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Roll no: 59
Name: Amruta Wagde
E-mail id:amrutawagde.59@gmail .com

Q.1. Who are the target audience for the Business Person
and there customer needs, expectation, demands from
the Business Person ?
Q.2. What are the products /Service the business person
sells? - Give at least 10 products. ( Depends )
( Product ) and why he/she in this product line ?
Q.3. At what Price is the Product /service sold at?
(Price ) - Give at least 10 Price list .( Depends )
Q.4. Where is the Business Person Located and why ?
( Place)…….Take some pictures.
Q.5. How many repeat customer does the Business
Person has? ( Approx )
Q.6. What is the average profit margin the Business Person has ?
Do not consider any Fixed or Variable Cost.
Q.7. What is the earning of the business Person’s Per Day ?
Q.8. What is the monthly profit of the of the Business Person ?
Q.9. Explain the Product Supply Chain of the Business Person ?
or How does the Business Person / Raw material gets the
product into his/her Shop ?
( Answer in flowchart Diagram only )
Q.10. Mention the daily working Schedule of the Business Person?
( Using an time table format only ) – ( Morning – to - Closure)
Q.11. Does Competition effect his / her Business ?

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If Yes, how do he/she work in such an competitive environment ?

If Not, why does it not effect? 8
Q.12. What is the buying pattern of the customers?
Q.13. Give some idea on the customer behavior ?
Q.14. Take a Picture - Of the Business Person Person
Standing at his Business Place
. Picture - Of the Business Persons Products
. Picture - Your Picture with Business Person

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Business Person I: Vegetable Vendor (bhajiwala)

Answer 1:
• Target Audience: Residential people, owner of various small
hotel in the area, daily wages workers.
• Customer Needs: To get the all the varieties of vegetables.
• Customer Expectations: To get the fresh vegetables at
reasonable rates.
• Customer Demands: Shop should be open from early morning till
late night so that the persons coming late from office should also
be able to buy the vegetables.

Answer 2:
The products /Service the business person sells:
Various types of bhajis:
a. Onion

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e.French Beans

Why he/she in this product line because: The vegetable vendor with whom I came
across was from Madhya Pradesh. He took this business because he found this
business as the daily need of each and every person and also being illetrate, he
found this business good so as to support his family.

Answer 3

The Price at which various products are sold are:

Products Price/kg (in RS.)

a. Onion 12
b. Potatoe 22
c. Ladyfinger 24
d. Bitter gourd 24
e. French Beans 28
f. Cauliflower 40
g. Cabbage 16

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h. Brinjal 24
i. Tomatoe 12
j. Carrots 28
k. Coriander 80
l. cucumber 20
j. lemon 4/pc

Answer 4:

The vegetable vendor is located at Tirupati Nagar, Virar (W).He is located there
because the place is full with residential people so that he can grab good crowd

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Answer 5:

Daily customers of the vegetable vendor are 14 to 18 customers.

Answer 6:

Average profit margin is 4% to 5%.

Answer 7:

Daily earning of vegetable vendor is 700Rs to 800Rs.

Answer 8:

Monthly profit of vegetable vendor is 5000 Rs to 6000 Rs after deducting

conveyance and other expenses.

Answer 9: The Product Supply Chain is as follows:





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Answer 10:


5.30 A.M Getting up

7.30 A.M Go to collect vegetable at Vasai

9 A.M TO 2 P.M Selling vegetables

2 P.M TO 4 P.M Rest and Sleep

4.30 P.M TO 10 P.M Selling Vegetables

Answer 11:

Yes, competition does affect the business of vegetable vendor with whom I came
across .He said that to withstand the competition he tries to maintain good
relations with the customers, also he tries to keep all the seasonal variety of
vegetable at reasonable price.

Answer 12:

Customers generally look for new vegetables that arrive at the market first. They
also buy the vegetables that are necessary for their daily cooking, come what may
the price. They also look for fresh vegetables from daily market rather than
refrigerated vegetables at retail outlets which are generally 1 to 2 days old.

Answer 13:

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The customers that generally come to his place are mostly women and they
generally demand for more quantity than the actual and also at the bargained
price. He said that the male customers are generally few and they generally look
for new seasonal vegetables and they don’t even ask for individual prices of the

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Business Person II: Chemist Shop

Answer 1:

Well for target audience he said that the customers are not fixed as we cannot
predict about your health. Customer expectations are that they should get same
tablets as prescribed by the doctor and not the other optional tablets that are
available in the market.

