
customs and D+,T authorities on foreign trade related policies# schemes, co%opting
State +o!ernments to promote foreign trade* efficacy of )xport Promotion Councils
-)PCs., Directorate +eneral of ,oreign Trade -D+,T. and &ndia Trade
Promotion /rganisation-&TP/. to promote foreign trade, etc. The aforementioned issues
are only indicati!e and not exhausti!e.
0. Those desirous of submitting their !ie"s and suggestions to the Committee
may send their "ritten memoranda -either in )nglish or 1indi. on the abo!e subject
toShri #. Sundriyal, $irector, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Room no. %&', Second Floor,
Parliament (ouse Anne)e, *e+ $elhi,''&&&- .!el./ %0&0121'3 or e,
mailat, "ith thirty days from the date of
publication of this Press Communi'ue. Those "illing to gi!e oral e!idence before the
Committee, besides sending (emoranda, are re'uested to indicate so. 1o"e!er, the
decision of the Committee, in the regard, shall be final.
3. The memoranda submitted to the Committee "ould form a part of the records
of the Committee and "ill be treated as confidential. These are not to be disclosed to
anyone, till the report of the Committee is presented to Parliament, !iolation of "hich
"ould constitute a breach of pri!ilege of the Committee.
Rajya Sabha Secretariat Parliament of &ndia, 4e" Delhi, 3.55.650
7S8# 9(:
PMR!F &ill address the challenge of Poverty head on' (aira"
Union Minister of Rural 9evelo!ment Shri Jairam Ramesh has launched the !rofile boo(
of $rime Minister4s Rural 9evelo!ment 7$MR98 Fellows and announced the recruitment of
second batch of the ongoing $MR9F Scheme here)
The boo( !rofiles the current batch of <?E Fellows s!read over E? districts across D States and
shares their e3!eriences with the Fellowshi! in their own words) "ne hundred forty Fellows
will be selected in the second batch through a com!etitive !rocess starting with an online All
%ndia Com!etency Assessment Test 7A%CAT8 to be held on <;th 9ecember =><?)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& Mr) Ramesh said that hel!ing the !oor get their !lace in the society
and develo!ment of underdevelo!ed regions remains a ma+or challenge before the country)
The tas( is much more com!le3 than is commonly understood) %t calls for a high degree of
!rofessionali5ation of our develo!ment interventions and a great sense of em!athy while
dealing with the under!rivileged) -e said the country has an acute scarcity of !rofessional
human resources in the districts and for wor(ing with the !oor) This is more so in the
underdevelo!ed regions of our country) The Minister laid stress on the need to e3!and the
!ool of !rofessional human resources to confront the challenge of !overty head2on and added
that $MR9 Fellowshi! is a uni'ue effort to address this challenge)
$MR9 Fellowshi! is an initiative of the Ministry of Rural 9evelo!ment 7MoR98 where the
focus is to reduce !overty and im!rove the lives of !eo!le in rural %ndia) $MR9 Fellowshi! is
being im!lemented in collaboration with State overnments)
The Fellowshi! is a short term wor( o!!ortunity for young women and men who already
!ossess academic andBor !rofessional e3!ertise) 9uring the two2year duration of the
Fellowshi!& $MR9 Fellows wor( closely with 9istrict Collectors of bac(ward and remote
districts in im!roving !rogramme delivery and interface with marginali5ed sections& aiming to
reduce the develo!mental and governance deficits) Alongside& through structured learning
e3ercises and events the Fellows get an o!!ortunity to build their ca!acity in !rogramme
im!lementation& gain field e3!erience and e3!lore self2motivation as well as life goals) Thus
the $MR9F scheme has the twin ob+ective of !roviding short term catalytic su!!ort to the
9istrict Administration to im!rove the effectiveness of develo!ment !rogrammes as well as to
develo! a cadre of develo!ment facilitators& who will be available as a ready resource for rural
develo!ment activities over a long term)
$MR9 Fellowshi! was launched in Se!tember =><< and the first batch of Fellows +oined in
June =><=) Fellows were selected through a highly com!etitive !rocess conducted by Tata
%nstitute of Social Sciences 7T%SS8)
Ministry of Rural 9evelo!ment now launches the $MR9 Fellowshi! %% after incor!orating
lessons from the first) %n addition to filling u! vacancies in the e3isting districts& Fellows will
also be !laced in the .orth Eastern States)
$MR9 Fellows of the second batch& as they continue their wor( in the districts& will
simultaneously !artici!ate in a !ost graduate degree !rogramme through e2enabled distance
learning and contact sessions leading to M)ScBM)$hil in 9evelo!ment $ractice& to be
conducted by T%SS) %mmediately after successful com!letion of the fellowshi!& a $MR9
Fellow will be re'uired to s!end at least one year in !ublic service as a !aid full2time
em!loyee of the State Rural 0ivelihood Mission in the State sheBhe is assigned to)
%n the words of Sweta Trayamba(& $MR9 Fellow:
% am !rivileged enough to get an o!!ortunity to wor( with the Sabars 6 1irhors 7$articularly
Fulnerable Tribal rou!s8& the !oorest of the !oor as we (now themGGGG)
GGG)Su!!ression of women is really disheartening for me) So % !lanned to mobili5e and
form women4s grou!s so that they can understand and su!!ort each other) The best !ractices %
observed were that grou!s themselves started forming other grou!s and started sharing
im!ortant information among them) .ow the grou!s want to move a ste! further i)e) to wor(
on enhancing livelihood sources) 9uring my one year tenure as $MR9 Fellow& % came across
very sad incident about an old lady who died on her way to !ost office to collect old age
!ension) This incident made me to thin( that develo!ment does not only mean visiting fields
but it also means ma(ing the !eo!le4s accessibility easier) To solve this sort of !roblems& we
7along with district administration8 are im!lementing !ayment at door ste! through business
corres!ondent model)
% consider myself fortunate to be a $MR9 Fellow as it gave me an o!!ortunity to reach
!eo!le& understand their !roblems and em!ower them and to channeli5e their voices into the
e3isting government system for better !olicy and im!lementation) % ho!e with my sincere
efforts& innovative ideas& technology and su!!ort from district administration& % would be able
to ma(e some difference in the lives of the !eo!le s!ecially women at the end of my second
year and my efforts would go onGG
Sweta is based at Ramgarh district in Jhar(hand) She is a !ost graduate in Entre!reneurshi!
Management from H0R%& Jamshed!ur) She has wor(ed on the issues of education&
entre!reneurshi!& women em!owerment and livelihoods for more than three years before
+oining $MR9F)
To read the e3!eriences of $MR9 Fellows& !lease visit: !mrdfellows)word!ress)com
Faceboo( !age: www)faceboo()comB!mrdfofficial!age
"fficial website: htt!:BBrural)nic)inB!mrdfsB
E)uip our youth &ith s%ills and *obs, says President
The $resident of %ndia Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee inaugurated a Conference of 9irectors of
.ational %nstitutes of Technology at the Rashta!ati 1havan today 7Ith .ovember& =><?8) This
is for the first time that such a Conference is being convened by the $resident& who is Fisitor
to all .%Ts)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& the $resident said that %ndia4s biggest strength in the coming years
is going to be her demogra!hic dividend) More than fifty !ercent of our !o!ulation is under
=; and soon one fifth of the world4s wor(ing age !o!ulation will be in our country) This
dividend is however something we can not ta(e for granted) #e must urgently e'ui! our
youth with necessary s(ills and +obs)
The $resident stated that the overnment is investing huge amount of resources in higher
education) The effort to increase J'uantity4 e3!onentially must be matched with
commensurate efforts to im!rove J'uality4) #e must lead our institutions into the ran(s of the
best such institutions in the world)
The $resident said that the Conference was being held +ust two days after %ndia attained a very
significant milestone in the field of s!ace e3!loration through the launch of the Mangalaayan
Mission) -e stated that our s!ace scientists and engineers have re!eatedly demonstrated that
given determination& leadershi!& hard wor( and resources& %ndia is fully ca!able of attaining
global e3cellence in fields of frontier technology) The e3am!le set by the %SR" can be
emulated in a large number of other sectors in our country)
The $resident said that engineers !lay a very im!ortant role in every wal( of life) They
convert (nowledge of basic sciences into !roducts) They are versatile minds who build
bridges between sciences& technology and society) They contribute to the nation4s
technological and industrial !rogress) "ur %%Ts and .%Ts !lay an im!ortant role by nurturing
world class engineers who are not only !rofessionally com!etent but also committed to
mastering frontier areas of technology& im!roving the 'uality of life of our countrymen and
ta(ing our nation to new heights of achievement)
The $resident e3!ressed the ho!e that .%Ts of %ndia will !lay a central role in leading the
drive for 'uality engineering education across the country) -e said that .%Ts must evolve
clear strategies to encourage research and develo!ment& which then leads on to innovation and
!atents) Engineering institutions li(e .%Ts must wor( towards ma(ing the Science&
Technology and %nnovation 7ST%8 !olicy a success) They must mentor grassroots innovators to
develo! their ideas into useful !roducts that benefit the common man)
ational Conference on $ntellectual !isability' E"po&ering Persons &ith $ntellectual
The Union Minister for Social Justice 6 Em!owerment& /umari Sel+a inaugurated the
.ational Conference on %ntellectual 9isability& +ointly organi5ed by the 9e!artment of
9isability Affairs& Ministry of Social Justice and Em!owerment and .ational %nstitute for
Mentally -andica!!ed& Secunderabad& here today)
Addressing the conference the Minister& /umari Sel+a said that this conference has s!ecial
relevance in the !resent conte3t because of the com!le3 nature of !roblems) Mental
retardation is a com!le3 condition which affects the develo!ment of cognitive functions&
motor functions& social and communication s(ills of the %ndividual) %t is one of the core areas
where active involvement of multi2disci!linary s!ecialists and !arents or guardians is re'uired
for !lanning for thera!eutic intervention)
The Minister further added that as !er =>>< Census out of the total number of !ersons with
disabilities of about =)<D crores& the number of !ersons with mental disabilities was about =?
la(hs) The causative factors of intellectual disabilities have their influence in the !re2
conce!tual& !re2natal& !eri2natal and !ost2natal !hases of the life cycle of a child) %ntellectual
disability can also occur due to hereditary reasons)
$ersons with disabilities are !revented from reaching their full !otential not only due to their
im!airment& but as a result of discriminatory barriers in terms of legal& attitudinal and
architectural as!ects) The Minister em!hasi5ed that the Ministry is fully committed to
removing barriers& !hysical or otherwise for the em!owerment of !ersons with disabilities and
to ensure their full and e'ual !artici!ation)
/umari Sel+a said that %ndia is a signatory to the United .ations Convention on the Rights of
$ersons with 9isabilities 7U.CR$98) %n order to fulfill its obligations under U.CR$9& the
Ministry is actively wor(ing on enactment of a new Act re!lacing e3isting $w9 Act <DD;)
The new 1ill envisages more rights and entitlements to all categories of !ersons with
disabilities including the !ersons with intellectual disabilities and would also im!rove
im!lementation mechanisms) A!art from im!lementation of the United .ations Convention
on $ersons with 9isabilities in its letter and s!irit& the Ministry is also engaged in achieving
the goals& targets and indicators as envisaged in the %ncheon Strategy to JMa(e the Rights
Real4 !iloted by the U.ESCA$)
The Minister wished the .ational Conference all success and ho!ed that its findings would be
useful for ensuring s!eedy em!owerment of !ersons with %ntellectual 9isabilities)
The Secretary& 9e!artment of 9isability Affairs& Ministry of Social Justice 6 Em!owerment&
Ms) Stuti /ac(er addressing the Conference said that the !roblems being faced by the !ersons
with intellectual disabilities are uni'ue as com!ared to other forms of disabilities) Studies
show that @=K of intellectual disabilities occur due to illness during childhood followed by
head in+ury& as well as !roblems during !regnancy and birth related com!lications) This
im!lies a lot is re'uired to be done in the R6 9 sector for identification and early intervention
to reverse the trend of growing numbers of intellectual disabilities in the country)
The Secretary said that the #or(ing rou! constituted by $lanning Commission for the H%%
Five Lear $lan observed that there is lac( of o!!ortunity for mentally ill !erson to ensure full
recovery& inability of the family to !rovide ade'uate level of care& lac( of !re!aredness to
address differential need of such class of disability and also there is inade'uate rehabilitation
service available to the mentally challenged !erson) An ob+ective assessment of the situation
indicates that there is an urgent need to thin( in an innovative manner for early intervention
and !revention of mental disabilities)
Considering the urgent need of rehabilitation services and shortage of !rofessionals to handle
the com!le3 !roblems of this grou! of very s!ecial !ersons the Secretary informed that the
9e!artment of 9isability Affairs is in the !rocess of initiating a !ro!osal to set u! .ational
%nstitute of Mental -ealth Rehabilitation)
The Joint Secretary& 9e!artment of 9isability Affairs& Ministry of Social Justice 6
Em!owerment& Shri Awanish Awasthi& in his address at the Conference said that this is the
first such conference and the 9e!artment has !lanned similar national level conferences of
.ational %nstitutes as it is felt that there is a genuine need to address the issues relating to the
sector) The Joint Secretary further added that the 9e!artment is addressing the various need of
the !ersons with disabilities and together will able to built a strong& meaningful& sustainable
and com!rehensive rehabilitation !rogram to enhance the 'uality of life of !ersons with
$resent at the Conference were $oonam .atra+an& Chair!erson& .ational Trust& Ma+) eneral
%an Cardo5o&Chairman& Rehabilitation Council of %ndia& Shri T) C) Siva /umar& 9irector&
.%M- and various officials of organi5ations 22 $AR%FAAR& the .ational Confederation of
$arents "rgani5ations& Action for Autism2 .ational Centre for Autism& 9own Syndrome
Federation of %ndia& %ndian Academy of $ediatrics and %ndian Association of Clinical
The .ational %nstitute for the Mentally -andica!!ed 7.%M-8& Secunderabad was established
in the year <DE@ to with the !rimary ob+ective to cater to the needs of $ersons with Mental
Retardation) .%M- has facilities for !roviding com!rehensive thera!eutic services for
children with intellectual disabilities right from infancy stage to any age level)
%n order to meet the demand for the trained !rofessionals .%M- is involved in man!ower
develo!ment by conducting long term academic !rograms from 9i!loma to M)$hil level)
.%M- is also involved in research and develo!mental activities) The results of the research
and develo!mental activities are disseminated through their !ublished boo(s& !am!hlets&
leaflets& videos& !osters& radio2s!ots& etc)
ational $dentification Authority of $ndia +ill, ,-./ to be introduced in the &inter
session of Parlia"ent
. However, for actual enrollment process, physical presence of the resident is a must. It is also
clarified that certain agencies are falsely circulating e-mails offering online registration
for Aadhaar. It is stressed that UIDAI does not currently offer online enrollment.
Meanwhile, all necessary steps have been taken for introduction of the National Identification
Authority of India ill, 2013 in the winter session of Parliament likely to commence from the
week of the next month. The Union Cabinet has already approved the proposal submitted by
the Ministry of Planing
December. The Speaker Sabha in consultation with the
, Rajyanding Committee on Finance. The
In the meantime, the UIDAIhas been functioning under an executive order issued by the
Government in January 2009, establishing UIDAI as an Attached Office of the Planing
CommissionThe Bill proposes to constitute a statutory authority to be called the National
Identification Authority of India and lay down the powers and functions of the Authority, the
framework for issuing Aadhaar numbers, defines offences and penal.
(a) for issue of Aadhaar numbers to every resident by the Authority on providinhis
demographic information and biometric information to it in such manner as mabe specified by
r to his biometric information and demographic information subject to uch
conditions(c) for establishment of the National Identification Authority of India consisting of
a Chairperson and two part-time Members;
enrolment thereof; 1 ob) The Committee had also, stated that pending the issuance
of Aadhaar numbe "unethical" and "violative" of Parliament prerogatives when the bill
has y passed. The issuance of Aadhaar was based on the opinion of the Ministrof
stated that the UIDAIcan continue to function under the executive order
issued the Authority from functioning under the executive authorization
misuse of personal information, it has been stated that UIDAI recognizes that
theB protection of information) As regards the apprehension that service/benefits might be
denied to individual
"hoit has been clarified that Aadhaar number is an
enablerwith a purpose of effective delivery and benefits by establishing idenity
of. s possession of Aadhaar should not be one, especially if efforts are madto
ensure of Aadhaar will be determined by the implementing ministries/agencies.
raised by the Committee are untested and
unreliable, study on financial implication, duplication of effort with National Population
. The following points may be noted in this regard:
and is currently processing over 1 million Aadhaar per day wih a
capacity. e largest Database of its kind in the world.
welfare and inclusive growth.
beent Rs 12,398.22 crore as compared to Rs. 150,000 Crore as reported in sme
media. d ,, .
Insttute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) shows that the Internal Rate of
In January 2012, it was decided with the approval of the Cabinet Commitee
onu3 and is thus very convenient and useful for people moving from
say(b) On-line verification (also called as authentication) - the Aadhaar platfo on-line
verification of a person`s identity anywhere in the country by
Benefit to Government:
iaBanking Correspondent for money or at a PDSoutlet for grain); and,
y as connectivity is there.
) Convenience - a resident can get access to services close to where tey
are) Mobility - a resident can access services throughout the country; andiii)
Empowerment - since the resident has a choice of outlets for a particular
ser4icer), the bargaining power shifts to the resident. This also redces
corru5tion(c) Electronic-Know Your Customer (e-KYC) - resident authorized proviion
ofr(POA) to an authorized agency
) Productivity - instant paperless provisioning of services has geat
im5actii) Inclusion - can provide access to services like bank accounts nd
mobileiii) Audit - every KYCrequest has a unique transaction code, cannot be
re5udiatedBenefit to resident:
i; and,
money just with the Aadhaar number as the address.
Minister calls for a holistic, integrated and sustainable &aste "anage"ent syste" in
the country
E3!ressing concern over the 'uantum of waste !roduced every year from construction and
demolition 7C698 activities Union Minister of State for Urban 9evelo!ment Smt 9ee!a
9asmunshi has called for a holistic& integrated and sustainable waste management system in
the country) %naugurating a two day sym!osium on Technology 6 E'ui!ments for
Construction 6 9emolition #aste Recycling in association with %C% in .ew 9elhi& the
minister said& the !lan should also target for waste diversion and recycling through
im!lementation of new !olicies& information technologies& awareness and waste management
facilities) Recycling of aggregate materials from construction and demolition waste can turn
the otherwise waste materials into usable !roducts and hel! in the conservation of natural
resources for future generations as well as for the sustainable develo!ment of the society& Smt
9asmunshi added)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& Secretary& Urban 9evelo!ment Shri Sudhir /rishna underlined the
need for a regulatory framewor( so that the issue of C69 waste is addressed in a systematic
a!!roach) To e3!loit the full !otential of C69 waste Shri /rishna said& his ministry is
im!lementing incentive schemes and !romoting R69 so that the waste generated from these
C69 activities can be used as raw materials for generating economic resources) %n addition to
this& the Ministry of Urban 9evelo!ment also acts as an intermediary by formulating !olicy
guidelines and !roviding technical assistance to the states and cities for im!lementation of
waste management !ro+ects)
The Sym!osium witnessed !artici!ation from eminent e3!erts& technology !roviders and
e'ui!ment manufacturers) A range of to!ics covered in the sym!osium include management
of C69 waste& !rocess of recycling concrete !avements& washing e'ui!ments& on site
crushing& mobile !lants& robotic demolition etc)
A&areness is the %ey factor for the success of develop"ent and &elfare sche"es ' #h0
Manish Te&ari
The three day $ublic %nformation Cam!aign in 9a(ha of 0udhiana district began today )
%naugurating the cam!aign& Union Minister of %nformation and 1roadcasting Shri Manish
Tewari said that the success of welfare schemes meant for !eo!le de!ends on awareness about
them in the general masses) The Minister said that the Centre has initiated several !ro+ects for
the general welfare of !eo!le and these are im!lemented by the state government) The Central
government releases thousands of crores worth of grants under these !rogrammes and !ro+ects
but a large chun( of the same does reach the beneficiaries) Shri Manish Tewari further said
that the centre has !rovided the Right to %nformation 7RT%8 a !owerful instrument to the
!ublic through which they can see( information related to government activities ) 0auding the
effort under the $ublic %nformation Cam!aign for bringing awareness among the masses& he
said that the aim of such efforts& these cam!aigns is to ta(e the right information to the !eo!le
doorste! and also to clarify any doubts in !eo!les mind over government schemes) The
cam!aign has been organi5ed by the $ress %nformation 1ureau with the su!!ort of other
media units of %nformation and 1roadcasting Ministry 6 district administration of 0udhiana)
%n her welcome address& $rinci!al 9& $ress %nformation 1ureau& Smt) .eelam /a!ur said
that the aim of the cam!aign is to create awareness among the general !ublic and also to
reduce the ga! between the administration and the !eo!le) She further said that so far over
seven hundred 1harat .irman $ublic %nformation Cam!aigns have been organi5ed across the
country and the one in 9a(ha is =;th in the $un+ab state)
%n today4s deliberations& the s!ea(ers gave detailed information on 0and Ac'uisition Act&
Food security Act& Mahatma andhi .ational Rural Em!loyment uarantee Act 7M.REA8
and central government schemes for rural develo!ment) Thirty E3hibition stalls have been set
u! in coordination the with district administration which showcase the activities of various
develo!ment !rograms underta(en by different de!artments of the centre and state
government) An JAwareness Rally4 was also ta(en out by school students and wor(er of
%ntegrated Child 9evelo!ment Scheme )
$ndia and (apan to #trengthen their Cooperation in the Mariti"e #ector
%ndia and Ja!an have decided to further strengthen their coo!eration in the maritime sector
as a !art of the overall robust bilateral relations) The two countries agreed to enhance their
interaction through the e3isting forums and through !ort2to2!ort e3changes)
These issues came u! for a discussion between the Union Minister of Shi!!ing Shri )/)
Fasan& who is on an official visit to Ja!an and his Ja!anese counter!art Shri A(ihiro "hta&
Minister of land& %ndustries and Trans!ort 6 Tourism& overnment of Ja!an)
Shri Fasan e3!lained the develo!ments that were ta(ing !lace in %ndia in the $orts sector and
assured Shri "hta that concerns regarding infrastructure and connectivity of !orts are being
addressed e3!editiously) %n !articular& he said that the !orts in Ennore and Chennai are
catering to the Ja!anese car e3!orters li(e Toyota and .issan who have so far e3!orted about
@=>>> and ?>>>>> cars res!ectively from these !orts)
9uring the tal(s& Shri Fasan than(ed the Ja!anese government for its su!!ort to various
%ndian $orts and infrastructure !ro+ects through the Ja!an %nternational Coo!eration Agency
7J%CA8) -e also mentioned the !ossibility of J%CA assistance to F"C $ort at Thoothu(udi for
the u!coming "uter -arbour $ro+ect)
Ja!anese Minister Shri "hta& while ac(nowledging the e3isting cordial relationshi! between
%ndia and Ja!an& assured that Ja!an will carry forward the momentum) -e also than(ed Shri
Fasan for his efforts in this direction and e3!ressed Ja!an4s interest in shi!building and
recycling industries in %ndia)
Shri Fasan later visited the Lo(ohama !ort where he was received by Shri .obuya Su5u(i&
9e!uty Mayor of Lo(ohama city and Shri Masaharu %(egami& the Fice 9irector eneral of
the Ministry of 0and& %ndustries and Trans!ort 6 Tourism& 7M0%T8 overnment of Ja!an)
#peech by the President of $ndia, #hri Pranab Mu%her*ee at the ational Education
!ay celebrations and the inauguration of 1-th (a&aharlal ehru ational #cience,
Mathe"atics and Environ"ent Exhibition for Children 2,-./
% am indeed ha!!y to be amidst you today on the occasion of the .ational
Education 9ay celebrations) This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary
of the first Education Minister of %ndia& Maulana Abul /alam A5ad& a great visionary&
freedom fighter& scholar& and eminent educationist)
=) %t was Maulana A5ad who had woven the fabric of a secular& liberal& modern and
universal education system) #e owe a great deal to the !rogress achieved in education in
inde!endent %ndia to the direction and goals that Maulana A5ad had envisioned for us)
Addressing the Conference on All %ndia Education on January <A& <D@E& Mauland A5ad
observed and % 'uote: *#e must not for a moment forget& it is the birth right of every
individual to receive at least the basic education without which he cannot fully discharge
his duties as a citi5en), 7Un'uote8) Maulana A5ad& as inde!endent %ndia4s first Education
Minister& brought about substantial reforms in the education system of our country which
continue to guide us in achieving our goal of JEducation for All4) "n this occasion& % ta(e
the o!!ortunity to salute and !ay homage to this great visionary and architect of our
education system) #e as a nation need to strive hard to turn his dreams into reality)
0adies and entlemen&
?) The @>th Jawaharlal .ehru .ational Science& Mathematics and Environment
E3hibition for Children M =><?& which has been organised on this occasion see(s to
encourage& !o!ulari5e and inculcate a scientific tem!er among the children of the country)
% am glad to learn that .CERT organi5es national level science e3hibitions every year
where children showcase their talents in science and mathematics and their a!!lications in
different areas related with our everyday life)
@) The E3hibition commemorates our first $rime Minister $andit Jawaharlal .ehru&
who was of the o!inion that science is ca!able of bringing about far reaching changes& the
most vital of these being inculcation of scientific tem!er) $andit+i once observed and %
'uote: *%t is scientific method alone that offers ho!e to man(ind and ending of the agony
of the world), This e3hibition& in which !otential mathematicians and scientists have !ut
on dis!lay their multifarious talents& is an inde3 of the infinite ca!acity of young men and
women of the country to solve the !roblems the society faces M be it those relating to
environment& industrial develo!ment& energy or security) % understand that there are
around one hundred and seventy e3hibits on dis!lay in this e3hibition& which re!resent the
efforts made by thousands of students through district and state level feeder e3hibitions
organi5ed last year) Children have converged from various !arts of our country to this
meet to show case their scientific wor() % congratulate the .ational Council of
Educational Research and Training for its endeavour to !o!ulari5e science and
mathematics and inculcate a scientific tem!er in the children of %ndia) % am confident that
organisation of these e3hibitions will enable the students and teachers to generate new
scientific ideas for addressing !roblems relating to the society and environment)
;) The central theme of this year4s e3hibition& *Science and Society,& is an occasion for
us to reflect on the issues and !roblems our society is facing) "n the one hand& we face
challenges regarding conservation of our resources for future needs and on the other& the
fulfilment of basic necessities of the ever increasing !o!ulation continues to remain a
!ersisting !roblem) %t is high time& we redefine the conce!t of develo!ment in a wider
!ers!ective& and try to find innovative ways based on scientific (nowledge and
mathematical understanding to tac(le them) There should be no confrontation between the
environment considerations and develo!ment re'uirements)
A) The !o!ulation of the world has already crossed seven billion and %ndia accounts for
about one si3th of this boom) The !roblem can be com!ounded further by !overty&
hunger& malnutrition and illiteracy& if a!!ro!riate ste!s are not ta(en immediately) %t is
im!erative to face the situation s'uarely and ado!t a scientific and mathematical a!!roach
to the !erformance of tas(s at hand) There is a need to ma(e our children aware of the
ne3us between !roblems li(e unchec(ed !o!ulation growth and energy crisis& de!letion of
natural resources& !ollution of the environment& and so on) Towards this end& our younger
generation needs to be made not only aware but also res!onsive to all the issues which
have a direct bearing on our society) #e should encourage children to visualise the future
of the nation and hel! them become sensitive and res!onsible citi5ens) Science and
Mathematics are !owerful ways of investigating and understanding the world) %t is&
therefore& e3tremely im!ortant to inculcate the ethos of science and mathematics in the
minds of our young students who are the future scientists and technologists of this nation)
I) The e3hibition has been renamed as the Jawaharlal .ehru .ational Science&
Mathematics and Environment E3hibition 7J..SMEE8 for Children) This& % am informed
was done (ee!ing in mind the celebration of the JLear of Mathematics4 and in order to
give more em!hasis on environment2related issues) Si((im& where the e3hibition is being
held this year is well (nown for its rich biodiversity and the !ro2conservation !olicies
followed by its overnment) % urge our young !artici!ants to regard the five elements of
life: Earth& #ater& Energy& S!ace and Air as something that we have inherited and that we
have to !ass on to the ne3t generation) #e have no right to s'uander or !ollute them
because we do not own them) This does not mean that we should not !ursue science&
develo! technology and strive to im!rove the 'uality of human life& but while doing this
we should ta(e care not to disturb the delicate balance of our com!ound ecosystem) All
the natural elements that sustain life on earth are inter2connected and e3hibit the highest
order of coordinationN and any disturbance caused to any one of them will lead to
imbalance in nature as a whole) #e sim!ly cannot afford to do that)
E) 0adies and entlemen&
Education is a necessary tool for national !rogress& human em!owerment and social
change) The Right of Children to Free and Com!ulsory Education Act& =>>D& and the
inclusion of Article =<2A in the Constitution of %ndia has far reaching im!lications for
elementary education and for the im!lementation of Sarva Shi(sha Abhiyan 7SSA8& in the
years to come) Rashtriya Madhyami( Shi(sha Abhiyan 7RMSA8 focuses on strengthening
of the secondary school system in the country so as to raise enrolment in secondary
education& reduce the gender& social and regional ga!s in enrolment and im!rove school
retention) %n higher education& a !lethora of reforms are being introduced to increase
access and ensure meaningful 'uality) An umbrella scheme of Rashtriya Ucchatar Shi(sha
Abhiyan 7RUSA8 is being launched to address the needs of State institutions so as to
strengthen them and enhance their 'uality)
D) -owever& much remains to be done) There is a need to !romote a culture of
e3cellence and !rovide 'uality education for all with s!ecial focus on the marginali5ed
and disadvantaged grou!s) The thrust should be on inclusive education and the three Es of
e3!ansion& e'uity and e3cellence in education across all levels) Teachers should ins!ire
students to imbibe correct values and sha!e future citi5ens having a sound character)
There is a need to give greater focus on female literacy as well as the synergy between
literacy and s(ill develo!ment) #e must focus on technology enabled learning in all the
institutions across the country and em!ower the faculty and students to harness
technology for im!roving the 'uality of education) %ncreased use of technology solutions
to address the !roblems of accessibility& 'uality and faculty shortage is necessary)
Accessibility and affordability are (ey ste!s for inclusion)
<>) %nnovation will be a determining factor of growth in the future) %n a world mar(ed
by resource constraints& growth will increasingly de!end on technology u!2gradation)
%ndia has dedicated =><>2=> as the 9ecade of %nnovation) The Science& Technology and
%nnovation $olicy& unveiled this year& calls for mentoring grassroots innovation)
%nnovation in science and technology can lead to the develo!ment of new !roducts and
!rocesses which could act as catalysts for growth) Therefore& Research 6 %nnovation
needs to !lay a vital role in our education system) Further& our drive towards innovation
should benefit those at the bottom of the socio2economic !yramid)
<<) My vision is that %ndia should become a (nowledge !ower in the coming decade
wherein every %ndian is literate and has access to affordable& 'uality education) % am sure
the visionary !ers!ectives of Maulana A5ad will continue to ins!ire and guide us to build
a (nowledge society)
<=) % would once again li(e to than( the .CERT& .ew 9elhi and the overnment of
Si((im for inviting me to this e3hibition) $andit+i had once observed and % 'uote: *#ho
indeed could afford to ignore science todayO At every turn we have to see( its aid))) The
future belongs to science and those who ma(e friends with science,) 7Un'uote8) % ho!e&
young children that you continue to ta(e ins!iration from these eternally relevant words of
$andit .ehru) Remember that Science& Technology and %nnovation is the (ey to !rogress
and !ros!erity for our nation) Always move forward with an o!en mind and strive to
reach new heights) % offer my best wishes to you for a bright and !roductive future)
#cience, technology and innovation is the %ey to progress and prosperity, says
The $resident of %ndia& Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee inaugurated the @>th Jawaharlal .ehru
.ational Science& Mathematics and Environment E3hibition 7J..SMEE8 on the occasion of
.ational Education 9ay today& 7.ovember <<& =><?8 at angto(& Si((im)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& the $resident said this day is celebrated to commemorate the birth
anniversary of the first Education Minister of %ndia& Maulana Abul /alam A5ad& a great
visionary& freedom fighter& scholar& and eminent educationist) -e recalled that addressing the
Conference on All %ndia Education on January <A& <D@E& Maulana A5ad observed *#e must
not for a moment forget& it is the birth right of every individual to receive at least the basic
education without which he cannot fully discharge his duties as a citi5en),
The $resident said Science& Technology and %nnovation is the (ey to !rogress and !ros!erity
for our nation) "ur first $rime Minister $andit Jawaharlal .ehru once observed *%t is
scientific method alone that offers ho!e to man(ind and ending of the agony of the world),
The $resident said the central theme of this year4s e3hibition& *Science and Society,& is an
occasion to reflect on the issues and !roblems our society is facing) There is a need to ma(e
our children aware of the ne3us between !roblems li(e unchec(ed !o!ulation growth and
energy crisis& de!letion of natural resources& !ollution of the environment& and so on) %t is
e3tremely im!ortant to inculcate the ethos of science and mathematics in the minds of our
young students who are the future scientists and technologists of this nation)
The $resident called u!on young !artici!ants to regard the five elements of life: Earth& #ater&
Energy& S!ace and Air as something that we have inherited and that we have to !ass on to the
ne3t generation) #e have no right to s'uander or !ollute them because we do not own them)
The $resident said innovation will be a determining factor of growth in the future) %ndia has
dedicated =><>2=> as the 9ecade of %nnovation) The Science& Technology and %nnovation
$olicy& unveiled this year& calls for mentoring grassroots innovation)
The $resident said his vision was that %ndia should become a (nowledge !ower in the coming
decade wherein every %ndian is literate and has access to affordable& 'uality education)
Pri"e Minister3s speech at $nternational Conference on 4Evolving Co""on
#trategies to Co"bat Corruption and Cri"e
Following is the te3t of $rime Minister& 9r) Manmohan Singh4s S!eech at the %nternational
Conference on *Evolving Common Strategies to Combat Corru!tion and Crime in .ew 9elhi
*0et me begin by e3tending my very warm greetings to all ran(s of the Central 1ureau of
%nvestigation in its olden Jubilee year& and also to all those who have been associated with
the organi5ation in the !ast) % also e3tend a very warm welcome to our guests from abroad
who are !artici!ating in this international conference)
%n the last D years % have now !artici!ated in this conference A times) Also& this is the ?rd
consecutive year that % am addressing this event) % must therefore confess that it was a little
difficult for me to decide on what to say to this distinguished gathering) #hat could % say to
you which % have not said before or which you do not already (now as e3!erts in investigating
of corru!tion casesO After a great deal of thought % decided that % would flag certain larger
issues about the debate on corru!tion and related matters that our country has been
1ut before % !roceed further& a few words of congratulations to the very fine officers who
have received medals today and also some remar(s about the wor( of the Central 1ureau of
%nvestigation 7C1%8 and the structure of this conference) The si3 officers whose wor( has been
honored today are e3am!les of what we can achieve with hard wor( and determination) % wish
them even greater success for the future)
The C1% has now com!leted ;> years of its e3istence) Though conceived as an anti2corru!tion
agency& it has consistently been as(ed to investigate com!le3 crimes as well& !articularly
those which have national or inter2state ramifications) %t has contributed significantly to our
efforts to contain and !unish cases of corru!tion and other serious crimes) % com!liment the
agency for its achievements)
Some 'uestions have come u! recently about the legality of the C1%) "ur overnment will
loo( into this matter seriously and !rom!tly) This is a matter that will undoubtedly have to be
considered also by the highest court in the land) The overnment will do all that is necessary
to establish the need for the C1% and its legitimacy& and !rotect its !ast and future wor()
% understand that the structure of this conference would be a de!arture from the !ast) The
session2wise themes would cover the entire mandate of the C1% and not only anti2corru!tion
efforts& as was the !ractice in the earlier conferences) % am also ha!!y that other law
enforcement agencies of the country as also international and national e3!erts from a range of
area& re!resentatives of $ublic Sector Units& %ndustry and .on overnmental "rgani5ations
have also been invited to !artici!ate in this conference) This reflects the need that the fight
against corru!tion should be a collective national effort of diverse sta(eholders& and should
not only be confined to investigation and !rosecution of corru!tion related offences once they
The economic reforms of the <DD>s followed by !eriods of fast economic growth have
brought about ra!id changes in our country4s economy) This !rocess of change will continue
in the future as well& as our economy continues to grow and e3!and) The march of
globali5ation driven by 'uic( advances in technology is brea(ing down geogra!hical
boundaries) There is a growing e3change of !eo!le& ideas& goods& services& ca!ital and data
across the country and across national boundaries) These !owerful forces of change that are
instrumental in creating greater !ros!erity are also throwing u! new areas of crime and
corru!tion as also adding to the com!le3ity of the e3isting crimes) As % have said on an earlier
occasion& the answer to this com!le3 set of issues is in em!hasi5ing even more the need for
reforms together with better regulation) % ho!e this international conference with the theme
Evolving Common Strategies to Combat Crime and Corru!tion will hel! the !artici!ants
enhance their understanding of transnational crimes and corru!tion)
To (ee! !ace with the as!irations of the !eo!le for clean and trans!arent governance and also
deal with the increasing com!le3ity of economic offences& our government has ta(en several
legal and administrative measures in the last D years) % would not ta(e your time in listing all
of them but % would mention a few li(e the Right to %nformation Act& initiatives to enact the
0o(!al and the 0o(ayu(tas Act and to amend the $revention of Corru!tion Act and the 9elhi
S!ecial $olice Establishment Act& the $ublic Services 9elivery 1ill& and administrative ste!s
to reduce discretionary !owers of !ublic servants and ensure e3!editious dis!osal of
disci!linary !roceedings) The !oint % wish to ma(e here is that we now have a framewor( in
!lace to curb corru!tion and increase trans!arency and accountability in !ublic administration)
% ho!e that in the time to come we will be able to ma(e effective use of this framewor()
%n the !ublic debate on corru!tion in our country it is sometimes forgotten that economic
growth also im!lies greater o!!ortunity for corru!tion) %t is im!ortant& therefore& that we loo(
at the issue of corru!tion in the correct !ers!ective) #hile we must maintain utmost vigilance
in !reventing corru!tion and do our utmost in ensuring trans!arency& accountability and
!robity in !ublic life& it is also im!ortant to ensure that the wor( of nation building goes on at
a reasonably fast !ace) % thin( our !ublic debate needs to concentrate a little more on what it
would ta(e to ma(e our !rogress even faster) % thin( it needs to concentrate more on how to
im!rove infrastructure& how to im!rove the delivery of !ublic services and how to build
institutions) %t also needs to concentrate more on the achievements that we can legitimately be
!roud of) #e canQt be all the time +ust running down institutions of governance because there
have been some cases of wrong doing)
As you all (now& under our Constitution& maintenance of !ublic order& which would include
!revention& detection and !rosecution of offences is the domain of the E3ecutive) The !olice
and the investigation agencies therefore& are a !art of the E3ecutive and must function under
its administrative su!ervision)
This brings me to an issue which has made much news in the recent months2 that of autonomy
of the C1%& and generally of the !olice) % thin( it is very im!ortant to remember that under the
law& the !olice en+oy com!lete autonomy in the matter of investigation of offences and no
one& other than a su!erior !olice officer& can interfere with such investigation)
% would also li(e this gathering to reflect on the issue of autonomy of a !olice organi5ation)
Autonomy in investigation is already guaranteed) %f anything more needs to be done to further
insulate the investigative !rocess from e3ternal interference& we must not hesitate to do it) 1ut
it would be worthwhile to intros!ect if the debate on autonomy should lose sight of the fact
that the C1% and other investigating agencies are !art of the E3ecutive) #e should be able to
clearly distinguish between o!erational autonomy and the rules of oversight& su!ervision and
control in organi5ational and institutional matters that are normal for !ublic bodies of the
E3ecutive funded by !ublic money)
That the debate on autonomy has ac'uired !olitical overtones is indeed unfortunate) #hat is
almost as distressing is that sensitive investigations are increasingly becoming sub+ects of
running media commentary& often on the basis of material that is not otherwise in the !ublic
domain) .o one can a!!reciate better than this gathering of e3!erts that confidentiality is in
the interests of the integrity of an ongoing investigation) This was !recisely the thought
!rocess behind e3em!ting the C1% from the RT% Act) % ho!e that& as res!onsible !rofessionals&
you will be able to reflect on this issue in the correct !ers!ective)
"ver time& investigating agencies in our country have been increasingly en'uiring into
administrative decisions and also matters relating to !olicy ma(ing) Such cases re'uire great
care in investigation) #hile actions that !rima facie show malafide intent or !ecuniary gain
should certainly be 'uestioned& !ronouncing decisions ta(en with no ill2intention within the
!revailing !olicy as criminal misconduct would certainly be flawed and e3cessive) $olicy2
ma(ing is a multi2layered and com!le3 !rocess in the government& and will increasingly
become more so& and therefore % don4t thin( it would be to a!!ro!riate for a !olice agency to
sit in +udgment over !olicy formulation& without any evidence of malafide)
%n order that !ublic servants may not be !araly5ed in ta(ing effective decisions based on their
own sound +udgment and on the a!!rehension of an ill2informed in'uiry or investigation& it is
necessary that lines of confidence be clearly drawn between investigating and !olice agencies
on the one hand and honest e3ecutive functionaries on the other) %ndeed& *the !rotection of the
honest, is a facet of Article <@ of the Constitution of %ndia and is an obligation chargeable on
the State) %t is with this in view that the $revention of Corru!tion Act 7Amendment8 1ill& =><?
has been introduced in the $arliament& to amend a !rovision which !resently criminali5es&
even in the absence of any mens rea& any action of a !ublic servant that secures for any !erson
a !ecuniary advantage)
%t is also im!ortant that errors of +udgment are distinguished from criminal acts) As % have said
on earlier occasions& decision ma(ing in a world of uncertainty is a highly ris(y o!eration and
some decisions which a!!ear sensible e3 ante may e3 !ost turn out to be faulty) "ur
administrative set u! has to be so managed that the fear of the un(nown must not lead to
!aralysis in decision ma(ing)
A trained mind is necessary for discovering criminality) #hen a charge sheet is filed& the
charge sheet must go through rigorous !rocess of scrutiny and there must be a high chance of
securing conviction in that case) This highlights the need for greater !rofessional e3!ertise in
the C1%& including from non2!olice organi5ations) % have touched u!on this sub+ect earlier
also but this is something that is well worth re!eating)
Even as the C1% strengthens its ca!acity and effectiveness& it must also wor( not only to
strengthen the State Anti2Corru!tion 1ureau3 but also the State C%9s and Economic "ffences
#ings) % am therefore ha!!y that the C1% is considering setting u! a Centre of E3cellence that
will build (nowledge !artnershi!s with leading national and international institutions in the
fields of investigation& !rosecution& technology& forensics and management) This is an
e3cellent initiative and % commend it)
0et me end by wishing this conference all success) reat im!ortance attaches to your
recommendation and % wish the C1% even greater success in its endeavors in the time to
Than( you) Jai -ind),
Finance Minister #hri P0Chida"bara" Releases a Co""e"orative Coin of Rs0 ,-
and a Circulation Coin of Rs05 to Mar% the Cul"ination of the .,5th +irth Anniversary
of Maulana Abul 6ala" A7ad8 Maulana Abul 6ala" A7ad &as an $ndian and A
Musli"8 a ationalist, Patriot and Totally #ecular 'FM
The Union Finance Minister Shri $)Chidambaram released a Commemorative Coin of Rs)
=> and a circulation coin of Rs); to mar( the culmination of the <=;th 1irth Anniversary of
Maulana Abul /alam A5ad at a function held here today) Shri /) Rehman& Union Minister for
Minority Affairs& Shri #a5ahatt -abibullah& Chairman& .ational Commission for Minorities&
9r Arvind Mayaram& Secretary& 9e!artment of Economic Affairs& Ministry of Finance&
Members of $arliament and other senior officers of the Ministry of Finance were !resent on
the occasion among others))
This year mar(s culmination of <=;th 1irth Anniversary of Maulana Abul /alam A5ad)
Maulana A5ad was one of %ndia4s most !rominent freedom fighters& who es!oused the cause
of an undivided %ndia) -e o!!osed the Jtwo nation theory4 of Muslim 0eague and was a
leading !ro!onent of -indu2Muslim unity) -e was %ndia4s first Minister of Education) -e was
!osthumously awarded country4s highest civilian award& the 1harat Ratna in <DD=)
Follo&ing is the Text of the #peech of the 9nion Finance Minister #hri P0 Chida"bara"
"ade on this occasion'
*Today we mar( the <=;th birth anniversary of Maulana Abul /alam A5ad) The overnment
of %ndia and& in !articular& the Ministry of Finance are honoured to be able to bring out two
commemorative coins on this occasion)
The history of the freedom struggle is also the story of many great men and women) Among
the tallest of those men and women was Maulana Abul /alam A5ad) %t is widely
ac(nowledged that he& as the first Minister of Education& laid the foundation of the modern
education system) The institutions that he founded bear testimony to his vision and his
farsightedness) Among them were the first %ndian %nstitute of Technology& University rants
Commission& %ndian Council for Cultural Relations& Sahitya Academy& 0alit /ala Academy&
Sangeet .ata( Academy and Council of Scientific and %ndustrial Research)
Maulana A5ad made a significant contribution to the recording of history through his boo(
*%ndia #ins Freedom,) -istory cannot be bent) -istorical facts are sacred) % thought the best
tribute to Maulana A5ad would be to read e3cer!ts from his autobiogra!hy that will throw
light on a sad cha!ter of %ndia4s history& namely& the !artition of %ndia) These !ortions would
also be a lesson in history to all those who !artici!ate in !ublic discourse)
Maulana A5ad writes:
*A truly !athetic situation had develo!ed as a result of the Congress mista(e in giving
Finance to the Muslim 0eague) This had led to the deadloc( which gave 0ord Mountbatten
the o!!ortunity of slowly !re!aring the ground for the !artition of %ndia) As he began to give
a new turn to the !olitical !roblem he tried to im!ress on Congress the inevitability of
!artition& and sowed the seeds of the idea in the minds of the Congress Members of the
E3ecutive Council)
0ord Mountbatten was e3tremely intelligent and could read the minds of all his %ndian
colleagues) The moment he found 7Sardar Fallabhai8 $atel amenable to his idea& he !ut out all
the charm and !ower of his !ersonality to win over the Sardar)
As soon as the Sardar $atel had been convinced& 0ord Mountbatten turned his attention to
Jawaharlal) Jawaharlal was not at first at all willing and reacted violently against the very idea
of !artition& but 0ord Mountbatten !ersisted till ste! by ste! Jawaharlal4s o!!osition was worn
down) #ithin a month of 0ord Mountbatten4s arrival in %ndia Jawaharlal& the firm o!!onent
of !artition had become& if not a su!!orter& at least ac'uiescent towards the idea)
#hen % became aware that 0ord Mountbatten was thin(ing in terms of dividing %ndia and had
!ersuaded Jawaharlal and $atel& % was dee!ly distressed) % realised that the country was
moving towards a great danger)
.ow that Sardar $atel and even Jawaharlal .ehru had become su!!orters of !artition&
andhi+i remained my only ho!e)
0ater that day 7?< March8 andhi+i met 0ord Mountbatten) -e saw him again the ne3t day
and still again on = A!ril) Sardar $atel came to him soon after he returned from his first
meeting with 0ord Mountbatten and was closeted with him for over two hours) #hat
ha!!ened during this meeting % do not (now) 1ut when % met andhi+i again& % received the
greatest shoc( of my life& for % found that he too had changed) -e was still not o!enly in
favour of !artition but he no longer s!o(e so vehemently against it) #hat sur!rised and
shoc(ed me even more was that he began to re!eat the arguments which Sardar $atel had
already used) For over two hours % !leaded with him but could ma(e no im!ression on him)
The details of 0ord Mountbatten !lan were not yet !ublished& but % guess that it would entail
the !artition of %ndia) -e returned to 9elhi on ?> May and on June = held discussions with the
re!resentatives of the Congress and the Muslim 0eague) "n the ?rd of June a #hite $a!er
was issued which gave all the details of the !lan) The Statement of the 1ritish overnment
will be found in the A!!endi3 and % need only say that my worst fears were realised) The
!rice for freedom was the !artitioning of %ndia into two States)
The !ublication of this Statement meant the end of all ho!es for !reserving the unity of %ndia)
This was the first time that the Cabinet Mission $lan was discarded and !artition acce!ted
officially) %n trying to e3!lain why the 0abour overnment changed its attitude& % came to the
!ainful conclusion that its action was governed more by consideration of 1ritish than %ndian
The A%CC met on <@ June <D@I) % have attended many meetings of the A%CC but this was one
of the strangest that it was my misfortune to attend) Congress& which had always fought for
the unity and inde!endence of %ndia& was now considering an official resolution for the
division of the country)
#hen the resolution was !ut to the vote& =D voted for it and <; against) Even andhi+i4s
a!!eal could not !ersuade more members to vote for the !artition of the countryR
The resolution was no doubt !assed& but what was the condition of the !eo!le4s mindsO All
hearts were heavy at the idea of !artition) -ardly anyone could acce!t the resolution without
mental reservations) Even those who acce!ted the !artition had all their feelings against it),
A fair reading of the above account will show that !artition was forced u!on the country due
to the intransigence of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and 0ord Mountbatten4s !lan to safeguard
1ritish interests)
These e3cer!ts from the boo( are a measure of the man that was Maulana Abul /alam A5ad)
-e was an %ndian and a Muslim) -e was a nationalist& !atriot and totally secular) More than
anyone else he was able to foresee the conse'uences of the two2nation theory) -e was a
!assionate advocate& until the very last& of the unity of %ndia) -e was able to reflect the true
feelings of millions of !eo!le both within and outside the Congress !arty) -e had always
fought for the unity and inde!endence of %ndia and for love and brotherhood among all
communities& !articularly between -indus and Muslims)
As we remember him today& let us also remember his wor(& his words& his actions and his
% have the honour to release these commemorative coins,)
Education 2 A ecessary Tool for ational Progress and #ocial Change, says
President Pranab Mu%her*ee
The $resident has said there should not be any confrontation between the environment
considerations and develo!ment re'uirements) %naugurating the .ational 9ay Education
celebration and Jawaharlal .ehru .ational Science& Mathematics and Environment E3hibition
7J..SMEE8 =><?& at angto(& Si((im today& the $resident Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee said that
it is high time that we redefine the conce!t of develo!ment in a wider !ros!ective and try to
find innovative ways on scientific (nowledge and mathematical understanding to tac(le
$aying rich tribute to the first Education Minister of the country& Maulana Abul /alam A5ad&
the $resident described him as a great visionary& freedom fighter& scholar and eminent
educationist) -e said it was Maulana A5ad who had woven the fabric of a secular& liberal&
modern and universal education system) Calling for !romotion of innovation& he said it will
be the determining factor of growth in the future) %n a world mar(ed by resource constraints
growth will increasingly de!end on technology u!gradation) %t is the innovation in Science
and Technology which can lead to develo!ment of new !roducts and !rocesses which could
act as a catalyst for growth) 9escribing education as a necessary tool for national !rogress&
human em!owerment and social change the $resident said the changes made in the education
system including Right to education& im!lementation of Sarva Shi(sha Abiyaan& Rashtriya
Madhyami( Shi(sha Abiyaan 7RMSA8 to strengthen the seconadry school system in the
country and now launching of the Rashtriya Uttachar Shi(sha Abiyaan 7RUSA8 will have far
reaching !ositive im!lications)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& MoS -R9 9r) Shashi Tharoor also !aid tribute to Maulana A5ad)
-e said that the modern secular education in the !ost inde!endent %ndia is a !roduct of his
initiative and vision)
The Si((im Chief Minister $awan Chamling said that the state has made a ra!id stride in the
field of education) The literacy rate in the state has +um!ed from ;AK in <DE@ to E=K till last
year) Efforts are being made by the state government to u! lift the standard in higher
education and it also !ro!oses to !rovide best !ossible facilities in the higher education
The .ational Education 9ay is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Maulana A5ad)
Text of the #peech of the 9nion Finance Minister #hri P0Chida"bara" at ;xth
Conference of C+$ < #tate Anti Corruption +ureaux on 4+uilding A Cri"inal (ustice
#yste" to !eal &ith Financial Cri"es=

