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To whom it may concern

It is a matter of great pleasure to write recommendation for Mr. Suresh Pant, who was a bonafide student of GCE A level Science stream at our
institution, Trinity International College. We discussed a few months back about his undergraduate studies and I am glad to know of his decision to
study in your institution as he is going to the ultimate world of research.
Mr. Suresh belongs to a noble family. He was very much motivated, enthusiastic, and budding individual right from the beginning. He has impressed
the whole of his friends, college administration, faculty members and staff by his good behavior and studious attitude. He studied not only for good
scores, but to become a complete person as well.
He has been very competitive throughout his stay in this institution, and has always come off with flying colors; as is evident by his securing of one
among the top two positions in every terminal examination and obtaining A
in the I! examination. He has been very collaborative; he liked group
activities very much and was the lead student in his practical works. It was often pleasant for us to watch him identifying problem areas, analy"ing them,
and coming up with new solutions. #oreover, he was the first to disseminate new ideas to his group. So we believe that he is bound to succeed wherever
collective works are needed.
$cademically, the special thing about Mr. Suresh is his passionate pursuit of intricate principles of %hysics at such a young age. His style of thinking
and the breadth of his &uestions surprise us often; coming with something extra than prescribed by the textbooks, manuals or even teachers and
instructors. He has great insight into mathematical derivations and expressions. 'he logic he saw in them was fabulous. He always put forward direct
but very deep &uestions, which initially struck us but entertained the thinking &uarter of my brain later.
In addition to his academic achievements, he has commendable leadership skills. 'his is evident from his involvement in a lot of social activities (for
example )lood *onation %rogram, Swine +lu $wareness program, ,ibrary !stablishment %rogram, etc- organi"ed by the college. He has had
tremendous success as a sports personality as well. His well decorated . tells about the standard and perfection Mr. Suresh strives for in whatever he
!valuating him up and close, I would like to recommend Mr. Suresh strongly as a worthy candidate for admission and scholarship in your institution. It
has been a dream for me to see a student like Mr. Suresh to a country and an institution where he should belong. It might be no time before we might
hear good news from you regarding him, if he happens to be with you.
'hanking you,
Sa0it handra Shakya
*epartment of %hysics
'rinity International ollege
#ay 1, 2341