Answer 2:

The products that he keeps consists of all the medicinal products such as personal
hygiene products, pain relief products such as crocin ,crocin pain
relief,paracetemol,glycogen,amrutanjan,iodex,moov.Health drinks such as Horlics,
boost,protex,bournvita.Also various hair care products such as
sunsilk,pantene,head and shoulder,clinic plus etc.He also has various skin products
such vicco turmeric,garnier,surfaz-sn.He was also having all the baby products such
as Jonson & Jonson,Pampers etc also chocolates such vicks ,Cadbury and many

Answer 3:

Price list of the products is as follows:

Products Prices (in Rs.)

a.Crocin (15 tabs) 17.80

b.System cold (10 tabs) 21

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c.Calcium Sandoz(75 tabs) 30

d.Coughdex (100ml) 40

e.Odulsa(40 ml) 36

f.Gelosil(100ml) 49

g.Cremaffil(100ml) 64

i.Nestle cerelac 125

j.Becosur(10 tabs) 16.56

k.Sunsilk shampoo(100ml) 54

Answer 4:

The chemist shop is located at Tirupati Nagar,Unitech Road,Virar (W).It is located

there because many hospitals are located near to it.

Answer 5:

According to chemist his customers keep on varying like for eg his customer
increases in the rainy season.There is no such term as daily in case of chemist,he
said. It all depends on the season or any other contagious disease.

Answer 6:

The average profit margin is 15-20% ,but is subjected to change as it mainly

depends on the various pharma company.

Answer 7:

His daily earnings is between 2000-3000 Rs.

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Answer 8:

His monthly profit is around 20000 to 25000 Rs

Answer 9:

Product Supply Chain is as follows:





Answer 10:

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9 A.M Opening of shop

11 P.M Closing of shop

Answer 11:

He said that the competition is there but he said that they keep their stocks
updated and maintains good relationship with the customers.

Answer 12:

Buying pattern depends mainly on what is prescribed to them by the doctor.

Answer 13:

Customer ask for the same prescription which is given to them by the doctor and
not the substitute of it.

Business PersonIII:Small hotel

Answer 1:

• Target audience: Basically the hostel students, college students as the hotel
is basically located in front of the college, daily wages workers, passers by.
• Customer needs:According to the owner the customer basically needs
hygenic food at reasonable rates.
• Demands and expectations:The owner said that the customer demands for
the tasty and spicy food.They expect the food to be served hot.

Answer 2:

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The hotel serves different food items such as snacks,lunch,dinner and various food
products such as biscuits,bread and other bakery related products.Its food list
includes large variety right from poha,upma,missal pav,dhabeli, shira,sabudana
khichadi to core food items such as puri bhaji,lunch(2 bhajis,3 roti,rice,dal,papad
pickle).He also keeps fruit juices,lassi for desserts.

Answer 3:

Price list of the food items is as follows :

Food items Pricelist(in Rs.)

a.Poha 8

b.Upma 10

c.shira 12

d.sabudana khidhai 10

e.puri bhaji 20

f.cutlet 10

g.kanda bhaji 8

i.lunch /dinner 28

j.lassi 8

Answer 4:

The business person is located at Satguru Mauli, Yeshwant Kunj,shop no 7,opposite

viva college,virar(W).He is located there because it is just next to the viva college
campus and is in the commercial area.

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Answer 5:

According to the owner he has daily customers in the range of 40to 50.

Answer 6:

The average profit margin is 25-30% .

Answer 7:

The daily earning of the hotel owner is around RS 800 .But according to him it
keeps on fluctuating for many reasons such as festivals,fastings etc.

Answer 8:

According to the hotel owner monthly profit is around fifteen thousand. But this
also is subjected to change.

Answer 9:Product Supply Chain

Local Market

(virar station)



Answer 10:

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8 A.M Opening the Shop

8 A.M TO 10 P.M Serving the Customers

Answer 11:

Yes great competition is there because of the location of the hotel is in the prime
area.For this he maintains cleanliness in the hotel and also tries to provide all
varieties of food.He said that he gives much stress on the taste of the food.He
further said that if they like the taste of the food then they hardly bother for other

Answer 12:Buying pattern

Morning:In the morning people generally come for the breakfast such as
poha,upma,samosa,puri bhaji,tea etc.It includes people from various communities
such as daily wages workers, college going students,passers by.

Afternoon:In the afternoon ,people generally come for lunch,but for this he said
that the number is comparatively less than in the morning.

Evening: In the evening, people generally ask for tea, biscuits, kanda bhaji,vada
pav, cutlet,samosa.

Night: At night there is crowd for dinner .He said that some of them ask only for
roti sabji or only rice and dal.He also provides moong dal khichadi, zunka-bhakri on

Answer 13:

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He said that the customers here mainly is concerned about the taste of the food,
they are least bothered about the cleanliness .They also demand for the food which
is to be served should be hot.

------THE END------

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