The Central Bureau of Investigation is the premier investigating agency of India. It
owes its existence to the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946. To begin with, it had a
limited mandate, namely, to investigate cases of corruption. Over the years, its mandate has
expanded. Today, it has three wings: anti-corruption wing, special crimes wing, and economic
offences wing. The offences that may be investigated by the CBI are notified by the Central
Government under section 3 of the Act.
It is evident that the scope of the jurisdiction of CBI is quite large. It extends to the core of the
financial system which comprises tax authorities, banks, insurance companies, provident fund and
pension fund authorities, regulators such as SEBI, IRDA and PFRDA, and other important players
in the financial sector. Besides, there are no financial crimes which do not also attract the
provisions of laws dealing with conventional crimes such as the Indian Penal Code. Virtually
every serious financial crime will also attract one or more IPC provisions such as section 192
(fabricating false evidence), section 405 (criminal breach of trust), section 415 (cheating), section
463 (forgery) etc.
New Challenges in a Market Economy Since 1991, we have transited from
a closed and controlled economy to an open and market economy. The transition has brought in
its wake both new opportunities and new challenges. Our laws have lagged behind. Hence, as you
are perhaps aware, in March 2011, Government constituted the Financial Sector Legislative
Reforms Commission with the view to rewriting and cleaning up the financial sector laws to
bring them in tune with the current requirements. The Commission submitted its report in
March, 2013. One of the recommendations of the Commission is on market abuse. Market
abuse has been defined as meaning insider trading, abuse of information and securities market
abuse. The Commission has recommended that market abuse and attempting or abetting market
abuse must be made offences and must be punished with penalties extending to three times the
illegitimate gains made or losses caused as well as with imprisonment. It will therefore be evident
that as new challenges emerge, new laws will be made, new offences will be defined, and new
responsibilities will fall on investigating agencies.
A Time to Dispel Some Myths
In my view, the CBI is as good an investigating organisation as any other in the world. We are
proud of the achievements of the CBI. It has performed a difficult role especially when the
primary responsibility for enforcement of laws lies with the State Governments. Let me also
remind you that, save in certain cases, an offence falling under the jurisdiction of the State Police
cannot be investigated by the CBI without the express consent of the State Government
concerned. The best testimony to CBIs credibility is the numerous demands that are made for
cases to be taken over by the CBI rather than be investigated by the State Police. Every such
demand is a tribute to the CBI.
My focus today will be on financial crimes.
Safety is a public good. Public good is defined around two tests: non-rival and non-
excludable. Safety is non-rival: my safety while walking on a street does not reduce your
consumption of safety. Safety is non-excludable: when one more child is born into the world, it is
not possible to exclude that child from the umbrella of safety. Safety satisfies both tests and it is a
public good. A fortiori, safety of the financial system is a public good. Safety is the pre-requisite
for an open or market economy, which is the highway to prosperity. If we fail on safety, we will
fail to get growth. Providing safety is the job of the Government. A sound criminal justice
system must ensure safety of the financial system. It must protect the financial system against
theft, fraud, forgery, mis-selling, money laundering, hacking, cyber attacks etc. Registration and
investigation of offences is the starting point of a sound criminal justice system. Hence the need
for a first rate investigating agency.
The second limb of capacity is technology. Financial crimes are committed using the
most advanced technology, including sophisticated software. The investigating agency must have
technological capability matching the offenders capability. It must have software that is able to
search millions of pieces of information and locate and unravel the source of the crime, the key
persons, and the complex web of activities that constitute the crime.
I may also point out that there are usually three groups of persons involved in financial
crimes. Firstly, there are the core conspirators. Then there are accomplices in the financial
system and, finally, there are their accomplices in Government departments or regulatory
bodies. Any thorough investigation must uncover all the groups of persons and all the links that
made the conspiracy possible. All the groups must suffer punishment. Usually, the face of the
crime is the face of the principal offender and with his/her arrest and arraignment the excitement
usually dies. Unfortunately, this will let the other conspirators get away only to commit more
financial crimes after lying low for some time. It is therefore important that the investigating
agency identifies all the individuals who collaborated in the crime and brings to justice every one
of them. That alone will establish deterrence.
Let me now turn to the vexed question of interpreting and applying criminal laws to
financial transactions. As a rule of criminal jurisprudence, a crime requires mens rea, that is a
criminal state of mind. I am aware that there are exceptions and some offences are charged on the
principle of strict liability. In my view, the principle of strict liability may not apply without
qualification to financial crimes, except in the small number of cases where there is a clear and
unambiguous rule of conduct and the law unambiguously stipulates that any violation of that rule
would be considered an offence. Ordinarily, a financial crime would arise from either unlawful
gain or unlawful loss and, in such cases, the law could either stipulate proof of the state of mind or
presume a state of mind to cause the unlawful gain or the unlawful loss. So, in financial
crimes, mens rea or the state of mind must be invariably proved or presumed from certain
facts. This, in my view, is the correct approach to financial crimes.
A close reading of the above provision does not, in my view, rule out mens rea. The
words without public interest imply that the offender must have committed the act although he
knew that there was no public interest. In a case arising under this section, if the accused is able
to show that there was indeed some public interest, in my view, the offence would not be made
out and the accused would be entitled to an acquittal. I would once again commend the prudent
approach to financial crimes that I outlined above, and that is the requirement of mens rea or state
of mind, unless it is unambiguously excluded by the express language of the law.
Finally, I would caution investigating agencies to respect the line that divides
policy-making and policing. An offence is committed when a prescribed rule of conduct is
violated. If there is no prescribed rule, or if there is no violation of a prescribed rule, there is no
offence. It is not the business of the investigating agency to lay down a rule of conduct; nor is it
the business of the investigating agency to presume a rule of conduct. Even where a rule has been
prescribed, if there is a policy behind that rule, it is not the business of the investigating agency to
question the wisdom of that policy or to suggest a different policy that would be better in the view
of the investigating agency. The investigating agency must confine itself to the question whether
there has been a violation of a laid-down rule of conduct.
In conclusion, let me state the fundamentals of how an investigating agency needs to be
constructed in the emerging new India. There are three pillars:
Clearly defined objectives
Precisely enumerated powers
Carefully designed accountability mechanisms

