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What makes a good rugby team

IRB World Rankings - 09 December 2013 Position (last week) Member Union Rating Point 1(1) NEW ZEALAND93.81 2(2) 3(3) 4(4) 5(5) 6(6) 7(7) 8(8) 9(9) 10(10) SOUTH AFRICA89.34 86.88 AUSTRALIA ENGLAND FRANCE WALES IRELAND SAMOA SCOTLAND ARGENTINA 85.70 80.87 80.19 79.33 77.34 76.56 76.44

In this research we will be analysing and evaluating what separates top teams like New Zealand and South Africa from lower teams like Scotland and Argentina. Is it teamwork that spears these teams to victory or hard work? What makes any sports team become successful?

First we shall look at the New Zealand squad also known as the all blacks this because of their famous kit:

They have a play style that is really aggressive. Smashing into malls and obliterating rucks. The teams average age is 25 years old on the

7/October. Their average weight in 7/October is 105 kg. Rugby is a national sport in New Zealand so the club has a wide range to pick from.

A population of 4.5 million people to be precise compered to Englands 44,246,592 which are quite interesting so the reason for New Zealand being top is not the range of people to be picked to be in the club. So what really makes the team so great? The tallest all black is called Bird, Dominic Joseph and he was 2.06 metres tall, his friends Cooksley, Mark Stephen Bill and Retallick, Brodie Allan were 2.05 and 2.04 metres tall. They were all locks (players that are in the second row and push against the front row in the scrum). The heaviest players are Neemia Tialata who is 136 kilograms, Faumuina, Charlie and Mackintosh, Jamie Lachlan who are both 130 kilograms. These players are all props. (They are the players in the first row that get pushed by the locks in a scrum.) These players account for a lot of pushing power in the rucks and malls. Wining rucks and scrums is an important aspect in the world of rugby as they can pass the ball out to the backs (the people that attack the other teams and score tries, a little bit like a striker in football) for them to score and win the match.

As I have been researching this project I came across this that represents what makes a good team. I think this is an important as manages can use this to create a team that thrives to win: The creative type who generates ideas called the Plant The extrovert who has good networks (the Resource Investigator) The dynamic individual who thrives on the pressure (the Shaper) The person who soberly evaluates the usefulness of ideas (the MonitorEvaluator) The cooperative team player (the Team-worker) The ones with specialist skills (the Specialist) Those that turn ideas into solutions (the Implementer) The person who gets issues completed (the Completer-Finisher) The person who keeps the team together effectively (the Co-ordinator).

So know we have talked about the all blacks, we shall know talk about the South African club A.K.A the Springboks. They play in a gold and green jersey as seen next:

South Africa has a play style that is to run at the oppositions defensive line and as they are about to get tackled they pass the ball of. This is affective because it breaks the other teams defensive line for the quick sprinter to get through, score trys, and win the game. Their average age on the 7/October is 28. Their average weight on the 7/October is 105 kg this statistic is the exact same as New Zealands so maybe the secret to success is to have an average weight of 105kg.

South Africa has a population of 52-million. South Africa have a bigger population then New Zealand so population does not make you better at rugby because, even though New Zealand do not have the biggest population to choose from they are still the best in the world. So why are they so good? Andries Bekker is the tallest player who has ever played for springboks he is 2.08 meters tall. He plays the position of the lock. Thats taller than the all blacks tallest player so height does not make you the best rugby team in the world. Andr Le Roux is the heaviest player to represent the springboks he is 130 Kg. the position he plays is prop. This is less heavy than the all blacks heaviest player. This fact might be the one fact that drives the all blacks to success as heaviness adds power to the rucks, scrums, and malls. By winning these aggressive brawls they can get the ball, score, and win the match.

Here are a few things features of an effective team: Demonstrates reliability Communicates constructively Listens actively Functions as an active participant Shares openly and willingly

Cooperates and pitches in to help Exhibits flexibility Shows commitment to the team Works as a problem-solver Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner In conclusion I have discovered many similarities between New Zealands national rugby team and South Africas national rugby team which makes them so good at what they do. But what I think really spears them to victory is their hard work and determination plus, the fact that they would rather die on a rugby pitch than being anywhere else is the fact why they just want to win. So thats what I think drives these great teams to victory and the same for any other team that is successful.