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Ingrid Hernandez

ISM- Period 6

Taylor, Guy, and C. Michael Stein. "stress fracture." Health Reference Center. Facts On
File, Inc. Web. 11 Apr. 2014.
Stress fractures occur mostly in athletes and soldiers
They result from forces applied repetitively to an area of bone.
The most common cause of abnormal bones prone to stress fractures is
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis seem to be at risk of stress
Some patients with hypermobility syndrome have bony fragility and develop
stress fractures
Pain is a symptom of stress fractures
In a patient with active arthritis the lack of obvious trauma and presence of
painful joints may lead to a stress fracture being overlooked initially.
When it affects a long bone a very tender lump can often be felt at the fracture
An X-ray will confirm the diagnosis but may not show the fracture early on.
CT and MRI scanning are also effective in diagnosing a stress fracture
Rest and relief are required in healing a stress fracture
Most fractures heal within three to six months but may occasionally take longer
Rheumatoid arthritis appears to put people at a higher risk for fractures
This is due to the frequent biomechanical abnormalities, lack of fitness, and
corticosteroid use.
People over the age of 65 years should consider Vit-D and calcium
supplementation even in the absence of obvious risk factors.
A family history of stress fractures increases the risk
Lack of fitness, eating disorders, flat or highly arched feet, and being a female all
increase the risk of a stress fracture
Exercise programs should not be suddenly accelerated.

This article well presents facts about stress fractures and how it can affect patients of all
ages, but can occur most frequently in the elderly population.

Ingrid Hernandez
ISM- Period 6

"New Health Guide." Facts about Physical Therapy. New Health Guide, n.d. Web. 11
Apr. 2014. <
Physical Therapy is used with patients who have difficulty in moving around and
perform everyday activities due to some injury or surgery
Major goal is to reduce physical pain caused by any surgery and chronic health
problems making daily activities easier
Professional in helping reduce pain and make patients move around better, while
improving their physical health and fitness level
Helps in recovering from a physical injury like back pain
Can improve function and flexibility of soft tissues and help in developing muscle
Might advise on how to perform certain physical activities in a specific manner
This is to reduce chances of any future injuries
Patients with chronic or permanent physical condition can benefit from physical
PTs will first examine the patients thoroughly to help with their specific
condition, by strengthening muscles, increasing the range of motion or endurance
Physical Therapy is not limited to adults
It can also help children with chronic health issues as well
Physical Therapy consists of an exercise that is expressly designed for particular
injury or health condition
Education and training includes performing daily activities
Physical Therapy can be used with other treatments
It can be found in the nearest hospital, clinic, fitness center and home, with the
help of health instructor and school
They will first examine the bodys functional activities along with how the body
mechanisms work
They will work with patients on the goals for the therapy, and then make a
treatment plan

This article effectively exhibits the duties of a physical therapist and how many steps are
taken in order to fully evaluate a patient before starting treatment.