I am happy to see the enthusiastic response to this Conference and the wide coverage it
has received in the media. I wish your deliberations success and I wish the CBI many more years
of good and dedicated public service.

True Education #hould E)uip individuals to >ive Creatively, Responsibly and
Peacefully and to beco"e agents of Change for A better #ociety 2 ?ice President
?ice President Addresses at ?aledictory Function of @uartoseptcentenial A.B5 CearsD of
Madras Christian College

The ?ice President of $ndia #hri M0 Ea"id Ansari has said that the im!ortance of faith and values
in education has been em!hasi5ed in human society down the ages) Aristotle rightly said that *educating
the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,) More recently& andhi +i stressed that
literary education is of no value& if it is not able to build u! a sound character) %f the young friends in the
audience follow these dicta& they will im!rove themselves and at the same time contribute to ma(ing this
world a much better !lace for all to live in) Addressing at the *?aledictory Function of the
@uartoseptcentenial A.B5 yearsD of Madras Christian College AMCCD= in Chennai& Tamil .adu
today& he has said that the goal of education is not to !roduce machine2li(e humans) %t is to inculcate in
them a social conscience so that they build a fine balance between the heart and mind) True education
should e'ui! individuals to live creatively& res!onsibly& and !eacefully and to become agents of change
for a better society)

-e said that it is generally acce!ted that the human being is a moral creature& !ossessed of faculties
that ma(e it res!onsible for its actions) These faculties are intellect or a !ower of thin(ing& conscience or
a ca!acity to distinguish between right and wrong& and will or an ability to ma(e a choice on the basis of
motive and character) Together& they constitute what has been called the moral landsca!e. Such a
landsca!e does e3ist& consciously or unconsciously& in every human being and the effort of education&
culture and civili5ation down the ages has been to awa(en these faculties and hone them for individual or
collective !ur!oses in terms of the re'uirements of the !eriod)

The Fice $resident o!ined that in the twenty2first century& education is a critical tool for develo!ing a
modern economy& a +ust society and a vibrant !olity) %t !rovides s(ills and com!etencies for economic
well2being and social mobility) Education strengthens democracy by im!arting to citi5ens the tools
needed to fully !artici!ate in the governance !rocess) %t also acts as an integrative force in society&
im!arting values that foster social cohesion and national identity) A well educated !o!ulation& e'ui!!ed
with the relevant (nowledge& attitudes and s(ills is essential for economic and social develo!ment in this
century) %t is estimated that develo!ed economies and even China will face a shortage of about @> million
highly s(illed wor(ers by =>=>& while& based on current !ro+ections of higher education& %ndia is li(ely to
see some sur!lus of graduates in =>=>) Thus& %ndia could ca!ture a higher share of global (nowledge2
based economy wor(& if there is focus on higher education and its 'uality is globally benchmar(ed)

Follo&ing is the text of the ?ice President3s address '

*% am ha!!y to be here today for this Faledictory Function of the <I;
anniversary celebrations of the
Madras Christian College) % congratulate to the students& staff& alumni and management of the College on
this im!ortant occasion)

%t is often said that the worth of an institution is +udged by the character of its !roducts) %n this regard
the Madras Christian College stands tall and the list of its alumni who have served the country and
society with distinction in all wal(s of life is indeed remar(able) The current students have a
res!onsibility to maintain this glorious tradition and carry forward a rich legacy)

Since its foundation in A!ril <E?I& the Madras Christian College has !ursued e3cellence in the field
of education& guided by the !rinci!les of faith& sound (nowledge and service of humanity) The founders
of the College were ins!ired by their belief that serving od means more than worshi! and !rayers& and
that it is also about !utting your love for od into action by carrying out wor( and service in his name)

For over one and a half century& the College has strived to !rovide 'uality education to its students
based on the fundamental tenets of academic e3cellence& social relevance and s!iritual vitality)

The im!ortance of faith and values in education has been em!hasi5ed in human society down the
ages) Aristotle rightly said that *educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,)
More recently& andhi +i stressed that literary education is of no value& if it is not able to build u! a sound
character) %f the young friends in the audience follow these dicta& they will im!rove themselves and at the
same time contribute to ma(ing this world a much better !lace for all to live in)

The goal of education is not to !roduce machine2li(e humans) %t is to inculcate in them a social
conscience so that they build a fine balance between the heart and mind) True education should e'ui!
individuals to live creatively& res!onsibly& and !eacefully and to become agents of change for a better

Two 'uestions arise at this !oint) #hat are the values that should be imbibedO -ow is this ob+ective
to be achievedO

%t is generally acce!ted that the human being is a moral creature& !ossessed of faculties that ma(e it
res!onsible for its actions) These faculties are intellect or a !ower of thin(ing& conscience or a ca!acity to
distinguish between right and wrong& and will or an ability to ma(e a choice on the basis of motive and
character) Together& they constitute what has been called the moral landsca!e. Such a landsca!e does
e3ist& consciously or unconsciously& in every human being and the effort of education& culture and
civili5ation down the ages has been to awa(en these faculties and hone them for individual or collective
!ur!oses in terms of the re'uirements of the !eriod)

%n our own times& and with human beings living in societies as citi5ens !ossessed of rights and duties&
the endeavour has been to harness these faculties to societal !ur!oses) 1y the same logic and with the
emergence of a global society& however im!erfect& !erce!tions have veered in the direction
of universal values) Some of these have been acce!ted and incor!orated in 9eclarations acce!ted by the
community of states)

This a!!roach drives us to the conclusion that values have to be inclusive rather than e3clusive) Every
level of an individual4s association M family& fraternity& !rofessional& national and global M has its own set
of values and the challenge at all times is to accommodate and harmoni5e them in a framewor( that is not
mutually disru!tive or destructive)

The Constitution of %ndia s!ells out the framewor( of values to be nurtured in our citi5ens) These
include the values for living in harmony with oneself and one4s natural and social environment& as well as
the universal human values& intrinsic in human nature)

Recogni5ing the im!ortance of value education the Re!ort of the University Education Commission
7<DA=8 noted that *If we exclude spiritual training in our institutions, we would be untrue to our whole
historical development), %t went on to ma(e a case& not for religious or moral education& but for evolving
*a national faith, a national way of life based on the Indian outlook on religion, free from dogmas,
rituals and assertions),

Since then& successive government !olicy documents and re!orts on education& including the .ational
Curriculum Framewor( =>>;& have echoed the vision of education where values are inherent in every
as!ect of schooling) Most have em!hasi5ed the im!ortance of reaffirming our commitment to the conce!t
of e'uality amidst diversity& mutual interde!endence of humans to !romote values that foster !eace&
humaneness and tolerance in a multi2cultural society)

.evertheless& a general feeling !revails that there has been an erosion of the essential social& moral
and s!iritual values in our society) "ne reason could be the e3cessive focus on cognitive to the neglect of
the affective in our education system) The !roblem of declining values in society& however& is multi2
dimensional& arising out of combination of factors such as globali5ation& materialism& consumerism&
commerciali5ation of education& threats to humanity due to climate change& environmental degradation&
ideology or identity based conflicts and terrorism) These have led& individually or collectively& to
insecurities& individualistic life styles& e3cessive greed& sense of alienation and other negative
#hile some of the causes of this decline in values may be beyond our control& one of the correctives
within our com!etence is the education system) #hat is re'uired of it is to enable students to inculcate
the three faculties of intellect& conscience and will& and thereby reinforce their moral sense)

#e need to remember that value education cannot be confined to conce!ts and has to be used as a
!ractical instrument to address !revailing social and cultural realities and challenges)The mark of an
educated person& said $lato is the willingness to use ones knowledge and skills to solve the problems of
society) %t must& in the final analysis& lead to reali5ation of +ustice which& as John Rawls !ut it& Jis the
first virtue of social institutions.

Justice& you would recall& is inscribed as the first ob+ective in the $reamble of our Constitution)


Allow me to move to another as!ect of education) #hen this venerable institution was established&
and until 'uite recently& education was essentially local in the sense that the contents of the curricula
were determined more by autonomous !erce!tions than by e3ternal im!eratives) This is now changing) %n
an increasingly integrated and globalised world that is focused on (nowledge economy& it is the 'uality of
human resources which will determine the com!etitiveness of countries in the global mar(et !lace) Every
country will have to create an intellectual re!ository of human ca!ital to meet its needs and sha!e its

%n this conte3t& the im!ortance of 'uality education cannot be overstated& nor can its shortfall
under!layed) This 'uality deficit has been described by (nowledgeable observers as the Achilles -eel of
our higher education system) The !henomenon of Jmassification4 and insufficiency of resource allocation
have contributed to it and so has avoidable !olitici5ation that im!edes correctives)

%n the twenty2first century& education is a critical tool for develo!ing a modern economy& a +ust
society and a vibrant !olity) %t !rovides s(ills and com!etencies for economic well2being and social
mobility) Education strengthens democracy by im!arting to citi5ens the tools needed to fully !artici!ate
in the governance !rocess) %t also acts as an integrative force in society& im!arting values that foster
social cohesion and national identity) A well educated !o!ulation& e'ui!!ed with the relevant (nowledge&
attitudes and s(ills is essential for economic and social develo!ment in this century)

%t is estimated that develo!ed economies and even China will face a shortage of about @> million
highly s(illed wor(ers by =>=>& while& based on current !ro+ections of higher education& %ndia is li(ely to
see some sur!lus of graduates in =>=>) Thus& %ndia could ca!ture a higher share of global (nowledge2
based economy wor(& if there is focus on higher education and its 'uality is globally benchmar(ed)

The challenge is to combine access with affordability and ensure high2'uality education in order to
reali5e the !otential of the country4s Jdemogra!hic dividend4) The future e3!ansion of education would
have to be carefully !lanned so as to correct regional and social imbalances& reinvigorate institutions to
im!rove standards and reach international benchmar(s of e3cellence& match demand with su!!ly by
im!roving em!loyability& and e3tend the frontiers of (nowledge)

%n the coming decades& when technology and innovation would further reduce !hysical distances&
com!etition would !rogressively emanate from all corners of the !lanet) $olitical or geogra!hical
boundaries will !rovide no !rotection against them) #e as a nation& es!ecially our youth& have to be
!re!ared for the emerging challenges of globali5ation so that these can be addressed com!rehensively for
%ndia to ta(e its rightful !lace as a modern& !ros!erous and !rogressive nation2state amongst the
community of nations) A failure to do so in good measure could lead to a demogra!hic disaster)

%n this endeavour& institutions li(e the Madras Christian College have an im!ortant role to !lay) They
have to (ee! ada!ting to the evolving situation and changing realities in the times to come) This is not an
o!tion but an im!erative necessity)

0et me conclude by calling u!on the students to use their ac'uired (nowledge and s(ills for the noble
tas( of nation building and for the greater good of their fellow citi5ens& es!ecially the !oor and the needy)
They must at all times remember& recall and im!lement the values of 'uality and com!assion ac'uired by
them here in this institution and endeavour to do good to the largest number)% than( the $rinci!al for
having invited me to this function) Jai -ind),

$# ?i%ra"aditya Adds A e& !i"ension to avy3s Fperational Capabilities'
Antony $# ?i%ra"aditya Co""issioned in $ndian avy
(arking a ne" high in &ndia%Russia strategic cooperation, the Defence
(inister Shri :8 :ntony today commissioned the completely refurbished 33,;66 tonne
carrier :dmiral +orshko! into the &ndian 4a!y as &4S <ikramaditya at an impressi!e
ceremony at sub $ero temperature in the "ind% s"ept Se!mashShipyard in the beautiful
city of Se!erod!insk in Russia. Sno" flakes kept falling as the ceremony "as held.
S!ea(ing at the event& Shri Antony said %.S Fi(ramaditya would significantly enhance the
reach and ca!ability of the %ndian .avy) -e said& the country has a rich maritime history and the
%ndian "cean has guided our fate over the centuries)
*Indias economic development is dependent on the seas and safeguarding the nations
maritime interests is central to our national policy. Aircraft carriers have been part of the Indian
avys force structure since our independence and have effectively served the country over the
past five decades or so. The induction of !ikramaditya with its integral "i#$%& fighters and
&amov'() helicopters, not only reinforces this central policy, but also adds a new dimension to
our avys operational capabilities. The meaning of !ikramaditya, which literally translates
into *+trong as the +un, is complemented by the +hips motto -*+trike .ar, +trike+ure,,he said)
Reflecting the mood at the ceremony, Shri :ntony said, =the e!ent reali$es the
!ision of capability%based transformation of the &ndian 4a!y that "as concei!ed more
than a decade ago>. Calling it a Red ?etter Day in the history of &ndia% Russia
cooperation, Shri :ntony said this relationship remains a matter of the highest priority for
both nations for our mutual benefit and as a factor of global peace and stability.
*The successful culmination of /ro0ect ))1(2 truly symboli3es the time'tested +pecial and
/rivileged +trategic /artnership between our two great nations. The /ro0ect has propelled the
strategic partnership between our nations to a new level. The relationship between our two
countries based on mutual trust and belief has withstood the test of time and the result is for the
entire world to see in the form of !ikramaditya. As the ship sails into its home waters in the
Indian 4cean 5egion, I+ !ikramaditya will be a befitting tribute to our long'standing
relationship,& he said)
9escribing the $ro+ect <<@?> as a uni'ue one& Shri Antony said& it was a challenging tas( for
both the Russian and the %ndian sides and congratulated the entire team for converting the J9ream
$ro+ect4 into a reality) *The transformation of %.S JFi(ramaditya4 is an engineering marvel& which
has tested the !rofessionalism& ca!ability and !erseverance of the %ndian .avy and the Russian
industry& es!ecially the SevmashShi!yard,& he said and e3!ressed confidence that all !ossible
su!!ort would be e3tended by Russia to ensure that the shi! serves %ndia effectively and
efficiently for the duration of its e3!ected o!erational life cycle)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& the Chief of .aval Staff Admiral 9/ Joshi said
the %.S Fi(ramaditya will bridge the time2ga! that may come u! between the %.S Firaat and the
%ndigenously built aircraft carrier Fi(rant)%t will also hel! achieving our medium term goal of
o!erating two aircraft carriers)
A large number of dignitaries including the 9e!uty $rime Minister of Russia
Mr9mitry Rogo5in and 9efence Minister Mr Shoigu& the Chief of .aval Staff Admiral 9/ Joshi&
the %ndian Ambassador to Russia Shri A+ay Malhotra& the 9efence
Secretary ShriR/ Mathur& the 9 Ac'uisition Shri S1 Agnihotri were !resent on the occasion)
Mr Rogo5in said %.S Fi(ramaditya symbolises the close friendshi! between %ndia and Russia
and e3!ressed confidence that it will grow in the coming years)

About INS Vikramaditya
&4S <ikramaditya, the floating airfield has an o!erall length of about @3 meters and a
maximum beam of about A6 meters, stretching as much as three football fields put
together. Standing about 6 storeys tall from keel to the highest point, the sheer sight of
this 33,;66 tonne mega structure of steel is a"e inspiring. The ship has a total of

Bith o!er 5,A66 personnel on board, &4S <ikramaditya is literally a =,loating City>.
Bith a capacity of o!er @,666 tonnes of ?S1SD, she is capable of operations up to a
range of o!er C,666 nautical miles or 50666 kms.

