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Kenneth O.

By: Lue Her
Kenn Gangel
Photo provided by JCrosby
Married to Betty in 1956
Two Children, Jeffery and
Four Grandchildren
Lyndsey, Brad, Madison
and Philip
Early Life
Born on June 14, 1935 in Patterson, New Jersey.
His father was from Austria and his mother from Switzerland
His father left at the age of ten and his mother taught him
theology that withstood the test of time and scrutiny
He became a Christian at six but during the summer of 1954
he made a new commitment to God
Stony Brook boarding School
as a kid
Wheaton Academy
Taylor University in 1957 in
both business and biblical
Grace Theological Seminary
with a Masters of Divinity
M.A. in CE from Fuller
PhD in College Administration
and minor in Organizational
Life Work
Pastored a church when he attended Grace Theological
Taught at Calvary Bible College as Chairman of the Christian
Education Department and then the next year became the
Chairman of the Bible Department.
With in the next three years became registrar and a year later
became Academic Dean.
As Academic Dean it gave him the foundational research for
his book Leadership in Christian Ministry, today known as
Team Leadership in Christian Ministry.

Life Work
1968-69 Administrative assistant for Academic Affairs for
Kansas City Regional Council for Higher Education
1970 Founding director of the School of Christian Education at
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and professor for 4 years
1974-79 Served as president of Miami Christian College and
professor (1979-82)
1982-92 Held many positions at Dallas Theological Seminary
1992-97 Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean
1997-2000 Executive Director at Toccoa Falls College Graduate
Studies Division
2000-09 He was the scholar in residence until his death on June
18, 2009
Contributions to Education
"Gangel has developed a practical philosophy of Christian
education for elementary and secondary schools,
undergraduate colleges, and graduate seminaries; his work
also extends to churches and families. His great distinctive is
the clarity with which he articulates and illustrates his ideas,
making him a most effective communicator in the many
conferences and conventions at which he speaks"
(Lockerbie, 1994, p. 395).
Contributions to Education
Six Suggestions on how integration of faith and learning
can be carried out:
1. The teacher must constantly be about the all-important task of
theological sieve building
2. The teacher must also be at least an amateur theologian.
3. Teachers must help students 'get it all together' in a Christian
world view
4. The teacher will stop confusing the integration of truth with
classroom devotions
5. Christian teachers must learn to walk a carefully balanced line
between openmindeness (sic) and unchangeable doctrine
6. The teacher should approach the task of integration with
reverence and relaxation
Contributions to Education
The faculty must understand:
1. How a Biblical understanding of God influences their
2. How their subject depends on and informs other subjects
3. How a correct understanding of their area influences a
Christian perspective on life
If each faculty member would communicate that kind of
interconnectedness, students could come away from their
education with a better understanding of how their world fits
together from a Christian point of view.
Through his leadership, he has shaped schools of Christian
higher education. As a professor, husband, administrator, or
father, Kenn Gangel provided a living example of his writings.
His life brings us back to one of his central passions,
integration. For Kenn, integration of faith and learning always
begins with the life of the teacher. Kenneth O. Gangel lives
out his own premise. Micheal S. Lawson