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2641 Beaubien est • Montreal, Canada • Skype: mies_rohe

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+1514 6521420


3D Modeling, Level Building, Lighting, Environment, Characters

A self-starter with 6+ years of experience and focus on 3D sculpting, next-gen and classic texturing. Design levels and objects, assemble game levels, model hi- and low-polygonal objects, and create architectural and organic environments. Model and design levels at all stages, from graybox to complete view; strictly adhere to art style and conditions of each project. Create 3D tiles and model props utilizing advanced tools. Work with a broad range of render, lighting, visualization, texturing and modeling tools; completely mastered VRay and ZBrush. Possess fundamental knowledge of structures and tectonics of architectural forms and compositions. Always strive to create high quality and artistically expressive content. Coordinate development teams, efficiently schedule and distribute tasks and monitor project implementation. Published a number of articles on 3D modeling, visualization and shading in professional magazines. Additional strengths include classical sculpting, knowledge of human anatomy, art education and architectural background.


Concept design • Lighting Post Effects Architecture Environment • Characters


Hi-Polygonal Modeling • Low-Polygonal Modeling • Graybox for level design Unwrap • Polycount • Game levels assembly Rendering • Shading Baking Textures • Next-Gen Textures • Classic Textures


Autodesk 3ds MAX ZBrush VRay • xNormal • nDo • dDo Adobe Photoshop • Phoenix FD • Marmoset Toolbag • Unreal Development Kit Autodesk Mudbox • Unity • Bodypaint • Character Studio Fusion • Adobe AfterEffects • MentalRay • FumeFX Octane Render • Keyshot


GAMELOFT, Montreal, Canada • June 2013 – Present

Game development 3D Environment Artist (Generalist)

Responsibilities look below

Last project: Unannounced project for this moment

GAMELOFT, Kharkiv, Ukraine • November 2011 – June 2013

Game development and Ecommerce Studio

3D Artist

Model hi- and low-poly, select references, model graybox, create and test maps. Keep

polycount and control adherence to technical requirements of the level engine together with the Lead Artist. Perform final gameplay tests before submitting levels for final approval.

Define tasks and estimate delivery time. Identify other 3D artists to participate in the

project and delegate select tasks (e.g., props modeling) to them; then compile levels and bring all objects to the same, project-specified standard. Analyze feedback and fix objects as may be needed.

Liaise with game designers, Art Director and producers; obtain their approvals on various stages of the project development including final approvals.

Next Gen Textures creation (creation tiled hipoly, baking, creation the unique hi-quality texture, using high-end pipeline).

Perform final lighting.

Last project: creating Multiplayer maps for Six Guns multiplayer.

POLTAVA ACH PROJECT, Poltava, Ukraine • July 2010 – November 2011

Municipal construction and design bureau


Performed a broad range of visualization and 3D modeling tasks for city construction projects. Developed and managed work documentation (AB drawings and blueprints). Drafted project designs, supervised implementation of the projects. Was in charge on project-related client communications.

Managed the team of architects on a number of visualization projects for city residential districts. Scheduled and distributed modeling and texturing tasks, ensured the overall quality and integrity of the project. Identified project styles and monitored adherence to set style standards throughout the whole process of implementing and presenting projects.


Modern Combat Tactics Green Farm Six Guns (Evolution) Six Guns (Multiplayer) Untitled projects for Gameloft Untitled Indie projects for Involvio+ VFX


MaruriGray Ecuador, AliceBlue, The World Guinness Records inc, Andreas Miniatures, Involvio+, range of architectural bureaus.


Publications at professional books and magazines Expose 11, 3D Creative

3D Awards and top raws galleries for the project Urban Melancholy (2014)

Letter of 3D Award for the graphic project Last Year’s Snow Was Falling (2012)

3D Awards at (one of the most respected awards in RuNET, 2012), (2012) and (2012)

3D Award at (2012)

Letter of Award from the Chair of the Union of Architects of Ukraine in Poltava region for high professionalism and significant achievements in applying computer graphics to design of construction projects (2011)


Architectural Environment Design (BAC +2) National Technical University • Poltava, Ukraine

Computer Graphics and Design Step IT Academy • Kharkiv, Ukraine

Art and Painting City Lyceum # 1, City Art School • Poltava, Ukraine


English • Russian • Ukrainian • French (pre-intermediate)