To enable this 33,;66 tonnes floating steel city to cut through the choppy seas "ith
speeds of up to 06 knots, she is po"ered by 6@ ne" generation steam boilers generating
a total output po"er of 5@6,666 S1P. These boilers po"er four enormous propellers,
each greater in diameter than t"ice the height of an a!erage male. Such a four propeller
% four shaft configuration is another first in the &ndian 4a!y.
The po"er generation capacity onboard is about 5@ mega"atts enough to cater to the
lighting re'uirement of a mini city. :n extensi!e re!amp of sensors including fitment of
?ong range :ir Sur!eillance Radars, :d!anced )lectronic Barfare Suite makes the ship
capable of maintaining a sur!eillance bubble of o!er ;66 kms around the ship.
The ship has the ability to carry o!er 06 aircraft comprising an assortment
of(i+ D8#Sea 1arrier, 8amo! 05, 8amo! @, Sea 8ing, :?1%
Dhru! and Chetakhelicopters. The (i+ D8 s"ing role fighter is the main offensi!e
platform and pro!ides a 'uantum jump for the &ndian 4a!y>s maritime strike capability.
These fourth generation air superiority fighters pro!ide a significant fillip for the &ndian
4a!y "ith a range of o!er C66 nm and an array of "eapons including anti%ship missiles,
Eeyond <isual Range air%to%air missiles, guided bombs and rockets.
The ship is e'uipped "ith state of the art launch and reco!ery systems along "ith aids
to enable smooth and efficient operation of ship borne aircraft. (ajor systems include the
?94: ?anding system for (i+s, D:PS ?anding system for Sea 1arriers and ,light deck
lighting systems.
The heart of the operational net"ork that infuses life into the combat systems onboard
the ship is the Computer aided :ction &nformation /rganisation -C:&/. system,
?)S/R9E%), "ith the capability to gather data from ship>s sensors and data links and to
process, collate and assemble comprehensi!e tactical pictures. This state of the art
system has been specifically designed keeping in mind the essential re'uirement on the
carrier for fighter control and direction.
/ne of the most prominent e'uipment fitted on the super structure is the Resistor%)
radar complex. Resistor%) is the automated system designed for pro!iding air traffic
control, approach#landing and short range na!igation for ship borne aircraft. This complex
along "ith its !arious sub%systems pro!ides na!igation and flight data to ship borne
aircraft operating at extended ranges from the mother ship. The precision approach
guidance system aids the fighters on approach to be directed do"n to a distance of 06
meters short of flight deck. &4S <ikramaditya also boasts of a !ery modern
communication complex, CCS (8 &&, to meet her external communication re'uirement.
&nstallation of ?ink && tactical data system allo"s her to be fully integrated "ith the &ndian
4a!y>s net"ork centric operations.

Sitanshu Kar from Sevmash Shipyard in Russia with inputs from Captain PVSatish in
New Delhi

