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Toshiba Corporation earlier named Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.

K, is a Japanese multinational company, electrical equipment and information technology corporation. Its headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Its one of the largest and oldest Technology company with arious ser ices.Its a ery famous brand and awarded many times for its creations. In !"#", Toshiba was the world$s fifth largest %& endor and also was the 'th largest semiconductor endor .

Sony Corporation is massi ely known as S()*, is a Japanese +iant , world famous company. Its headquarter is in Konan, -inato , Tokyo, Japan. It ranked ./th on the !"#! list of 0ortune +lobal 1"".Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony is not 2ust a technology corporation, its a group of many companies like Sony music,sony T , Sony pictures, Sony +ames , Entertainments . Sony is third top manufecturer of T in world after Samsung and 3g.

Sony and Toshiba both are Japanese company and both has more or less strength and weakness. This strength and weakness make the difference bretween this two compitetor company . So lets highlight on boths strength and weakness .

Strength of sony Television

Sony has built a brand. This is highlighted by the fact that the company was tagged in a !"## sur ey as 4sia$s most alued brand. 3ong lasting tele ision with arious function. 5ifferent types of tele ison based on it6s si7e, price and picture quality. The ery best image quality from any source. Satisfaction in limitless online content and apps on a wider screen in upperclass T $s. 8ery stylish and fashionable tele ision. 9ltra:realistic ;5 effects that make e ery image on screen come ali e. Energy sa ing features of Sony <=48I4 3&5 , 3E5 T8.

<eautify li ing room with effortless elegance. E>cellent sound quality.

Weakness of Sony Television

Sony tele ision6s prices are a little high then other tele ison 5ue to it6s ad ertising e>penses they can6t pro ide their tele ison with effortable cost. They dont plant any factory outside Japan but planted almost #! factories massi e

in Japan, they belie e that if quality is best then people will pay the more price also. Its little disad antage for them. Sony losing it6s market for other company like 3+ and Samsung. ?igh prices in our country due to ta>.

Strength Of Toshiba Tv:

Toshiba has a significant market position all o er the world. It6s production cost is lower than Sony tele ison. Toshiba has broad research and de elopment team so that they can pro ide us the best tele ision with minimum cost. Toshiba has multi production factory on &hina and India, so they can afford their new T $s in lower prices. Toshiba introduce e erytime ery inno ati e designs with interesting features.

Weakness of Toshiba Tv:

Toshiba produce their product on &hina nd India, so price is lesser then original

2apanese product but with lesser price the product is also ery weaker then Sony$s original 2apanese product. -uch failure rate then other compitetors product. &omplain about toshiba is also higher then other companies product =anked @th in t production,it shows a arage reliability of this product.