A&areness is %ey for successful i"ple"entation of Govern"ent Progra""es' 6u"0
#el*a ThreeGday +harat ir"an Public $nfor"ation Ca"paign begins in #hah7adpur
The Union Minister for Social Justice 6 Em!owerment& /umari Sel+a inaugurated the
three2day 1harat .irman $ubic %nformation Cam!aign in Shah5ad!ur& Amabala district today)
The Cam!aign has been organi5ed by the $ress %nformation 1ureau& Chandigarh2 a media unit
of the Ministry of %nformation 6 1roadcasting2 to !rovide detailed information on the ma+or
!ubic welfare !rogrammes of the overnment of %ndia) %naugurating the Cam!aign& the
Minister said that most of the !rogrammes of the U$A overnment are right2based) She
further said that the Centre has launched several develo!mental and welfare
schemesB!rogrammes for the masses in the last nine years under which huge sums of money
are s!ent through the state governments& they being the line de!artments) 1ut due to lac( of
awareness and information about these !olicies and !rogrammes& the common man is not in a
!osition to derive due benefit from these schemes) She further said that the officers must
ensure that the benefits !rovided under the Right to %nformation& The Right to Education& The
Right to Em!loyment& the Food Security Act and other schemes reach the !eo!le in the right
She a!!reciated the $ress %nformation 1ureau4s effort in creating awareness among masses
about government schemes) The Minister e3!ressed the ho!e that the $ublic %nformation
Cam!aign will be of great hel! in creating awareness among !eo!le and thereby em!owering
them) The Minister said that Aadhar and the 9irect 1enefit Transfer schemes can create a
revolutionary change in ta(ing the government benefits to the !ublic at large) Referring to the
new initiatives of the Ministry of Social Justice 6 Em!owerment& the Minister said that over
@> la(h students from the socially bac(ward classes are getting benefited from the $re2matric
scholarshi! scheme for Dth and <>th standard students launched last year) Also the Centre has
recently enacted a law for the rehabilitation of those engaged in scavenging) This Act will get
o!erational on 9ecember A& the death anniversary of 9r) 1)R) Ambed(ar) To ensure
develo!ment of the bac(ward classes& the cor!us of .ational 1ac(ward Classes Finance 6
9evelo!ment Cor!oration has been raised to Rs) <;>> crore from Rs) I>> crores)
Many Centre 6 State overnment de!artments as well as $ublic Sector Underta(ings have
!ut u! their e3hibition2cum2stalls at the cam!aign) 9AF$ !ut u! an $hoto E3hibition of
ma+or !olicies and !rogrammes of the government) The artists of Song 6 9rama 9ivision
made theme2based cultural !resentations)
9irector $%1& Shri Ravinder Singh in his welcome addressed gave detailed information about
the Cam!aign)
Chief $arliamentary Secretary& Choudhary Ram /ishan u++ar and M0A Sadhura Shri Ra+!al
1hu(hri were !resent as s!ecial guests) Among others !resent on the occasion included Shri
1hu!endra /ainthola& 9irector& $%1 7.R8& senior officers of various media units of the
Ministry of %61 and officers of the 9istrict Administration)
/rd +R$C# $nternational Co"petition Conference, ,-./ to Facilitate #ho&casing
$ndia as an Attractive $nvest"ent !estination
Cor!orate Affairs Minister Mr) Sachin $ilot has e3!ressed the ho!e that the ?rd 1R%CS
%nternational Com!etition Conference7%CC8& =><? being organised in .ew 9elhi shall
facilitate to showcase %ndia as an attractive investment destination) 1riefing media !ersons
about the ?rd 1R%CS %CC& =><?& Mr) $ilot said that this %nternational Conference being hosted
by Com!etition Commission of %ndia7CC%8 shall enable e3change of ideas on issues and
challenges in com!etition enforcement in 1R%CS countries) 1R%CS Com!etition authorities
shall sign the 9elhi Accord that would show their unanimity in develo!ment and coo!eration
amongst the 1R%CS com!etition authorities) The Cor!orate Affairs Minister a!!reciated the
role of com!etition regulator in %ndia and advised it to become a facilitator in setting a
forward loo(ing economic agenda and give confidence to !eo!le that there would be a level
!laying field in the s!here of economic activity)
Res!onding to a 'uestion about the draft .ational Com!etition $olicy& Mr) Sachin $ilot
informed that the consultation with sta(eholders is being held and the !olicy is almost ready
for ado!tion)
The third 1R%CS %nternational Com!etition Conference is being held at .ew 9elhi during
.ovember =>2==& =><?) The conference is being organised by Com!etition Commission of
%ndia 7CC%8 on behalf of 1R%CS countries in !ursuance of the 1ei+ing Consensus& .ew 9elhi
9eclaration and Action $lan ado!ted at Fourth 1R%CS 0eaders Summit in .ew 9elhi on
March =D& =><=) The theme of the ?rd 1R%CS %CC is *Com!etition Enforcement in 1R%CS
Countries: %ssues and Challenges,)
Res!onding to 'ueries by the media !ersons& Chairman& CC% Mr) Asho( Chawla said that the
?rd 1R%CS %CC will not only !rovide an o!!ortunity to the 1R%CS countries but it will also
act as a (nowledge sharing !latform between 1R%CS countries and other global com!etition
regulators) <>> foreign delegates from various com!etition authorities including the US& EU
and Australia are !artici!ating) A!art from international delegates& around <E> %ndian
delegates including !rofessionals& academics and government functionaries are e3!ected to
!artici!ate in the conference)
First Ever (oint $ndiaGRussia Air Force Exercise to be held in ,-.1
$ndia and Russia !ecide to give e& Thrust to #trategic Cooperation
Meeting +ust two days after the successful commissioning of the much2awaited aircraft
carrier %.S Fi(ramaditya into the %ndian .avy& %ndia and Russia today agreed to e3!and the
range of their strategic !artnershi! in a significant manner at the <?th Meeting of the %ndia M
Russia %nter2overnmental Commission on Military Technical Coo!eration 7%R%C2MTC8
which was co2 chaired by the 9efence Minister Shri A/ Antony with his Russian counter!art
Mr Sergey Shoigu in Moscow)
The meeting held in an atmos!here of cordiality and warmth& decided that the two countries
will hold +oint Air Force level e3ercise for the first time besides a +oint .avy E3ercise in the
$eter the reat 1ay in the Sea of Ja!an& both in =><@) %t may be recalled that the Armies of
the two countries had recently held E3ercise %ndra in Ra+asthan recently and the focus was on
anti2terrorism) The two Ministers agreed that there is a need for further coo!eration at all
levels& es!ecially in view of the regional and global challenges and to fight the menace of
terrorism +ointly) 1oth sides reviewed the situation in #est Asia& es!ecially in Syria and the
evolving !aradigm in Afghanistan)
%n order to give a new im!etus to the relationshi! which has gathered momentum over the
years& the two sides agreed that the time has come to e3!and the coo!eration not only in
!roduct design and develo!ment& which has made significant !rogress over the years but also
to involve various echelons of the 9efence establishments in strategising !olicies and
coo!eration in the fast changing global security scenario)
Referring to Fifth eneration Fighter Aircraft7FFA8 and Multi2role Trans!ort Aircraft
7MTA8& Shri Antony said& the two !ro+ects are significant because they symbolise going2!ast
the relationshi! of buyer2 seller) -e said both sides must give their best at all !hases of the
e3ecution of these two !ro+ects2 design& develo!ment and !roduction)
Mr Shoigu assured that the .aval Aviation s!ecialists will train %ndian !ilots fully for ta(e2
offs and landing on %.S Fi(ramaditya and in all !robability it will be held in oa)
The Meeting also reviewed issues relating to T2D> tan(s and SU2?> !ro+ects)
"n the issue of after sales su!!ort& both sides felt that they should sign long2term maintenance
su!!ort agreement)
Earlier in the morning& Shri Antony and the members of the %ndian delegation drove down to
$o(lonnaya ora 71ow29own -ill8 at Fictory $ar( and laid a wreath at the #orld #ar2%%
Memorial) -e was also !resented a ceremonial guard of honour)
The %ndian delegation included the 9efence Secretary Shri R/ Mathur& Secretary 9efence
$roduction Shri C $ati& %ndian Ambassador to Russia Shri A+ay Malhotra& Air Marshal S
Su(umar& Fice Admiral .. /umar& 0t en .arendra Singh and 9 Ac'uisition Shri S1
ational $ntegration Hee%
#ith a view to foster and reinforce the s!irit of Communal -armony& .ational %ntegration
and !ride in vibrant& com!osite culture and nationhood& the *Suami E(ta #ee(, 7.ational
%ntegration wee(8 will be observed all over the country& from the <Dth to =;th .ovember&
The .ational Foundation for Communal -armony 7.FC-8& an autonomous organi5ation with
the Ministry of -ome Affairs also organi5es communal harmony cam!aign coinciding with
the Saumi E(ta #ee() The foundation also !rovides financial assistance for relief and
rehabilitation of children rendered or!han or destitute in communal& caste& ethnic or terrorist
The wee( long !rogrammes to be observed during Suami E(ta #ee( 7.ov)<D2=;th&=><?8
include .ational %ntegration 9ay 7.ov)<D8& #elfare of Minorities 9ay 7.ov)=>8& 0inguistic
-armony 9ay 7.ov)=<8& #ea(er Sections 9ay 7.ov)==8& Cultural Unity 9ay 7.ov)=?8&
#omen4s 9ay7.ov) =@8 and Conservation 9ay 7.ov)=;8 )
$CFF$ held at Eyderabad
#peech by the President of $ndia, #hri Pranab Mu%her*ee, &hile receiving the
ational $nnovation Council3s Report to the People ,-./
Shri Jairam Ramesh& Minister of Rural 9evelo!ment&
9r) Sam $itroda& Chairman& .ational %nnovation Council&
9elegates of Third lobal %nnovation Round Table&
0adies and entlemen&
% am delighted to receive the third annual QRe!ort to the $eo!le4 of the .ational
%nnovation Council) The Council was constituted by the $rime Minister to realise the
vision of the overnment of ma(ing this decade as %ndiaQs J9ecade of %nnovation4) "ver
the last three years& the Council has been underta(ing various initiatives towards creating
a Roadma! for %nnovation in the country) At the outset& % would li(e to congratulate 9r)
Sam $itroda& Chairman& .ational %nnovation Council and his team for ta(ing innovative
ste!s for reali5ation of the vision of the overnment)
=) /nowledge and %nnovation are the twin !illars around which nations will com!ete&
grow and !ros!er in the =<st Century) Strengthening the country4s (nowledge and
innovation ecosystem is critical to ensure a brighter future for our young and to enhance
com!etitive advantage in an increasingly globalised world) %n the %ndian conte3t
innovation is es!ecially critical& not only for growth and develo!ment& but& because& we
have a huge reservoir of unmet needs in critical areas of economy such as health&
education& energy& housing and agriculture) These needs have not been met through
conventional a!!roaches) A!!lying the lens of innovation to these critical2needs sectors
can not only generate new solutions to solve old !roblems& but also enable the
develo!ment !rocess to become more inclusive by serving a large section of underserved
!o!ulations at the bottom of economic !yramid)
?) %ndia4s biggest strength in the coming years is going to be her demogra!hic
dividend) More than fifty !ercent of our !o!ulation is under =; years and soon one fifth of
the world4s wor(ing age !o!ulation will be in our country) %nnovation is thus critical to
address the needs of our younger generation in a sustainable manner and for creating new
o!!ortunities for them)
%nnovating in the areas of education& s(ill develo!ment& and entre!reneurshi! can
enable our youth to emerge as the wor( force not only for %ndia& but also for the world& as
wor(ing age !o!ulations decline globally)
@) overnments around the world are ma(ing concerted efforts to encourage
innovation) %ndia& too& dedicated =><>2=> as a decade of innovation) overnment of %ndia
has announced a Science& Technology and %nnovation 7ST%8 $olicy for innovation2led
develo!ment) The success of this !olicy will re'uire creation of an eco2system&
collaboration and ado!tion of best global !ractices for innovation activities to thrive) % am
ha!!y that .ational %nnovation Council has been wor(ing through international
collaborations by inviting the to! brains around the globe for lobal %nnovation Round
Table) The eco2system for innovation based on access& e'uity and e3cellence will ensure
that innovation becomes a way of life in this country)
;) Today& we are in the midst of e3citing times as we have access to new tools&
technology and connectivity and these !latforms can ignite innovation li(e never before)
These new tools and !latforms will have a massive im!act on organisational structures&
delivery models and business !rocesses& where innovation will be critical) #e as a nation
must be ready for this new wave of innovations)
A) All our efforts should focus on inclusive growth& affordability& scalability and
sustainability) "ur !ervasive model of innovation Jof the !eo!le& by the !eo!le and for the
!eo!le4 should truly em!ower the nation and in the !rocess lead to creation of wealth for
the sta(eholders) This %ndian a!!roach of inclusive innovation can also emerge as a model
for sustainable develo!ment for the world to emulate)
I) The Council is in the final stages of launching the %ndia %nclusive %nnovation Fund
7%%%F8& in collaboration with the
Ministry of Micro& Small and Medium Enter!rises)
This fund is the first of its (ind in the world& that will bac( creative new solutions to
develo!mental challenges 2 !ro+ects that im!rove 'uality of life for the !oor) Many
innovative ideas suffer due to lac( of funding o!tions) This fund& through a!!ro!riate
structure& will ensure that this does not ha!!en in %ndia any more)
E) %ndia has an estimated ;&>>> small and medium scale regional industry clusters and
E;&>>> MSME units which are em!loying over <> la(h !eo!le) These units are not
functioning at the o!timal level) % am told that the .ational %nnovation Council has been
wor(ing towards the creation of an ecosystem for seeding innovations in these small and
medium enter!rises& by facilitating the creation of %nnovation Clusters to drive +ob
creation and !roductivity)
D) % am ha!!y to learn that .ational %nnovation Council has !iloted the %nnovation
Cluster models in I Micro& Small and Medium Enter!rise 7MSME8 clusters in the !ast =@
months) 1y successfully demonstrating <> new !roducts& <= new !rocesses and = new
centres& the MSME cluster !ilots have o!ened the doors for !ositive im!act in these units
benefitting over a million em!loyees) % am ha!!y to note that this !ilot initiative was
through minimal incremental investments made by the sta(eholders) This initiative o!ens
u! a new window of o!!ortunity for Small and Medium Enter!rises to com!ete and grow
using the low cost solutions)
0adies and entlemen&
<>) The .ational %nnovation Council has suggested the creation of a Meta University
riding on .ational /nowledge .etwor(& which will reinter!ret the conce!t of a university
as not +ust a traditional& !hysical s!ace of learning& but as a re!ository of (nowledge and
information that can be delivered in multi!le ways& and can be accessed from anywhere
and anytime) This would offer a collaborative and multi2disci!linary learning !latform&
where students enrolled in a !rimary collegeBuniversity will be able to ta(e courses
available in other universities and colleges)
<<) The %nstitutions of re!ute in the country have been given a !latform to identify
their strengths and wea(nesses and su!!lement the academic and infrastructure wea(ness
by using this innovative conce!t) %t may address the core concern of %ndian higher
education system which is facing shortage of 'uality man!ower and infrastructure to
deliver the 'uality education)
<=) The Council has launched the JT"9 F"9 J"94 7TFJ8 initiative which aims to
!rovide a hands2on learning environment& where students can de2construct& re2construct or
re2!ur!ose everyday ob+ects that they see or use) This initiative is an e3citing ste! in
fostering creative thin(ing and analytical s(ills amongst the students)
<?) The Father of our .ation& Mahatma andhi had said& *%ndia lives in its villages),
-e also advocated for Jvillage swara+4) #e have been ma(ing attem!ts through
conventional means to im!rove the lives of !eo!le living in villages) %n s!ite of our best
efforts& we are still away from our goal) overnment has launched an ambitious
!rogramme to connect two la(h fifty thousand $anchayats in the country through o!tic
fibre based broadband)
The em!owerment of !eo!le through innovative %CT a!!lications will transform the
way !eo!le live& thin(& wor( and ta(e decisions in villages) This will be closer to the
dreams of Mahatma andhi& who saw villages as nerve centres of %ndia)
0adies and entlemen&
<@) %ndia is a develo!ing country and we have several milestones to achieve before we
attain the status of a develo!ed nation) The only way we can lea!frog to a status of a
develo!ed nation is by using innovation as a ladder) % urge each and every citi5en of this
country to be a !art of the innovation movement which has started in this country) % also
urge the universities& colleges and schools to be in the forefront of these innovation
initiatives and contribute in all !ossible manners in reali5ing our goal of inclusive
develo!ment and growth)
<;) % wish 9r) Sam $itroda and his team at the .ational %nnovation Council great
success in their !ioneering initiatives and remain ho!eful that the wor( of the Council will
ma(e a significant im!act in transforming the country into an J%nnovation .ation4)
Jai -ind)
9se innovation as a ladder to leapfrog to status of a developed nation, says President
The $resident of %ndia Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee received the .ational %nnovation Council4s
Re!ort to the $eo!le =><? in Rashtra!ati 1havan today 7.ovember <D& =><?8)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& the $resident said /nowledge and %nnovation are the twin !illars
around which nations will com!ete& grow and !ros!er in the =<st Century) Strengthening the
country4s (nowledge and innovation ecosystem is critical to ensure a brighter future for our
young and to enhance com!etitive advantage in an increasingly globalised world) -e said the
only way we can lea!frog to a status of a develo!ed nation is by using innovation as a ladder)
The $resident said a!!lying the lens of innovation to these critical2needs sectors can not only
generate new solutions to solve old !roblems& but also enable the develo!ment !rocess to
become more inclusive by serving a large section of underserved !o!ulations at the bottom of
economic !yramid) -e said %nnovating in the areas of education& s(ill develo!ment& and
entre!reneurshi! can enable our youth emerge as the wor( force not only for %ndia& but also
for the world& as wor(ing age !o!ulations decline globally)
The $resident said we are in the midst of e3citing times as we have access to new tools&
technology and connectivity and these !latforms can ignite innovation li(e never before)
-e said new tools and !latforms will have a massive im!act on organisational structures&
delivery models and business !rocesses& where innovation will be critical) #e as a nation
must be ready for this new wave of innovations) %ndian a!!roach of inclusive innovation can
emerge as a model for sustainable develo!ment for the world to emulate)
Haheeda Reh"an to receive First Centanary A&ard at 11th $FF$
An icon for the film lovers and iconoclast for the !rofessionals& #aheeda Rehman will be
honoured with the first Centanary Award for the %ndian Film !ersonality at the @@th
%nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8) The award has been introduced this year and the
veteran actor will receive the tro!hy on the o!ening day of the festival) %t consists of a cash
com!onent of Rs) <> la(h and a citation)
The JSuintessential 1eauty of 1ollywood4 is (nown as much for her !erformance as for her
choice of roles) -er undertoned a!!roach to essay a character added a landmar( shine to the
golden era of -indi films) 1orn in Chengal!attu near Chennai in <D?A& #aheeda Rehman
began her career with Tamil and Telugu movies and went on to wor( with emini anesan in
J/aalam Maari $ochu4 in <D;;) uru 9utt ha!!ened to see the Telugu version of this film and
offered her a role in JC)%)9)4) #ith this& the %ndian screen was gifted with an artist who
redefined the -indi film heroine by brea(ing away from the theatrical style !revalent in the
<D@>4s and <D;>4s) The !airing of #aheeda Rehman with uru 9utt treated the cinegoers
with such marvels as J$yasa4) J /agha5 /e $hool4& JSaheb 1ibi aur hulam4 and J Chudhvin
(a Chaand4) -er riveting !erformance also im!ressed the other stalwarts li(e 9ili! /umar
7Ram aur Shayam& 9il 9iya 9ard 0iya8& Ra+ /a!oor 7Teesri /asam8 and 9ev Anand 7uide8)
-er stint with the younger artists has e'ually been mar(ed with elegance and e3cellence) She
is remembered with the same fondness for her roles in JReshma aur Shera4& J/abhie /abhie4&
J/hamoshi4& J9elhi2A4and JRang 9e 1asanti4)
A !ersona oo5ing grace and grandeur& #aheeda Rehmaan won the .ational Award for the
1est Actor in <DI< for JReshma Aur Shera4 and Filmfare Awards in <DAA for Juide4 and in
<DAE for J.eel /amal4) She was honoured with $adma Shri in <DI= and with $adma 1hushan
in =><<) %n =>>@& a #aheeda Rehman Film Retros!ective was held at the Seattle Arts
Museum and the University of #ashington)
The first Centenary Award to #aheeda Rehman ac(nowledges the creative contribution of an
artist who o!ted for roles which were much more than +ust the a!!ealing shadow of the male
actors of the times)
Text of the #peech delivered by $<+ Minister #hri Manish Te&ari at the /rd Asian
Foru" on Global Governance
*% read with great interest the outstanding !rogramme that has been designed for and
delivered to you over the !ast ten days) % have no doubt that "RF and the TE%T stiftung would
have created an immaculate !latform for each of you to engage with& interactive on& and be
!rovo(ed by)
% would encourage you to ta(e bac( these learnings and ho!efully they will benefit you at
every stage of the bright career that lies in front of you) % have engaged with the AF since
its ince!tion and have the !leasure of meeting each of the young leaders that has !assed
through this !rogramme) Let % never cease to be ama5ed by the com!etence and 'uality of the
CFs % read& and am reassured by the thought that the future of this world is in your hands)
#hat % would then li(e to !ro!ose is that each of us must commit to being res!onsible for
how the world manages itself in the days ahead) Most of you here are under thirty five and
have about three decades of an active !rofessional life ahead of you and therefore your sta(es
are much higher than anyone else in this room
Lou owe it to yourselves& your families& your communities& and your !eo!le) Lour
commitment to an e'uitable& sustainable and !eaceful world must be unim!eachable and %
would ho!e in the last ten days you would have come across some ideas& some thoughts and
some e3!eriences of others that would enable you to deliver on this front)
Since % have the lu3ury of being the last s!ea(er& let me start off by ta(ing a contrarian stand
on the theme of the event itself) And say that what you describe as gridloc( in the !rogramme&
as !aralysis in your analyses& % describe as vibrant democracy and !luralism)
#hat you see as a rudderless world& a listless world without direction& % see as one with
diverse and vibrant voices)
#hat you see as governance failure % see as the inability of government to com!rehend and
then res!ond in time to the contem!orary societies that we see( to serve)
#hat you see as inca!acities and inefficiencies& % see as framewor(s that are no longer
relevant to our daily lives)
So my !ro!osition now is that each of us must understand that the !aternalistic governance
framewor(s of the twentieth century be they national& regional or global are obsolete and
Technology has given voice to the voiceless) Trans!ort has allowed !eo!le to migrate li(e
never before) Cybers!ace allows communities to inhabit territories which were
inaccessible)This basically means we will have more voices emerge more ra!idly& louder
voices& demanding& see(ing& contesting and suggesting) Communication has never been easy
and conversations will never be more difficult)
This loud !luralism !erha!s frightens each one of us) And therefore we e3!lain this away as a
gridloc( or a dead loc()
All over the world there is no dearth of legislation and laws) 9es!ite your commitments to
your governments& to your colleges& to your com!anies& to your institutions& % would urge you
to engage your communities as well) To wor( with them& to assist them& to !rovo(e them if
need be& to engage with them) %t could be through charity& it could be through sharing your
e3!ertise& it could be through mobilising o!inions& voices and su!!ort for change orit could be
through creating framewor(s to hel! governments)
#e are a world of seven billion !eo!le& so& we are also a world with an e'ual number of
challenges& and a world with an e'ual number of o!!ortunities& and most of these are at the
community level) %t will be leadershi! at the community level that will differentiate successful
societies from ossified and failed ones)
So here % would li(e to !ro!ose that gridloc( is in fact a manifestation of the lac( of
Lou need not bet on !oliticians& you need not bet on !olitics& you need not bet on
cor!orations& you need not bet on entre!reneurs& but you cannot 2 not bet on !eo!le) $eo!le is
what this is all about and it is !eo!le who will find and resolve the (nots we find ourselves in)
-aving s!ent considerable time at student !olitics and at youth level !olitics& and at national
level !olitics& % would certainly concedethat the urge to be a creator and contributor develo!s
and is created in the early days of any individualQs +ourney)
This age grou! that you re!resent are the formative years of leadershi!& 2 do not let this
o!!ortunity !ass you by) 9o not be overly deferential to age and wisdom) Lou need to
challenge hierarchies& contest narratives and u!turn dogmas& challenge conventions) %f these
e3tant systems were so brilliant& a!t&cogent and relevant we wouldnQt find ourselves in the
state we are ))))where we se( new answers to old 'uestions)
% do not believe that true leaders bring about incremental change) %n fact the whole !oint of
leadershi! is to change the whole discourse and bring about a !aradigm shift in the way things
are done)
Lou !eo!le have to discover these new !aradigms& this is a disru!tive !rocess but you must
not be afraid of this disru!tion) Lou must dare to differ& you must be a heretic& because as well
all (now new thought starts off as heresy and ends u! as dogma)
There can be no change without disru!tion& no change without heresy) And no leadershi! that
does not disru!t) That is management and not leadershi!
% cannot give you a tem!late here& because true leadershi! does not come from !reconceived
notions) This is a !ath you will have to carve for yourself)
1ut % can give you an e3am!le 2 %ndia& a country that has benefitted from this (ind of
disru!tive leadershi!& a leadershi! that dared to differ)
%n an era when violent revolution and war were the norm& %ndia de!loyed non2violence 2 a
tactic that was derided in its infancy)
Those of you who wor( in ."s and other institutions must realise that you serve the !eo!le
and you donQt necessarily serve your self2interests& which become unsustainable)
There is a fine line between a creator and an activist) #e see( creators not activists) Each one
of us was born an activist 2 from the moment of our birth we cry out loud))) now is the time to
grow u!& sto! crying and become creators)
So let us now loo( at what leadershi! is& what leadershi! im!lies and what are the forms of
leadershi! this world demands from usO % would for the !ur!ose of this address& very broadly
categorise three levels of leadershi!)
First we need global leaders& citi5ens of this world& not removed from the realities of their
nations& their !rovinces or their communities& but those who can see the congruence between
these and what the world wants) #hat we see( is !eo!le who can see through the fog and
navigate a straight line that connects their !eo!leQs as!iration with the demands of stable and
!ros!erous world) To be able to connect the dots easily& sim!ly and sustainably)
The second ty!e of leadershi! we re'uire is at the national level) Essentially national leaders
who can shed !o!ulism in the dance of democracy& or those who can induce rationality in
autocracies and theocracies) #e need leaders at that level who can see national
interest))))leaders who can lin( the national interest to the good of the world& !eo!le who can
see that what is good for the world is good for ermany and what is good for the world is
good for %ndia)
Finally and most im!ortantly we need community leadershi!) )))because this is !robably the
most neglected and dying leadershi! of all) And let me em!hasise that lac( of leadershi! at
the level of the community& will undo leadershi! at every other level) Community leadershi!
therefore is the most vital& but community leadershi! is also the most scarce)
.ow what do % mean by community leadershi!O %n the age of cosmo!olitanism& in the age of
globalisation& communities are dying) The evolution of man(ind was su!!orted by strong
families and communities)
% would +ust li(e to caveat that this is not an advertorial for catholic family values& or -indu
+oint family set2u! in the %ndian system) Far from it& this is !ragmatism) $hilanthro!y& care&
aid and social security& all these emanated at the level of communities)
And we see all over the world that while at one level& the globe is aggregating& at another level
communities are fragmenting) So there is no dichotomy between strong communities and a
united world)
Community leadershi! therefore is where % thin( the real solutions lie) -ow you use your
water& how you !rice resources& how you treat women& children& the vulnerable and the wea()
These are all answers we need to find at the micro level& at the level of the community& of the
#e live in a new and still emerging world) And what we are unfamiliar with scares us) Many
of us in government& the !rivate sector& civil society and media have never seen vibrancy and
!lurality and diversity of o!inion& thought and action li(e what we see today)
This is not !aralysis this is a com!rehension ga!) And the sooner we are able to understanding
this new o!erating environment& the sooner we will be able to ad+ust the form and format of
how governments and citi5ens engage with the emerging realities) Status Suo will never be
the answer and % would suggest change is what we need to engage with)
So how do we redefine and reimagine governanceO -ow do we rearticulate democracyO And
here % would suggest that the solution is in fact sim!le) .ot easy but sim!le)
0i(e always li(e in each century that has !receded this one the !rotagonist for this change will
be the individual) #e see( leadershi! from each individual in this room and from others
around the world)
0eadershi! is the only basis for re2com!rehending this new world& for reimagining
governance& for resha!ing engagement and of signing a new social contract between !eo!le
and governments)
And therefore this !rogramme and this setting is about leadershi!) #hen the organisers
!ic(ed each one of you& they were betting on the leader in you) And if my understanding of
this !rogramme is accurate& they e3!ect a networ( of leaders and they e3!ect new forms of
leadershi! with creative solutions and creative ideas to flow from this networ( of leaders)
%f they have been able to catalyse this translation or accelerate the !rocess of translation this
!rogramme would have served its !ur!ose)
%Qm sure countries and government around the world would be only too ha!!y to see this new
age and new generation of leadershi! emerge))))shedding the dogmas of the !ast& going
beyond 5ero sum games& going beyond north2south& east2west discourses while absorbing
diversity& common interests& differences with a certain !ragmatism that the =<st century
com!els us to imbibe)
For those of you in the s!here of %nternational Relations % would venture& that foreign !olicy
that does not ta(e into account domestic !olitics becomes unsustainable)
#hen domestic !olicies do not reflect domestic realties& it becomes unsustainable& and when
domestic realities are not in consonance with ca!abilities and resources that are available&
societies become unsustainable)
So those of you who wor( in foreign !olicy must ta(e into account the national !riorities and
national as!irations& those of you who wor( in national governments must understand the
needs and re'uirements the !eo!le)
And those of you who wor( in com!anies and cor!orations must realise that your success and
your !ros!erity will be unsustainable if it cannot be lin(ed to grassroots and organic economic
The Mahatma and %ndiaQs first !rime minister 2 Jawaharlal .ehru& chose !athways and modes
of government that were uni'ue in the newly liberated colonies) %f we have been able to lift
three hundred million !eo!le out of !overty and send a mission to mars it is because& of the
leadershi! that sha!ed this countries destiny in its formative years) Q
%ndia now li(e other countries again stands at a cus!) #e see( new ideas& we see( new
solutions) #e see( them from you and from within from our young leaders) #e have heard
you over these last ten days and we will learn from you)
% must congratulate the $ublic 9i!lomacy 9ivision of the Ministry of E3ternal Affairs for
their su!!ort to this venture which is truly outstanding) The fact that they donQt meet you till
the last day is a testimony to their commitment& on su!!orting leadershi! without agendas and
wit out conditions) % must again congratulate the organisers 2 "RF and TE%T who have truly
created a formidable leadershi! !rogramme)
% must also congratulate Shashi for his vision and leadershi! and dedication in remaining
involved and giving the Asian Forum a truly distinct character& a contem!orary agenda and a
!eerless curriculum)
% ho!e some of you are going to ta(e this o!!ortunity to travel a bit 2 to see %ndia to
e3!erience its diversity& to see some of its struggles& e3!erience some of its riches 2 both in
nature and in society 2 in its art& its cuisine& its culture) % would urge you to !ac( your bags and
e3!erience this very interesting and warm country& or at least come bac( to %ndia again 2soon)
0et me conclude by saying that this is your home& you have a family here& and we loo(
forward to welcoming you bac( 2 %ndia after all is an idea and not geogra!hy))))(ee! this idea
with you and when you can this geogra!hy will welcome you again)
od S!eed for those traveling and my warmest wishes to each one of you for the future),
,nd !ay of +harat ir"an Pubic $nfor"ation Ca"paign Focussed on Education and
The second day of 1harat .irman $ublic %nformation Cam!aign at Shah5ad!ur& Ambala
was mainly devoted to education& em!loyment and related rights) S!ea(ing on the Right to
Education& 1loc( $rimary Education "fficer Sh) Sat!al /aushi( said that in this Act the
Centre had !rovided for free education to all u! to the age of <@) iving details of the
!rovisions of this law& he said that s!ecial attention had been given to the education of girls)
-e informed that literacy rate for males in -aryana is E@ !ercent whereas for females& it is ;A
!ercent& thereby need for focusing on the education of girls)
%n his address on M.REA& Shri 1alwinder Attri& 9e!uty 9irector 7M6C8& $%1 Jalandhar
informed that on an average @E> la(h families are given em!loyment annually) The Centre
overnment has s!ent Rs) =&?E&@>> crore till the end of March =><? since the schemes was
launched in =>>A& he added) -e further said that under a new !rovision under M.REA&
small warehouses can be set u! at the bloc( and $anchayat level) $eo!le belonging to states
li(e -aryana and $un+ab can avail this facility as these are sur!lus states in the agriculture
!roduce) The states have +ust to !rovide land for these warehouses& which can have ca!acity
of u!to <E>>> tons) "n 0and Ac'uisition Act& he said that under the new law& land could be
ac'uired only with the consent of land2owners) The com!ensations for land in rural areas will
be four times the mar(et rate& whereas it would be double the mar(et rate for urban areas)
S!ea(ing on Sarv Shi(sha Abhiyan 7SSA8& Assistant $ro+ect Coordinator Sh) $ram+it Singh
said that it had brought a fundamental im!rovement in the education infrastructure and level
of instructionBeducation in the schools) <@@= additional rooms have been built in IDE schools
of Ambala district under SSA) #ater tan(s have been !rovided in @II schools and toilets for
students built in @I? schools& he said) @?> se!arate toilets for girls students have been built
and arrangements made for <D=D students needing s!ecial care)
Senior Mar(eting "fficer from AMAR/& Smt) Sha(untla June+a e3horted the farmers to
avail of the government scheme for building rural warehouses) The government !rovides
subsidy of u!to =; !ercent on the cost of such warehouses) Ayurvedic Medical "fficer& 9r)
.aresh /umar highlighted the effectiveness of this system in curing chronic diseases through
chea! and easily available medicinal herbs)
9irectorate of Field $ublicity also organi5ed a 'ui5 contest on the ma+or !olicies and
!rogrammes of the overnment of %ndia) Artists of Song and 9rama 9ivision enthralled the
audience with information2!ac(ed entertainment !resentations) A large number of school
students and local !eo!le visited the e3hibition stalls& gathered information and collected the
!rinted material on different !rogrammes 6 schemes)
Mainstrea"ing !isadvantaged Groups A ational Priority' 6u"0 #el*a
The Union Minister of Social Justice and Em!owerment& /umari Sel+a launched a
com!osite !rogramme on schemes of her Ministry for !ersons belonging to Schedule Castes&
1ac(ward Classes& Safai /aramcharis and for the differently abled& here today)
She said the U$A overnment was committed to inclusive growth& and an im!ortant
com!onent of this !rocess was mainstreaming the disadvantaged grou!s in the society such as
those who were !hysically and mentally challenged) /um) Sel+a said (ee!ing in mind the
s!ecial needs of the differently abled& the government formed a se!arate 9e!artment of
9isability Affairs) She said the focus is on !hysical& economic and educational rehabilitation
of the differently abled) She listed out the various achievements of organi5ations under the
Ministry of Social Justice 6 Em!owerment& and !ointed out that disadvantaged grou!s were
availing in large numbers the benefits of the various !rogrammes being run by the Ministry of
Social Justice 6 Em!owerment)
"n this occasion Artificial 0imbs Manufacturing Cor!oration distributed aids and a!!liances)
The other main attractions of the com!osite cam! were distribution of Self Em!loyment loan
and che'ues& s(ill training offers& awareness generation of the schemes of the Ministry
through mobile vans and flagging2off the 1adhte /adam !rogramme of .ational Trust)
The overnor of -aryana& Sh) Jagannath $ahadia while !raising the efforts of the Ministry of
Social Justice 6 Em!owerment& said the !rogramme would be understood as com!lete only
when each and every disadvantaged child is included as a beneficiary) Shri $ahadia said since
State resources are limited the overnment ought to involve ."s to broadbase the schemes
and for a more effective delivery)
Among the organi5ations that !artici!ated include .ational Scheduled Castes Finance and
9evelo!ment Cor!oration& .ational Safai /aramchari Finance and 9evelo!ment& .ational
1ac(ward Classes Finance 6 9evelo!ment Cor!oration& .ational -andica!!ed Finance 6
9evelo!ment Cor!oration& .ational %nstitute of Mentally -andica!!ed& .ational %nstitute of
-earing -andica!!ed and .ational %nstitute of "rtho!aedically -andica!!ed)
Pri"e Minister3s speech at the ban)uet hosted in the honour of the General
#ecretary of the Co""unist Party of ?ietna"
Following is the te3t of $rime Minister& 9r) Manmohan Singh4s s!eech at the ban'uet hosted
in the honour of the eneral Secretary of the Communist $arty of Fietnam in .ew 9elhi
*%t is a great !leasure tonight for me to welcome amongst us -is E3cellency the eneral
Secretary of the Communist $arty of Fietnam on his first State visit to %ndia) E3cellency& your
visit to %ndia in =><> as the Chairman of Fietnam4s .ational Assembly added great
momentum to our relationshi!) Tonight& we welcome you bac( as a friend and a leader of a
great country 2 a nation that has stood as a symbol of resilience& resolve and heroism for
generations of %ndians and which is now a vibrant economy at the heart of a dynamic region)
Lour leadershi!& E3cellency& is vital not only for Fietnam4s !rogress& but also for our region4s
stability and !ros!erity)
E3cellency& if 1odh aya is the symbol of our shared s!iritual heritage& the historic Cham
monuments in My Son in Fietnam e'ually bear witness to the vigorous civili5ational lin(s
between our two countries) "ur great leaders& $rime Minister Jawaharlal .ehru and $resident
-o Chi Minh& forged a !artnershi! in the wa(e of the retreat of colonialism from Asia) Theirs
was a relationshi! based on mutual trust and res!ect& sentiments which have also been our
guiding !rinci!les as we have slowly built our relationshi! in the modern era)
Today& in this new century& at a time of new dynamism in our two economies and in a
resurgent Asia of great !romise and many challenges& our relationshi! holds ever greater
%t was to fulfil this !romise that& si3 years ago& our two countries embar(ed on a new +ourney
of Strategic $artnershi!) %t is a !artnershi! of great character& diversity and de!th) "ur
!olitical engagement and our growing defence and security relationshi! are of immense value
to our two countries) "ur convergent interests& including in maritime security& have translated
into !roductive !artnershi!s in regional and multilateral fora)
"ur economic and energy relations are growing) #e are wor(ing together on oil e3!loration
and !roduction in the East Sea and your offer of new bloc(s for e3!loration and award of a
<)E billion U)S) dollar !ower !ro+ect to %ndian com!anies demonstrate the !romise of our
economic relations)
%ndia4s su!!ort in the <DI>s for the transformation of Fietnam4s rice cultivation and& now& in
your s!ecial gesture of establishing Fietnam4s first overseas catfish breeding farm in %ndia&
are very s!ecial symbols of friendshi! and mutual su!!ort in ca!acity building& which now
also covers areas such as information technology& education and science and technology)
E3cellency& Fietnam is an im!ortant !illar of our 0oo( East $olicy and crucial for our vision
of %ndia4s integration with ASEA.) As %ndia2Fietnam relations !ros!er& %ndia2ASEA.
relations will also dee!en) As heirs to the ancient wisdom of Asia and blessed with the energy
of its youth& %ndia and Fietnam have common interests& !rofound res!onsibility and enormous
o!!ortunities to !romote !eace& stability and !ros!erity in Asia $acific)
0ong ago& a Fietnamese mon( said& U#e have more !ossibilities in a moment than we
realise,) Lour visit& E3cellency& shows that we are sei5ing every !ossibility and every moment
to ma(e our relationshi! richer and bring our !eo!le closer) #ith those words& 0adies and
entlemen& may % re'uest you to +oin me in a toast to:
<) the good health and ha!!iness of -is E3cellency Mr) .guyen $hu Trong& eneral Secretary
of the Communist $arty of FietnamN
=) the !ros!erity and ha!!iness of the !eo!le of Fietnam andN
?) the everlasting friendshi! between %ndia and Fietnam)
Ty!hoon haiyan
Pri"e Minister3s #tate"ent to the Media during the #tate ?isit of General #ecretary
of the Co""unist Party of ?ietna"
Following is the te3t of $rime Minister& 9r Manmohan Singh4s Statement to the Media during
the State Fisit of eneral Secretary of the Communist $arty of Fietnam in .ew 9elhi today:
*% am delighted to welcome -is E3cellency eneral Secretary .guyen $hu Trong on his first
State Fisit to %ndia)
1oth %ndia and Fietnam belong to a region that holds enormous !otential& but also many
challenges) #e have a strong convergence of interests in wor(ing together& and with others in
the region& for a stable& !eaceful and !ros!erous Asia) #e have therefore sought to build a
com!rehensive relationshi! with a broad2based agenda of bilateral and regional coo!eration)
Fietnam4s emergence as one of the most vibrant economies in the Asia $acific region is
greatly welcomed by %ndia& es!ecially because we regard Fietnam as a trusted and !rivileged
strategic !artner and an im!ortant !illar of our 0oo( East $olicy)
eneral Secretary Trong and % held very cordial and !roductive discussions today) #e have
agreed on a number of initiatives that will define the contours of our Strategic $artnershi! in
the years ahead)
#e reaffirmed the im!ortance of defence and security coo!eration in our overall Strategic
$artnershi! and agreed to strengthen it further) %ndia will continue to assist Fietnam in
moderni5ation and training of its defence and security forces& including through a <>> million
U)S) dollar line of credit for defence !urchases) #e will also hel! in setting u! the %ndira
andhi -igh2tech Cyber Forensic 0aboratory in -anoi and a Fietnam2%ndia English and %T
Training Centre at the .ational 9efence Academy of Fietnam)
"ur bilateral trade has grown steadily and we are on course to achieve the trade target of I
billion US dollars by =><;) A new Joint Sub2Commission on Trade has been tas(ed to wor(
towards reali5ing the enormous !otential of our economic relations) %ndian investments in
Fietnam are growing and % re'uested eneral Secretary Trong to facilitate them further in
Fietnam) % e3!ressed a!!reciation for Fietnam4s decision to award Tata $ower a <)E billion
US dollar thermal !ower !ro+ect in Fietnam and the offer of another offshore bloc( to ".C
Fidesh 0imited for continued oil and gas e3!loration) #e also loo( forward to boosting our
bilateral economic ties through the %ndia2ASEA. Free Trade Agreement and connectivity
The Air Services Agreement signed today advances our goal of strengthening connectivity
between our countries)
eneral Secretary Trong and % reviewed our develo!ment !artnershi! and ca!acity2building
efforts) The $ARAM -igh $erformance Com!uting Facility has +ust been inaugurated at the
-anoi University of Science and Technology& which is %ndia4s first gift of a su!ercom!uter to
another country) Fietnam has been an im!ortant !artner in the %ndian Technical and
Economic Coo!eration $rogramme& which we have agreed to continue) #e have identified
Education and %nformation Technology as im!ortant areas for further collaboration)
#e are satisfied with the !rogress in Science and Technology coo!eration& es!ecially in bio2
technology and agriculture) %ndia also a!!reciates Fietnam4s assistance in setting u! its first
overseas farm for catfish breeding& where Fietnam has !roven e3!ertise)
% conveyed the Archeological Survey of %ndia4s readiness to ta(e u! the !ro+ect for
conservation and restoration of the Cham Monuments& which are a symbol of our historical&
civili5ational and cultural contacts) #e have also decided to o!en an %ndian Culture Centre in
#e have agreed to further strengthen contacts at all levels 2 national and !rovincial 2 and
between leaders in all wal(s of life) #e also loo( forward to initiating a 9istinguished
Fisitors $rogramme soon)
#e e3changed views on regional and international issues of common interest) #e a!!reciate
Fietnam4s steadfast su!!ort to %ndia4s integration and engagement with the ASEA. and our
as!iration for !ermanent membershi! of a reformed U. Security Council)
% believe that this visit by eneral Secretary Trong has !ut our Strategic $artnershi! on a firm
growth !ath),
$FF$ ,-./' Celebrating I#oulful3 Asia
The renowned %ranian film ma(er Ma+id Ma+idi will o!en the JSoul of Asia4 segment
tomorrow at the @@th %FF% in oa) %ntroduced last year as a s!ecial segment& JSoul of Asia:
Cinema of Mysticism4 will celebrate s!irituality& so much integral to the way of living in this
!art of the globe& in the same vein this year)
The segment will o!en with the screening of JThe $atience Stone4 by the much acclaimed
Afghan2French author& Ati' Rahimi) The movie& in a war2torn Afghanistan& sears into the
recesses of a woman4s soul searching life beyond e3istence)
The other films in the section include Mohsen Ma(hmalbaf4s JThe ardener4& $an .alin4s4
JFaith Connections4 and Fincent Sandoval4s JA!!aration4) J%ndian Master of Masters: "sho
brings into focus the mystic4s contem!orary creative inter!retations and insights into the
wisdom of world masters)
The director of the directors and the reci!ient of the lifetime Achievement Award at the @@th
%nternational Film Festival of %ndia& Jiri Men5el said& Jlife is good for living and my films are
a celebration of life4) -e was addressing the media!ersons here today) Underscoring the basic
com!onent of his films& Jiri Men5el said& J% don4t ma(e intelligent or stu!id films& % ma(e
films for my neighbours)4
"n the idea of censorshi!& Jiri Men5el admitted& Jfreedom is good for adult !eo!le but&
unfortunately& the !eo!le are not adult enough)4 The advent of new technologies has never
been im!ending to my wor(& he added)
About the essential comic tone of most of his films& he ac(nowledged humour has been a
measure for him to survive !ain) Res!onding to a 'uestion on how he views new wave
cinema being it4s !ioneer& Jiri Men5el said he has not wor(ed on a manifesto& it +ust
Acting is using one3s i"agination' #usan #arandon
The actor activist and the chief guest of the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia& Susan
Sarandon said& J% am an actor because % have very strong imagination which raises in me
em!athy towards the !ain and !leasure of the !eo!le) These two 'ualities are connected and
ma(e for an activist4) She was addressing the media!ersons here during the ongoing festival)
Elaborating on acting and activism she said acting is using one4s imagination while activism
is what one does as a !erson)
E3!ressing her candid views on the social role of an actor& Susan Sarandon said& Jit has
always been hurting to my ego to live without as(ing 'uestions about the issues concerning
man(ind4) As cinema reframes one4s vision of the man and his world& it is im!ortant to ma(e
good movies with substance& she added) She asserted that ultimately one has to create his or
her own story)
Res!onding to a 'uestion on gender discrimination she said education is the basis of any
change and that a man is comfortable when he chooses a strong woman) The business of
filmma(ing is very hard on woman& she re!lied to another 'uestion) "scar is the biggest
award but the film winning the award need not necessarily be the best) The awards are
decided by contribution of Jury and voting system which has evolved into a different system)
Manish Te&ari Releases I+hartiya Cine"a 6a #afarna"a3 at 11th $FF$
Minister of %nformation and 1roadcasting& Shri Manish Tewari released the boo( titled
J1hartiya Cinema /a Safarnama& here today in the !resence of film director Ra(esh "m
$ra(ash Mehra& actress 9ivya 9utta and actor $awan Malhotra) The boo( is a com!ilation of
articles by %ndian film !ersonalities on the +ourney of %ndian Cinema) The boo( has been
!ublished by the $ublications 9ivision of the Ministry of %nformation and 1roadcasting)
The boo( contains nine interviews and == articles) #hile Mahesh 1hatt has enriched the boo(
with a bird4s eye view on trends& ul5ar has contributed his observations on !olitical cinema)
Renowned film2ma(ers li(e Mu5affar Ali& .) Chandra& Ramesh Si!!y& 9i!ti .aval&
/haiyyam and Remi 94Sou5a have been interviewed for this com!ilation) 9r) Chandra
$ra(ash 9wivedi& A) /) 1ir& Tigmanshu 9hulia& $rasoon Joshi& /ailash /her and $an(a+
Shu(l have contributed articles on to!ics as diverse as mythological cinema& cinematogra!hy&
.ew Cinema& music and lyrics and technical as!ects of the celluloid)
The segment on regional cinema contains eight articles and interviews) The segment o!ens
with the interview of the eminent Assemese film2ma(er& Jahnu 1arua) $un+abi film2ma(er
urvir rewal& 1ho+!uri actor 9ineshlal Ladav J.irhuva4& 1engali 9irector /aushi( anguli
and $rof) Abhi+it /undu have also contributed for this segment) .oted +ournalist /) F)
/urmanath& .) Fidyashan(ar and Manmohan Chadda have written on regional cinema in
different %ndian languages) .oted +ournalists and writers have contributed on im!ortant issues
in the last segment of this boo() A+ay 1rahmatma+& $radee! Sardana& Meena(hi Sharma& A+ay
/umar& Avinash Fachs!ati& %'bal Ri5vi& 9eb $ra(ash Chaudhury and others have contributed
on various to!ics related to the +ourney of %ndian cinema) These include: cinema of the =<st
century& national film awards& film !ublicity& !osters& studios& women film2ma(ers& theatre
and cinema and comic com!onents of the %ndian cinema)
Agnies7%a Eolland Retrospective at 11th $FF$
The @@th %nternational Film Festival in oa is !resenting the si3 M film retros!ective from
today to ac'uaint the film aficionados with the content and craft of noted $olish film director&
Agnies5(a -olland) -er films underline decaying ideals& crisis of identities& human des!air
and a universal struggle to overcome maladies of the man(ind) -er wor( traverses through the
social and !olitical landsca!e of $oland !rofiled by its most turbulent times M #orld #ar %%&
Solidarity Movement and the Communist regime)
Ms Agnies5(a -olland began her career under the guidance of master li(e Andr5e+ #a+da and
/r5ystoff Tanussi) She studied film2ma(ing at $rague4s Academy of $erforming Arts
7FAMU8) -er films JAngry -arvest4 7<DE;8 and J%n 9ar(ness4 7=><>8 earned nominations for
the Academy Award for best Foreign 0anguage Film) -er <DD< feature& JEuro!a& Euro!a4
won a olden lobe for the 1est Foreign 0anguage Film) -er other best (nown films include
JTo /ill A $riest4 7<DEE8& JThe Secret arden4 7<DD?8 and J1urning 1ush4 7=><?8)
Eeads of Co"petition authorities of +ra7il, Russia, $ndia, China and #outh Africa
A+R$C#D sign the !elhi Accord
The -eads of the Com!etition Authorities of the Federative Re!ublic of 1ra5il& the
Russian Federation& the Re!ublic of %ndia& the $eo!le4s Re!ublic of China and the Re!ublic of
South Africa signed a Joint Accord namely J9E0-% ACC"R94 on .ovember ==& =><?
during the ongoing ?rd 1R%CS %nternational Com!etition Conference 7%CC8 at .ew 9elhi)
1R%CS Com!etition Authorities& reflecting the !rinci!le of mutual trust and res!ect&
considered the need of establishing good communication between the 1R%CS Com!etition
Authorities on com!etition law and !olicy to further im!roving and strengthening the
relationshi! between the 1R%CS Com!etition Authorities)
1R%CS Com!etition Authorities& while recognising the benefits of technical coo!eration
among the com!etition agencies& in sound and effective enforcement of com!etition laws
e3!ressed their resolve and commitment to e3change views on different as!ects of
com!etition !olicy)
The heads of the Com!etition Authorities of 1R%CS recommended the !ublication of the
material of the ?rd 1R%CS %CC on their res!ective websites for the !ur!ose of com!etition
The Com!etition Authorities of 1R%CS su!!ort the hosting of the Fourth 1R%CS %CC during
The 9elhi Accord was signed by Alessandro Serafin "ctaviani 0uis& Commissioner& CA9E
for the 1ra5ilian Com!etition $olicy System& by Andrey Tsari(ovs(y& Stats Secretary29e!uty
-ead of the FAS& Russia for the Federal Antimono!oly Service of the Russian Federation& by
Asho( Chawla& Chairman& for the Com!etition Commission of %ndia& by Sun -ong5hi& Fice
Minister& for the State Administration for %ndustry and Commerce of the $eo!le4s Re!ublic of
China and by Tembin(os 1ona(ele& Acting Commissioner for the Com!etition Commission
of South Africa)
T&elve #tates and Four 9Ts to Receive Funds 9nder Rusa
To boost research and innovation& twelve states and four UTs have been considered
eligible to receive Rs) <=> crore each under the Research& %nnovation and Suality
%m!rovement Com!onent of RUSA M Rashtriya Uchchatara Shi(sha Abhiyan) They are M
Andaman 6 .icobar& Arunachal $radesh& Assam& 1ihar& Chandigarh& 9adra 6 .agar -aveli&
9aman 6 9iu& -imachal $radesh& /arnata(a& /erala& Maharashtra& Mani!ur& .agaland&
"disha& $un+ab and Uttar $radesh) All innovative schemes will be funded as !er the decision
of the $A1 7$ro+ect A!!roval 1oard8) The funds are meant to su!!ort different ty!es of
research !rogrammes li(e base research& (ey technology 7R698& -igh end 7R698& etc during
the current Five Lear $lan)
Setting u! of science !ar(s and cutting edge technology and instrumentation facility will be
su!!orted by this fund) The funds will also ta(e care of !romoting inter2disci!linary and
trans2disci!linary research centres as well as !romoting research and entre!reneurial
activities) Some other areas to be funded under the Research and %nnovation Com!onent are:
initiative to attract 'uality researchers and studentsN institutions that offer merit2based
scholarshi!s& fully funded doctoral fellowshi!s& !ost2doctoral fellowshi!sN faculty and
students e3change !rogrammes with world2class institutionsN and initiatives to scale u!
industry2academia !artnershi!)
States that have either already im!lemented reforms or given the commitment to the earliest
im!lementation of reforms that would facilitate research and innovation at institutional level
will be covered under the com!onent of Research& %nnovation and Suality %m!rovement of
RUSA) States will have to !re!are a Research and %nnovation $lan 7R%$8) $A1 will be at
liberty to a!!rove the !lan in its entity or restrict it to a few selected interventions) States can
leverage this !lan through $$$& industry !artici!ation etc) #eights will be assigned wherever
e3tra resources are !romised in the R%$)
States may decide about unit of im!lementation) %t can either be the State as a whole or a few
select institutions)
ngry for cinema)4 -e further said that& %ndian films always remind him of Me3ican films
which are similarly !ac(ed with melodrama& comedy and action) #hen as(ed to !rofile the
measures in order to survive the onslaught of -ollywood films& Rossoff made the observation
that Jyou have to be good at what Americans are not good at)4
%talian writer2directors& Fabio rassadonia and Antonio $ia55a wor(ed together for a long
time as writers and scri!t consultants) Their debut as directors JRita4 7=><>8 was !resented at
international film festivals across the globe) JSalvo4& featuring in the @@th %FF%& has been
acclaimed as Jthe renaissance of %talian cinema 4) %t has the $alistinian actor& Saleh 1a(ri of
the JThe 1and4s Fisit4 fame& in the lead role) #hen Salvo& a Sicilian hitman snea(s into a
house to eliminate a man& the target4s blind sister Rita stands hel!lessly) Salvo is torn
between his duty to get rid of this witness and his growing fascination for her)
%ntroducing JSalvo4& Fabio rassadonia said& 4the idea of staging a story is always there when
we write a story and the contrast between the !hysical blindness of the girl and the moral
blindness of the (iller in JSalvo4 carries the !robability of this staging)4 Antonio $ia55a added
his idea of film2ma(ing to rassadonia4s introduction) About his e3!erience in %ndia he said&
Jat festivals in %ndia you are in touch with the real audience while at festivals li(e Cannes you
are in touch with business !eo!le only) J
Pri"e Minister3s speech at the annual conference of !GPs
Following is the te3t of the $rime Minister& 9r) Manmohan Singh4s s!eech at the annual
conference of 9$s in .ew 9elhi today:
*This is !robably the ninth year that % have been addressing this im!ortant conference) % don4t
(now if % have anything new to say on this occasion& that % have not said earlier) 1ut it is a
!leasure for me to be associated with the %ntelligence 1ureau com!leting <=; years of its
e3istence) % therefore begin by e3tending my very warm greetings to all !ast and !resent
members of the %ntelligence 1ureau on com!letion of <=; years of its e3istence and service to
our country)
% am very ha!!y that the %ntelligence 1ureau& or %1 as it is commonly called& has achieved
some ma+or successes in this very s!ecial year) %t was& % have been told& the intelligence
gathered by the organisation that led to the arrest of some sus!ects of several terror attac(s) %
congratulate the %1 on these achievements)
The !ast year also saw a massive tragedy in Uttara(hand) A large number of officers and men
of the !olice and !ara2military forces made a stellar contribution to the relief and rescue
o!erations that were underta(en in the State) % !articularly !ay homage to those who lost their
lives in attem!ting to save others)
Fery recently our intelligence organisations and !olice and !ara2military forces have done
commendably well in maintaining law and order during !olls in the na3al2affected areas of
The successes that % have +ust mentioned also !oint to the diverse range of challenges that our
security a!!aratus faces) % understand that the im!ortant ones of these challenges are a !art of
the agenda of your conference) % am sure that over the !ast = days you have had !roductive
discussions on the issues before you) % only !ro!ose to add my own !erce!tion of some issues
to what has already trans!ired in this im!ortant conference)
1ut before % do that& let me congratulate the very fine officers who have received medals
today) % wish them even greater success in the future)
9uring the current year some States of the Union have witnessed a substantial increase in the
number of communal incidents) A ma+or communal clash in Mu5affarnagar and the ad+oining
districts of #estern Uttar $radesh in Se!tember too( a large toll of lives and dis!laced
thousands of innocent !eo!le) This is most worrisome) %t sounds li(e a clichV but is necessary
to say that we sim!ly cannot afford such a state of affairs to continue) "ur law and order
agencies must& therefore& ensure that trivial or local issues are not e3!loited by vested interests
to flame communal !assions) And once disturbances occur they must be tac(led with the
utmost firmness and s!eed& without !re+udice& fear or favour) The State overnments have the
res!onsibility to ensure this& and State 9$s !resent here have the res!onsibility to ensure
that their !olice forces act in the re'uired manner in !reventing communal tensions and
dealing with them once they do ta(e !lace) % e3!ect all State 9$s to discharge this
res!onsibility fully)
#e witnessed misuse of the social media and SMSes to fan violence during the recent
disturbances in Mu5affarnagar& and also last year& when disinformation s!read through these
means contributed to a mass e3odus of !eo!le belonging to the .orth2East from southern
States li(e /arnata(a) %t is widely acce!ted that social media facilitates e3change of
(nowledge& information and ideas and can be used for constructive !ur!oses) Therefore& in
!reventing its misuse we need to find creative solutions which do not unreasonably curb the
freedom of e3!ression and the ease of communication that social media does !rovide)
This leads me to the related issue of cyber security& an area which has been in the news
internationally in recent times) % thin( there is a vast sco!e for im!rovement in our !resent
ca!abilities in this area) A!art from finding technological solutions& we must also concentrate
on designing our !rocesses in a manner such that our vulnerability to cyber attac(s is
minimi5ed) % would be interested in (nowing about the !roceedings of this conference in this
im!ortant area and also about their follow u!)
A little while bac( % s!o(e about the recent successful conduct of !olls in the na3al2affected
areas of Chhattisgarh) The high voting !ercentage that was witnessed in these areas clearly
underlines the faith of the local !o!ulation in !rocesses of our functioning democracy) #e
have also witnessed a declining trend of na3al violence over the last few years) This is a result
of the combined efforts of the Central and State overnments and is a really encouraging
develo!ment) %t is im!ortant that we don4t let u! on our efforts to root out the menace of
na3alism and continue to build on our successes) This necessarily im!lies that we also have to
im!rove the 'uality of governance and the !ace of develo!ment in the na3al2affected areas) %
would also li(e to em!hasi5e here the need to maintain the centrality of the local !olice forces
in any anti2na3al o!eration and the need to sensiti5e the security forces being inducted into
any of the na3al2affected areas to the socio2cultural !ractices of the local !eo!le)
This year& Jammu 6 /ashmir has witnessed a few bra5en attac(s on our security forces) The
situation along the %nternational 1order and the 0ine of Control& !articularly in $oonch district
of Jammu region has remained volatile with several ceasefire violations) Resurgence of
terrorist grou!s& !articularly 0ash(ar2e2Taiba and increased infiltration attem!ts call for
heightened vigil and coordination by our security forces) There is also a li(elihood of attem!ts
to disru!t the forthcoming 0o( Sabha and Assembly elections) The security forces also need
to be careful and measured in their res!onse to militant attac(s as well as law and order
As % have said on a number of occasions& there should be nothing which affects the role of
innocent citi5ens in leading their normal lives& and our attac( on na3als and other such bad
elements& should not in any way affect or disturb the livelihood !atterns of local !eo!le) The
security situation in the .orth2East continues to remain com!le3& with insurgency& e3tortion
and agitations being the main disru!tive elements) $ersistent efforts on !art of the
overnment have resulted in considerable !rogress in the dialogue with insurgent and ethnic
se!aratist grou!s) Further& the susce!tibility of 0ower Assam areas and /arbi Anglong region
of the State to ethnic and communal tensions& the growing mistrust between tribals and non2
tribals in 1odo areas& the aro insurgency in Meghalaya& the increasing targeting of non2
Mani!uris in Mani!ur are also areas of considerable concern) #e need to tac(le all these
issues with collective resolve and firm determination)
As far as terrorism is concerned& four ma+or incidents occurred this year& in -yderabad&
1angalore& 1odhgaya and $atna) The disclosures made by the arrested members of the
terrorist outfits confirm our a!!rehensions that %ndian hinterland remains an active area of
o!eration for these outfits) Therefore& we need to ensure that our security a!!aratus and
intelligence sharing !latforms such as the Multi Agency Centre constantly hone their s(ills to
stay ahead of the nefarious designs of these terrorist outfits) -owever& while dealing with
terror cases& care needs to be ta(en that security forces remain scru!ulously bi!artisan so that
our !eo!le do not lose faith in the !rofessionalism of investigative agencies and the secular
nature of our !olity)
The tragic ra!e and murder of a young girl in 9elhi last 9ecember not only brought into shar!
focus the issue of women4s safety but also the rising e3!ectations of the !eo!le from the
$olice in !reventing such crimes) #e have recently enacted several laws !roviding stringent
!unishment for such crimes and more sensitive treatment of victims during investigation and
trial) #e also need to !ut in !lace other institutional mechanisms to ensure the safety and
security of women and children) % e3!ect the 9$s of States to show leadershi! in this area)
1efore % end& % would also li(e to draw your attention to the growing challenges of $olicing in
metro!olitan areas) This is a sub+ect which % have touched u!on in my earlier interventions as
well& but it is worth re!eating again) The !rocess of ra!id urbani5ation that we have witnessed
in the !ast few decades will further accelerate in the future) Factors li(e the anonymity offered
in the urban landsca!e& individualistic lifestyles and floating !o!ulations ma(e the detection
of metro!olitan crimes difficult& and therefore we need s!ecial techni'ues to tac(le this
growing menace) There is also a need to !lace greater em!hasis on the conce!t of community
!olicing which not only hel!s in the !revention and detection of crimes but also encourages
citi5ens to associate themselves voluntarily with the local !olice in solving neighbourhood
!roblems& thus generating greater !ublic confidence in our !olice forces) % urge you to
intensify efforts towards !romoting and institutionali5ing community !olicing initiatives)
% reali5e that most of these issues have already been discussed at length in this three2day
conference over the !ast two days) .evertheless& % would e3!ect the !artici!ants to go bac(
and continue the !rocess of serious deliberation to come u! with creative solutions to the
many challenges to our internal security& and also to im!lement the ideas that they have learnt
here) % am sure that you will show the leadershi! that our country and our !eo!le e3!ect from
you) % wish you all the very best in your valiant efforts),
(apanese Fil" Ma%ers find $FF$ an ideal platfor" for pro"otion of Cine"a
%n an interaction with media2!ersons here today during the @@th %nternational Film Festival
of %ndia7%FF%8& eminent Ja!anese film2ma(ers discussed the content and craft their films ) As
Ja!an is the country of focus in the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia7%FF%8 & many film
!ersonalities li(e /iyoshi /urosawa& /eiichi -ara& Sang2il 0ee and Ta(ashi .ishimura were
!resent on the occasion)
/iyoshi /urosawa& eminent director of films li(e To(yo Sonata 7=>>E8 has directed film
JReal4 a sci2fi horror mi3 de!icting the variety of genre in the Ja!anese films) /urosawa
himself admitted that a new line of Ja!anese film ma(ers are trying to bring variety in
Ja!anese films on the line of %ndian films)
Sang2il 0ee widely (nown for -ula irls 7=>>A8 has directed a drama film Unforgiven4& was
screened at %FF%)Attending %FF% for the first time& 0ee mentioned that %ndian films and film
stars li(e Ra+ni(anth and Amitabh 1achchan are very !o!ular in Ja!an)
/eiichi -ara& a well2(nown name for giving a lea! to the animation filmma(ing with TF
series li(e 9oraemon and Shin Chan first time directed a drama J9awn of a Filmma(er4) The
film is a bio!ic of legendary Ja!anese filmma(er /inoshita /eisu(e)
Answering the 'uestions Ja!anese filmma(ers said that the new environment for filmma(ing
in Ja!an is very encouraging) They admitted that lot of good films li(e To(yo Sonata by
/iyoshi /urosawa himself are being made but still remain unnoticed due to lac( of media
e3!osure) There are around @>>2;>> annual releases adding variety of genre to the art of
Re!lying to a 'uestion that whether Ja!anese directors are rewor(ing on the classical wor(s of
the legendary directors li(e /inoshita /eisu(e& "5u& A(ira /urosawa and /en+i Mi5oguchi&
Mr)/iyoshi /urosawa said that there have been many TF dramas and short documentary
films on their wor(s)
9enying the fact that most of Ja!anese films highlight violence Sang2il 0ee said that on the
contrary most Ja!anese films !ro!agate !eace and ha!!iness)
/urosawa admitted that the eminent %ndian filmma(ers Satya+it Ray and uru9att are !o!ular
among the Ja!anese filmma(ers) Similarly films li(e J? %diots4 have been li(ed very much by
the Ja!anese audience)
Ja!anese filmma(ers !raised the @@th %nternational Film Festival "f %ndia saying that it4s a
wide !latform for the filmma(ers to have cross cultural interaction and share art and ideas of
M$FF 2 ,-.1 Fro" / February e& Co"petition Categories, #pecial A&ards
The <?th edition of Mumbai %nternational Film festival for 9ocumentary& Short and
Animation Films 7M%FF8 organi5ed by Films 9ivision& overnment of %ndia& Ministry of
%nformation and 1roadcasting will be held at the .ational Centre for $erforming Arts
7.C$A8& Mumbai from February ? to D& =><@) Addressing the media!ersons here today& Shri
FS /undu& 9irector eneral& Films 9ivision and 9irector& M%FF M =><@ said& JM%FF has an
enormous goodwill among inde!endent documentary and short film ma(ers and the <?th
edition has been reoriented in tandem with the sta(eholders)4 M%FF intends to attract more
and more of !roducers as well as finance !roviders to !romote a documentary culture in the
country& he added) M%FF M =><@ has received ID? entries from ?@ countries) "f these ;EE are
for the .ational Section and =>; for the %nternational Section)
The oldest and largest international film festival for the non2feature and animation films in
Asia& M%FF2=><@ brings a lot of valuable content for film ma(ers and cineastes) A!art from
best director& awards have been introduced for !roducer& cinematogra!her& editor& sound
recordist and animator) Awards for the most innovative film 7named after $ramod $ati8 and
most !o!ular film of the festival have also been instituted ta(ing the total number of awards to
?= from == in the M%FF =><=) A veteran %ndian documentary film ma(er will be honoured
with F Shantaram 0ifetime Achievement Award) M%FF will distribute cash awards worth Rs)
;; lac a!art from olden Conches& tro!hies and certificates to the winners in different
The M%FF2=><@ will also have a number of s!ecial events) A!art from hosting internationally
acclaimed !itching forum Jood $itch S'uared4 !artnered by 1R%T9"CS and Sundance
%nstitute 9ocumentary $rogram& M%FF will !artner with Cine(ids& Amsterdam and 0enne!
Media to hold a J9utch Children4s film festival2cum2students film wor(sho!4 and with Action
Aid %ndia for a film festival on J"ur City : "urselves4 in the suburbs& as run2u! events to the
M%FF) The festival directorate has also decided to hold !arallel screening of national
com!etition films in metros and im!ortant cities& from February ? to D& =><@& for the benefit
of film lovers who are unable to travel to Mumbai for the M%FF) The festival will have
funders4 tal(& docwo(& !anel discussions& directors4 adda& retros!ectives& homages& curated
film !ac(ages including animation& seminar& wor(sho!s and master classes to ma(e M%FF2
=><@ a rich and wholesome e3!erience for film ma(ers& students and cine!hiles) The festival
will !ay tribute to the acclaimed documentary film ma(er& $eter #intonic( who !assed away
on .ovember <E& =><?& with the screening of his select wor(s)
11TE $FF$ (apanese Fil" Ma%ers find $FF$ an ideal platfor" for pro"otion of

%n an interaction with media2!ersons here today during the @@th %nternational Film Festival of
%ndia 7%FF%8& eminent Ja!anese film2ma(ers discussed the content and craft of their films) As
Ja!an is the country of focus in the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8& many film
!ersonalities li(e /iyoshi /urosawa& /eiichi -ara& Sang2il 0ee and Ta(ashi .ishimura were
!resent on the occasion)
/iyoshi /urosawa& eminent director of films li(e To(yo Sonata 7=>>E8 has directed film JReal4 a
sci2fi horror mi3 de!icting the variety of genre in the Ja!anese films) /urosawa himself admitted
that a new line of Ja!anese film ma(ers are trying to bring variety in Ja!anese films on the line of
%ndian films)
Sang2il 0ee widely (nown for -ula irls 7=>>A8 has directed a drama film JUnforgiven4& was
screened at %FF%)Attending %FF% for the first time& 0ee mentioned that %ndian films and film stars
li(e Ra+ni(anth and Amitabh 1achchan are very !o!ular in Ja!an)
/eiichi -ara& a well2(nown name for giving a lea! to the animation filmma(ing with TF
series li(e 9oraemon and Shin Chan first time directed a drama J9awn of a Filmma(er4) The film
is a bio!ic of legendary Ja!anese filmma(er /inoshita /eisu(e)
Answering the 'uestions Ja!anese filmma(ers said that the new environment for filmma(ing
in Ja!an is very encouraging) They admitted that lot of good films li(e To(yo Sonata by /iyoshi
/urosawa himself are being made but still remain unnoticed due to lac( of media e3!osure)
There are around @>>2;>> annual releases adding variety of genre to the art of filmma(ing)
Re!lying to a 'uestion that whether Ja!anese directors are rewor(ing on the classical wor(s of
the legendary directors li(e /inoshita /eisu(e& "5u& A(ira /urosawa and
/en+i Mi5oguchi& Mr)/iyoshi /urosawa said that there have been many TF dramas and short
documentary films on their wor(s)
9enying the fact that most of Ja!anese films highlight violence Sang2il 0ee said that on the
contrary most Ja!anese films !ro!agate !eace and ha!!iness)
/urosawa admitted that the eminent %ndian filmma(ers Satya+it Ray and uru9attare !o!ular
among the Ja!anese filmma(ers) Similarly films li(e J? %diots4 have been li(ed very much by the
Ja!anese audience)
Ja!anese filmma(ers !raised the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia saying that it4s a
wide !latform for the filmma(ers to have cross cultural interaction and share art and ideas of
$ndia has $""ense Potential for $ndependent Fil" Ma%ing
.oted inde!endent film ma(er Ramesh Te(wani said that %ndia has a huge !otential for
ma(ing good films) %nteracting with media at @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8
here today& he said& there are about = la(h film ma(ers in %ndia and there are millions of
storiesB!lots on which good films could be made)
Fincent Corda& an inde!endent film ma(er said that since last => years film teaching institutes
have increased immensely to train young talent for film industry) %nde!endent film ma(ing
re'uires research on how the film can get a !lace in the audience) These films can be shown to
%ndian dias!ora who have different !ros!ectives)
Andre& &orsdale sought for strong $!FG#F9TE african collaboration in cine"a
%nteracting with media in the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8& South
African directorBwriterB+ournalist Andrew #orsdale a!!reciated the %ndian film industry for
!roducing a wide variety of films) -e said that South African film industry is in the growing
stage and collaboration between %ndia and South Africa in Cinema could add to a great
significance in the art of filmma(ing)
As a film ma(er Andrew #orsdale has made several shorts and !roduced some
documentaries including the cult underground feature2film JShot 9own4& which was banned
in his home country) Tal(ing about his film J9urban $oison4 which is being screened at %FF%&
he said that the movie de!icts noir romance set amongst the marginali5ed white underclass)
%ns!ired by a true story& this is a road movie that follows a !olice investigation into four
murders and charts the doomed romance of the outlaw lovers)
-e a!!reciated %FF% for giving a single !latform for films of different genre& ethnicity and
cultures) -e said that %ndia and South Africa share the history and culture which could be a
nice business !latform for %ndian film ma(ers in South Africa)
Regional Fil" Ma%ers Ma%e Forays into Conte"porary The"es
Cast and crew of %ndian $anorama Films of three languages interacted with the media here
today) 9irector of Marathi Film& JAstu4& Sumitra 1have informed that her film is about what4s
ha!!ening to and around us now) May be an old man who has lost his memory understands
this) %t is a story about an old man suffering from dementia is following an ele!hant and his
daughter following her father) This is a story about a life2changing e3!erience)
The lead actor and co2!roducer of the film JAstu4 9r) Mohan Agashe said that the issues in
the film are very relevant) %t4s about a family& about co!ing& about !roblems today or
tomorrow& which we are li(ely to e3!erience ourselves or in our near relatives) "n one hand
because of medical advances and technological revolution& we may have very long s!an of
life& wherein degenerative diseases cro! u!)
The /annada film J1harath Stores4 9irector $) Sheshadri said that his film e3!lores the socio2
cultural im!lication of F9% in multi brand retail !ushing out the small retailers)
0ead cast of 1engali Film JA+ana 1atas4 7Mystic #ind8 $aoli 9am tal(ed about her film in
which she is !laying the role of a co!ywriter in an advertisement firm& suffering from
loneliness) She said& the fight of the girl against this solitude and de!ression has been de!icted
in a !oetic manner as the film is based on Joy oswami4s novel)
I#ala +udha3, Tale of Eu"an ?alues and Generosity
The 9irector of the "dia film& JSala 1udha4 7The Stu!id "ld Man8 Sabyasachi Moha!atra
has said that instead of loo(ing at elderly !eo!le as liability by the younger ones& he feels that
they are a great resource for leading the society) -e said this at a media interaction here today
during the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8) -e said that one in every five
!ersons will be over A; by =>?;) %t is not +ust the traditional values but the older generation
who could be the light house for !ros!erity) Sala 1udha has a subtle message for the !resent
fast !aced uncaring society) -e said that the film is a tale of human values and generosity)
Sala 1udha& made in Sambal!uri dialect s!o(en in the western !art of "disha& is one of the =A
feature films selected for the %ndian $anorama category in this year4s edition) Moha!atra said
that the story is based on a <>> years old story !enned by his father& Sahitya A(ademy award
winner Shri /a!ileswar $rasad Moha!atra) %t is a blac( and white film with an E?2year2old
!rotagonist) Sala 1udha commemorates the silver +ubilee of Moha!atra4s last film in the
Sambal!uri dialect& 1hu(ha& a widely acclaimed film)
Set in a rural bac(dro!& Sala 1udha is a film that ventures into the fol(lore lives of these
sim!le od believing !eo!le) A +ourney through their faiths& culture& tradition and musical
lives where man has only learnt to give and share)
Atala 1ihari $anda& the main !rotagonist of the film said that acting in his first ever film was a
challenge for him since he was a dramatist since childhood) The cast and crew of the film said
that %FF% is a wide !latform for the filmma(ers to have cross cultural interaction and share
their ideas of filmma(ing)
ER! Minister as%s $ndustry to (oin Eands to +oost #%ill !evelop"ent
The -R9 Minster 9r) M)M) $allam Ra+u as(ed the industry to !artici!ate more vigorously
with government in s(ill develo!ment) S!ea(ing at a conference on overnment !ublic
initiative for s(ill building in information technology and telecom sector in .ew 9elhi today&
he said we have to !rovide necessary s(ill to one crore twenty la(h youth +oining the wor(
force every year to ta(e full advantage of demogra!hic dividend) -e said that %ndustry has to
contribute in achieving the target of s(illing ;> crore youth by =>==)
Stressing the need for !utting s(ill in education& he said we need to !eriodically revise
curriculum to ma(e it more industry friendly) 9r) Ra+u said& it will also enhance the
em!loyability of our youth and their income) S!ea(ing on the occasion the Communication
and %nformation Technology Minister& Shri /a!il Sibal said there has to be a !aradigm shift in
our education sector following fast !aced technology changes) -e said s(ill re'uirement
cannot be ade'uately met through usual university system) As(ing for a tri!artite system for
s(ill develo!men & Shri Sibal said that s(ill develo!ment system needs to wor( closely with
all the sectors of the economy to meet their !eculiar re'uirements) $ushing for $$$ model the
Minister said the country has to be ready for cyber s!ace) S!ea(ing on the occasion& Secretary
7-igher Education8 Shri Asho( Tha(ur said that all the centrally funded %nstitutions& right
from %%T to !olytechni'ue& will have to co2o!t the community colleges to meet s(ill
develo!ment at the community level by the end of current five year !lan in =><I) E3!ressing
satisfaction over develo!ment in community colleges area& he said funds have been released
to <=> community colleges this year) The Secretary said Universities have started
im!lementing .ational Focational Education Sualification Framewor( 7.FESF8 guidelines
and they will wor( with =>> medical colleges for s(ill develo!ment)
An MoU was also signed between All %ndia Council for Technical Education 7A%CTE8 and
.%E0%T 2 .ational %nstitute of Electronics and %nformation and %nformation Technology on
the occasion to establish a new s!eciali5ation under the %TB%%Ts sector of .FESF namely
.%E0%T certified %T !rofessional 7.C%T$8) Under .C%$T& the .%E0%T " 6 A level courses
are !ro!osed to be aligned to level ; and level I of .FESF)
The one day conference was organi5ed by All %ndia Council for Technical Education
7A%CTE8 with 1harat Sanchar .igam 0imited 71S.08 and .ational %nstitute of Electronics
and %nformation Technology 7.%E0%T8 of 9e!artment of %nformation and Technology)
R.MB9SB-/JBS(ill 9evelo!B=><?
Govern"ent of Goa raises financial li"it under Fil" Finance #che"e fro" ,5 to 5-
%n an interaction with the media at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8& the
Chairman& governing Council of Entertainment Society of oa& Fishnu Surya #agh said that
government of oa has increased the limit of film finance to ;> la(h for the !romotion of
regional cinema) -e said that scheme is for both categories i)e) feature films 7A> K8 and short
films 7@>K8) The earlier limit was =; la(h which has now been increased to ;> la(h)
The cast and crew of highest bo3 office grossing Marathi film J9uniyadari4 was also !resent
during the interaction) San+ay Jadhav& the 9irector of film J9uniyadari4 said that his film is
based on Suhas Shirval(ar4s novel set against the bac(dro! which is of <DI>s) -e said that it
is a com!letely entertaining film de!icting friendshi!& romance and sacrifice) -e said that his
film has already earned ?> crores and still wor(ing well in different theatres)
Swa!nil Joshi& lead cast of the film said that he en+oyed a lot during the ma(ing of film)
An(ushChoudhary& who have also acted in the film said that the film is wor(ing well even in
the smaller towns)
11th $FF$ &itnessed fil"s fro" variety of genre under $ndian Panora"a category
Today in @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 9irectors of different films under
%ndian $anorama interacted with media) %n this interaction& Ut!al9atta& a film2ma(er& critic&
broadcaster and writer tal(ed about his film J1y20ane =4) -e said that the film is dedicated to
$abitra /umar 9e(a& the first dedicated film +ournalist of Assam) -e said Jthis is my
celebration of <>> years of %ndian cinema de!icting the s!irit of a !erson who lived in 1y2
0ane =& who loved film2literature2theatre)4
RidhamJanve& the 9irector of J/ancheAur $ostcard4 tal(ed about his film which de!icts
childhood emotions and innocence) -e said that it is a story of a schoolboy wanting but being
denied a game of marbles while on vacation) -e said that the story is full of drama& with
dee!ly felt re+ections& difficult choices and unfortunate com!romises) The film also reminds
us of the often overloo(ed yet very essential differences of !erce!tion and understanding
between children and adults)
9irector of JSama: Muslim Mystic Music of %ndia4& Sha5ia /han interacting with the media
said that her film Sama e3!lores the %slamic music tradition in %ndia) She said that the film
attem!ts to discover that connection which allows the artiste to become one with the creator
and e3!erience the !eace& calm& serenity and +oy)
#outh A"erican fil" !irectors see% cooperation fro" $ndian fil" industry for
gro&th of fil" industry in their countries
The South American film 9irectors want to ta(e the hel! of %ndian film industry to
develo! the film industry in their countries) %nteracting with media at the @@th %nternational
Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 here today& the 9irectors said that since the film industry in
South America is very young and growing& the collaboration with booming %ndian film
industry could be a wider !latform for the South American film industries)
The 9irector of film the JReading According to Justino4& Arnaldo Andre said that during his
visit to %ndia& he will interact with the %ndian film industry for coo!eration in film ma(ing in
$araguay) JReading According to Justino4 is being screened in Cinema of the #orld Category
at the %FF%2=><?)
The 9irectors of the film JSo Much #ater4 7Uruguay8& Ana uevara and 0eticia Jorge also
said that the South American film industry is not growing because of lac( of sufficient fund
for com!letion of films) They said& in their country film ma(ing is not an industry li(e in
%ndia) They have to wor( alone to com!lete the film) Though these countries have talented
!eo!le but because of lac( of infrastructure in film !roducing and distribution the film
industry is not growing) JSo Much #ater4 is being screened in the Cinema of the #orld
Category at the ongoing %FF%2=><?)
I+aga +each3 a Gritty tale of life behind the Fun, Feni and Freedo"
The film J1aga 1each4& directed by 0a3mi(antShetgaon(ar e3!lores the struggles of
!eo!le living on the coastal belt of oa) Following the screening of the movie today& Shri
Shetgaon(ar& while interacting with the media at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia
7%FF%8 said that in a State where the number of tourists in a season is more than three times the
local !o!ulation and where tourism is !romoted indiscriminately for revenue it generates& the
lives of !eo!le are bound to get im!acted in more ways than one can imagine)
-e said that J1aga 1each4 !resents how the tourists& the locals and the migrants are
interde!endent economically& emotionally and socially and how they !erceive these com!le3
une'ual relationshi!s) -e said that J1aga 1each4 !resents a gritty tale of life behind the Fun
Feni and Freedom in oa) The film is about the beaches that re!resent the beauty of the e3otic
seashore which also throw u! the harsh truths that affect the locals)
The !roducer of the film 9r) $ramodSalgaocar said that at an international tourist destination
li(e oa& the locals& the migrants and the domestic and international tourists mingle with each
other leading to com!le3 situations)
The co2!roducer of the film 9r) SagarSalgaocar said that the film deals with sensitive issues
li(e child abuse& migration and im!act of tourism)
The cast of film J1aga 1each4& $aoli 9am and A(ashSinha said that it was a different
e3!erience wor(ing with national award winning director)
7Release %9 :<>>EA=8
Gree% !irector 6yriacos Tofarides i"pressed by $ndian fil"s Portraying #ocial
The 9irector of ree( Film J1loc( <=4& /yriacos Tofarides said that %ndia has a great
history in cinema and was im!ressed by the -indi movie JMother %ndia4 and others which
de!ict dee! values of %ndian society) -e said this while interacting with media in @@th
%nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 here today) Cy!rus born /yriacos Tofarides said
that in com!arison to ree( films& %ndia !roduces many films on diversified issues) -e
e3!ressed his ha!!iness that his film& J1loc( <=4 which had been selected for an award by the
Euro!ean Film Academy could be !resented to the %ndian audience)
iving details about his film& he said that the film is based on the issue of how big !owers
mani!ulate the resources and !eo!le of the country) The film is a !olitical& allegorical comedy
with !lenty of surrealism& social satire and magical realism) %t is a film driven by the human
need to dream& and also the need to see the dar( side of !ower& of big interests& !olitical
games& of the high level contraband revealed in the light of comedy)
J1loc( <=4 has been included in the Cinema of the #orld section of %FF%2=><?) /yriacos
Tofarides4s film com!any has !roduced three award winning short films& and in =>>E the
com!any com!leted its first feature 2 JThe 0ast -omecoming4)
.oted %ndian actress .eetu Chandra& who is !laying the role of oddess of 0ove in the film
J1loc( <=4 said that it was a challenge for her to wor( in an international film after wor(ing in
1ho+!uri& -indi& Tamil and Telugu films)
il"s depict real essence of life and culture
The 9irector of the film& JThe Coffin Ma(er4 Feena 1a(shi said that the films de!ict the
essence of life and !reservation of culture) %nteracting with media !ersons with her cast and
crew during the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 here today& she said *The
Coffin Ma(er is a life changing film) %t re!resents cinema that ins!ires) The film has gravity&
charm& humour and a soul that celebrates the magic& called life),
Set against the authentic and seductive s!irit of a oan Fillage& Coffin Ma(er is a !oignant
tale about a reluctant Coffin Ma(er who learns about life from a very unusual and mysterious
The debut feature film 9irector said that it is a !art of Entertaining cinema that ins!ires and
she ho!ed that all %ndians would watch the film and get ins!ired) %t will ma(e %ndian cinema
!roud in the world stage& the director added)
The 9irector said that the story is set in that !art of oa which is generally not e3!osed to
tourists) The real oa is still conservative& orthodo3 and far away from the beaches) The film
is being made at a very old Christian oan village)
The $roducer of the Film& 1harat Fi+an said that the music of 1a!i2Tutul and songs by -ema
Sardesai ca!tures the essence and the sunshine s!irit of oa) Coffin Ma(er re!resents the
blue!rint of dealing with life in an entertaining way)
-ema Sardesai than(ed the 9irector that she has cared about oa and made the film de!icting
oan and /on(ani language and culture)
Coffin Ma(er is being screened at the %nternational Com!etition& as well as the %ndian
$anorama section of %FF% =><?) The film is having second screening on =Ith of this month)
$!PA sought &ide platfor" for screening of docu"entaries
%n an interaction with the media at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8&
eneral Secretary& %ndian 9ocumentary $roducers4 Association 7%9$A8& Sans(ar 9esai said
that a wide !latform should be evolved by the government to screen documentaries in theatres
and different TF Channels) -e also said that the documentary ma(ers who are doing great
wor( for a social cause should be given due recognition)
Sans(ar 9esai said that %9$A is committed to ta(e documentary films to the remotest corners
of the country by arranging different o!en forums& wor(sho!s and seminars) -e said that
%9$A in !artnershi! with Mumbai %nternational Film Festival 7M%FF8 is !roviding a good
!latform for !romotion of documentaries) -e said that %9$A is wor(ing in close collaboration
with organi5ations li(e 9adasaheb $hal(e Chitranagari 7Film City8& $)0) 9esh!ande /ala
Academy and Film and Cultural Society of .orth East for screening of documentaries)
$riti Chandriani& Treasurer of %9$A added that %9$A is conducting o!en forums at @@th %FF%&
%9$A2festivals in various cities& "!en Forums and Seminars at M%FF2=><@)
0ygia Mathews& E3ecutive Committee Member& %9$A said that these o!en forums and
wor(sho!s arranged by %9$A are the !latform for foreign documentary ma(ers to have dee!
insight into %ndian documentaries)
Aftab Afridi& E3ecutive Committee Member& %9$A said that acting on the re'uest of %9$A&
9oordarshan has !rovided a half2an2hour slot on each Monday where all documentary ma(ers
can screen their documentaries)
!r Faroo) Abdullah announces e& $nitiatives to bring Clean Coo%ing Technologies
to Rural $ndia during the $ndia Clean Coo%stove Foru" ,-./
#ith the vision of enhancing the use of im!roved coo(stove technologies& envisaged under
the .ational 1iomass Coo(stove $rogramme 7.1C$8& 9r Faroo' Abdullah& Minister of .ew
and Renewable Energy inaugurated the %ndia Clean Coo(stove Forum =><? organised +ointly
by the Ministry of .ew and Renewable Energy and 9eutsche esellschaft fWr %nternationale
Tusammenarbeit 7%T8 mb- o!erating on behalf of the erman Federal Ministry for
Economic Coo!eration and 9evelo!ment 71MT8)
S!ea(ing on the occasion& 9r Faroo' Abdullah said *increased use of clean and efficient
coo(stoves is crucial to reduce the burden of disease from indoor air !ollution as well to avoid
the overuse of biomass resources) Efficient coo(ing technologies have a direct tangible im!act
on the livelihoods of the !oor& as they save time and money that !reviously had to be s!ent on
!rocuring coo(ing fuels),
9uring the Forum& the Minister launched a new initiative on biomass coo(stoves develo!ed
under the Clean 9evelo!ment Mechanism 7C9M8 of the United .ations Framewor(s
Convention on Climate Change to reduce the cost of im!roved stove technologies to rural
customers through the sale of carbon credits) -e added that this is +ust one of several +oint
efforts to !rovide clean and reliable energy to rural areas and these initiatives have further
endorsed the close relations and coo!eration between %ndia and ermany)
Mr) -ei(o #arn(en& -ead of the 9evelo!ment Coo!eration& erman Embassy highlighted
the im!ortance of coo!eration between %ndia and ermany on renewable energy attributing it
to the relevance for both !overty alleviation and environmental sustainability& as well as the
energy needs of the vast rural !o!ulation for coo(ing and income2generating activities) -e
added that this is +ust one of several +oint efforts to !rovide clean and reliable energy to rural
areas and these initiatives have further endorsed the close relations and coo!eration between
%ndia and ermany)
9P#C Foundation !ay >ecture #eries on IGovernance and Public #ervice3
The @th0ecture on *overnance and $ublic Service, is to be delivered by $resident of
%ndia Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee on =Dth .ovember& =><? at $lenary -all& Figyan 1havan& .ew
The Union $ublic Service Commission 7U$SC8 is res!onsible for advising the overnment
on service related matters that actually cover !ersonnel !olicy and human resource
management) %t is in furthering this central role in the governance structure that U$SC has
initiated an annual lecture series focusing on the inter lin(age of governance and !ublic
This lecture series aim at !roviding a forum for raising issues of contem!orary relevance to
governance and !ublic administration and to generate ideas and fresh thin(ing that will hel!
not only the U$SC but concomitantly all other units of governance as well)
The inaugural lecture on Jovernance and $ublic Service4 was delivered by -er E3cellency
Smt) $ratibha 9evisingh $atil& -on4ble Former $resident of %ndia on <=th .ovember& =>>D)
The Second 0ecture was delivered by -on4ble Fice2$resident of %ndia Shri -amid M) Ansari
on ?rd May& =><<) The ?rd 0ecture was delivered by -on4ble Former $resident of %ndia 9r)
A)$)J) Abdul /alam on <st 9ecember& =><<)
ice President $naugurates $nternational Conference on !igital >ibraries A$C!>D
The ?ice President of $ndia #hri M0 Ea"id Ansari :

*% am ha!!y to have been invited for the inauguration of the %nternational Conference on
9igital 0ibraries being organised by JThe Energy and Resources %nstitute4 7TER%8) % welcome all
the !artici!ants and wish them a !leasant stay in 9elhi)

The im!ortance of libraries in human society can be best summarised in a statement attributed
to the Roman statesman& Cicero& who said *to add a library to a house is to give that house a
soul), This was true then as it is true now)

%n all !eriods of history& civilisations built libraries as re!ositories of (nowledge and
information stored in the form of boo(s& scrolls and manuscri!ts) %n modern age& libraries became
a more universal institution and have !layed a critical role in the higher evolution of human

The advent of %nformation and Communication Technologies& which has revolutioni5ed our
world in all wal(s of life& has also transformed the library systems) Emerging technologies have
facilitated the conversion of discrete data into a useful digital format)

#e all (now that a digital library is a com!uteri5ed system which allows users to obtain a
consistent flow of information and data in electronic format& in an organi5ed way& and with greater
facility) %t has inherent advantages and is not limited by the usual constraints of !hysical
boundary) %t en+oys round the cloc( availability and easy information retrieval)

There is consensus that (nowledge would be the (ey driving force in the =<
century) The
ability to use and create (nowledge ca!ital will determine a country4s ca!acity to em!ower and
enable its citi5ens by increasing human ca!abilities) /nowledge would also determine the !ace
and tra+ectory of socio2economic develo!ment of countries& besides their global com!etitiveness&

The realisation of these ob+ectives would naturally involve the widest !ossible dissemination
and im!arting of (nowledge amongst all sections of society) %n this endeavour& digital libraries
would be a critical instrument as they would enable !eo!le to access& share& and a!!ly (nowledge
in a more efficient and effective manner)

The challenge before us would be to overcome the digital divide that e3ists between countries
of the north and the southN regions within national boundaries and on the basis of socio2economic
stratification) 9emocratisation of access to (nowledge and creation of level !laying field by
bridging the digital divide would be essential for inclusive& sustained develo!ment)

%n this conte3t& digital libraries !rovide us a valuable !latform for achieving the desired results
by !roviding an efficient and cost effective medium through which information can be delivered
and (nowledge shared in formats that are easily accessible to the masses)

As we stand today after the first decade of the =<
century& the challenges can be summed u!
in three or four !ro!ositions:

ii) 9issemination of (nowledge
iv) Cost of (nowledge&
Sanjay Kumar/VPI/27.11.2013
$ndia is the 6aleidoscope of "ultiple beliefs &ith vast potential for fil"s
%n an interaction with media in the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8$acho
Fele5& 9irector of film JMana(amana4 said that %ndia is a very colourful country with
multi!le belief systems& hence has a lot of stories to be told through films) -e said that his
film JMana(amana4 ta(es us via a state2of2the Mart cable car u! and down one of the vast
valleys of Trishuli in the or(ha district of .e!al& where the famous Mana(amana Tem!le
attracts !ilgrims and tourists from the world over) -e said& the film boldly e3tends the
ambitions of transcendental cinema by focusing on the amalgam of the sacred and the !rofane
in everyday life)
%n the same interaction& Mi(a Mattila& 9irector of Chinese film JChimeras4 said that his film
reflects on im!ortant 'uestions of China4s moderni5ation& at a +uncture where its as!irations
are at war with its traditional identity) -e said& his film is a story of a budding !hotogra!her
and an established contem!orary artist de!icting different colours of contem!orary China
under influence of west and east)
Feature fil"s of upco"ing directors need &ider platfor" for distribution and
%n an interaction with media in the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 Mr)
Ram& 9irectorBActor of Tamil film JThangameengal47oldfish8 said that the feature films
made by u!coming directors which have good !lot should be given due !latform for
screening) -e said that his film Thangameengal narrates the relationshi! between a father and
daughter and how the educational system of today affects their normal life) -e said that the
!rivati5ation of education system after <DD= triggered the blossoming of a number of !rivate
educational institutions& turning education into a full2fledged business)
%n the same interaction 0a3man Ute(ar& 9irector of Marathi film *Ta!aal, 7letter8 said that his
film moves around an incident in the life of a !ostman serving a small rural community) The
film charts two days in his life that change the course of life of his family) -e said that in this
age of digital revolution& we all have become slaves of instruments and lost a connecting
bridge& the $ostman) -e said& *% have tried to find him& to e3!erience him in this film,)
%ndranil Roychowdhury& 9irector of 1engali film *$horing, also tal(ing about his film said
that the film deals with com!le3ities of adolescence which a child has to !ass through) -e
said the film also deals with student teacher relationshi! and finding the !ossibilities of life in
the real world)
$ndia3s cooperation sought to develop fil" industry in Afghanistan
9irector of Afghan Film JA Man4s 9esire for A Fifth #ife4& Sedi' Abedi wants that %ndia
should hel! to develo! film sector in Afghanistan) %n an interaction with media !ersons along
with his cast and crew at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8& he said that
Afghan !eo!le love %ndia and its film) -e said& due to !rolonged turbulence in Afghanistan&
the film industry has colla!sed and film ma(ing& its mar(eting and infrastructure facility is not
available to show the commercial films in the country) Abedi said that as %ndia is hel!ing in
rebuilding Afghanistan& the %ndian film industry and the government should come forward to
develo! the film industry too in Afghanistan) -e informed that there are only about => film
theatres which are not even ca!able to run high budget films)
Abedi said that in the last AA years& this is the first feature film which was filmed in
Afghanistan itself to show the reality of his country) %t was a challenge for the crew and
technical team which came from %ndia and Ta+i(istan for the two months long shooting) -e
said& Jwe tried to establish the cultural and social realities of the country in the film and want
to release this 9ari language film JA Man4s 9esire for A Fifth #ife4 in %ndia with Urdu and
English subtitles)4
For the establishment of film industry in Afghanistan& the $roducers of the film Murad
-amidi and Sabruddin Rahmani have sought %ndia4s hel! to train Afghani talents in the film
ma(ing field)
The actress of the film JA Man4s 9esire for A Fifth #ife4& Ta(hmina Ra+abova& a Ta+i(& has
acted in nine films in Ta+i(istan and two films in Afghanistan) She said that she is acting as
the third wife in the film) %t was a challenge for her to wor( with the crew from %ndia)
The film JA Man4s 9esire for A Fifth #ife& reflects the thousand year4s old custom which
occurs in a village at the north of Afghanistan) %t tells the story of violence against women) A
man with old traditions wants to get married for the fifth timeN des!ite having four wives
already) The story shows the suffering of women in their society) The story also !ortrays all
as!ects of the age old culture and traditional game 1u5(ashi or "ghla( with thousand horses)
The cast and crew of the film than(ed and !raised the @@th %FF% for !roviding a wide !latform
for filmma(ers to have cross cultural interaction and share art and ideas of filmma(ing)
$ndia, +elgiu" agree to enhance cooperation in Rene&able Energy
%ndia and 1elgium have agreed to wor( on signing an M"U to enhance coo!eration in
renewable energy) This was discussed at a bilateral meeting between 9r) Faroo' Abdullah&
Minister for .ew and Renewable Energy& overnment of %ndia and -er Royal -ighness
$rincess Astrid of 1elgium) $rincess Astrid is currently visiting %ndia as head of the 1elgian
Economic Mission to %ndia) She is accom!anied by Mr) 9idier Reynders& 9e!uty $rime
Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs& Foreign Trade and Euro!ean Affairs and Mr) /ris
$eeters& $resident of the Region of Flanders and Flemish Minister for Economic& Foreign
$olicy along with a large business delegation)
9r) Abdullah briefed the visiting delegation on the energy situation in %ndia and the ra!id
growth of the renewable energy sector in %ndia) -e s!o(e of %ndia4s !lans to add over ?> #
of renewable energy to its energy mi3 in the ne3t ; years) -e dwelt on the success of the wind
!rogramme as well as the significant cost reductions in solar energy through the Jawahar 0al
.ehru .ational Solar Mission 7J..SM8) -e also highlighted %ndia4s conducive and investor
friendly !olicy framewor( for !romoting renewable energy in a big way) 9r) Abdullah
suggested that %ndia and 1elgium had great !otential for enhancing coo!eration in !romoting
renewable energy and offered to !rovide all !ossible assistance for the !ur!ose)
The 1elgian delegation recogni5ed %ndia4s considerable achievements and strengths in
renewable energy and noted that %ndia had made large strides in this field) The business
delegation accom!anying the official delegation also made brief !resentations on their
activities and reci!rocated %ndia4s desire for enhanced energy coo!eration between the two
After detailed discussions& the two sides agreed to start wor( on a Memorandum of
Understanding 7MoU8 in the field of Renewable Energy between the Ministry of .ew and
Renewable Energy of the overnment of %ndia and the overnment of 1elgium in order to
strengthen& !romote and develo! renewable energy coo!eration between the two countries on
the basis of e'uality and mutual benefit) 1oth countries also agreed to e3!lore !ossibilities of
coordination in renewable energy through +oint Research and 9evelo!ment !rogrammes of
mutual interest)
Ministry of Rural !evelop"ent launches 6aa" Mango Abhiyan under MGREGA

The Ministry of Rural 9evelo!ment has launched a */aam Mango Abhiyan, last wee( to
!roactively register demand in select districts of the country) Shri Jairam Ramesh& Minister& Rural
9evelo!ment has written to chief ministers of the si3 states last wee( urging states to use the
o!!ortunity to4 motivate all sta(eholders in reali5ing the benefits conferred under the Act4 and
Jcreate good models that can benefit large number of !oor households4) -e has urged Chief
Ministers to !ersonally lead this effort and e3tend it to all districts of these states) Chief Minister
of Jhar(hand Shri -emant Soren has already flagged off the abhiyan recently with several
M.REA wor(ers and civil society re!resentatives !resent)
The Ministry recognises that the decline in !eo!le demanding wor( under M.REA is not
because of a lac( of demand but because of a failure to ca!ture demand effectively) This cam!aign
therefore see(s to increase awareness around the entitlements of M.REA and increase
!artici!ation in the !rogramme by fulfilling the guarantee of em!loyed against demand) For the
coming month& the focus will be on si3 districts in the country M Sita!ur 7Uttar
$radesh8& .ashi( 7Maharashtra8& Raichur7/arnata(a8& /atihar 71ihar8&
#est Singhbum 7Jhar(hand8 and Sundergarh 7"disha8) This will !resent a model for a nationwide
cam!aign that will be launched on =nd February =><@& M.REA 9ay)

The abhiyan will be a collaborative effort with district& state and central government& .REA
wor(ers and civil society organisations) %n this duration an attem!t will be made to reach out to
every wardBhabitation and give !eo!le an o!!ortunity to register their demand for .REA wor()
Multi!le modes to ca!ture demand will be utilised) %t will involve training of officials& mass
awareness drives via !adyatras and institutionali5ing monthly *Ro5gar 9iwas in
every !anchayat as an o!!ortunity for !eo!le to register their demand and grievances) 9emand
will be antici!ated and ca!acity will be built for increased res!onsiveness of the administration)
Through this cam!aign& the Ministry of Rural 9evelo!ment invites the active su!!ort and
facilitation of all sections of society including civil society organisations& district administration&
state administration& students& media& academics and most im!ortantly .REA wor(ers) The
Ministry will be monitoring figures of demand as reflected on the official M.REA website)

(har%hand 6aa" Maango Abhiyan >aunch
The /aam Maango Abiyan was launched in Jhar(hand in Chaibasa district recently
by Shri -emant Soren& Chief Minister of Jhar(hand during the ongoing Fi(as Mela) #ith over
=>>> !eo!le !resent& the Chief Minister directed the administration to im!lement theabhiyan in its
true s!irit) The Chief Minister !ersonally registered demand of twenty wor(ers by acce!ting the
a!!lication and handing over recei!ts) These acce!ted a!!lications were then given to
the Ro5gar Sewa( who was to ensure that wor( is o!ened with fifteen days of the date of demand)
%n his s!eech& the Chief Minister a!!reciated the collaborative efforts made by the district
administration and civil society organi5ations such as the $oorest Areas Civil Society 7$ACS8
wor(ing in the area)

Clic( here to see $hoto

9pgradation of libraries providing services to the public under the ational Mission
on >ibraries
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has a!!roved the Ministry of CultureQs
!ro!osal of the scheme for u!gradation of libraries !roviding services to the !ublic under the
.ational Mission on 0ibraries 7.M08)
The scheme would benefit students& researchers& scientists& children& artists& differently abled
!ersons& the general !ublic& neo and non2literates and would entail an e3!enditure of Rs)@>>
crore during the <=th $lan !eriod)
The scheme envisages creating a .ational Firtual 0ibrary of %ndia for facilitating a
com!rehensive database on digital resources on information about %ndia and on information
generated in %ndia) This would be facilitated in an o!en access environment)
The scheme would develo! si3 libraries under Ministry of Culture& ?; state Central 0ibraries
and ?; 9istrict 0ibraries& with !articular em!hasis on economically bac(ward districts& as
model libraries) %n addition& A=D district libraries across the States would be !rovided networ(
The scheme intends to !re!are a baseline data of libraries in %ndia through a 'uantitative and
'ualitative survey of ;>>> libraries to collect detailed information on 'uality characteristics
and !erformance indicators in terms of their traditional role as readershi! !romoters) %t would
also be assessed whether these libraries meet the re'uirement of their users in the
electronicBinternet era)
The scheme also !ro!oses to enhance the !rofessional com!etence of library !ersonnel)
For setting u! of the .M0 model libraries& e3isting libraries would be identified in
consultation with State governments& to im!rove infrastructure and u!grade technology used
by them) Efforts would be made to locate them alongwith educational institutions)
0ibrary !rofessionals wor(ing in !ublic and other libraries would be given need based
training to im!rove their managerial s(ill and com!etence to utili5e %nformation
Communication Technology a!!lications)
#hile the survey of libraries would be com!leted within one year& the other ob+ectives of the
scheme would be achieved by the end of the <=th $lan !eriod)
%n !ursuance of .ational /nowledge Commission recommendation for setting u! a .ational
Mission on 0ibraries to revam! the 0ibrary and %nformation Service Sector& the Ministry of
Culture had set u! a high level committee as the .ational Mission on 0ibraries)
Central A"erican directors (onas !3Ades%y and Claudia #ainteG>uce have used a
fil" craft to deal &ith the issues of loneliness and belonging in their society0
9uring a media interaction at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8& Jonas
94Ades(y4s& 9irector of film *Three /ids, said that his film is a story about three <= years
old (ids who live in a home in $ort2au2$rince& who are friends and do everything together)
"ne among them tries to convince his other two friends to leave the home and live as they
want to live) -e said that film de!icts !ost =><> earth'ua(e scenario in which all three of
them try to find a !lace to live and get se!arated by an accident)
Jonas 94Ades(y added that %ndian films are !o!ular in Caribbean countries due to !resence of
large %ndian dias!ora) -e said that the overnment of Caribbean countries should evolve a
collaborative arrangement with %ndia for develo!ment of cinema)
%n the same interaction Me3ican 9irector Claudia Sainte20uce said that her film JThe
Ama5ing Catfish4 is a story of a lonely young woman& Claudia who wor(s in a su!er mar(et)
"ne night& she is admitted in the hos!ital with a severe case of a!!endicitis& where she meets
another female !atient and her family) After gaining their trust she starts to live with them)
The 9irector said that the story tells about how a lonely woman e3!eriences a sense of
belonging when her health is decaying day by day but the bond with each member of family
grows more and more strong)
#erbian Fil" !irector 6osovcevic' ?iolence does not solve any proble"
9irector of Serbian film JThe #hirl!ool4& 1o+an Fu( /osovcevic said that his film gives
the message that through violence you will never get anything good) 9uring a media
interaction& JMeet the 9irector4 at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 in
$an+im& oa today& he said& %ndian films are li(ed by Serbian !eo!le for their artistic a!!eal)
-e said that JThe #hirl!ool4& is set in the second half of the <DD>s in 1elgrade against the
bac(dro! of disintegration of Lugoslavia and its socio2economic im!act on Serbia) -e said
that social e3tremes were a!!arent everywhere in Serbia es!ecially among the youth during
the colla!se of Serbia) -e said that due to war& inflation& !hysical isolation and sanctions&
Serbia was becoming a (ind of closed society& which was most visible in Serbia4s ca!ital&
1elgrade) -e said& his film JThe #hirl!ool4 is about this isolated environment& where the
young begun to create their own worlds) %t is seen from the !ers!ectives of those youth who
were becoming adults& and about their efforts to find themselves getting suc(ed into a chaotic
whirl!ool of violence)
The debut feature film director said that though his country is rich in terms of infrastructure
and mar(eting of films& still !eo!le are not going to theatres because of television and advent
of internet) -e said that collaboration between countries is the solution to this !roblem)
Report on Couth E"ploy"entG9ne"ploy"ent #cenario ,-.,G./ Released

0abour 1ureau& Chandigarh & an attached office of the Ministry of 0abour 6 Em!loyment
released the Re!ort on QLouth Em!loyment2Unem!loyment Scenario =><=2<?Q today) %t
com!rises the labour force estimates for s!ecific age grou!s re!resenting *LouthU based on
various a!!roaches to measure Em!loyment 6 Unem!loyment scenario in the country)

The main findings of the survey are as follows:

X 0abour Force $artici!ation Rate 70F$R8 is estimated to be ?<)=& @I)? and ?D); !er
cent res!ectively among age grou!s <;2=@& <E2=D and <;2=D under U$S a!!roach at All %ndia

X #or(er $o!ulation Ratio 7#$R8 is estimated to be =;);& @<)= and ?@)= !er cent
res!ectively among age grou!s <;2=@& <E2=D and <;2=D under U$S a!!roach at All %ndia level)

X Unem!loyment Rate 7UR8 is estimated to be <E)<& <?)> and <?)? !er cent res!ectively
among age grou!s <;2=@& <E2=D and <;2=D under U$S a!!roach at All %ndia level )

X 1ased on the survey results& ma+ority of the !ersons em!loyed under the age grou! <;2
=D years are either self em!loyed or casual wor(er)

X 1ased on usual !rinci!al status a!!roach for the age grou! <;2=D years& @<)? !er cent
em!loyed !ersons are self em!loyed followed by ?@)I !er cent under casual wor(er category
and remaining =@)> !er cent under wageBsalaried em!loyee and contract category wor(er

X The survey results show that with increase in education level& the unem!loyment rate
is also increasing for all age grou!s vi5) <;2=@ years& <E2=D years and <;2=D years)

X Every < !erson out of ? !ersons who is holding a degree in graduation and above is
found to be unem!loyed based on the survey results under the usual !rinci!al status a!!roach
for the age grou! <;2=D years)

X %n rural areas the unem!loyment rate among graduates and above for the age grou!
<;2=D years is estimated to be ?A)A !er cent whereas in urban areas the same is =A); !er cent)

X The unem!loyment rate among the !ersons who canQt read and write any language or
are considered as Unot literateU as !er the survey is lowest with ?)I !er cent for the age grou!
<;2=D years at All %ndia level)

X The different a!!roaches in such a survey are: usual !rinci!al status 7U$S8 a!!roach&
usual !rinci!al and subsidiary status 7U$SS8 a!!roach& current wee(ly status 7C#S8 a!!roach
and current daily status 7C9S8 a!!roach) The estimates of 0F$R& #$R and UR under
different a!!roaches at all %ndia level is as follows)

in per cent
Approach .5G,1 Cear .JG,K Cear .5G,K Cear
>abour Force Participation Rate A>FPRD
9P# ?<)= @I)? ?D);
9P## ??)= @D)@ @<);
C!# ?>)I @A)< ?E)A
CH# ?=)> @I)I @>)<
Hor%er Population Ratio AHPRD
9P# =;); @<)= ?@)=
9P## =E)< @@)> ?A)D
C!# =;)@ @>)= ??)A
CH# =A)D @=)= ?;)?
9ne"ploy"ent Rate A9RD
9P# <E)< <?)> <?)?
9P## <;)? <<)> <<)?
C!# <I)= <=)I <?)>
CH# <A)> <<)I <=)>

The main featuresB!arameters for the survey are:
X The survey has been conducted in all the StatesBUTs by covering all the districts from
"ctober& =><= to May& =><?)
X A moving reference !eriod of last twelve months from the date of survey is used to
derive the estimates based on usual status a!!roach) For current wee(ly and current daily status
a!!roach& the wee( com!rising of seven days !receding the date of the survey is ta(en as the
reference !eriod)
X The labour force estimates are derived for the !ersons aged <; years and above) A
total sam!le of <&??&?;@ households has been covered with a brea( u! of E=&A=@ households in
the rural sector and ;>&I?> households in the urban sector)
X 0abour force and related estimates !resented in the re!ort are state2wiseB age2grou!

#tatus for orthern Region
X %n the .orthern Region& 0abour Force $artici!ation Rate in -aryana is estimated to
be ?;)? !er cent followed by ?A)= !er cent in $un+ab& ?A)? !er cent in Chandigarh 6 @;)< !er
cent in -imachal $radesh for the age grou! <;2=D under the Usual $rinci!al Status A!!roach)
X Under the #or(er $o!ulation Ratio & it is estimated to be ?<)> !er cent in -aryana
followed by ?<)? !er cent in $un+ab 6 Chandigarh each 6 ?I)= !er cent in -imachal $radesh
for the age rou!<;2=D year)
%n case of Unem!loyment Rate for the age grou! <;2=D year in -imachal $radesh a
ma3imum with <I)I !er cent followed by <?)A !er cent in Chandigarh& <?); !er cent in $un+ab
and <=)? !ercent in -aryana)

The 0abour 1ureau has already released the results of the Third Annual Em!loyment 6
Unem!loyment Survey =><=2<? in two Folumes on <D
Se!t& =><?) The !resent one is the third
volume) The !ublication is available on the website of 0abour 1ureau

9P#C Foundation !ay >ecture #eries

The $resident of %ndia Shri $ranab Mu(her+ee delivered the Fourth U$SC Foundation 9ay
0ecture on *overnance and $ublic Service, here today:
Click here for full text of the speech.
Click here for the full text of the speech.
Click here for the full text of the speech.
I+eatri73s Har3 fro" East Ti"or bags IGolden Peacoc%3 at $FF$ ,-./
Govern"ent to put up single &indo& clearance syste" for shooting of fil"s in $ndia
Festival closes &ith screening of IMandela' >ong Hal% to Freedo"3
East Timor film J1eatri54s #ar4 bagged olden $eacoc( award for 1est Film at the
closing ceremony of @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia) The film& directed by 1ety Reis
and 0uigi Ac'uisto& is a !assionate story of one woman4s conviction to remain true to the man
she loves) The award carries a olden $eacoc(& a certificate and a Cash $ri5e of Rs) @> la(h)
%ndian 9irector /aushi( anguli bags the award for 1est 9irector for his 1engali film JA!ur
$anchali4) The award carries a Silver $eacoc(& a certificate and a cash !ri5e of Rs) <; la(h)
S!ecial Jury Award went to Tur(ish film JThou ild4st The Even4& directed by "nur Unlu)
The award carries a Silver $eacoc(& a certificate and a cash !ri5e of Rs) <; la(h)
1est Actor 7Male8 award went to Alon Moni Aboutboul for his !erformance in %sraeli movie
JA $lace in -eaven4) The award carries a Silver $eacoc(& a certificate and a cash !ri5e of Rs)
<> la(h)
1est Actor 7Female8 award was !resented to 1oc5ars(a Magdalena for her e3cellent
!erformance in $olish film J%n -iding4) The Award carries a Silver $eacoc(& a certificate and
a cash !ri5e of Rs) <> la(h)
The S!ecial Centenary Award was given to 1engali film JMeghe 9ha(a Tara4& directed by
/amaleshwar Mu(her+ee) The award carries a Silver $eacoc(& a certificate and a cash !ri5e of
Rs) <> la(h)
"n the occasion Union Minister for %nformation and 1roadcasting& Shri Manish Tewari said
that @@th %FF% was a celebration of freedom of the human s!irit& liberated from the mores of
conventionalism& imbued with the ability to dare and above all the !ower of a J.ew %dea4)
Tal(ing about the initiatives ta(en over the !ast one year& he said& the first and foremost is the
single window mechanism that the Ministry of %nformation and 1roadcasting has !ut in !lace
to allow and facilitate film ma(ers from abroad to come and shoot in %ndia in any !art of the
country with convenience) -e added that the same mechanism has been e3tended to domestic
film !roducers also so that the number of clearances which they face for shooting are brought
down so that the whole business of film or !roducing films can be streamlined) -e said that
the government has also ta(en the initiative to re!lace the archaic Cinematogra!h Act with a
com!letely new legislation& the draft of which is on the Ministry4s website for !ublic
consultation) -e said that the government is !ro!osing to increase the number of cinema
screens across the country by wor(ing with state governments)
Justin Chadwic(4s film JMandela: 0ong #al( to Freedom4 was the closing film of the
festival) The film is based on anti2a!artheid revolutionary and former South African $resident
.elson Mandela4s autobiogra!hic boo(& J0ong #al( to Freedom4) The film chronicles his life
from his childhood in a rural village to his emergence as the first democratically elected
$resident of South Africa)
#ith this& the <<2day e3travagan5a of films& discussions and !ress conferences on films came
to an end) overnor of oa Shri 1harat Feer #anchoo& Union Minister for %nformation and
1roadcasting& Shri Manish Tewari& Chief Minister of oa& Shri Manohar $arri(ar& many
%nternational and 1ollywood !ersonalities including Asha $are(h& Rohit Shetty& Jimmy
Shergil and 9ee!shi(ha were also !resent at the closing ceremony) Famous Malaysian actress
and filmma(er Michelle Leoh was the Chief uest for the closing ceremony) The ceremony
o!ened with gala !erformances by renowned %ndian roc( fusion artist and film !laybac(
singer Remo Fernandes from oa)
Joint Secretary 7Films8& Ministry of %nformation and 1roadcasting& Shri Raghavendra Singh
and Chairman& overning Council of Entertainment Society of oa 7ES8 Shri Fishnu Surya
#agh were also !resent at the closing ceremony)
IPad Catra' A Green Fdyssey3 calls to save Ei"alayan Ecology
-is -oliness yalwang 9ru(!a& one of the main 1uddhist s!iritual leaders of the
-imalaya& said that there is a need to conserve the ecological resources of -imalayas against
ram!ant e3!loitation and !ollution for the generations to come) #hile interacting with media
at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8 here today& he said that -imalayan water
bodies are !olluted with !lastics) $lastics contain to3ins which !ollute the natural water
flowing in the streams) -e said& through the film J$ad Latra: A reen "dyssey4& and by
wal(ing in the -imalayas& we tried to connect ourselves with nature) To build a relationshi!
with nature& we need to wal( in order to connect with the elements of nature& he added)
-is holiness said that there is a need to live harmoniously with nature and s!read the idea of
live to love) -e said that to educate the inhabitants of the -imalayas he has decided to
continue such $ad Latras annually in -imalayas) -e said& being a leader of the Region& he has
been termed as Jwater !rotector4 or J-imalayan uardian4)
Tal(ing about the em!owerment of women& he said that women are inherently em!owered by
od) Men should only ma(e way and allow women to contribute and !erform to their
!otential) -e also tal(ed about how some nuns had been trained in /ung Fu) -e was !roud
that /ung Fu had its origin in %ndia)
E3ecutive $roducer of the film& Michelle Leoh said that when she met with -is -oliness in
0ondon she got the idea to !roduce this film) -is -oliness has ins!ired her to show the world
the condition of -imalayan ecology)
J$ad Latra: A reen "dyssey4 is about the harrowing adventure of I>> !eo!le& tre((ing
across the -imalayas with a call to save the !lanet4s *?rd $ole&, a glacial region now
devastated by chaotic climate change associated with global warming)
0ed by -)-) the yalwang 9ru(!a& a reci!ient of a United .ations Millennium 9evelo!ment
oal 7M98 -onor 7=><>8& the +ourney is !unctuated by s!iritual insights amidst obstacles
along the way) -e renews ancient wisdom with a modern conte3t)
Fighting illness& in+uries& and starvation at altitudes above <I&>>> ft& the story of $ad Latra: A
reen "dyssey is told through the !erils and adventures the tre((ers face as they struggle
through the most treacherous terrain on the !lanet)
The tre(s covered a total of @;> miles during which half a ton of !lastic litter was collected&
hundreds of villages were educated on environmental res!onsibility& ;>&>>> trees were
!lanted& and the +ourney has left the -imalayas changed forever) The result: an un!recedented
environmental movement now thrives across the roofto! of the earth& a beacon of ho!e for the
rest of the world) 1attling the most treacherous terrain on earth& they s!read their message of
ecological com!assion through man4s most basic means Mby wal(ing on foot& village to
Shot with solar !ower by -imalayan mon( .gawang Sod!a& the film features the yalwang
9ru(!a and Aamir /han) The film is !roduced by Michelle Leoh& narrated by 9aryl -annah&
and it is a debut feature documentary from director #endy J).) 0ee)
#ingle &indo& clearance for fil"s &ill establish Goa as favourite shooting
%n a $ress Conference here at the @@th %nternational Film Festival of %ndia 7%FF%8&
Chairman of overning Council of Entertainment Society of oa 7ES8& Shri Fishnu Surya
#agh& famous 1ollywood Film 9irector& Rohit Shetty and Secretary& %nformation and
$ublicity& overnment of oa& Shri $)/) Sain interacted with the media) %n this interaction
film 9irector Rohit Shetty said that oa has always been his favourite location for shooting
and also been very luc(y for him as his films shot here got huge commercial success) -e
a!!reciated the !lans of oa overnment to establish a system of single window clearance
for films where the film !roducers can get all (ind of clearances from different ministries
through a single window)
Tal(ing about his u!coming !ro+ects& Rohit Shetty said that he is wor(ing on Singham =&
some !art of which he is !lanning to shoot in oa) -e added that he is (een to wor( with
u!coming actors as the story of the film demands) -e also showed his interest to wor( with
new scri!t writers)
%n the same interaction Fishnu Surya #agh said that ES is focusing on im!roving the
%nternational Film Festival of %ndia and !ro+ecting oa as a favourite cinema destination)
E3!laining the future !lans of oa government to the media earlier& Shri $)/) Sain said that
the government is establishing a single window clearance system for films from ne3t year
with ES as nodal centre) -e added that the system will !romote oa as a favourite film
shooting destination)